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  1. Trevor Wisegem

    InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    Before Spark left, Marissa looked at Spark, and spoke with a slightly assertive tone. "My brother may be strange, but he is family. Seeing that Alex has powers, he's never going to give us up." Alex nodded. "He seemed odd, but he's trustable." They both watched Spark jump down. Alex judged the body language. "Tesla seems off... I don't like that other conduit... His attitire doesn't help either." Marissa looked at him. "Should we just go?" "No. He helped us. The least we could do is wait for him." Marissa sighed and nodded with agreement. (Sorry for posting so late)
  2. Trevor Wisegem

    Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    "Watch your tone boy. I'm your superior. You're good with a bow, but that was not the best shot I've ever seen." She handed him a blade. "What can you do with this?" She took him over to a dummy.
  3. Trevor Wisegem

    Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    She keeps a blank face. She takes the bow furiously. Not because she's mad, it's just her nature. She then stared at Khepri as she drew the bow back and shot an arrow to her left. It went up and hit the top of the caves around 100 feet away from the targets. She handed him one arrow and the bow. "From that arrow I just shot, shoot the moving Target. One shot is all you get."
  4. Trevor Wisegem

    Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    It was early in the morning, maybe around six, when Jennah barged in, making all kinds of loud noises. "Time to get up, kid. We need to test you today. See where you belong. She walked out without another word. When Khepri finally came out, she led him to a smaller part of the camp, where dummies and targets were placed all around. People around stopped training And looked at him. They all start muttering things about him. "Looks like they don't trust you either, kid. You see those targets?" She handed him a bow and six arrows. "Go." (Good to see you back)
  5. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Scarlett, with blood splattered on her beautiful, unscathed body, watched the battle. She knew this was not her fight, though she desperately wanted to rip every organ from the man. Five men tried to take this as an opportunity to stab her. Unfortunately for them the inscribed runes on her blade glowed blood red, and her sword became two demonic blades, made from a strong metal that looked like magma. She sliced all their throats and blood spilled on her. Someone from a distance away shot her with an arrow. It hit her back on her right shoulder. Her hair went up like fire as her wings came out. She looked the man dead in the eye. He dropped the bow in fear and started running. She flew directly behind him and stabbed him twice, in both lungs. Her blades cut through the bone and pierced the other side of his body. She was tired of these men and seeing that Khepri was now injured, she made sure to lay waste to the men around. She flew faster than they could react and cut them all down. When she was done, she was covered in blood, and her blades faded as she ran to Khepri, the arrow still in her shoulder. "Khepri! Can you hear me?" She knelt down to her.
  6. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Scarlett turned down the whiskey. She looked at Kehpri. She got off her horse. It burst into flame and vanished. "You want an army? How bout I make it so theirs has no way out alive? We kill them all. And cause fear in their puny eyes." Scarlett seemed impressed with Khepri's abilities. As she ran, Scarlett held out her hand and slowly and dramatically a large two handed sword formed in her hands. It looked normal, all except that it was as black as charcoal, and sharper then any other blade most have seen. It had glowing red symbols, impossible to identify, on each side. The handle was made of dragon hide. It was a blade to fear. She spun it around and stabbed it deep into the earth. This created cracks around the entire camp. The people closest to them tried to run in fear, and almost made it.. until 12 foot high walls of fire erected out of them incinerating anyone who tried to go through. Then Scarlett walked through. And thus the chaos ensued. She walked past dozebs without her armor, slicing through them in one hit. Many tried to hit her, but all failed. This was the beginning. The beginning of war.
  7. Trevor Wisegem

    Talia; The Island Cannot Linger Neutrality Any Longer

    Trevor spun the dagger in his hands. "Very well. Where should we go for this then?"
  8. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Is it?
  9. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

  10. Hey everyone, I'm gonna be absent for a bit, and I have been for a bit. Lol. 

    Anyway, I'm going on a trip. Need time for stuff. I'll be back later. 

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      Have a nice trip! :D 

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      Hope you like (insert place where you're going)

  11. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    It's okay
  12. Trevor Wisegem

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Have we posted anything lately? Sorry if we have, I've been out
  13. Trevor Wisegem

    Superheroes and villians.. yeah! (interest check)

    Oh that's a shame.. Ok. Well, if things slow down, let me know. I'll be happy to start this up
  14. Trevor Wisegem

    Superheroes and villians.. yeah! (interest check)

    @Zashiii @Ayumi If you guys are still interested I can have a post up by tonight
  15. Trevor Wisegem

    Superheroes and villians.. yeah! (interest check)

    Everyone still interested? Life caught up to me