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  1. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    What type of adventure would you be looking for?
  2. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    Quite honestly I'd like people to get to know him more. As well as my demon. But if you need a hero, Ash did just get done sharpening Excalibur!
  3. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    The final one
  4. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

  5. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    Haha, lucky you. I was just looking through them. I'm also on my phone. I'm going to have to send each one separately unfortunately.
  6. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    Well my friend I have three characters I use. None of which are from valucre. They travel to help others, or at least two of them do. The other, well he travels to destroy everything he sees and get abilities to become the strongest thing ever. I would love to go on an adventure with you. I'd also like to use one of my characters i don't use that much. If you'd like to take a look at them, they are all in my signature.
  7. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    Alex looked at the car, lightning arching off of it in every direction. He felt almost drawn to it. Like the electricity was all he could feel. He looked over at Marissa and pointed to a corner, away from the crossfire. "Go! Now! Stay down!" She nodded and quickly went into the corner, and ducked down in fear. Meanwhile, Alex did as the old man asked. He jumped onto the car. He didn't realize it earlier but he was able to jump higher than he normally could. It made it easier to jump on top of the car. He reached out his hand, the world felt slower for these few seconds. It felt like minutes. Alex felt the electricity on the car. He opened his hands reaching out to it. Suddenly, he started feeling recharged. He felt like he could run five marathons, that nothing could stop him. He looked at his hands and saw that the electricity was being pulled in, but he wanted more. It didn't feel to be going fast enough. He opened his hands wider and pulled his arms back some. He then felt more of the lighting fuel his body. He pulled back more, and his eyes widened with energy. He let out a grin. This feeling was incredible. Almost indescribable. Suddenly he was back in reality. He was also in mid air. He panicked, only for a second, when he saw how close he was getting. He knew he was still too high up to land without injury, but he thought a broken leg would be better than dead. He quickly jumped and the ground drew close very quickly. His eyes widened when he landed- unharmed. "Woah..." His grin grew bigger. Then he looked back to see what happened when the car landed.
  8. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Jennah walked over to Kayde slowly. She had a nasty glare at him. She had very little scars on her face, below that was a mystery. Her armor covered the rest of her body. Her hair looked very soft, but didn't go below her neck. She got right into Kayde's face, and he could practically see every one of her pores. She looked him dead in the eye and said only quietly enough for him to hear, "Listen here kid. You have zero trust from me. That is something you have to earn. The same can be said about the people out there. Try anything," she put her hand on her sword. "And I will take you down in seconds. Before you know it your wings will be hung above my mantle." Kayde could tell she was serious. She didn't seem like the joking type, really. She pushed him away from her and took her hand off the hilt of her sword. Andiris then interrupted. "Jennah, get off the boy. At least give him a chance before you threaten him!" "You are one to trust too easily as well, Andiris. Besides, I was only telling him what he should already know." She looked back at Kayde. "Come with me. I'll show you to your tent. You need to rest if you want to prove your worth in the morning." She then left out the door. Andiris walked up to him. "You better go, hun. She hates waiting."
  9. Aeonian

    Trevor readied himself while remaining calm. The wraith was of minor annoyance to him. He had dealt with plenty before. He readied his magic for an attack, but gave no signs of attacking. Being over 400 years old has helped sharpened his element of surprise. "Why must everyone go after the subconscious abilities?" He sighed. He made sure no one could really hear him. Then, with a friendly voice he said, "My friend, it seems to me you are having trouble. I happen to know a few things about curses, and in most cases there is an easier way. Dark magic usually makes things worse. Perhaps if I knew more about this curse that Loreth is in." Trevor looked at the tree then spoke in elvish, a more ancient, but still understandable language to Draug. He figured Draug would be the only one who could understand it in the first place. In translation, Trevor said, "A tree of sorrow, a tree of pain. Oh how thou hast taken my love from me." The elvish itself Trevor spoke in sounded beautiful and the wind seemed to blow in sync with the words, giving both a feeling of peace and tragedy. Almost like it was a song... He looked at Draug then at Ally. She still had something about her.... Then the scaly demon arrived and he looked straight at him. Trevor hadn't seen a type of demon like this in years.
  10. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    It's cool. We all have those days bud. Plus I haven't really been around much lately either.
  11. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Cullen chuckled, as if he thought kayde was joking. "No, no, no. Kayde, we're not going after him quite yet. We need to gain larger forces, and besides... The people don't trust you. Me however, well... I see in your eyes that you can be trusted." The human woman in the back laughed. Kayde didn't notice it before, but she was wearing a beautiful golden circlet with three emeralds in the front. "You trust too easily, Alex." The woman said. Alex chuckled. "This is Jennah Clark. She's general of our army and trains new recruits. You'll be working with her for a bit."
  12. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    The voices seemed to get closer. Then out came a gray humanoid cat person wearing light, but thick and sturdy looking armor. It was shiny, and looked king of like the glass armor from Skyrim. (My best way to describe it) A human male came out wearing heavier/light armor. He had brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. His armor was a light blue, with a black fur cloak on his back and over his shoulder. He stood with a great posture, and looked at Kayde. Kayde could tell he has experience with all different kinds of things. Following him came a female human. Her skin was dark, as was her hair. Her hair went down to her chin, and her eyes were green. She looked beautiful, and her armor looked heavy, though it was slim and fit her figure well. It looked very durable and protective. She had a one handed katana looking sword on her side. Her face, while pretty, was in a position that made Kayde think she was angry, or maybe... Frustrated? Maybe she just had that tough look. She didn't look to be that strong, but her eyes showed great strength. She leaned up against the wall as the human male approached Kayde. "Welcome sir. Allow me to introduce my self. I am Alexander Cullen. I'm the commander here."
  13. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Inside, kayde saw lots of maps and the place want very furnished. It did however have one bedroom, and a room with a large table and quite a few chairs. He could hear a few different voices. One of a masculine man, another man, and a female. Andiris looked at him, and motioned him to go into the room with the large table. Kayde could also tell that's where the voices were coming from.
  14. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Andiris went inside. People quickly avoided the area Kayde was in, even Irlarke could be seen moving away from the area. It was clear to kayde he wasn't trusted by the locals. Andiris leaned halfway out of the door. "Come inside. You'll be able to meet everyone."
  15. Aeonian

    Trevor looked at Ally. He's seen this type of person before. She was, or appeared to be, shy and kind of afraid. But Trevor also saw that she looked capable of being strong, if she tried her hardest. However, Trevor didn't know if this was just an act or not, as she didn't let him see much of her eyes.