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  1. Vince

    Guard on the Road (First Contact?)

    It had seemed as though Alexia and her merry band of troopers... Well, small army had been greeted. At that, by a medieval based army and a robot? Yes, Unity had seen much worse than a robot with sword-wielding knights. At that very moment in another system, the Queen was dealing with an alien infection on her prisoner ship the Iron Sun, but that is a story for another day. Now, onto the main topic of the day. The girl, who most know her as the Blue Mistress; Queen, was quite bewildered by the sight to her surprisingly close left side. The woman quickly raised her left hand in a tight, silk laced fist. Yes, it was her response but it also brought about four men of her own: clad in grey and gold, capes of the same. One stood out from the rest, his helmet with a red visor and his armours highlight much the same. Different to the original gold finish. Alexia's Royal Guard. They each held small compact weapons, sub-machine guns to the modern man. The unique one held loosely onto a glowing red sword - almost like the sabres of light from certain movies. After a few seconds, he would tighten his right hand around the weapon. The metal-clad men would soon have contact with a makeshift God and one of her Horseman of The Apocalypse. Whats a good army without your Hellbringers? Finally, the Queen spoke in her calm but frost filled voice. Of course, that was after her scowl of anger at the fact they met some of the... "Locals." "Greetings! We do understand your language, I pray that you can understand ours. I assume we have landed on... Private land, have we not?" You could easily hear the royalty in her voice: the hate, the lust for power, the likes. As she was talking, she had lowered her hand to rest on the hilt of her sword - one which never much left her side. (I sincerely apologise for quite the late reply, school and all that.)
  2. Vince

    Guard on the Road (First Contact?)

    It was but Alexia who was worried about the whole situation. Her crew, men and everyone in between didn't bat an eye to the bewildering sites of any distant huts or sword wielding entities. Alexia herself had a sword. As the Queen moved outside the hangar, the ship had already balanced itself out on the ground - somehow. The woman scoffed as she left the safety of her craft, around four men in armoured suits following her. "The air is riddled of death. Be alert and let's try to ignore any... Locals." The men nodded in silent response, all of them breaking off to inspect whatever was out of the ordinary. In theory, that was everything. The man in the suit, Micheal, happily snook up on Alexia, his hands shooting to her waist. "ALIENS!" Boulvart yelped and jumped in utter surprise, her body stiffening as she stumbled and scowled. "Micheal! You... You... God damn it! Go away, you idiot!" Alexia was blushing heavily and one of her hands was desperately trying to cover her face. As Micheal laughed, he sauntered away, the Queen slowly moving further into the seeming wilderness they were in.
  3. Vince

    Guard on the Road (First Contact?)

    Alexia Boulvart continued on her way, nodding and smiling to saluting crew mates and civilians. Alexia was a very respected figure on this ship, and in her home system at that. She's wealthy, intelligent, strong and at the same time likable and funny. She comes from Pridi, a small planet which she owns. She is a queen from where she comes from but any other system she visits? She is nothing but royalty with a big ship. At a young age, Alexia was part of her fathers' rebellion. Unity, a plan to unite the world she lived in as one, not having separate leaders or discrimination against religion and the likes. Boulvart became the leader of said rebellion after both Unity's worldwide victory and her fathers' assassination. She changed the system. She went military ownership, and to be fair, all is still well. The queen headed down a pristine white hallway and through a swift opening airlock door, into a slowly opening hangar. It was frost white, with ships, soldiers, and workers scattered around it. There was a large, black door opening on her left, much like a garage door it was slowly raising up, blue lights suddenly coming on around it. This was both for, obviously, a form of light but it also produced a force field. A visible one at that, a faint blue glow to the air. As she slowly walked into the hangar, admiring it, a man came up to her. He wore a lab coat and his hair was black and white, complimenting his beard. "Hello, 'Lexia. I've got to say we've landed in some shady area." He walked up to her with his hands in his pockets, looking about the hangar (and her) with a lazy grin. Boulvart raised her right hand, moving some of her hair from her ear as she spoke out. "I saw. On the scanners, men with maces and wagons. I'm worried, Michael." The man, Michael, sighed softly and chuckled a bit as Alexia moved to a stack of boxes full of rifles and armour. She took a rifle and inspected it, taking the mag out and looking down the sight. Her mind was flickering with fear, nagging at her as she tried to keep a cool essence. This is your fault. You got us here, Alexia. She shook her head and put the rifle back, moving to the forcefield - looking out at a dark landscape. "Send some soldiers out. Now."
  4. Vince

    Guard on the Road (First Contact?)

    The Atlantis. A towering piece of machinery which is probably illegal in different universes and galaxies. A 12km, flying weapon capable of vanishing in a few seconds. And, just as stated, this happened. For some reason, The Atlantis Royal Dreadnought had found itself in a new system. Not Pridi, and not Solaris (where it was stationed last.) The ship silently floated through the vast expanse of space; inside, in quarters near the bridge was a sleeping woman, dressed in a plain white, pajamas top and light blue pajama bottoms. She stirred in her sleep, light squeaking and snoring leaving her rose red lips. With a jolt of movement, she shot up and out of the bed - onto the floor, on her back. Without much reaction, she sat up and groggily looked at her surroundings. She was sat in quite the fancy room, with a large circular bed and a black, cornered sofa looping around a glass table and two blue armchairs. This was Alexia's room. And the girl on the floor was Alexia Boulvart, a young Queen from another system. She yawned and rubbed her eyes slowly, brushing the mess of white hair from her face, all the while a small, crescent shape device vibrated on the glass table in the middle of her room. The woman rose from her spot hesitantly, tripping over herself and lazily dragging her feet across the blue and white rug around her bed. After a few seconds, she reached the device, bringing it up and around the back of her ear just as he body suddenly hit the sofa. A quiet, female voice spoke out. "Ah, Ma'am, we... We aren't in the Solaris system anymore." A bit of static echoed through the device, then some vulgar mumbling. Alexia yawned and ruffled her hair, a cute and partially drunken French accent leaving her lips. "Well... Um.. Let's try aaannndd... Land? If there are no ports we just... Land in the vegetation." The woman yawned through some of her speech as she stood again, moving to the bathroom of her quarters: a crystal white and clean room. Alexia began getting changed after doing a usual morning routine, putting on a tight white tee-shirt, a black shirt with the top two buttons undone, and then some white suit trousers, accompanying her pristine black loafers. As the now freshened up Queen left her quarters to her throne, the voice in the earpiece spoke again. "Miss, we approach land now. We're going to lan-" A few alarms and very notable banging and mechanical like noises were heard. "... Going to land in the trees." Alexia giggled to herself as she passed the girl talking, patting her on the back before changing her course to a hangar on the port side of the ship - Hangar B.
  5. Vince

    The Atlantis (Unity ship)

    Unity’s Royal Capital Ship, a devastating superweapon meet floating city. It is the most heavily armed and also one of the most technologically advanced units in the whole army of Unity, it is able to destroy medium sized fleets single-handedly and with the ability to devastate ground units. The Atlantis took around two years to make and used up many of the resources and technological discoveries of the time too. The ship itself is huge, coming in at around 14 kilometers in length and 7.7 kilometers in width, and then 7.9 kilometers in height at its highest part. It also weighs 240,000 tons. The Atlantis, like mentioned, is both a colony ship and a Royal Dreadnought (being the highest ranking ship in the naval fleet.) A colony ship is a class of ship which holds civilians for either colonization or just simple day to day life – the latter being the such case for the Atlantis. The Atlantis works through 22+ heavy thruster engines and 140 fully powered fusion cores, buried deep inside the hull of The Atlantis. The ships top speed is 825mph, and the crew consists of over 91’000 personnel, and passengers onboard being around the numbers 450’000. Along with this, it has a surplus of military vehicles (500+) and around 350’000 Infantry troops ready.The hull itself is 750cm of thick, Hastese metal, coated by Tier 6 Shielding. This shield could most likely tank at least three shots from the largest weapon in the Unity arsenal – The Redeemer Ion Cannon. The 606-Redeemer Ion Cannon is located in the middle (center) section of the ship. The cannon is a 330-foot technological masterpiece, which can extend and retract for both transport and storage. The cannon itself consists of 8 barrels which fire a large, dark red plasma beam, able of piercing through hundreds of centimeters of titanium. The cannon itself increases in lethality as it spins, the faster the spinning the more vicious the weapon is. This is because eventually, the 8 beams join together as one at the impact point. The beam takes around 20 seconds to charge, and then depending on the output of the fusion generators, it can take up to an hour to charge, 8 minutes being the shortest time possible. The cannon itself is capable of rotating in the hull of the ship, with certain insertion points for the cannon to fire from – these are large garage-like airlocks which open up in the ships, specifically for the Redeemer to fire from. For the craft to fire downwards, it retracts (from its pointing upwards form) and technically becomes inside out, with the barrels of the machine just poking from the bottom of the ship. The crafts also has a ton of other weapons, with 220 long range, MX-55 naval cannons (65mm) on the hull, 100 heavy HX-56 Coil weapons, 12 LL-09 Laser Bombardment systems (90mm and installed inside of the ship), 650 FA Flak systems and 550 Tidal rocket systems (30 missiles per “pod.” The Rocket systems are installed in the hull.) Along with this, it has 500 Tsunami rocket launchers (25 missiles per “pod”.) It also has 8 Skyrocket nuclear engagement missiles (All located near the bow of the craft,) over 800 light 40mm Helix point defense systems and 400, 55mm Pulse laser cannons (installed in the sides of the ship like cannons of traditional seafaring boats.) The ship is surprisingly not just a weapon bearing monstrosity, like mentioned it is a colony ship. It has a large living area on the stern end of the ship, both on the underbelly and the hull. The far end of the bow is used for interstellar cargo drop-offs. https://duskie-06.deviantart.com/art/The-A-155-Atlantis-Dreadnought-591191070
  6. https://charahub.com/character/1117251/Alexia-Boulvart
  7. Vince

    Elijah Court (Web Link)

  8. In terms of conventional tech as we'd define it in our modern world, you may like the renovatio setting. They're the closest to "futuristic" as a baseline entity though that said pretty much all the nations as a mix of genres because they all coexist with one another. Genesaris did invent airships in the Valucre canon so can't go wrong either way I feel!

    1. Vince


      I'll start writing some stuff, and if it all goes wrong and that's not what I'm meant to do, trot on over and tell me.

  9. Vince

    Genesaris | Ask me Anything!

    Sorry about this late reply, sleep got in the way. After looking it over the whole concept of my "group" would not fit here. The main place I use would though. Just a very large ship is all.
  10. Vince

    Genesaris | Ask me Anything!

    I have a... Discord server for it and a character sheet for the leader of it all.
  11. Vince

    I have literally no idea how this works

    I'm on it and have partial safety from the element which is the unknown
  12. This place looks possibly dangerous
  13. I feel panicked and partially afraid. I'm used to Discord and need friends.
  14. Vince

    Genesaris | Ask me Anything!

    OK, I have finally figured out how this place works. Partially anyway. Aaannnnyyyy who, I come to this unnatural habitat to ask a question - I have a large, sci-fi thing which I enjoy using and I wondered if I could possibly use this in the high tech place known as here. I'm not sure how to ask the actual question here so I suppose, would it be possible I post some info about what I'm trying to get across and... See what happens?