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  1. @eggsinabasket So, speaking strictly of what you might find out IC, the Norkotians are not very well-known yet around Terrenus, but would be most known is they like their firearms. The guards (who are foolishly being left behind) have SMGs similar to Thompsons. And you would be smart to assume that all the Norkotians have handgun sidearms. They also have no magic ability or defense. More details on Joseph Tynes is available if you follow the links in my signature, but it's not like you have to go hunting for the one weakness in an otherwise invincible demigod, Tynes is just a man.
  2. Tyler

    contemporary movement

    As always, Redbridge seemed unphased by anything those around him did or said, merely responding to Aspen in a matter-of-fact tone. "Quite common, yes. The jeep is very popular among civilian and business users alike. It is also currently the most common vehicle in Norkotian military service." And when you had a vehicle that was easy to jump in and out of, that moved quickly and was simple to drive, and relatively simple to maintenance, while providing a total open-air field of view, why wouldn't you make it your most popular vehicle? Whether it was a coal company needing to quickly move men and light equipment around a strip mine, a local police force on patrol, military officers needing to cross a camp, or even a civilian just looking for some off-road fun, the jeep filled the need. But on the downside, the ride was a bit bumping, as the two siblings found-out once the vehicle started moving. While few people actually used the seat belts in the rear seats, the Prime Minister wanted to ensure the two Hildebrand siblings were looked after, lest an unexpected accident cause very unfortunate injury. Tynes, on the other hand, did not instruct Varda or Jasper to use their seat belts, either not thinking about it and assuming they'd know what to do, or just not finding it necessary for the people in the backseat. After all, if the vehicle were to make an impact, it was the front seat people who would go through the windshield, not the passengers in the back. Instead, he was focused on the conversation rather than safety technicalities. "They probably would have had to ride in the back of the truck." Tynes chuckled, "I suppose we should have brought one more vehicle just to make sure we had enough seating. Oh well, maybe next time." He was about to suggest something else when Varda inquired what he wanted to see first, so he held-off on that matter and instead answered her question. "You know your way around the estate, my lady, perhaps you can suggest the best route? Whatever order you think would be best, it's fine with me. I'll radio the jeep to follow us, so you can direct our heading." Each Norkotian vehicle in the convoy was equipped with a radio transmitter, allowing communication between each vehicle while on the road. Tynes used this device to direct Redbridge to have the jeep follow the car, while Redbridge acknowledged the order, only to try once again to convince Tynes to bring more security along, in the form of the armored car. Tynes again denied the suggestion, reasoning that this was a diplomatic visit between allies, not a show of military force. Little did he know that the wheeled tank would prove to have been a nice thing to have with on this little tour. In any case, the vehicles set-out in the direction Varda or Jasper instructed, the executive car in the front and the jeep trialing behind. Squire Dicken and the guards remained at the estate with the left-over Norkotian vehicles, supposedly not needed today. Oh, how wrong that assumption was.
  3. Tyler

    Chasing Legends

    Well, the alien fellow was an odd one, though still not half as odd as the drunken cowboy. As of yet though, he hadn't showed villainous tenancy, but it didn't necessarily take a villain to destroy the world. "Care to explain what you are and why you are here, Ignus?" Erin narrowed her eyes at him. It was interesting that he warned them from getting near him, as though he was making an awkwardly polite threat. She didn't intend to get near him anyway, as she'd just shoot him if it was necessary to kill him. Well, at this rate, Clive would shoot him first if it were necessary to shoot him. Perhaps there was nothing to actually worry about, but when you were as paranoid as Erin, everything seemed to have an ulterior motive. "And why now, of all times?" she added.
  4. I will try to post again right away here, get us on the road. What the jeep looks like: What the car looks like: Also, there is an armored car that is parked in front of the estate, as I said. When it gets called into action, here is what it looks like:
  5. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    Pizza posting reminded me that I needed to edit, so I have done so.
  6. I guess not. But it's okay, you'll be there for the revenge thread. 😉
  7. I think I might roll a D4 (bend the rules slightly) with the 4th options being death, for the NPCs I have in the scene. Unless we handle death with a different mechanic. Also, for full disclosure, I have an armored car (basically a light tank with wheels) and a truck of SMG-armed guards that will be radioed for help, but obviously they will take a while to get on the scene. If you read the thread you'll see that established.
  8. Roll result. Tynes lives to be assassinated another day. If the assassins go after him while he's on the road with vielle's characters, it means there will be him, his advisor Diric Redbridge, and two drivers. The latter three can all die if the MOBs demand it.
  9. Tyler

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll for Joseph Tynes's life. 1 = Live 2 = Die
  10. Okay, I will roll. Heads (1) = Live Tails (2) = Die Will post result in a moment. Absolutely. I'll apply it to all my characters. I was perfectly content for Tynes to be injured regardless, but since we're doing the chance thing, I'll leave it up to chance.
  11. So does this mean we're in agreement to do this then? If so, I can roll for death or no death and begin planning accordingly right now.
  12. So, what say I make the roll for Tynes's life/death now, but then we can also do individual MOBs rolls for some of the other characters? So, even if Tynes does for example, it still leaves the opportunity for him or his guards to kill/capture some of the assassins too. Allows a chance of some trade-off.
  13. That is it, yes. The funniest part about that thread is that Tynes is in there telling his advisors and guards to back-off because he doesn't think there's any threat to him there. 🤣
  14. Are you meaning a thread between vielle and Grubbs (they have one, but it takes place at an earlier date I think), or the one I'm doing with vielle? (If the latter, it is here.)
  15. Well, just something to consider, while there may be the OOC reason for going with what guarantees success, which I appreciate from the perspective of needing to progress plots, you may also want to consider IC perspective. Currently I have an ongoing thread with Vielle where Tynes, his main advisor, and a representative from House Karradeen are visiting House Hildebrand. That there presents an opportunity to hit a house and an ANT leader at the same time. If I can get it organized with Vielle and Grubbs, there's a potential for all of those, plus the leaders of House Karradeen and House Uldwar to all be in one place. Now, maybe that would deter your assassins since there's likely to be heightened security, and that's fine, but it also is four leaders in one place at once. But I don't know what your IC reasoning for doing this is either, so maybe you only want to go for the perceived easy kill. I don't know. Amenities point was he kind of wanted to know beforehand, since I'm guessing he has some OOC reason for wanting to kill someone for sure. I guess I like throwing a little risk/randomness into this, so if he and his followers are willing to commit, then I'm willing put in the risk.