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  1. Mermaid Tears (open)

    Most people don't know this, but I can be a reasonable guy when it comes to the art of negotiation. Most people would even say that I can be a pleasant man and have at times asked to hang out with me afterwards. This wasn't going to be one of those times though, cause these chuckleheads have something I REALLY want, and there ain't no one I won't roll to get what I want. "Go around the back, Heisen, Gronk and I are gonna knock on the front door." After the second meanest and strongest thug I could find went around back to cover the exit, me and the first meanest and strongest thug knocked on the wooden door. "Hey! I know what you got in there and I want it. You got five seconds to give it up or my assosciate Gronk is gonna fuck you up hard for it! I've seen this man crack open two other guy's skulls open like they were peanuts so you best be giving me the mermaid." "We gonna get our wishes right? Once we give it to the wizard?" Goddamn these mother fuckers ask too many damn questions at the wrong time! "Yes stupid everyone's getting wishes, you just gotta get me that mermaid and I'll get her to the wizard. Can we please FOCUS on the mission right now?" "Right, sorry boss." Shaking my head back in forth, I, the great Henry Rothschild, was not in the goddamn mood for this. Hard enough lying to two of the most hardcore fuckers I could find in the city, but I had to get a whole new suit made to make the evening special. Granite jacket and pants, black leather shoes, cotton white shirt and a black tie that made my dark skin pop. These bitches would know just how bad they fucked up when the up and coming businessman got what he deserved. If not well then, that's why he brought some mean motha fuckas to tear some shit up.
  2. Not another Taen movie (Recruitment Thread)

    Ooooooooooooooooooooh shit its time to make some money!
  3. Not another Taen movie (Recruitment Thread)

    What if I want to build a large merchant business that is banking/logistics/marketing/a fourth thing I forgot but will remember at some point? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  4. Read it and weep, for I am here.

    Wait wait wait i think i got what your saying I want to snort some molly off a woman's pinky toe. I want to win a cocaine tug of war against another man's nose. There is no amount of exctasy I will not grind up, put into an envelope, mail it to myself on the day of my birthday addressed from my dead grandmother, then freak everybody out when I open the letter and the X shoots into my face because I spring load that shit. Everyone is flipping the fuck out thinking grandma was a terrorist out to get everyone, and I'm just riding the high rubbing against my safety pillow becauae I bought it for the express purpose of having something nice to rub against when I'm high on exctasy and I'm just a responsible individual like that. Where's my pullitzer?
  5. Read it and weep, for I am here.

    Yo dawg that's a pretty nice way to introduce yourself but I'm gonna have to interrupt you for a moment to say that this right here is where the quality writing happens. I'm talking about the kind that'll move your heart and tickle your fancy we got romance, we got adventure, we got whatever the fuck is being drug out as the new hip genre to write about these days. All in all, just gotta say #yoloswag is here to get real, get paid and do massive amounts of drugs off the various body parts of paid escorts