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Status Updates posted by Tyler

  1. Hey everyone, so I know you've all heard this from me before, but this time I'm afraid I'm pretty serious.

    Some of you may have seen a related statement or two from me already, or may just have noticed my general inactivity, but to make it clear to you all, I am ending my involvement in Canon Valucre. For one, I have largely lost interest in the canon world and process. My factions have gone as far as they're allowed to go (be it by the setting or my own personal limitations), and my characters either reached the end of their progression, or lack any avenue to be useful or interesting in the world going forward. And I'm just simply not interested in all the grind and post count requirements needed to adapt everything again.

    But more importantly, I just don't have the desire to devote the time to it anymore. The first time I tried to "leave", it was because I thought the situation at work was about to change and that it would affect my ability to RP reliably... well, things did change, only not in the way I expected. Rather than things suddenly getting busier and me being unable to find the time, COVID came around and caused our office to shift everyone to work-from-home (a change I absolutely love, by the way). As it turns out though, this change has sapped my RPing reliability considerably, but not due to lack of time or access. Rather, the availability of other activities to conduct in my free time has all but quashed any desire I might have had to try and rekindle the dimming fires of my canon characters and plots.

    That does not mean I have lost interest in RPing entirely. But the type of RPing I enjoy, the kind I cut my teeth on if you will, is not viable with the canon setting. I am in discussions with another person to set up an RP in the alternative section, and I have otherwise devoted time to doing quasi-tabletop/DnD type RPs in Discord servers. It is my plan to focus on those things with what time I allot to RPing.

    I only have two active RPs left here (and one inactive), and I fully intend to conclude them. For any of you who may have still been banking on any future plans with me though, I apologize. Hopefully I'm not leaving anyone high and dry, but I'm thinking I've already had discussions with anyone who I had any imminent plans with. Maybe I'll end up RPing with some of you again in the alternative RPs if they happen.

    Was tempted to wrap up the message all formal-like... but it's not like I'm leaving the site (at least not yet), so I'm just gonna leave it that.

    1. amenities


      You've always been a pleasure to have around! May all your future endeavors be fruitful, my friend ❤️

      Edit: It's not goodbye, it's just good luck!

    2. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Understandable. You'll be missed but hopefully we will see you around. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you and sharing this hobby. You can ping me any time if things change or just to catch up. Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to devote your time to in all things.

  2. Stumbled upon this while browsing the web. Look like anyone we know? 🤣


    1. Ataraxy


      When you "stumble" on to a sailor moon picture lmfao

    2. Tyler


      I was actually just googling images of cats for drawing reference, so blame the search engine. I've never watched Sailor Moon. lol

      But I mean, the resemblance is uncanny. She even has Lilith's eyes. 😉

  3. So, as some of you might already be aware, I have made the decision to phase myself out of RPing in Canon Valucre. A few different conditions, including an increased feeling that posts are more like grindy chores than fun, and the threat that my job is going to get way more busy and make it difficult to find time to post, have contributed to this decision. What does it mean? It means I will be completing my current ongoing threads, but not starting anything new. I will be working on setting suitable endings for my existing characters and plots in the next couple of months, and I am shooting to be done with everything in the canon world by about January 1st.

    I will not be quitting any threads. All my existing obligations I will see through until the end. Also, for those in Chasing Legends, I will stick with that thread however long it goes, including if we do sequels (unlike the canon threads, I feel more at ease in Chasing Legends and find it more fun, and if it is just that one thread, I should be able to keep up well-enough), so you needn't worry about me leaving there. Also, I will still be approachable for graphic design commissions, if anyone is interested in that.

    Interest checks to determine the fates of House Karradeen and the Plateau of Zuhl/Sidereal Lake will be made in probably a week or so from now.

    This is not a farewell, merely a transition to a less active state-of-being. So let's avoid getting sappy over it; I loath sadness, so let's just not give it any time of day, eh?


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    2. Tyler


      @Csl  thumb_yourebel-scum-quickmeme-com-you-re ?

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      I can certainly relate. 

      The moment that any hobby or whatsuch starts feeling more like a chore than a hobby is when it is time to reevaluate the time and effort you put into it.

      For everything else, there’s coconuts.

    4. supernal


      Gonna be eyeing those interest checks that’s for sure! 

  4. Quote

    Yahoo      blind_guardian_reborn

    Blind Guardian, eh?

    1. Guardian


      That was a long time ago but yeah.

    2. Tyler


      Good taste. ?


    But I'll settle for people posting in my threads.

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    2. supernal



    3. Fierach


      -sacrifices those who would have posted in his threads-


    4. Tyler


      @Fierach What have you done!? Now I gotta go out and recruit more peasants again...

  6. Never change your avatar. I'm always listening to music during the day when I'm roaming Val, and for whatever reason, your avatar seems to "dance" in sync with whatever I'm listening to, no matter what it is, and it's awesome. lol

    1. Zashiii


      Yes! I will never change this avatar ever again!

    2. Tyler



  7. Reasonably slow day at work today. What a perfect time to RP!

    *Realizes I'm not up to post anywhere, and there seems to be no imminent replies in the works*


  8. One man's freedom is another man's oppression.

  9. *looks at your avatar*

    *looks at your username*

    Something is not right here.

    1. AngryCacti


      Don’t be fooled. That cute smile masks the cold blooded rage of a serial sticker. ?

  10. Merry Christmas ya'll.

  11. There is just something satisfying about your new avatar.

    1. vielle


      thank you! yes, it does have that vibe to it ? it pleases me

    2. amenities


      I second this motion ☺️

    3. vielle


      Thanks! ❤️ a candle in the dark~

  12. For Norkotia's winter holiday, do I go with a simple name: "Prophets Day" or a slightly more exotic name: "Kerzentag". Thoughts?

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    2. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Kerzentag fo sho.

    3. Tyler


      Less than an hour since the polls opened, and it looks like we can already call this race!

    4. supernal



  13. So, I was diagnosed with Diabetes on Friday, which combined with the site downtime over the weekend, has kind of put me behind a bit here. I apologize if anyone's been waiting on me. Everything should be returning to semi-normal for me tomorrow!

    (Unless my job is really busy, in which case it picked a piss poor time to do it! ? )

    1. Ataraxy


      Oh man, that really sucks dude ? I'm glad ur keeping on with Val even through tough times though ?

  14. You're alive! Hi!

    1. Tia Dalma

      Tia Dalma

      That I am! Hi!

    2. Tyler


      It nice seeing someone from... well I don't know what a good descriptor is... someone from my "graduating class"? I don't know. People who joined Val around the same time. Most of the other people who were newbies at the same time as me are long gone! lol

    3. Tia Dalma

      Tia Dalma

      Well, I’m glad to meet a fellow ‘1-year-old’ who’s still here!

  15. Hail Azathoth! lol

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    2. Letherius


      Yeah, I need to pick it back up, I really enjoyed his works.

    3. Tyler


      Yeah. Personal favorite for me is At The Mountains of Madness.

      Anyway, nice to see a fellow Lovecraft fan here. See ya around the site I hope!

    4. Letherius


      Yeah, see you around. :D

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