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  1. Second star to the right

    Still looking for partners.
  2. Winds of Alteria

    Kado focused on tending to the fire while Ayla dressed. The action wasn't as noticeable while the young woman was covered beneath the blanket, but he wished to respect her privacy all the same and avoid staring. Sitting down with his mug, the young man allowed the hot brew to warm up his body. The flavor of the herbs was sweet and mild and was already putting him into a better mood. It would have been a bit of a challenge to forage for food in this kind of weather, so the Druid didn't mind digging into their rations for breakfast. Ayla seemed to be enjoying her meal and slowly seemed to be waking up as well. "Well, we will be slowed in these conditions. I'll have to be careful leading us through the forest, we don't know how long the fog will last," Certainly, traveling in misty weather was no easy feat. Although from Kado's experience, at least a forest had some sense of direction naturally. A large field cloaked in the fog was much easier to run in circles around. "There's actually a river close by that runs to our destination. If we can make it there, the travels will be easier." From his memory, the river was only about a mile or two away, if his map was anything to go by.
  3. Second star to the right

    Looking for additional people for the second plot.
  4. Winds of Alteria

    Cleaning up the dishes from their meal, Kado glanced over as he watched Ayla prepare for bed. Eyes widening slightly, the young man quickly turned around from the tempting sight. As he loaded the supplies into the pack, the young man overheard the girl bid him goodnight. A small smile formed on the Druid's face at the words and for a moment he gazed at the girl's resting figure. "Goodnight Ayla, sleep well." He replied in kind, in a quiet voice that was almost a whisper. It wasn't much longer before Kado felt the need to turn in for the night, the dark of night and warmth emanating from the fire making the man fairly drowsy. Draping his cloak on top of the blankets for extra warmth, the half-elf crawled into his familiar bedroll. Situated across the fire from his companion, Kado breathed in deeply as he settled into the cozy pocket. The air tonight was sweet with the smell of the forest, laced with the sharp smoke from the burning flames. Faint sounds of various nocturnal creatures could be heard, a chorus indicating that the lands were safe. In this comforting environment, it didn't take very long until Kado drifted off to a restful sleep. * * * Hours later saw a certain young elf stirring from the lure of sleep, blearily taking in his surroundings. Propping himself up with his arms, Kado smiled as he saw that Ayla was already awake, and preparing for the day. "Ah, you're up." The young man chirped as a smile tugged on his lips. The morning was cold, and a heavy fog had settled in the forest overnight. Shivering a bit, the elf quickly retrieved his cloak and restarted the fire. Kado set a small pot filled with water and dried herbs on the flames before walking to his supplies. "Would you like some tea? It might warm your bones a little." The druid offered while retrieving half a loaf of bread, cheese, and dried fruits. Kado offered a plate to Ayla, along with a cup of the warm brew once it had sufficiently heated. Sitting down with his own portion, the young man began to eat his meal. "I hope you slept well. The weather is a bit gloomy, but we'll still be able to stay on track." Even with the fog, the Druid felt confident that getting lost would not be a problem.
  5. Second star to the right

    Taking on partners for Peter Pan plot. I still have a bit of free time, and not enough people to write with.
  6. Winds of Alteria

    Kado listened curiously as Ayla talked about her previous life, and the village near where she was raised. The young man found it slightly unusual that the woman's father had preferred not to live within the boundaries of the village itself, as most sensible people preferred. But if that man had truly been a bit recluse like Ayla had suggested, that might make a little more sense. Still, many common folk tended to reside in more populated areas to avoid traveling long distance to buy or sell goods, take advantage of extra security, and have more opportunities for jobs or to sell their wares. It seemed like Ayla didn't know much more than what she had already mentioned, but Kado wondered if there might have been another reason. The only other reason people had for staying away from settlements if not for the solitude, was to hide something. "Really? I see. Well, that's certainly interesting. I hope this does not turn out to be too overwhelming, then," The young man reflected on his first memory of attending any sort of gathering in his hometown. As the city had been well populated, it was easy to get lost in the crowds, and hear a constant hum from the various people and activities. Sometimes it had been a bit overstimulating with so many people gathered all at once. "But all the same, I think you should enjoy yourself." Kado didn't want to scare Ayla into thinking that a pleasant festival was always going to be intense, since he often enjoyed himself immensely at such gatherings. Leaning back slightly as a comfort from a warm meal enveloped his form, Kado glanced up to the sky. Already it was completely dark, and nothing beyond the small glow of the fire was visible in the shadows. Yet the stars that could be seen through the trees sparkled brightly, casting a subtle glow on the forest canopy. "We should be getting some rest soon. The sleeping area is already set up, and we have plenty of firewood for the night." The young Druid mentioned, already starting to feel slightly tired. It was pleasant company to talk with his companion, but he knew he would be useless in the morning without any proper rest.
  7. Second star to the right

    Still accepting partners
  8. Winds of Alteria

    Kado took his time to savor the meal, enjoying the chance to have some food after the long day. The comfort that the stew provided lured the man into a fairly relaxed state as he sat by the fire. Smiling at the comment from his companion, it wasn't long until the half elf had finished his bowl. Being able to rest after their trek was quite refreshing, and made him reluctant to move from the current position. "Thank you, I'm glad. Feel free to help yourself, there's still more left." Kado wanted to ensure that Ayla had eaten her fill before he took any of the remaining stew from the pot. The first portion had been filling enough, so he didn't necessarily need the rest. Glancing over to the young woman by his side, the Druid arched a brow curiously as he noticed an intense stare focused on his person. Ayla's face was delicately illuminated in the glow of the fire, giving her fair skin a golden tone. For a moment, Kado failed to realize he was also meeting her gaze as he waited expectantly for her to say something. But just as soon as it started, the girl turned her attention away. Hurriedly looking in the opposite direction, the man waited for the tense silence to end, but was unsure what to say at this point. What had just happened? After what sounded like an eternity, Kado's keen ears picked up a tentative inquiry, and turned towards Ayla from the corner of his eyes. Recalling the vivid scenes of his hometown, the Druid smiled faintly. "My town was built into the valley where two mountain ranges met. Most of the buildings were constructed from a gorgeous white stone, and sloped with delicate curves and plentiful windows." The style of architecture was certainly artistic, and reflected the Elves' passion for craftsmanship. "The farms form the outer rim, and the middle is filled with residences, shops and leisure centers. At the heart lies the buildings of government and the temples. We also have a large plaza to host festivals and other various celebrations. You might feel a sense of calm, as though there's no rush in the day." Kado struggled to put the wonder of the town into words, knowing that his own description couldn't do it justice. "I haven't seen anything of the like in my travels since, but many human cities share their own unique beauty." The man furthered, feeling he had been equally impressed by other locations.
  9. Second star to the right

    Still taking on partners for second plot idea.
  10. Winds of Alteria

    Looking over to his side slowly, Kado seemed slightly surprised at the contact. Not that he minded it at all, but Ayla hadn't initiated any sort of contact with him before. Previously it had only been him whom had started anything. Part of it might have been that the girl likely felt sorry for him at the moment, but the man wanted to think that it was something more. Smiling a bit at her words of comfort, the man felt a little soothed at the small warmth on his arm. "Thank you. No matter how you prepare yourself, you can never be ready for the final 'goodbye'. But it doesn't hurt as much right now." Kado felt like he might be starting to feel a bit better after the touch of a pretty girl. It was nice to hear that Ayla wanted to stay for a bit, although Kado knew that she might change her mind at any time. Still, the woman had seen that the invitation was open to stay freely, and he hoped that she would consider it. "Well then, I'm glad." The man smiled, watching as the girl pushed her way through a low hanging tree. Ducking under the branch, Kado quickly followed. A slight trail was visible, likely created by deer and other large animals. It would mean easier walking through the dense forest, so he led them onto it. "At this rate, we should arrive in just under a week. There's not much in terms of civilization on the way, at least not anything within a few hours of our route." Kado replied, wiping a few stray leaves that had landed on his robes. Casually, he started picking up another train of conversation, seeing if they could stave off boredom together a while longer. The pair continued along through the forest through the rest of the day until the sun began to lower towards the horizon. It was at this time Kado found a spot for them to camp out, and began to collect some wood for a fire. Soon enough a small blaze was burning in a clearing within the dense woods. After setting up a pot and filling it with water, the druid made a second journey to fetch some food for the night, and returned with nuts and seeds, mushrooms, and wild tubers. All the collected food entered the now boiling pot, and began to steam inside. By this time, both their sleeping mats had been stretched out, and other supplies needed for the evening were ready. Darkness had fallen, and Kado sat next to Ayla while the food steamed. “Ah, I think it should be ready now. Hope you’re hungry.” The man smiled, and dished out some of the stew for the both of them.
  11. Winds of Alteria

    Kado solemnly looked up into the trees, watching the small critters go on about their daily lives. Squirrels darted through the branches, while birds flew from tree to tree as they sang. This forest was so full of life and energy. "I guess you could say that he was my first friend. We met when I was still a child, not too long after I began my training. One day while exploring the forest, I found an abandoned wolf pup, barely a few days old. I decided to raise the pup, and named him Shian. We bonded fast, and soon I learned to communicate with him. Years later when I left my village, Shian was happy to come with me." Smiling wryly at the memories, the young man let out a light sigh. "Shian had a great sense of humor, and proved himself to be a natural hunter. I could talk with him as easily as I did with you, it simply felt so natural. In the end, age caught up with him, and a few months ago after twenty years, my dear wolf passed on to the next world." Kado had to pause for a moment to collect himself, steadying out his breathing. The wound of losing his friend was still quite raw, and this was the first time he had spoken about it. Having a pet was one thing, but a Druid's animal companion was so much more than just that. "Druids are taught to respect the natural cycle of life, and that means accepting that nothing can live forever. At least through this I can know that Shian's life served purpose, and that his spirit lives on. Maybe in time I will gain more solace from that." Quite a few lessons could be hard to fully comprehend unless one experienced it themselves. Kado knew that death was necessary in order for new life to flourish, but it was more difficult when the relationship was personal. Perhaps it was this lingering grief that led the Druid to seek out Ayla as a traveling companion. "Shian would be happy to see you with me. He knew that his time was coming, and didn't wish for me to be alone. I don't know how long we'll travel together, but stay as long as you like." Kado wondered about the day that Ayla would choose to go her own way, and briefly wondered how much time they had left. Of course he would never keep her from going her own way, but the man thought he would be happy if the girl chose to stay with him a while.
  12. Second star to the right

    Update: Accepting new partners, but only for the second plot.
  13. Winds of Alteria

    Smiling a bit at Ayla's interest, Kado found himself glad that he had not bored the girl too much yet. "Many of the herbs I take have medicinal purposes, so I often sell those to doctors or clinics. The other common purpose is for an herb to be used for religious ceremonies and rituals. Of course, others just make your food taste good." The young man explained, refraining himself from going into more detail. Somehow he thought the idea of lecturing Ayla on the many properties of wild plants wouldn't be something she might enjoy too much. "When I have enough, I set up a stall at a market, so that might be a good move at the next town." He continued on the conversation, noting the young woman was much more curious about the festivities. "The festivals in that region are celebrated by the common folk, so it's mostly average peasants attending. Everyone is welcome, but the wealthier classes aren't as interested. Often people set up shops and food carts in the town plaza, while others perform music, dancing or other activities." Overall, the experience was usually quite casual, even if it sounded as though the entire town would come to life to celebrate. "Most of the occasions are tied to ancestral pagan celebrations, relating to the seasons. Right now the autumn season is just beginning, so they'll be celebrating the Harvest Moon festival. Its tied to a creation myth and how the moon played a part. The next full moon is in just over a week, so that's when it will begin." Kado had seen other parts of the country hold similar celebrations in the past, and he was fairly certain quite a few may have originated from his own people. Feigning a look of offense at Ayla's comment, the Druid finally uttered a slight laugh. "You wound me! Worry not, I still find your presence quite enjoyable. A plant or animal isn't as much company, most often I talk to them for information." Kado furthered, happily chomping on his fruit. "Often Druids take animal companions, but after Shian...I think I still need more time." The young man looked to the ground, silent for a moment. "Anyways, at least you're here. I'm glad you're with me." Kado smiled, watching as their travels led them deeper into the woods.
  14. Winds of Alteria

    Kado couldn't help but find Ayla's subtle reactions as they moved through the town endearing, maybe bordering on adorable. It seemed that the young woman constantly had rosy cheeks, giving her otherwise light complexion a burst of color. Once they managed to find a cloak she approved of, the half-elf smiled proudly, glad that his gift was well received. "It suits you well, I think. The fabric will also keep you dry in storms, as mine does." Even though the cloak was naturally loose fitting, the faint outlines of the girl's frame could still be made out. Kado wasn't certain if that was a good thing, or if he preferred the distraction of Ayla's simple dress instead. The road they traveled on was slightly muddy, coating the man's boots in the light residue. Puddles of various sizes dotted the path like a cow's spots, thankfully most of them shallow enough to walk through. The girl traveling by Kado's side appeared to be in a chipper mood, as though the joy radiated within her like the sun. Kado wondered if there was a specific cause for her joy, but found the smile to be quite contagious. "There is an area around a week away plentiful in rare flora and fauna. I would be happy to collect some herbs from the area and study the land. The soil is very fertile, so there are large towns nearby that host many festivals this time of year. You might find that interesting." Kado replied, not knowing how intriguing Ayla might find his line of work. The wildlife in the area had emerged from their shelters, a few inching close to the path. Various birds could be heard singing, darting about in bursts of colors. The environment had a calming effect on the Druid, who seemed to be at home in his element. Walking over to the edge of the path suddenly, Kado approached a bush, retrieving a large pouch from his pack. The plant was filled with large red berries, the skin shiny and slightly translucent. It was only a few minutes until Kado returned with several cups full of the fruit, smiling at Ayla. "Here, have some breakfast. They're quite sweet, and a little tart." The young man offered, plopping a few of the ripe berries into his mouth.
  15. Winds of Alteria

    Satisfied that Ayla had accepted his offer, Kado smiled contentedly. It was endearing to see the flush on her face from his compliment, but it was a sincere one all the same. Not too many girls might feel comfortable traveling with a young man, but Ayla didn't appear to be too concerned. Kado felt happy to have earned the girl's trust, and was determined to never abuse it. Thankfully, the young woman actually decided to accept his kindness, and mentioned that she would need protection from the cold. "That would be a good idea. The nights have started to chill, and making a fire isn't always possible. You'll be protected from daytime weather as well." A cloak such as the one he normally traveled with should be sufficient, especially since it had been enough to keep his clothing dry from the storm. Noticing the woman looking up at his frame, Kado realized that he must appear especially tall from thing angle. Especially since Ayla was nearly two heads shorter than himself, and might barely reach his shoulders if she stretched. The difference had not been as noticeable sitting at the table, and he found himself needing to tilt his head down in order to make eye contact. "Well, shall we be leaving?" Kado smiled, and moved to hold open the door for the two of them. As the pair passed along the halls into the main room of the tavern, Kado returned the room key before fetching his now dry cloak. The tavern appeared mostly empty today, with one or two figures unconscious at a table. The walk to a corner store on the outer edge of town was uneventful, and as they passed through large crowds, Kado found himself holding Ayla's arm so they did not lose each other. That gesture alone caused nearly all the other men to now keep their distance from the girl, wary of the man obviously protecting her. The chosen shop was run by a middle-aged man, and appeared slightly quiet this morning. Kado had a little trouble finding a cloak that did not immediately engulf Ayla in it's size, and was eventually able to find one that ended just above her ankles. Another bedroll was picked up, as the young man expressed his own could only fit one person, and he was not about to Ayla sleep directly on the ground. After picking up a few other minor supplies and some rations, Kado found his pack substantially more filled out, and his coin purse a bit lighter. Happy with the business, the shopkeeper wished them well on their travels, although only after mistaking the two for a couple. "It might be a good idea to head south for now. The terrain on that road is simple, so it shouldn't be too washed out. The route is a bit remote, so I wouldn't expect to see too many others." Kado explained as he began to lead them out of the town. After passing the main crossroads, it wasn't long until they began to walk down a narrow path which quickly led into a light forest. "We'll make camp an hour before sunset, but feel free to let me know if you need to rest sooner." The Druid allowed Ayla to pick the pace, knowing that with his stride it was easy for him to walk too fast. Feeling at home in the woodlands, Kado was happy to enjoy the peace, letting the girl before him lead in conversation.