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  1. More Important is the Journey

    Cookie, indeed a mysterious individual. He only met him a few times but is lucky enough that his might is bigger than his body. He thanked the man who patched up his wounds, hoping that the man's injuries are not long term. The first mate, someone who he barely knew came up to him. He stood up after hearing the man's words and said: "The captain is dead, you're the next in command". He then observed something peculiar, a glass of water which was still full had a tilt to it diagonally, like if it was held on an uneven platform. He couldn't feel it but he can definitely see it; the ship was going down. "But not for long, I'm going to the balloon deck to see if any damage is done, maybe we can still land this thing" He responded. He got up and sprinted to the deck above, killing any pirates he saw. His eyes were nearly covered in blood, he could barely see with all the dirt and blood going down his face but the adrenaline kept him going. The sword helped him to see, putting a green outline on anything that's alive. Going closer to the balloon deck, he can hear the sound of gas leaking from something. Someone has been tampering with the bags and he's pretty sure it's not the pirates. He saw three living beings, two humans, and one orc, the latter being about 10 meters in front of him trying to get into a room. He dashed and tackled the orc, approximately 1.5 bigger and heavier than him, and stabbed him in the stomach for good measure. Once they were both on the ground, he pulled out his blade and plunged it into its heart, putting a quick and merciful death towards the pirate. He sheathed his blade, the blood dripping out of the specially made sheath, his walk slow and menacing, a warning perhaps for whatever unfortunate soul lies in the room ahead. He entered the balloon deck, his silhouette the only thing visible to the pair. "Whoever you are, I promise your death shall be quick and painless," He said as he unsheathed his sword, his blade glowing green with the stance Ronin taking clearly implying he is there to kill. His eyes blinded by blood means he has no clue who they were, for all he knows they could be pirates. All he could see was their green outlines in a room outlined in red. He waits in an offensive stance, perhaps waiting for them to attack or waiting for an explanation. Maybe he was waiting for their pleas for mercy, either way, he waits for something @Jotnotes @Cheezeegriff
  2. More Important is the Journey

    The next few days were uneventful, he patrolled the ship and carried out errands for the captain, as is his duties. In his spare time, he replaced his oak armor and washed all of his clothes. Months of dust, sand, and blood washed away. The leather still looks tainted, permanent burn marks and patched up slice holes were still there, a grim reminder of his profession or a trophy of his previous endeavors perhaps. One night, he was sent with a couple of workers and engineers as a guard to check out a slight tremor on one of the engines of the ships, something he thought to be just a small engine malfunction. There was something wrong though, he felt it in his blood. Something was going to happen. His thoughts ran at what could have happened before suddenly someone shouting a barely audible "Run" and everything going black. Once he woke up, everyone he arrived with has perished, if not by the explosion, by the flames that engulfed the other room soon after. He stood up and limped to the doorway, clearly hurt with blood dripping down. He had no idea what hit him but he didn't care, the adrenaline must've numbed the pain for him. For now, he has one objective in his mind and only one: "Search and destroy". He comes up to a corridor and sees a raiding party, must be one of the subdivisions from the main boarding group. He counted 10, 15 men? All armed with rifles. Fairly primitive technology, bolt action rifles closely resembling a Kar98k. One of the members noticed Ronin and opened fire, and so did the rest. In lightning fast speeds, the bullets were cut mid-air as he dodges the shrapnel pieces. As the final shot rang out through the corridors, the men expected no sound to come from behind the smoke screen created by the gunfire and the fire itself. That did not happen. A silhouette of Ronin, greatly exaggerated thanks to the smoke screen, soon emerged from the chaos much to the horror of the group. One by one, hardened steel cleaves cleanly through flesh and bones. Sounds of agony and pain ring through the corridor as wood clashes with steel in a futile attempt of fighting back. Once the bloodbath ended, he rushes towards the captain's deck, killing two or three pirates along the way. Once he arrived at the bridge, the crew members were in a panic except for the captain, cool-headed and as stoic as he'll ever be. "Captain, we need to get you to a life raft" Ronin exclaimed. "A captain never abandons ship" The captain returns stoically while scanning the terrain for a suitable landing area " Evacuate the rest of the passengers, they need your help.". "What about you?" "I'll see you in the afterlife old friend, now go." The captain said. Ronin simply nodded and left. The main deck was filled with pirates, armed with blades and some with relatively outdated muskets. He drops down and starts his massacre. One, five, ten, fifteen, one by one they all fell. As he killed off the 18th men, more pirates started to come in from an open door directly from the engine corridor, over 30 he estimated. He counted, 4 minutes before he couldn't go anymore but that's more than enough time for evacuating the rest of the passengers. He finished off the rest of the blade-wielding pirates but what he didn't notice was the rifle-wielding pirates falling into formation, surrounding him. They all started firing, gunshots rang out through the night sky between the sounds of shouting and fire. He tried deflecting but slowly, his fatigue would get the better of him. A slip here and a bullet pierced his thigh. Another mistake and a bullet hit his chest plate. He won't last long, only a miracle would save him now. @Mickey Flash @Cheezeegriff @Jotnotes @Mag @Tia Dalma @JaviD'Arcana
  3. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  4. More Important is the Journey

    " I see well... The captain saved me a long time ago, I am simply returning a favor." He replied. He heard that remark and was quite surprised, his hometown was popular but unheard of for decades now. "Ah so you have known of my hometown, then you must've known that there is no longer a hometown. Ronin is far from a backstabber, rather a... Leaderless Warrior in your language. Sadly Ronin has no meaning, the nation that used the word has long vanished." He said as he finished his plate. Observing the conversations that are happening on the table, the diversity of the group is quite interesting. There was a fellow Samurai much like him but blind, he perhaps could see but he doubts he's from his hometown. A dark fae, a vampire, a beast master, quite the diversity indeed. What struck him as interesting in the woman named "Priscilla", a human runesmith. " I thought the art of runesmithing has been lost, I would be very much interested in the purchase of a few." He said. He certainly could use a few, his sword may be enchanted but his armor is simple metal and wood, some magic wouldn't hurt to increase its endurance. @Mickey Flash @Cheezeegriff @Jotnotes @Mag @Tia Dalma @JaviD'Arcana
  5. More Important is the Journey

    "Oh so we've met before, it's very rare to see dark faes nowadays. Glad to make your... ac...quain....tance..." He said, saying the syllables one by one at the end responding to the sudden amount of people who arrived uninvited towards his table. 6 other people came in without even saying their greetings or asking permission if they can join him, how uncivilized. He continued to eat his meals, at least some bothered to make conversation with him. "It's fine. Do as you'd normally do with a normal dagger, it's a blade made for war so it should hold up to the highest of abuse" He responded to Jon's question and Priscilla's statement. As more and more people sat down, he started to feel slightly tight as another chair was added to the table that was meant for 6 people. The conversations they had were getting louder and louder, he hasn't had this much noise for so long. The constant chatter and conversations between other people, it was both so distant yet... Familiar to him. Flashbacks of his youth, 20 years old or so. He and his friends would talk to each other for hours, drinking like there was no tomorrow and generally just enjoying life. The conversations they had were interesting, some talking about their race's past connections and some still ordering food. He wasn't full yet so he calls a waiter and says "A steak, please. Medium rare." which the waiter nodded. He would then ask the rest of his fellow "guests" you could say, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased by all of your sudden appearances tonight, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. If you don't mind me asking, are you all friends perhaps?". @Mickey Flash @Cheezeegriff @Jotnotes @Mag @Tia Dalma @JaviD'Arcana
  6. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  7. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  11. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  12. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  13. More Important is the Journey

    He observed around the room, nothing was out of the ordinary except for a seductively beautiful lady with wings ordering food to a rather intimidated young man. He realized that every table was taken and he was sitting at a table meant for 6 people, quite the inconvenient situation for her. He looks down at his food and takes another bite of the soft, velvety texture of the fish, savoring the flavors of it. When he looked up, he already saw the woman sitting across him. He didn't mind, it was his fault he picked such a big table for himself, in fact, it was nice to have someone sit with him after such a long time. She never asked nor did she even bother to talk, a sign that she probably isn't from the city where table manners and etiquette was taught. She might give off signals that she was only interested in the table but it would be rude not to speak to someone who just joined you for dinner. He held his sword's handle with his left hand activating his Dragon stare where he would be catapulted back into a memory from decades ago. He remembers those wings, the kind of body figure, the markings. The shape of a dark fae. What might've only been seconds in the real world of Ronin just staring back to her with his green eyes was hours of intense battle as he remembered the last time he fought a dark fae, the scars still on his back from that battle. He suddenly breaks the stare as his eyes to brown again to see her eating with... Her hands? A raw veil steak? How uncivilized. He appreciates her attempt at being more cultured by having it cut up so that she didn't have to tear it out with her teeth, obviously sharp as he observes when she opens her mouth, more than capable of shredding the steak. He opens a conversation by saying "May I have the privilege of knowing your name?", small talk to loosen the tension. @Tia Dalma
  14. More Important is the Journey OOC

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  15. More Important is the Journey OOC

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