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  1. Well sadly, I was not planning on joining the new site. There were only two threads left tethering me to Valucre, this one and another, and the other is being moved to ModDB by me and my co-writer in that one. So with this thread done, that effectively ends my Valucre run. Thanks for the offer, in any case! Guess this is also goodbye to everyone. Was fun, wish ya'll the best of luck in your future endeavors!
  2. Thanks for sharing! I definitely noticed that there seemed to be a curious discrepancy of style between the parasitic monsters and the organic-inorganic hybrid things people were stumbling across. That's cool that it was two competing horrors, and the characters were caught in what was effectively a battle/hunt between them. I was admittedly looking forward to what was going to come next for Taylor, and perhaps even more now that I see what could have happened. It totally would have been good with me if she got hopelessly mutated by the star or something. lol Oh well, nevertheless, thanks for all your work running this thread up to this point!
  3. This is occurring at an ironic time for me, as just a few weeks ago my friend from my old RP group announced that he wanted to either transfer ownership or begin the process of shutting down the RP site he had set up for us. Funny I guess that the two sites that had been my central hubs for RP the last eight (friend's site) and three and a half (Valucre) years would be closing in such close timing to one-another. I was tempted to go on some sentimental story-telling rant about how it all started and how I got here, but meh, ain't nobody got time for that. Anyway though, I haven't been very active here since a series of events (failures of my faction plots, loss of interest in some of my characters, the transition to work-from-home changing my posting priorities, and a myriad of other minor factors) prompted me to reduce my thread count to two, one of which is a one-on-one, non-canon thread. And frankly for the one-on-one thread I was already discussing with my partner the possibility of moving it off of Val, while the other thread I just planned to post in to the end, then basically be done with that character's personal story there. In other words, I was already on my way out, so I don't plan on joining PGRP. But since I'm here, I do want to take the moment though to thank @supernal, as well as all the other staff members and board leaders for all the work they've put into this site and for all the good times I've had here. I'm also grateful to the various folks I've RP'd with over these few years, it was fun and interesting for sure! I definitely appreciate this chapter in my life, and I believe that I was meant to meet certain people and experience certain things here. However, this is definitely a farewell for me. I'm friends with or in a server with a lot of you on Discord though, so you can still get a hold of me if you just want to talk or something. Again, thank you for everything Supes. Good luck to you and all the others who'll be moving to the new site!
  4. So, I personally do not plan to join the new site (I'll be making a larger post in the topic's discussion thread later on. I'm stuck in a middle of a local internet outage right now, so I can only work with my phone, and typing on my phone is dreadfully long and painful for me, so I don't like to type long posts using it.), but I hate to leave this at a point where things were just about to get interesting for my character. Still, I was already planning to eventually move totally off of Val anyway once this thread ended, and as I said I don't really wanna join the new site. We do have a month, so if everyone else is planning on transitioning over to the other site and continuing, maybe Jots and I can work out something for Taylor and work it into posts over the next month.
  5. "You keep finding new ways to surprise me, Zack. McTeague is pretty famous in the bounty guild... well, infamous really. Kinda impressed you know him," Mara stated at that, but didn't say much else as she realized they were once again wasting valuable time. As the two men (or boys, in Mara's view) resumed their bickering, Mara got herself suited up and prepared to head out. She was all set to go by the time Marvin had turned toward her. In truth, she was already regretting getting suited up, because it prevented her from being able to facepalm again at the two. Also she couldn't push the hair out of her face... making her realize she should have considered tying it back or something before putting on the suit. Well, whatever. "We'll only need to worry about the bathroom if we keep standing here all day," she stated bluntly, before beckoning Marvin to lead them toward an exit, "Let's just get moving already."
  6. Mara narrowed her eyes as she watched the nanites burst into a cloud and envelope Zack, eventually reforming into the a completed suit, perfectly fitted to his body and even managing to slip under his cuffs. Mara might have demanded to know why Marvin couldn't just try to remove the cuffs if he had technology this advanced, but something else had already taken her attention (sorry Zack). The way the nanites had acted reminded her of the Tin Man's android, which for one, served to reinforce the need to make haste and get out of this pocket dimension, but it also left her wondering just who these scientists were and what kind of civilization they had come from. "Impressive. Nanites are very hard to come by on the outside, your old home must have been pretty advanced in its day," she said to Marvin. But if she was hoping for a helpful response, it was immediately lost in Marvin and Zack's subsequent passive-aggressive bantering. It all made her slowly facepalm in annoyance, even if the information Marvin relayed was nonetheless useful. As they finally seemed to conclude, Zack muttered something off-handedly that caused Mara to tilt her head every-so-slightly in his direction. "Clive?" she questioned, in a tone that sounded more like simple curiosity than any sort of recognition.
  7. Ironically, Mara's attempt to swiftly crush Marvin's infatuation through cold hard logic had only left the scientist more motivated than before, though he didn't show it on the surface. On the surface, the man looked to be quite "crushed" indeed, perhaps a bit more harshly than Mara intended. In truth she didn't, and really couldn't, fully understand the feelings of normal people in this regard. Those feelings were very distant memories of a fair-haired teenager who's youth was stolen from her prematurely, replaced by a life of steel and lead. As for what she did feel, that was far more complicated; and probably had a lot to do with residual emotions of regret and bitterness, mixed with loneliness, and left somewhat confused by the artificial hormones one of her synthetic organs pumped through her body, which itself contradicted the body's own lack of actual sexual organs. But regardless, for the moment Mara was satisfied that Marvin had gotten back on track. The scientist lead them over to the indoor shooting range and began explaining the functionality of the weapons, while also taking a moment to insult Zack (this seemed to be a reoccurring theme with that kid). He then demonstrated by frying an apparent fragment of one of the blob monsters. Nodding slowly, Mara stepped up to the shooting bench and pressed the button to drop another, then quickly raised the assault rifle and fired a series of controlled bursts at the critter even as it was still falling from wherever it had been stored. The thing was destroyed if very short order. "Hmm, seems pretty accurate too. I approve," she hit the button again and repeated the process. Already seemingly satisfied with the carbine, she set it down on the bunch and pulled out the bulky shotgun, curious if the thing was as powerful as billed. After dropping another blob in, she braced the weapon and took the shot. The force of impact against her shoulder was enough that she figured it likely would have busted the shoulder of a normal man easily, and as it was it actually bruised her fleshy surface pretty good. The sheer force of the blast caused her boots to slide across the floor, pushing her entire body a couple yards back. "Hmm..." she lowered it, then massaged her right shoulder (which would soon turn as purple as her hair) with her metal hand, "I'm curious as what kind of person this weapon was designed for." She shifted the shotgun to her left hand now, no longer bothering to brace the butt-stock against her shoulder but instead simply holding it out one-handed. The second attempted shot was mostly absorbed by her metallic limb, but the recoil still pushed her back somewhat, while also kicking the gun upward and nearly out of her grip. "Well, if nothing else, Zack could use it to fly," she joked dryly as she lowered the weapon.
  8. Now, one could have misconceived Tessa's desire to go with Mara and Zack as some sort of vainglorious desire to be a hero or misguided need to sacrifice for the greater good, but the reality was far more simple and far more selfish: She didn't want to be left behind. For all she knew, the window to escape the pocket dimension before they "sealed it" up again could end up being mere seconds, seconds that Zack and Mara wouldn't have to come back for her and Jerry. And the last thing Tessa wanted was to be stuck in this laboratory to starve to death or die of boredom, whichever came first. But Mara was having none of it, insisting quite forcefully that Tessa remain behind. Zack wasn't any help either, as he only dismissed Tessa's concerns as "useless politics" (or at least, that's how it came across to Tessa), before falling in-line with whatever Mara wanted. Marvin, seemingly quite happy with this arrangement, promptly summoned a little basketball-shaped robot, which hovered in front of Tessa and began speaking in a rather pleasant, feminine voice. Tessa's eyes widened as she backed away from the little mechanical deathball. "Wait, what!?" The last thing that Zack, Mara or Marvin heard from Tessa was the girl trying to escape the robot, while reaching out for the departing trio in a somewhat over-dramatic fashion and crying out: "Don't leave meeeee!" The door closed behind them, and Marvin now lead them though the halls of the lab to the duo's apparent armory. It was clear that the two had been spending their immortal eternity trying to find out more about the black blob creatures, and they also apparently knew how to effectively destroy them. Their arsenal was quite impressive, and Mara was relieved to learn that the weapons were capable of harming the ooze monsters. She had been regretting not taking Tessa's molotovs, since those were the only usable weapons any of them had against the tar creatures until now. Mara glanced over the assembled weapons, giving notice to the shotgun and minigun. She decided against the latter, as miniguns were simply not her style. Despite her immense physical strength, mobility was an equally important asset, and bulky weapons like a minigun would only slow her down. The shotgun looked like a beast to fire, but she figured she could easily handle it if she needed, so she took it off the rack and slung it over her shoulder. But for her primary weapon, she instead picked out an assault rifle carbine. Such weapons were more balanced, capable of being used in a variety of ranges, conditions and scenarios, without slowing down the shooter much. Even after taking the two weapons, she continued looking over the arsenal, now considering the possibility of running into more than just blob monsters. In particular, she began searching for anti-personal grenades, flashbangs, or other explosives, as well as pistols, knives and other weapons that might be useful against human opponents. In the background, Zack began questioning Marvin, his tone quickly becoming suspicious as he challenged the scientist's claims. Zack may have been as paranoid as a caged tweety bird in a crazy cat lady's house, but he raised some valid concerns here. Marvin's explanation seemed far-fetched, but Mara realized there was no real reason to doubt him; this entire situation was pretty far out-of-the-ordinary. "Of course he's lying," Mara replied, not yet looking up from her examination of the arsenal, "But it's not like it's that big a deal." She finally turned and walked over to Marvin, probably only heightening his excitement. "Young man, I appreciate the attention, but you know there could never be anything between us. I'm more machine than woman, and as for you..." She promptly waved her arm through his immaterial body several times. "You're more ghost than man. So, let us please keep things professional and not waste anymore time on hollow fantasies, hm?" her voice shifted from one that was initially somewhat playful, if a bit conciliatory, to one that was more cold and hard, "You said you were going to show us how to run these things? Then lead the way. We need to get this done and get out there."
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  10. "I have a question!" Tessa clumsily raised her hand and interrupted any attempt Mara was about to make in response to Marvin's inquire, "How come SHE is the fair maiden, when I am both younger and fairer? I have WHITE hair for cripes sake." There was an awkward silence for several long seconds, and Tessa seemed at least semi-conscious of how ridiculous that question seemed in the heat of that moment, given that her face started turning red in response. "Anyyyywaaaaay," Mara turned back toward Marvin, "I'm no hacker or computer technician, but I can find my way around that stuff well enough if you tell me what to do. But let's get something straight first, the name is Mara, or if you'd prefer to keep things professional, it can be Miss Mercer. And I can tell you now that I will get my side of things done, but you, and your 'brother' will need to get control of yourselves and stay focused." She stood up and looked down at Tessa and the unconscious Jerry. "It will be safe to leave these two here, correct? I doubt they can be much help out there." "HEY!" Tessa shot to her feet, though immediately she put a hand to her aching head. Even so, she didn't seem willing to back-down. "I am not just getting left behind!" she snapped, "I'm staying with you two until we're out of here." "You're in no condition to help, and the pilot's just going to be a drag. Better you stay here and fill him in when he wakes up. Besides, it's a good idea to keep someone in reserve just in case something goes wrong." "I don't remember voting for you to be in charge, bounty hunter!" Tessa jabbed a finger into Mara's chest, "And I don't remember Zack voting for you either!" "I don't have time to argue this sort of nonsense with a drunk teenager!" Mara's voice started to take a harder than normal edge to it as she shoved Tessa's arm away, "Zack, you're coming with Marvin and I, right?"
  11. "The artifact created some sort of giant... well I guess the best way I can describe it is a giant swirling pillar of light. Like a tornado, but made of energy instead of wind. It ripped an entire chunk of the city right out of the ground, busted it into pieces, and then the pieces started orbiting it. We were in an air transport moving through these island chunks of the city when the creature appeared. Sometime during our encounter with the creature, we entered a fog, and found ourselves here. Some of our enemies also found their way here too, so there has to be multiple entry points." "Also, I woke up here..." Tessa added. "Oh yeah, I think she was teleported in. One of our former companions had the ability to teleport people, and I think his powers went haywire right around the time the artifact activated," Mara added, then realized that if the scientist was thousands of years old and not familiar with the term "tear", more explanation might be needed, "For clarity, Tear-energy is something that spills into our world through what are basically rips in reality. Stuff from other places, worlds, dimensions pass through those rips, and it just creates a damn mess. That artifact somehow contained Tear-energy, a lot of it actually, and we're afraid our enemies could somehow manage to acquire and harness it for their own goals. That is, if the energy vortex it created doesn't start expanding and destroy the world or something beforehand."
  12. "It's a pretty long story," Mara began, deciding not to try to waste too much brain-power trying to understand what an amalgamated consciousness was, and instead focus on relevant facts that lead to this moment, "Starts with a Tear-artifact that some cult decided to hide in a cave and build a city over. It picks up again with us racing some scumbags to try find and take possession of it first, then accidentally activating or destroying it in the process. Ends with us making an emergency landing here on an enemy... drop... ship..." Suddenly, something came back to Mara, causing her to turn her head in the direction of her longest-tenured associate in this endeavor. "Zack, that thing on the ship," she recalled, "The thing on the roof. It showed up just before we arrived here, and we never figured out what it was. It didn't make any sound except for its movement." She tapped the side of her head in thought. "What if it was one of those things? I mean, what else could it have been? It probably saw us and attacked. We do know they can fly." "Floaaat," Tessa corrected. "Well, I'm not limiting them. But that's not the point. The point is, if it was one, it reached us just outside the... pocket dimension or whatever... which mean there should be a way to get out of here." "That juss sounds like wishhhhful thinking," Tessa scoffed. "Hush ghostie-locks, you're drunk," Mara shut the younger woman down, before looking back at Melvin, "Anything I'm saying making any sense to you?"
  13. "Yeah," Tessa spoke-up before Mara could address Melvin's ogling (or anything else he had just done), "Do you have any coffee?" Mara sighed and rolled her eyes, then spoke-up, completely ignoring Tessa. "Look, we could spend all day having a Q and A session about why you don't have a shadow, why there are two of you, why you can magically repair chairs, or why the hell you have a lab in the middle of this hell-hole, but the most important thing we need to know is what is this place, and is there a way out? There are thousands of lives at risk right now, and we've already lost hours of valuable time as it is." "Days..." Tessa corrected. "For you. But even with time dilation factored in, we were in a situation were every second counted," Mara pressed, her eyes locked on Melvin, "So cut the small talk and vague riddles; we need to know what this place is and why it is here, and we need you to make that explanation quickly and clearly."
  14. Fortunately, Tessa was woken up by the impact on the floor, meaning that Mara only had to help Zack drag Jerry instead of each of them having to carry a sack of dead-weight. However, it did leave Mara wondering if Tessa had actually be unconscious, or if she had somehow fallen asleep. That idea irked her, but then again, the average teenage girl who'd suffered blood-loss, been driven to the point of exhaustion, and then soaked in half a bottle of ancient whiskey would probably be dead by now, much less able to drag herself to her feet and clumsily keep up with the group. Instead of worrying about either of their tag-alongs, Mara instead decided to give more attention to their new hosts, as well as their laboratory. It was remarkably clean for a facility dropped in the middle of monster-infested apocalyptic ruins, even more when one considered the occupants were a pair of men. Sure it was a lab, but if these two (who one would have to figure were identical twin brothers... or clones, which was genetically about the same as identical twin brothers) had been here for any amount of time, that meant this place was also effectively a bachelor pad, and no bachelor pad was this clean. It wasn't long after the four were left alone in the pathetic-excuse for a lounge, that Zack started voicing his desire to bail. "And go where exactly, Zack?" Mara eyed the boy, "This is as good as we could have hoped for. Even if they're hostile, they will have answers." "How do you know?" Tessa moaned, her head in her hands. "There's something going on here, and these two, whoever or whatever they are, are right in the middle of it. There's no possible way they know nothing. I don't know what they could be, as no human should be alive in a place like this, but maybe Zack's right and they're something left-over. Not ghosts... maybe holograms? They've got those in the Underground, though admittedly not this convincing." "Holograms?" "Three-dimensional projections of an image," Mara specified, realizing that Tessa likely wasn't very familiar with high-level technology being from Norkotia, "Like a TV recording that can walk around in a room. Those two might not even be here in this lab, but are broadcasting from somewhere else. Or maybe there's an advanced computer somewhere in this base and those two are projections of its artificial intelligence." "I know what a hologram is, Mercer, I just wasn't sure you were serious about suggesting it," Tessa hissed, "Everything you said sounds like its straight out of a sci-fi movie." "Try traveling outside of Norkotia more often, the whole world is a sci-fi movie," Mara replied, then turned toward Zack, who she figured was probably on the edge of losing his marbles while having to listen to the two ladies argue, "Just calm down, let's be patient and find out what's going on here. If we're lucky, they might have a way to get us off this rock."
  15. One of the last things June cried before she and Taylor ducked into the stairwell and slammed the door behind themselves, was to throw the looted handgun at the squirming, shredded corpse that was chasing them. Sure, it might work, but if it didn't, then they'd still be running from the monster, and would have lost their only means of defense in the process. Taylor wasn't willing to take that risk, especially since they seemingly had made their escape with the heavy metal door blocking the frail abomination out. "No, I'm holding onto this," Taylor said back to June, the two of them now emerged in pitch blackness. The red glow of the emergency lights on the floor above was now a distant memory, but the two had caught enough of a glimpse to see the stairs went straight down, reached a square platform, then resumed again to the right, making an L-shape. Holding onto June both so she wouldn't lose her, and also to steady herself, Taylor began trying to descend the stairs as quickly as she could, just in case the monster above proved stronger than it looked. However, as they reached the mid-way platform, a flash of light caused her to come to a halt, forcing June to stop as well. "What's that...?" she whispered, at first mistaking the orange glow for daylight. But it was not daylight; daylight does not simply stroll down the hall as the orange light beneath them seemed to be doing. Taylor then figured it could be a flashlight, or maybe a torch, being carried by one of their former companions as they wandered the haunted corridors. But something else seemed to be accompanying the source of the light as it inched along. It was a sound, the sound of metal buckling and twisting, bolts being popped from their holds and the floor bubbling into molten steel. A faint sensation of heat seemed to emanate around the corner, though it was slowly declining, as the light itself appeared to be moving up the hall and away from them. Taylor was tempted to rush down the stairs and peer around the corner, in order to find what it was that they had just narrowly missed. Suddenly, one of the metal walls in the corridor below exploded in a shower of shrapnel and debris, far enough away that it did not harm either of the girls, but loud enough to leave their ears ringing... and to draw the attention of the source of the light. Rather than continuing to retract, the orange glow now began to intensify, as it moved back down the hall toward the ruptured crater caused by the blast. As it drew nearer, the illumination was now making more details of the girls' surroundings visible, and the sound of stressed metal seemed to hiss and groan ever louder. The sensation of heat began to intensify, and as the orange neared the corner, even the air that dared to sit in the path of the approaching cataclysm seemed to warp and squirm in agony. Not daring to make a sound, Taylor pushed June back away from the corner, while slowly retracting herself and ducking down. She wanted to keep June protected, but as for herself, she wanted to at least catch a glimpse of whatever this thing was, and whether or not it'd be possible to snuff it out with a bullet. It seemed a better plan than going back up the stairs and into the waiting tentacles of the dead man. Still, she wanted to be cautious, so she lowered herself to the floor in a prone position, keeping only her head around the corner, and being prepared to push herself back in case the thing happened to glance her way. It was a costly mistake. The glow, it's movements seemingly slow and cautious itself, as though it were unaware of what caused the explosion and was curious about what it'd find, now drew into view. For a moment Taylor saw nothing but fire of an intensity rivaled only by the sun, and then the source itself came crossed the threshold, and all the world became black. Taylor let out a shocked and pained gasp as she felt a wave of heat across her face that threatened to melt her skin clean off. Her lashes, brows and bangs began to burn, and through it all, her eyes felt like they had been set ablaze from the inside. It was barely a full second of exposure between when the orange moved into view and when Taylor shoved herself back around the corner, but that second had been far too long. It took every fiber in her being to keep for screaming, but somehow she managed. Her hands were instantly clasped over her face, trying to smother and fire that had caught on her hair and shield whatever was left from the wave of heat. She shoved herself backward into June, pushing her as far back as she could away from the corner, whimpering as she tried to sooth her singed skin. As she spread her fingers out away from her eyes, she quickly realized that she was once again surrounded by pitch blackness. Perhaps the light had gone? "June," Taylor whispered softly, panic seeping into her voice, "Is it gone? Is the light gone? Please tell me the light is gone..." But June would know the light was not gone, it was more intense than ever, and it was now at the foot of the stairs...
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