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  1. I was excited as well until I saw those dreaded words. Ursa madeum 😄 If the tech cap wasn't there, hell I'd probably have a site up there, but magic man 😞 Magic always ruins my technological fun.
  2. Once the RP gets going, I think I'll be waiting for a good opportunity to send a VCF rep or a detachment 😄 I don't think the situation is rather condusive IC right as of now.
  3. SA-6566 Mission code: [REDACTED] Mission objective: Counter-intelligence If Addison was to observe the man, she'd see him reflexively prepare for a counter, his left arm tense ready to deflect a blow aimed at his face. Luckily that didn't happen. As he spoke, the lady listened, and calmed down. G's work etiquette was a strict one, and of course as any professional did; he did his fair share of homework. "Who I am, who I have worked for and what I have done is of no importance, I assure you. What is important however, is what you need me to do. You don't know much about me, but I know quite a bit about you, Mrs. Nacht. I know of this organization called The Final Bastion, and I know you're related to it. I know your people have nothing more than a few camps set up, and I know of your people. I know your armaments, I know of your skills but if you ask me what I can do - I can assure you, given a job, I finish it. That is my expertise." he spoke. Evidently, he still didn't know much about the organization, but phrasing your words ever so differently can vaguely imply you know much more than you're telling. @Phoebe
  4. Tongues change, so do names. I was under the impression that Izral was named near before or after the free city of Izral was founded, but I reckon that the Izralian culture still was present in this unwritten Dynasty. After all, this was a good 8000+ years ago, a long long time ago.
  5. SA-6566 Mission code: [REDACTED] Mission objective: Counter-intelligence There are many emotions many kinds of people would feel right now. Perhaps guilt, maybe fear. Maybe some would be sad, or maybe even be confused. For him though? He laughed. He started laughing. He knew not of why he laughed, why it was so funny perhaps that he couldn't get this lady to crack, but still, he laughed for a good few seconds. After composing himself, he said with a smile, "My name is 6, I am an... Intelligence operative, if you will. I heard you were looking for people like me - I am here to do business.". He was still a professional, he had an alias for an alias. 6 is the mode number within his tag, it serves a good alias for anonimity. As of the moment, he is currently looking for anything he can use from the lady. Her body language, her posture, her eye movement, anything that can give information. Mostly, he's paying attention to her arm. It would be rather rude to hit a lady, but self defense is necessary; especially in his line of work. @Phoebe
  6. SA-6566 Mission code: [REDACTED] Mission objective: Counter-intelligence She seems rather hurried, tired perhaps. He tossed a coin at the table, payment for the coffee, before chasing after the lady in question. To be fair, it was quiet outside, but employments for espionage isn't really something one would announce shouting, so he hurried to catch up to her. Running, he caught up with the lady. With the benefit of hindsight, he probably would've known this was a bad idea, but he took a hold of her shoulder, trying to stop her hurried pace. If she stopped, they could talk. If she retaliates, he supposes he would have a chance to prove himself. One way or the other, he would be in for an interesting night. @Phoebe
  7. Volgun has some of the best narration voices, so formal, so professional. Absolutely amazing. SCP Illustrated is my all time favorite 😄 His artistic skills improves over time and it shows, it's super impressive.
  8. I'm absolutely interested! The VCF is always looking for new connections, as am I 😄 I especially love the idea, "Justice League's Watchtower, New Avengers Training Compound and the Sanctum Santorum of Kamar Taj all in one.", it would be absolutely awesome to see a hero "hub" come into being. I've been trying my hand at a bit of diplomacy and negotiations, would you be interested in a VCF representative coming over to negotiate terms for a mutual defense alliance?
  9. Vigilante justice, when taken too far, has no discernable difference from a group of criminals. If that happens, I hope your posse is prepared when justice is replaced by law 😉
  10. That's fair 😄 I got into them by way of videos and the games, only after that then I went and read the actual SCP lore wikia itself. There are plenty of content creators on youtube that bring these SCPs to a whole other level, voice actors and animators that breathe new life into the otherwise stale and monotonous logs.
  11. SA-6566 Mission code: [REDACTED] Mission objective: Counter-intelligence Stubborn one she is, perhaps his intentions weren't clear. Well he needn't be vague anymore, he was here for a job, and a job is all that matters. "I can assure you Mrs. Nacht, I have no such intentions." he spoke, his tone still commanding but still gentle. He pulled out a small, silver box. It was a craftman's piece, clearly hand made with intricate carvings and imagery etched onto the box. A cigarette case then, evident as he pulled out a white-brown stick and stuck it in his mouth. He twirled a metallic lighter around his fingers, spinning it around maybe to flaunt a bit - he did still have a sense of showmanship in him, before he lit his cigarette and put both the case and the lighter away in his jacket. Puffing out smoke, he continued; "I heard you were looking for certain kinds of people, people like me." he said, matching her flat indifferent voice. He's sure the lady can piece it together, she was the one who put the job offer out after all. "I implore you, return to your seat, please. We have much to discuss, and I'd rather have the privacy provided in this establishment rather than the bustling streets outside." he finished, as he took a sip of his coffee. @Phoebe
  12. Damn, my condolences, the SCP foundation as an idea and a platform is great imho, but I never got in touch with the community, hence why I never really knew of all of this before you said it. Damn. If that was the case, I wouldn't be here to begin with, and the VCF, this small "big" organization I've been working on which is in all reality, a foundation based off and incredibly similar to the SCP, would be shot down in seconds. The day that Valucre turns into an elitist snobby "in the circle" kind of community is the day I'd probably leave; it's a toxic way to run a community, even if you get to hand-pick your favorite partners.
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