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  1. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Amillian looked away as he questioned her. She wasn't bashful, or flustered. She was simply off put about the question. Amillian returned the kisses, before pulling back, placing her finger against his lips as she shook her head. "Souls are what my body needs, that, or the energy of men," she admitted with a smirk on her face. "I am more than well comfortable," she had begun to say. "My home is still in repair, thousands of years of gruesome battles, when I go back, it will not be wise to come back with me... But I will not be gone for long. Ten years in my world is only a week here, you won't miss me," she added with a soft smile, running her fingers along the side of his cheek. "I still have a few more days here," she admitted. "We still have some time together. Once I get back, I will need all of the energy I can to help restore the rest of my home... and run a few errands," she whispered as she glanced to her nails, letting out a soft sigh. Everything was in moderation, for now, she was going to enjoy herself, despite being in such a world for a short amount of time.
  2. Sandy hands and salted feet

    His reaction was quite a surprise, and her eyes widened only slightly. Being pulled into his arms was comforting, and welcoming. She sighed in relief, positioning herself more so that she was comfortable with him. As her head rested against his chest, she looked up slightly, showing a small smile as he spoke. It was lunch time but, Amillian wasn't worried. "I will be fine," she said as she looked away, and then towards the window. "I don't need to eat, my body can store enough energy for a little while longer," she admitted. "But we should get you to eat," she added as she looked down at his leg and began to pat it with one hand, stopping momentarily to rub against it. "After last night I'm sure you would need it." Turning her body around, she turned to face him, enjoying observing the features on his skin. While her body seemed almost flawless, his body was the opposite. Marks and scars slightly altered his ebony skin, and oddly enough she seemed to admire it, running her fingers on it once more, only to follow the scars. However, once realizing what she was doing, she pulled back, looked up at his face, and smiled.
  3. Sandy hands and salted feet

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The night was wild, and Amillian for a while was slightly drained. Truthfully, this deemed a beautiful thing to her and definitely felt it throughout her whole body. She was the first to wake and decided on making her way to the bath. It was a sweet relief, being that she had been wandering for some time, and missed the confines of a hot shower. After getting dressed, she looked back to the sleeping Dominic, and smiled momentarily, before leaning over to him, gently rubbing her hands across his chest as she finally had the chance to observe him in his beautiful form. she raised her knee, pressing it up against the corner of the bed to help elevate herself more to lean over to him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. Her long black strands tickled against his skin as she looked down at him. "Wake up," she whispered, her voice as sweet as honey, and still sing like a songbird. "We slept late in the day."
  4. Coloring Reality and Lies

    It was a kind gesture of her, leading him in. He could have easily gone on his own, but the fact that she was nice enough to lead made him smile. It had been a while since he had seen a fae, and he had nearly forgotten just how sensitive the fae made him feel. They were gentle creatures, if not more caring. She knew little of him, and yet she still took him in, despite how intimidating he was to her. He had many coins, but he wasn't sure how much such payment would be. He took heed of the flowers, or rather, just his steps, being that his feet were bare. Any step he took, he made sure that there was no flower below him. He respected her, as much as he would have had respected Iris. Upon reaching the room, he sat down with ease, sighing before his eyes stared on to her as she walked off. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and sighed, before reaching into the sack he had against his hip, taking out a good amount of coin, putting it on the table before her as she walked back inside. "I don't know how trades work with you, but this is what I have, I do hope it is enough, if not, I may always send more. Your grandmother always preferred the drinks we make, says it reminds her of basking in the sun's rays. But..." He began to say as he took out the large clear bottle, holding a strange green liquid. "It's sweet, made with the fruits that we grow personally." And he wasn't lying, smiling only softly. "But I need nothing, just tell me what to do."
  5. Pressure into Obscurity

    Nullene never needed to worry about the smell of Kalisha, for her scent alone smelled like the earth around them. Omavi however, was a different story. The demon herself was able to mask her scent, but Kalisha was sure that Omavi wouldn't have cared much, especially due to how much anger she held from the previous battle. Kalisha stood as she watched Nullene go through the process, the place was hot, but Kalisha had no real problems with the heat. Kalisha sighed, leaning down where she stood to drop her satchel and her gele, before grabbing at her long daishiki and pulling it up and over her head. She cared little about modesty, her body, carry curves and well endowed. Strangely enough, she didn't hold a large belly, but instead a small marking over her navel, small razor cuts that shaped into an anhk, now healed over time. She also had other white marking along her arms, henna tattoos, made all by her husband. Kalisha didn't say a word, following the same path as Nullene as she sighed. The pods were a good way to clean oneself, nothing like how it was back at home. But, every place was as different as they come. Her long curly locks reached down to her When she was all done, she sat beside Nullene, groaning as she stretched her body. "Thanks for that," Kalisha smiled. She looked ahead at absolutely nothing, her tail swaying before lit lightly brushed against Nullene, already becoming fluffy and comfortable from the heat.
  6. Coloring Reality and Lies

    "Oh..." Shal seemed to turn his head slightly, embarrassed for even bringing it up to the poor woman and giving her such a bad taste to even make the woman remember. "I am sorry, see the problem is, that I cannot see... I would love to sit down and have such a connection with you. See I loved your grandmother... Well not in that way... I uhm..." Well, now everything felt awkward, at least to his part. Getting so tongue tied was also a problem he had never experienced, being in his line of work. But, he respected Iris, and the fact that he was so surprised to hear that she died. He couldn't mourn. "Well I know you've probably heard this, but she was a great woman, at least to me. She was a good friend, and I keep the forests safe, at least for her and a few others." He stopped talking before taking in a deep sigh. He had to regain himself, becoming so vulnerable in such a short amount of time was actually worrisome to himself. His cloudy eyes never moved, as he reached his fingers over to the nearest bark of a tree, and holding against it to help him move. He wasn't fully blind, but his view was so blurry that he relied on scent alone, and being that the female before him was so earthly, he couldn't make out anything else around him. "Do you know how to make runes? It was what my people used to come to your mother for. I need enhancements in my eyes... To see again."
  7. Pressure into Obscurity

    Kalisha raised a brow, she wasn't sure if the woman Nullene really wanted to meet Omavi once again. Omavi was a hot head when angered, purely blind with rage. And sometimes, getting such rage to calm down was hard enough to do on its own. Kalisha didn't question the drow, knowing that she had to work with them regardless, but she was unsure if Omavi herself was willing to work with the drow, to begin with. It would have taken some time for Omavi to come back, most of her power was used on keeping Restrii safe. Kalisha groaned as she stood up, more so due to the pains in her back, she was old, and sometimes she felt it throughout her body. A bath by the water didn't sound bad at all. "I'll take you up on that thought my dear," she said with a smile. At least Kalisha could see how Nullene tried her best to be nice. Kalisha's bushy tail wagged lightly as she followed the trail of the drow. "After you dear, I'll let Omavi join us soon," she smiled. "A bath would be wonderful."
  8. Coloring Reality and Lies

    The voice wasn't familiar, causing Shal to hesitate, his fingers drifting to the small dagger that was beneath his sash. Shal's eyesight was poor, and all he could see before him was simply an image. It was why a few members of his tribe were so cautious of him. A leader of his own regard, Shal made his people prosper. He was a fierce warrior at birth, a male that didn't take mercy, who was now succumbing to life itself. Perhaps it was a sign, a sign of his faults. Maybe it was because he was too ruthless, and killed many who opposed him. Perhaps it was a curse. Regardless of the fact, the real problem was that he couldn't tell who the female seemed to be, but he knew very well that it wasn't the same woman he had always known before. For a moment, Shal kept still, the female was kind enough to give her name. He blinked his foggy eyes a few times and cleared his throat. "Shal'akaar... My people do not carry last names," he said with a low deep rumbling tone. He held no means of intimidation, but his voice alone was alarming, if not alluring. "There was a woman here many years ago, Iris, is she still here?" He asked. "I need... assistance."
  9. Pressure into Obscurity

    Her eyes took a gander over to the woman as she spoke, her tail all too familiar to someone she had once known, but with different outcomes. Kalisha took a bite out of her fruit, the juices practically bursting out into her mouth, causing her to hesitate, feeling the stinging sensation of the sweet and yet tangy fruit. It caused her to cough a little, before drinking more of her water from the canteen. When she was done, she cleared her throat and placed everything down. "I see... A shame, my condolences for your people." Though she couldn't say the same for her own, being that she was no longer truly like her kind, a downfall of being what she ascended to, her inner pain of being chased constantly by her brother, an ongoing power battle that eventually would have a victor. If Kalisha was to die under any circumstances, it would be near her immediate family. At least... She had always dreamed about it, but the difference was in the reality of things, being a dreamer as she was, she always hoped for the best of situations... She had only wished that things within her family never turned out the way that they did... Coming back to refocus on Nullene, "my dear you are a treat, despite what you go through... But, you've never told me your name, I would at least like to know who the Drow... Who stands before me, is." Kalisha seemed to have a slight distaste in saying the word, but not against Nullene. "Hopefully the Drow in this world are different from the other worlds I have ventured through. But you seem nice... A fine young one, can't help that you have a job to do, even if you might die in the process... Such as the circle of life. We work until we die... Yada yada..."
  10. Coloring Reality and Lies

    He settled for the darkness within man... And now he regrets all of his misdeeds... Like the gods above, he settles for none... Alone he walks, for the hazy gaze of the sun... "We cannot continue like this Lord Shal'akaar, it is too dangerous to hunt, especially in your condition" Three males all stood around one another, settled deep within the confines of the forest. For their tribe of Tuma'u, it was to be the big festival of revival soon, a time where all of the tribes came together and celebrated when one of their gods helped their lands and revived their people from the nearly two thousand years of death and destruction. A time, where even Shal felt everything at a complete loss. His wife, his younglings... There were just a few things that they couldn't always have been. Being in the forest, old memories ran through his mind, memories of his mistakes... Dealing with certain people, doing dirty deeds against his people to protect them... Perhaps he should have kept things by the code... And now he was stuck with a curse that he knew very little of. Only that it affected his every day living. The tall Koskun looked over to his two comrades, both old friends who he used to hunt with since they were younglings themselves. They, among others, knew of his curse, knew of his real problem... "It is kind of you two to look after me, but I am a Koskun, a Draakin, a dragon. I came here for more than just hunting..." He looked at the two males, who seemed to be rather unamused at Shal's words. They were always worried about their leader, and he understood why, but he had his own demons to deal with. Shortly, the two males nodded in defeat, knowing that they couldn't go against his word. One patted Shal on his back, they trusted him and believed in him. "It has been a long time coming, Shal," he said. "If she isn't there, what will you do?" "I do not know Mazeem," Shal said with a smile, "but we shall see, Nicha and Okombe will be arriving in my home soon, please keep them occupied, I'd hate to make them upset." The two men nodded, and Shal walked ahead. Mazeem shook his head, "be careful out there my lord... The jungles are not too kind to the blind..." he prayed. ---- The deeper he traveled, the closer he seemed to be. Fingers ran upon the bark of trees, he'd find the right one, he knew he would. He remembered the forest in the back of his mind, the sight was beyond him, his other senses would do well for him. It wasn't as if he couldn't completely see, everything was a blurred vision. Leaves, however, didn't help, obscuring his already horrid vision, making it harder to detect something that already smelled the same as the others... But, he finally came to a pause, his foot catching hold of a root which was uplifted from the ground. He reached down, his fingers lightly running along the ridges of the strange root, one that he was all too familiar with. He sighed, standing up tall. "Twice around the crooked nose..." He had begun to say as he walked around the tree twice. He stopped, taking out a small sack of red sand, sprinkling it upon the ground. "A sprinkle of the salty sea..." He took out a rose from his small bag and plucked one of the petals out, watching as it settled on the sand. "With a rose from the sorrow... Settled debts and an honest word..." He looked up, hoping that he remembers the verse well enough for the house to be seen. "And you will get to see..."
  11. Pressure into Obscurity

    There were no words coming from betwixt the lips of the ascended being. While the dark beauty before her had begun to speak, Kalisha's eyes glanced down to her own bushy tail. Long and glorious, the brown and white fur brushed against her leg, reminding her of her shortcomings. She didn't regret any decision she ever made. To do so was beyond her. Her actions affected the objects and beings around her. It was her job to simply let things lie. As mother of nature always prevailed in the end. But her problems were of the past, for now, she had dues. And finally, as the hound came out from her train of thought, her focus on the other as she continued to speak. At first, Kalisha was alarmed to see the female's hand outstretched to her own. An agreement? An alliance? Surely it had to be some trap. For a moment, Kalisha stared down at her hand, blinking a few times before looking up to the strange woman and finally closing the agreement, shaking her hand. Kalisha's hand was soft, tender, and for a moment, Nullene would possibly feel a sense of comfort around the hound. "Kalisha," she had finally spoken, "Kalisha Qelhatat. It is my name, spoken by the tribesmen of my homeland. But you may call me Kali, it's more comfortable on the tongue." She finally sighed, resting her head back against the bark of the tree behind her. "The demons, Omavi and Restrii, are weak when not within their own plane. I would ask to please not harm Omavi, she is important for me to find these beings. The demons that we search for are malicious, they jump from body to body to corrupt, and plant their seed as they leave. Our purpose here is to prevent that. In the underworld, there is order, and when rules are broken, we are sent out. Do you have a leader in your home?" She asked with a raised brow. "Perhaps that is what their goal is."
  12. Pressure into Obscurity

    Kalisha was actually amazed that the woman didn't try to harm her any further. Perhaps in some worlds, people did see reason after all. Countless times had Kalisha stolen souls to only give to her blood oath sister. But that was for another time. Kalisha blinked a few times at the vials, placing them back within her satchel before now taking out a canteen of water, and a small exotic fruit. "My dear if you're here to watch me, then it seems that you will be here for a few more days, nothing more, nothing less." Kalisha's golden eyes finally gazed over to the dark-skinned beautiful, before finally taking off her gele. Long curly black tresses accented over her chocolate skin. Her pointed ears were finally seen, oddly enough they were canine but more elven. "I used to be a dog, though that was what most of the people underground knew me as. Before I ascended to godhood with others in Olympus and the Orishas. My dog ears were taken to show proof that I am not like the others. Though my family is not the same. You remind me of my son, well one of them anyways. Big mouth, talks much crap, but like you, he can at least back up his words..." She sighed, taking a bite of her fruit. With more of her visage seen, along with her beautiful waist length hair, Kalisha was a beautiful woman, could have even been mistaken for a human herself if her tail was hidden, and her hair hid her ears. "The other demon we are to find isn't someone easy to find, I cannot smell him, which was why Omavi was here, I cannot track demons, not unless I feel their auras, you understand. But in a new plane, I cannot feel them, they hide. And I hate when they hide."
  13. Pressure into Obscurity

    Kalisha only shook her head, though her smile never left. No matter where she was, no matter what world she was in, the creatures, the people, they all stayed the same. same threats, same responses. Perhaps one-day Kalisha would hear a warning much more savage and more interesting. But for now, she'd consider the delinquent's words, more so for the demons beside her. But Kalisha still couldn't help but laugh, clapping her hands together from the excitement, "beautiful! Ya know, she reminds me of my son," she whispered before the roots had slowly dispersed from both Omavi and Restrii. Kalisha folded her arms, walking over to the two to examine their wounds. She clicked her tongue, as both the lamb and wolf both seemed to be ready for slaughter. "You two are so foolish," she started to complain. "I bought you to help track the demon down, not end up getting hurt." "Shut your mouth dog," Restrii growled, wincing as Kalisha aided to taking out all of the shards and pierced wounds. But Restrii was smacked in the back of his head by Kalisha, before he was set free, sighing of relief and instantly vanishing, leaving only Omavi. "I'm too weak to keep him out," she whispered as Kalisha had bent down, looking at her leg and sighing. "One thing you mustn't do Omavi, is starting a fight in someone else's territory." "I eat her kind for breakfast, fucking cur thinks she can hide behind her words and range. Get this shit out of me!" Omavi demanded. Kalisha chuckled and one by one used her claw to dig deep into Omavi's leg. Omavi, of course, screamed bloody murder, but Kalisha didn't care until she got every last bit out. When it was all out, Omavi's leg was a mess, but it began to mend, the bone fixing bone, and her flesh mending once again. "And she messed up my beautiful dress, got blood all over it." Kalisha was finally done, standing up tall as she licked the blood from her own hands. "Go home, for now, Omavi, we have one more to catch. But we cannot do it in your state." "For what? For the foolish woman to come back and try to kill you? Ya heard what she said, ya gonna let that pass?" "I've far bigger problems." "Yea? I'd show her my bigger problem." "Goodbye Omavi, I will see you later." Omavi grumbled and suddenly vanished, at least for now, Kalisha knew that the girl was still around, her scent was still in the air, her aura, though distant, was still visible to the ascended hound. But When all was said and done, Kalisha did nothing more and instead started walking forward, talking to herself. Her tail, though hidden, fell still as Kalisha decided to simply sit down, taking out her satchel again, she took out the vial, looking at the black smog within. She swirled it around, before taking out another. There were four vials, and only two were filled. Kalisha had a lot more to do. But, now Kalisha decided on another idea, though her eyes were focused on the vials, she decided to speak. "I told you to go home," Kalisha shouted, more so to the woman who she knew was most likely still watching her. "report back to your people, or whoever you hail too. My job is done for tonight, I'm fighting no one."
  14. Pressure into Obscurity

    At first there was a small grin, and then a chuckle came, though it was from Restrii as he couldn't really move, nor do much of anything really. His main concern was Omavi, and if there was any form of her to reveal her true form there, they'd both be dead. Kalisha shook her head however, the tall woman's eyes glancing over and down to the darkskinned woman. "I care less of who you are, what place this is, and the very air you breathe," she reached into her satchel that settled against her waist, her eyes never getting off of the woman. She took out a vial, and as she opened it, the head of the now dead body seemed to jut, eyes widening and rolling to the back of its head as its mouth opened wide, nearly unhinging her jaw before black soot came from betwixt her lips, letting out a last gasp of air as thr soot filled Kalisha's vial just before it was devoured. As soon as she was done, she closed the vial, her job was done. "I wonder, will you throw yourself to save anyone so blindly? Even if they were not from here?" Kalisha asked simply, "a typical mortal. Set your bow down, it will do you no good but send me back home. Or perhaps you truly intend to kill me. I wonder, if you are truly a tree child, how would your people feel knowing you will kill something of the unborn?" Kalisha said nothing more, she knew the woman was smart, and would piece everything together. "The woman summoned a demon from the third ring of my dark realm. We merely came to retrieve our prize. Death was not our intent, but fear... Fear was what would have drove the beast back home... But instead, you bought yourself and fancy weaponry to kill. I would eat you where you stand, but, you are too small, and wouldn't even put a dent in my appetite. But I digress, you have done me a favor. Now away with you."
  15. Pressure into Obscurity

    The arrow easily missed the hound. Unlike the two demons, the hound was able to hear everything around her. The trees sang, and her earth trembled with a voice that only Kalisha could hear. No, she was not insane, but being the daughter of an Orisha, the literal earth, was her playground. She pulled herself back fast enough before the arrow would even have the chance to touch her. However, her comrades wouldn't fare well. Restrii was a walking tank of hard flesh, to where the arrows did absolutely nothing to his pale skin but simply fall against the ground. It took more than just mortal weaponry to hurt the bigger beast. But, his weakness was the main problem as Omavi fell onto the floor. A common reaction would have been a scream, as her leg was of no use. Restrii was livid, his eyes glancing around the forest as his dark aura was slowly beginning to form. It shrouded his body in a ghastly mass, becoming nearly invisible in the dark corners of the forest. This was not the way things were going to go, at least Kalisha had thought so. She growled, raising her hand up as the roots behind the human had begun to grow, succumbing the woman in the darkness as the roots covered her completely. Only seconds in would the woman die, as Kalisha had other plans. She rubbed her hands together, and crouched down, slamming her fingers down onto the ground, causing the trees all around them to move, swaying side to side, almost as if the trees themselves were alive. "I've had enough of these games, we must stop Restrii," Kalisha warned him. "She hurt Omavi!" He screamed. Omavi bit down hard on her bottom lip, wincing as she groaned in pain. The roots of the trees around them began to grow, circling around Kalisha and the other two to the point where it shielded them from any more harm. However, the roots separated a bit to allow Kalisha through, ending up wishing the be the voice of reason. "Perhaps if you would have known the crimes of your human, you would leave us be. Now show yourself child, or become one with the woods as well," Kalisha demanded.