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  1. ButAHumbleBard

    I have no eye and I must blink

    The sickening sound of sliced mutated flesh could be heard in the distance, as well as the moistened sound of flesh bouncing and rolling as the head of the wounded mutant would be rolled out toward Lamistadt. The crumbled ruins of the ground crunched as the heavy steps of Starken carried him over toward his companion. Burns on his chest and left arm signaled he did not escape the burning energy sent their way previously, completely unscathed. Blood from the wounded mutant that had sprinted full speed into his mighty strike dripped with an almost mucus-like texture. "Do you not appreciate my gift?" The giant asked grinning through his golden beard with fiery eyes burning beneath his helm. A rumbling laugh roared as he lowered a hand to help his companion up. "Seems...we have allies in this quest of ours...though I do not intend to share my spoils with those I do not know, even the helpful types. Any splittings should we leave here in one piece shall come from your end." Matter-of-factly spoken, Starken, should Lamistadt take his paw of a hand, would pull him to his feet with a bit of a hop. Just a way of showing off his strength in a meaningless way. "You're wounded. Scars maketh man." He gestured to the burns on Lamistadt's chest. Starken grinned approvingly, before swiping some mud from the ground and slapping it over the wound. The cooling sensation would do well in battling the searing pain. "This'll keep it sealed from infection, and stop the blistering." He than turned his attention to the elves below with a scowl. Despite the help, he favored few, even less so Elves. "Suppose we should aid our new allies...puny insufferable pests..." The latter grumbled under his own breath before following their line of shots toward the window. Starken clasped neighboring rubble, a large chunk of stone about the size of the window they fired through, and with a running start heaved it up toward their target. The section of the window and part the wall erupting into a cloud of dust. Had a mage still been hiding, he was either certainly crushed or exposed with the shattered cover that once concealed him. If it were already dead, well...insurance never hurt. "After you..." He turned to Lamistadt, motioning him to take the lead toward the armed elves, assuming he'd be the more socially acceptable sort to make introductions.
  2. ButAHumbleBard

    A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    No worries at all haha just glad to be back.
  3. ButAHumbleBard

    A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    *sneaks in and pops out from the corner*
  4. ButAHumbleBard


    All is more than well now thank you. Will do, believe me glad to be back indeed. :)
  5. ButAHumbleBard


    Indeed have some reading to catch up on looks like but will for sure continue with that thread for those who still want to.
  6. ButAHumbleBard


    Hey all, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the sudden m.i.a. but life happened and I just didn't have a chance to pop back on until recently. I feel horrible for any stories left unanswered and will hope to make it up to any left lingering in any way possible. Very grateful to be back, missed you lovely people tons. Hope you all have been doing well and have a wonderful holiday weekend. Hopefully I can hit the ground running without missing a beat, but I'm expecting a little rust. Again, sincerely apologize for the disappearing act. Can't wait to get reacquainted with you lot. Merry Christmas Guys and Gals "Bard"
  7. ButAHumbleBard

    Valucre Holiday Special

    Both sound like viable options I suppose I'll feel everyone out closer we get and go from there. Leaning towards making it simply a one off that could eventually maybe be an annual thing for people to just drop their guard and have some fun around the holidays. That's the main mission here. :)
  8. ButAHumbleBard

    Valucre Holiday Special

    I imagine at some point it'll lead to one character blowing out like this...and of course should be fun :)
  9. ButAHumbleBard

    Valucre Holiday Special

    Of course all are welcome :)
  10. ButAHumbleBard

    Valucre Holiday Special

    Ok so I'm a holiday nerd. It's no secret amongst my peers, Hell with new home my wife already knows I plan on Griswalding the shit out of our place once thanksgiving is up. Anyways, I always loved (still do) holiday specials. Whether it be a one off from a favorite show or original. I thought it'd be something light hearted and fun, maybe bring some holiday cheer and good time among fellow players to maybe do a holiday special of our own. Bard would of course be leading the musical ballads. Thought maybe we all just pick a character from our lot and have them gather for some funny interactions with characters they wouldn't otherwise meet under any other occasion. Figure we could do this between end of November through last week of December. I dunno haha brainstorming is welcome just thought the concept was fun. That's all I got, let me know what you guys think. :)
  11. ButAHumbleBard

    Welcome Back (Murder in the Black City)

    Unknown to many, he stood along the rooftop overlooking the perimeter which had been set. His breath heavy with anticipation beneath the wicker mask which firmly fitted over his face. "Pretty poppette for all to see, pretty poppette how you do bleed. So still so sweet how they worship thee...Pretty poppette a gift from me." A voice, gravel and sadistic whispered in thought as his fingers slithered along a locket between his fingers. His breath came rapid, almost anxious like a performer before taking the stage. Peering over the ledge he watched as a gentleman slipping the officer money for information. "Curious little dog..." again he whispered to himself as he saw the same man slip into a coach. "...where you off to little dog." Contemplating whether to continue watching as authorities scrambled for evidence he knew wasn't there, Marionette, as he was so fondly dubbed, decided the curious one would be more fun to follow. For a man his size, his movements held little to no sound. He had mastered a method to stalking, which aided in his apprehensions. He waited for his moment, as he slid down into the alley across the crime scene. Flicking a coin onto the ground at the rear to draw the officer the man had just spoken to. Patience was a deadly virtue for one as he. His body, frozen against the corner as the officer had stepped away for only a minute to investigate the sound. Marionette remained still in deadly calculation, counting only one set of footsteps, insuring just the officer had heard his diversion. As he rounded the corner, he would be met with a stiff elbow to the neck and ribs before being pressed against the wall, scalpel pressed at the jugular, and a gloved hand over his mouth. "You scream, you run, you speak without my say so...and I'll display you in true horror for all to see. We understand each other my young friend?" The officer, motionless at first before the scalpel pressed closer, in which he nodded. "The curious little dog you just spoke to, who is he?" Unwilling to give up his financial source the officer shook his head and shrugged. Cold, black eyes stared through the mask as the scalpel dropped from his neck, but plunged into his stomach, into the liver. The officers eyes rolled into his head but Marionette shook his head to keep him awake. "You don't get to die now lad. Not so soon, but your unwillingness to be a friend will insure your death lingers. I will tell you how this will work..." The scalpel, already burried into the man's liver began to twist. "You will give me his name, and all the information you gave him." The scalpel continued to twist slowly, causing the officer to convulse in pain but the hand covering his mouth kept his scream muffled. "Than, I'm going to slice you open and hang your lifeless corpse by your entrails. Call it...an encore. Audiences do so love such things don't they..." The torture didn't take long before Marionette was informed of those who were hard at work searching desperately from crumbs he did not leave. Climbing back up to his perch, he bound the officers hands against his cheeks in a mock look of shock and fastened a noose around his neck from electrical wire that was left on the roof. He completed the slice along the abdomen, carving an instruction along the side. "Look inside me." It said, so when the body was found they would know what to do. Fastening the other end of the noose to a secure base, Marionette shoved the lifeless body of the officer off, his neck snapping immediately. The force of the jarring drop causing his entrails to spew down to the ground below, some still hanging. The lifeless body of the officer hung, frozen in a man-made expression of shock. Just as the body fell, those in the mill would hear a great cry and scream coming from outside as the grotesque find was discovered in the middle of the day. This find, disrupting a pattern, but sending a similar message none the less. Marionette was gone as fast as he appeared.
  12. ButAHumbleBard

    Alistair and The Street Rats

    His attention turned to the one who spoke, she was peculiar looking. Alistair had seen his fair share races in his time, but nothing quite like this. He was slightly startled and did a double take from his cards when Ember addressed him. "Beg pardon?" He looked over his surroundings to make sure he wasn't the only one who saw her. The glazed look in the kids eyes signaled he wasn't. "Right, well uh...s'pose won't be a problem. Just finishin' ope 'ere..." As his voice trailed off the kids had already threw their cards down, one even plucked the cards from Alistair's hand and started shuffling as per her request to join. "...guess a spot opened ope den." He chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. Remembering his somewhat limited manners he offered a hand. "Alistair Cobb. Proper meetin' ye Miss Ember." He'd motion to his current company. "Dees are d'lads. Sam, Ellie, Dex, an' Luke. 'ad the pleasure of meetin' dis fine group earlier. Day're a good lot. Bit of a loff dat one." He grinned morning to Dex, who snatched his card and shuffled to prep their game. At her last question he simply shrugged. "We all 'ave different meanin's o'fun. So guess depends on which ye be talkin' bout. Looks like d'cards bout ready, any game ye be preferin'?"
  13. ButAHumbleBard

    Interest Check for Serial Killer Manhunt

    Thought it'd be nice to have an image of what/who you will be dealing with.
  14. ButAHumbleBard

    Marionette Killer (Manhunt Suspect)

    Alias: Marionette Killer Name: Unknown Age: Unknown Race: Human Height: 6'0 Weight: 245lbs Weapons of Choice: Scalpel, Filet Knife, Shivs, Butcher Knife, Hallucinogenic Spray/Capsules Signature: Bodies left hanging much like marionette puppets, using muscle fibers and other means. Bodies usually left in theatrical poses and expressions. Bio: Unknown Status: Considered Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Suspect still at large.