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  1. For a few moments, there was silence as the two continued to prance around their shadowy creation. Only moments had passed since the creature inside had appeared, growing to fill the space that had been given. Now that it had matured some, it had begun to take the form of a small child. Excited by their progress the Raven let out a strange call in response to the Fox nodding their head signaling the next step of the process. The two stopped suddenly, staring at the orb as if waiting for something to happen to notice it had stopped growing, and stunned by their own curiosity. Again the orb wobbled as the creature inside shifted making itself comfortable. “Only a few more minutes, so be ready... We both need to act simultaneously or there will be corruption.”
  2. As they danced, circling the orb, it grew. "Fast as bamboo shoots they say!" "And to think we were able to get away." The Fox's playful grin turned into a scowl. "Did you doubt me?" They hissed "No, just surprised at how easy it was that's all." A small humanoid figure began to take shape in the orb, curled up into a ball peacefully asleep. "Either way it won't be long before they are ready."
  3. - Deep in the Terrenus Wilderness - - The Forgotten Wood - The sweet songs of wildlife filled the forest in celebration. At peace without the stench of Human to draw their noses. The Sun rose high above the trees over a clearing revealing a black fox and a red raven dancing around a shadowy orb.
  4. Moi


    Visual Age: 10 Birth Place: Race: ? Alignment: ? Gender: M Class: undetermined Physiology Hair: Black - Long - uncut Eyes: Grey Height: 5' Weight: 100 Voice: Light Young Build: Muscular Condition: Healthy Clothing • Black Gi Skills • ? Inventory • Purple Pouch Credits:
  5. We can start whenever.or you can meet me at some coordinates on Amalia and rp in the pub I co own
  6. I think Sugn aka faux might like to use the fake card if it can be transferred.
  7. Our next op is researching Amalia and me showing the members my hub so that we have 3 locations accross Terrenus and to if course find the ingredients for our magic enhacing drug
  8. What are the plans for the erudite, anything we need to research or I guess investigate?
  9. Faux began channeling the energies of the Ke'Dhun as he took a step forward allowing the energies take shape around his body in the form of a hood and cowl. Connected to the Ke'Dhun he began to channel the pressure of their energies toward the Centaur Tribe as a way of comparing his strength against. Faux made sure to push himself to his limits, and unbeknownst to him, he began to undergo a further change internally. He began to force more of the smokey like energy from his core, and as he powered up the earth around him began to crack and levitate around him as the energy warped his surroundings allowing it overtake him for a second before returning to a more stable state. He stood in front of the tribesmen as if he were a new being, his body was sculpted for battle hidden underneath the thick indigo smoke and black attire, although anyone with any form of battle sense would have been aware of what had happened. "I'm afraid that if I channel any more energy I may be overwhelmed and enter and lose control." He looked over the Centaur noticing a change in how they stood, whatever Rin had done to them worked.. Was this her ability? His mind raced questions filled his mind. "I hope you will be putting that ability of yours to good use in the future." Faux looked over at Roden wondering what he had to offer. "Well, Leader..."
  10. Faux followed suit and stood by his companion refusing to bow to the Khan. "Unfortunately, I will have to pass as well." He took another look at the primitive living site and noting the weapons they had obtained and how far they were from the Guards they had stationed around the village. He felt comfortable with Rodan's units escorting them to the site. If they were as tough as most of the lot was ugly, he felt they would be in an okay spot to contest if they needed to. "On a normal day, these threats would work, but today we come with an offer worth listening to.. Wouldn't you say Sir?" He looked over towards Rodan to see how he planned on dealing with the Centaur Khan and the threat on their lives if they disobeyed. He had been born a renegade, so listening to those in a position of power without actual power bothered him. He sent a telepathic command for Dami to assist him if things got a bit hairy.
  11. Dami released the roots he had set on the Centaur as he sensed the Centaur was free to be released from captivity. Faux acknowledged Rodan's complement and waited while they all became acquainted with their new guide. "Yes, I agree with Rodan... Will you show us the way?" The energy around him began to fade away returning to the smokey black it was usually as he began to power down from their incursion. He took a step forward feeling a bit dizzy for a brief second before catching himself, the use of his abilities had changed something in him. As the group made their way down the road the entity Dami had felt around them had pulled back no longer stalking them as intently after performing the ritual on the Centaur. He had been curious about what it was and wished Dami had been able to pursue it, but after seeing that he had shown alien abilities in comparison to his groups he also wondered what they were capable of. "What exactly is our goal?" He shifted his head over towards Bayar. "He, won't be a problem.." "Nope, not a problem!" The Centaur pipped up. Faux walked over to Rodan, resting his hand on his shoulder. "We do have a greater purpose here correct, you know besides field testing our fans.." He tapped his hand against his cursed mask as a flurry of thoughts entered his brain. "Dami, go make this man a mask! Sorry, I've been inspired.." He let go of his superior's shoulder, and slowly made his way toward Bayar ready to pose a question. "How much longer do we have till we are there?"
  12. It's where Sugn officially is based. I have my Lab/Library and my Pub there haha.
  13. could take over Amalia... its an island in Terrenus that has little going on.
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