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  1. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    So, I think the brevity rules require we keep the story moving forward, but at the moment I wouldn't have much more to post other than "they walked toward the smoke". So unless @ourlachesism wants her character to try and make conversation, I feel like the next logical post should be a location description by you @supernal for what they find at the site of the smoke (or anything that waylays them en route).
  2. Tyler

    We Can Do Both

    Shane's blood boiled at the implication there was nothing wrong with prostitution, and he nearly exploded into an angry tirade over how blasphemous it was to Gaia (the Norkotian interpretation, not the Terran one) and how demeaning and pathetic it was for someone to resort to such measures, but just barely managed to hold his tongue for fear of accidentally driving more girls over to their side. He instead settled for just being grateful that his expression was hidden from view by his face coverings. "You are right, it is their choice." he finally ground-out, "But I would like to remind every person here that while these people can offer whatever they please, you have no guarantee they will deliver it. Take that into account before you make your final decision." That would be his final attempt at persuasion, as now he just wanted to get out of this filthy place. He had already seen more in these past few minutes in the club than he ever wanted to see in his life, but he supposed he would have to endure such sights if he was going to spread divine justice to such establishments. "We're done here. You said those who chose to do so would be free to leave, so permit us to take them from here." he lowered his weapon from his shoulder, though he kept it in a hip-firing position, just in case, "Let us leave in peace and we'll make sure they are returned to their homes or wherever they wish to go." If these people intended to follow through with their promise, then now was the time. Shane half-expected some sort of trap, but if they were going to let them all go with no further conflict, he wouldn't complain.
  3. Tyler

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    Okay then. I'll have a post up at some point today then!
  4. Tyler

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    Who would escort them? Or would it just be better if I cut-down my post so it leaves an opening for you guys to define how those who leave are allowed to leave? I was thinking on having everyone leave at once all in my one post, but I don't want to write it wrong if there's something specific that needs to be written out for this.
  5. Tyler

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    I'll be posting as soon as I get a response to my question to @amenities and @Aleksei.
  6. Tyler

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    @PandaHat Yay! ...except Cutter isn't the guy paying them. That's a different guy. Cutter is just one of the mercenaries. Also they paid in bars, not coins, but eh, I'll let that slide. Also @Abigail666, are you wanting to do one more post, or are you good with being done so I can complete and canonize this?
  7. Tyler

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    @PandaHat Please? 😅
  8. Tyler

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    After @ourlachesism posts, I'll probably post again. @amenities @Aleksei Will they drop the wards and let Shane and those who want to leave, leave? I ask so that my post can move ahead further than it would if I had to wait for IC reaction. If they won't let them leave, let me know and I'll write accordingly. @danzilla3 @Bardic Knowledge @The Alexandrian @Zashiii I don't know if any of you guys are still around, but this is probably your last call to get in on this before we finish it off.
  9. Tyler

    [A.N.T.] Main Thread 2: The Treaty of 597

    Tynes had simply leaned back in his chair, propping his right arm under his left so he could continue holding his left hand under his chin in a prototypical thoughtful pose. His attempt to draw out anti-Terran Government sentiment had failed thanks to Titus's prompt and definitive response. That was annoying, though at least it showed that the Taen Emperor didn't fear or respect the Odin Haze regime himself. The topic continued on, with most of the table weighing-in or committing resources. Oscar Uldwar continued to be the most controversial voice among them, though his proposals were smart in principal. However, they were not something Joseph Tynes intended to subject his own nation to. He would only sign this treaty if the matters involved were kept loosely enforced and did not impede upon Norkotia's sovereignty or Tynes's own future plans. Most of the Yh'mi items brought up for discussion were of little concern in that regard, with the exception of Oscar's suggestions. Ironic that the man Tynes was eyeing as a future ally would be the one to suggest the things the chairman would not be willing to sign on for. His eyes shifted to his left slightly, as he watched Oscar and his wife exchange hushed whispers. He couldn't be sure what the two were saying, but the image of the leader confiding in his wife brought to mind the realization that Emperor Titus had permitted the spouses of certain leaders into the room for "support", yet had denied access to other advisors. Perhaps Titus didn't realize the hypocrisy of permitting Oscar to bring his wife, Roen to bring his consort, or Titus himself to bring his empress, yet deny others the right to bring a trusted advisor or aid. Tynes would have liked to have his advisor Diric Redbridge here to observe, as the Vulk's encyclopedia-like mind would have been a great asset in this venue. In any case though, the chairman shifted his attention to the Crimson King as he began to speak. It was curious that Roen turned out to be the first, and so far only, one willing to offer support for the proposed tax, a dramatic shift from a few moments ago when the devil was threatening bodily harm upon Uldwar's patriarch. But clearly that animosity didn't effect the Patian lord's judgement when it came to the issues. Tynes may have even supported the idea of the taxes as well, as certainly he would want all the signers to actually contribute their fair share rather than merely allow the richest or boldest of nations to shoulder the burden. But on that same token, he was not about to saddle his people with a new tax for a foreign venture when most of the population was so worried about the threats closer to home. He needed to take care of those issues first, which would mean abstaining from signing the treaty if it included such a tax. Any support he'd offer Yh'mi would be provided independently at a later date. This was probably wiser anyway, since the distance between Yh'mi and Norkotia was considerable, and almost entirely by land, and also almost entirely through Terran government territory. The logistics were a nightmare, which meant Tynes needed to send experts ahead to estimate the cost before he dared to commit anything. As the checked-and-balanced leader of a currently democratic nation, his hands were considerably more tied than his autocratic peers. Still, the thought of using Yh'mi as a training ground for Norkotia's future army, much as Oscar Uldwar desired to use it as a proving ground for his Dogs of War, was an appealing concept. Of course, it might still be years before Tynes could gather the political capital to push for the creation of an army. The need to gather the support of the council and the public was a frustrating roadblock, especially when an army was needed more than ever in the current political climate. But he would see it through eventually, not matter how long it took. But he determined that he would approach Sir Chastity and offer assistance in the Yh'mi campaigns once he had that army, whenever it was he could finally form it. He had no way of knowing it would be sooner than he could possibly have hoped...
  10. As far as I can tell, none of the minor houses are actually under any of the major houses currently. I was anticipating that eventually Karradeen may have to either swear fealty or join in a marriage alliance or something with another house, but it has not been necessary yet. Jeez, more Communists. Time to haul out the tear gas... 😏
  11. Tyler

    How many threads are you in right now?

    I keep a tight watch on my threads. Right now it looks like I have 10, though one is solo, and at least three are nearing completion. And one is very, very slow.
  12. Tyler

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    @ourlachesism @notmuch_23 @The Alexandrian Any of you guys intending to post next? I know there are others in the thread as well, but I'm just poking the ones that currently are involved/affected with/by my character.
  13. Tyler

    United We Stand [Norkotia]

    It was the 25th of September, just over two weeks since the Joseph Tynes was hospitalized from his wounds. Despite most of his staff urging him to take time to recover, the chairman instead spent most of those days meeting with members of his administration and the council. During this time he remained reclusive, not appearing in public and instead remaining isolated in the capitol building. But then, the day before, it was announced the chairman would make his first public appearance since the assassination attempt. This appearance was to be an address to the nation, and it generated considerable excitement amidst the riots and anarchy that had been growing in the streets. So it was on that cool, rainy day in late September that Joseph Tynes took the podium in the council chambers. In their seats were all the members of the council, while packed into the audience seating were reporters, lesser politicians, businessmen and a host of citizens. Even in the halls beyond the chamber itself, many more stood in place to hear the chairman’s speech filter out the doors and into the halls. Cameras and microphones were set-up so the event could be broadcast across the plain, as no doubt many people at home also wanted to hear what the chairman had to say. Tynes emerged with his right arm in a cast supported by his left shoulder, but otherwise dressed the part of a Norkotian politician. Despite the fact that someone had tried to murder him, and the fact that his country had plummeted into chaos while he was hospitalized, the chairman seemed upbeat, almost possessing a suppressed giddiness as he took to the stand. “Good evening…” he began, “It’s an honor once again to be able to address you all tonight.” But the formalities and necessities that dominated the first portion of his speech didn’t interest him much, so he was quick to move through that section of the speech. Though he was grateful to the support from his doctors, family, and advisors, he was not here to thank them. He was here to announce something he had dreamed of doing for years, but which he did not think would be possible for still some time. The assassin, in his failure to kill Joseph Tynes, had given the man just the opportunity he needed to bring his dreams into fruition.
  14. Tyler

    Project Destroy Tia

    @amenities I'm try to keep a fairly close tabs on timelines and such, so do I put down this event as occurring October 11th 597? Or did you have a different date in mind?