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  1. Tyler

    Water Cooler Thirst

    Yeah man, I think you're right. Love is dead. 🏹💘☠️ Died before I ever had the chance to kill it. 😭
  2. Hey @eggsinabasket, were you gonna post?
  3. Tyler

    Heroes and Villains

    In my experience with googling images, if you look specifically for something, you'll never find it, but when you look for something else, you'll probably wind up finding what you were looking for in the first place.
  4. Tyler

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    Yeah, this basically was his pass. I asked him again later, and he basically just gave a reaction (which I had to assume was a confirmation since the didn't reply). So yeah, I figured you had seen the above quote, hence why I didn't say anything, but I guess the implication is vaguer than it registered in my mind. Oh well, we'll hopefully get back on track now.
  5. Tyler

    Heroes and Villains

    Given time, I could probably create photomanipulations to make them look Elvish. lol But I don't think that would be worth given they are just named NPCs.
  6. Tyler

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    Djinn posted and Thot passed (I think he does need you to reply to his end too, since you didn't last time, so he had nothing to respond to it looks like).
  7. Tyler

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Once approached, the judgmental eyes changed demeanor quickly, as Abigail's face took on her ever serious, professional expression. Much like Roen and Gabriela, she was an expert and cloaking her inner feelings when she needed to, having been trained her whole life (though admittedly, her life was but a drop in the bucket compared to the ancient beings that addressed her now) to act, think and speak like a noble lady. Her graciousness was somewhat cold at times, but never rude, at least not if she didn't wish it to be. That is, so long as her temper remained in check, for it was known among the members of her house that the duchess could almost literally melt steel if she were angry enough. But she was not angry now, just a bit disapproving of the evident domestic abuse taking place in the emperor's mansion. But Roen and Gabriela seemed to emerge from it as though nothing had ever happened, leading Abigail to wonder if this was more than one-time occurrence. “Duchess Karradeen, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I must apologize, before anything more is said, for not following up any of our agreements with a more personalized touch. I had every intention to writing to you, but with the current transfer of Orisian transplants to Yh’mi it simply slipped my mind. Roen, darling, come and meet the Duchess of Karradeen, her man Eckhart gave up his life, along with many of his crew men, to help evacuate Ceyana during the tragic events that devastated the island. I cannot properly express the enormous gratitude the Orisian’s feel for what your men and women did on that day… Truly, I am so sorry for the losses you suffered on that day.” "Your Grace. My sincerest condolences for your loss, my Lady. If you ever require anything, you may always call on us." "Thank you." Abigail gave each a closed-eye nod, "You are most kind, though it is I who should be extending my condolences. I cannot imagine what it must be like to suffer the loss of an entire city, much less an island, and to have thousands of innocents slaughtered in the process. We are proud of what Squire Eckhart and his men did, for it is a noble thing to die fighting the forces of chaos. Still, they could only do so much. I wish we could have done more to help." She was wasn't quite as disingenuous with her statements as Roen was, but the truth is that Eckhart's actions annoyed her as much as they pleased her. While having stoked feelings of good will between Orisia and House Karradeen, Eckhart's sacrifice had ultimately deprived Abigail of her most competent subordinate, at a time when the family business needed capable leaders more than ever. Eckhart had his finger on the pulse of all of Karradeen's business dealings, having been Abigail's father's right-hand man in the later years of the late patriarch's life. Her father even wanted the two to marry, though Abigail was not interested. In truth, that might have been a wise decision in retrospect, as the two would have made a formidable team as far as managing the affairs of the house and business were concerned. But it was too late for such thoughts now, as she now was left with trying to make the man's loss as worthwhile as possible, and that meant taking advantage of the positive relationship he had created with Orisia as a result of his actions. "But, perhaps there are still ways we can work together. I understand both Orisia and Patia have commitments in the Yh'mi effort? Perhaps an arrangement can be reached to assist one-another in the transportation logistics. My house already has agreements with House Hildebrand and the Norkotian Union to transport their material and personnel to the Yh'mi staging area on the mainland coast. Currently, Gold Harbor is better suited for high volumes of seafaring traffic than the staging area is, so perhaps you would both consider having your vessels offload your goods there, then your vessels could also take on cargo from the rest of Corinth for their return trip. House Karradeen can then ensure that your supplies reach Yh'mi in the most orderly fashion possible." She neglected to bring up any hard numbers, as that was something better suited for a private conference, in which a formal treaty could be more effectively drafted. But if an agreement in principle could be reached, it would be another victory for her efforts to restore her house to prominence. Of course, she had to avoid looking like she was being too opportunistic, hence why she framed the suggestion as an effort of cooperation rather than a business deal, even if in the end, that was ultimately what it was going to be. @Pasion Pasiva @Roen
  8. At this point it probably won't matter unless anyone is willing to let their character die (or at least suffer perma-maiming). Whether they get wounded a little more now or not, it's the same ultimate result, if they recover completely.
  9. Tyler

    Heroes and Villains

    Well, you could follow a different trope then! They can both be several hundred years old but still look like they're in their twenties because of some racial or magic hocus-pocus! Like half the characters on Valucre. XD
  10. Tyler

    What do you know? [closed]

    Finally, Erin's venture into the labyrinth seemed to pay off. She had reached a stairs that seemed to lead to a hatch back to the upper level, hopefully somewhere not infested with nasty critters. But it was realizing that this was possible that made her resist the urge to open the hatch and peek through it. If it was their way out, she couldn't afford to draw attention to it until she either had Darya, or the isotope, which she left with the woman. She didn't particularly want to carry Darya all the way over here, but she supposed the least she could do for the woman was bring her to the exit hatch, so she could possibly escape later if she came around. They were running out of time though, and Erin was starting to realize she'd never make it if she had to carry the other woman the whole way. Nothing she could do about that now though. "Why set traps in a place where you're just as likely to get lost and starve to death anyway?" she grumbled to herself, now regretting the fact that she hadn't left a bread-crumb trail to follow back to Darya, "Fucking assholes." Taking out some of her arrows, she elected to make such a trail now, using them to point the way at each intersection as she traversed back to the workshop room. Outside of stopping to lay down the arrows, she moved with a sense of urgency, jogging or running down the straight halls to cut down on wasted time. She almost took the wrong path when she reached the second T-junction, but managed to take the right path after a moment of deliberation. Now nearly back to the workshop, she had a clear course of action. If Darya was dead, she'd take Isotope and the woman's weapon, but leave her body there. If Darya were still alive, but unconscious, she'd carry her as far as the hatch, then take just the Isotope and make her escape...
  11. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    So, do you mean a hatch like what they found in the lab? Or are we talking a door like the one the bear half-bashed down?
  12. Tyler

    Heroes and Villains

    Back in the day, before I was a role-player, I used to write fake wiki articles on a Star Wars Fan Fiction Wiki site. I still like that format, though I just try to replicate whatever the base format is for a given site. Hence why I wrote Norkotia using the same format as Supernal's Terran city articles, rather than creating my own layout. But yeah, I definitely appreciate the wiki style of formatting and the large amount of detail. Either way, I see you are following the classic troupe of allowing men to be old, but all women must be young. lol
  13. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    I'm gonna say Erin goes north then east. If this leads to a stairway or ladder down, so goes back to Darya at this point. If it leads to a stairway or ladder up, she checks it out.