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  1. Emergence frm the Gates of Hell [Quest] [OOC]

    If anything, @Spyfox31 can continue and we'll assume that @Hurttoto has dropped out of the RP.
  2. Coloring Reality and Lies

    Rays of sunlight shone through the treetops, creating patterns on the ground. Isobel stood perfectly still, not daring to breathe, while she waited for the light to be just right. Just a few seconds longer... There. The rays collected to one. She crouched down and carefully buried her left hand in the soil. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she breathed out, she felt something move in the earth, tickling her fingertips. The feeling seemed to continue all the way up through her arm, her shoulder, her spine. When she opened her eyes, three sponges had grown beside her hand, struttingly healthy and ready to be picked. While in her mind sending a prayer of gratitude to Mother Nature, she picked them and placed them with unnecessary carefulness in a basket of leaves weaved together. She stood up and turned towards her home; a small house, a cabin, rather, built in dark wood with a front porch. She was about to walk up the stairs of the porch when the forest went silent. She paused, her hand froze in the air, and looked around with a slight frown of confusion. The clearest sound missing was the chirping of the birds. A bit uneasy she took a step away from the house. Then a voice broke the silence. It was a man's voice, speaking the words of the puzzle. It had been a while since she had heard the verse spoken, lately she had met most of the ones who sought her help away from the house. She had completely forgotten to remove the spell that not only shielded her from the world, but also shielded the world from her. When the voice had spoken the final words, he became visible to her just as she would be to him. She held the basket in both hands in front of her and looked at the large creature in front of her with wonder. She had never seen him before; he had to be a former client of her great grandmother, Iris. But if he was, how come Iris had never mentioned him? He looked nothing like anything or anyone that Isobel had ever seen before, and thereby he was someone who would have been worth mentioning. Her curiosity was awakened. She put the basket down carefully on the ground before walking closer to him with light footsteps, realizing with every step how truly enormous he was. She would have to lean back her head tremendously to look at him if she was standing close enough - which is why she chose to stop a few steps away. "Hello." Her voice was soft and low. The birds had resumed their singing, and she saw no reason to disturb them. "I'm Isobel. Isobel Hazel Khare. And you are?" She tilted her head a bit and folded her hands in front of her, first and foremost acting professionally and collected such as her great grandmother would have wanted.
  3. Non-Stop

    Welcome! I hope you have a great experience here on Val. If you have any questions, feel free to ask - worst case scenario I'll refer you to something or somewhere else!
  4. When you are not looking...

    When Eirlys stepped out of her little cabin, mist emerged from her breath as if it were winter and her breath was warm - despite the fact that anyone else would now be able to feel the beginning heat of the morning sun. When her bare feet touched the ground, small flakes of ice and snow gathered around them in a circle and disappeared moments after when she walked towards the lake. Her white hair was hanging loosely down her back, and she swept it away from her face, revealing the tip of a long, pointy ear. She stood still for a moment, taking a deep breath of the air that her aura made colder before entering her lungs. Her white dress whirled lightly around her legs in the breeze. Slowly crouching down, she let her pale fingertips run across the surface of the water. It froze where she touched, but dissolved seconds after. A small sigh was her only reaction. She was worried about the heat; worried that, if it continued to get warmer, she wouldn't be able to cool the air enough to maintain the coolness that her body needed. She had stayed here for some years now, and the thought of moving displeased her. She had built... if not a home, then a house; a reputation; a sense of freedom she had never found anywhere else. She stood up and ran her fingers through her hair, braiding it while humming to herself, a melody about the beauty of winter, lost in thought. Then she heard a sound behind her. Turning around, she saw a young man emerging from the trees and unto her little area. Her fingers froze in her hair and she looked cautiously at him with her green eyes, brows frowning slightly. The people who came to see her were usually regulars, or accompanied by her regulars. Twice someone, however, had come for her, convinced that she was a demon of some sort, sent from the frozen areas of Hell. Was he one of them? She decided not to say anything, wait for his reaction... wait to see if he would speak to or attack her.
  5. Winds of Alteria

    "Feel free to help yourself, there's still more left." "No thank you, I think I've had enough." She put the bowl down and rested her chin in her hand while listening to his description of an Elvish town - trying, though probably failing, to understand what it could possibly be like. "It sounds more beautiful than any human town," she commented with a little smile, looking into the flames. She hesitated for a moment before continuing. "I lived just outside a small village. We... Well, we made deals with the villagers, of course, and bought supplies when we needed them, but... Well, my father never... I mean, he didn't like being social." She frowned her brows a bit, wondering, like she had so many times, why they had never even tried to join the community of the village. How could she explain something that she didn't understand? She looked up at Kado again and smiled a bit. "Well, we never participated in any activities, markets or... anything like that. I suppose that's why I'm looking forward to experiencing a festival." She felt her cheeks turning slightly red. She felt silly, never having truly experienced... anything, really. She had worked and helped her father all her life. The area around their house, the mountain paths, the little cluster of houses, had been her entire world.
  6. Chance encounters

    Althea watched the woman's every move carefully, though with eyes shining with interest. Magic. Hard to control. Hmm... with a little, crooked smile, she took the last few steps towards the woman who had stopped moving backwards. Her head was tilted slightly again, her eyes narrowed slightly, though not unkindly. She was simply observing. Red hair, freckled skin, green eyes that looked... glowing. Hmm. And why had she wanted to keep her face hidden? What did she have to hide? Or... from who? Althea looked at the chain that seemed to match the woman's appearance. Odd indeed... "What an interesting name," she finally commented. She looked at the woman for a few moments longer, as if hesitant to answer, but still with a little, almost devilish smile, before speaking once more. "I have had many names. These days they call me Althea." She looked directly at the woman, waiting for a reaction. Recognition? Confusion? Simply acceptance? Or something else? The woman seemed to have something almost naive about her, a trust that came easily, motions that gave off the impression of a... A what? A small bird? Althea's eyes became a bit distant when she became lost in thought - not even important ones, simply distracting.
  7. To anyone I’m currently RPing with: I’m away for the weekend and will not be able to post until Sunday. Have a nice weekend!

    1. EpicRome23


      Aww... but really, that's fine. You have a good weekend as well, Tia. 

    2. Hurttoto


      Ok see you soon!

  8. Cat Picture and Talk Thread

    Look at my cute little fall kitty. I curse those who say that black cats are bad luck.
  9. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Me too! I do hope that @Teyler returns, but if not -- well, we'll just say that her character abandoned mine to go solo or something.
  10. Thread of Fates [GPB]

    Althea rewarded him with a smile. Though she was usually unmoved by flirtation, flatter was always welcome. "I can cook, yes. I have a cabin not too far from here, perhaps it would be easier to retreat to there while preparing." She watched as he changed the color of another tree, though this was not the same kind of red as the others had been. She went to the tree and let an almost clawed hand run over it, squinting her eyes. "Hmm..." She stared at the color for a few moments longer before suddenly turning around and clapping her hands together. "Right! Home it is!" Not having waited - or heard, if he had responded - for his response, she started walking between the trees, humming undeterminably to herself again. She let a few fingers touch every tree she passed, an act she was barely even aware of. It wasn't a matter of wanting to place her fingerprints or scent anywhere, simply that she was the kind of person who needed to touch as well as see. Show her a steaming hot pot of boiling water? She would touch the water or the pot. An odd combination of contrasts, the woman; the way she disappeared into her own mind, consumed by memories, losing sight of what the conversation was really about, gave the impression of someone very old. And yet her way of approaching the world, her immediate, unconcealed reactions and curiosity were almost that of a child.
  11. Amaya closed her eyes, humming along quietly while running the steps of each dance through in her mind. She knew them well; she had rehearsed them more times than she could count; but this would be her first major performance. Though she was more excited than nervous, she couldn't help but wonder if there was more that could have been done. Coming finally to the conclusion that though there was always more that could be done, that did not mean that it should, her eyes opened again. She ceased her humming and looked up when Eilwen offered her help. Amaya wasn't surprised that she did, it simply took her a moment to blink herself back to reality, having been lost in thought. "Oh. Yes. Thank you." She swept her hair behind her to ensure that it wouldn't be in their way before letting her thumbs run in circles down her right thigh when the other woman begun massaging her left. "I fear I may have shifted too late," she admitted with a sigh, frowning her brows slightly. She felt the circulation flowing easier now, but there was still a slight buzzing. When Eilwen complimented her, she was rewarded with a small pull in the corners of the young woman's mouth and her green eyes lighting up. "You think so? I only... Well, I only had time to paint one." She applied a light pressure to the sides of her knee with her thumbs, circling them slowly. Looking up, she studied her young leader with smiling eyes. "It is... amazing. What you have prepared, I mean. A proper tribute to our King." Her words were sincere. She was truly impressed with what Eilwen had done - and that she still had the energy and time to stop and help her, even for a moment, and be calm and collected. Amaya was certain that she, would have been stressed about the responsibility and amount of organization that this would all take if she had been in Eilwen's position. @Lacernella Rubra
  12. Hi, I couldn't come up with a clever title

    Welcome aboard! All the lore can be a bit overwhelming. I'm still newbie-ish on here, so if you want my advice, explore one place at a time and at your own pace. Get comfortable with the lore first. That's what I'm doing, anyway! If you need any advice on how to get started, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to not overwhelm you with how awesome I am (even though it might be difficult).
  13. Welcome (back)! I hope you feel like you can jump into the game this time! If you have any questions or feel confused about anything, feel free to PM me. I don't bite. And if I don't know the question, fear not, I will simply ignore you. - JK, I'll just refer you to someone else. Seriously, I'm a nice person. I swear.
  14. ...Hello?

    Hi, welcome, happy to have you here, even when speechless! I hope you'll find your words again on the site while doing some roleplaying. If you have any questions for a somewhat-newbie about how I got started or anything, feel free to send me a PM.
  15. Chance encounters

    Althea couldn't help but smile at what she considered to be flatter. The vibrating green eyes that peeked beneath the hood were large and curios. Her voice echoed through Althea's mind, and she narrowed her eyes a bit, wondering if it went both ways - if the stranger was able to read her thoughts, as well. "An evil elf with demonic powers..." She laughed surprisingly loudly, her voice clinging over the lake. "A powerful elemental prince. Hm... Power is an interesting, abstract concept," she commented without elaborating, taking another few steps forward, noticing that the woman mimicked her movements. "Why can you not speak, then?" Althea folded her hands in front of her and tilted her head, smiling kindly almost as one would when addressing a child. She had no doubt that this woman was grown, but there was something about her behavior that was sort of child-like; the flow of words, the openness, the curiosity. How long it had been since anyone had spoken to her without a hint of fear. Most creatures with any decent experience with the toughness of life were closed off, distrusting and suspicious of the world. Though it seemed, based on the other's tale, that she had experienced quite a bit. Althea admitted to herself that she was intrigued, that what she felt was genuine interest; though it could, like so many of her impulsive feelings, pass without a moment's notice. She had seen too many odd things to be taken by surprise by most.