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  1. Hopefully I’ll be able to post soon, maybe Sunday.
  2. Hey guys, I’m so sorry! I’m so swamped with a new job and on top of that I’m completely blocked. I can’t write at all. I really hope it passes soon, but can you skip me this round?
  3. I’m starting the new job tomorrow! I’m pretty nervous but hopefully it will be fine.
  4. Job interview is tomorrow guys. Cross your fingers for me!
  5. I'm moving away from home in two months, I have a job interview tomorrow, and things are finally starting to go my way. I couldn't be happier! 

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    2. princeben07


      PS.......I hope we can brainstorm on an RP adventure together,.... For some UNKNOWN reason, I've ALWAYS wanted to write together with you. You just seem like a SWEETheart to me, lol.



    3. Tia Dalma

      Tia Dalma

      Aw, thanks Benny! I’d love to rp with you at some point. 

    4. princeben07


      ANd GOOD luck at the Job interview!!! KNOCK em DEAD!!! ^_^



  6. Someone was up ahead. Pirates...? She squinted and tried to identify the group, hesitating from moving on further. But there was someone familiar... She recognized the brown hair, the tall man, the pale-skinned woman who was sitting down... Yes, these were definitely her people. And then Priscilla fired at her. She saw that she took aim and opened her mouth to yell at her that it was her, damn it, not some bloody pirate. But it was too late. The arrow came at her with incredible speed, and she barely dodged it by jumping to the side, a motion that sent a thundering pain through her skull. The arrow grazed her left wing, but it was barely noticeable. Priscilla came running at her now. Now the silly human chose to recognize her. In spite of her condition, a smile crossed Kinaaz's lips. She opened her arms, but was knocked back in the snow by the embrace when Priscilla slammed into her. When she fell on her back, or wings, rather, the sword on her back rammed into her spine. A new ray of pain shot through her head, and for a moment spots danced before her eyes, but she regained her breath and vision and couldn't help but laugh. She had almost forgotten how very human the woman was. "Glad to see you too, you nervous little thing," she said softly. Her arms were still wrapped around Priscilla's waist, and she gently released her grip and pushed the woman off so she could sit up. She did it slowly, fearing that moving too fast might send her head spinning. Then she took the time to critically let her gaze wander over Priscilla. "You're alright? You're not hurt?" Surprised, she felt a rush of relief. It's just because of the money, she thought with a little head-shake. Surely she didn't care for the fragile human. She staggered to her feet and reached out her hand to help the brown-haired woman up. "Did we lose anyone?" She added, looking now at the group and trying to remember who wasn't there. If anything, there appeared to be newcomers to the group. Letting her gaze wander further, she noticed a group of pirates approaching. She cursed and drew her sword, wondering how well she would be able to fight with every movement sending a sting of pain through her head. Alas, she had no choice. She would fight or die. Or fly away, she thought. But a simple glance at Priscilla ensured her that she wouldn't be able to do that.
  7. Eirlys stared as first one, then two of the women disappeared into this other world. She sighed indecisively, looking at the ones remaining. This is the kind of thing I need, though, she thought to herself. A proper adventure... That won't be dangerous, hopefully. "Might as well, right?" She shrugged. If there were other Fae there, hopefully they would be welcoming and not ones of her own kind. She couldn't meet anyone of her own kind... She walked the few steps to the spot where the women had disappeared, took a deep breath, and took the last step. And regretted it immediately. She landed bottom first on the ground, head spinning, rubbing her temples with a grimace. Her butt was hurting from the landing, but worst was the headache. Getting on her feet, she took a look around. There was a cottage nearby, and standing there was an old woman. She recognized the woman who traveled here first, her bright red hair standing out. A buzzing sound caught her attention, similar to that of a swarm of bees. She tried to identify it and gasped when she saw where it came from. Tiny little... Faes! She had never seen them so small before. They had their attention directed towards something on the ground, and when she took a better look, she saw that it was the red-haired woman's sword. How strange. Taking a few steps towards the little Faes, some of them noticed her and gave up their swarming around the sword. Three of them flew near her, circling around her. One of them grabbed her left wing with its tiny little hand, poking it curiously. She giggled. "Stop, it tickles." She turned around to face the little bold one, but it disappeared. She turned her head and tried to find it, and then it was there, suddenly right in front of her face. Noticing its tiny little features, she saw that the Fae was female. She had tiny little purple wings and a wooden sword in her right hand. The two Faes stared at each other, each with their own curiosity. "I've never seen a Fae as tiny as you," she said, smiling to show that she didn't mean any offense. She thought that she saw the Fae smile, and then she was gone again. They're so fast...! She shook her head, still smiling, and turned her attention towards the little house again. Did the old woman live here, in this parallel world? Had the red-haired woman been here before, or did she come here by accident? It had seemed like an accident... The headache was forgotten when she started walking slowly towards the red-haired woman and the old lady, for once letting her curiosity getting the best of her. This world didn't seem dangerous. Her meeting with the Fae had made her think of this world as a place of kindness. Time would tell if her hunch was right.
  8. Alliana felt the breath being knocked out of her when she was pushed against the wall. She looked into Amaranth's eyes, pain clear in her own. She didn't have a choice, she saw that now. There was no escape from what had been done to her, and what she had done to herself. She sunk to her knees once more when Amaranth let her go. Tears filled her eyes, but she forced them back. I don't want this, she thought, gently caressing Scratch on his metallic head. But there was no other way. What did she have to return to? Her family had abandoned her, and she would forever walk this world knowing what she had done. How would she live with that? There was no other way... "I will stay," she whispered, the voice of someone broken. She stood then, facing Amaranth. Perhaps the seed and the mirror would corrupt her mind even more, driving her insane once again. She would give in to the insanity, embrace it happily because it would keep her conscience from eating at her. She had doomed others to this fate. She would do it to even more. No, there truly was no escape. She had put this upon herself, and now she had to accept the consequences.
  9. I have a job interview on Friday! Here’s hoping!
  10. I was offered an apartment that I’ve accepted. I’m so stressed out, though. Now I’m truly desperate to find a job.
  11. I’m headed home from a night out and I saw people from middle school, high school, the school I went to this spring, and then I met some random British people too. Basically an awesome night.
  12. "Oh, how beautiful you must look." Ana turned her gaze towards the path ahead, pondering over what she had learned. So humans studied other races... they knew of her kind... and he thought that she would look beautiful in her true form. "It's true, we have another form," she finally told him after a long pause of thinking. Then she blinked a few times and looked up at him again. "You live in a castle?" She raised a brow, taking note of his casual way of telling her. Was he a servant at the castle? A soldier, more likely, based on his weapon. She sighed with relief when he told her that it wasn't likely that they would run into anyone else. She would prefer saving new encounters for later, when she had the time to think it all through. It was truly madness, what she was doing; following a man into a human city, a human castle... But he had given her his word. She found to her surprise that she trusted him, in spite of his race. She looked away when he called her inexperienced and felt the heat rushing to her cheeks. "Inexperienced? I... Only in regards to humans! You're the first one I've met, actually. But that doesn't mean that I'm inexperienced! I'm a lot older than you could ever be," she said defiantly, voice shaking slightly. She didn't feel like she was older than him, though; he seemed so confident, so entirely comfortable in his own body, whereas she was in a form she wasn't used to, in surroundings unknown to her, and in company the likes of which she had never encountered before. Her anger was a reaction purely out of feeling ashamed; inexperience was for a child, not a woman. Even though he technically was right.
  13. Alliana kissed her back in pure obedience, then followed her inside the mansion. It was a great building, fitting for their purpose, she thought with a smirk. Her skin was becoming paler still, paper-thin and almost see-through, her eyes a nearly glowing, bright yellow. Her hair was blacker than black. She turned around when a familiar sound caught her attention. The little, vibrating sound of wings. Scratch had found her. She stared at the mechanical dragon, her beloved companion, as he flew into the room and stared at her. She thought that she saw something mortified in his eyes at what he saw, but she couldn't be sure. Something moved inside her - something she thought surely was dead. It awoke slowly. The love of her immortal pet, the love of her family, her friends. Feelings nearly forgotten swelled up in her corrupted chest. She sunk to the ground and gasped for air, tears welling up in her eyes. Something changed in her mind. What have I become...? She was overwhelmed with self-hatred over what she had done. Then she was overcome by anger - at herself, at Lex, at Amaranth; at anyone who had aided in doing this to her, turning her into this... monster. She reached out her hands, and Scratch flew closer to her, landing on her mechanical hand and wrapping his tail gently around her wrist. "What have I done..." She whispered the words to herself, feeling as if she was seeing clearly for the first time in a long time. The seed was working hard to rid her of these humane feelings, but they wouldn't disappear; she had remembered who she truly was.
  14. Alright, I don’t have anything planned right now, but I’ll let you know.
  15. This sounds fun, I’d like to give it a go!
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