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  1. Join the darkside, it's easier on the eyes. Also thanks
  2. Oh my god thank you so much, you're a life saver!
  3. Hello again, Valucre! I doubt anyone remembers me from my brief time on here, but I think I'm (sorta) back. I'm just lurking, really. Waiting for the right moment to step into something, or maybe create something of my own, or maybe even pick up something I had started then just sort of abandoned because I suck... Anyways, pls answer my question, this bright white theme will be the death of me.
  4. Shen

    Starken vs Jay

    'Of course he's a mindless brute, what did I expect...' It seemed Starken was not interested in greeting, but only in beginning the fight. Jay clenched his fist tight to combat the painful squeeze that Starken gave it. As soon as Starken began to lift Jay's fist upward to attempt to lift him , Jay's right foot immediately shot forward, his sole heading straight towards the area right above Starken's left knee. The impact of the kick (if it didn't downright break Starken's knee at the joint) would result in a very painful shock. At the same time as the kick, Jay's left hand moved up to deal with the threat heading towards his neck. Positioning his his arm at a 120 degree angel from the elbow, Jay's forearm met Starken's own just below the wrist, sweeping it's momentum aside due to the slanted angle. As the forearms connected, Jay's open palm would twist downward and his fingers would clamp on Starken's forearm, taking advantage of Starken's forward momentum to pull him towards Jay.
  5. Shen

    Cult of the Damned! Need bad guy!

    So will my character be part of that first class C quest or does he come in at a later thread? I'm ready to start whenever, but I'd like to have a chat with you so yo can tell me more about the cult and I'll have a better idea for the concept of my character.
  6. Shen

    Starken vs Jay

    The cheer of the crowd seemed less energetic this time around as Jay stepped into the ring, no doubt remembering his defeat in the past week. This time the young fighter would have to prove himself and regain their favor. From the looks of his opponent, though, Jay thought that will be harder said than done. Standing at a height of 6'1, Jay looked like a midget compared to the giant that he was facing. He weighed less as well, though he hoped that would give him an advantage in speed seeing as less weight meant he could better control his momentum, dashing in and out of attacks. Though from his limited experience he knew that attempting to tire out someone that large would prove to be a fatal strategy, and he would be more likely to tire out first. This fight will have to be quick, his attacks precise and devastating if he hoped to achieve victory tonight. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO ANOTHER NIGHT OF EXCITEMENT IN YOUR FAVORITE ARENA!" The words of the announcer sent the crowd roaring and cheering in excitement as Jay stood facing his opponent, removing his shirt and stretching his lean body in preparation for a difficult fight. "THERE WILL BE NO BITING, HAIR PULLING, OR GROIN KICKING. ATTEMPT IT AND YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND REMOVED BY FORCE IMMEDIATELY. TRY NOT TO KILL EACH OTHER, GOOD LUCK, AND MAY THE BETTER FIGHTER WIN!" The gong signaling the fight to begin followed the announcer's words and the cheers of the crowd turned into silent anticipation, a calm before the storm. Jay moved forward towards Starken, extending his fist towards his opponent to touch with his own, a traditional fighter's greeting before a spar.
  7. Shen

    Cult of the Damned! Need bad guy!

    So let me get this straight cause I'm a little slow.... First person goes in and does the first tier of the quest solo, then gets abducted. Then two more people show up to do the second tier of the quest. After that 2 more people join them for the third tier, making them 4 in total (not including the one who got abducted) Does that sound about right? So I guess the 2 people you want to write out the harsh scenes will be the one who got abducted and the person torturing them? (which I'm actually interested in that. I would like to play a villain if possible. Also it would be fun to torture Mag.) Anyways let me know if I got things right. Here is my interest in the parts in order of most interested to least interested (but still interested in general): Torturing others - second tier quester - 4th tier quester - 3rd tier quester.
  8. Shen

    I'm old. Like REALLY old.

    Welcome to Valucre! I'm definitely younger, but I also like to post daily. At least once every 2 days, otherwise I feel like the story goes too slow to be exciting anymore. Though sometimes it can't be helped since people have jobs and real life problems to take care of and whatnot.
  9. Shen


    Welcome to Valucre!
  10. Shen

    To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    Good tip, good tip.
  11. Shen

    To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    I really enjoyed how smooth the mechanics are. They feel so satisfying and smooth. The story is pretty good too, or so I'm told. Apparently you have to complete multiple breakthroughs of the game to really get the whole picture.
  12. Shen

    To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    Nier Automata is a great game btw. I still haven't finished it, or rather finished it multiple times. 2B, more like... 2Bae, am i rite?
  13. Shen

    To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice
  14. Shen


    Name: Gar Age: 22 Appearance Height: 6'1 Weight: 168lb Build: Mesomorph. Muscular and lean. Hair colour: Black Hair length: Down to his shoulders Eye colour: Hazel Skin tone: Fair Complexion: Clear Clothing: The traditional robes of The Order Equipment: - A sword strapped to his back - Pouches for money and other important objects - A black travel cloak Accessories: A Dragon Tooth necklace he wears at all times, usually hidden beneath his robes. Personality: Coming soon... Biography: Coming soon...