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  1. I'm looking for anyone in and between πŸ˜„ You could be a new young-faced recruit not knowing the wonder and horrors the VCF provides, new to the hierarchy of VCF order, or you could be a special agent, already employed for a while and semi-independent like most of my characters. Hardened, tough, specialized and train, you could even lead a Security Task Force if you want πŸ˜„ Agent Watson of Fire Heart's is a part of Omega-01, the premier of magic-based task force in the VCF. Or maybe you want to be a researcher? On the field always trying to get new information that could benefit all life by means of science? Choice is yours really πŸ˜› We can discuss it further if you want πŸ™‚
  2. V.C.F Recruitment Page Good day lady/gentlemen, this message has reached you because you are the best of the best, the top of the shelf, the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of Valucrean society. Be it for your martial prowess, your vast intellect, your practical specificality or your resourcefulness on the field, we could not have asked for better men and women to protect the life of those weak and innocent around us. We are the Valucrean Containment Foundation. We revel in death to uphold life. We wage wars to maintain peace. We thrive in chaos so that the world remains orderly. We are the bastions that protect. Of course, our history streches far and wide, and our influence vast and powerful, but you may satisfy your curiosity in your own time. Today, you have been called. This is your opportunity to be one of the sentinels of civilization, the torch of society. We are inviting you to become a VCF operative. Consider it well, we await your arrival. -Overseer council [648]th wave of invitation. Good evening! Hopefully you are doing well. I've been here for give or take, half a year, but ever since I returned I really wanted to establish myself as a presence that can be felt in Valucre, to a point where at least if I went AFV, someone would ask "Oh hey where's that anonymous guy?" and of course my first stage of this plan is site-wide domination >:) So I decided I would love to connect and establish relationships with the lot of you Valucrean community, by way of this organization! I made this as a dead ringer of the SCP foundation, and of course thanks to the vortex at the center and implications of a multiverse far before that, it is connected somewhat to the VCF πŸ˜„ The VCF acts as a valucrean-wide organization that is essentially a "we do bad stuff for good things, end justify the means" kinda organization. A few weeks/months ago, two people established interest in being a part of the VCF, and I thought to myself that a Foundation without it's representatives is rather just dull and boring πŸ˜„ So thanks to Supernal's helpfulness, coupled with @Metty and @The Fire Heart's enthusiasm, I got a club made under the VCF banner and am inviting anyone interested to join. With plenty of jobs like Agents, Special agents, Researchers, etc", your characters can be virtually anything they want and more! Of course, I am all for creative writing and I absolutely HATE when people restrict a person's writing, so if there is a character under the VCF lore, they are free to do as they please πŸ˜„ A good example of this is @Metty's Arashi who has been on multiple RPs either representing the VCF, or doing her own gig πŸ˜„ Your character could very much be a VCF agent as a part time job! So, if you have a little bit of good in your heart and a whole lot of evil to project onto the bad guys, come join us! Be those new or old on the site, we accept all and discriminate none πŸ™‚
  3. V.C.F Facilities Facilities act as a hub for the activities of Valucrean foundation personel in a given continent. Given the different environments, cultures, history and societies in the 4 major continents of Valucre, different facilities call for different architecture, structure and organization from one another. As of current, there are a total of [4] active facilities, [1] inactive facility.
  4. You give us a rock? We'll laser-cut it to as many bullet-heads as we can. Give us a stick? We'll find a way to integrate it to a harpoon gun. Give us a pile of shit? We'll spread that shit [literally] on a projectile. Nothing is off the table, if you can throw it hard enough it can be lethal ?
  5. Being fairly honest, give me a rock and I'll be happy ? In the end any weapon is fine. A blade would be nice, but any will do of course. Because if you throw something hard enough, it'll become a projectile ?
  6. I see I see... Darn ? I'm a tad too busy for now with multiple threads on queue, could it be possible that one of the cult members is a double agents or just a really weak-willed cultists willing to sell out cult information at the slightest mention of gold? That way he/she could in the future, sell you guys out and make the VCF's job to tracking you down much easier ?
  7. @Jotnotes Sorry, I got absolutely no time. Hammered by assignments, I'll have to take a temporary delay for now. I'll join in on the next few rounds of post, catch up in due time.
  8. Killer schedule I have, not enough time, sorry. Will get a post up, still interested, just need to buy more time.
  9. Sanonymous

    Pets ?

    Sadly I do not ? He passed away when I was rather young. Not young enough I wouldn't remember, but not old enough that I would have vivid memories of him. I think he lived for a good 5+ years? He was a good monkey ? Very playful, very mischievous
  10. Sanonymous

    Pets ?

    Yep! A M O N K E Y ? Not that hard to get if you live in a tropical nation.
  11. Maybe it's my inexperience speaking, but I would be lying if I ever saw you rping ? This is a first for my eyes at least.
  12. V.C.F Hub Landing page Valucrean Containment Foundation; Home page Valucrean Containment Foundation; Hierarchal and ranking system Valucrean Containment Foundation; Special Agents profiles Valucrean Containment Foundation; Resources and task forces Valucrean Containment Foundation; Containment Subjects Valucrean Containment Foundation; Facilities
  13. Sanonymous

    Pets ?

    I have a cat and two dogs. One of the dogs was a rescue from an abusive home; he still had a fresh wound on his backside when we got him, deathly afraid of males too. If we're talking exotic though, I once had a monkey ?
  14. I'm good with that ? I'm still a learning writer, I really still am learning how to pace the story well, not going too fast nor too slow, so any help doing so will be absolutely appreciated.
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