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  1. It's okay! Dont stress about it too much
  2. So what ever happened to the Alex part of the story?
  3. Scarlett looked at the new Khepri. She wasn't sure to Pitty her, or be impressed. She smiled. Smiled? That doesn't seem right.. but alas, she really did. Scarlett smiled as she saw hope in Khepri's eyes. "You are a great warrior. You have made me an ally and as such, I will gladly aid you. Just tell me what you need from me, and I will do so." Philip layed next to khapri, trying to give her more hope and comfort.
  4. Hey guys. It's been a while. Uh..

     Haha, I don't know what to put here. ?

    Anyway I'm somewhat back


  5. I suppose Ash would have fun with someone like that. He enjoys electric magic, as well as adventure
  6. (Don't worry about it) "I am an expert healer as well. It's a whole part of the 'life mage' thing. I don't know if you've heard of them though. They're probably rarer than your kind, seeing I'm the only one in the multiverse that I'm aware of." I tried to think of more questions I might have for him. "Might I ask how old you are?" I wasn't sure if he was like me. Aging differently than everyone else, or if he was exactly the age he looked.
  7. Just wanted to check in, cause it got quiet for a while :)
  8. Alex saw what the DUP were doing. Killing. So many people who were innocent. Why?! They had nothing to do with this! This sparked a slight hatred in him, but it wasn't strong enough to go on a killing spree, unlike the DUP. Alex knew the kid they shot, well.. not really. He was just a pizza guy, in high school. That was all he knew. To take him like that... He couldn't idly sit by anymore. He Zipped (it's been a while so I think that's what it was called) Spark to a safe place up on a tall roof. Away from the chaos. When he was done he went to a more secluded area. He looked around for something he could create a distraction with... nothing.. Then he saw a street light with electricity zapping all over. He rushed over and channelled that and shot a massive surge of energy into the sky, creating a beacon right to him. This would create a distraction for sure, as every DUP agent (and Remi) could see it. "Hey! Look over there!" a DUP agent said, as he pointed it out to the others. oh god.. What am I doing? I can't take down an army... but then again.. Those people will die if I don't get the assholes away from them.. He kept the power going, wanting everyone to be safe, even if it meant his life would end. No more innocent lives would be taken today.
  9. Nah, the skimming isn't an issue. I usually don't have very long posts. Yeah, I can be vivid with details, but they still are pretty short most of the time. For the fact that I'm not on as much as I used to be, it seems like a lot of work to push my creative skills every post just to feel like I'm actually contributing without people getting mad at me.
  10. Well if it's just us, I'll still make a thread, but OOC can be in messages. Also, the story may be a while to form, since I got to dig it up and edit it. But, it will start Gotham. I know that much
  11. Hmm.... Judging by my usual posts, this seems far too.... Involved? Like the posts are REALLY long. For my lack of being here, long posts probably won't work, so I might slip out
  12. Of course! Would you want it to just be us? Like are you okay with that?
  13. And how do you think I should join? I would love for David to appear out of no where. Lol
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