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  1. Just as the boy was about to head back to lower deck, he felt the entire ship lurch, nearly throwing him over the side and into the sea. Gripping for his life, Rhyko could hear the screams of the men that weren't as fortunate, those who remained moving to their stations. Before he could even get a grasp on the situation, the voice of the ships captain drew his attention to her outstretched hand. Upon processing what she was saying, the frightened boy reached out to accept her aid, but was interrupted by another cannonball making impact and burying itself in the base of the railing. Wood splintered and sprayed outward, causing Rhyko to pull back his arm and shield his face. As the debris settled, he turned to look at the projectile now partially showing the the barrier it was embedded in, a bizarre sense of dread spreading over him. Before long, his fear was answered when the shell exploded and sent him off his feet and flying back first into the mast of the ship, bouncing off and landing face first on the wooden floor. When the boy's eyes opened, he could barely see a thing. Along with the blurred vision was an insufferable ringing in his ears that seemed to drown out all sound around him, with only the faintest echo of shouting and cannon fire breaching through. Upon slowly regaining his sense of touch and the feeling in his arms and legs, he attempted to push himself up and stand. However, as he tried to put a foot beneath him, already trying to bear through the pain that began to seep in, he slipped on something and fell back to the deck. Nearly passing out from that fall, Rhyko noticed a warm, wet sensation covering the front of his body. Holding up his hand to his face, he found the palm was now fully red. After a few seconds of processing what this meant, he allowed the limb to drop back to the ground, a chill creeping over him as he began to lose the feeling he'd just regained. Oddly enough, despite his broken, bleeding body, his heart began to beat faster and faster. His labored breathing became louder and more rapid, flashes of his last night in Alethea passing through his mind as the shadows around him seemed to bend, the world becoming just a bit darker. An inky, yet fog like darkness began to envelope the limp body laying on the deck, as though in an effort to consume it. Once it was completely enveloped, the black mass began to shrink down, changing shape to that of a four-legged beast. As the dark fog began to dissipate, it gave way to fur of the same shade, ending in a tail. A pair of ears now pointed to the sky as the freshly spawned beast rose it's head, opening a pair of silver eyes. Without warning, the large wolf that just emerged just a moment ago shot forward like one of the cannonballs pelting the ship, leaping over the side and easily clearing the gap between the Warhammer and the nearest vessel attempting to board. Before the unfortunate boarding party could comprehend the black blur heading into their domain, the beast tore open the throat of one of the sailors as it landed, sliding a few feet across the deck as it stared down the remaining crew.
  2. The boy froze a bit until Kaige's hand fell on his shoulder, eliciting a sigh of relief. He hadn't intended to act that way, but it seemed his frustrations lately had finally come to the service. But now it seemed that everything involving the trip was resolved and business could proceed as normal...whatever constituted normal on a pirate ship. "Um, thank you." He said with a nod before heading down to the dining hall, greeted with the smell of the kitchen. Just as the night before, the thought of a full meal lifted his spirits quite a bit and he followed Kaige to the only table not completely full of pirates. Resisting the urge to dive into his meal the moment it arrived, he looked between the two original occupants of the table and his demon hunter friend, the silence making him nervous. "Uh...good morning." He said with a shaky smile before retreating to his breakfast; it was going to be a long trip. For the next day and a half, Rhyko kept to himself as much as possible, not trusting the many pirates on this ship to be as accommodating as their captain. Thankfully, due either to his own efforts or the word of Miss Blaze, they seem to have left him alone. Not that this did much to negate any of his problems. He was well fed and didn't suffer any violence thus far, but this only left the boy to his thoughts, none of which were particularly uplifting. If he wasn't dwelling on the events in Alethea, Rhyko was agonizing over his now uncertain future. And now, as he sailed across the sea among the thieves and murderers, the boy was preoccupied with nothing more than depositing...rainbows in the ocean. With a wince and a groan, he wiped his face of his breakfast for the fourth time since this trip began.
  3. He couldn't tell if it was the rocking of the ship or the tension in the room, but Rhyko felt a bit queasy. The boy looked back and forth between Kaige and the table, unsure of whether he should sit or stand. Eventually, he opted to sit as the two began to discuss the terms of this visit, Sylvis's demeanor throwing him off a bit. His stomach dropped a bit further as he heard the woman reveal that this was, in fact, a pirate ship. As if on queue, another woman with a rather stereotypical peg-leg walked in, tankard in hand. "Wait a minute.." He mumbled as he stood up, a bit put off by what was being suggested by Sylvis and by what Kaige seemed to be trying to do. "I'm...I'm not a child. I'm old enough to take care of myself and I've been doing that for years, as far back as I can remember." He looked to Kaige with an apologetic expression. "I'm grateful for the food and board you paid for, the clothes too. I'm going to pay that back some day. But..." The boy hesitated a moment, then continued his sudden burst of assertiveness, a look of resolve in his grey eyes that contrasted with his usual demeanor. "But if there's something I can do for myself, I'm going to do it. I've already decided to see...whatever this is through. That means I need to do some things on my own." It was around this time that he finally took notice of his own behavior, turning beet red stuttering. "Um, so, yeah..." He managed to say, looking around nervously. "I-I'm an adult a-and I don't need any...any special treatment. I'm not good at much, but...well, whatever you need me to do for that favour, I'll uh...do it, so...yeah." The boy sat in awkward silence for a moment, not sure if he had interpreted the situation correctly. "Um...I'm Rhyko...by the way."
  4. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    Full Summary: As the black wolf walked through the forest, the very earth itself opened beneath it, forcing it to traverse an ancient, underground temple. Joined soon after by a spear wielding demon hunter named Kaige, the beast began sniffing its way through the long corridors of the profaned place. In time, it began to increase its pace, sprinting down the halls and barely stopping in time to change direction. Before long, the two spelunkers found themselves within a great chamber, occupied by a massive abomination of a creature, long forgotten by the rest of the world. After a hard fought battle with the two intruders, the monstrosity damaged the chamber enough to engineer a collapse. Before they were buried alive, Kaige and the wolf quickly escaped through the falling rubble of the ceiling and the earth above them, leaving the monster to be crushed underneath. As they emerged into the world above, the two hunters were greeted by the port city of Kyros, a sight that seem to cause the wolf to lose consciousness change shape. After shifting into the form of a young, naked man, Rhyko experienced a vision of a grassy plain and a full moon, followed by the black beast charging at him. Upon awakening, the boy was introduced to the demon hunter and taken to Port Kyros for the night. Short Summary: A battle with an ancient evil, the two hunters meet. After taking the shape of man once more, the boy is left only with questions. @Malintzin
  5. Full Summary: As the Kingdom of Alethea begins to see unrest, a young boy of sixteen goes about the monotony of his everyday life, But as he begins yet another day of mundane chores at his job, a riot breaks out in the city between the many factions vying for power. Once all seems calm, Rhyko is questioned by the city guard, causing the consortium to suspect him of ratting them out. As an act of reprisal, they sent a group of rat men to murder him in the night. Being fortunate enough to be awake at the time of the attack, the boy fled his humble home and broke out into a sprint towards what he thought was help. Unfortunately for him, it was simply one of the other factions, the Coalition, one of its members thrusting a sword into his stomach. As he lay dying, a transformation overtook him ad molded him into a black wolf, which proceeded to massacre the two mobs. After consuming the heart of a Guardias member, the beast let out a howl and left the city, causing the two factions involved to show a level of cooperation in the days ahead. Short Summary: Amidst the violent turmoil within the Kingdom, a beast emerges from the broken body of a an insignificant boy. @Malintzin
  6. Rhyko nearly bumped into Kaige's back when he stopped, forcing the boy to break abruptly and take a look at where they were going. He then saw the massive ship, almost as if it were staring down at him, judging if he were worthy to board. The bewildered teenager shook his head in response to Kaige's assumption, as he had no such memories and was fairly certain that such an event had never happened in his whole life. Indeed, he had been experiencing many things for the first time these past two days, for better or worse. As it happened, they were permitted to step aboard the imposing vessel, Rhyko carefully taking each step up the gangway. When they got to the deck, he felt his stomach drop a bit, getting a look at the sailors milling about the ship. These weren't military men or merchants; it now dawned on him that he was hitching a ride on a pirate's ship. Perhaps it was better he kept his head down while in the company of this crew, just in case. Just as he was worrying about his new predicament, something caught Rhyko's attention. Something glimmering in the distance, past the railing on the other side of the ship. Of course, he had seen ocean water since they got to the docks, the sight being hard to avoid. But as he approached the edge of the deck, all but ignoring the directions they were given and leaving Kaige to visit the captain, the inexperienced boy was met with a sight the likes of which had trumped everything he'd seen before this whole affair had begun. A vast, open expanse of blue stretched out before him, its surface glittering in the morning sun. Waves rippled across as gulls flew above, a scene Rhyko had only heard second hand. The boy now stood before the ocean, in all it's pristine beauty. His heart skipped a beat at the sheer breadth of what he saw. Looking to the horizon, he could see the blue of the sea meet that of the sky and if it weren't for the clouds, Rhyko might not be able to tell where one ended and the other began. However, the boy was able to snap out of his trance before too long and remember why he was here, scrambling back across the deck. For a moment, the boy was wandering about, trying to stay out of the way of busy sailors as he tried to find his friend. It took him a moment of panic and confusion before recalling Aquila's words or what little he'd heard, soon finding the double doors along with his friend.
  7. Rhyko cocked his head as the door opened, surprised that the person on the other side could manage the act with her hands so full, but also feeling a bit guilty that they startled. However, it seemed that he and Kaige's new friend from the night before was a ship captain, something that seemed to bode well for their efforts. Hopefully she'd be willing to ferry them to Raven's Landing; Rhyko didn't have a chip to his name after all. However, Kaige's words to him before going to retrieve his backpack left the boy standing in the hallway, frozen as he thought about the last two days. He thought back to Alethea and the life he was leaving behind, the shop, Mae and her father, his humble home...his mother. All of it was gone. "No turning back..." He parroted the words of his benefactor, a sad smile creeping onto his features. "Guess there never was, huh?" With that, the boy gathered his resolve as he chased after Kaige and the sailor walking out the door. "Wait up, I'm coming with you!" As they made their way to the docks, Rhyko took in the city around him, now that he had the time to do so. It felt like a another world to the boy, the architecture completely different from anything he'd seen in Alethea. As he saw it, he might as well commit it to memory. After all, he couldn't be sure he'd ever be here again.
  8. Rhyko's eyes widened as he was showed a map of the world, then the continent on which he lived. While he was aware of the greater world since he was a child, his concept of that world had been greatly expanded by the last few days. Now that he was here, in the first city outside of Alethea that he had ever visited, Genesaris seemed far greater in scope than he had ever imagined before, let alone the planet. However, his wide-eyed curiosity turned to shock as he was offered to come along to the very capitol of the West, Aelindra City. The boy, so absorbed in the idea of traveling so far from home, jumped in surprise as his new ally shut the book. For a while, Rhyko was left to his thoughts, as his new friend donned his armor. Should he agree, follow this man, this demon hunter to the capitol? Could someone in that city help him understand what it was that was happening to him? And what happened then? It began to occur to the boy that perhaps he did not want to know what this was; perhaps it was better to hide and forget all of this. And even if he did learn the truth, what then? He had nowhere to go back to when this journey was over, no home to return to. No matter what he did, he would have to find a new place for himself. Where could someone...or something like him find such a place? In the end, the confused boy was snapped out of his pondering by Kaige, mentioning the route they would take before going to make an inquiry of the woman from the night before. Rhyko shook his head, attempting to collecting himself. It didn't matter what he did next. Staying behind was not an option and this was not something he could simply forget. The first step in doing anything about his situation was figuring out just what was happening. If Aelindra didn't have the answers he sought, he would simply need to go somewhere that did. Doing his best to push away his doubts, the boy got up off the bed and joined Kaige in the hall, hoping to ask in person rather then leaving everything to the hunter.
  9. Rhyko frowned a bit at being spoken too like a child, having lived on his own until all of this began. However, as much as he wanted to retort the man, it would be difficult to make a convincing argument while he was reduced to a naked beggar. Instead, the boy sighed at the minor indignity and went to bed as he was told, sliding under the covers and out of the cloak, leaving it on the floor. Walking around in nothing aside from someone's cloak was one thing, but sleeping in it felt wholly wrong. For a moment, the boy thought about closing the window, something that would likely make the room just a bit safer. But something compelled him to leave it be, just as it is, allowing the raw moonlight to seep in and bath him as he rested. Once more, Rhyko found himself entranced by the silver orb, slowly falling into a deep and comfortable sleep. Once more, he found himself in that place. The field and the dead tree. And the massive, full moon hanging in the sky. Curiously, the boy looked about this quiet place, wondering if the wolf would be here once again. Instead, he saw something strange in the distance. Something he could barely see, as though he were looking through a great body of water. Long, white hair. A woman? What color were her eyes again? Why was she... Rhyko's eyes slowly made they're way open, the sun shining through the open window. Rubbing his eyes, he began to sit up until he noticed the clothes laying next to him. Nothing fancy, but that suited him just fine. Besides, it was impossible to say how long he would have these clothes, so he would feel bad if Kaige had gotten anything pricey. Carefully, Rhyko slipped on the tunic and trouser's before pulling the sheet off of himself and sitting upright on the bed, noticing his new companion reading something. "Thanks..." He said nervously as he looked about the room in awkward silence for a moment before deciding to ask a question that had been on his mind. "So...what now?"
  10. Rhyko let out a long sigh as the door opened, the barmaid entering the room with their meals. For a moment there, he had almost thought he'd signed his own death warrant by describing what he had done in Alethea. He would have to be more careful of that in the future; not everyone would be so understanding. Before he could muse further on his own survival, the woman set down the tray full of delicious food, complete with desert. Whether a result of the previous twenty four hours or a product of his lack of experience with such a fantastic looking meal, the boy felt himself overcome with a mixture of apprehension and hunger, even as Kaige gave him permission to eat. Was it really okay for him to have this? In the past, he'd always had to watch what he spent on food and was never all that good at cooking either, meaning his meals were typically on the meager side. Not that he was ever at risk of starving, this being the first time he could remember having such an appetite in the first place. But all the same, he was accustomed to bland, unexciting meals up until this point, reflecting the life he had led. However, thinking on the food he was used to only made him desire the meal before him even more, his hunger winning out over his hesitation as he sat down and practically dove into the pork chop. Within a few minutes, he had already devoured the meat to down to the bone and devastated the green beans, now turning to the pie. For a moment, he wondered if perhaps he should wait until Kaige returned so they might share the desert. However, the ice cream on top was already beginning to melt and the spearman hardly seemed the sort to enjoy sweets, so Rhyko condemned the treat to the sad fate of the pork chop and green beans. When the carnage was over, only Kaige's meal was left unscathed. Now that he had sated his uncharacteristic hunger, he began to notice the conversation going on across the hall. Clutching at the cloak around him, the boy stood up, opened the door, and crossed over to the other room. "Um...thank you," he said as he peeked out from behind the man in the doorway. "For the desert I mean."
  11. Rhyko jumped once more at the sound of a voice behind him, nearly dropping the cloak as he turned to meat the one speaking from the doorway. The boy couldn't help but stutter and blush as he was caught off guard by the woman speaking to him, having never been all that capable at dealing with the opposite sex. "Oh, um, well...I wasn't...I mean-" The boy couldn't finish his lack of a sentence before the woman walked off, leaving him to sigh deeply at his foolish behavior before Kaige made his way into the room, turning his thoughts back to his current situation. There were too many questions racing through his mind to ask, none of which he felt truly ready to hear the answer to. But he knew he would need these answers all the same, if he was to understand what, if anything, he could do next. But before Rhyko could even ask any of these difficult questions, his benefactor asked first, putting the confused boy on the spot. "Um...well, I'm...nobody." He said, somewhat nervously. "There's really not much to say. I've lived in Alethea all my life, working at a little antique shop up until..." The boy paused, turning a bit pale as he thought back to the previous night. "I...I don't know what happened. I was...dying. Bleeding to death and then..." A cold sweat broke out on the boy's face as he began to lose himself, spouting stories best kept to himself. "I killed them...I killed them all...tore them apart." Rhyko was panting now, almost gasping for air, as the memory now took up his every thought. "I don't know how many, but I can still..." The teenager's grey eyes snapped open, finally catching himself in the midst of his confused rambling. He looked back to Kaige, fear painted on his features, before staring at the ground.
  12. Rhyko frowned deeply at the demon hunter's words, a bit resentful at the idea that he had any sort of control on these changes. And he wasn't a dog! Well, then again, it seemed he didn't know what he was. But he definitely wasn't some dog. Still, it was a comfort that Kaige was talking, even if Rhyko wasn't feeling much for conversation. Little persuasion was needed to get the very lightly covered 'nephew' to follow his far more dressed uncle into the comfortable building, given his situation. It had been quite some since the boy had been to a tavern, rarely ever having the money for such a trip. He could remember a time when his mother would take him every so often. In his current state, the smell and warmth of the building was intoxicating. Before, Rhyko would've avoided so many people, quite positive he would make some blunder and embarrass himself. But after everything that had happened since...well, that, he was more than happy to feel the warmth of a fire and hear the hymn of a song. It was a soothingly normal phenomena, a departure from the chaos and bloodshed that had dominated the last twenty-four hours. Simply put, he appreciated the calm. Rhyko's eyes widened at the sight of the two ravens, both surprised that so much money was necessary for a single night and that anyone bothered to carry such obscure coins. In all his time working at that shop back in Alethea, he'd only seen a few of them. The shop...home... It was all gone now, wasn't it? Surely some of the thugs that escaped that night would remember who it was that became that beast, the face of the monster that slaughtered so many. He could never go back. Before he could dwell any longer, he was nudged out of his thoughts by his new benefactor. Rhyko did as he was told and headed up the stairs, his thoughts haunting him all the way. Where would he go from here? What was he supposed to do now? An what were Kaige's intentions? He was a demon hunter after all. Was he not supposed to kill things like him? These thoughts died down a bit as he entered the second door to the right, something drawing his attention. There was a window into the room, through which the moonlight shone threw. There was...a strange comfort to the glow, one that drew Rhyko to the window. For a moment, the boy found himself basking in the moonlight, having to remind himself a few times to hold up the cloak.
  13. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    The boy felt a bit warmer as the cloak was draped around him, the chill of the night already overcoming his shock. He then jumped a bit at the whistle, before responding to Kaige's introduction. "I'm...I'm Rhyko." He said nervously. "Just Rhyko." Soon, they were joined by a beautiful, albeit slightly intimidating horse. At least, intimidating to the boy. Forgetting his situation for just a moment, he hesitantly placed a hand on the horse, before he was offered a hand. Rhyko stopped and thought a moment; getting someplace warm would absolutely be preferable to the cold. But did he trust himself to be in another city, after what happened last night? Even Kaige's word's seemed to reflect that. And what of this 'demon hunter' anyway? Did someone...something like Rhyko not qualify as evil. But even someone as indecisive as him could only come to the realization that he would get nothing for standing out here and at least a death at this mans hands might be swifter than freezing to death. What's more, this was his best hope to figure out what was happening to him. With that, he took the man's hand and got atop the horse, doing his best to get comfortable, circumstances being what they were. However, as they rode to Kyros, something finally occurred to Rhyko. "What do you mean by 'not a normal one'?"
  14. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    As the boy was wiping his mouth with the back of his wrist, a bottle of water was offered to him. He immediately took the offering and drank several gulps, almost coughing before handing the bottle back to its owner. "Thanks,,," He said, voice hoarse and timid. Soon, the boy began to shiver, both from the cold and from terror. It was then that he realized what the man just suggested, a cold revelation falling over him. It wasn't just a dream or a nightmare; it was real. All of it. He remembered the man from the fight against the monster or at least flashes of it, bits and pieces. "Who are you? And...what's happening to me?" The Rhyko's voice was shaking, panic seeping in. "I...I was in Alethea, I was...was stabbed." His hand moved to his stomach without thinking about it. "I should be dead, not...not whatever the hell I am now."
  15. I think this a good moment to point out that not all these encounters need to be friendly. I’m more than comfortable with a few fights as long as they don’t end up falling into competitive pvp. That sort of thing just isn’t my jam.
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