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  1. Smoke hangs in a stiff haze, circling like stubborn ghosts overhead in the tavern. Even the gusts of cold wind that sweep in with every patron are no match for its odious clouds and only serve to lend the tavern a fuggy atmosphere. She is not a newcomer but has been there all along: a mere slip of a figure in hooded plain clothes, posted up against the bar amidst a sea of other patrons. A flute of amber flashes between the slender fingers of one hand as she lounges, gaze downcast. Caught between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand is the raised edge of a flyer. A city in the clouds, it proclaims. Over this land and others, her travels had been far and wide. She had been all across Cierno and its magnificent scape, but this promised exploration of unchartered territory: a city beyond the towering mountains, beyond everything as she knew it. A city in the clouds, beyond a city in the clouds. It stands to reason that such a place might be of new extremes, new adventures and fortune ... or it might be nothing but a fabricated tale, a wild goose's chase. A new commotion is loud enough to startle the halfling out from her thoughtful trance, a wave of freezing wind at her back. Gripping the edges of her cowl tighter, shadowing her features further from view, she twists to peer back at the new arrivals, curious despite her reservations. A few tables away sat the man with the plan himself---Elgar E. Tosenrun, a quick glance back down at the flyer provides. Capable enough looking, if not a bit aged, she muses. Two would-be participants have already joined him and as she watches, a third materializes. Fuck. May as well. Willing the liquor to banish the inevitable flutter of nerves, she tosses back what remains in her glass before abandoning the glass altogether, pushing away from the bar and slinking towards the gathered group at a languid clip. She reaches them just in time to catch the latest's introduction and she comes up alongside him, but only with eyes for the seated Elgar, the details of her countenance still shrouded inside her hood. "Narissa," she says simply, naming herself. "A creature of many talents, I couldn't possibly name just a few. Rest assured, you'll be grateful for my company. I can't think of a grander adventure than this."
  2. She had never been able to resist secret messages, especially ones written in blood. And those faded lines had led her here, to this gloom-stricken place. The fog that hung in the air suffused almost everything and there was an odd stillness, a .. a deadness. There was a distinct lack of noise. She approached the establishment with caution, signaling her familiar to fall in line at her heel. He did so, matching her unhurried stride and together they passed into the creepy little village, towards a vague impression of light. They would pass the houses and she noticed they were all empty, not even the littlest glimpses of life inside their walls. The only occupants of the place seemed to be dark-cast shadows and the eerie mist, clinging around her hips. Do you think anyone's around? Amaris wondered, nudging the beast at her side. Anyone at all? He let out an ambivalent huff. She turned the sound over in her mind and knew it meant he either didn't know or wasn't going to tell her. Cryptic bastard. Well, then what do you make of that? she tried instead, pointing to the top of the hill that loomed behind the village, to the house that sat at its very top and glowered down at them. There was something undeniably sinister about it. Squinting at its silhouette through the darkness, she felt .. called. This time Amaris received no answer at all from her familiar. She had no time to be frustrated, however, as by this time they'd come to their destination. The source of the lights in the dark: the inn. I'm beginning to think you've lost your sense of fun, Bastian, she accused him as they stepped up to its doors. What is wrong with you? Do you need a nap? The look Bastian shot at her said nothing about naps, only really? you think this is a good idea? and she only graced him with a smirk, shrugging her shoulders. There, they both could be mysterious but he'd already known. Knew how badly she wanted to soak up whatever ghosts crept here. She pulled open the door and slipped inside, the black warg on her heels with a sigh.
  3. ☾ she loved death's hands, how they minded their own business ☽ - - - - - - - - - name amaris age appears 22 also known as sister black bird height 5'4" build slight and dainty, hair a wealth of dark hair trickles to a halt around her knees, its purple sheen like black hyacinths skin she's like, terribly pale eyes her eyes are a somber grey, staring out from beneath squarely chopped bangs is often accompanied on her adventures by bastian, her faithful warg can summon a bone sword with a cold aura her
  4. so i have an old account from 2012 that i'm trying to access, i still have the email i used for it but whenever i try to recover my password, it tells me, we could not find a member account with that email address but i know for sure it's email address i used, kinda at a loss for what to do :L
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