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  1. The sickening sound of sliced mutated flesh could be heard in the distance, as well as the moistened sound of flesh bouncing and rolling as the head of the wounded mutant would be rolled out toward Lamistadt. The crumbled ruins of the ground crunched as the heavy steps of Starken carried him over toward his companion. Burns on his chest and left arm signaled he did not escape the burning energy sent their way previously, completely unscathed. Blood from the wounded mutant that had sprinted full speed into his mighty strike dripped with an almost mucus-like texture. "Do you not appreciate my gift?" The giant asked grinning through his golden beard with fiery eyes burning beneath his helm. A rumbling laugh roared as he lowered a hand to help his companion up. "Seems...we have allies in this quest of ours...though I do not intend to share my spoils with those I do not know, even the helpful types. Any splittings should we leave here in one piece shall come from your end." Matter-of-factly spoken, Starken, should Lamistadt take his paw of a hand, would pull him to his feet with a bit of a hop. Just a way of showing off his strength in a meaningless way. "You're wounded. Scars maketh man." He gestured to the burns on Lamistadt's chest. Starken grinned approvingly, before swiping some mud from the ground and slapping it over the wound. The cooling sensation would do well in battling the searing pain. "This'll keep it sealed from infection, and stop the blistering." He than turned his attention to the elves below with a scowl. Despite the help, he favored few, even less so Elves. "Suppose we should aid our new allies...puny insufferable pests..." The latter grumbled under his own breath before following their line of shots toward the window. Starken clasped neighboring rubble, a large chunk of stone about the size of the window they fired through, and with a running start heaved it up toward their target. The section of the window and part the wall erupting into a cloud of dust. Had a mage still been hiding, he was either certainly crushed or exposed with the shattered cover that once concealed him. If it were already dead, well...insurance never hurt. "After you..." He turned to Lamistadt, motioning him to take the lead toward the armed elves, assuming he'd be the more socially acceptable sort to make introductions.
  2. No worries at all haha just glad to be back.
  3. *sneaks in and pops out from the corner*
  4. All is more than well now thank you. Will do, believe me glad to be back indeed. :)
  5. Indeed have some reading to catch up on looks like but will for sure continue with that thread for those who still want to.
  6. Hey all, I'd like to sincerely apologize for the sudden m.i.a. but life happened and I just didn't have a chance to pop back on until recently. I feel horrible for any stories left unanswered and will hope to make it up to any left lingering in any way possible. Very grateful to be back, missed you lovely people tons. Hope you all have been doing well and have a wonderful holiday weekend. Hopefully I can hit the ground running without missing a beat, but I'm expecting a little rust. Again, sincerely apologize for the disappearing act. Can't wait to get reacquainted with you lot. Merry Christmas Guys and Gals "Bard"
  7. Hey just wanted to kick the tires for my first water cooler post haha. My Elemental Knight Artemis D'cavalrie will be tumbling upon a grizzly find very soon and while the initial posts will be solo to build the story and case, I was wondering if there will be interest to eventually join the case. There will be a point where this will kick into gear for a full blown manhunt. The Killer is only known as "Marionette" because the bodies he leaves behind are left strung up much like a puppet, in various dramatic positions. Marionette is a faceless foe that will lead investigators on a cat and mouse chase. I already have an idea how this will all turn out and hopefully as fun for you reading/eventually playing along as it will be for me. In terms of time limit to post, I want it to seem like a real - time investigation. So a day in the case will be a day in the forums. Should you feel you can't post a certain day it'll just be they are checking other avenues within the case while those who remain will continue with the investigation there and now. Since not every detective is in the same location at all times, seems more realistic to play off someone not posting as searching another avenue instead of simply disappearing. The crimes will escalate as will the body count but hopefully it all ends with some nail biting and suspense. So again, it will start as solo posting to build the case up but once players are free to join I'll send a cue up to those interested to tag along in the manhunt. There might be one on one combat, or one on many, as well as chases. Marionette can and will show up at various times and locations much like a traditional slasher. This won't be a heavy combat story though. This story will rely heavily on atmosphere and building on the fear of hunting the unknown and the horrors that come with it. Alright then, as you can tell I'm excited to get this started. Take care fellow writers.
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