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  1. A mix between modern tech and fantasy is cool too. Just think of all the awesome weapons *drools*
  2. *_* I'm fantasy crazy. This must be fate lol
  3. Hi, welcome to Valucre! :) I just joined this website a few days ago ^_^ let's be friends!
  4. Thalia sighed. "This is my every first quest ever. Which is why I asked you to join me." She smiled at Trevor. "And I'm glad you accepted my request. Let's protect each other, okay?"
  5. "If I remember correctly, the quest did said something about goblins in the caves," Thalia replied as she finished off the last few of the creatures. "And there are also kobolds, troglodytes, bugbears and drows... whatever they are." She frowned and the two ventured deeper into the cave. "I hope that we can finish this without anything attacking us often."
  6. "Nice." Thalia nodded and entered the cave, following the ball of light with Trevor beside her. Everything was going well for a few minutes with no signs of dangerous, when a bunch of goblins jumped out from the shadows. One of them jumped up to attack Thalia, but she stabbed it when it was still in mid-air, its blood running down her sword.
  7. @Trevor Wisegem "Go down into a network of caves in search of the lost merchant who went exploring it," Thalia replied. She had took off her cloak and revealed her black armor, her sword in one hand. Thalia and Trevor took the main road then veered off on a little side road that seemed to lead into the middle of nowhere, before winding upwards into hills and then small mountains. There, they found the entrance of the cave. It was pitch black and emitted eerie vibes. Thalia looked at Trevor. "Can you use your fire magic to give us some light?" she asked.
  8. Thalia nearly cried. Oh, for how long she had yearn to meet a kind and cheerful person on her long and depressing journey. So he is a mage. "I'm usually fight with my sword," Thalia said and showed Trevor her sword. It was silvery-white and gleamed as bright as a star. "I know some magic too." She held out her palm and a small flame appeared. "But not as much as you."
  9. @Trevor Wisegem After hearing Trevor's answer, Thalia almost jumped out of her seat. YES! She put an armored hand on the male's shoulder gently, afraid to accidentally crush him under the weight of her armor. "I'm happy that you accepted. Now... please tell me about yourself, like your skills and abilities, as we're going to be partners from on onwards."
  10. A quest perked Thalia's interest. Cavorting in Caves, huh? Someone is trapped underground? "Poor man," she muttered. I'll definitely get him out. Thalia walked over to the bar, where a couple of tavern staff were. "Execuse me, I'm looking for Vaddock. I would like to do the Cavorting in Caves quest."
  11. @Trevor Wisegem Thalia shook Trevor's hand. "I'm Thalia. That man was causing trouble. I just did the right thing." She examined the young-looking male before her. His hair was a normal-looking brown, but his eyes were a sparkling bright blue. Judging by his green robe, he was mostly likely to be a mage. Even though Trevor had a skinny built and looked kind of weak, Thalia knew well enough not to judge anyone by their appearance. "Trevor, would you like to join me in a quest?" Thalia asked after making up her mind. Even if he rejected, she would still go on the quest anyway, but she thought it would be better to have an experienced adventurer with her on her first quest.
  12. Oh my god, me too <3 It started another Great Waifu War XD
  13. Thalia walked into the tavern, a black cloak over her armor. Tired and hungry from her long journey, she walked towards the nearest empty table and plopped down on a chair. Beneath the heavy armor and her clothes, her stomach grumbled. As if on cue, a well-built middle-aged woman with fiery red hair walked up to her. “And what would you like to order, honey?” the woman asked with a smile. “What would you recommend, madam?” Thalia replied in a polite manner. Levhea smiled at the dark-haired girl. “No ‘madam’, honey, just Levhea. I would recommend some fresh juice and a couple of pancakes.” “Sounds delicious. I’ll take them,” Thalia said and Levhea walked away to another table. Thalia’s orders arrived after several minutes. She drank the glass of orange juice as she watched the other people in the tavern. Suddenly, there were loud yells and shouts, and a redheaded man landed harshly at her metal boots. “Hey! No fighting in here!” Levhea exclaimed as a crowd started gathering near Thalia’s table. “Are you alright, sir?” Thalia asked as she grabbed the clearly frightened man’s arm and hauled him to his feet with ease. “You bastard, nobody insults me and gets away!” A bulky bald man stomped his way to Thalia and the red-haired man. Whistles and shouts sounded as though cheering on a fight. “I-I didn’t mean to. I w-was mistaken.” The redhead paled and shrunk back. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The bald man raised a fist, but Thalia stepped in front of the redhead with a stern look on her face. Levhea, fearing for the girl’s safety, quickly rushed towards the scene, ready to beat the crap of anyone who causes trouble. “He already apologized,” Thalia started, looking at the sneering face of the bald man. “There’s no need to hurt each other.” The bald man let out an obnoxious laugh. “And what are you gonna do? Stop me?” “Yes.” His face turned into a scowl. “If you can!” He raised a fist, but Thalia was faster than him. She delivered a punch to his stomach, her armored fist adding the necessary strength and impact. Surprised yelled sounded from the crowd. Levhea stopped and watched as the bald man flew back a few meters and collapsed onto the floor, subconscious. “Okay, that’s enough!” Levhea said and walked in between the bald man and Thalia. Frightened, the redheaded man scrambled out of the tavern and ran away into the night. “He didn’t even say thanks…” Thalia muttered as she touched her armored fists, checking to see if they were dented or not. That was a pretty heavy punch, but nothing seemed to be broken. “Thanks for helping out, honey, but you didn’t need to do that,” Levhea said to Thalia. Behind her, several men were dragging the half-conscious bald man out of the tavern. “Luckily, nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt badly.” After everything had settled down, Thalia went back to eating her pancakes and wondered what to do next. "To be a great leader, one must know not only about the world but the deepest parts of all living things' heart. " - Thalia vi Alardvon
  14. Wow, I didn't know that 'amateur' has such a meaning <3 I'll enjoy my time here ^_^ thanks!
  15. Statistics Epithet: Thalia Moniker: Thalia vi Alardvon Title: - Visual Age: 18 Ethnicity: Alardvian Race: Human Alignment: Alardvon Kingdom Gender: Female Class: Royalty Physiology Hair: Black Eyes: Mahogany (reddish-brown) Height: 170 cm Weight: Voice: A bit deeper than the average girl's Build: Average, well-built Condition: -none- Clothing Metallic black full-body armor (really strong so it's heavy as well), simple clothes underneath Skills Healing magic Fire magic Black magic Inventory Silver-white sword (Lailah) inherited from her grandfather (mostly used) Violin-like weapon, used together with the sword to create powerful magic waves (rarely used as it drains magical energy) Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
  16. That sounds amazing O.O I'll be sure to check them out! ^_^
  17. Wow! Thank you :D I'll be sure to check it out!
  18. Thank you, Cake Goddess :3 you're very kind! Also, thanks for the cake (hope it's my fav sachertorte O.O)
  19. Hello, everyone, it's nice to meet you ^^ my name is Alyss and I'm an amateur online writer! I mostly write original stories, but I tend to drop them halfway through *_* I joined Valucre to get inspiration and ideas to write my latest fantasy novel (which I hopefully will complete). Story ideas are really appreciated ^_^ I'm really into fantasy stories. ALL THE MAGIC AND ACTION AND ADVENTURES AND STUFF!!! Also, I'm an otaku! Yeah! I hope to make some friends too :) Let's talk about fantasy stories and anime and manga and Vocaloid or whatever you want <3
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