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  1. Tyler

    Realm Events

    So, this is kind of weird, but I actually doodle my RP characters turned into random objects or animals, cartoon style. Not so much with Val characters, but I've sketched many of my off-site characters turned into all sorts of random shit... I know, I'm weird as heck. @Mickey Flash Also, you should check out this guy. I literally made him to do random stuff like that too people in RPs. I've had him cameo a time or two in threads (he turned one character into a chicken and another into a ball) and he's a regular in another RP I'm in in Alternative. 😁 EDIT: Forgot the link because I was distracted with a discord VC last night. 😓
  2. Tyler

    Realm Events

    Fun! See, that's the type of thing I'd love to do as a wide-scale event! lol "The spiritual dimension is having connection issues. Users (souls) may find themselves logged into the wrong profile (body). We apologize for the inconvenience."
  3. I have never seen Titanic (also never will*). * - unless I look up the scenes of it sinking on youtube just for the sadistic lulz, I'm like that
  4. The list of popular things I have done would be considerably shorter and more manageable than listing the ones I haven't. 😁 Okay, I'll do maybe the one that felt most glaringly obvious to me when we were in the middle of the Ursa Madeum plot-fest: I have never watched Game of Thrones (and never will). @Lacernella Rubra *high five*
  5. At the moment, I don't have anything else for you @Fierach, unless you wish to get involved in a different spot?
  6. The foray into the lower city had ended in absolute disaster, but luckily it had not been a large commitment of troops. Most of the paratrooper units held their positions outside the city limits, keeping anyone from attempting to flee. For now, the lower city would be free of further conflict, though who know how long that would last... * * * Up above, the ramp had been secured, and about fifteen minutes after that, the experimental armored division reached the lifts. Elements of Tynes's column would link up with them shortly, but the bulk of his forces had turned toward the sheriff's office and were now besieging it. Tynes figured Kreiger would be able to handle the assault on the city hall, though he still wished to link up as soon as possible. Capturing Cordoza would end the war, and the end couldn't come too soon. Admittedly, there was a thrill to battle command that Tynes did not realize he would enjoy, but even so, he knew better than to get wrapped up in it. He wanted Forsthaven secured quickly and with minimal further damage. That meant they had to get to mayor, wherever she was... * * * What Tynes did not anticipate, nor, for that matter, had Cordoza, one of the major participants in this battle was about to throw a major wrench into the expected end results. The mayor was initially surprised by the Tin Man's appearance and even more by his knowledge of something that he had no business knowing about. It was a closely guarded secret, one that few outside of the mayor and a select few members of the city government even had the vaguest hints about. How he learned of it, she couldn't be sure, but he knew enough that know that it was there. "And if I refuse, what then? You would simply give up and leave it be?" she asked after a moment, "No, I highly doubt that. You'd end up blasting through whoever else got in your way until you've found it, be it my people or the Norkotians." She turned her back on him once again, looking out the window over the courtyard below. Grey-uniformed soldiers were swarming across the grounds like ants, while the gaggle of militia and local security defending the hall were beginning to dwindle. Smoke was even beginning to cloud her view from the window, as smaller explosives were being used by the attackers to try and clear out enemies on the ground level. It would only be a few minutes before the Norkotians arrived, maybe even less than the Tin Man's estimate. If they captured her, that meant Tynes will have won, and the entire plateau would be under his fist. But he was not aware of the vessel, which meant that he wouldn't be looking for it. Even so, once the Tin Man and his men started probing around the city for it, it would put Tynes's men on the trail. Before long, the mercenaries and Norkotians would be tearing the city apart in an effort to find the artifact before the other. Even if they never did find it, they might very well level whatever was left of the city in the process. More lives would be lost, and for what? They might just manage to find it anyway, and all would be lost. That was her choice, to sacrifice even more lives in a possibly vain hope that the vessel would be kept secret, or attempt to bargain a means of cooperating with the mercenary so that the city could be saved further destruction and conquest. This mercenary could be lying... no, undoubtedly he was lying... and he would betray her and Forsthaven the moment he had what he wanted. But if he could be prevented from having it fully, if she could limit his access so that he needed to go through her in order to get what he wanted out of it... then maybe, just maybe, this could work out. But if she failed, she risked loosing an artifact capable of potentially causing even more damage to her city than Tynes could have ever managed. It was a poor choice either way. But there was one factor that she could not discount... She really wanted to stick it to Joseph Tynes. "You were smart to wait until the Norkotians were on my doorstep, mercenary. You understand leverage too well, but that does not mean I no longer have any. I will lead you to what you seek, but only five or less of your people will be allowed to accompany me. And anything you seek to do with the artifact will be done under the supervision of me and my people. But first you will have to get me, get us, out of here." She crossed her arms and stared him down with an expression that still bore a grim confidence, or perhaps arrogance. "Now it's your turn to act quickly. My offer expires the moment my defenders are overrun." * * * They were across the courtyard. Thanks to their superior snipers and the heavy weapons mounted on their tanks, the Norkotians finally cracked the tough shell that surrounded the old city hall. Kreiger's armor now moved to surround the building, as infantry moved in closer in preparation for the breach. Men with submachineguns and shotguns would act as the vanguard, as several squads gathered near the entrances. This included the platoon tied in with Naherin and her friends, as well as Clive. They were located near the south entrance, which was a smaller door compared to the main entrance; which faced west. "Ready boys!?" the sergeant from Clive's squad barked. "Where'd your friend go?" the soldier who had found Clive and Zack talking wondered, noticing the young of the two was now gone, but having not seen when he left. By the time Clive answered though, the order was given, and a breach charge was placed on the door and detonated. The door swung open and several soldiers hurled grenades inside, waiting for the detonation before whirling around the corners and bursting in. The first man through was downed immediately, though the second managed to dive to cover. "Let's go! Let's go!" the young lieutenant in charge of the platoon urged. @zackrobbman @Thotification
  7. When Tenebre appeared, Rodan felt a sting of unease, for the visage reminded him much of Raphael's abilities which he feared greatly. But he reasoned himself to submissively remain still and allow the shade to approach him, for did it not make sense for the powers of Gabriela and her "father" to resemble closely that of their kin? That only meant this was more certain to free him from the Carmine Emperor's hold, which was the ultimate goal here. Even so, as Tenebre reached forth and touched the Mutator, the man's hands began to clutch the edge of the table tightly, his fingers turning white as first a chill cold, then a burning pain shot through his body. Rodan had no extra sensation when it came to Tenebre, for his powers were over organic matter only, and that meant he was ever chained to the material world. If not for that ability, he would be merely another man, loath as he would be to admit such. But though he felt everything as a common man would, the only show of it made on the surface was a rigidness of his muscles, and a vice-like grip upon the table in front of him. He could not break through the wood the way Gabriela could, so instead, the only thing being strained were his own fingers, yet he needed that anchor while his body burned from the inside. Tempting as it was to cry aloud, Rodan made little more than a faint grunt, and was otherwise silent and wordless. To be in control, no matter how painful or desperate the situation may be, was his way. Always in control. Always calm. At last, the process was complete, and the shadow passed. As the burning subsided, Rodan could feel that the festering curse that Raphael had inflicted on him was gone, and that his blood flowed free and pure as normal. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, as he watched Tenebre retreat and vanish. He was about to speak and offer his gratitude, but Gabriela cut him off instead. Her words, though of the same voice, bore a much different sound now; more vulnerable and human. But despite that, the Mutator could tell that even if he did offer any word of thanks, it would fall on deaf ears that would care little either way. And so he watched depart silently, passing Ilyana and speaking a few words to her, before moving toward the exit. Even after she was gone, Rodan remained seated in place, thinking and staring ahead. Diego finally approached, having also watched Gabriela depart, though he dared not leave his master to follow her without command. "Master, do you want her followed?" he asked in a low, dead voice. "No, no I do not believe that will be necessary," Rodan replied, standing up. He glanced at the mass lying on the bench beside him; a mass of excess flesh taken from the baby and Gabriela when the removal and change had occurred. It was little more than a slab of meat coated over by a layer of skin to prevent it from oozing onto the seat and bothering Rodan while he said there, but it was no longer a living mass. With no spark of life, it would soon begin to spoil and rot. He pondered what he could do with it for a moment, but ultimately decided it was of no concern to him any longer. In all likelihood, one of the unnaturals here would just eat it, or the staff would throw it in the dumpster. So moving on from that, he got up and approached Ilyana before she could also leave. Folding his hands behind his back he stepped relatively close to her so his soft voice could be heard without needing to strain it much. "I apologize for any rudeness you may have perceived in our dealings tonight, but it was vital I complete my... exchange... with her former Majesty. Do give my regards to Agony should you encounter him before I do," he said to her, "But do be cautious with that women; she has caused our organization more trouble than any of us bargained for. Be wary of those to whom she is bound." He smiled and offered the woman a handshake in a casual manner. "In any case, always a pleasure to meet another member of the family." Whether she accepted it or not, Rodan made his exit soon thereafter, his associates in tow. For now, he was free of Raphael's power, and while there was a risk the Carmine Emperor would not simply let this rest; indeed, his anger may blaze even more intensely now, it gave the Mutator the time he needed to prepare. Just being on Terran soil itself was an advantage, and as his knowledge grew and his army of minions in its wake, he would be more and more protected from the enemies he had gained. Alas, Rodan's world was no longer one of total anonymity, as it had been for most of his life before joining the Abbadon Triumvirate. Now he needed to prepare for a life in hiding or on the run, and with the DuGrace chapter in his life hopefully closed, he could now focus on what needed to be done next... [exit Rodan]
  8. You're right, it should have 2/5. I missed the fact that one of Sorainvoked's actions was a Counterattack that did damage. So yes, 2/5. Updated my post to reflect that.
  9. Well, actually what I'd be wondering is how you are managing to put anything here on Val without internet on your phone! 😅 I mean, unless you're at the library every time you tell us you're going to the library! Haha. I heard some partial something from someone at one point, but I didn't get the full context... so I mean, I wouldn't mind getting the full context (in a PM if you'd prefer). Unless that's a big bother.
  10. You have a phone don't ya? It works on the phone just like a text message system. Good point. Hospitals are greedy, persistent bastards. That was probably unfair to warmongers to compare them to hospitals. 😉
  11. Ultimate goal is to have Tynes removed from power, so I can transition Norkotia away from active use and into more of a setting for other people to RP in. (Also to put Tynes in a more corporate/mercenary setting where I can be free of annoying political repercussions XD) For that to happen I want Forsthaven to be a strategic success (Norkotia takes the city) but a tactical and (at least somewhat) humanitarian blunder. Nothing about ability my man! It's attitude! You gotta live for the war! Being a mercenary and disapproving of war is like being a doctor who wants all the hospitals to get shut down! lol The show was good up until... season 13 I think? The last season I watched was baaaad. And I don't think the one after it got any better. But anyway... Speaking of internet though, do you have a Discord account?
  12. Lol. Zack is the worst mercenary... of all time... (said in Agent Washington's voice). 🤣 And I love the twist with Tin Man. That could make this battle very interesting if Cordoza goes for it (except I don't know if she knows where this Ace is lol). Would also help my "Forsthaven Scandal" narrative I wanna build. 🤔 Edit: Also wondering if the Ace is one of my artifacts or something else entirely... hmm...
  13. Rodan eyed her a moment, feeling a trifle suspicious now that she indicated it was an outside force that would act only once he had completed his end of the bargain with her. But at this point, he had little choice but to trust it. Besides, it would not be hard to transform her again if she betrayed him in that moment. And even if Rodan were to die... well, the human queen would not live long before Diego moved in and avenged his master. Gabriela surely knew that, which meant that any attempt at a double-cross would be ill-fated and ill-advised. Presumably. There were always tricks beyond common knowledge that many magic-users hid away until the moment they needed to invoke it, so Rodan could only trust to hope that the Black Queen was not doing so here. "Very well, then I shall begin," he said at last. He placed his hand over hers, the warmth of both his own fingers, and of the strange, fleshy rings adorning them, were both immediately contrasted against the cold, corpse-like flesh of the former queen. His powers, unnoticeable and undetectable, quickly snaked through her entire body, taking in her form as it was at that exact moment, reaffirming Rodan's existing memory of vampyre biology, then saving it away for later remembrance. With that complete, he began to make the changes necessary to give her humanity. From the epicenter of her heart, a gradual wave of warmth, like a fire that was dim but slowly growing as it consumed its kindling, began to spread through her body. Her skin, cold and pale, began to slowly saturate, taking on more color and depth. Her blood, sickly black moments before, began to turn purple, then deep red, before the wounds upon her hands were sealed shut. Or most of them were, all but one. A single slit was left, so that the woman could see and feel the warm trickle of her new life force as it leaked forth. Her eyes, once gold and glowing, began to dim, until all that remained was an amber-brown. Gabriela's senses and strength began to fade, but not because of any malice on Rodan's part. No, this was how it was to be human. Warm, vibrant, but limited and mortal... weak... inferior. The Mutator couldn't help but think that Gabriela DuGrace would come to regret this decision when she realized how helpless it made her in this cruel world, but that would not be his problem. By that time, he would have melted into obscurity once again, and the queen would be some forgotten human amid the hapless masses. "It is done," he spoke at last, raising his hand and allowing her to examine her own, all the while waiting expectantly for the force that would grant him his own freedom to make itself manifest.
  14. After sending off the radio message, the airship took off, and they began to head to the north, away from the city and toward the few patches of jungle that had not been completely destroyed by the lava-flow during the eruptions some weeks prior. However it was that Khaki was able to maintain contact with Holly, Abigail could not say, nor did she question it. She only allowed Holly and her crew to do their thing as they were guided over the jungle. The airship would ironically spot the camp before Khaki could, though Khaki was responsible at least for putting them in the right direction. The trails of smoke billowing over the treeline were a dead giveaway once they were spotted. This was soon joined by an orange glow emanating from the ground beneath the canopy. When Khaki finally got in position to peer into the camp, she'd find scores of bugbears all moving about to and fro. Despite the appearance that there had been some manner of feast at one point, the camp actually looked in disarray, and there was blood and bodies scattered about the ground. It appeared as though there had been some sort of massacre, as a number of the bodies looked human. But upon closer inspection, she'd realize that many were also bugbears, and there were piles of corpses from each race being formed a bit further into the camp. Whatever happened here had been recent, within the last few hours to be sure. To one side of the camp, she would notice a young human male strapped to a wooden construct, with his shirt torn asunder and his back being brutally assaulted by a whip made of rope and bone. His screams could be heard over the rest of the sounds of the camp and the nighttime jungle. Why they were torturing him specifically was difficult to determine, though he appeared to be the only human left alive in the camp. "You haven't even asked me any questions!" the young man screamed. "Shaddup, human!" the torturer grunted, "No need to question. Know who behind this already. Will make them pay... but first... make you squeal!"
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