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  1. Coloring Reality and Lies

    He settled for the darkness within man... And now he regrets all of his misdeeds... Like the gods above, he settles for none... Alone he walks, for the hazy gaze of the sun... "We cannot continue like this Lord Shal'akaar, it is too dangerous to hunt, especially in your condition" Three males all stood around one another, settled deep within the confines of the forest. For their tribe of Tuma'u, it was to be the big festival of revival soon, a time where all of the tribes came together and celebrated when one of their gods helped their lands and revived their people from the nearly two thousand years of death and destruction. A time, where even Shal felt everything at a complete loss. His wife, his younglings... There were just a few things that they couldn't always have been. Being in the forest, old memories ran through his mind, memories of his mistakes... Dealing with certain people, doing dirty deeds against his people to protect them... Perhaps he should have kept things by the code... And now he was stuck with a curse that he knew very little of. Only that it affected his every day living. The tall Koskun looked over to his two comrades, both old friends who he used to hunt with since they were younglings themselves. They, among others, knew of his curse, knew of his real problem... "It is kind of you two to look after me, but I am a Koskun, a Draakin, a dragon. I came here for more than just hunting..." He looked at the two males, who seemed to be rather unamused at Shal's words. They were always worried about their leader, and he understood why, but he had his own demons to deal with. Shortly, the two males nodded in defeat, knowing that they couldn't go against his word. One patted Shal on his back, they trusted him and believed in him. "It has been a long time coming, Shal," he said. "If she isn't there, what will you do?" "I do not know Mazeem," Shal said with a smile, "but we shall see, Nicha and Okombe will be arriving in my home soon, please keep them occupied, I'd hate to make them upset." The two men nodded, and Shal walked ahead. Mazeem shook his head, "be careful out there my lord... The jungles are not too kind to the blind..." he prayed. ---- The deeper he traveled, the closer he seemed to be. Fingers ran upon the bark of trees, he'd find the right one, he knew he would. He remembered the forest in the back of his mind, the sight was beyond him, his other senses would do well for him. It wasn't as if he couldn't completely see, everything was a blurred vision. Leaves, however, didn't help, obscuring his already horrid vision, making it harder to detect something that already smelled the same as the others... But, he finally came to a pause, his foot catching hold of a root which was uplifted from the ground. He reached down, his fingers lightly running along the ridges of the strange root, one that he was all too familiar with. He sighed, standing up tall. "Twice around the crooked nose..." He had begun to say as he walked around the tree twice. He stopped, taking out a small sack of red sand, sprinkling it upon the ground. "A sprinkle of the salty sea..." He took out a rose from his small bag and plucked one of the petals out, watching as it settled on the sand. "With a rose from the sorrow... Settled debts and an honest word..." He looked up, hoping that he remembers the verse well enough for the house to be seen. "And you will get to see..."
  2. Pressure into Obscurity

    There were no words coming from betwixt the lips of the ascended being. While the dark beauty before her had begun to speak, Kalisha's eyes glanced down to her own bushy tail. Long and glorious, the brown and white fur brushed against her leg, reminding her of her shortcomings. She didn't regret any decision she ever made. To do so was beyond her. Her actions affected the objects and beings around her. It was her job to simply let things lie. As mother of nature always prevailed in the end. But her problems were of the past, for now, she had dues. And finally, as the hound came out from her train of thought, her focus on the other as she continued to speak. At first, Kalisha was alarmed to see the female's hand outstretched to her own. An agreement? An alliance? Surely it had to be some trap. For a moment, Kalisha stared down at her hand, blinking a few times before looking up to the strange woman and finally closing the agreement, shaking her hand. Kalisha's hand was soft, tender, and for a moment, Nullene would possibly feel a sense of comfort around the hound. "Kalisha," she had finally spoken, "Kalisha Qelhatat. It is my name, spoken by the tribesmen of my homeland. But you may call me Kali, it's more comfortable on the tongue." She finally sighed, resting her head back against the bark of the tree behind her. "The demons, Omavi and Restrii, are weak when not within their own plane. I would ask to please not harm Omavi, she is important for me to find these beings. The demons that we search for are malicious, they jump from body to body to corrupt, and plant their seed as they leave. Our purpose here is to prevent that. In the underworld, there is order, and when rules are broken, we are sent out. Do you have a leader in your home?" She asked with a raised brow. "Perhaps that is what their goal is."
  3. Pressure into Obscurity

    Kalisha was actually amazed that the woman didn't try to harm her any further. Perhaps in some worlds, people did see reason after all. Countless times had Kalisha stolen souls to only give to her blood oath sister. But that was for another time. Kalisha blinked a few times at the vials, placing them back within her satchel before now taking out a canteen of water, and a small exotic fruit. "My dear if you're here to watch me, then it seems that you will be here for a few more days, nothing more, nothing less." Kalisha's golden eyes finally gazed over to the dark-skinned beautiful, before finally taking off her gele. Long curly black tresses accented over her chocolate skin. Her pointed ears were finally seen, oddly enough they were canine but more elven. "I used to be a dog, though that was what most of the people underground knew me as. Before I ascended to godhood with others in Olympus and the Orishas. My dog ears were taken to show proof that I am not like the others. Though my family is not the same. You remind me of my son, well one of them anyways. Big mouth, talks much crap, but like you, he can at least back up his words..." She sighed, taking a bite of her fruit. With more of her visage seen, along with her beautiful waist length hair, Kalisha was a beautiful woman, could have even been mistaken for a human herself if her tail was hidden, and her hair hid her ears. "The other demon we are to find isn't someone easy to find, I cannot smell him, which was why Omavi was here, I cannot track demons, not unless I feel their auras, you understand. But in a new plane, I cannot feel them, they hide. And I hate when they hide."
  4. Pressure into Obscurity

    Kalisha only shook her head, though her smile never left. No matter where she was, no matter what world she was in, the creatures, the people, they all stayed the same. same threats, same responses. Perhaps one-day Kalisha would hear a warning much more savage and more interesting. But for now, she'd consider the delinquent's words, more so for the demons beside her. But Kalisha still couldn't help but laugh, clapping her hands together from the excitement, "beautiful! Ya know, she reminds me of my son," she whispered before the roots had slowly dispersed from both Omavi and Restrii. Kalisha folded her arms, walking over to the two to examine their wounds. She clicked her tongue, as both the lamb and wolf both seemed to be ready for slaughter. "You two are so foolish," she started to complain. "I bought you to help track the demon down, not end up getting hurt." "Shut your mouth dog," Restrii growled, wincing as Kalisha aided to taking out all of the shards and pierced wounds. But Restrii was smacked in the back of his head by Kalisha, before he was set free, sighing of relief and instantly vanishing, leaving only Omavi. "I'm too weak to keep him out," she whispered as Kalisha had bent down, looking at her leg and sighing. "One thing you mustn't do Omavi, is starting a fight in someone else's territory." "I eat her kind for breakfast, fucking cur thinks she can hide behind her words and range. Get this shit out of me!" Omavi demanded. Kalisha chuckled and one by one used her claw to dig deep into Omavi's leg. Omavi, of course, screamed bloody murder, but Kalisha didn't care until she got every last bit out. When it was all out, Omavi's leg was a mess, but it began to mend, the bone fixing bone, and her flesh mending once again. "And she messed up my beautiful dress, got blood all over it." Kalisha was finally done, standing up tall as she licked the blood from her own hands. "Go home, for now, Omavi, we have one more to catch. But we cannot do it in your state." "For what? For the foolish woman to come back and try to kill you? Ya heard what she said, ya gonna let that pass?" "I've far bigger problems." "Yea? I'd show her my bigger problem." "Goodbye Omavi, I will see you later." Omavi grumbled and suddenly vanished, at least for now, Kalisha knew that the girl was still around, her scent was still in the air, her aura, though distant, was still visible to the ascended hound. But When all was said and done, Kalisha did nothing more and instead started walking forward, talking to herself. Her tail, though hidden, fell still as Kalisha decided to simply sit down, taking out her satchel again, she took out the vial, looking at the black smog within. She swirled it around, before taking out another. There were four vials, and only two were filled. Kalisha had a lot more to do. But, now Kalisha decided on another idea, though her eyes were focused on the vials, she decided to speak. "I told you to go home," Kalisha shouted, more so to the woman who she knew was most likely still watching her. "report back to your people, or whoever you hail too. My job is done for tonight, I'm fighting no one."
  5. Pressure into Obscurity

    At first there was a small grin, and then a chuckle came, though it was from Restrii as he couldn't really move, nor do much of anything really. His main concern was Omavi, and if there was any form of her to reveal her true form there, they'd both be dead. Kalisha shook her head however, the tall woman's eyes glancing over and down to the darkskinned woman. "I care less of who you are, what place this is, and the very air you breathe," she reached into her satchel that settled against her waist, her eyes never getting off of the woman. She took out a vial, and as she opened it, the head of the now dead body seemed to jut, eyes widening and rolling to the back of its head as its mouth opened wide, nearly unhinging her jaw before black soot came from betwixt her lips, letting out a last gasp of air as thr soot filled Kalisha's vial just before it was devoured. As soon as she was done, she closed the vial, her job was done. "I wonder, will you throw yourself to save anyone so blindly? Even if they were not from here?" Kalisha asked simply, "a typical mortal. Set your bow down, it will do you no good but send me back home. Or perhaps you truly intend to kill me. I wonder, if you are truly a tree child, how would your people feel knowing you will kill something of the unborn?" Kalisha said nothing more, she knew the woman was smart, and would piece everything together. "The woman summoned a demon from the third ring of my dark realm. We merely came to retrieve our prize. Death was not our intent, but fear... Fear was what would have drove the beast back home... But instead, you bought yourself and fancy weaponry to kill. I would eat you where you stand, but, you are too small, and wouldn't even put a dent in my appetite. But I digress, you have done me a favor. Now away with you."
  6. Pressure into Obscurity

    The arrow easily missed the hound. Unlike the two demons, the hound was able to hear everything around her. The trees sang, and her earth trembled with a voice that only Kalisha could hear. No, she was not insane, but being the daughter of an Orisha, the literal earth, was her playground. She pulled herself back fast enough before the arrow would even have the chance to touch her. However, her comrades wouldn't fare well. Restrii was a walking tank of hard flesh, to where the arrows did absolutely nothing to his pale skin but simply fall against the ground. It took more than just mortal weaponry to hurt the bigger beast. But, his weakness was the main problem as Omavi fell onto the floor. A common reaction would have been a scream, as her leg was of no use. Restrii was livid, his eyes glancing around the forest as his dark aura was slowly beginning to form. It shrouded his body in a ghastly mass, becoming nearly invisible in the dark corners of the forest. This was not the way things were going to go, at least Kalisha had thought so. She growled, raising her hand up as the roots behind the human had begun to grow, succumbing the woman in the darkness as the roots covered her completely. Only seconds in would the woman die, as Kalisha had other plans. She rubbed her hands together, and crouched down, slamming her fingers down onto the ground, causing the trees all around them to move, swaying side to side, almost as if the trees themselves were alive. "I've had enough of these games, we must stop Restrii," Kalisha warned him. "She hurt Omavi!" He screamed. Omavi bit down hard on her bottom lip, wincing as she groaned in pain. The roots of the trees around them began to grow, circling around Kalisha and the other two to the point where it shielded them from any more harm. However, the roots separated a bit to allow Kalisha through, ending up wishing the be the voice of reason. "Perhaps if you would have known the crimes of your human, you would leave us be. Now show yourself child, or become one with the woods as well," Kalisha demanded.
  7. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Truthfully, Amillian had become disgusted the moment she had seen the bar wrench and others in such a lecherous position. She kept to her drink as Dominic excused himself. She didn't know exactly what to really say or do. But her reasoning of being disgusted was for a reason far more different than one would expect. Back in her home, these things were the norm, but when the time was right. Not within her city, where others looked down upon one who did such a thing, though she couldn't tell if it was of consent or not, and truthfully she cared little of the wild animals within her city. She knew well that she would probably have to deal with the same here. But she knew her place, this was a domain that was not of her control. So, she was well enough to keep herself quiet and focused on her alcohol... Then she started to feel slightly woozy... Perhaps drinking wasn't her best bet at all... But she didn't want to be rude to Dominic and waited for him to come back before she raised her hand, "my dear, the food is not needed." She finally finished the drink, placing it down as she leaned back slightly against the chair. "What I am hungry for, might just take some time to get," she whispered, winking at him.
  8. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Ambition... It was all she could really see emitting from the being before her. Being that her senses were still awakening to the new world, adapting to the magic and other variations of the world that she wasn't used to, his vision was cloudy, but the message was clear. Even though his words spoke the truth, it was always the aura that gave the real answer. To her eyes, it was dark, murky, and so dense that if she would have reached out, it would have possibly choked her. However, she knew she was just fine, looking upon Dominic as he spoke. Her eyes took a gander to the small spill that trickled down from the corner of his lips. Her right brow raised slightly, following the droplet as it traced down to his chest. It was when he was going on about his family, trailing off about other problems in his life that she realized that there was a lot more to the situation than it had seemed. At least he had a family, that was a good thing. But when it was time for her to answer, she seemed to chuckle a little, taking another sip of her alcohol. She licked her lips once more, her eyes focused back on Dominic. "I have two sisters. One being my twin, the other is..." Her voice trailed off, not really sure if she had a real answer for her other sister. "My twin sister is name Avicini, she takes care of my mother, it is her punishment for her deeds. My other sister... I do not know her name in the common tongue, but she assists my father in watching over everyone in Aradia." She placed her glass down, her index finger swirling around the rim of her glass. "I have children... All adults now. And my love life is unimportant. I am tied down to no one. Not anymore..."
  9. Sandy hands and salted feet

    "Oh my..." She was quite embarrassed with how excited the man seemed to be with meeting her. It was safe to say that the men in Aradia were in fact much different, and she was placed in a new area that was much similar to home. She felt more at home... Even if she was soon to miss it. Her drink wasn't strong, for there was one thing she had no real control of, and it was alcohol. Countless times she had remembered the bad situations she was crossed in, so she settled for something sweet. She wasn't going to have something heavy and wake up next to someone she'd regret. She was never a heavy drinker, but she had learned that it is something that her people alone could not handle. At least on this, she as not alone. She, however, was taken aback with how quickly he'd realize for her to be a Queen. Amillian chuckle, even at the sudden toast, clanging his tankard with her own glass before taking in only a bit of her drink. She placed her hand against her chest in a state of shock, blinking a few times and clearing her throat as she tried to find the best words to say. Her forked tongue licked the roof of her bottom lip, her eyes looking upon the rather tall handsome being. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not, but his voice alone was enough to send a slight shiver down her spine. A baritone splendor of milk and honey... She had been staring too long, especially at his lips as he spoke... If she could only just bite them... "Hmm what?" She asked only moments after coming back to reality. Though he didn't say anything after his toast, she shook her head. "I apologize, it is rude to stare..." Quickly, she changed the subject. "Well, I am glad to be here, Valucre you say?" She asked. "There will be time to ask about this world, but my curiosity only resides to you, my dear... Tell me more about your family. Siblings? Children? A wife maybe? Someone in such a strong stature as yourself, your woman would be looking for you. Though of course if it had been me... you'd never leave," she grinned.
  10. Sandy hands and salted feet

    There was a slight part of her lips, eyes focused on the portal that was forming before she even had time to answer. But, there was no concern. She didn’t speak, and instead, she started walking through the portal as she picked up Adencia and held her close. She stepped through, and different varieties of smells had hit her all at once. The smell of salt was gone, now, the smell of different perfumes, wood, and fresh linens seemed only to keep her on alert. A room? Well, at least they were within the tavern finally. She blinked as he broke the silence, a warning to keep Adencia alone with the other creature. Adencia whined slightly, but Amillian had placed her down onto the bed, watching as Adencia sat and licked her lips, only to whine again. “If I need any help, I’ll call you,” Ami said with a chuckle before deciding to walk without holding his hand. It wasn’t anything against him, but it was more so she could enjoy and take in all of the surroundings of the vicinity around the both of them. He may have been common in such a place or not, but she was picky. Of course, she couldn’t bring such a bad trait over to the new world, but if the drinks and food were horrible, one would no doubt hear from her. Dominic was a gentleman, and so she thanked him as she sat in the chair, her eyes taking a gander to him ever so after before looking around the room for a bit. That was until he asked her about herself. Usual questions she would have avoided but, she didn't mind telling him a bit of herself. “Aradia…” The words slipped between her lips with ease, as her eyes focused back on Dominic. “... Is the name of my home. She placed both hands upon the table, careful of her elbows, as she laced her fingers together, showing some respect and manners towards him as she sat up straight. “I hailed from there, though I don’t have a real title like you do. It’s a different world there.” A smile creased along the sides of her plump lips, “I thank you for taking me here, Dominic. Though, I have no coin or any way to pay you back for such a generous gesture," she said simply.
  11. Pressure into Obscurity

    The Motherly Goddess.... The Twins... Twang!! It was like a song, the arrow swirling through the air as it came to Omavi’s leg. It snagged into her leg well, causing her to stumble forward just a bit. Her lips parted, a momentary action. She glanced down, seeing the shaft and fletching of the arrow lodged deep in her thigh. The arrowhead nearly touching bone. No blood came out, and she would have been a fool to simply pull it out. So, once her hand had reached down to the shaft of the arrow, she firmly grasped it, and with the twist of her hand, the arrow snapped in half. The bit of movement caused blood to trickle down her thigh, ruining her robe. It was then, the second being, Restrii, began to form. The ground had begun to tremble slightly as heavy steps began approaching from within the darkness that was leaves, heavy breaths and the rattling of chains followed by a low resonating groan. The being finally showed himself, a tall massive hunk of a male figure. Chains surrounded some of his body, and if observed correctly, one would see the cuts and bruises from the chains rubbing up against his pale skin alone. His body nearly towered over Omavi, hitting the bow of branches, his red eyes taking a gander at the now broken bow within Omavi’s hand. “A strange one… Are you alright Omavi?” His voice, though deep and pitiless, still held a hint of endearment towards his other half. The screams, however, of the human, who still understood nothing, seemed to distract the large male, and eventually, his expression changed. At first calm and stoic, furrowed into pure anger. “Kalisha…” The older female from above seemed calm as her name was called. Nothing really was distinctive enough to let one know what she was. A woman with pointed ears and a large bushy dark brown tail. One would have wondered her to simply just wear a fur boa around her waist. She was tall, much taller than Omavi, a curvaceous giant of 7’’ ft in height, compared to the demoness who only stood at 6’’ ft alone. She was dressed in strange garbs; a dark green gele, a long dark green sari over her body. She was barefoot, usually seemed to be. She too was welcoming but in a more… Motherly way. She yawned, walking over to the human as her pointed ears listened all around her. The woman couldn’t hide for too long. “Othrus… Forgive me,” She whispered, her accent slightly heavy, but enough to comprehend everything she seemed to say betwixt her plump lips. “Child! You only have three seconds to show yourself, or your heroic deeds will be a waste… One,” Her fingers wrapped around the human’s neck, her long nails against the pale flesh, pushing into her skin just enough to draw blood, the smell of fear once more filling her nostrils. “Two…”
  12. Pressure into Obscurity

    The Beginning More human than Hu-man Enter the mouth of madness... 𝕲olden eyes stared down from beneath the valley of leaves, the smell of earth within her nose, a similar smell, just like her home. This place was just like home, there was nothing more… Nothing less… Any place that smelled like this, was just like home… But Kalisha was not here to bask in the earthy feel of this plane… She was here for business. Not alone of course, the female hellhound bought her friend, as they were on the hunt, less her uncle, Cerberus, would have both of their heads. She glanced down to the scene once more, taking in the familiar scent she was accustomed to… The smell of fear. -- “W-Who are you?” Spoke the shivering prey, a woman, in her mid-twenties, taken for some strange reason. A chant here, a chant there, and the female demon, Omavi, was summoned. A small grin, and a menacing laugh that echoed far from both the female before the prey and the woman from above. “Not who dear…” Came a very eerily calm feminine voice, soothing almost that it felt like milk and honey, enough to make one feel rather drowsy. ”What, would be the better question you foolish child...” came the response of another, the voice more dark, menacing, a barrage of a dark entity. Just as it spoke, the chained female would feel heavy breathing against her shoulders. However, when the woman had reached behind her, she’d touched nothing. “W-why am I here?” The female asked, chained and bound to the roots that uplifted from the ground, all thanks to the woman above. "She does not remember..." "A shame..." It was almost as if the two voices were one, fire and water, wind and earth, the two voices flowed together. Finally, the sound of steps, heels knocking upon the fallen leaves. Only small sunlight between the two burning suns peeked between the leaves. The human chained, only saw but a few short of a distance between herself and the bits of light that assisted along the way. "Chain," the feminine voice commanded, and the human suddenly felt a tight yank upon the chains that secured her neck, a strong enough force that pulled her back a few inches. But, it was not to torture, but to actually free her, allowing her to breathe. The sound of footsteps was louder, as to where in the corner of the darkness, the human saw strange white glowing eyes. But as it ventured further from the darkness, the strange shadowy figure showed to be a female. It gave the human a sense of relief… But only momentarily. And it gave the human a moment of boldness. “What business do you have of kidnapping me? You have none!” She shouted. Kalisha grinned, still looking down as Omavi did the same, a soft moan of satisfaction as she leaned into the woman… And then the human finally saw it. Gasp! "A demon!" Omavi's horns, black as the night, curled like a lamb, settled on top of her short white hair, crisped into a short bob. Her eyes were a solid white, no pupils, but it wasn't hard to tell if the curvaceous female was staring at the frail woman. Her menacing aura alone was enough. Her figure was covered, an odd place for modesty as she was within black robes, though not enough to hide the tail that curled upon her leg. She had long claws, painted black, make-up that would lure in any being. "It is my business child..." The woman spoke. "You are in our domain!" The other voice said, obscured and unseen by the prey still. "Speak your name human, or I will feed you to the beast..." "For I am VERY hungry!!!" The voice echoed. There was a menacing sound of laughter, followed, causing the human to tremble. “HELP ME!” The human shouted.
  13. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Something felt off… Her eyes blinked, actually quite surprised that the man was able to speak the common tongue, who was she? Well, that question alone had already answered any speculation that she was not home. With a small lick of her lips, her split tongue showing only slightly as she took a moment to recollect her thoughts. No, she didn’t forget her own name, she just needed a moment to… Remember… “Amillian…” Remember... “I…” She grew quiet, remembering more of her life as seconds went by. “This place…” She turned to the abandoned and destroyed Remember…home, there was nothing on Aradia that indicated such a place… If so, she would have known about it. She blinked a few times before finally placing Adencia down, whom of course just could not stop barking. “Dominic…” “We will send you to these lands Ami…” “I will decline father, there is so much more I can do here… This land is mine!” “THESE LANDS ARE NOT YOUR LANDS AMILLIAN!!” SLAP!! Her aura suddenly switched, the beautiful lavender hues that accented to her flowery smell of lilies, now became a murky brown, only becoming darker like venturing deep within a swamp: mystery, was all it read. “I am not from here…” She finally responded, her soft tone suddenly switched as well, recollecting everything within seconds. Adencia started to growl. “But it is nice to meet you, Dominic. And you too Robin, what an absolute cutie you have here,” she said, her green optics focused on the small creature. She patted Adencia on top of her head, calming the hound down. “I am lost, perhaps you can tell me more of your lands Dominic, I am quite intrigued… With you,” she grinned as she too bowed finally in respect. “Do forgive me, it has been a long travel, is there perhaps a place I can settle for a drink?”
  14. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Three days... She didn't remember any more, she couldn't remember any more. Exhaustion plagued her body, her very soul that twisted and turned with curiosity. This universe, a new plane, something she could not comprehend. She was here for a reason… She just couldn't picture it… Sons and daughters… I left them all at home… Sand… Her eyes focused on the gritty substance that fell betwixt her fingers, she had just awoken, but where was she? This was not Aradia, had there been something she skipped? A blind spot on the map? Aradia was her home… Or at least, that was what she continued to say within her mind. Still dressed in her black robes, the now forsaken empress helped herself to stand, brushing the sand off of her fabric and off of her arms and hair. It didn't give answers as to where she seemed to be, but as she turned her back to the shore, her eyes widened. “This place…” Almost like a dream, perhaps she was dreaming… No. This was no dream, no accident. She was sent here, another mission perhaps, she was soon to get an answer, hearing a low muffled whine behind her, she realized that she wasn't alone. A small puppy with short black fur, black sclera and yellow irises. Its ears were pointed, while the tip of its tail was red, fading up into the black fur of its back. Amillian chuckled, reaching down to pick up her old friend, and petting its fur. “Adencia,” she had begun to speak, her voice deep and feminine, but soft and smooth like a still and crisp lake. “I assume you jumped on me and hid in my robes again?” The puppy tilted her head at hearing her name, but wagged her tail and barked, licking Amillian’s face. She chuckled, placing Adencia down. “Looks like we are lost together then…” Adencia kept still, sniffing around before catching a strange scent. They were not alone! Adencia, being as excited as she was, had begun to run off. Ami, being as concerned as she was, gasped and chased after her. She couldn't be sure that the place was safe. And she had a promise to protect Adencia. “Adencia! Stay!” She shouted, but the puppy was fast, not realizing where she was headed, but bumped into the strange man with a loud thump. Being so small, it would not have hurt him, but it had hurt Adencia. She rolled on her back and whined, just as Amillian had caught up to her. “Are you alright Adencia?” She asked as she picked her up, smiling at the man. Being that she was new to the world, her senses and everything around her didn't click in tune as of yet. “Sorry about that, she's just a puppy.”
  15. Ohiyra and Ayyhat “The blade against your skin… A lullaby…” “Things are better done in the darkness of the abyss.” “My my…” Frustration, anger, rage, and delight. Pleasure, a euphoric feeling expressed in any form, but to Ayyhat, this was all just a game. The room was dimly lit, the small lighting above them in the shady confines of the room. She came here every now and then to play, her fingers pressed against the token, her eyelids low as she listened to the sounds of the other players. A sigh, one had a bad hand… The sound of a chair creaking back… Another one was cocky… The other one was silent, which was enough for her to know that he had a good hand. A good player as the man was, she knew that she had them. The crimson token was toyed with between her fingers, before it was placed up against her plump lips, a small smirk finally creasing her stoic face as her golden optics glanced around. “You are all silent, is something wrong?” Her voice, a mere whisper that still echoed through the stagnant room. One of the others seemed to grow irritated, especially as soon as she placed her token down, keeping it in the way of all of the other tokens, which had meant that no matter what they would have placed down, they wouldn’t have won. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, one of the men seemed to emit a low growl, reverberating from deep within his core. Ooh, he was angry, Ayyhat could feel it, she couldn’t help but chuckle, holding her hand out and on the table; payment. The other men all expressed their frustrations with mere mumbles and groans, all while her eyes were set on the one across from her, as his anger exceeded him, causing him to grip the edges of the table, ready to flip it over. And he did so, with the tokens and money flying everywhere, hitting Ayyhat and the others. A purse of her lips, “temper …” She cooed. “You’re receiving NOTHING from me you prude woman!” He shouted. She seemed so calm, relaxed… Though the room was dark, and only four people were present, there was in fact another… Golden optics opened from within the dark behind Ayyhat, teeth opening to reveal nothing but razor teeth, like one similar to that of a shark. It’s head, though unseen, tilted to the side. “Pay,” the feminine voice echoed. The man didn’t move from his spot, unsure of who or what was behind Ayyhat, until the blurred figure leaped from across the room, pinning the male down, the silvery glint of the blade pressed up against his skin. When realization kicked in, the man gulped loudly, “Ohiyra, I-I didn’t know you were here.” “PAY UP!” She shouted, and he did so, scrambling out from under the larger sister as he fiddled through his sack to take out all of his coins. Ohiyra stood up and pointed to the others as Ayyhat finally stood as well, turning her back to the scene as she headed for the door. Ohiyra growled and lifted the same male up, pinning him against the wall while her fingers pressed further around his neck. Ayyhat stood still, “enough, we must go. They will gather my money and send it to me, just like they always do.” Ohiyra had let out a small noise of discomfort, letting the male go as he tried to breathe, following right behind Ayyhat, “to where sister?” “Well, to be honest, I’m not so sure.” “Beautiful, you know, I’m going to get into some trouble being around you.” Ayyhat grinned, before walking further ahead, “I hear there is something going on, perhaps a festival.” “Hmm… Knowing you, you won’t stay long.”