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  1. I have no eye and I must blink

    Starken had turned a moment, just as Lamistadt had checked his revolver. Thick brows furrowed under his helm. He would reach over and snatch the pistol from Red's person, inspecting it even eyeing the barrel. "What is this? Seems...fragile." Two thick fingers wrapped around the handle as he gave it a shake hearing a rattle of the ammunition from within. "Do you not savor the battle? Using cheap tricks as this puny thing." He scoffed, tossing the revolver back to Lamistadt and shaking his head. Starken continued to hack along a path...until something peculiar happened. A thick vine seemed to have slithered away from his blade's path. The thick dried vine cracked and slithered along the wall and ground, Starken curious of the source, followed suit forgetting his disgusted expression at the pistol he just held. Heavy boots thumped on the ground as he went into pursuit. He had disappeared a moment before suddenly his massive body went sailing in the air before it crashed down, emptying the contents of a rather deep puddle he had landed in. A creature, wrapped in dead crackling vines towered nearly double the height of Starken, lumbered into sight. It appeared as a fusion of vines and crumbled stone. A fused beast, forged by the magic which leveled the once prized city of Biazo. It made no roar or sound other than the earth shaking stomps, before it's vines wrapped around Starken's leg reeling him toward it. (Vine/Stone Fused Creature) His helm and sword flung off as he went sailing into the air, Starken buried his fingers into the earth. His muscles rippled with tension to the point they nearly ripped off the bone as he pulled against the creature's strength. "Might want to use that puny weapon...!" He called out to Lamistadt before his grip was broken and he accelerated toward the creature. Hands firmly clasping the vines as he attempted to tear himself free. He was a fool to believe it would be so easy. Despite the danger, one could hear almost crazed laughter coming from the giant. At last...a challenge.
  2. Welcome to the Velvet Room

    "Hm...right then. Guess m'feelins weren't wiff-out merit then. Alistair. Alistair Cobb, miss." His hat tucked under his arm, gloves slid into his back pocket as he bowed his head as cordially as he had observed some in greeting others. As he looked over the others that had vocalized a similar train of thought in his observations, he couldn't help but continue looking up at the observing eyes of the elite. Bunch of fokin tossers if you ask me. He thought to himself as he removed his jacket. Alistair was never one to speak at a person's back, though he thought plenty words to say. Had he something to say it would be with his eyes meeting yours, and what came out of it, came out of it, but you would know where he stood. Perhaps it was the reason some preferred his business, but socially he was somewhat reclusive because he was so blunt. He would stand there amongst his fellow gentlemen, head swivvled aside a moment as he pondered what to do next before he made his way over to Lila, Michael, Aiyanna. "Don't be meanin' to interrupt this 'ere conversation but....tis been a long day and I'll be needin' to give the ol' fella the tug an' spritz." Sometimes even Alistair didn't know what he was saying, so thick was his urban gutter-rat accent, he took it upon himself to sometimes give a motion to what he meant. A wink at Michael and nudge on his shoulder as he subtly made the motion of taking a piss to him. "Know what I mean?" He whispered louder than he wanted to. "Also, digs to nod off a spell. We supplied wiff all that or will I be lookin' at uh-ver accommodations." He looked over the two that had found their company. A server would pass with the beer, which Alistair halted him a moment and slogged it back in about three gulps...though he remembered protocal and picked up his pinky, before placing it back on the trey and allowing the server to pass.
  3. Corner Cafe

    "Hm? Oh, indeed." Bard nodded at Rose as she had stepped away to tend to the second round of coffee on the request of Arabelle. "Quaint. Your place in sincerely quaint. I don't spend much time in places such as this. I usually find myself in establishments with stains you hope are from ale, but the overriding scent is without a doubt a piss-like quality. I apologize if my eyes wandered a bit. Not everyday I'm greeted so warmly. Not without merrit though." A sip was taken, the calm warmth was indeed savored. "Which leads to what brings me here. Coincidence I suppose. I was in town gathering supplies for a venture of significance...which is probably best not spoken of at the moment. Please don't think me rude, know my intentions of being minimal are of the sincerest reasons. However as it happens, I suppose my one good deed of the day led me here to you, and I am most fortunate for this interaction." Bard was indeed sincere in his tone. Patting around his tattered vest he would slip out a pistol resting it on the table, rustic but elegant in design. It was something of great importance which has been handled with equally great care, as could be seen by the polish and finish of the wood and metal. He made no motion for it, it was placed on the table as a way for him to get more comfortable. "I don't generally find myself with good company. Call it force of habit. So on the rare occasion it does happen I'm truly appreciative of it..." a looked down at the pistol and chuckled at how awkward that had been to simply rest it without warning, but Bard had simply made himself at home. "I rarely keep it loaded....theatrics and what have you. I suppose though, part of living through an adventure, and seeing what lies beyond the horizon you can become somewhat jaded by what you see." Another soothing sip was taken, and he would sigh in comfort. "But...no one pays for those kinds of stories when it is those very things they look to escape." @Rose parker @Naralia
  4. Izral Activity

  5. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    I've had a healthy obsession for Twin Peaks since the 90s. The Return added more to love with the live performances at the end of each episode. This has been on my spotify playlist and is one of the better performances in the show.
  6. Corner Cafe

    "That would be a great inconvenience I'm sure. No worries love, I'm sure a vacancy is open somewhere." He'd respond to Rose before shifting his attention to Arabella's question. Bard hesitated a moment, fingers scratching the back of his head as he looked at the table a moment before a shrug of his shoulders was given as he looked to Arabella. "Ah...you know, here, there, everywhere really." Clearing his throat he would continue. "Spent my earliest years in Draco South...eh haven't really settled down since. Too much of the world to see I suppose. I'm in the business of adventures, so seeking it is what I do." Bard didn't feel it necessary to bring the mood down with the tale of an orphan found in the harsh streets of Draco South, where he learned to survive in the harsh reality that was the real world. He was liar, a thief, as we speak he was canvasing the layout of the cafe into his brain. It was still too early in the day to turn a profit, and while the company was indeed lovely, he wouldn't think twice of taking only what he could carry and nothing else, had it been near closing where he'd expect more money to have been earned. "As for yourself? from this lovely bit of land? or was it something else that drew you here." @Rose parker @Naralia
  7. Please help me by making my life miserable

    I had made this big boy for just such an occasion. I'll leave him here if you or any other here needs a big bad to give the ol' one-two.
  8. I have no eye and I must blink

    Starken followed closely behind, with his sheer size finesse wasn't a tact he used often but it was one he practiced with extreme care now. He followed closely behind Lamistadt, his sword lowered, carving a path on the ground, keeping from swaying and knocking into the troublesome things which appeared ready to burst at the slightest glance. As they cleared the area and made for the ruins Starken turned and regarded his partner's question, silent for a moment as he thought of the answer. Once they were taking their healthy strides again, his blade found its way back onto his shoulder. "Has nothing to do with fun." He replied as he continued to survey the land, taking the occasional swipe of a vine and branch that attempted to block their path. "Don't know anything else. Just the hunt. Be it beast, man, or treasure...a hunt is a hunt. A challenge, my people embraced this thought. As they have, as do I." A few healthy chops cleared their path against the occasional road block. "Yourself?"
  9. What is your greatest story that never happened?

    The Dead Sea was a thread I had opened in a previous RP years ago. Bard had heard rumors of a ship sunken into the depths with the weight of the treasures it held. So corrupted with greed was the captain that he would damn himself and his crew to a watery grave with the ship. For years since, it was said the ship still haunted the seas it once tormented. Claiming not only the treasure of its victims, but the souls as well. Motivated by the treasure that wad claimed to be held, and the adventure that would come with it, Bard had set out to sail with a crew of brave more capable heroes. It had very much a pirates of the Caribbean/magnificent seven vibe because it was a high seas adventure with a team of people who would otherwise never associate with one another, but it brought out the best in each person. To find the ship they needed to discover clues, sailing to all corners. It really was great but without warning the site was taken down. Ugh good times.
  10. Character's Favorite Food.

    Starken: Any form of meat. Unconfirmed even humans, though it is a strong rumor up north. Bard: Spicy foods like curries and stews, even though he has the weakest tolerance for pain. Alistair: Salty foods. Anything pickled, cured, or salted. Fried pickles being a regular order at taverns.
  11. Are you a mercenary or what?

    Haha no worries I've abandoned many a post in favor of the mistress known as sleep.
  12. I appreciate the follow. 

    Thank you!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here at Valucre.  :)

  13. The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    Welcome. Enjoy yo'self.