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  1. Yo guys, quick question hospital arc done yet? 😄 My character's probably gonna be KO'ed from blood loss and come back AFTER the crisis. Either way, hope someone notifies me when it does!
  2. Indeed, very red hands XD Can't wait! ?
  3. @Die Shize I read your last post and all I can think of is basically Kolvern doing this:
  4. He knew it was coming. Sooner or later he'd have to fall, but he didn't think it was going to be like this. He knew a grenade was coming, he heard the thunk when it rolled against the floor. But he didn't expect her to show up. He knew the lady, she came up to him to ask for an autograph on the street a few days ago. He usually forgets fans but she, he couldn't forget. Perhaps it was the odd way she asked, perhaps it was the glaring large knife she brought. Either way, he didn't expect her to be here, let alone try and save him. When she pulled out her gun and aimed for the grenade, his heart skipped a beat. "NO!!!!" He shouted, but it was too late. The shot was made, and she was going to take the hit. No, he couldn't let that happen. He hugged her from behind, lifted her, and turned her before the grenade would explode. Shrapnel dug into his chiseled back, the force knocking the air out of his lungs. It wasn't the force that hurt him, he's been hit harder by Orcs and Elves in matches, using their natural physical advantage against humans, the shrapnel hurt more. It dug into his flesh, not tearing it open but embedding the metal debris into his entire backside. Blood poured, soaking the black shirt he was wearing with a constant flow of liquid. He didn't fall, not yet. He couldn't afford too, over a hundred trained professionals of medicine needed his protection. He bore through the searing pain, trying to hide it behind a smile. He opened his eyes as wide as he can and stood triumphantly, seemingly trying to fake an impression of not being hurt, despite the clear blood-soaked shirt he was wearing. "Sorry about that, are you hurt?" He asked, always the gentleman, worrying about others before himself. @SteamWarden
  5. And I hear you! Sorry I was sick for a couple of days and my computer yeeted on me and didn't give me any notifications (It's supposed to do that). Sorry again, life gets in the way sometimes, but I'm writing up a post right this exact moment! ?
  6. I thought police officers were referred as the city's finest, like Detroit's finest or Gotham's finest? XD You did start making me use it though. ANd it's a shame you're leaving, till we meet again Tyler! ?
  7. I look forward to your return Party girl, godspeed. I pray for your family's safety.
  8. Can't wait to interact with both of your characters! ?
  9. Hey, I'm flexible! You do you man and I'll simply follow suit with what I got in mind ? Unleash your words!
  10. Waves upon waves of gun-waving, mentally unstable brutes rush into the hospital lobby, like gushing water out of floodgates. Their numbers were uncountable, easily reaching the hundreds to the thousands. Palgard's finest could only do so much as their brethren fall left, right and center. These Magitech wielding barbarians seemingly fought a one-sided battle as if a toddler attempted to resist the force of a semi-truck hurdling towards it. This wasn't just a random act of mindless violence, however, evident by the technologically advanced weapons employed and cohesive tactics being used. No, this was an orchestrated strike, a strike targeting Palgard's own lymph node, aiming to destroy whatever sentinel of hope that remained in this rotten city, destroying its immune system from inside-out. The good doctors, nurses, staff members that keeps Palgard general going, these innocent and hard-working practitioners of ethical rights are now vulnerable, as the line broke and the police were pushed back into the main lobby. These men and women who worked so hard to make do with what little they have were mercilessly gunned down, some by the very same men they have treated before. By the tenth minute, Palgard's finest fell back to the barricades. A brave reporter stood by the boys in blue, seemingly unfazed by the carnage and chaos committed around him. Raid parties would slaughter defenseless patients and staff members by the dozen, in all 11 floors. Not even the children were spared. Even with all this suffering, there is a dim yet glimmering ray of hope. By the tenth minute, over 36% of the hospital residence were slaughtered. Over 48% of the remaining residents of Palgard General sought refuge in the Physiology section of the hospital. Logically, it would be easy picking for the gun-wielding mercenary to rush into the undefended section and unload their magazines to what might as well be sitting ducks. This didn't happen, for the word "undefended" was far from the truth in this case. A jab, a hook, a cross, and an uppercut would send the last of the group of gangsters sent to hunt down the patients in the physiology center flying through the air, landing on top of two of his comrades. "Twenty... Three..." Steve would say to himself, gasping for air as he was clearly exhausted from the encounter. His knuckles were bruised and battered, swollen from the beating he dished out. His face was full of soot, scratches, and bruises, his left hand now holding his abdominal area, as blood seeped through his hands. A stray bullet grazed his right abdominal area, non-lethal but it hindered his movements. "Damn..." He said to himself out-loud, wincing at the pain as he limped through the corridors. He heard shouts, terrified shouting and running as what remained of the 30-strong party fled in terror. "CALL THE BOSS, HE DIDN'T TELL US ONE OF THOSE GODDAMN FU**ING MASKS WERE IN HERE!!!" One shouted, the voice echoing through the halls. A grin appeared on Steve's face, delighted at not only the fear they felt but at the knowledge that they'd know better than too come to this section. This was one of the final last strongholds of the hospital, the last few untouched places where if they were lucky enough, anyone could come here to barricade themselves. A doctor would walk out, "Mr.King, your hands...." he said, pointing to the now bloodied knuckles. "Don't worry, the blood isn't mine, doc. Grab whatever weapon you can find, and distribute it to whoever can aim a gun. Don't go out unless necessary, got it?" He replied and ordered, the doctor nodded in compliance and agreement. Two other nurses who overheard the conversation helped the doctor, having slight troubles with the bulky Magitech firearms. Steve knew his way around Palgard General, his many amateur fights usually ending up in this hospital when he was younger. He knew some of the doctors and nurses on a first name basis, some that treated his wounds and mended his bones with utmost care. He walked through the corridors with one eye shut, trying to shield his eyes from witnessing the many doctors that treated him like family lay dead on the marble floor. Every time he caught a glimpse of them, he suppressed his rage as it boiled inside him, aching to be released to the next unlucky punk who dared cross paths with him. Little to Steve's knowledge, the 7 remaining scum would return with over 50 men. Now tired and injured, Steve could only take down 16 men before getting gunned down himself, leaving the stranded residents trapped inside the physiology section. Will a brave and heroic mask come to Steve's aid? Will a villain find a change of heart and spare these innocent people? (Open to interaction)
  11. Hey man! Get well soon ? I'm already typing up a post actually! So chill bout it ?
  12. Are you sure? I mean... Is this rp dead? I'd be definitely more than happy to join if this rp is still up n goin! ?
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