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  1. [Day 5] Moi and Po continued towards their development of his Shrine making sure to take a short break at the end of the day to meditate. Allowing Moi to tap into his potential more and more. "So, am I the first here?" Moi wondered, figuring that if there were others he could seek out to provide assistance. "I would say so, you seem to have been born here. Others may arrive or you may play alone." Moi looked back down at his work dissatisfied with the answer, he wondered how much Po knew about the Kuu Gods, Could he answer all of my questions?. "What kind of God am I?!" He exclaimed as he pushed himself towards Po. There was a moment of silence before he answered, Po was conflicted knowing the truth of Moi's Origin. Yes he was a Kuu, but there seemed to be some sort of mutation. An unknown result of his birth, him being created as an experiment. "A Kuu normally find their peace in the balance of the living and the dead. They Help the living by granting wishes of those that visit their shrine, and guiding lost souls. Some find themselves ferrying the dead, fighting undead and sorting out supernatural affairs, though either good or bad a new era is born." Moi was shocked by what Po had to say, him.. "Beginning a new era? Impossible, how is someone like me suppose to do that.. I have no idea where I am or even what I am and you expect me to walk around here as some God?" Instead of answering a question directly Po had managed to twist his words in a way that caused Moi to ask another.. "Yes, but maybe with a little more class.. There is much for you to learn.. When your temple and shrine are complete we shall venture to the outside world." He made his way back to the to be shrine. "Breaks over for me"
  2. "Moi, come hither." Po hopped from the the top of shrine landing a few feet away on a soft patch of grass. "Yes, Yes, this should work." Moi followed suit landing next to his leafy friend. "What is it that you would like to show me?" "Watch…" Po plopped down sitting in a lotus position closed their eyes and held his hands in a triangle. Being a quick study Moi imitated his actions. "Now breathe, focus on the world around you. Feel the life of all living creatures and allow their energies to flow into you… Being a new God, born in a weird way at that. There are a few things you need to know… You get your power from your will, and your ability to borrow the soul energy of living creatures around you, and from their faith in you after all." The two took in a deep breath, giving the two time to focus their minds listening to the world around them. "Each Gods abilities vary, but mostly revolve around your soul blade, or your carving tool for now" Po snickered "as soon as your shrine is finished so will your blade, then we pilgrimage, travelling across hhhut Land" "I guess I'll do God stuff during my time out since that's the only way to get my name out? Right now I like helping the Animals… Their conversations about the people of this land worry me." "You understand them?" Po placed their palm on Moi's head "Ah, yes.. I see now.. No worries, let's meditate a while longer and the get back to work."
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    Race Info: Kuu

    Name: Kuu Description: A Race of "New Gods" created from the Tears of their Lord Above All, Kuudras. Their purpose is to protect the balance of life and death playing as both the Heroes and Villains of History. When sent to a planet/world shrines are erected at their landing and doubles as their home, built by said God. Their purpose is to act as a way to gather followers to Increase their power and influence, and can only enter another's Shrine if invited. Also to accept wishes of visitors for payment. The Shrine is made from Kuu Wood and grows as the God gains strength. Each God is born with a Soul Blade unique to themselves to aid in their journey and is considered taboo to use against another Kuu. The Strength of the Blade is as Strong as the wielders Will. Their Soul Allows them to Trancend Death physically and be reborn into the world anew gaining back their memories as they Challenge their Soul/Will. The Stronger the Will the stronger the souls can become. A Kuu may also gain in strength by gathering a following fueled by their belief,etc. A Kuu with a 1000 men, is as powerful. Upon completion of Shrine a pilgrimage to visit all land before sea on their first few years returning the shrine when nessiscary. Physical Appearance: Normally Humanoid, will take on features of observing sentient race. Body types and Heights vary. A unique symbol of the Kuu only seen by other Kuu and those with True sight. Age of Race: 5000yrs Origin: Deminsion outside of the Known Universe, Kuu Avg. Physical Lifespan: 1000yrs+++ Avg. Spiritual Lifespan: Infinite (Can be sealed) Abilities: Kuu Soul Soul Manipulation (no soul stealing in pc combat) Soul blade Reincarnation w/ Memories Summon Familiar Belief/Faith/Prayer/Worship Empowerment
  5. "Hallo!" A squeaky voice exclaimed "HALLOOO!" It squeaked again waking Moi from his slumber. His eyes groggily opened to see a small Leaf person sitting on his chest. "UM, may I help you with s ok something confused to what they were saying" he said in Kuu, his native tounge. "Oh, that won't do.." the Leaf person removed a petal from a flower they had growing from their ears and stuck it in Moi's mouth. "Sir, can you understand me?" Mois eyes opened up surprised that whatever the creature had placed in his mouth had allowed them to speak to one another. "C.. Can I help you?" His uncertainty showed in his speech. "Well my Lord, You made me to help you." The Leaf person hopped off his chest standing only 1ft in height. "Took me awhile to find you, now that I have my family will be here any day." "F..Family?" Moi was confused, he had awoke In the rain with the only knowledge of his name and how to create some sort of Shrine designed for him to live in. "Why must you help me?" "You are a new God, we didn't expect a Kuu to make this world home it being awhile since the last birth and when awoken as your Guardians I was the only one in the Area. I'm sorry, my names Po, let me assist you on your shrine." The two got to work carving away at the Stump, Po using a form of plant/wood mimicry to fortify the finished portions if the shrine to increase durability. "How long do you think this will take Po?" The two had been working for hours and had only made a slight dent towards their end goal. "Well Moi, you chose Kuu wood, so as your will gets stronger, so will your blade. Maybe in a couple hours we should take a rest and I'll teach you something new.
  6. ----- A day had gone by before Moi realized he didn't get tired easily, noticing the birds and other forest creatures lie around while he had worked a full 24 hrs before stopping to look at what looked to be shooting stars. His break only lasted as long as the show but wanted to see what it was like to rest. The first few moments were uncomfortable, but once her got comfortable it wasn't long before he had dozed off drifting off into a weird dreamscape where he watched 3 beings be sacrificed to create anew.
  7. The once beautiful day turned to rain, beginning with a light sprinkle. A being lay where the orb once was, clothed in the furs of the animals that were once gathered. Wearing a jacket and pants made of bear fur, gloves and leather shoes made of fox and a hilt made from their bones dressed with the ravens feathers. He lay alone in the clearing waking as the drops of water lie on his face. Slowly their eyes open with only two two thoughts. "I AM MOIKUNE", "I MUST BUILD A SHRINE". He looked around to see that a large stump remained from a tree that had been halved. He reached for the bone hilt to see that it produced a blade large enough for carving away at the stump.
  8. “I remember..” The two admired their experiment. In hopes of perfection, unable to afford a retrial the toll being a fragment of their soul all in the attempt to create life. The orb movements began to slow until it came to a complete stop. The figure inside now resembled a small humanoid child. Both the fox and the Raven, talon, and paw made contact with the mystical object infusing their divine and natural energies allowing them to bond their spiritual energies. Did you think they would really let you two get away with this? The Fox’s hairs stood up on the back of their neck sure of who had followed them. “It's too late Bear..” -cough- “we're…” You are what? It seems you are on the brink of death, for what.. To die for an experiment? The orb cracked emitting a blinding flash of light bringing light to the once dark forest absorbing the three spiritual beings drawing their energies back into the orb returning the surrounding area to darkness. Only lasting for a few seconds the orb let out another beam of energy, this time focused upward breaking through the tree line creating a pillar of light. A beacon to be seen by those curious what it brings.
  9. - Deep in the Terrenus Wilderness - - Moi's Clearing, Great Pine Barrens - The sweet songs of wildlife filled the forest in celebration. At peace without the stench of Human to draw their noses. The Sun rose high above the trees over a clearing revealing a black fox and a red raven dancing around a shadowy orb.
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    Name: Moikune Alias:Moi Race: Kuu Age: 0 Visible Age: 15 Sex/Gender: Male height: 5'7 Weight:120 Appearance: Human like; Changes to adopt features of race viewing them Language('s): Common, Kuu Items: Axe Skills: Wood carving Beginner Combat Abilites/Powers: (Same as Kuu) Tame Soul - Creates Familiar out of lesser sentient creature NEVAROX Blade - Black/Purple;BONE HILT; Absorbs Energy and Returns portion to user. NEVAROX Cloak - Surrounds user with Offensive/Defensive Cloak. Weakened when attacked
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