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  1. We could if needed. Do you think you're gonna be unable to post for quite a few more days, then? I'm willing to wait a little longer if you don't think it will be too much longer.
  2. Upon hearing the word "Uru" being mentioned, both Joseph and Diric shared a brief glance, knowing how valuable that particular resource had become to their military buildup in recent months. Confirmation that there were deposits of it in Tazerek, and that Oscar Uldwar had substantial amounts of it to Ursa Madeum, were significant revelations indeed. "Fascinating." Diric was first to speak, "Uru is noted for its capabilities in storing magical energy, meaning it could conceivably been used to hold a considerable power load. However, for that power to be useful, there would have to be a means of converting it into destructive force and delivering it to its target." He naturally worded it so that Barrows could continue his explanation, though he was already formulating various hypothesis in his head. "Go on." Joseph elected to directly urge Barrows, though he himself was considering both the potential political ramifications if this got out, but also the potential usefulness of the Uru ore and possibly the weapon Oscar had been working on.
  3. Oh, it was fine, all things considered. A bit thrown-off by people still recovering from illness, but otherwise fine. It's just my parents and my brother and sister, so not particularly big. Yourself?
  4. So makes me have to ask: Is all that stuff you (err, the narrator) make(s) mention(s) of in your posts actual life experiences for you? Or is that just making up stuff to make the narrator sound more interesting?
  5. Fair point, definitely need a little time to learn a little about one-another. I'm fine with waiting until the rest of ya'll post then, I just wanted to bring it up so that this didn't sit unattended to for too long.
  6. I'm doing fine. Narrowly avoided getting sick myself (most of my family got sick, and though I don't live with them anymore, it was Easter weekend, so I was naturally going to go over to visit). But anyway, just trying to catch up on everything that fell behind during the holiday week.
  7. Interesting how weak the Uldwar family truly was, that Oscar's absence could leave them to fracture so thoroughly. What an amazingly stark contrast they were to Hildebrand, where the death of their father had only seemed to affirm their familial bonds with one-another, rather then divide them. Meanwhile, the absence of the Uldwar patriarch's iron fist had left the entire House in chaos, with factions forming in support of the various siblings, and with their own mother having simply abandoned the House altogether. It was sad in a way, but it seemed that for all his power, Oscar actually had had very little control. The Norkotians were soon led into an interior room, where a relatively frail-looking fellow was waiting. Tynes regarded him a moment, offering him a respectful handshake and a simple nod in acknowledgement, as Mia introduced him. Barrows then explained more about himself, prompting another eyebrow raise from Diric. "Define, unsavory." the Prime Minster questioned. "I'll have you know of course, that I have to keep the best interests of Norkotia in mind, and it would reflect poorly should these "projects" create diplomatic incident with the Veluriyam Empire." Tynes noted, immediately concerned about the possibility of sanction or restriction being imposed in response to a real or perceived violation of law. Diric, naturally, already had such things under consideration, but he was also curious what it was that Oscar had been working on.
  8. Hey guys, just checking to see how everyone's doing. I know you guys had been pretty sick, so don't consider this to be me trying to hurry anything along, I just know that if you leave something sit too long, people start to forget about it.
  9. So you were planning on going next then, Zack? Or should I consider adding on to give us something to do before Lavernius acts?
  10. When the Cursor guy showed up, Nikki thought for a second that he was another of the Cult's weirdos, but he quickly proved her wrong by firing a remarkably accurate string of magic spells at all of the people present at this little standoff. The dragon vanished, from sight for a moment, though careful observation would reveal that Arashi was still present, just in a different form. But Nikki didn't have time to spot that form, as the cries of the two cultists demanded her attention first. The woman seemed to be freaking-out over something, but what it was, Nikki could not see. It was odd, since that woman had previously seemed so cold and collected, but apparently the spell had driven her mad. The man, on the other hand, was suffering from a far more tangible effect. His body was swelling up like a balloon, which was also causing him to freak-out, which was understandable. Especially when he started to hover just above the ground. If he kept blowing up at this rate, he'd float away (like a balloon) and possibly wind up in the stratosphere. That would be a rather amusing way for one of Lilith's feared cultists to meet his doom. Alas, fate had other plans... "Help me, Ephah, somebody, please!" Now, Nikki wasn't cold of heart, but she was also smart enough to know not to run out and help an enemy that would likely kill her and a lot of innocent people if they could. She was smart enough to let him him float away, or force his friend to rescue him, thus making the both of them vulnerable to being stunned and captured. In fact, this situation had allowed Nikki a tremendous opportunity to bag two cultists for the authorities to imprison or interrogate. But, the Cursor giveth, the Cursor taketh away. Rather than do the smart thing and shoot the two, or stay put and see what happened, Nikki found herself standing up and rushing over to Rami. She wasn't completely out of control of herself, as she had the wherewithal to sling her rifle over her shoulder rather than drop it, but at the same time, she felt herself compulsively rushing to aid the foolish man. "What am I doing...?" she asked herself in confusion, as she managed to arrive just in time to catch Rami's foot before he floated out of reach, "Wha..." She pulled him back down to the ground and held him there, not sure why she was doing this. Though, once she had succeeded in helping him once, that compulsion suddenly went away, and she instinctively let go of the man, prompting him to start to ascend again. What the heck was that all about? Had he mind controlled her? No wait, was that because of the Cursor's spell? Whatever it was, she needed to deal with this before it happened again. Leaving Rami to start to flail away helplessly, she whirled around and faced the deranged Ephah, who still looked aghast as though she were being given a glimpse into the depths of one of the many Valucrean Hells. Without a word, she balled up her fist and launched a right cross at Ephah's jaw, going for a knock-out blow with one strike. @vielle @Thotification @Metty
  11. Current day... The squad was fairly spread-out once again, save for one major change that had been implemented on Lieutenant Precht's orders (which were orders relayed down from Major Krieger, the man in overall command of Norkotian forces in Yh'mi). All Norkotian soldiers were now required to operate in a buddy system at all times, and were only allowed to go outside of secured zones in groups of four or more. This was in order to combat future Twistling infiltration, which Krieger would not tolerate happening in the future. Murray's squad had drawn straws to see who went with who, since most of them didn't really like each-other enough to give a shit. So when Charlie decided to make his move on Melanie Winter, she was not alone. Sitting across from her was one of the non-criminal Rangers, a rather boisterous ex-mercenary named Hudson. He appeared to be the most battle-read, with a suit of some sort of armor (likely acquired outside of Norkotia) one of those nasty Jorgerson Submachineguns (one of which had been used to great effect against the wagons by the twistlings days ago). Though he didn't actually try to stop Charlie's approach or anything, perhaps being as curious as Ed was about how badly this exchange could go... "Hm?" Melanie turned around, a certain wild, but oddly innocent curiosity in her eyes, "Wha--- Oh! You are on fire!" She smiled broadly as she stood up and snatched her flamethrower from where it was leaning against a crate. A couple flicks of switches and a small, blue pilot light appeared at the end of one of the tubes, which was there to ignite the flammable vapors when they were expelled through the main tube. "And you're not screaming in horror! Are you immune to fire? Is that even possible? Can I test it? Can I set you on fire? Will you let me set you on fire? I think I'm gonna set you on fire!" She babbled on in an almost childishly excited voice, before activating her looks-like-it-was-made-by-a-Canadian-redneck-with-ducttape-flamethrower and attempting to set Charlie on fire. Guess this relationship was off to a roaring start. Very steamy indeed. I mean the heat between them is almost tangible. Actually it is. It just melts the heart, doesn't it? Meanwhile, in the food tent... Somehow, Scoot had either gotten to be the luckiest (or least luckiest) man in the camp, having gotten paired off with one of the most attractive women in the camp. Unfortunately, she was also one of the woman most likely to end the manhood (if she's feeling generous) of any given man in the camp. But the draw (and your humble author would like to emphasize that it was a legitimately random pairing) had put the two of them together, which meant... well... maybe fate was trying to tell Scoot something? "So uh... Jessica..." "Don't call me that. I fucking hate that name, I much prefer Jessie." the ex-hitwoman replied, not even looking up from her rations. "Oh-uh, okay. So, Jessie..." "First name basis is a little too familiar, don't you think, Corporal Deckel?" she retorted. "Uhhh... okay, Ms. Briggs..." "Please refer to me by my rank, Corporal. I understand you outrank me, but I insist upon being afforded the title I am owed. Just because I am a woman does not mean you can disregard it." Jessie stated, still not looking up from her food. "Duh... so... Private Briggs--" "Private First Class." "Huggh... Private First Class Jessica--" "Jessie." "Private First Class Jessie Briggs!" Scoot practically shouted, slamming his palm against the table. Jessie finally looked up. "Yes sir, corporal?" "..." "..." "Uhhhhhh... I gotta tray of chicken...?"
  12. Takes it as a compliment. 👍 Well, I mean... you can be a widow and a virgin. It's just usually if your marriage lasts through the first night, you probably won't be. Of course, Erin is that kind of person who could somehow manage to have all of her husbands die within the same day as their wedding. XD On a semi-related side-note, Jaist was actually shipping Erin and Clive in discord chat a while back. 🤣 It's been sooooooo long since I've seen that movie, I hardly remember much of it. But Pixar does have a thing for sprinkling dark jokes/themes into their movies.
  13. Hahaha, she's made a lot of widows, but she is hardly one herself. Like... well like literally all my characters... she's a virgin. lol Better to have never loved at all than to have loved and lost... that's how it goes right?
  14. Trivia: I was actually gonna have "Bad Company" (by the band "Bad Company", off the album "Bad Company") as the SQUAAAD theme, and while it technically still can be, I didn't actually post it to their post since I thought it was almost a little too serious for them. lol
  15. @Csl Very awesome! I was wanting to make a meme thread at some point, but I just didn't have images for the phrases I was wanting to meme. Still, don't, so I decided to make one into literally just text. Make sure to copy that image link and spam it all across the board!
  16. Gotcha, I'll make a small addition just to reflect that too.
  17. If I am mistaken in my assumptions and I am actually supposed to also write for the fake Erin, I can addon. But since it's kind of a surprise thing and I don't know who or what it is, I presumed it was meant to only be controlled by you. @supernal
  18. What's this madness? The last thing Erin expected was to see herself. Much less see herself firing arrows at her... self... Oh yeah, should probably try not to get hit by that. Erin tried to spin out of the way, but arrow tore through her clothing and caused a painful laceration in her side, causing the spinning dive to turn into a stumbling collapse. It wasn't the most severe injury she'd ever suffered, but no injury was pleasant to sustain. Fighting through it, she drug herself behind another tree. "Why couldn't this be like an actual video game where I just lose health instead of actually feel this shit?" she wondered to herself. Her required complaining out of the way, she pushed herself up the tree until she was standing, keeping out of sight she planned her next action. This other version of her was either a person that had chosen her appearance and weapons in hopes of throwing her off, or worse, was some sort of computer-generated AI that was scanning her mind so it could counter her tactics. If it was the latter, she had no way of beating it, unless it had established certain limits of itself. But that wouldn't exactly be a good or fair fight, so why they'd allow such a thing was beyond her. "Alright, let's see you handle this..." she spoke to herself. Taking out two arrows, she stuck one in the ground at her feet, then notched the other. She pivoted only slightly to her left and released the arrow, sending it flying at about a 45-degree angle from where the hostile Erin had last been seen. Without hesitating, Erin then pivoted the opposite direction, to the right, fetching the second arrow from the ground, while rolling out of cover to the right as she notched it. She'd only have a split-second to hopefully catch the other Erin while the first arrow hopefully distracted her, but it would be enough to sight and fire. And luckily, her gambit worked exactly as planned. "Gotcha." Erin grinned as she listened to the whistle of her arrow flying through the frigid mountain air that separated them.
  19. 😨 The shame. *jumps off a bridge* *survives because plot armor, and also it was just a footbridge over a stream...* But yeah, sorry, I started to write it yesterday, then work went full ****-mode again...
  20. It's more that only a tiny fraction of the populace is even capable (you must be "Force-sensitive"). And it takes years of training to be able to hone the ability to shoot lightning (only two people to use it in the movies were both old guys) or to use the mind tricks. The movies focused mainly on the Skywalker line, who were supposedly some of the most powerful force-users ever, and even they needed years to learn. That said, generally there is/was a much higher power level in the expanded universe (video games in particular), but even in the games where there are a lot more users, they're still a relatively small fraction of the population. Ignore the current Disney crap they're putting out now. You don't learn how to mind trick people within a couple hours of discovering the Force even exists, or learn the mental focus capable of lifting huge boulders within a few days of knowing (but never meditating or training). The people making the movies now are just pushing stupid agendas and not really giving a shit about how the lore was constructed. Anyway, so in summary: The number of magic-users in Star Wars is very low (there were only a few hundred, maybe a few thousand Jedi at any given time, in a Galaxy of billions of people), and the Force is difficult and time-consuming to hone, but you can be pretty powerful if you live long enough to reach your potential.
  21. This is partially due to "I was raised on this" bias, but I tend to like low or moderate magic systems, depending somewhat upon the overall setting. Star Wars is one of my favorite settings, where The Force (basically space magic) is technically "present" everywhere, but mostly unseen by the bulk of the people in the Galaxy. It's presence is stronger in some places, weaker in others. Overall, most people can reasonably choose not to believe in The Force at all, since most won't encounter it personally. Those who do use it are few and far between, but can become reasonably powerful after years of grueling training and practice. I'd call Star Wars "Mid-Fantasy", though I suppose it is technically a low-powered High Fantasy. I dunno. I also like how certain action adventure universes handle magic. Good examples would be Indiana Jones, The Mummy, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean. These are low-fantasy universes where the magic/supernatural is largely focused in artifacts or lost/fringe practices, and most of the action is still classic swordplay or gunplay. But the supernatural element adds a nice creepy vibe to the otherwise mundane setting. The problem is that series like this tend to start going too far in their sequels and they lose the magic of the original films by... ironically... adding too much magic and fantasy in the sequels.
  22. For Enid it is 3 rounds. However, since this will be your third post since the curse, at the end of it, she can be restored to normal. I haven't started counting for Abigail yet because she hasn't been on screen yet... 😅 Keep sidetracking myself with area descriptions and stuff.
  23. Yeah, makes sense. This has always been a problem I run into with GMing... I'll try to be more conscious of this going forward.
  24. Also, except for Casey, everyone's curses probably will have worn off by the time they wake-up. Casey is hard to pin-down, since she's an NPC that everyone writes, but I'm just going off of my posts for how long hers lasts. And I like her as a sword. lol
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