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  1. change da world.

    my final message.

    Goodb ye 

    1. EpicRome23


      *windows 95 startup sound*


  2. Extending to perhaps July - I now rule a nation of 69 people (Nice) and I have made so much of an impact, I can't leave. I do miss you all, I miss Valucre and it's community. I will never forget this place, I'll come back one day 😄 Once either my nation is big enough to run itself without my intervention, or when I can comfortably leave once the server dies down or I lose my influence. Until then, stay safe folks.
  3. Chainsaw cannon? I like you already 😄 All is welcome to my foundation, hope to see you around!
  4. Much obliged for the call-out 😄 Welcome to Valucre! I'm glad to see someone who loves SCP as much as I do! I have an organization called the Valucrean Containment Foundation which acts like a world-wide peacekeeping force and a containing foundation much like the SCP. If you're interested, do check it out! I do apologize though if I take a while to respond; currently in a semi-AFV for a good while. Still, this place is amazing for you to unleash your creative potential! Have at 'em and have fun 😄 Once more, welcome to Valucre.
  5. Extending AFV to possibly the end of the month, to next month. I am genuinely getting sucked into this server, it's perfect for everything I wanted. My own nation to rule, with people who seek my guidance and who listens to my orders. A thriving geopolitical scene with intricate diplomacies and allegiances, with ties and relations so easily undone by just a bit of manipulation. A completely fresh start where no old nation has any more significant advantage than a new one. I am stuck here, and I'm loving it. I shall return soon, I assure you; but until then the VCF would be effectively "Silent" (I'll think of an in-canon explanation for this) and I'll hop in from time to time as I owe @vielle a dance in the banquet 😄
  6. Welcome to Valucre! There are quite a bit of immigrant - not that I know why, but welcome! 😄 I hope you enjoy your stay. Be sure to ask if you need help with something! I, and many others are willing to help 🙂
  7. Welcome to Valucre! Even though I am fluent in english, this is due to my years before in writing and speaking in RP sites; it really does help! I hope you'll learn as much as I did, and have fun along the way! Welcome, and enjoy your stay 😄
  8. Welcome back! 😄 Glad to see you have returned in these trying times. Stay safe, and enjoy your stay!
  9. Absolutely! ❤️ My apologies for bailing out so suddenly
  10. On and off AFV, most likely for a few days to weeks. I found this server in minecraft with a 1:500 earth custom map and nation making. I am IN LOVE. I shall live out my civ domination fantasies in real play ❤️ See you all on the other side
  11. Much obliged! Understood 😄 Will be writing soon
  12. But remember, ATLA had a worthy sequel. ATLOK is an amazing series I'd be happy to rewatch again this quarantine 😄
  13. Your thoughts, mentality, mindset and being fairly honest, everything you wrote above is something I share exactly. Glad to see a kindred spirit 😄 And for the record, screw lightsabers. I want the force. I want to be able to just flick the light switch when I am cozy in bed, that would be superb.
  14. To that I agree, peace be with you 🖖 And to that, perhaps I implied the wrong idea. Role models are essential, Batman was a large part of who I was, part of his ideals and beliefs I embodied and 'till today, still do. There are plenty of male role models, from Gandhi to Superman, but Batman is who I chose because he resonated with me. If that same argument was applied here, I could potentially have not had my "Batman". There is NEVER enough role models for the young to follow. What I meant to imply is that Rey as a role model, was completely mismanaged and a missed shot. Sure she had good morals, did right things and all, but the base of why she was important is because of that, dare I say, mary sue-ish capabilities. It to me says that women should have this special thing that helped them make and do big things, which shouldn't be how it's done. I see this in the case like how I chose my role model as a child, Batman is similar to Leia and Superman is similar to Rey. The former is but regular folk (Leia is force sensitive but it was barely explored in the OT) who had to use their wits and will to stack up to those more powerful to them, while the latter is the goody two shoes, the good of the good, but essentially gifted. I can relate to the former much better than the latter, and I believe with all my heart that Leia is a better role model than Rey, and I stand by that. But your next point is where I have to disagree; as a teenager (When I am even more numbed by characters and their roles in the story), I still SEE that Leia was in equal footing with the rest of the main characters. Her impact was profound, she was much more than mere fan service. The feats I mentioned above are very much on screen and not background, and her importance in the background is even MUCH more than what she had on screen, which only proves the fact that she was as important as Solo and Chewie. Of course she's not as important as the son, the destined one who will bring back the chosen one from the darkness, but she is still nonetheless as important, or even more so than the others. I don't bother with profits, I don't bother with directorial issues and whatnot, I only care of the story on the screen and what it represents. And to this is also a valid point to be added to my point above. Jaina Solo Fel is an amazing character from the Extended universe, which is just an example of the many now non-canon.
  15. But of course! I will never see debates as a way to knock down the other and prove that you are superior, rather a learning experience. I admit when I am wrong, I admit when I was presumptuous and harsh, but never will I try to actively berate another for their opinions or mistakes, to prove I'm "right". As always, a pleasure to talk to you 😄
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