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  1. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I'll post later today.
  2. In Which a Spriggan Finds Something Unusual

    In a louder voice he said "Natesh, you are also a creature of the wind, are you not?" The young Spriggan nodded while answering with, "I'm a Wind Elf, or Spriggan, sir." The boys multiple moving pupils finally stopped scanning the Djinni and focused on his face as he went on, "I just got into Casper not to long ago. So, this whole place is still new and exciting!" Natesh loved to explore. And so far, Casper had a lot of places within the town and the surrounding area to see. Natesh's wings buzzed quickly allowing the tiny creature to float high above the trees. Then, he remembered something weird when he looked at the ground where the Djinni was. So, he backed up to get a better look at whatever it was. "Hang on a minute," he said as he began to fly down to investigate the stone the Djinni was tethered to.
  3. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    I'm good with it.
  4. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    @HiddenKitty123 I'm good with you joining in if you want, but I want to know what everyone else thinks about it first.
  5. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    It's all good. Welcome back. And, what does everyone think about Hidden joining?
  6. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I'm good with that! :D
  7. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    It's okay. And, again, sorry for not responding for almost a week... I don't know why I get like that (in a state what I don't feel like posting for a while)
  8. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Whoohoo, lets go!! :D
  9. A Pirate's Life For Me!

    Natesh kept the wind coming strong. He use a little of the wind to keep him centered as the ship busted all other records of ship speed. As time went on, the large source of magic the Spriggan had created for the spell began to decrease and the kid started to feel the toll of maintaining the powerful output. He wouldn't be able to keep going for to much longer. Everyone ran around doing various things as he enforced their get-away. Throughout the thrilling adventure that just began for the Spriggan, the warm sun felt great again his skin. Fantastic weather! He thought as his energy slowly depleted. Then, a sound that was new to Natesh assaulted his ears. "Keep the ship moving," the captain yelled, especially toward Natesh, "Canon balls headed our way!" This made him momentarily turn around just as a cannon ball hit next to the ship. With that, a powerful surge of adrenaline flew through Natesh's body, temporarily restoring his energy. He turned back around and increased his output to maximum. He knew he would last long like this, but that didn't matter at the moment. Once this was over, Natesh was going to be more wore out than ever before.
  10. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Sure! I'll do it now.
  11. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    Watching all of the commotion behind some supplies, Natesh was getting closer to completing his spell. The spell he was going to cast only if need was one he had completely mastered. That and the spell wasn't hard to control anyway. So if he did have to attack, he could do so with far less collateral damage compared to his other spells. The spell was: Wind Blades. The blades would all be heading towards the crazy one in the room. After a few more seconds the spell was ready. Then came, "He's doing magic!...Point your guns at him. He's the one doing magic. He could kill us all!" Natesh's response it this was to declare in a calm, confident tone, "I will only launch this spell if I have to. Everyone needs to take a breath or two and calm down. This spell is one that I have complete control over, so only my target is in any danger. As I said, I won't release this spell unless I have to, so calm down. We can talk about this if everyone is calm and open minded!"
  12. In Which a Spriggan Finds Something Unusual

    Natesh looked at the Djinni's body down to the ground and saw that it was attached to something. Then, the Spriggan heard the Djinni speak and this brought his attention back to the matter of introducing himself. Natesh to a breath and answered, "My name is Natesh, sir. You're a Djinni, are you not?" The boy already knew the answer but still had trouble believing that he was talking to one. Getting his name out relieved the nervous tension and he began to sense the energy coming from the tall creature. Natesh slowly flew around the Djinni looking at him with great intrigue. It was amazing to actually come face to face with another wind blessed creature! The curiosity in the kid was growing quickly. He wanted to know so many things about this Djinni. Thus, numerous questions came rushing into Natesh's mind.
  13. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    Sorry, I've been a weird phase where I didn't want to post... I'm back though, sorry again.
  14. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I am, it's my turn now right?
  15. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    None, yet...sigh...