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  1. Aidan Valnaris

    Fate and Fortune.

    "Hmm, what a predicament." Though she said that, amysement could be seen dancing in her eyes "So we will be playing some tag? Interesting." With the ever present smile, the shadows engulfed her upper torso as two jet black wings erupted from her back and slowly floated in the air. "Dear Liam," she spoke without turning "Mind watching over the little princess for me? I have no doubt that she would chase after the other once I have chosen my mark. Here's a little gift so that you won't get lost along the way." She waved her dagger in the air and three beams of light shot out towards Liam "Strength" A red beam "Speed" A green beam "Reflex" and an orange beam Vertucious giggled before patting Aiyanna's head before darting away towards the tiefling that went right. Though she had push down the urge to vomit from the repeated use of magic, she was still smiling. "You can run. You can hide. But for as long as you stay in the shadows, you will find it difficult to escape me."
  2. Aidan Valnaris

    Welcome to the Velvet Room

    "Well, what do we have here!" A cheerful, melodious voice resounded as the door to the private booth opened. Vertucious stepped with a genial smile on her face as she saw those who were approaching "What a fine gathering of gents, please do come in!" She ushered them inside and even grabbed the dirtied clothed gentleman along with a stone-like giant "Let us invite these fine people as well why don't we? It's only right that we are to take care of our people after all, right?" The dazzling smile on her face became brighter as she ordered a maid to prepare some food and wine to drink. Vertucious had them sit down on the couches, perhaps slightly bewildered by her cheerful attitude, though she was always like that to begin with. Not that any of the new gentlemen knew though. She closed the curtains before sitting down on one of the plush maroon chairs as the doors opened. Waiters and maids alike entered to place down an unhealthy amount of food on the table with the alcohol being poured in their glasses. Though she herself only had apple cider, as she was a light drinker and easily got drunk. She started munching happily on a cookie before turning towards Aiyanna "So I heard you talking about the plight of Blairsville as well as the job in Hell's Gate am I right?" Vertucious was still smiling but her eyes was serious "Say, would you mind if I take Hell's Gate? I have some business to attend to with one a certain 'acquaintance' that has been quite annoying lately. So I decided to pay him a 'visit', and since I was already heading there in the first place it would be a good idea to put me in charge, no?" Vertucious' eyes wandered over the people at her table, cold and calculating, before cheerfully announcing "I'll take these newbies with me as well. It would be best if they could get some experience after all. Michael can also come with me if he wants to help me." The way she said it, it was clear that they had no choice but to come along with her though.
  3. Aidan Valnaris

    Fate and Fortune.

    "I'm afraid I can't let you do that." Darkness started encroaching onto her domain as the steady hum of power was released into the air. The power itself wasn't strong, in fact it could be considered to be extremely weak that people of their strength could bear it easily as breathing, despite that, it was enough to fill the target with the cold feeling of dread. Footsteps could be heard all around them, each loudly banging against the ground as if declaring to the world Here I Am, come get me. Yet no matter how much one would look around, they would never find out where she was. The Darkness was Vertucious' domain, so once the woman's own hellfire was being consumed by the abyss it would be difficult to overcome. The Duke's domain wasn't one that gave her strength, but rather it gave her a clearer mind and a place where she could hide from her foes. Unless one had a high affinity for fire or light attribute, it would be difficult to pinpoint her exact location. But even with that said, she decided to appear on her own in front of her adversary. Not only did she have the woman's gun in her hand inspecting it as if it was a piece of art, wrapped in her embrace was none other than Aiyanna herself. Almost as if by magic, the Aiyanna being held by the demon disappeared. No, it would be more accurate to say that she melted into the shadows and appeared into her arms. Vertucious smiled and gave Aiyanna a look over "Oh my, m'Lady, barely a month into power and you have already found yourself in such dire straits? How would John react if he found out about this." Though her voice was cheerful, her eyes was tinged with concern before turning back to the other woman. "Well, we can't just let you go for what you have done you know? The mansion was rather expensive after all." She giggled before giving the gun a look over "Though it would be rather... dull if you were unable to put up a fight so..." The handgun flew in the air and landed by her feet. Slightly damaged but still usable. "I plead you, make this enjoyable for me." Shadows erupted and sharp tendrils struck forward at high speeds.
  4. Aidan Valnaris

    Fate and Fortune.

    Oh my, you really do like getting into trouble now, don't you Miss Fortune? Vertucious was simply enjoying her stroll across town. She decided that since it was such a nice day outside, it would be nice to simply relax for once. So with that thought, she simply left a letter on her bed saying that she will be back in a couple of days as she snuck out of the house without informing anyone about her departure to ensure that nobody would ruin her peaceful walk. It hadn't been more than 2 hours before she heard gunshots from the Fortune Manor. Though, I suppose it would've been too much to hope for a peaceful day. She didn't run nor did she steal a car to get there as fast as possible. Walking rather leisurely, Vertucious took out a dagger from her shadow and started twirling it around her hand as she approached the manor. Even from here she could see the black smoke rising into the sky, indicating that there was a rather big fire. Aided by the staccato of gunshots earlier, it's rather obvious what's happening now, isn't it? She slowly came to a stop, just in front of the manor itself. The smile never faded even as she assessed the situation. Many of the servants were dead - perhaps it's a good thing? - the mansion was burning in multiple places, and footprints - barely visible, experts - going in every direction, away from the area. It was obvious that the footprints belong the enemy's side, since none of the servants would run away when their esteemed lady was in danger. They were trained to use their bodies as shields for her after all. John, despite being a demented psychopath that we all knew and love, was actually a loving father in his own sick and demented way. And as the one who was always sent to clean up the fool's mess, Vertucious will have to protect her beloved niece as well. She was awfully fond with that troublemaker after all. But what should she use to put out the fire? She cupped her chin in thought before snapping her fingers. Fire, one of the basic elements of the world. The element that brings flame and light upon us all. The perfect example would be the giant flaming ball illuminating the sky every day. She adjusted the way she held onto the dagger in her hand and started holding as how a conductor would hold his stick - my, that sounds dirty - and started making random hand gestures, as if something would actually happen. Normally, nothing would happen--- Light, is one of the most important substance that one needs in this world. It gives life to the world and allows people to wander in bliss and happiness. And when there is light to guide the way... But honestly, Verutcious was never ordinary to begin with The shadows, darkness, is there to drag them down. The shadows all around her, from the trees, bodies, cars, and even from Mister Dalziel - Oh! Wonderful! - left the ground and gathered on top of Vertucious' head. The writhing orb of darkness started bulging in all directions before it exploded outwards. Numerous black tendrils lurched forward and covered the flames in darkness, devouring it's once majestic light, before disappearing entirely. But that's not all. Screams could be heard from the surroundings as three men suddenly appeared out of nowhere, with black tendrils going through their chests, and slammed them together before dropping them on the ground. "Hmm... seems like I missed some of them. Perhaps I need to work on my aim?" The smile slowly became sinister as she crouched down towards one of the men she stabbed in the chest, still alive despite having one of his lungs completely crushed "Now, mind explaining what you people are doing in such a wonderful day like this?"
  5. Aidan Valnaris

    The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    @Ozark @Fennis Ursai The forum 'Welcome to the Velvet Room' Is and introductory forum where the new blood are recently joining the ranks of the Gentlemen. We're currently still doing the introductions so if you want to try and join you can start there. Additionally we made that chat room in hopes that after the introductions are over, we can use it as a hubworld of sorts so that we can come and go. Such as your character in need of assistance for a mission, asking for items, or even just to socialize to give more information about your character. Currently the Dukes, the current leaders of the group, are being controlled by me, MissFortune, Grimmholt, Naralia, and ChaoticanWriter
  6. Aidan Valnaris

    Welcome to the Velvet Room

    It’s Fascinating, Vertucious mused as she slowly ascended the stairs with a playful smile on her face – the same smile that never left her face – she approached one of the small booths within the second floor as the knights and gentlemen kneeled in respect. She didn’t reply – never did in the past – the Duke simply sent them a bewitching smile that captured the hearts of both men and women alike. The booth itself was rather small, there was a large velveteen chair that gave her access to the view below her. She sat down on the chair and watched them mingle with one another. “It is really fascinating. Seeing how the strong are speaking to the weak so willingly.” Vertucious lightly giggled as a dainty hand covered her lips before her smile twitched – sad but happy, regretful yet content – before going back to normal “This is what you wanted in the first place… isn’t that right?” She wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular, but someone still replied either way. “Master. I do not believe that such a man like ‘The Gentleman’ could hold such… mortal affections.” The air shifted behind the Duke, but she wasn’t worried. Why would she? After all, the one speaking to her was one of her most trusted companion. Vertucious tilted her head, but didn’t look away from the spectacle before her “Ah, I suppose you do have a point, dear Aila. But Johnny boy was still human after all, he did have proper intentions when he started all of this.” She stood up and walked towards the edge of the booth she was in. Leaning on the rails, she faced her trusted friend and peered into her brown and golden orbs. It was the only thing that could be seen underneath the hood they were wearing “Change. Rebellion. Reform. To fight against the oppressors… could such a cold man that everyone knew really do such a thing for the benefit of others? He was pure, ambitious in the past. One of the main reasons why I joined him in the first place. Back then, he was just so… bright that just by looking at him it felt as if I was blinded by the sun. Alas, he fell down from grace, never to be able to shine once more. ‘You either die a hero, or live long enough to be the villain’…” There was a short silence before she turned back towards the group below that became quiet all of a sudden. “Let’s not speak of such depressing topics for now. How goes the investigation?” Aila nodded “We have located approximately 7 ‘insects’ within our humble abode. Cobalt and Samuel are currently taking care of the pests as we speak.” “Oh? I see, I see. Do take care of them dear? I detest have bugs in our lovely home.” She ordered with the same smile on her face. Aila nodded and stepped into the shadows before disappearing entirely “Well, well, well… what do we have here?” Vertucious just kept smiling as her fellow Dukes waved at her from afar before her eyes zeroed in on her dear niece “Oh Aiyanna, I wonder if this is your way of going through the rebellious phase.” While she didn’t mind the new change of wardrobe, it caused a commotion here in the upper echelon. She could even see her fellow Dukes’ reactions toward their little mistress’ attire. Some were pleasantly surprised while others were baffled. Though it begged to question, What does this mean for the Gentleman’s Club I wonder. Ever since the founding of the Club, they’ve followed John’s footsteps through thick and thin. To the point they even were suits so that they could have a sense of unity. And yet here was the young Fortune, wearing a dress that was most definitely not a suit, and ruining her own father’s legacy with such a simple action. Though maybe this is a good thing? Vertucious shrugged before waving back at her fellow Dukes. As always, she never did take a side in the war for the throne. If she did then the one she chose would already be dead by now. The Duke smiled as she sat back down on her oh so comfortable chair to watch the situation unfold.
  7. Aidan Valnaris

    Cult of the Damned! Need bad guy!

    Well, mind telling me when it's nearly my time to jump in?
  8. Aidan Valnaris

    Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Well if you dont mind having me, I'd like to join this as well actually since I have a character who's currently 'free'. Though she considers herself to be Neutral Good, she isn't averse to doing bad deeds. Though she wouldn't join you guys unless you have something to offer her. Her name is Lusia or Eva as she likes to call herself, and what she wants most in this world is knowledge. Nothing specific, it can be anything. If your group promises her that she could have some of the books/tomes/or scrolls she could get her hands on. Well, i'm fine if you guys dont want me though, I'm just asking P. S. I edited her bio so you can go and check her out if your interested
  9. Aidan Valnaris

    Welcome to the Velvet Room

    The roar of the airships could be heard from the distance as they touched down on the landing pads within Izral. They numbered 3 in total, and each were designed for both combat and transport while still looking innocent enough that one would simply look at it and think it was just a snot nosed noble declaring to the world on how rich he was. The airships were matte black in color with metal plates at the underside of the ship, on the side were a pair of wings that were currently releasing gales of wind towards the ground, and by the looks of it, it could even change directions, allowing it to both hover in place and soar through the skies. The latches on the backside of the airship started to open as men and women started pouring out. In total there were about 30 men and women, all unique in their own way. Some were half-giants while others were foxes. The only thing they had in common was that they were all wearing suits, as is mandatory. After all, one can act like a gentleman all they want, but to truly be one, they must look the part. While they were looking around, a beautiful lady with ashen white hair approached them. She herself was wearing a white button up shirt underneath a blue slim lattice leisure vest and was wearing black slacks and dress shoes. An epitome of beauty started walking towards the group with a bewitching smile on her face. While most of them leered at her, she simply ignored them and bowed. "Greetings, my name is Vertucious von Eldrich." She looked at every one of them before nodding "I am to guide you to our lovely establishment, dear 'customers'." She led the group of salivating men and disgusted women towards the streets and into the many vintage cars that drove to their destination. After a couple of minutes they stopped in front of a rather large building. As everyone stepped out of the vehicles, Vertucious asked them to follow him inside. It was pretty cramped, but eventually they headed straight towards the basement and down a long tunnel. At first it was dark and dreary, like a cave that could be found within the mountains, their surroundings started to change. The once stone floors gave way to oak as the crude torches hanging from the walls became pristine white candles. Paintings were hung on the walls, each probably costing more than their equipment put together and sold on the black market. Cabinets and tables of mahogany can be seen as far as the eye could see. Soon enough they arrived in front of a large ornate wooden door with runes etched on the side. Vertucious walked up to it and whispered softly before the runes flashed brightly before disappearing. As the door opened, Verutcious led them forwards and the door shut behind them. The beauty turned to face them and smiled once more "As I way mentioned before, my name is Vertucious von Eldrich." She paused for awhile, before bowing down, not in respect but rather just for manners sake "I am the 5th Duke of the Gentleman's club." Snapping her fingers, the lights turned on in accordance, revealing the entirety of the room. The first thing they noticed was that everything around them; the furniture, the plants, and even the paint was expensive. Soft velvet couches, mahogany tables, and even an indoor fountain could be seen. But what really gathered their attention was what they saw above them. In the relatively large room, they could see the second and third floors from where they stood. On the second floor were about hundreds of men and women dressed in suits just staring at them, with an unnerving smile on their faces. Yet for some reason they couldn't help but feel as if this wasn't even a fraction of their true numbers. On the third floor were the silhouttes of six figures, three on the left and three on the side, each exluding their very own Aura. Behind each of the three were 15 finely dressed members of the group with another group of what looked like knoghts surrounding them in a protective manner. The first thing they noticed was that everything around them; the furniture, the plants, and even the paint was expensive. Soft velvet couches, mahogany tables, and even an indoor fountain could be seen. But what really gathered their attention was what they saw above them. In the relatively large room, they could see the second and third floors from where they stood. On the second floor were about hundreds of men and women dressed in suits just staring at them, with an unnerving smile on their faces. Yet for some reason they couldn't help but feel as if this wasn't even a fraction of their true numbers. On the third floor were the silhouttes of six figures, three on the left and three on the side, each exluding their very own Aura. Behind each of the three were 15 finely dressed members of the group with another group of what looked like knoghts surrounding them in a protective manner. Vertucious waved his hands to the side and smiled, his ruby orbs staring at each and every one of them in a calculative manner "Welcome, to the Velvet Room."
  10. Aidan Valnaris

    The Rabbit Hole

    @Mag Well, to be honest, he was not expecting this. She looked like a nice girl and decided to go and have a chat with her simply because he wanted nothing to do with the cat fight happening back at the counter. At first he simply wanted to say hi and then maybe talk about few things before retiring, but after seeing how beautiful she looked. He decided to see if he could maybe, possibly, hopefully, successfully flirt with her. Obviously it failed miserably. Word after word came out of her mouth, fast and piercing just like the guns being made from Hell's Gate. Each of what she said slightly hurt as he realized that she was right. He did sound like a good-for-nothing pervert after all. Aidan grimaced and his eyes flashed a series of emotion - hurt, anger, and regret - when she mentioned his mother before he squashed that feeling. She didn't know, so there's no reason to get mad at her "Well that was awkward." He muttered under his breath. Hand on her ass? What the hell was that supposed to mean?! That wasn't even flirting! At best that was simply his own way of saying that he liked what he see and at worst she could've assumed him as some sort of sexual offender. He palmed his face with that thought and groaned. 'Goddamnit Aidan, for once in your life can you please speak to women properly?!' Coughing into his fist, he tried keeping what sense of dignity he still held, none "Sorry Miss Lear if that came out the wrong way, it's just that, well..." He trailed off and took a glance back at the counter where his companion was still arguing with the smaller woman. "I just wanted to get away from the ensuing cat fight and wanted to talk to a beauty like you." Aidan flashed her a brief smile. But truthfully, he wasn't even sure if what he said was alright - As in the 'I want to be friends or at least get to know you' type of thing - or if it sounded like another measly attempt to bed a woman. Hopefully it was the former. 'Here's to hoping. Her words earlier actually hurt, maybe this time I wouldn't be grilled for my choice of words?'
  11. Aidan Valnaris

    Chapter 1: Convergence.

    He ran his hand through his hair as he set down his 3rd bottle of apple cider. It may be weak but it tastes pretty good. Taking a glance to his side he realized that the lady, fairy, was still there. She seemed rather disinterested with what's happening all around her, yet her eyes still seemed as sharp as ever. As if looking for something that could be worth his time. Aidan closed his eyes and thought to himself. On one hand, he could just ignore her and enjoy another bottle of apple cider, while watching numerous drunk men making fools of themselves. On the other hand... He let out a silent sigh before ordering two more bottles of cider, and unlike his last three bottles, these were the expensive type. Freshly handpicked apples from the elven forest brewed by their best brew master. Aidan stood up and went towards the lady, his runic weapons lightly glowing from underneath his cloak, before smiling at her "Hey there, couldn't help but notice you seem a bit out of place." He stretched out his hand which held a bottle "Want a drink? It's on me." "My name's Aidan. What brings a beauty like you to a place like this?" While trying to speak with the fairy, he failed to realize that he left his money pouch on top of the counter beside the very same guy he offered a drink earlier
  12. Aidan Valnaris

    The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    @LikelyMissFortune And may my presence bring pandemonium against your enemies, M'lady
  13. Aidan Valnaris

    The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    And thus, the League of Extraordinary Gentleman was born
  14. Aidan Valnaris

    Spying.... On a Spy

    Surprisingly, it didn't really take that long to get there. After taking off his mask, Viper started walking through the busy streets with the poster on hand. At first he searched the paper for any clues for what he would possibly do. But no matter how hard he checked it was just a plain 'Help Wanted' poster that one could literally find across the entirety of Valucre. The paper was made of wood obviously, the text was printed with simple ink, and while there was traces of magic from it, it was probably just because it was made from one of those fancy tech that the people of Terrenus has been creating lately. Should I really be doing this? What if it was a trap? To lure innocent bystanders so that evil mages and warlocks could get their hands on a few test subjects. After all, only those desperate would really try their luck with such a sketchy poster like this, so the probability of people looking for poor old saps who have gone missing is probably low. Well, if that's the case, then I could just kill him After a couple of minutes he finally arrived in front of the address. His cloak was gone and his clothes was replaced with simple rags. His mask was gone, showing his soft and delicate features, making Viper look more like a beautiful woman than a man. Much to his chagrin seeing how numerous men tried to test their non-existent 'luck' with him. Let's just say he made sure they regret their decisions. Putting on a face of desperation and hunger, he knocked on the door. "H-hello? Is a-anyone t-there? I'm here f-for the j-job!" Sometimes he hated his voice. While normally he sounded rather soft and quiet, in truth he sounded like any other beautiful maiden in this world. Viper suppressed a grimace as he kept up the act. Well, if he was right about the entire experimentation idea, then there's just no way they could ignore a beautiful specimen like himself that many desired to ravage and take advantage of. Even though Viper was completely straight, he wondered if it was weird that he wasn't even worried by that thought.
  15. Aidan Valnaris

    Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    While this is interesting, sadly all my other characters are already part, or about to join, a faction so I can't really join you guys unless I make a new character. But I have some advice for you. If your really want to make this a big thing, I suggest messaging Supernal or any other Admin about this, for them to see how this progresses, and if it works out, who knows? It's possible that there would be missions in nearly every country of Valucre to take you guys down. Which would be very interesting as it would increase the RP experience for anybody else who wishes to join