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  1. Tia Dalma

    A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Hey guys, I’m so busy at this school and occupied with the new social life, I just can’t find the time or inspiration to write. I think it’s better to say beforehand that you can skip me this round and I hope I’ll be more up for it next time.
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  3. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey

    Kinaaz turned to look at the woman on the other side of her, raising an eyebrow in surprise that she chose to meddle, after padding her on the back to ensure that she didn't choke on her food. Due to her strong reaction Kinaaz came to the conclusion that Michelee had something strongly against vampires. Many people did, but the healer seemed so... peaceful. It came as a surprise to the fae that she would mind Arzada joining them when she didn't mind that Kinaaz was there. Not that they were the same, of course; Arzada was a living dead, the highest of dark creatures, but Kinaaz was a dark creature nonetheless. The fae's golden eyes wandered to meet Priscilla's blue once more. What was that in her tone? Something unusually sharp, as if she tried to hide some underlying emotion. The fae tilted her head slightly, observing her openly. Her eyes caressed the brown locks, the pale features, the almost pouty lips. It had helped quite a lot for Priscilla to have the dirt cleaned off, she was... pretty. She could even be beautiful once she recovered fully from her former troubles. Kinaaz had to fight the impulse to lean over the table and touch her hair, only to feel if it was as soft as is looked. Humans always cared so much about their hair... She raised her hand to feel if her own had dried yet. It had. She reminded herself to tie it up later. Kinaaz broke the eye contact when she turned her head to look at Arzada again with a shrug. She leaned back and crossed her arms with a narrow smile. "Seems like the question was answered for you, miss Matton." There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, but it was never quite easy to tell if she was being rude or if that simply was her tone. She showed no sign of disappointment that the woman wasn't another newly recruited bodyguard; Kinaaz preferred to live in the now, anyway, so she would simply enjoy Arzada's company as long as she was able to.
  4. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey

    The fae's expression revealed nothing about the sore state in which the vampire's grip left her under arm in. Instead, she sent her a narrow, crooked smile, still looking into her deep red eyes. A sign of strength from the undead was welcomed, though not unexpected. "Signy Matton, huh?" She arched a brow, the only visible sign of the fact that she was impressed. "Yes, I've heard tales of your people, night walker." Lowering her hand again, she briefly broke eye contact to chuckle softly when she addressed the woman's comment. "Yes, I am a Dark Fae. Old; perhaps. Though not by my people's standards. I haven't even lived half the years I'm supposed to - if I'm not killed before, that is." Her smile was more open than any she had shown thus far. The woman was intriguing to her for obvious reasons, but the fact that she was also of the Signy Matton generation added to Kinaaz' curiosity. She tilted her head slightly, her golden eyes once again running over the woman's face. "And will you be joining us on our little journey? Another body guard?" She broke eye contact and raised her voice enough for Priscilla to hear, turning now her face to look at the brown-haired young woman. The question could be answered by either one of them, and she was curious as to how the group had managed to scoop up this superior being. She wouldn't mind in the least if Arzada had decided to tag along with them, if not for anything else then only to have her curiosity about this creature satisfied.
  5. I'm moving on Thursday, meaning that I'll be less active (mainly active on the weekends) from then on. Anyone is always welcome to message me on Discord if you can't reach me on here and you have something you acutely need me for - or if you simply wanna verbally slap me for not posting, of course. 

    A friendly chat is always welcome, as well, though. 

  6. Tia Dalma

    A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    I done did it! And I appreciate the reminder, @Tyler, I've been whining about not having anywhere to post the past few days and... it's been here... all along...! On another note. Just to let you know - I'm going to a school on Thursday (the 1st) where I'll be living for the next five months. This means that my posting will slow down - I'll possibly only be able to post on the weekends. I'll try my very best to post within my three day limit, though! Just thought it was fair to let you know why I'd be here less. Even though I've basically just returned full-time. Well, such is life.
  7. Tia Dalma

    A Pirate's Life For Me!

    With a firm grip of her small-sword in her right hand, Bela drew her dagger with the left. Just in case. She did so right before a man from this ship - she didn't catch the name of it, didn't really care - charged against her. Steel against steel. His sword was bigger and greater than hers, but the weight of it slowed him down - and, being human, he was already slower than her. She moved quickly, almost making pirouettes, a rush of bright red hair every time she moved. The man seemed disoriented every time she twirled and charged. She first managed to unarm him with a stab straight through his sword-holding hand, and then she jumped on him, making him stumble back while she stabbed him in the neck with her dagger. Her teeth were exposed in a wild, animal-like snarl when she moved onto the next one who dared come after her. Adrenaline was pumping through her body, she felt her heart race with the thrill of... well, the hunt, even though these men had technically come after them in the first place. And they'll rue the day, she thought. Then she made the mistake of briefly turning her attention towards her crew-mates. The sight that met her was terrifying. One second she saw Fiora, her captain, the next the woman seemed to be somewhere else entirely - and the second after that she was gone, as if something dark had replaced her. Bela blinked a few times and forced herself to look away, just in time to jump to the side when someone fired at her. The bullet graced her sword-arm. She groaned and tried to identify the shooter with wild eyes. Jumping to the ground and rolling before he had a chance to shoot at her again, she hissed, full of pure anger that someone had managed to make her bleed. The pain would come later - after the adrenaline had stopped shooting through her veins. For now she had to realize that though she was fast, she was at a disadvantage, having only her dagger and sword to fight with, and no gun. She had always had the opinion that guns were for pussies, real combat had to be physical. But her few principals and morals didn't do her much good now. She moved sideways towards her black-hole-whatever-the-hell-she-was-captain to possibly gain some of the protection from the bullets that she seemed to give. A shield? Or a bloody demon?! There was no time to contemplate on the dark arts of the woman - who was apparently more than she seemed to be.
  8. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey

    The last piece of meat was ingested. Kinaaz sighed lightly, almost relieved. She reminded herself for the 500th time to get better at remembering to eat. It was usually easier when traveling with people who needed to eat multiple times a day. With another short sigh, she grabbed a napkin to thoroughly dry off her bloody fingers, already beginning to look forward to reaching their destination and getting the hell off this airship. Too formal... Too crowded. She looked up when more people were coming near their table and was about to roll her eyes when she recognized three of the four faces. Priscilla, walking ahead of the others, automatically taking on her role as the leader. Her skin was clean, as were the new clothes she had attired. Her hair was different. The purple was completely gone, revealing the woman as a natural brunette. Her blue eyes seemed to shine brighter against this color. Kinaaz observed her for a few moments longer, as always without hiding her obvious, intense staring, before shifting focus. Jack arrived only with his owl this time, placing himself next to the stranger. Kinaaz overheard his comment about the dagger and suddenly realized who the stranger was. Ronin, the strange man who had given Jack the dagger as an apology for threatening him. The middle-aged man was certainly close to unrecognizable, having changed out of his armor and into a formal suit. So this is why I didn't like him. Brows slightly raised, giving her an unusually surprised expression, she quickly looked over at Yonx, curious to see if he would be able to figure out that he needed a chair, or if he would walk straight into the table. She would have found it quite amusing, but unfortunately - fortunately for Yonx, though - Priscilla had, of course, already taken care of him by bringing an extra chair to the table. Kinaaz finally turned her attention towards the newcomer who sat next to her. The first thing that struck the fae was the woman's unusual eyes. Almost shining red, with gold edges, and no pupils. Eyes that would make most people uncomfortable, as they would not always be able to know where the woman was actually looking. Kinaaz decided immediately that she liked this feature. It took a few moments longer before the word undead popped into her head. She tilted her head as a sudden, wide smile spread on her lips, revealing a set of regular, white teeth. The smile was brief, but genuine. Undead. Nightwalker. Vampyr. His servant. In the Dark Fae culture, vampires were considered amongst the highest creatures, almost holy. They served Him, the God of Death, whom the faes worshipped. Vampires were the result of a highly advanced Dark Magic, it was believed; magic that many had tried to create themselves, but without luck. Powerful was the magic of the Dark Faes, but even more so would they always consider the magic that was beyond their reach. Kinaaz rarely met someone who might be even older than herself. Would this woman know about the Dark Faes? Could she possibly be one of the vampires who had visited their tribe all those years ago to aid them with their magic? She wondered how old this one was - and then realized that she had been staring at the fascinating creature without introducing herself. She reached her hand forward, prepared to grab the woman's underarm when she would most likely do the same, such as she always introduced herself - when she felt like being formal, that was. "Why, what a pleasure to have you join us, milady." The word dripped of the same irony as it had done when she addressed Priscilla in such a way; only this time she wasn't mocking the lies of someone who looked like a beggar, she was mocking the obvious status of someone wealthy. No matter how much respect she held for the vampire, no part of her would ever be able to resist making such snarky comments. "I am Kinaaz Achlys." It was the first time she had introduced herself using her full name. This was no ordinary human, after all.
  9. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey

    Kinaaz looked up from her food, momentarily staring at the stranger. She chewed her bite slowly and swallowed, then licked the tips of her fingers, leaning back as far as her wings would let her. There was something rugged about him, and he had the look of someone who had lived harshly without taking much care of themselves while doing so. "Kinaaz." She simply said her name, not asking for his - not really caring. Her annoyance with the stranger's need to be chatty was broken when Michelee joined them, and she nodded as greeting. A curious smile flashed over the fae's lips when she heard Michelee's order. Predator. The word was a simple ascertainment. This young woman was intriguing to the fae; there was something animal-like about her. The way she moved, now the way she ate. So contradicting to the calm, quiet woman - the healer. "Interesting choice of meal." She tilted her head slightly and observed the woman for a few moments longer before resuming her own dinner.
  10. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    No link anymore. Perhaps you’ll need to DM it to us, Blex.
  11. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    If you all can live with my Danish accent, and if I can join in at the right time (time difference, y’know), then I wouldn’t mind.
  12. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    On page 6, after Ronin had presented Jack with the dagger. (=
  13. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    @The Blex Quick question! Kinaaz already introduced herself to Ronan. Is he asking her name because he’s pretending to be someone else, or is it an error? Note that she doesn’t recognize him from earlier.
  14. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    Thursday, yeah. I only have one shift left at work tomorrow though, so I have plenty of time to RP until then.
  15. Tia Dalma

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    I'm ready for a time-jump when you are. Now I've introduced how the savage eats, too, so I'm set.