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  1. MisguidedKid

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    @boneami Read my first entry on page 492 and/or my second comment on 493 for better context of what's going on with Noria :)
  2. MisguidedKid

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @boneami " Noria waves her hand to the barkeep, ordering a third glass of Whiskey. Her pale cheeks started to turn rosie from her indulgence in strong alcohol. She isn't even not drunk yet however or even tipsy. She decided to look around her surroundings to gauge exactly where she was, she didn't even think to do that when she first entered the tavern, after the events that had just happened to her and the smell of liquor filling her nostrils she was led by the aroma like a sheep. As she looks around there many strange and unordinary people in the tavern, some of them aren't even people but they all look happy none the less. Except for one patron who just entered the door, he looks distressed about something, he didn't even want to look around the inner walls or rafters of the tavern he just headed straight for the bar. " Similar me.. I wonder what unjustified acts this world has hurled onto you to. " She thinks to herself before turning back around to her drink to take another gulp. "
  3. MisguidedKid

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    " The barkeep places a tall glass of Whiskey down in-front of the woman drenched in water. " Will that be all ma'am? Maybe a.. Hot towel aswell? " He asks concerned about the welfare of the lady.. and the state of the wood floors now forming puddles around her barstool. " * sigh * No thank you.. That'll be all barkeep. " She replies, as the barkeep nods his head and carries on attending to the other patrons. She grabs the glass, using her other hand to part her hair from her face allowing the glass to reach her lips. She takes a huge gulp of Whiskey, almost finishing half the glass in one go. As she savors the flavor and warmth passing down her throat to her stomach, steam starts flowing off of her. In seconds her whole body is covered in steam filling the area around her, she is almost completely masked by the steam as if she is wearing a large white cloak. Anyone next to her can feel a sudden change in humidity and heat within a 5 foot radius of her. After the steam dissipates and the temperature around her settles back down to normal, she is completely dry. In minutes she dried her clothes, body, hair and barstool just by raising her body temperature to a high degree. " Ahh.. Much better. " She exclaims in relief. Her face is now visible revealing that she is a young woman no more than 22 years old, her bright blaze orange colored eyes almost light up the room and her wavey hair is now a Dark Cinnamon color with hints of Amber color throughout it. She grabs a pipe from her pocket and fills it with a harsh scented tobacco that fills the air, she grabs a match and lights it by only flicking her thumb over it. She takes a deep breath in, holds it for a couple seconds to fill her lungs and exhales a cloud of smoke into the air above her. She takes another sip of her Whiskey relaxing at the bar her eyes closed thinking about the events before she entered the bar. "
  4. MisguidedKid

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    " A young women enters the tavern, she opens the door drenched in lake water, her whole body dripping water all over the floor and her Dark Cinnamon/Amber colored hair drooping down her face covering her eyes. She reaches her arm around behind her to close the door. She starts to walk toward the bar with her hands clinched into fists, one would swear they could see steam coming off of her she was that furious at something, but then again you still can't see her facial expression. With each step a trail of water follows behind her leaving a very slippery, dangerous path to the unwary walker. When she reaches the bar she finds an empty barstool and takes a seat, as soon as she sits down the stool is immediately covered in water and a small puddle starts to form at the base of the stool. She rests her arms on the bar table, her hair still drenched and covering her face she waves to the bartender ordering a glass of Whiskey straight. As she waits for her drink her hands are still clinched, her back hunched over and head lowered while water still drips down her face and body. "