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  1. SM-6366-472 "Illyrian Expedition Infiltration" Mission Log: Day [1] Assessment: Bluff successful, current safety assessed as yellow Joker's too smart to not allow the only source of Luz's 'cure' to be killed, so he kept smiling under the mask, even as the cat's claws scrape the surface of the fabric covering. The child is proving to be quite a nuisance though, a rather annoying diversion from the important matters at hand, even if he proves to hold the most power. "You may be gifted with power, but you have much to learn young one." He said, "The explosion was a distraction, I required you off my tracks before I could establish a... "hostage" situation if you may, with your dear captain.". He was mostly unfazed with the rather disgusting form of affection Joker shared, but he knew what he was trying to do. Decades of experienced turned his body a living weapon, one that could feel even the slightest changes, including something as obvious as an object leaving his person. "You are welcome to try, I assure you. As advanced as Illyria and as smart as you are, your resources are limited in these 24 hours compared to what an international organization can do.". He grinned as he continued; "You must be a fool to think I wouldn't expect someone who can turn to air and simply reappear anywhere around me to not take the cure. It doesn't matter that you have the vials, each one would take more than 10 hours to analyze, even with Renovation technology, and I doubt you'll get the first two so luckily. I shouldn't be too harsh on you though, you are but a child. Your little pets are but a mere insect compared to the threats I've been through. Now hush young one, the adults are talking," he spoke rather condescendingly to Joker before diverting his attention to Luz. "My terms are simple, you are a powerful person in Illyrian politics. Once this entire situation has settled, I will require all data that you have collected on this ancient being be given over to me or a representative of the organization that employs me, along with the capability of said representatives to be able to enter negotiations with your Light. Directly. These things were not granted before, hence if you give me these, I will be more of an assistance than a hindrance to your little expedition." He continued. As he walked. He walked like there weren't dozens of beasts trained to kill him if they so wished or dozens of armed guards with guns that would tear him to shreds, no less an extremely frustrated Baiden. No, he walked until he was but a few meters away from the sickly Luz and stood his ground. "I'd rather not let such a lovely lady such as yourself fall to such a trivial matter. I can tell you're getting weaker, your movements slower. Soon you may not be able to walk alone yourself. Let us help each other and give each other what we need, yes?" Directed: @Dolor Aeternum @ticklefarte @HollowCipher
  2. Ah, I HAD a character, a samurai with an ancient blade as well but I retired that. Sorry 😄 Do look forward seeing you soon though!
  3. Greetings and salutations! Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Sanonymous, synonymous with anonymous. I am a new RPer as well! Granted I have stayed quite longer than you have, but I don't doubt you're well experienced in writing in RPs as well. You see, I have this organization called the VCF which is (basically a rip off and) kind of like the SCP Foundation. The founder, OS-01 is a human who has gained immortality through travelling through the Vortex, and arrived into Valucre. His past is unknown (I might hint towards his past in the future) but he knows he did not originate from this world, much like your character. Perhaps the two can meet? Of course granted your character comes willingly. If not, he'll meet some of the FSTFs VCF has to offer, and fair warning They aren't as gentle as if you were to just come willingly ? Can't wait for your reply!
  4. Your character is from another world? My my, so's mine! Name's Sanonymous, synonymous with anonymous. A pleasure to make your acquaintance ? I have an organization I am vying to slowly gain reputation and canon-recognition. It's still young, probably'll take a few months to years 'till it gains somewhat traction, but it's founder OS-01 is a human male who came from the vortex at the center of Valucre. He's an immortal, having lived many lives so I'm sure he'd be... "interested" in meeting your character and discussing on how he has arrived. If he does not comply.... Perhaps your character would like to meet my FSTFs, found in the Resources and Assets in my signature, even if they're not as... Gentle, as if he was to come willingly ? Do look forward to hearing from you soon!
  5. Yikes! Even if this wasn't closed I would be absolutely terrified of trying to enter it, especially with someone leading who has over 20k posts. Way out of my weight class Perhaps in a few months to years, I'll be able to join chapter 6 or 8? ? Only time will tell. Cool stuff by the way! Good luck!
  6. What a shame this thread's closed, would've loved to have a new friend ? Perhaps another day.
  7. I do, I did adress it didn't I? Is the smoke and invisibility not enough? ? It doesn't matter either way, the cat knows it can catch him no matter what. Any scanner clearly shows disguise or not he's human, unable to do much without the aid of technology and tools ? And he didn't even try to escape, I reckon it wouldn't matter.
  8. SM-6366-472 "Illyrian Expedition Infiltration" Mission Log: Day [1] Assessment: Bluff success being assesed, negotiations beginning. Any man with half a brain, any sane, normal man would be trembling in fear. There was a torrent of blood seeping through the mask, leaving his black suit somewhat barely stained by it. A shame, but blood cleans easily. Where most would crack, in this situation, he could only simply smile and... Chuckle? Yes, no mistaking it, the silence was now filled with the incessant laughter, a distorted voice, a distorted laugh almost as if it was an amalgamation of multiple, coursing through the decks of the ship. "Pathetic," he said, suddenly stopping, blurting out the line from nowhere. "The soldier, Baiden Oor, your reputation precedes you," he spoke mockingly "But it's clear why you're a mere soldier. You see never start with the head, the victim gets all... Fuzzy." He remarked rather slyly. "You see, I know you Illyrians. I've done my... 'homework', you can say. I am aware that you are all incredibly intelligent people on this ship, the best of the best, but killing me, I assure you, will go against your interests, you see." He addressed not only to his captor but to the rest of the crew so confidently yet passive. If not for his actions and intentions, he could even sound like a gentleman, somewhat. "Now if you value your captain's life, you will be interested in what I have to say. Sadly though, I am unable to answer your question with the clarity you seek commander, so let me introduce myself." His left hand, previously balled up to a fist, suddenly dropped two grey marble-sized orbs onto the deck of the ship. Smoke suddenly enveloped throughout the deck, reducing visibility to nil. This was a mere distraction though, as in the confusion he quickly yet harmlessly grabbed and twisted Baiden Oor's hand, preventing the Soldier from getting injured yet allowing him to slip free from his grasps, a manoeuvre done so efficiently and quickly that it must have been done to him before countless times before this one. Of course, in the confusion of the smoke and the dozens of people who trained their guns on G, he would turn invisible, at least for a few seconds to simply throw off the minions Joker has spawned in. Even if these dozens or so of Joker's accomplices could see or smell him, there would be no purpose in stopping him once they saw what he did. With his legs now on the deck and his body no longer held up, he disappeared into the smoke. But not to escape no, rather as the strong gust of wind blew the smoke away from the deck, G stood there, in the middle of the deck now surrounded by guards who's guns are all trained onto him, a perfect position for him to negotiate. "Now let me formally introduce myself. I do not have a name, it is unnecessary. Rather, I have many names. The Phantom of the Orisian Isles, the Saboteur of Palgard, but you may address me by my number, sixty-five sixty-six, or rather simply, 6." He said, sounding rather proud of the reputation he has accumulated all these years, "You see, I come from an organization that seeks to contain the world's threats. This can range from the microscopic to the titanic, and this includes even nations. I alone have plunged many into bloody civil wars under orders of said organization, due to their potential risk towards other more... Civilized ones. What this organization is or what my orders are is of no importance, unlike these words I'm about to speak, so listen carefully." he spoke as he fixed his tie with the most confident stance, almost as if he isn't being aimed upon by a dozen or so rifles. "You see, the dart that I shot contained a bio-engineered neurotoxin, one that slowly degrades your nervous system until you can barely walk. It's a painful, slow process where your own body itself will slowly kill itself in response to the degradation of your extremities. Only once you are brought to the worst pains the human body may experience, turning to a sickly pale prune, and only then will you be granted the sweet release of death." he spoke as he put his hand extremely slowly into his suit pocket, making sure to make it clear he had no hostile intentions - despite his words. He pulled out 5 vials, all differing in colour. "These are 5 vials of organic chemicals, one of them is the cure. You Illyrians are gifted men and women of science, no doubt if I gave these to you, you would know which one it is, hence why I went through the effort of ensuring these hydrocarbon chains are exactly the same. The differences between each so menial you wouldn't be able to distinguish one from the other, so don't even think of stealing any of these from me," he spoke as he stared to Joker, making it clear his super-speed won't be able to help him. Stuffing the vials into his coat pocket, he said "Now Luz Yllende, listen to me carefully. Lest you not value your own life, or your crew yours, I suggest you order them to stand down. After all, you have now... Less than 24 hours" pausing as he looked at his watch on his left hand. "So, shall we sit down and negotiate?" he grinned under the mask. He knew he won this battle, but not the war. 24 hours to accomplish his objectives while still staying alive, this'll be his most challenging mission to date. Directed: @Dolor Aeternum @ticklefarte @HollowCipher
  9. So is this revival happening? It's been nearly a month with no words spoken.
  10. Sorry! Got a big exam coming up tomorrow, been studying. Hopefully you guys don't mind waiting another day!
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