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  1. I see... What a shame 😞 I hope you aren't too down from it, do take your time. Life comes before the internet.
  2. [General Information] First name: [Redacted]Surname: [Redacted]Nicknames: Agent Anonymous, Agent-6566, Agent GRace: HumanMarital Status: [Redacted]Gender: MaleAge: [Redacted]Role: Agent of the Valucrean Containment Foundation
  3. [General Information]First name: AlexanderSurname: RookstoneNicknames: Agent Rookstone, Agent Stone, A-2309Race: HumanMarital Status: SingleGender: MaleAge: 27Role: Agent of the Valucrean Containment Foundation [Physical Evalutation]Voice: Strong, deep with confidence.Eyes: Deep brownComplexion: Quite a smooth faceHeight: 6"2 Weight: 78 KgBuild: MuscularHair: Blackish-grey [Mental Evaluation]Demeanor: Naturally charismatic and a born leader, he speaks when needed and speaks for his team. Always the center of attention, he has a high level of confidence - Something rather unique.Likes: [Redacted]Dislikes: [Redacted]
  4. V.C.F Special Agents Level [3] Clearance. . . [Accepted] Special Agents are assigned to conduct special missions or to lead FSTF and MTF [See Mobile Task Force]. Special agents are recruited from the best of the MTF and FSTF level agents [Who are already the best of the the regular security and research personel] and are paramount to the security of the Foundation. They answer directly to level-5 Administrators and are allowed to have level 4 clearance on any and all Foundation databases. There are currently. . . [2] profiles to review.
  5. Welcome! Glad to have you on 😄 I assume we need Pasion to continue the story. I assume since due to the flight, she's on holiday. Will you be able to post or will you be afk for a while? I'm fine either way 😄 Just wanted to know what to expect @Pasion Pasiva
  6. V.C.F Foundation Security Task Force Mobile Task Force Level-[2] clearance [accepted] A Mobile Task Force is a team of personnel that represents the Foundation's best and most effective field agents and researchers in their respective fields. Mobile Task Forces are sent in when ordinary facility personnel are unable or are ill-prepared to deal with incidents or threats of a particular type. There are currently [02] documents available for review. FSTF Alpha-1 FSTF Beta-4 [Further clearance. . . Accepted] [Loading...]
  7. Can't wait! I'm typing up my CS for the new character as we speak!
  8. I'm sure it is! We just started the main event, the trapping and all. I'm sure @Pasion Pasiva wouldn't mind 😄 She just came back from a flight though, so it might be a while until she gets back.
  9. I'm indifferent but I believe I'll do best where the most drama can be stirred up 😄
  10. Well you did advertise 3-4 players 😅 But no rush! Real life comes first. Have a safe flight!
  11. @Pasion Pasiva @Infernal Alright I have changed my post, I assume Jericho is fine but slightly wounded if not startled by the explosion that charred the two men only a few feet away from him and the queen. I had Carlsen who was doing nothing help Jericho up, Jericho can react either kindly to the notion even if it was unnecessary or share his disdain, disgusted by the mere thought that these men would touch him. Also for additional information, Carlsen's doing the support carry, helping Jericho having him use as a crutch. That's right your boy done opened PDFs to know the names of these carries and military procedure. What Carlsen would be doing to Jericho Meanwhile Rookstone simply has his arm extended out to help the queen stand up, I assume due to her incredibly sensitive hearing that she would be in immense pain from the massive explosion only a few feet away, please do correct me if I'm wrong on any of my points both of you 😄
  12. Yikes, I should edit my post to reflect that XD Thanks! Also, I notice you just passed the 10k post milestone 16 posts ago, congrats! 5 digits, that's quite the achievement indeed. Hopefully I stick around Valucre long enough to reach the same! 😄
  13. It's absolutely fine, if anything I should be the one apologizing for not being able to find this information in the first place! Thank you so much for sending me these over, especially Gabriela's sheet. This will help 😄 Just one more question, Jericho IS of the same race as Gabriela yes?
  14. Thank GOD I now can read that, I've been looking everywhere for any semblance of a character sheet or species sheet on your page! Backtracked your timeline, tried finding it on the search bar, tried looking at your singature, nothing, nada. Turns out you spell Vampire as Vampyre 😄 Probably why I couldn't find it. Pardon my mistakes!
  15. @Pasion Pasiva I assume now with the plant having gained self conciousness, we can start the actual trapping of all the people within the Solarium? I killed two of my men off to speed it up and have both Meraxa and Thotification able to join in on the action and the fun 😄 Do tell if you think I need to change anything!
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