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  1. Looking for an RP (1x1 or group)

    count me in! do you want to discuss any like general plot about it or just jump in and see where our charries take us?
  2. Looking for an RP (1x1 or group)

    Deffo can do whatever you want wherever you want but was looking at some quests earlier and this one in tia seems cool Class C A little girl has lost her cat. Help! Possible Rewards: become the family friend of a wealthy merchant with a hidden and powerful swordsman at his disposal ; earn small renown ; a community prize given to good people it's an easy and simple one but the rewards could be really cool
  3. Looking for an RP (1x1 or group)

    Count me in If you have an idea of what you want to do we can jump right in and if you don't maybe we can pick something out of the quests?
  4. Looking for an RP (1x1 or group)

    I'm totally interested in doing some writing what kind of reply speed are you looking for?
  5. Traveling Group

    Heres Phan!
  6. Traveling Group

    This sounds interesting. I have a character that's a ghost that possesses people and uses them to go around having adventures I can send you his sheet if you prefer
  7. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    no i get you but my question hasn't ever been about explaining my character which is easy as pie. it's explaining ALL of our characters because the post puts us together off the bat so i was just asking if there was a reason for it instead of making up a reason for four other people
  8. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    idk maybe its just me but your post gives us no reason to be together and then puts us all together at the very beginning like if it just described the setting we could come in to the same place and discover one another or something but right now it reads like we're all supposed to know why we came there and why we're already together that's really my only confusion with it
  9. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    yeah what's the quest actually about i thought we'd get more detail on that once you had enough people. like is it just for the rumored gold and we each come up with our own explanation as to why we're there? but it sounds like we're in a group too so we'd come up with a reason why we're together? i figure that's what the storyteller/gm/mod would tell us
  10. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    How do preps figure into it I don't see a mention of them in the post where you talk about what the d10 system is and how many hits can we take before we're down for the count?
  11. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    This seems fun I want to use my ghost character if that's ok
  12. A drifting phantom

    Appearance His physical appearance changes depending on the host he's possessed. His spectral appearance is that of a young adult with a bowl cut hairdo portrayed in a variety of simple clothing, often a tunic, a doublet, a shirt and slacks, or a robe. Personality Phanis curious, constantly seeking for new experiences in his after-life. He doesn't care whether his experiences are subjectively 'good' or 'bad' as long as they are new and provide something novel for him to appreciate in his after-life. Phan is easygoing to the point of carelessness and is not the kind of person you would describe as either cautious or prudent. He has no fear of death because he is already dead and does not feel pain in the traditional sense, which has made him daring and audacious. Usually in someone else's body. History Phan has been dead for decades. He remembers the major arcs of his life but has let go of the minor details, recalling the fact that he has parents and that he loves them and they loved him but no longer remembering their faces or names. He's even forgotten his own name, which is why he refers to himself as what he is - a phantom. Abilities / Equipment Although Phan has been dead for decades, during which he's learned a lot about his abilities, this is a relatively short time for a spirit and there is more for him to learn about his own body. Ectoplasm: This spiritual substance allows Phan to manifest in his purely spectral form to interact with physical objects. This requires concentration. Possession: NPCs only. Allows Phan to borrow the body of a living person. Spectral form: When possessing a host, this allows Phan to channel his ectoplasm through his host to grant them spirit powers for a limited time Intangible: Host can pass through physical objects Invisible: Host becomes invisible to regular vision Flight: Host can fly Telekinesis: Host can move objects with spiritual pressure. Tactile version of this gives host supernatural strength and durability