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  1. The fact that you are asking after nearly a year? I applaud your commitment and loyalty 😄
  2. Mental chess 2, electric boogaloo. So it shall be, I'll follow your lead 😄
  3. @Die Shize You reckon we take the peaceful route with answering his questions? Or should we spice things up and threaten him for the box? 😄
  4. SM-2309-500 "[Redacted] expedition" Mission Log: Day [1] Prologue [Optional read]: -Los Angeles, 1929- Smoke and smog filled his Terran lungs, the foreign smell stinging his throat as he coughed into his hand. His clothing was somehow similar to those that walked by the group, less can be said to the folks that travelled with him. This air, this concrete jungle, he only has seen this kind of description somewhere within the recesses of his memory. It was only when a piece of thin paper carried by the wind landed by Rookstone's feet, that he realized where he was. He picked up the soggy piece of parchment, it felt different from the paper used back home, it felt... Familiar. He read it, words he could only describe as overwhelming. It was not the words, rather the language it was written in. English. He donned a sheepish grin, he couldn't believe it. "If only he could see this now." he thought to himself. With the paper in hand, he deduced their location and time with an instant. He ripped the soggy, thin piece of paper, only to leave a piece with the label "Los Angeles Times, ??/??/1929" where he stuffed it into his coat pocket. Following the seed he had on hand, he was led into what he could only presume is a firm, a correct deduction at that. Entering the firm, he could only make out a silhouette of a figure, as smoke shrouded his form and provided cover. He fanned with his gloved hand, dissipating the fog of carbon monoxide that accumulated within the room. The smog would clear up to show a man, dressed much like him, in a rather unsightly colour. Dark greys and browns, usually reserved for peasants was his attire, unlike the burgundy coat he donned, a colour only reserved for those of considerable wealth and means. Of course, in this world, he's the one who stood out. The two seemed very familiar, people who he could relate too somewhat. It wasn't until they spoke that he realized, the three of them may have much more in common than they think. The two spoke on, speaking of a girl Boldar spoke of. She was dead, much to Rookstone's disdain. "The name's Alex, Alexander Rookstone. I'm a detective, not of this place indeed, sharp eye detective." He spoke, his Terran accent being masked by his best attempts to speak English, giving a pseudo-British accent by mistake. "But let's skip the formalities. I presume that you still have this box that she handed over to you, we require it back, if you don't mind." he continued, choosing to omit the fact that he came from a different world, a fact that may lead the group into further troubles, a fact that the detective, "Ferris", does not need to know as of the moment. He was led down to the alleyways, where the private eye dumpster-dived to retrieve a newspaper-covered object. Indeed, it was well concealed to prevent theft, quite the nifty trick he should remember. "The isotope, I believe is what is called, is that it?" he responds. Mentioned: @Meraxa @Die Shize @Thotification Not in-scene: @Dauner Light
  5. Post coming in a few hours! Nearly done, just gotta get finished with some things I have to do irl 😄
  6. @Meraxa Should I start out in valucrean world to new LA world through a rift by portal or start out in the LA world, while referring to valucrean in rp?
  7. For what has transpired, I suggest we all give a big fat honorary F for @Dauner Light's swords. F 😞
  8. Your brain streched far enough, you literally somehow managed to include everyone in a post without drastically changing the landscape! That's something worth applauding 😄 "Can you leave this mess cleaned up, FOR FIVE MINUTES!?" -Milorian to his guests
  9. At least you were mentioned to begin with... 😭 To be fair I am in a meeting with the king, but I digress 😛
  10. I see, thanks for informing me! I hope she'll do fine in her new job and school career 😄
  11. A rift you say? Well you have piqued my curiosity! I was thinking right, I really can't send my other agents to the field. 6 is completely infected with a parasite which if left unchecked will take him over and turn him to a ravenous beast (and since we don't know how long this mission may be, he can't afford to keep it in check without VCF equipment). David's magic won't work in 1920's LA, so I think it's perfect to send Rookstone in! He already has the attire down, the mind of a P.I and the knowledge to piece together where he is. If he was to find anyone from Valucre, he could probably put together that this is planet is called "Earth" Coincidentally, this would also be similar to the earth that OS-001, the founder of the VCF would come from. In the end Rookstone as far as the RP and interaction is concerned would still be acting much like a PI, solving the mysteries and aiding others, while keeping out of harm's way, but for me personally this would be a major point in where Rookstone may find out about the origins of his leader and somewhat "owner", OS-001, and the origins of the strange organization the founder came from in this earth. So would you be interested in me joining along for the ride? 😄
  12. I mean when the limits of this world are of your imagination, I find it hard to see why this cannot be the case 😄 Be it technological (Generator rex kinda deal), Chemical or biological, I'm sure if you can write it, it will be accepted!
  13. I would know more than most 😄 Sounds good! Is @Aleksei AFV Though?
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