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  1. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    yeah but I think only @Last Magician since @ODSTDRAGON haven't been in Valucre since October 3rd, I doubt he'll come back sadly
  2. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    heyo @Eternity waitin on ya :D
  3. He stayed up through the entire night, enjoying the calmness of the night sky. He had little need for sleep, he thinks of it as a nuisance and usually uses the schedule he calls "the sleepless owl" (Uberman schedule) so he can catch up on his lost sleep later. He is already sitting on the terrace of the tavern, enjoying the serenity before the drunken patrons leave and the breakfast-hungry customers enter. His horse would arrive in front and simply wait for his owner. His horse, named "Kaze", has been with him for over a decade and whom he raised since his birth. He treats him like his companion, his brother, his friend. Kaze waited patiently until his master called him. As he saw the winged man fall to the woman, he sensed it was time for him to leave. He stood up from the chair and walked towards the two pair, his horse following behind him without command. "I am ready," he said "Are you quite certain to wear those garbs and no shoes? Hiking a mountain is no joke. Your clothing provides no protection from sharp branches, the cold night and various insects and animals. The choice of going barefooted is also not wise since sharp rocks, leeches and if your rumours are true, booby traps could pose a great threat to you. I suggest before we leave, we find some more appropriate clothing for this journey" He advised her @Eternity @Last Magician @ODSTDRAGON @Bkfootball @Anarchy's Finest @Holden
  4. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    Can't wait!!!
  5. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    Aaahhh gucci :)
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    Ay so uhh.... This place ded? @Eternity @Last Magician @ODSTDRAGON @Bkfootball @Anarchy's Finest @Holden
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    I like you XD
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    Welcome to the world of computers! Enjoy your stay
  9. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    wait is it my turn to post?
  10. He sighed, thinking that this expedition would give him nothing. But then he considered the fact that since his sail needs repairing, the people he meets might barter with him for a new sail. Either that, or he'll take one by force, both being choices good enough for him. " I shall prepare my horse for tomorrow's journey, I assume all of you have a ride of your own as well" he said
  11. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    Ah my bad, didn't know XD
  12. "I can assure you if you all were to come, I promise you all will be alive to tell your grandchildren the story. Limbs are not a guarantee though, but implants and prosthetics are plenty in Genesarris." He said. Hearing the other magician speak, he then says "I can provide all the equipment we need such as climbing, navigation and the such. If there is some game there, I will be able to cook it. Although I can speak only a few languages, I trust in your word that it won't be a problem." He said. Looking around, the group had 2-3 magical users, more than he wanted or needed. In his opinion, magic is flawed and unfair compared to traditional physical combat. If you are not of some bloodline, your magic may not be as good as another one with a better bloodline. Magic is also too unpredictable in his eyes, too uncertain, too.... Clumsy. So many times has he seen younger mages struggling with complex spells and failing again and again. He always has thought that this was the fault of the mage, not skilled enough to do them but after some observation, he realized some were progressing faster than the others by a large margin. This made him realize how unfair magic truly is. Comparing the sword, it isn't as complex as magic, it also isn't as powerful, but he considered it superior. He knows how magic is unfair, coming on from factors from different things such as your blood and your birthplace, but in the eyes of physical combat, everyone is equal. The only difference between the apprentice and the master is experience and training. You cannot give a bloodline or a birthright, but you can always give training and determination. And in the world of martial arts, that's all you need. Thinking about this, he wished there were more experienced combatants like he is. He, of course, didn't know all their ages but from their faces alone, they look quite inexperienced, not counting the one with the masks. Even the mage beforehand, he's obviously still learning as even though he's good, he's still not good enough to be able to break through his head. @Eternity @Last Magician @ODSTDRAGON @Bkfootball @Anarchy's Finest @Holden
  13. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    @Eternity @Last Magician @ODSTDRAGON @Bkfootball @Anarchy's Finest @Holden Just asking, is there maybe like character sheets for your characters?
  14. [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    @Eternity just a heads up, in case you forgot XD
  15. He couldn't quite make out what he said. If he saw his lips maybe he could make it out but that mask is making problems. He usually hates the commotion from uncivilized people but then he heard about the offer. A quest, into the mountain of Hodenaufer. He heard of these rumors but never saw them in the flesh. He looks towards the lady and said "I will act as an escort, but for a price." He said knowing he'd need it for his ship @Eternity