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  1. So, as some of you might already be aware, I have made the decision to phase myself out of RPing in Canon Valucre. A few different conditions, including an increased feeling that posts are more like grindy chores than fun, and the threat that my job is going to get way more busy and make it difficult to find time to post, have contributed to this decision. What does it mean? It means I will be completing my current ongoing threads, but not starting anything new. I will be working on setting suitable endings for my existing characters and plots in the next couple of months, and I am shooting to be done with everything in the canon world by about January 1st.

    I will not be quitting any threads. All my existing obligations I will see through until the end. Also, for those in Chasing Legends, I will stick with that thread however long it goes, including if we do sequels (unlike the canon threads, I feel more at ease in Chasing Legends and find it more fun, and if it is just that one thread, I should be able to keep up well-enough), so you needn't worry about me leaving there. Also, I will still be approachable for graphic design commissions, if anyone is interested in that.

    Interest checks to determine the fates of House Karradeen and the Plateau of Zuhl/Sidereal Lake will be made in probably a week or so from now.

    This is not a farewell, merely a transition to a less active state-of-being. So let's avoid getting sappy over it; I loath sadness, so let's just not give it any time of day, eh?


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    2. Tyler


      @Csl  thumb_yourebel-scum-quickmeme-com-you-re ?

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      I can certainly relate. 

      The moment that any hobby or whatsuch starts feeling more like a chore than a hobby is when it is time to reevaluate the time and effort you put into it.

      For everything else, there’s coconuts.

    4. supernal


      Gonna be eyeing those interest checks that’s for sure! 

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