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About Me

One thing to know about me is that I love RPing, as well as fiction in general. Honestly, I find it a better use of my time than real life. Until it produces proof that magic is real, suffers an alien invasion, or has someone build an Iron Man suit or supersoldier serum, the "real world" is simply not worthy of my time. ?

An FYI for people who may RP with me in the future, here are some themes I like to see out of RPs:

  • Mystery -- I like deep plots with twists, betrayals and intrigue.
  • Comedy -- I love running gags and in-jokes. I can also appreciate 4th Wall breaking and totally absurd types of humor. Slapstick, subtle, dark... almost any type of humor is a good addition to an RP. I just don't appreciate sexual jokes or innuendos (they're just not funny).
  • Horror -- I personally have a great appreciation for Lovecraftian-style horror, but Gothic, Slasher and Action-Sci Fi (Alien, Predator etc) are totally good with me too.
  • Violence -- This depends on the style of RP, but I totally good with bloody violence or torture. I'm not actually as huge a fan of RP combat itself, since it can be slow and pondersome. I actually have a preference for massacres, executions and torture sequences.
  • Magic -- I simply find magic, the supernatural, or at least highly advanced technology, to be necessary in some form to make an RP interesting. I particularly like these things in compliment to an otherwise normal, modern real-world setting.
  • Transformations -- No, I'm not talking about anime "costume changes". I like legitimate transformations, such as people being turned into animals, objects, different species, different genders, and so forth. I blame The Magic School Bus TV show from the 90s for spawning this weird interest of mine.

If you have RPs that include a good mix of these, you can definitely expect my interest to increase.

Another FYI for people who may RP with me in the future, here are some settings I like to see:

  • Modified Modern -- Think of a contemporary real-world setting, then throw in magic, aliens, superheroes, demons, Jedi or something else totally fictitious. I like this type of setting since a character living in it is easiest to act out (and identify with) but the world still has the fun that fantasy fiction has.
  • Science Fantasy -- Star Wars! I literally grew up with Star Wars, so for one, if you ever want to do a Star Wars-themed RP better give me first dibs, because I will be there! But even similar settings where you blend space sci-fi with magic and other fantasy elements is good with me.
  • High Fantasy -- I don't have as much experience with your classic Lord of the Rings knock-off type setting, but that doesn't mean I don't like it! Of course I like to see fun and unique twists to such a setting, but even a generic one is still a worthy setting.
  • Science Fiction -- Not quite as appealing as Science Fantasy, but can still be fun if you throw in some advanced alien tech or bizarre trans-dimensional mumbo-jumbo.

Other settings, such as Gothic, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Renaissance, etc. aren't quite as appealing, but I also have little experience in them, so I might welcome the challenge of something new.

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