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  1. Noah

    Izabal's Waters

    Kyrk was spooked, not only had a strange woman fell through a wall, but the extremely hairy man next to him had let out a growl. Of course, it seemed this turn in events had not really affected anyone, except for the few Lycan who had let out growls, and the one elf, he was sure her name was Lyira, had let out an obnoxious scream. He looked back over to the rat-nested woman, a layer of dust settling over her. Now the polite side of Kyrk, told him to help the poor woman, but sadly he could truthfully care less, especially when the other man next to him was trying to lick his earlobe, strange enough. Pushing the man off him, he made his to the door, taking a last glance at the woman, and made his way out into the pouring rain, and into the streets with rushing water flooding in. It pushed against his feet as it fell into the small side trenches, leading it out into the ocean, and quite frankly caused an annoyance. But as he made his way quickly down the streets, past the lit houses, he could hear a faint melody, only for it to be squashed by the sounds of the rain. Shaking his head, he made his way around a corner, and to a nicer look house, crammed between two others, and up the steps to the chipped, wooden door, and shoved it open.
  2. Noah

    Izabal's Waters

    The drafty tavern did nothing to ease Kyrk's nerves, of course, it was never like they were ever eased in the first place. The place had been filled up, and in his haste, he had mistakenly taken it for a shop, rather than a tavern filled with rambunctious humans, and other sorts. It was a strange place, mostly cause Mother had never allowed him in such a "Grimy" place, of course, he was at age to partake in liquor. But nevertheless, he was here, in a drafty, cold, and supposedly grimy tavern with the strangest of sorts, the ones you wouldn't find on the streets in the mornings. In fact, Kyrk had thought he had seen some illegal activity in the back, but the shady man had quickly closed the door in his face. He was taken out of his thoughts as he looked at the ridiculous man, surrounded by "hungry" looking folks, listening to him babble on about the next rumor spread by the gossip-headed wenches. "It's her! It's always her! Why else would we have such weird weather patterns at the moment! I mean... It has been like it for a while, but never as long as a month before the three days!" He beckoned to the "men", of course, it was followed by an unsightly belch. Kyrk couldn't help but roll his eyes at the superstitions the town came up when at least he thought they were superstitions. None of the common folk in Izabal had really seen, let alone met, the Black Queen. She was really a thing of debate in the smaller towns, places that when gossip was spread, everyone would soon take up pitchforks and being clobbering a random fool. But, he nevertheless had always held suspicion towards the Black Queen, like all else, especially after the attack from the Great North so many years ago. It was hard to gain a person's trust in Izabal, and perhaps the rest of Orisia if he had ever been, but it was expected.
  3. Noah

    Izabal's Waters

    He hurried along the streets, it always seemed like this, first the calm before the storm, but he always seemed to enjoy it, it added a bit of spice to his life. Making his way past the bustling streets, a sense of evacuation going through many minds, he pushed past the busy stalls and people as they enjoyed their last seconds of dryness, but alas he did no get away unscathed. "scuse' me, young man! It be in your interest to wach' your step," A man barked, a fishy attire to his rancid look. "Sorry Sir, I meant not," Kyrk mumbled, trying to get as far away from the man as possible, mostly due to his alcoholish breath. Immersing himself back into the bustle of the crowd, he could feel the start of the storm as droplets landed cooly against his forehead, refreshing, yet scaring, him.
  4. Noah

    Izabal's Waters

    The brisk waters of the sea misted against his face, freezing his long blonde eyelashes together. The stone ports of Izabal were always quiet during these times, when sailors had gone back aboard their ships, and weren't out singing drunken songs of women. It was always a peaceful climate to Kyrk Corinthins, and he liked it just so, but sadly it would come to an end. Two drunken sailors stumbled out of a ship, engaged in a small tussle, seemingly about some petty game. It soon evolved from petty hand gestures that missed one another, to a drunken stupor that caused them to fall over one another, like the blithering idiots they were. "And just when you think you have quiet," He muttered under his breath, seemingly catching a glance from a nearby port guard. But just as their tussle started, they fell flat upon one another, making a smacking sound as they hit the stone. Kryk rolled his eyes, walking away from the scene to not be made responsible. It was a calm sight as he walked along the disorganized rows of houses, cramped against one another, with tents and stalls with vacated produce. The streets were silent, except for the scraping of the guard's boots, just like any other evening in Izabal.
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