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  2. Shane smiled slightly, not much caring about what kind of coat it was, just that it was something warm she could put on to shield herself from the cold, high-altitude temperatures. She immediately stood up and put it on, then sat back down. After a moment of restless thought, she got up again and followed Linda below deck. She felt she needed to thank her again, but more than that, she desperately wanted the company of someone who was not just trying to use her. Shane wasn't sure what the white-haired woman's deal was, but she seemed far kinder and more concerned with her well-being than anyone else on the ship did, or even anyone among the pirates, scavengers or cultists that made up her previous social circles. "Uh... hello? Hey, I just... wanted to thank you... again," Shane said into the lower room as she descended into it. * * * "Who is she, anyway?" Abigail asked Holly, having taken note of, though not commented on, Lady's Sheathe's remarks about gods and hunting them, "She does not carry herself like a servant of yours." She took another sip of tea, carefully measured and done while at the same time observing Holly's body language as the woman responded.
  3. Since I don't actually know for sure if Charlie is actually dead or not, I have not reacted to that, but I wanted to get a post out just so I could not worry about this thread for a while. So there you go, my actions. Playing pure defense for the moment for some reason.
  4. Despite a momentary victory over the centaurs threatening the squad leader, the remnants of the Norkotian forces were in little position to be able to fight the next wave of attacks. Jack was just getting to his feet when the charging centaurs loosed their arrows toward him. He was about to try and move out of the way on his own, when a sudden impact hurled him out of the way, while the sound of the arrows striking something thick and soft could be heard. Even as he was falling to the dust, Murray turned to look, finding that the young engineer that was tagging along with Chief had dove into him at the last moment. The action pushed Murray out of the line-of-fire, but as a result, the poor kid took all the arrows himself. Time seemed to slow for a moment as both men hit the ground, while Chief, standing just off to the side with his mouth gaping open in shock, finally stirred himself enough to run over. Murray likewise got up and tried to quickly load and fire some shorts at the Centaurs, driving them away at least momentarily. He then joined Chief in crouching over the youth. "Damn it son, whadd'ya do that for?" Chief asked. "Was... out of bullets..." the young engineer coughed, blood running from his lip, "Sorry chief, I..." He stopped, his eyes remaining wide open while his mouth seemed to freeze mid-sentence. There he lie, silent and still, death having come relatively quickly thanks to the four well-aimed shafts penetrating his vital organs in his chest. "This is starting to piss me off," Murray growled, rising to his feet and reloading his revolvers, "Reload your weapons, engineer, we're not out of this yet."
  5. Shane looked up at Linda as she walked away, uttering a soft "thank you" as the white-haired woman vanished again into the cabin. She wasn't sure what to make of that whole "dying more times that she could count" thing, which left her just assuming that she was being messed with and that really, there was no way back at this point. Letting out a light sigh, her green eyes slowly turned and centered on the wrapped package that Linda had left with her. Apparently it was meant for her, though she hesitated in uncertainty for a second. After shivering a moment or two in the cold, she finally reached out and pulled it too herself, then began removing the wrapping to see what was inside. * * * "Yes, I remember Ilyana, I didn't realize she was your friend," Abigail stated, "My sympathies." The marine finally brought them their tea and coffee respectively, and Abigail didn't talk for a moment as she sip from her cup. "But yes, resolve is ones greatest asset. Even if all things align against you, your unwavering perseverance will still pull through. My father would have had me married off to one of his squires while my degenerate half-brother became duke, if he had his way. I was not about to just let that happen." She took a casual sip of tea, noting to herself that it may sound suspicious that she seemed to claim responsibility for why her brother was not duke, when ostensibly the boy's death was due to a random pirate raid. "Though sometimes you just have to be ready when outside forces unexpectedly aid you, of course," she added casually.
  6. What!? I have a patent on that! Where's my lawyer!? I think it varies greatly on universe too. For example, one can view science as explained phenomena and magic as unexplained phenomena (a pretty common interpretation). I tend to think of Science as working within the laws of the universe (even if they seemingly subvert reality, it would be somehow done using methods and materials from within reality), whereas magic is a complete defiance of reality or simply is outside of reality. But practically-speaking, they really just aesthetic in practice when it comes to fiction. The Thor movies tried to bullshit that they were "science" early-on, but by the later movies they were just like "aw fuck it" and gave up and just stopped trying to pretend. Much of the powers in movies like Thor Ragnarok simply have no scientific explanation because they stopped caring about that, and it was just "space magic" again. lol But yeah, this! Honestly, having a system is in and of itself the best way to avoid "OPness", really, since a system will have rules and limitations. It's why I love how Star Wars (classic Star Wars, not the Disney bullshit) had it that you had to train for years to be able to use the Force, and even then, most Jedi and Sith were still vulnerable to some extend. And because force-sensitivity was so rare and because it took so much to train in it, powerful forceusers were limited to maybe a few thousand in a galaxy of billions/trillions of people.
  7. Cordoza was silent, almost shellshocked, for a moment. As much of a reputation as she had for toughness and boldness as a politician, it was much different to be right in the thick of a life-or-death fight, particularly one centered around herself. She needed a moment to consider everyone Zack had explained, before she could really answer. "You will be the third man to come to me with promises of help, if I only cooperate with them," she had a hard look on her face, as though to imply she didn't like constantly being told what to do, but then it very subtly softened, "However, unlike the previous two, you did not smugly barge into my city with an army at your back. Let's go this way." She gestured down the street, and began to lead the way at as fast a pace as Zack could keep up with. "I don't know what you expect to do, unless you have some sort of plan to turn this Tin Man against the Norkotians. Even then, I don't know how many of our deputies or militiamen would be left to drive-out the remnants," she continued as they moved. She led them to what had once been a high-end restaurant, though apparently a stray explosive had taken out a big chunk of it. Even so, she led him inside and motioned toward some private suites near the rear of the building. Unlike the front, these were intact, and one of them even was marked as the "mayoral suite". This was the one she brought him into, and though hesitant to soil the expensive furnishings there, she finally began to try and stop his bleeding with some of the cloth napkins and place mats. "There is an old, secret way out of here," she explained, "I don't believe it has ever been used, but I know where it is. When you are ready to move again, we can go. But I need to know what you play is." * * * "You seem mighty eager to consider this thing over so you can take your money and run," Lt. Keffler responded to Clive, only slightly suspicious though far more annoyed. "But I'll tell you something, when and where you get paid is way above my paygrade, which you should consider yourself lucky you aren't on." "Sir, if there were any secret exits, they've been blasted beyond recognition," one of the soldiers reported at that moment. "Very well then," Keffler shrugged, "I guess we'll hold this position until relieved." He then pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and flipped it open. Only then would it be noticeable how shaky his hands were as he drew one out and put it in his mouth, before looking back at Clive as he reached for his lighter. Both his tone of voice and demeanor seemed to get a little more lax from where they were a minute before. "Thanks, by the way, for saving me back there," he made a light head nod toward the hallway, "Don't think there'd be much of me left if you hadn't." * * * For the next several minutes, Krieger was radioing other commands, looking for any report of enemy movement that could imply the mayor was being moved. But Tynes had taken the Sheriff's Headquarters and no sign of Cordoza was found. Likewise, the southern force had seen nothing, nor did the reinforcements moving in behind them, nor even did the paratroopers posted on the roads outside the lower city. It looked, for all intents and purposes, like Cordoza had indeed blown herself to hell in that upper room. And that in and of itself smelled rotten. But right now, he had nothing to go on. "Sir?" one of his subordinates looked at the colonel expectantly, as he continued to stare straight at the gaping hole in the historic city hall. "Has a clear path been made to the Executor's column?" Krieger said at last. "I don't know sir," the younger soldier shook his head. "Then go and find out! And have a jeep here when I return!" "Return, sir?" "I'm going into the hall. Have the information here when I get back. Go!" "Yes sir!" Krieger dismounted his tank, his face as grim as ever as he strode into the hall. Soldiers herding prisoners, hauling dead or wounded, or just mulling around waiting for their next orders, saluted him as he moved past them. He returned their salutes, but offered no words to any of them. He rapidly ascended the stairs to the upper level, stepping over chunks of debris and pools of blood without paying them any head. At long last, he found himself at the entrance to what had been Cordoza's office. He gave it a quick look-over, before stepping past the guards and into the room. The men inside, including Lieutenant Keffler, immediately snapped to attention. "What have you found out?" Krieger demanded, looking at the lieutenant, who nervously dropped his cigarette to the floor and stomped it out, after he saw the cold blue eyes of the colonel center on it. "N-nothing sir! It appears there are no other ways out of the room, so Cordoza must have been completely incinerated by the blast," Keffler replied, standing rigid at attention. Krieger stepped past them, then paused and glared at Clive, narrowing his eyes at the unfamiliar mercenary who had somehow found himself at the epicenter of this battle. "Is that your opinion as well, mercenary?" he asked. He only paused a moment before moving past Clive and approaching the rear of the office, where the blast damage was most significant. His eyes scanned the blast zone slowly, before he crouched down and picked up some of the rubble in his black-gloved hand and held up to his nose as if to smell it. After a moment, he dropped the dust and brushed his gloves off, before standing up. Turning about-face, he promptly marched out of the office without another word. "Cripes, what's with him?" one of the soldiers muttered once Krieger was out of earshot. * * * Krieger was met at the hall exit by his subordinate. "Sir, the executor arrived a few minutes ago! He is waiting for you in the courtyard." "Good," was all Krieger could say to that. He crossed the courtyard rapidly, soon coming into view of a small delegation of grey or black-uniformed officers and soldiers, which he knew to be the Grand Executor and his Executive Guard entourage. Joseph Tynes saluted the colonel as he approached and spoke first. "Good work colonel; shame about the mayor. I should have expected her to pull a stunt like this," the executor shook his head, having been informed of the situation beforehand. "No doubt she figured her death would spur on the resistance and prevent us from forcing an easy surrender. Even so, we--" "I do not believe Cordoza killed herself, sir." Tynes stopped and raised his eyebrows. "Go on." "The explosive used to destroy her office was made with highly advanced material, similar to what I encountered in my time with the Terran Military. Our intelligence indicated that Forsthaven had zero Terran military presence, and their own technology has not reached this level yet. It was not one of our weapons either, which means it came from an outside source." "You think the Terran Military is here?" "I would not discount any possibility, sir," Krieger answered, "And that includes the possibility that Cordoza is still alive. The Forsthaven defenders have proven that they are able to use some degree of magic, and it is possible they may have used some mystical means of evacuating their mayor before we could arrive. It is even possible that an outside force with better technology or magical ability was behind it. So long as there is a chance that Cordoza is alive and free, she can continue to rally the remaining citizenry against us." "Aren't you being a little paranoid, Krieger?" one of the other officers remarked in a snide tone. "Only thorough, major," Krieger answered, "Sloppiness leaves too much room for unnecessary loss. I suggest we take every precaution to ensure she does not slip out of the city somehow." "Very well, we'll put all commands on alert," Tynes agreed, "But put out a broadcast announcing that the mayor is dead. Hopefully that will discourage the remaining defenders from carrying on the fight, and maybe will make Cordoza and her benefactors "sloppy", if they are indeed out there. If they believe that we think she's dead, they may make a mistake somewhere along the way." "Very good, sir," Krieger saluted.
  8. I only know of Ben 10, but know almost nothing else about it other than I think it's a cartoon about high-schoolers that involves science fiction? But anyway, so you're saying "warp reality at his will", but that's very very vague. Is he like, literally god where in an instant he can say (as Supes puts it) "Now the planet is a flying turtle!" and BOOM, the world is a flying turtle. Or is it like how Scarlet Witch has it where it's more... well honestly Scarlet Witch's powers are more like highly advanced Force (from Star Wars) powers, namely telekinesis and mind-affecting telepathy. Those are powerful, and can technically be considered "reality warping", though they could technically be achieved through other magical or even scientific means as well. It's a question of if you are leaving it open so he can do "any and all of the above", or if he uses it a specific way, and it is also worth asking yourself how much he can use it and to what extent. Can he just lift a pen with telekinesis? Or can he force the planet's rotation to go 100x faster so the day-night cycle is a matter of minutes or seconds? Then again, isn't magic just "reality warping" in and of itself?
  9. Well, as Jaist will say, there are no rules and no limits. I would say that so long as it is a villain and they're doing it to make our characters' lives more difficult as opposed to making the villains' lives more difficult, then that's for the better. 🤣 Also though, "reality warping" is very broad. What manifestations of this ability did you have in mind? Something like what Q can do in Star Trek?
  10. None of the characters outside of our individual main player characters (Meritio, Clive, Erin, Trey) have character sheets, as all of the rest are just NPCs made-up on the spot. Lavernius is based (in name and in appearance) on a Red vs Blue character (RvB is an online show based on Halo), though the character is a bit different than the show one. He's technically not a bad guy in the show (I would argue to the contrary, I believe he is a far worse human being than any of the villains in that show, but I digress), but Zack just kind of used him as a base for this character. There isn't that much more to know about him that what you've seen here I don't think. He's a an over-the-top, ego-maniacal scientist who has a horde of minions and scientific creations. Also his computer wife is technically Dr. Leonard's ex-wife (and Casey's mother) whose consciousness has been transferred into a computer matrix. Otherwise I guess you could just read the first thread, if you really feel the need to get as much backstory on what is going on as you can. But otherwise, just don't worry about it or overthink it! lol
  11. Indeed, though we had enough content to fill several pages! lol @zackrobbman I know you were absolutely baiting me... and while I don't care for being baited... I could not resist!
  12. Erin was not what you would call a "proper" women, but despite herself she couldn't help but think to herself that between Clive insulting her figure, and then insulting her intelligence, and then telling her to go to hell (or something to that effect), it was no wonder why the man was a pitiful, booze-soaked drifter and not a happily married man*. And for a moment she had been about to smile at him when he tipped his hat to her, but instead, as Clive turned away after calling her dumb (which was completely accurate of course), she was making angry choking gestures behind his back, which can only be appreciated if the hypothetical camera angle is placed in front of Clive, looking back at the fuming Erin behind him. Got that comic artists and filmmakers that will eventually adapt this into a world famous series? Good. Anyway, based on what little she managed to hear of Aslom's ramblings, Erin seemed to believe that the woman thought herself trapped in some sort of fictional story, which actually seemed to make a lot of sense given everything that had happened to Erin. Maybe all this was just a fiction, and the only reason she was alive was because she was a main character and had plot armor... Just then, that line-of-thought was interrupted, as Clive then decided to ask Erin, of all people, what was going on with the Sorcerers Supreme**, despite the presence of an apparently brilliant scientist and an actual mage. Because clearly, according to Clive, the flat-chested, pea-brained, hell-bound, second-rate assassin is most qualified to answer that question. "I don't fucking know!" Erin blurted, "All I see are a bunch of wannabe god-things stroking their own egos and putting on a fancy light-show. I say we get the hell out while the gettin's good." Clive echoed that sentiment a moment later as he ignored her and instead turned his attention to Dr. Leonard. Thinking about it, Erin wondered why she hadn't bailed on this circus sooner, but she had this sneaking feeling that going off on her own was a good way to get into an even worse situation with nobody to bail her out. Meanwhile, Leonard could only shake his head at Clive. "There isn't a bar within a hundred miles of here, or at least there wasn't when I moved here. But I've been living underground for a decade or two, so I suppose I cannot be sure. But that is irrelevant, as we have to be able to get away without Laverius tracking us, and if we can, avoid giving him another toy to experiment on." He shoved his daughtersword into his belt again and motioned for the assembly to follow, having blatantly ignored the ramblings of the Blackspears, though he gestured at them to follow as well. Unlike the others though, the Blackspears were not privy to his base's location, so he was not as concerned if they foolishly decided to stay and get captured or killed by Lavernius. On the other hand, Akor seemed like a powerful sort, and Lavernius did not deserve to capture another individual of that caliber. "The generator's demise might also destabilize his local equipment, at least temporarily. That gives us our best window to escape. It has to be close, so spread out and find it!" he urged, "Before Lavernius calls out something worse than Henry or his mechanical sentries!" * - your humble narrator has no factual confirmation that such a thing exists ** - coming soon to a Little Caesar's near you! Meanwhile, inside Laverius's base... The lone hunchbacked minion made his way to the elevator and ascended to one of the upper levels of his master's sprawling fortress-lab. As the doors opened, he stepped out into a giant cloning chamber, which was currently inactive and dark, and without any growing fetuses, due to the latest batch of clones being already fully grown and ready. After crossing a couple obnoxiously long catwalks, the minion stepped into a room that, which unlike the rest of the high-tech base, was straight out of 1944. Inside was a small army, the result of one of Laverius's less-than-successful ventures. You see, some months ago, Lavernius dispatched one of his lackeys to acquire the DNA of the most elite soldier he could find, so that he could be cloned into an army of obedient, organic drones that could be deployed at a whim, but not suffer the limitations of technology. The lackey, figuring the best place to find a gallant warrior was at some sort of drinking establishment, stopped at a place in a remote city that was currently acting as a staging area for some sort of military operation. Soldiers appeared to be passing through frequently, so he figured there were bound to be suitable subjects within. Unfortunately, the day and place he chose had put him on collision course with the absolute worst squad within that entire army, and when he strode into the bar and began questioning the men there who the most "quintessential soldier" among them was, they directed him toward one man in particular. The lackey subsequently approached that man and managed to acquire both a substantial DNA sample for cloning, and a brain scan to provide a template for mental programming, though he nearly was roasted, perforated, blown-to-bits and buried alive in the process (the man he attempted to acquire the sample from did not appreciate being poked and prodded, you see, and his squadmates were happy to use that heated disagreement as an excuse to start a chaotic bar-brawl that ended with them all being cuffed and chained by the time their unit shipped out to their final destination). Anyway, the lackey managed to return intact, and Laverius got to work on what was supposed to a monumental success. And indeed, when the first batch of clones were completed, they were all square-jawed, shaved-headed, gruff-voiced, jack-booted goose-steppers who looked and sounded every bit the part of perfect soldiers. There was just one problem... They were all complete morons. Apparently the "quintessential soldier" was just the guy who spouted enough soldier-like nonsense that his squad, which was made up mostly of mercenaries and convicts, considered him the most soldier-like of their lot. Subsequently, the consciousness of the lackey who acquired that sample now inhabited the self-propelled floor polisher. But as for the project, it had been dubbed as "Project Grunt", so named after the imbecile who served as the original host for the fiasco. The rarely-used "Grunt Squad" now hung-out in a room specially set-aside for them, with old-fashioned alarms and ancient-looking computers and fake battle-maps. As the hunchback minion stumbled inside, several hundred men puffing on various cigars and pipes, and with clunky steel helmets that covered their eyes, all snapped their heads instantly toward him. Minion looked up at them nervously, before meekly addressing them. "T-the master wishes for you to assemble and move out immediately! Your m-m-mission is to capture the intruders that escaped Henry's cave..." "INTRUDERS IN HENRY'S CAVE!?" one of the grunts barked. "TEEEEEEEEEEN HUT!" one of them, in a ridiculously over-decorated general's uniform, roared. Every single clone there dropped whatever they were doing and snapped to attention. The general shifted his corn-cob pipe side to side in his mouth as he looked over the entire lot, before nodding and pulling out a standard army-issue fold-out shovel. "AAAATTTTAAAAAAAAACCCKKK!!!" The entire "squad" immediately stampeded for the door, causing the hunchback to regret not leaving the instant he finished delivering the message, as he was completely flattened by herd of half-wits. The grunt army, armed with a variety of shotguns, rocket launchers and various melee weapons and digging tools, made straight for their designated sally-port, and they would not stop until their mission was completed...
  13. Lol, poor Erin. When you have an average bust in a fiction setting everyone makes fun of you for being "flat". 😆
  14. Maybe not over winning, but maybe over who survives to reach the next (and presumably last) nightmare. 🤔
  15. That right there is the biggest question. I have 4 damage coming at me, but have to content with 8 points of enemy HP. And since my Counter-Attacks are exhausted, I have to decide whether to just put all my actions into dodges (and take only 1 damage) or try divvy-up between dodges and attacks. Even if there's another round after this, might just be worth it to do nothing but dodge at this point, since we're seemingly going to be liberated by the nightmare ending after the final round, right? Or do we all die because we failed to kill all the enemies? 😲
  16. "Linda, alright," Shane nodded, "Uh... nice to meet you Linda... I'm Shane." She listened silently as Linda described the complication that she didn't understand, which all but dashed what little hope Shane felt she still had. "So... that means... that means there is nothing you can do to reverse it... I take it?" she said softly, pulling her legs closer to herself, as if to try and hide her own body from herself further. * * * "My duties as the Duchess of House Karradeen are my life. Every of my youth from the moment my brother was born was spent learning and working toward that goal, because the title was mine, and I was going to be worthy of it no matter what." She shook her head as she glanced over to see how quickly the marine was getting those hot drinks ready. "There will be no situation where I am not the Duchess of Karradeen, because if there is no Karradeen, there will be no me; I'll be dead. The House will not fall so long as I am alive to rule it."
  17. Dramatic--post from Melanie upcoming. XD (Meanwhile, all the others ladies are like "Oh, thank <insert patron deity>!")
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    General chat thread

    I'll be waiting until it is on DVD at the library, so I don't have to give Disney any more money that they don't need. 🤣
  19. Shane looked up at the white-haired woman, upon being poked. She wasn't sure how to answer the first question, as everything just felt wrong, yet the overall state-of-being was not that much different. It was hard to fathom being grateful for it, but when she thought back to those vague, foggy memories of the endless fall to hell, she realized that it would be wrong not to express gratitude. "I'm sorry, I've just been... overwhelmed. Thank you for saving me," she said softly. She shivered as a gust of cool wind blew by, and she glanced longingly at the cabin that Abigail and Holly had entered. "I didn't deserve a second chance," she added, looking down again. * * * "Oh, of course..." Abigail realized at once that she had made a small error in not ordering one of her servants to follow them in. It was a mistake she promptly corrected by heading back to the door and calling out to one of the lower-ranking marines. He entered, and she instructed him to locate some tea and prepare a pot for herself and the Lady Sheathe. Though it was outside his regular realm of duty, the soldier obeyed. "Now then," the duchess sat down across a small table from Holly, "We may speak more comfortably then. In reference to your remark, while you have the disposition of a commoner, you have at least taken to your duties as a noble with responsibility. The same cannot be said for others of less-than-sophisticated dispositions." Her thoughts were immediately drawn to a pair of recently deposed drow who had no business being considered nobles, but who had somehow obtained the title under Taen's rule. "And you have performed your part of this expedition admirably thusfar. I respect that."
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