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  1. Hail Azathoth! lol

  2. Hail Azathoth! lol

  3. Hail Azathoth! lol

  4. @The Dualist @Tyler @Warlock @Knighto @Tia Dalma @LikelyMissFortune  and others who I didn't think of tagging rn


    I didin't forget about any of my threads, I just have been dealing with a lot lately. My sister is going trough a separation with her husband, my girlfriend is going trough a lot of stress, etc etc so I've been spending a lot of time with those close to me right now. 

    I'm really sorry to be posting so little recently, its not how I usually am but I'm struggling to find time. I will try to slide in some replies in the following days since things seems to be slowing down.

    Thank you for understanding! 

  5. I think . . . you might be hilarious? We may or may not have to talk at length about science fantasy and I may even chase you down on the plains for some roleplay after I close out my big plot threads

    Just friendly neighborhood information-man

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