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  1. Yeah, it really is a lot about what you were raised on. I've noticed this with a lot of movies when talking about them with friends, there just tends to be a nostalgia bias. So whereas I'm far more critical of Star Trek in many regards (well, mainly it's TNG that I don't like; I enjoy TOS because it doesn't take itself so seriously, and William Shatner's "acting" is... something special), I'm pretty touchy about defending my beloved classic Star Wars. That said, Rogue One was a bad-ass movie! I honestly put it in my top 3 Star Wars movies, despite the rest of the Disney-verse Star Wars being mediocre at best.
  2. I actually rather like the Abrams version of Star Trek. lol It's a bit more Star Warsy, and thus more in my comfort zone! (I was raised on Star Wars, I only watched Star Trek far later in life.) Though admittedly, a lot of it makes no sense in the context of the existing canon (personal transwarp drive... what?), but still... Into Darkness was fun! Then again, the JJ Abrams/Rian Johnson Star Wars continuity irritates the heck out of me, so I guess I know what some Trek fans feel. I just don't feel it for their series. lol
  3. Yeah, welcome to the site! There isn't a ton of Star Trek-like stuff, as supes mentioned, but that just means you can be the person to bring it in. My own setting (that was linked above) involves a lot of aspects that weren't very common on the site when I joined (stuff like using motor vehicles or guns, and aesthetics like the Wild West or World War II), so I kind of made it my mission to put such a setting on the map. So who knows, you could be the one to forge an entirely new path here. Also, on the note of Spock, you might be interested in knowing that I have a character who is basically an amoral, quasi-gangster version of Spock as the main advisor in my country. Iol I like the Vulcans a lot, but always was annoyed with their (ironically illogical) morality, so I made my own version that sort of blends Vulcans, Elves and elements of Native American culture/history into my own race to supplement the human-centric culture in Norkotia.
  4. The Norkotians, being some of the least weighed-down of the forces assembled here (except for Melanie and her napalm tanks) were probably Fidelitas's best choice as his immediate followers. If he could get them across, they'd also be able to provide a degree of covering fire from the far side, but that was only if they got across. Briefly the knight held up the line so he could dispose of his helmet, whilst uttering some quiet prayers under his breath. Jack Murray had been the one immediately behind the paladin, and thus the only one to hear his whispered petitions. It was familiar in a way, for most folks back in the Norkic regions also worshiped Gaia as their one goddess, though he could hardly count himself among them. Even so, Murray wasn't completely ignorant when it came to religion. He knew the Norkotian Gaia and the Terran Gaia were not the same gal. "We best keep goin', partna'." he urged Fidelitas, "The Good Lady ain't gonna hear prayers any less if your walkin' instead of standin'." One the expedition leader had resumed his movement, so to did the Norkotians, who kept up fairly well as they progressed. Well, except for one... "This is no good man... this is no good..." Hudson whimpered, sweating more profusely than any of the others and moving far more slowly to boot. "Pull yourself together, private!" Precht barked, "You are a Norkotian soldier, and a Norkotian soldier shows no fear!" "Hey, rickety bridges were not in the brochure!" Hudson protested. "We are expected to do our duty for the homeland, no matter what form that duty may ta-- Winter! What in the nine circles of hell are you thinking!? Shut that damn thing off!" Precht gasped. "Shut what thing off?" Melanie asked. "That flamethrower! If you light the bridge on fire, we're all goners!" "But--" "No buts. Shut it off. Guns only until we're off the bridge. That's an order!" "Fine." Melanie grumbled, shifting her head side-to-side in annoyance, "Jerk." Precht finally turned to focus his attention forward again, only to nearly run into Murray's back. The bandit cowboy had stopped just as Fidelitas did, and raised a hand to shush the younger lieutenant before he could flap his gums again. "Did any of you hear that?" the paladin asked. "Listen." Murray motioned for Precht to shift his attention toward the mist around the bridge. Sure enough, a faint whoosh, or rather, something too quick and high-pitched to be a whoosh, was heard in the silent mists around them. Then again, with the only other sound being the occasional creaking of the boards under their feet. Murray slowly drew out one of his revolvers and cocked back the hammer, motioning for the others to ready themselves as well. A series of clicks were heard as the others pulled out their pistols, rifles or shotguns and readied them.
  5. I don't know if I added enough to work with yet or not. But I figured I'd give you guys a round to at least react.
  6. When at last, the lenses were aligned, the light from the torch, normally an unfocused light, was directed through the several layers of lenses until it was a tight, laser-like beam. No doubt there used to be a certain method or code to how they were supposed to be aligned at one time, but the hole in the wall made it obvious where the beam needed to be directed now. Once the beam was sent into the hole, the rumbling began again, but more intense this time. "What the--" Henderson exclaimed, as the recessed floor was not only rumbling now, but actually moving. Abigail, mostly dressed by this point, quickly stepped back onto the higher area of the floor, as did Henderson. Below them, where they had been standing a moment before, a huge stone slab was now being retracted by a hidden mechanism, revealing a huge, highly-detailed series of carvings hidden below. Henderson quickly shined an electric torch on it to get a better look. "Bloody hell, it's a map of the desert quadrant!" he exclaimed after a moment, before his light came across an unnatural mass in one of the corners. What was revealed there was a pair of bodies, both in the early stages of decomposition, dropped onto one of the corners of the map area. Right above the corpses was where the dried blood stain they had all seen earlier had ended. It was pretty obvious, based on the wounds the bodies had suffered, that they had been killed by the traps in the hallway, and were drug and thrown into the map area to hide them from anyone that came after. A third body was spotted soon after, separated from the other two, with a trail of blood leading from the first two corpses to the spot where it now lie stiff. "Ugh... the smell." Henderson winced. "The third body..." Abigail trailed-off, "He was still alive when they threw him in here." Unlike the first two, who had gaping wounds from the spike traps, the third had a wound more consistent with a gunshot. Also unlike the other two, he was dressed in fancier clothing, whereas the first two were clearly the bodies of dead pirates. The third might then have been one of the scholars, though why he had apparently been shot and left to die was uncertain. "Well, we should get them out of there in case they're covering an important part of the map." Abigail suggested, whipping out a pair of white gloves and putting them on. During this time, the hired adventurers may notice that on the far end of the map from the lenses was a section that showed several positions of the sun in the sky, along with apparently an ancient numerical system for time. Based on the position of the lenses, the sun diagrams, and the orientation of the map, there was likely another riddle to solve involving the sun setting in the west.
  7. Oh! I get what you're asking now! I was already planning on having Norkotia have deposits of Uru, so I'll submit that one in for sure.
  8. *Waits for Vansin to ask "What form of metamaterial?"*
  9. Wait, just how many rickety suspension bridges do you run across on your daily commute?
  10. Abigail was waiting at the foot of the stairs, a suppressed expression of amusement upon her face. The way Mia was clutching her sword, it was like how a terrified child grasps their favorite doll or teddy bear. But she'd allow her that one comfort, at least for now. "Now you look the part. I'm sure you feel the part too." the duchess addressed the younger woman, "Shall we?" Thus, she led Mia to the tea room, a small, quaint, but bright and well-decorated chamber with a table in the center. Already seated inside was a heavy-set woman, also clearly a noble. Abigail held Mia in the entryway for just a moment before they entered, quickly whispering something into her ear. "First rule of diplomacy... patience." With that, she and Mia entered, with Abigail greeting the other woman immediately. "Aunt Rita, glad you could join us." "Oh, it's been so long since anyone has invited me to tea, Abby! I am more than happy to be here!" the woman responded, "I see we have a guest." "Yes, this is Lady Mia, of House Uldwar." Abigail introduced the girl, then shifted her attention, "And this is my aunt, Lady Rita, formerly of House Belfue." "Ah, so tragic what the emperor did to them." Rita lamented, "I never pegged my family as the evil sort, but then again, my sister's favorite hairdresser did have an affair with one of the king's soldiers. Oh, and my cousin was actually the bastard nephew of one of a black knight. Oh, and father's second wife was the mother of a the king's advisor's third-favorite mistress..." Abigail, largely ignoring the rambling, motioned for Mia to take a seat, while the butler began pouring them cups of piping hot tea. "...and my brother-in-law admitted in a drunken stupor that his father's brother's nephew's former squire was actually the long lost heir to the queen's bloodline. I guess that explains why the poor lad was disemboweled randomly a few days later. Oh, speaking of which, my niece was actually one of the king's concubines, though I suppose you can imagine what happened to her. Darn shame, she was such a lovely little thing, kind of like you Lady Mia. Oh, forgive me, here I am talking about my own extinct family again! Why don't we talk about your family, sweetie? How are things? Is the rumor true that your father had an affair with a dryad and abandoned your mother to be with her? And now your mother is already looking to remarry?" Abigail restrained herself from wincing. There was a reason nobody invited Aunt Rita to tea parties anymore.
  11. Pfft, those things all grow back! Just like ribs!
  12. @Lady Gilaen In case you wanna add-on, or in case Voldemort wants to put it in his post, the lenses are in fact adjustable and can be adjusted to face a wide variety of angles.
  13. I won't be going afv, but I will probably be slow over the weekend. But any activity I do manage won't be in this thread, obviously. 😅 Also you need just three more posts to have 33,333.
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