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  1. I'm not gonna write a long farewell like many posts. My time in Valucre here was brief, and short. Truthfully, I didn't even accomplish what I wanted in this site. I started off trying to make an organization, without realizing there's steps to it's canon establishment. I wanted to build up an organization with many members, have it recognized and respected, make it feel like it exists and that it matters and how I found and lead it. I funnily enough found that in Minecraft, where I led and built something that mattered, something respected and revered to this day. To me, my dreams were fulfilled, I didn't really have that much investment in Valucre to begin with. But still, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun here. To everyone here, thank you so much. I won't thank people personally, as much as I want to, I'm afraid I'll leave someone behind and leave the wrong message because truthfully, I appreciate everyone here. It's been one hell of a ride. Thank you all for having me, good night and good bye πŸ™‚
  2. Even though for many it may still hurt, let's remember the actual benefit from this; Supernal finally gets to sleep. I mean this man has been on the site 24/7 when I was here and was almost omnipresent, there wasn't a day I didn't see him talking somewhere, I had a theory Supernal was a super advanced AI. Either way, he gets to rest now after 15 long years. I'm happy for that πŸ™‚
  3. I haven't been active on Valucre at all because of my schedule and life outside of the internet. Still... This was completely out of the blue, and most people really aren't ready. Many are furious, many are justifiably angry that all the work they've poured in will dissapear. I am only speaking because I haven't seen anyone else speak about it but, what of the people here? Now, I want you to know that I completely understand your struggles and your commitment, hell I'm wondering how you're still sane managing this site for 15 years! That's more than half of my life. It's commendable, and you have my utmost respect, but this is just harsh, for this to be so sudden and without any warning. You also know why I came to Valucre and many new members did, why that quora post that got so much traction? Valucre is special. I don't mean that in a sentimental, mopey hopey kind of way no - Valucre is special. If people wanted volume and speed, people would go to RPnation. There are also other sites that specialize in certain roleplays like Harry Potter, Bleach, Star Wars, etc". That's fine, all lovely, but Valucre is special in the way that it has accomplished something I've never seen nor thought possible before; it's world is connected. Directly from my answer within quora; Unlike other RP nations which may have their own pockets of worlds and which when RPs die off, the world dies with it, Valucre is a living, breathing world with regions and laws. It’s complexity is delightfully freeing, as anyone can go in and do literally whatever they want, while interacting with the same people in the same world. In one continent there is the great city of Palgard, who’s superhero vigilante mop up the street of it’s crime in a gritty batman-like scenario, while only a few hundred kilometers up north there is an epic quest of wizards and dungeons. There could be a cult, who’s ultimate goal is for world domination and power, who’s magic is powerful enough to destroy mountains, with an organization who’s extremely reminiscent of the SCP, utilizing technology to protect the innocent. There are figures who’s power rival titans, fighting it out, each blow leaving craters in their wake, while a game of politics and manipulation plays out in the background, a battle of wits. ALL IN THE SAME WORLD! This is genuinely what I believe makes Valucre special. Now I see that this new website won't have such interconnectedness. Other than the dedicated members from this site that (If they just don't completely leave Valucre after this) migrate to the new site, what makes this new site have any connection from Valucre, other than sharing the "same lore"? Restating that I personally have not that much investment anymore, but I'm speaking on behalf who feels the same way I do, because alot of people do share this opinion and truthfully, they are in my humble opinion justifiably upset.
  4. Whoosh.

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      W h o o s h !

  5. I'm debating between continuing this or dropping out after catching the allops and making an unceremonious departure from the thread. School's been killing me and I haven't had much free time for anything, I REALLY mistimed joining this thread and underestimated my workload 😞
  6. When I say "readily available", I meant in a sense that let's say... Let's consider it like this. You take some of the world's largest nations with the world's largest carbon footprints. China, the USA, India, Russia, Japan. These nations are polluting the earth and pushing alot of their carbon emissions into the atmosphere; China's is so big that it makes up for more than 1/4th of the carbon emissions on Earth. Technology is indeed improving, but what people need is not a limitless supply of harvestable energy (Wind, tide, solar, etc"). What people need, especially for nations with high populations with a rapid growth rate like China, India, Indonesia, Iran, etc", is a resource that is easily extracted and cheap (Miners, pickaxes and trucks are cheaper than engineers, skilled laborers and so on), readily available (Coal is abundant enough for the world's current needs), easily transportable (It's easy to bring fossil fuel from the source to a factory near the city, using already built upon roads rather than more expensive power lines) and energy dense (Which both coal and oil is energy dense enough). While technology is improving, things are rarely if ever that simple. China's carbon emissions are due to high levels of development and urbanization, no renewable energy source can truly swap out China's insane needs for energy other than fusion. The USA's carbon emissions are mostly due to the automobile, as America is THE nation that pushed and encouraged the car to be the dominant factor in American geography, city planning and method of connection (America doesn't really have any other widespread infrastructure like trains). India's story is much like China. Russia's carbon emissions are tangled with politics, as the russian oligarchs who control most of the powerful Russian energy industry is also themselves powerful, switching to renewables would make them lose said power. Japan, I'm not sure to be honest. But fusion? Fusion will solve many of these issues. Fusion energy would essentially not only push mankind to the next step of our societal evolution, but it would also restart the space race. I first heard of fusion from this video, which even though simplified is enough to convince me that fusion is the way of the future. Can you imagine a future where only a glass of seawater can produce as much energy as a barrel of oil? And with a second reactant needed and tritium being incredibly rare, helium-3 is needed instead which can only be found in abundance on the moon. I can imagine nations competing to get to the moon first and establish a base there, to try and harvest that helium-3 to power their fusion reactors. Even though I hate seeing nations fight, I cannot deny that humans are motivated by competition. In my opinion? Renewables are good, but they are merely a stopgap and a temporary solution to the true final goal; fusion reaction. After all, we as a species can only harvest so much energy and the single largest power source we can harvest is the sun, in the form of a Dyson Sphere. And the sun is a massive fusion reactor, it's only natural that this is our next step don't you think? πŸ˜„
  7. Here's the thing right? Renewables aren't as readily available as fossil fuels. So there's that, sadly 😞
  8. Not only that, Nuclear Fusion would essentially be the next step in our human species to go forward and reach the stars. With fusion, we might be able to finally stop trying to compete for things like Oil, and instead have enough energy for the entire world to go around. It would change the political and geographical landscape, both metaphorically and physically unlike anything we've seen before. Improverished nations would be able to be lifted up, developed nations spearheading the way for the future. we can only hope πŸ™‚ I'm excited as much as you are
  9. Welcome! I'm surprised how much traction that quora post is getting, and confused at why the post is attracting people 9 months after I posted it... Algorithms man, just don't make sense But welcome! πŸ˜„ If you have questions please don't be afraid to ask, and feel free to contact me for a chill guy to talk to πŸ™‚
  10. Lovely to meet you Gallant! I am Sanonymous, welcome to Valucre πŸ™‚ Please, don't be afraid to ask questions if you are struggling! That's what I did and it didn't end so well. This community's lovely, I hope I'll see you around my friend!
  11. Perfect! Thank you πŸ˜„ Are there any of your characters free to interact with? I'm going to try and catch up with the thread
  12. He sits silently on his log, observing the conversations going around him. More and more people came in to join the hunting party, but he was too busy lost in his own world to mind them. Some he knew from his long travels, be it directly or indirectly, but nothing more than hearsay and stories. A name strikes him familiar, Dauner, he recalls. He sees people talking, and he glances here nor there, but he continues to do tip his arrows with the darts, almost robotically. It's not until an elvish male came up to him, that his focus breaks. He smirks slightly, and nods as the elf walks away, but he has no intention to lay down these "traps". No, he chose the boxes instead of the nets simply because it was cheaper, and much more portable. He intends to catch the allops, with the boxes. He's not sure how he'll do it, but he'll make do with what he's got. It would be nice to have a partner though - so he sets his eye on the first one to arrive here before him, once she finishes talking to another man that is. He notices that man having two different eye colours, peculiar. He tosses a box to Dia, "I need someone good enough to keep up. Interested to split our catch?" he speaks @Houndy Poochykins
  13. Yikes! My apologies, I've been really behind lately. Been busy applying to alot of places, but I think once I've made my post in another RP I have I can still hop in. Do you think it's too late, @Noko?
  14. Where else would I be? πŸ˜„ You're most welcome! There are many places to explore, as always the tavern is a good place to go to - lots of new people to interact with and get a feel for the place. The water cooler should be your next destination πŸ™‚ If you do so, I'll be counting the minutes! Indeed πŸ˜„ You're welcome, I'm glad. It's rare to see something I did so long ago doing something positive I can see with my two eyes, I'm glad!
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