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  1. scrivener

    Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    oh wow ok nvm
  2. scrivener

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    oh this seems fun where is this happening?
  3. scrivener

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    in the singles exhibition whats an advantage? like how do i get one? im in for act 3!
  4. is the aria still around?

  5. anything happening in norkotia?

    1. Tyler


      Yeah, I've had a couple of ongoing operations (also with foreign mercenaries) and I'm just recently opening diplomatic actions. The RP you were in was a pretty key one, for sure.

  6. scrivener

    Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    hey so did this ever start?
  7. scrivener

    Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    this didn't start yet right?
  8. scrivener

    Need some burglars...

    me and acorn both like the sound of that and i think that hes gonna have to get one of those rolling suitcases. for payments on criminal stuff i usually just go off shows like white collar haha
  9. does the aria need any repairs or anything? acorn just finished pulling his second job and has come into some money!

  10. scrivener

    A Case for Journalistic Integrity

    Wrapping his fingers around the handle of the suitcase, Acorn was surprised by the weight of the payment. He made no effort whatever to hide the fact that he was pleased by this, and reached two fingers up to touch the brim of a hat that he forgot didn't exist at the moment, instead turning the gesture into a two finger salute. "That sounds swell mister. You got a place a fella like me can stake out for a night then? What with the heat on my tail and all I don't want to go poking my nose around. If not that's fine. I'll find a place. I'll keep it real low, just figured I'd ask. Any rate, it's been a real pleasure getting along with ya pal. Let's do it again some time in the future. Let your boss know I said good luck with everything." Acorn patted the suitcase and winked; after a few final words between them where the man in the suit confirmed no safehouse for the man, but had a few recommendations, Acorn made himself as scarce as he promised. He didn't go out for drinks. Or women. He ordered his food in and made sure to show the world a different face than his usual meanwhile he stayed within Norkotia's borders. As a final concession to his curiosity Acorn stopped at a newspaper stand on his way out of town, after collecting his extra dough, and paid the owner two bars of heavy metal to send a copy of the paper via post to an address Acorn kept in Casper. He wanted to see how this Joseph Tynes fellow would shake out for the city.
  11. scrivener

    Need some burglars...

    oh i mean like terrenus has an economy list on its lore page that talks about how much metal is in USD but i didnt know if the same exchange rate was the same in norkotia so if thats how much it goes for then acorn is happy taking the job its something he would have known going in. i just wanted to ask in case
  12. scrivener

    Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    this seems like itll be really fun id like to join as a spectator
  13. scrivener

    Need some burglars...

    that sounds great i'll try and get a post out tonight just one thing is would it be too much of a big deal to switch the silver out for gold? i dont know if its on purpose like the exchange rate or thats just how much the job pays regardless but not counting the extra payment the briefcase would be 4800 according to the economy list in terrenus but 15000 if its gold and the second seems more like suitcase full of cash in a warehouse money
  14. scrivener

    A Case for Journalistic Integrity

    "Sure, sure. Test the goods before buying. Just don't try and jerk me around. I know what I got is worth the scratch." Acorn hefted the paper-heavy suitcase onto the table, popped it open, spun it around to face the nameless suit and slid it across the short distance to put it within reach. "A couple fellas laid eyes on me but I ain't overmuch concerned. I can change my face easy, like swapping a shirt out, but I ain't keen on making the client sweat when they don't need to. When we finish up here and I get the coin I'll make myself scarcer than hen's teeth." Confidence was a fine thing to have, which enabled men to attempt a number of great things and even accomplish a few of them. But a complete lack of fear was a pathology – Acorn fancied himself healthy and intended to stay that way. He kept his eyes constantly on the move in their sockets, probing the shadows, peering through the windows of the abandoned warehouse to see if he might not notice a battalion advancing on him in the night. Nothing happened. No glint off a distant scope. No fuzzy radio contact. No signals from the man in the suit to a squadron of waiting mercenaries. He closed the suitcase and looked up to Acorn to speak but Acorn got in ahead of him. "That's most everything, but not everything. Enough to make good on the assignment and I won't have no two ways about that. This?" He reached into the interior pocket of the suit with two fingers, slowly withdrew a single sheet of paper and slid that towards the suit. "This is bonus. This is me showing you how smart you and your lads are for hiring me. This here is the bloody knife." He waited for the man to acquaint himself with the memo's contents. "So like I said. 65/35."
  15. scrivener

    A Case for Journalistic Integrity

    Acorn used the sleeve of someone else's suit to wipe the sweat off his forehead and the back of his neck. Even if there was no reason to be suspicious, Acorn knew perspiration to put people off; remaining calm, or at least presenting a façade of it, was one of the first things you learn as a con man. "Meet me at the door." Acorn whispered into the radio then turned it off and dropped it into the trash can just outside of the elevator doors. Jeremiah and Acorn came together in the lobby and were within arm's reach of the main exit when the alarm went off. The gunslinger was not visibly shaken, but that was because gunslingers could not afford to be. Steady hands and eyes and nerves were part of the package if you wanted to live long in that sort of world, and Jeremiah looked the sort to make it to a ripe old age indeed. What concerned Acorn is that gunslingers could be as stone walls on the outside, but as tempestuous seas within. "Cool it." He leaned in so Jeremiah could hear him over the wail of the klaxon. "You're a guard, walking a bigwig out to his motor that's all. People only see what you show 'em." There was only one employee on the floor at the time, a member of the cleaning crew spotted them as he looked around to see what all the fuss was about. They were already out the door at this point; that guy wouldn't even think to bring it up until the cops had rounded everyone up and started asking them questions. "We turn the corner and split up. We shouldn't be seen together past this, least of all going in the same direction. Neither of us are going anywhere without our money so I'll see you at the spot." Acorn was the first to arrive at the warehouse; similar in décor to their initial meeting spot but in a different part of town. He let the cab drop him off 12 blocks shy and walked the rest of the way, ever mindful of being tracked by a dogged detective. Once in the warehouse Acorn put his back against the wall so he couldn't be stabbed in it, suitcase in one hand and eyes staring out into the starry night while he waited for the contact to show. "I'll let you know right now." He said the moment a shadow peeled itself off of the general pool of darkness. "I did a good bit of work on this job. Without me this job would have stopped outside the building, so I want that 50/50 split looking more like 65/35. You can hash it out with Jerry later."