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  1. As you approach the building, you see a rusty sign on the ground reading "Hy...er...ch In...tries. Main ...uilding." Infront of you is a tall, 10 story building. It looked almost flawless except for the ship sticking out of the 3rd floor. Wait... Nothing was said about that in the file or the briefing.
  2. But suprisingly, everything stays off. It's almost as if they are dead instead of offline.
  3. (It probably wouldn't happen. She's already taken. XD and she might snap you neck for trying) 4 hours later you aproach the planet and your console lights up for where you're supposed to land. Outside the main Hypertech Industries building. Where the AI was stored. There's a couple of clear spots, but laying around are a bunch of shut down robots. Like they just suddenly shut down where they were.
  4. Lynch comes on over the intercoms of all pilots, your mic seeming to have been muted. "Get ready for mission launch in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Mission is a go. Good luck out there," she says, as crafts start to take off. Your mission quarantines seemed to target a nice looking skyscraper. What was once the main building for the ruined mining colony.
  5. "Get out of my sight..." Lynch says, with a small growl. "As for the rest of you, wheels up in 3!" she yells before stomping off. (Don't forget though, the one you gotta find is planet side. She's even more fun than Lynch.)
  6. "You had 5 minuets to leave for the mission..." Agent Lynch states, with an amused smirk. She looked ready to offer him some candy, or maybe a cookie. Then she glares an intimidating glare at him. "You now have 5 seconds..." (Lynch is really scary by the way. XD What you just did there, was go toe to toe with Satan.)
  7. (No prob ;D) "You're going alone. Along with everyone else here..." Agent Lynch states, huffing at Alif's loftiness. "As I said yesterday at the briefing, you'll be heading towards Nano's core to see what happened... then meet back here. You find anything out of the ordnary, you tag it and bag it and bring it here. We need as much info as possible, got it?"
  8. (;D Assuming you put some kind of head set on.) A face appeared on Alif's headset, a grumpy looking woman, and she looked like she was angrier than usual. "Good morning, Agent Alif. Glad you finally decided to join us... 10 minuets to your launch... Get down here to bay five and make it quick. We're waiting..." the angry voice, which can be assumed to be Agent Lynch, grumbles before hanging up the com link.
  9. https://www.valucre.com/topic/37585-becoming-human-ic-hyper-and-dragon-1x1/
  10. Alif. 1 New Message. Alif. My name, is Agent Lynch. And I have a mission for you. As you may know, the Hypertech Mining Plannet, which was taken over by Nano, has recently went quiet. Nothing is on down there. We want you to go down and find any info as to why it went quiet down there. We'll have you land by the core, in which Nano was once stored. Recover any data you can. If you see anything moving down there, tag em and bag em. No exceptions. See you after the mission is over. End Mission. --- Two days later at the start of the Mission --- --- Bay 5 of the ship, Forgetreder --- --- Getting ready for lauch ---
  11. This is the OOC for the Becoming Human for me and ODSTDRAGON. For a character sheet, I'll leave this here for you Dragon. Name: Age: Gender: Race: Personality: History: (Optional) Ship Description: Weapon Load-Out: Appearance: And I'll leave my stuff to the story for a bit of a surprise. If that's alright.
  12. Cool, when I get home After my last class today, I'll throw up an OOC and an IC for us.
  13. Sweet! This is supposed to be a 1x1, so if you wanna go then we can, or if people really want to, we could make it a small group thing of about maybe 4 of us.
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