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  1. Royal Resurrection

    Okay, jumping back into the conversation... would they be paying a mercenary a lot to protect the queen?
  2. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I have made it official. Sorry, Yawn. ;)
  3. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    "All of these are excellent questions." Terryn agreed with the confused girl, "Mary is it? Go get the authorities, quickly! We'll need their help to get to the bottom of this plot!" Just then, Marienne arrived and placed a hand on Twitch's shoulder, causing the girl to nearly jump out of her skin. Instead of doing such an unsightly thing, she whipped herself away from the sorceress, making a flawless spin move as she drew out her other pistol with her left hand, leveled it at Maxx's head, while at the same time bringing the one in her right hand to bear in Marienne's direction. The first thing Terryn noticed was the black makeup around the woman's eyes, making them appear more beady than they might otherwise, along with her messy black hair. This was not a good thing because it immediately set Twitch's unstable imagination in motion before her eyes could take in the rest of the woman's appearance. "Gasp! Anthropomorphic black bears in league with undercover transvestites!" Terryn proclaimed, actually bothering to articulate the word 'gasp', "The plot thickens! You must hurry, Mary! Before--" Just then, Roup burst into the room and promptly tripped himself to the floor. Still, the movement caused Twitch to snap her left pistol from pointing at Maxx to pointing at Roup on the floor, while keeping the right pistol pointed at Marienne. "They're calling in reinforcements, go Mary, quickly!" Terryn snapped, more urgency in her voice now. Just then, Natesh flew in and questioned what was going on, only to have both of Twitch's pistols immediately redirected at him. "Good heavens! It's the FAIRY GODFATHER!" the deranged bounty hunter yelped, "I didn't even know the Mythical Mafia had a presence in Blairville! It's all coming together now! This is deeper than I could ever have imagined! Hurry Mary!! I'll hold them off!!!"
  4. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    As much as I love this name... I think the fact that our characters are hardly gentlemen (though irony can work with naming admittedly), and the fact that MissFortune's group is already a "Gentlemen" group, I think it best we come up with something a little more unique. I'll try to read up on the shifts in social temperature later, but this is looking like it might be an annoyingly busy week and I have a short story to finish for the Spinal Chills contest.
  5. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    I know Supernal seemed to like this whole villain group idea from its conception, so I'm sure he'll have thoughts on all this. My understanding of MissFortune's group is that it is sort of a rebellion against the sort of "rich establishment" sorts. The nobles and tyrants and the like. But at the same time, it is also a crime syndicate, so I tend to view them as like a combination of the mafia + the anarchist/socialist movements throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries (stuff like the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution). So, whereas I think their group might have the ultimate goal of some sort of "bright future for the people" or something (Miss Fortune will have to correct me if I'm wrong, but that's why my interpretation was), I think our group simply wants total anarchy and exploitation of the weaker masses. So in that sense, our two groups I could see being allies of convenience, since we both seek to overthrow the powers that be. But if we were ever to accomplish this, we'd almost certainly go to war with each-other once our common enemy was gone.
  6. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    So... does that mean that the someone doing the deciding is Natesh, and Natesh decided Roup is the one Roup tripped? Hehe.
  7. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Seeing as you can still have humor while having a relatively serious goal, we can say the overall organization is a bit more serious, but some of the subgroups aren't so much. So, Serious Villainy if we do the subgroups. If it were one big group, I may have a different opinion. Semi-Autonomous Subgroups. Reason is so that we can have both serious, dark RPs, but also comical, humorous ones. Furthermore, I find that smaller groups of authors leads to faster-paced, more likely to actually reach a conclusion RPs. At some point, maybe closer to a climax, we can try one major operation. But in order to build ourselves up, it will work better to use smaller groups so we can ensure that things will get done. I will have a longer opinion on this below. Base Thread. Even if it is non, or semi-canon, it can help build the organization and allow authors and characters to more naturally organize the subdivisions. Now, about this Halloween party idea... Let's just say that I like the overall idea, but I'm not sure if it needs to be connected to this group. I think it could work just as easily being an independent thread. Or, alternatively, it could be a party that is organized by one of the subgroups, perhaps one that is of the less "serious" variety. Could be like a bunch of Batman-style villains that prefer to make elaborate tricks and games, rather than go for the direct killing blow. They could be both trying to recruit, and potentially weed-out some heroic enemies with the party. But I don't think any of the more serious villainous characters (at least ones already part of the group, like Agony) should be involved. Even if we don't use this as part of this villain group, you could still try to make it happen as an independent event. I'll bet you'd get a lot of interest and support. Rodan for head of the secret police and research division! Hehe.
  8. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    That would be you. *prepares a broadside*
  9. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    @Yawn I assume in your post you meant that Roup had tripped Terryn to the floor, and not tripped himself? I think Maxx thought that Roup was the one who tripped upon entering the storage room. I just want to be clear on the intent before I make my post.
  10. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    True, or alternatively he needs to be clever, scheming, great with logistics and planning, but also has a charismatic assistant who handles all the recruiting, speech-giving and the like. Augur the character seemed like a useful field general, but not necessary overall faction leader. If you feel you can handle the leadership role, Alexandrian, I wouldn't oppose it. I'm pretty confident you could handle it. Technically we can still start with burning a town down, but it'd have to be an obscure town far away from government oversight, and for the purpose of either enslaving the local population, scaring the neighboring towns into submission, or just looting the town for its resources. No matter which, we obviously don't want to tick off the greater Terrenus government so early, as attacking a village so close to Blairville was pretty certain to do. Agreed, the rape stuff was... undesirable. But I would note that to me that is the best way to establish a seriously evil villain (I honestly have trouble viewing a villain as being truly evil unless he's involved in some sort of rape or sex-slaving). However, if my protagonist character is going to be a villain, I'd rather leave any sort of sexual abuse out of it. I mean... technically Rodan's still a guy that violates people's bodies by mutating and transforming them, but at least that's not sexual, so it's all good. lol Anyway, we should probably determine if we're going for a more serious lot of villains, or a bunch of silly, over-the-top 80s/90s B-Movie types (so like, anything from Cobra Commander to Jason Voorhees). The latter definitely seems like it would be more fun, though I'm not against making things serious and dark too. That can work. We can use both simultaneous IC and OOC threads to organize sub-groups or squads, assignments, and such. Back with my previous group, we had a "Tavern" thread that originally was just a non-canon character lounge where the people from our organized story RP could just sit around and drink, fight, talk and such. Something like that could work, but how canon we make it for our characters and for the group's storyline might need to be worked out. Well... if we are going with more of the over-the-top, comically evil types of villains, then this could work. But I wouldn't suggest it if we were trying to do something more serious. Aw, well that's a shame. Amethana was an interesting physical specimen, to say the least. Reminded me of some creatures from sci-fi games and H.P. Lovecraft stories. But I suppose if you wanna take-over as leader, it will probably be necessary to come up with someone new.
  11. Royal Resurrection

    That's very smart of them. ;) Okay, well I'll stand by in case something comes up.
  12. Royal Resurrection

    Okay, understood. @Mickey Flash: So, basically if you know of anyone else who might hire Erin to try and spy on or assassinate the queen, or if there's a circumstance where she might be forced into service, that's the in there. If not, I guess it's fine, I just probably won't be joining then.
  13. Royal Resurrection

    Well, let me know if you have a way for it to work. Ah, I see. Still, Erin's not quite enough of a vigilante to try and take out the queen solo, certainly not on a whim. We'll see what Miss Fortune has to say, since I have already volunteered Erin as a "contractor" to her little cabal.
  14. Royal Resurrection

    If she saw them in-person, but that leaves the problem of why she would be there in the first place to see them. She'd need a reason to be at the birthday/ball, a place she surely wouldn't be unless she had incidentally snuck into the building/castle/ballrom to steal food or something. I dunno if the queen's people would press-gang criminals or mercenaries into service for this or not, but that would be something that could get her to be there. Or, as an alternative means... @LikelyMissFortune , if you're in on this, maybe Erin could be along with your character? As a bodyguard, assassin, spy or something?