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  1. Tyler

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    @Twitterpated So, this is 100% on me for failing to communicate, but the plan with Djinn&Juice's character for him to also be a prisoner onboard the airship. Clearly I did not specify that here as I should have, and maybe as I thought I did (the pitfalls of talking about a subject in multiple locations, you forget what you said where), plus I guess I assumed that prisoner transfer was actually something more common than a one-time thing, I guess. If it isn't too much trouble then, is it possible to add-in there being other prisoners? If it fits the narrative, they can all be associated with Doctor Engel's cult cell, and they can be being moved as a group due to their combined criminal connection. (No more than five total people, maybe only four. One being Engel, one being Djinn's character, the other two/three being minions.) I'm really sorry I didn't communicate this properly. 😓
  2. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    It does a bit since I had been of the mind that Erin was moving further from the blast, rather than closer. Of course she started moving before the rockets were brought into play, so she's still probably gonna get hurt from it, but I'll at least know to have her give an "aw shit" response. I'll try to edit a bit later, after lunch.
  3. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    Wait, how close is the walker to the Others? I'm guessing I missed a detail somewhere, but the way I was imagining it, it was on the flip side from where the characters and door were from where the others are entering. Let's see if this formatting works. I was thinking something like this. You mentioned splash damage from the rocket, but it seemed you meant to imply where the characters were before, which I assumed was far closer to the Others than where the Walker is now.
  4. Tyler

    Terrenus slang

    Snipe? Naw. Find a way to add it to my anti-Terran/Gaian propaganda machine? Absolutely! (lol jk) Creta would be the easiest to say in a conversation, and it is an interesting implication there. I can see that tied in a little with certain mythological instances and thus might make sense for demigod (or self-styled god) characters to have created that term for mortals.
  5. Tyler

    Terrenus slang

    They weren't, I'm trying to prompt other people because I'm not very good at naming things or coming up with words. lol
  6. Tyler

    Terrenus slang

    Well, the idea is as a slang to describe universally all users of magic, whether it be through innate ability or learned ability, or "non-magic" superhuman ability (AKA "The Force" from SW or "Biotics" from Mass Effect). And Magicer is just a little quicker to write and say that "Magic user". But yeah, if you don't imagine it would really spread outside of Norkotia, which it probably wouldn't since it's more of a lazy thing for ignorant Norkotians that don't care to differentiate between a Wizard and a Sorcerer and a Jedi or whatever. The rest of the Terrenus is more "enlightened" I'm sure. lol Still think we need a slang for non-magic users though.
  7. Tyler

    Project Destroy Tia

    And with that, I'm pulling my characters out. Might have to have some aftermath threads though, we'll see. In any case, I'm-a done here!
  8. Tyler

    Destruction des morts

    The trip back to the Norkotian agents' hideaway was not easy, but Mara and Weber made it there successfully. Oddly, Beck had not returned, which was concerning given the rapidly deteriorating state of things in the city. Unfortunately, there was no time to go look for him, as an evacuation needed to be coordinated immediately. Weber instructed Mort to radio a second agent cell outside the city, which had several diesel trucks at their disposal. These trucks were meant for a different operation planned for the future, but they would more than suffice for this purpose instead. Mara assisted the agents in fighting off crazies and looters as the Norkotians evacuated their base and destroyed whatever evidence they couldn't bring with them. They then rendezvoused with the other cell and their trucks, which were used to begin ferrying civilians out of the city. The operation would continue throughout the night, as the combined force of agents organized an encampment several miles outside the city limits, then repeatedly returned to rescue more civilians. George Beck never turned up, leaving Weber to assume he had been killed, or maybe even driven mad like many of the other citizens had been. Regardless, Beck was never recovered, even though the surviving agents made multiple forays through the town to gather civilians into their trucks. At last, conditions had deteriorated so far that the agents could no longer afford to risk further rescue attempts. A few hundred people had been saved by their efforts, a tiny amount given the sheer size of the megacity, but it was ultimately a few hundred less people counted among the dead or missing. In the days to follow, more Norkotians would arrive in the area, but no longer in an espionage capacity, but rather a humanitarian one. Over a thousand civilians were moved all the way to Norkotia in the following weeks, with the potential for thousands more to join them. The agent teams were eventually reassigned elsewhere, while Mara was put into contact with Prime Minister Diric Redbridge, who had a mission of his own for the bounty hunter. Meanwhile, the refugee crisis would eventually become a political matter of hot debate within Norkotia, as the number of migrants increased. The regime saw it as an opportunity, however; and Norkotia welcomed many homeless Tian humans into their lands with open arms. In the end, the disaster in Tia would work out quite nicely for Joseph Tynes's agenda... (exit Mara and the Norkotian agents)
  9. *informs you there are no turns so long as you are not double-posting* 😉
  10. Tyler

    Sidereal Lake

    "Aye, she's a lovely thing durin' the day, but I sailed out into the deeper waters at night once, and I reckon I'd rather shoot meself than do it again. Ye ain't the same man once ye seen what roams out there when the moon don't shine."- unidentified fisherman A massive rift lake that hugs the northern and eastern borders of the Zühl Plateau, Sidereal Lake is the deepest point in all of Terrenus, with certain areas having been measured in excess of 10,000 feet deep. There are even rumored to be areas of the lake where no bottom can be detected, leading to it often being nicknamed "The Bottomless Lake". Due to its sheer depth, the lake has an impressive estimated volume, and is thought to be virtually inexhaustible. As a result, it is often tapped for agricultural irrigation by the civilizations situated on its coasts. Fishing is common as well, though the lake's greatest commercial use, besides irrigation, is as a merchant trade route. Cities on the plateau side of the lake conduct regular trade with settlements on the plains side, exchanging food, fuel and manufactured goods for iron, lead and raw minerals. Like the plateau that overlooks it, Sidereal Lake also has its fair share of mysterious history. Due to its size, the weather can often be quite turbulent on and around the lake, leading to significant lake-effect snow during the winter and severe thunderstorms during the spring and autumn. As a result of this, many ships and their crews have been lost during these gales. A significant portion of the wrecks remain undiscovered, thanks to the sheer depth of the lake. Stories of ghost ships and haunted lighthouses have become abundant throughout the years, despite efforts by merchant companies to try and suppress such perceived nonsense. One particular coastal city, the Norkotian port of Arkholm, has a particularly loathsome reputation for hauntings and supernatural occurrences. Canon thread 1
  11. Tyler

    Plateau of Zühl

    "For travelers have heard such sounds before, and know that they float only from the cold desert plateau which healthy folk never visit; that haunted place of evil and mystery." - H.P. Lovecraft Located deep in the heartland of Terrenus, the Plateau of Zühl, also known by Norkotian nationalists as the Norkic Plateau, is a vast, semi-arid swath of highland plains. Most of the plateau's perimeter is made up of cliffs or stark embankments, making it very apparent where the border between highland and lowland are. Only at a couple of locations, such as Norkotia City near Garrison Bay, does the land have a more gentle downgrade. Much of the plateau's surface consists of savannas or desert, with scattered tree groves and some farmland near reliable sources of irrigation water. Several man-made lakes exist due to strip mining operations, though the largest source of water is Sidereal Lake, which hugs the northern and eastern borders of the plateau. Coal and oil are particularly abundant and are often exploited by the locals as energy sources. There are also significant iron and uru deposits, though the latter remains largely untapped. The plateau is sparsely populated, with a population of only about 2 million people scattered across its entire 160,000 square mile surface. Most of the original inhabitants were tribal hunter-gatherers, with humans being dominant in the south and the elven Vulks in the north. Years later, the Norkic tribes arrived in the region, fleeing the oppression of Levas the Cruel. Over time, many of the existing nomadic humans were absorbed into the Norkic civilizations that sprang up, with the settlements within Norkotia being the most predominant. Over the years, frequent wars between the Norkotians and the native Vulks caused a dramatic decline in the elven race's population. Today, only a few thousand members survive within Norkotian territory, and a few hundred more live in extant settlements along the Sidereal coastline. Largely isolated from the rest of Terrenus, the Plateau of Zühl also possesses a vague, often indescribable reputation for being haunted. While as a whole, Zühl is actually far more devoid of magic and supernatural occurrence than the rest of Terrenus, there exist several legends of a far less mundane past. Many modern descendants of the ancient nomads have passed-down stories of strange desert apparitions and weird after-dark encounters, while rumors persist of certain forgotten ruins in the most desolate reaches of the plateau's deserts. Even the logic-devoted Vulks still pass-down certain ethnic traditions that originate from a remarkably superstitious ancestral mythology. Even so, most modern inhabitants of the plateau no longer believe in such tales, thinking them nothing more than remnants of a less enlightened past. Though, the occasional desert hermit or Arkholm Sanitarium inmate may beg to differ. Canon thread 1
  12. Well, Tynes is kind of my main character on the site, so I don't want him to die, as that would cause the country I've been building for the past several months to fall apart. That said, I usually have plenty of NPCs or minor characters around him that can die, and having Tynes suffer major injuries again might further the progression of certain plots I have planned for the future. Grubbs, Veille and I have been talking, and we can arrange something interesting for you assassin-types to go after if you decide to come our way.
  13. Tyler

    What do you know ooc

    Basic summary of my post: Erin is invisible, standing/crouching practically underneath the walker, and is looking for exploitable weaknesses. If there there are no opportunities other than that what is already apparent, she will most likely try to shoot out the optical sensor at point-blank range.
  14. Tyler

    What do you know? [closed]

    Erin had been anticipating the stupid lock making noise, so while the response of the walker annoyed her, it did not surprise her. As soon as the turret began to rotate toward them, she took aim and fired an arrow at what she thought were its optical sensors, but missed just barely. She was a good archer, but clearly not that good of an archer. As the minigun began to spool up, she dove for cover and plucked forth one of her tiny vials of invisibility potion. A quick swig later, and she had once gain gone invisible, and she moved quickly to take advantage of the effects before they wore off. Keeping low and quiet, she crept around the flank of the killing machine, looking closely for weaknesses. However, her efforts were halted as she perceived the sound of glass being struck behind her. Turning her head, she found the glass panel damaged and being forced open by the things on the other side. The walker altered its targeting now, mowing down the zombie-like creatures that soon poured into the room. That was good and all, but even if it killed every last one of them, it would still turn on the three adventurers as soon as it had finished. Thus, Erin moved completely behind the walker, and even began to creep closer, between its legs even. If there was any weakness, she intended to find it before her invisibility wore off, and before the turret was done mowing down the Others. When the rocket launchers opened, she examined they closely, looking to see if there was a way she could jam or sabotage the mechanism, without accidentally getting herself blown-up in the process. If nothing else, she could use her pistol to blast out the optical sensor at point-blank range, but she would like to avoid the off-chance that machine would still find a way to shoot at them.