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  1. I saw that you were reading my post pretty much right away and I was like "omg omg /holds breath" and then SUPERLIKE and /:) 

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    2. Tyler


      But yeah, that was post pretty great. I particularly find Hali's words about Taen being a conqueror to be interesting in light of this little bit from the Taen timeline thread:

      "Emperor Titus and Taen military leave for Ursa Madeum, planning to invade it to gain resources for Lunaris"

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... 😏

    3. Ataraxy


      Lol our initial reasoning for attacking UM was for resources. Taen is a harsh place to live, so Lunaris was running short.

      IC, Titus chose UM specifically because it was a win-win scenario. Free people + get resources. His White Knight personality wouldn't let him just randomly invade peaceful places.

    4. Ataraxy


      But yeah, resources were actually a pretty big part of the initial invasion. UM being freed from Damien, although it's been pushed the forefront, was actually more just about why UM specifically was picked rather than, say, Selemath and not the actual driving force behind Taen's military going active.