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  1. Apart from a few splints stabbing into her if she moved, her straw bed was perfectly warm and adequate for the drunken little smith to crash on come bedtime, which just so happened to be whenever her tiny body had had its fill of any alcoholic beverage. She began to shuffle and murmur in her sleep, hugging an empty bottle as if it were a teddy bear.. that was until her arms loosened and the bottle rolled off her rotund little tummy and onto the cobbled floor beside her... ***SMASH*** ...the sound of the bottle shattering could have been mistaken for a starting pistol commonly fired at the start of a race, as Alma shot up into a seated position instantly whilst simultaneously blurting out in a loud inaudible noise "Bluehggh". Somewhat startled, Alma semi-consciously looked around and rubbed her eyes with her forearm, then stood up. With a yawn she began to stumble her way out from behind the anvil next to her forge and made her way into the yard, briefly pausing to stop and admire with a mild smirk and a scratch of her bum, the continued popularity of her newly opened establishment with the ever growing crowd of people fighting, getting drunk and choosing to simply hang out here. Her tiny frame waddled from side to side as still relatively drunk, she floated up onto a table top before picking up another customers tankard and taking a swig. She immediately spat the substance out swiftly followed by her gag reflex, for whatever the substance was in the cup, it was one hundred percent definitely not drinkable. Alma poured away the rest of the liquid and floated gracefully back down to the floor and over to the nearest barrel of ale, filling her newly acquired tankard up to the brim, before turning and beginning to make haste back to her straw bed of lumber inside. On route, she had one last look around her yard before she made eye contact with a female that she did not recognise, with the nerve to sit in her yard whilst drinking water. WATER! Alma ever so gently snarled at the thought, though right before her snarl could physically manifest, she let out an incredibly loud belch that completely caught her off guard with its sudden lack of wanting to be kept in. Regardless of her uncontrolled bodily functions, Alma refused to lose eye contact with this water drinking broad.. not wanting to be the first to look away, she stopped in her tracks, continued to stare for a few more moments before reacting in her usual passive-aggressive manor... "The shit you looking at princess?" an unimpressed scowl shaping her purple furred face.
  2. Have already messaged Miss.Ask-And-She-Will-@Mickey Flash-You, however just thought I would be polite and post here! Had to run away on a split second work thing to the other side of the country, and forgot my laptop like a potato. It probably wont be tonight but I promise come tomorrow I shall get the ball rolling on all my posts, especially this BEAUTIFUL blacksmith quest you all have been ever so patient with! Apologies again
  3. Right, exactly how many people are in this group quest? Just so I am aware of who exactly is required to post before I do, so as not too get too far ahead of anyone!
  4. She finished pulling her top down, covering up her assets as she listened to Vivian's explanation and smiled, "Well Vivian, please accept my apology and as for teaching Nadia here about surviving, you are more than welcome to join me on my travels! I could do my best to help out with key survival skills like awareness, fire starting, hunting and stuff if you like?". Florence sat down upon a fallen branch that was a solid four feet in circumference and smooth due to its time in the elements, reaching over and grabbing a skewered fish who's skin had been thoroughly crisped up in the heat, yet flesh was still juicy and dripping hot. Her eyes focused on the man across from her as she blew several times in attempt to cool her food down, making mental notes of his ability whilst listening to him introduce himself. Taking a bite of her fish, she cared none for the bones as she manipulated her tongue to push the bones away from the meat, whilst simultaneously sucking into the back of her mouth the fish flesh, ready for her to chew and swallow. Spitting out the bones to one side on the floor beside her, Florence raised the fish in both hands whilst gently bowing her head in an act of acknowledgement before returning for a second bite. Using her wrist to wipe away some juice and charcoal coloured fish skin from around her mouth, she spoke up to her guests as she stared at her fish, examining the next section she was going to devour, "I was wondering.. anyone here know there way around these parts? I'm in search of Lunaris and its King...". She tucked into more fish, sucking some meat from the boney rib-caged carcass.
  5. Awesome! Got a few errands this morning but will look to have all my threads responded to, especially this one, at some point this afternoon
  6. Shall take a look at it all now and if you still like my help in regards to the Ursa Madeum Noble Houses, then by all means, it would be a pleasure to help out! @Ataraxy
  7. Proprietor & Blacksmith - Alma 'MoonHammer' Luminare Blacksmith Specialty: Alma Luminare is known for: Crafting magically enchanted items with both weight reduction and elemental magic through mastery of smithing. About MoonHammer Forge: • MoonHammer Forge is open to everyone in need of unique, customisable items and equipment, ranging from: personalised weapons, armour, shields, tunics, riding equipment (saddles etc), furniture and jewellry. Note: personal requests may be granted, just speak with Alma Luminare.• Depending on the level of item/s requested, Alma Luminare may present the customer with a quest of equal skill, in order to (a) acquire the necessary materials/gemstones/magical artifacts desired for an items creation and (b) test the skills/abilities of the requesting user, to ensure items of certain powers do not fall into the hands of those too weak to wield them.• Further testing via various means, may also be conducted by Alma Luminare in order to garner a better psychological understanding of a customer, to ensure these items of power do not fall into the wrong hands. • To the rear of MoonHammer Forge, is the Training Yard. This area may be used for the various means: Testing pre-requisite by Alma Luminare prior to receiving items of powers. Elemental Magical Combat training in solo/pairs/groups, by any member of the public. General social/drinking hang out spot for any member of the public (Note: Barrels of Ale available to all paying customers). WELCOME!
  8. Hands still raised, she stared at the man who was now clearly embarrassed at her naturally naked state and picked up on the nervous, embarrassed tones emanating within his voice as he apologised to her. Before she had a chance to speak in return, her attention swiftly returned back to the fox like creatures now upon them, startled as though animalistic in appearance, though both began to communicate quite clearly through means of a voice box, in a language she easily understood. Flicking her eye contact from the first of the 'fox' calling herself Vivian, in a polite and pleasant introductory manor, to clearly her less eloquent sister who seemed to be upset by a scaring away of fish? Her brief confusion, dissipating into a mild amusing as she bare witness to the more agitated of the foxy siblings snapping at the other, before they began to tussle with each other like a pup would to its sibling pup when play fighting. "Haha come now you two.. its a pleasure to meet you both! And I apparently I do owe you an apology for scaring off your fish was it? Well be my guest, it just so happens to be that I have enough fish cooking over my fire for both of you if you wish?" Florence smiled as she dropped her hands and relaxed completely, understanding that no one here was of immediate danger to her. She turned and began walking back towards her fire, not taking the time to look up at the man still clearly embarrassed by her nakedness, as she offered a meal to him as well, "fish for you too". She stopped next to the fire, now standing over her clothes, noticing that her clothes had been touched since jumping into the water. She glances out of the corner of her eye around the immediate area for any signs of other people, yet it unable to spot anyone as yet. Rummaging through her belongings, she is aware that a pouch of a few coins is missing and though not bothered about the pouches disappearance, the fact someone else is here keeps her on edge. Florence begins to slip on her outfit as she awaits the others to join her for some cooked fish.
  9. It made sense for this James to inquire more about the oval shaped mineral stones, after all, for most people outside of the smithing community, these stones would have been ignored as nothing of value. He turned and walked over to his forge, kicking a few bits of mineral rocks and wood around looking to see if he had any left, before bending down to pick something up & returning and proceeding to shows the man. "Ere.. this is only a tidbit of whats left.. but you are looking for an egg shaped rock with this pattern upon its surface." Vulcan rotated the last remaining quarter of this carbon coloured fragment of mineral stone, the scale like pattern on the outer surface really visible and distinct, to the point that spotting an unbroken egg shaped stone of the same kind should now be a relatively easy task. "Happy? I'll be waiting ere for you lad.. if I am not in the forge I shall more than likely be eating, drinking or sleeping out back there again.. just come find me when your done alright?" Vulcan smiled and turned, not waiting for a response as he gently tossed and rolled the mineral stone fragment into a pile by the forge, walking back through the doorway and returning to the remainder of his now cold chicken, taking the telescopic spear with him. He paused momentarily to empty some more ale from his barrel into his tanker and sat back down to his feast, laying the spear out on the table next to him, ready for him to have a closer look at upon finishing his meal.
  10. Hate how time is so easily wasted at times.. anyway am back online & shall be posting asap! :blank:

  11. Apologies! Had a few personal things that needed sorted which ended up taking days rather than hours.. wonderful waste of life :| Anyway will get back to replying to my post & any others asap I promise! Just wanted to inform that one is indeed still alive
  12. I enjoy your blacksmiths and I will likely be visiting one soon.

    1. Gaheris


      Sorry for the late reply, been a bit awol with life wasting my time! Anyway am glad that you appreciate the concept of the forges and I look forward to having you stumble into one of them once I have more established! :smile:

  13. Well.. as its 4.32am.. I should probably f*ck off to sleep then! :think:

  14. -Claude '' Montvilia - - General Information - Name: Claude 'Fate' Montvilia. Age: 26. Gender: Male. Species: Human. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Birthplace: Andelusia, Ursa Madeum. Blood-Type: Unknown. Profession: Political Advisor. - Physical Attributes - Height: 6' 2". Weight: 182 lbs. Hair Colour: White. Eye Colour: Red. Skin Colour: Pale white. General Appearance: Tall and slender with defined features both muscular and structurally. Very attractive with a charming smile and elegant in his style, movement and mannerisms. Deceptively swift, agile and nimble, Claude is graceful in his movements. Personal Style: Claude's preference of attire is lightweight slip on outdoor slippers, comfortable trousers with elasticated hem's that stop just above his ankle and a long-shirt gown, usually with a high collar than hangs down to just above his knee's. Voice: Average in depth of tone. Well spoken, ensuring to pronounce everything exactly as the words are to be spoken. Speaks softly in general but can speak with a commanding tone when attention and respect is required of others. - Personality - Extremely intelligent and well educated which he uses to demand respect and leadership over others. Very political minded and understands that at times, there is the need to sacrifice the few in order to save the many, or at least benefit those he deems worthy. Very manipulative and uncaring for most people, however in person Claude is extremely polite, well mannered and attentive, allowing people to feel comfortable with him and befriend him with ease. This works to his advantage when the time comes to manipulate any favours required to achieve a goal. Though clearly psychopathic in nature, Claude is extremely talented and professional at hiding these traits, coming across as everyone's best friend. Pet Peeves: Incorrect language being used. Is know to get very agitated at those who are unable to speak or pronounce words clearly. Also a major dislike of those who seek attention, favours or refuse to work hard to achieve their goals. Strengths: Intelligence. Strategic planning. People management. Persuasion and manipulation through actions and words. Weaknesses: Easy to agitate through pet peeves or lack of respect for his intelligence. - Hobbies & Interests - • Painting & art • Wildlife • Science (especially Biology) • Reading • Medical Journal of Unique Abilities • Socialising and getting to know people of interest in order to understand as much as possible about them, to make manipulation as easy as possible when required. • Practitioner of Swordsmanship. - Weapons & Skills - • Dual Short-swords: black wrapped handles, just long enough for a single hand. Zero hand guard, as blades feeds directly into handle. Blades about 4 foot long and straight. • Scalpels: Claude up-close uses scalpels that are able to slice effortlessly through skin & flesh. • Master of blades with specialty in dual wielding swords, due to 10+ years of being a sword skills practitioner. - SPECIAL ABILITIES - BLOOD Claude Montvilia has a unique ability to control his blood internally and externally, as well as the ability to manipulate others through the digestion of their blood. - HISTORY - Claude's history is currently unknown. Note: Will be revealed in stages via roleplay & story threads.
  15. Not really worried about a "set posting order" per se, however all posts thus far are in reaction to another, so would become confusing for the time being if a ton of stuff happened prior to everyone else responding :)
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