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  1. Tyler

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    I'm joking man, no need to explain yourself or anything. lol Alas, Abbadon is kind of weak at the moment. It's unlikely they'll be looking for a new fight at this current rate, what with the (rather villainous in their own right) Orisian people already wanting to kill them all.
  2. Tyler

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    Betraying Abbadon both in-character and out-of-character? Yep, you done it! lol
  3. Tyler

    Whose Line? Bi-weekly RP Challenge!

    Hmm, I'll try to participate in this, if I get the right sort of prompts for the right characters within the remaining timeframe.
  4. Tyler

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    Oh, the betrayal runs ever deeper... XD
  5. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    @Bkfootball Just a reminder!
  6. Tyler

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    Oh dear, it's nearly been a week. I didn't realize how long we had gone here. @PandaHat You're up next.
  7. Tyler

    I Invoke the Right of Parlay! [Quest]

    Accompanying the pirate lord's entourage as a low-level enforcer, young Shane Haydes was nothing impressive or intimidating to look at. He was regular in build, with slightly above average height, curly brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin, practically a model of an average human male. At his side hung a cutlass of decent quality, gained only by stealing it from the corpse of another sailor, while at his other side was holstered the revolver he'd kept at his side since fleeing his homeland of Norkotia many months ago. Unfortunately, his supply of the petroleum-based bullets needed for his revolver, which were manufactured only in his distant home country, were nearly exhausted. Shane hoped the payout for this job would finally allow him to purchase a local model for which ammunition was more readily available, though he had a feeling he'd still wind up a bit short. Saving up enough money to upgrade his gear, a great necessity given his inability to use magic and his general lack of combat skills otherwise, had been quite difficult here in the Pirate's Cove. He had fled Norkotia with some basic survival supplies and his gun, but not much else. Bounty Hunters tailed him all the way to Casper, where he managed to stowaway aboard a ship called the Silver Swan, only finding out when it was too late that he was on a pirate ship. Fortunately, the pirates themselves were also being pursued, and so they allowed Shane to join their ranks, the captain even going so far as to put the young fugitive in charge of the gunnery section. Shane did his best to hold that group together, but the captain clearly had a few screws loose, as she directed her ship to attack an entire fleet of vessels belonging to House Karradeen of Ursa Madeum, a decision that would get over half the crew killed. Fortunately for Shane, the Silver Swan miraculously survived the battle and escaped, but that didn't stop him from ditching it and its crazy captain the first chance he got. Since then, he had struggled to find his way. He was a wanted criminal in his native country, but only thanks to a single crime-spree he committed out of the blue, having been a law-abiding citizen prior to that point. Now he was forced to live among hardened, life-long outlaws; people who would eat him alive if he showed weakness or fear. But at least, for all his deficiencies in power, talent and weaponry, he possessed the willingness to do what was needed to survive. This meant having to start at the bottom of the chaotic social system in this den of thieves, but everyone had to start somewhere. The pirate lord he now guarded was not his first employer, but he hoped they would be the one to give him his first big break. If enough missions went by smoothly, and he did his job right in all of them, maybe he could eventually graduate out of the peon level. However, as the delegation belonging to the mysterious individual drew closer, Shane noticed one of the apparent bodyguards of the anonymous lord take-on a somewhat more aggressive stance. Shane rested his hand on his revolver handle, ready the quickly draw it out in case a hostile action was taken, though none was ultimately taken. Still, the newcomers seemed on-edge, which either meant they were planning something, or more likely they were just nervous as hell about where they were. Shane couldn't blame them if it was the latter; this place was not for the faint of heart.
  8. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    Okay, finally posted! I did as Ichi requested and had Vince botch his assignment part-way through, hopefully I did justice for what he had in mind. Whatever the case, time for some bloodletting! @Abigail666 Technically you are up now. @Bkfootball Since you skipped a turn, you can go next if you want or are ready.
  9. Tyler

    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    "Trinity Wallace is a bit of an enigma. He was sent to prison in his younger years, but was released on a technicality, and has since managed to somehow avoid further arrest or legal attention. So, unfortunately I cannot tell you much about him on a personal basis. What I can tell you that he’s got a reputation as the best quick-draw artist in Norkotia, so if you happen to get the drop on him, don’t give it up." the man in tan replied. Hyeok nodded, knowing this was a "shoot on sight" situation. Hopefully the others would be up to the challenge should Wallace be present somewhere in the compound. "Now, unless anyone has further questions, I will leave you to your mission." the Norkotian agent concluded, stepping away from the table and toward the doors, "I look forward to seeing you all at work." Soon enough, he was gone, leaving Hyeok to conclude any more minute detail planning that needed to be done. Once he was through, and everyone was in agreement on the course of action, the band of foreigners filed out of the warehouse and dispersed to their determined positions. As soon as everyone had checked in, the word was given, and Vince began his assignment. True to his word, the Elf successfully managed to sneak right up to the gunners at the emplacement, helped along by the fact that both guards were bored and not paying attention. Everything was going exactly according to plan. Supremely satisfied with his performance, Vince began to radio in his success to the others, planning even to maybe try a little more flirting with Persephone in the process. But while he was distracted with this, he absent-mindedly leaned against one of the half-walls around the rotary gun, one that just happened to contain an alarm button. By the time he noticed the odd protrusion from the wall sticking into his back, it gave way under his weight... Klaxons began to sound across the compound almost immediately, as several lights at key locations went on and began to sweep the grounds. Hyeok ordered Cal and Persephone to get through the breach quickly, then find cover. Seconds later, a rifle bullet shattered one of the searchlights that was about to train on the rotary gun location. More shots followed as more lights were destroyed, with the skulls of several peeping sharpshooters soon to follow. Despite his costly error, Vince returned to the shadows and began to make his way toward the main building, as per the plan.
  10. Tyler

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Nikki moves to H15 and attacks zombies at G17 for 3 damage.
  11. Tyler

    Night of Terror [Knoles]

    Nikki began to stumble back away from the approaching zombies, a hand reaching to her head as she felt a foreign influence making its presence in her mind known. Or was it really that foreign, at this point? That pull had been vexing her for months now, same as her eye's occasional rebellions against her control. And when that voice began to speak in her head, urging her to kill the zombies and to smile, she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of familiarity toward it. She shouldn't have, right? Nobody else should be speaking in her head! And yet, even as terrifying thought crossed her mind, she could feel her own lips forming a smile, and the fear over the situation melting away. It made no sense, but the zombie abominations weren't about to give her time to dwell on the subject. The world outside of her head now took priority as Nikki backpedaled alongside the building wall. Satisfied with her distance for the moment, she raised her rifle again, the odd tremor in her hands now gone. She leveled her crosshair of her scope on the closest monster and fired. There was a satisfying splat as the condensed magic impacted the the target's head, causing it to half-explode in a mess of flesh and mana sparks. Her confidence restored, Nikki targeted a second, then a third, reducing both creatures to lifeless heaps. As she prepared to move again, with the zombies soon to overtake her position, Nikki's reason finally managed to catch with her. In that moment, despite the euphoria of having finally killed some of the hostiles, she all at once realized why that voice in her head had been so familiar. It was the laugh. That mad, jeering laugh. Why didn't she recognize it sooner? It was the one that mocked her in her dreams, then echoed in her head the following mornings. The entity that had drawn her this far was no longer hiding, yet there was little she could do to fight its mental intrusion when there was a physical battle still to be won. That didn't mean she intended to just let it feel at home. "Whatever you are, stay out." Nikki growled aloud, the artificial smile on her face having finally been forced away as a serious scowl took its place.
  12. Tyler

    Dice Rolling Thread

    🎵 Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them dices rollin', rawhide. 🎵
  13. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    So I apologize for not getting my post out, things got really busy and it slipped my mind. I'll try again today, but I've already got enough crap to do that it might slip through till the day after.
  14. Tyler

    Black And Red (OOC)

    I'll do my best. It'll have to be slapstick since I don't want to write out other people's characters' dialogue.