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  1. Hey everyone, so I know you've all heard this from me before, but this time I'm afraid I'm pretty serious.

    Some of you may have seen a related statement or two from me already, or may just have noticed my general inactivity, but to make it clear to you all, I am ending my involvement in Canon Valucre. For one, I have largely lost interest in the canon world and process. My factions have gone as far as they're allowed to go (be it by the setting or my own personal limitations), and my characters either reached the end of their progression, or lack any avenue to be useful or interesting in the world going forward. And I'm just simply not interested in all the grind and post count requirements needed to adapt everything again.

    But more importantly, I just don't have the desire to devote the time to it anymore. The first time I tried to "leave", it was because I thought the situation at work was about to change and that it would affect my ability to RP reliably... well, things did change, only not in the way I expected. Rather than things suddenly getting busier and me being unable to find the time, COVID came around and caused our office to shift everyone to work-from-home (a change I absolutely love, by the way). As it turns out though, this change has sapped my RPing reliability considerably, but not due to lack of time or access. Rather, the availability of other activities to conduct in my free time has all but quashed any desire I might have had to try and rekindle the dimming fires of my canon characters and plots.

    That does not mean I have lost interest in RPing entirely. But the type of RPing I enjoy, the kind I cut my teeth on if you will, is not viable with the canon setting. I am in discussions with another person to set up an RP in the alternative section, and I have otherwise devoted time to doing quasi-tabletop/DnD type RPs in Discord servers. It is my plan to focus on those things with what time I allot to RPing.

    I only have two active RPs left here (and one inactive), and I fully intend to conclude them. For any of you who may have still been banking on any future plans with me though, I apologize. Hopefully I'm not leaving anyone high and dry, but I'm thinking I've already had discussions with anyone who I had any imminent plans with. Maybe I'll end up RPing with some of you again in the alternative RPs if they happen.

    Was tempted to wrap up the message all formal-like... but it's not like I'm leaving the site (at least not yet), so I'm just gonna leave it that.

    1. amenities


      You've always been a pleasure to have around! May all your future endeavors be fruitful, my friend ❤️

      Edit: It's not goodbye, it's just good luck!

    2. Dolor Aeternum

      Dolor Aeternum

      Understandable. You'll be missed but hopefully we will see you around. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you and sharing this hobby. You can ping me any time if things change or just to catch up. Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to devote your time to in all things.

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