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  1. So, I have a sort of thing with my werewolf. Basically, the plan is to have large portions of lore for this particular breed of lycan provided but other players, resulting in a community built character. In keeping with that and do to some sudden changes, I find myself in need of a scholarly type for mah fluffy boi to meet in Aelindra who can provide him with information on what he is. The only non negotiable aspects of this lore are that they are born this way, possess both a wolf spirit and human soul, and shift into an actual (albeit heavily enchanted) wolf. So let me know if you wanna craft some fluffy boi lore or simply have an egg head you want to flex a bit.
  2. The hooded woman then huffed at the two of them and shoved a satchel into his arms, glaring into his eyes. "You do not open the package," she said sternly. "You do not look inside the package, you do not leave the package untended. You will be met at the gates and you will be compensated for the package; that is all. Do you understand?" Rhyko nodded fearfully, startled by his rather intimidating employer. With that, she took her hands off the 'package' and faded back into the shadows, leaving the two travelers alone at the entrance to the alley. "Um...Well, shall we?" He asked timidly, pausing a moment before walking back into the streets. After a moment of wandering about and having to ask several passers by for directions, Rhyko and Shina were well on their way to the city gates. Along the way, the boy was mostly silent, aside from a few absent minded acknowledgements. He was too deep in worry over his secret and how he would keep it from Shina, if he even should. She was inadvertently risking a great deal by traveling with him, something he failed to consider at the inn. Still, if he thought about it logically, the odds of them running into significant enough trouble to reveal his...other side were slim at best. The were only traveling a short distance after all, likely a day at the most. Before he could muse any further on his dilemma, the two arrived at the southern exit of the city, the road to Aelindra before them. "Look..." He abruptly began saying, taking a deep breath and releasing it. "I...really appreciate you coming, even if we are splitting the pay. But if something happens to me..." For a moment, Rhyko struggled with the words. "..You should stay clear of me. Just trust me. You won't wanna be near me if it comes to that." Without any further explanation, the boy began to trek onward, the satchel slung over his shoulder. He had no idea what answers he'd find in Aelindra, but he needed them in order to understand what he could do with...whatever this situation was. As the boy began to move away from the city, a raven silently landed on the gates. For a moment, the bird only cocked his head and watched, before taking off into the sky in the same direction, an eerie caw creeping out of his beak as he flew.
  3. "Um...no its fine...I'm fine..." Rhyko stuttered, nervously looking about for the supposed contact. "Actually, you know what? Maybe we have the wrong place, I might have read the note wrong or-" Before he could finish, a hooded figure appeared out of the alley, seemingly out of nowhere behind the boy as he turned to Shina. "Are you here about the delivery?" Rhyko jumped at the sound behind him, turning to face the figure and nearly backing into the girl now behind him. "What? Uh, who-" The figure cut in before he could fail to finish his sentence. "The package, for Aelindra? If not then move along, I've got no time for you." The black haired teen blinked a few times, still a bit bewildered before step forward again and clearing his throat. "Y-yes, I-we're here for the delivery...I think." The person in the alley, seemingly female from the sound of their voice, cocked her head as though to question the young man. "You? Are you sure? This isn't exactly a normal courier job. You really want in on this kid?" Rhyko paused for a moment, staring at the ground. This certainly seemed shady, but did he have any choice? It didn't seem like there was any other way to get to Aelindra while maintaining his own survival. He couldn't turn back now. After a moment, he looked back up to the hooded woman, a bit of a firmer look in his eyes. "Yes...I'm okay with that..." From then, a bit of doubt suddenly filtered into his expression as he turned to Shina. "That's...that's okay with you, right?" He asked nervously.
  4. Rubbing his face and letting out a comically loud yawn, Rhyko pushed open the door to the inn, squinting as the sun hit his tired eyes and jumping at the greeting of his newest associate. "Oh...uh, yeah. Good morning." He mumbled, his hand over his startled heart. After his strange behavior the other night, he wouldn't have been surprised if she had simply left. He wouldn't have blamed her either, his company having been worth little even before his recent troubles. An awkward pause ensued or at least awkward for the young man, having never been socially gifted. A moment later, the boy finally spoke up. "So...does this mean you wanted to join after all?" Rhyko asked hesitantly. After another pause, he reached into his pocket and retrieved the piece of paper he was given by the strange lizard man the other night. "I have got some instructions from that guy the other night, so I was actually on my way over if you wanted to come." He then shrunk back, as though realizing some transgression he'd unwittingly committed. "That is...if you wanted to come along..." Regardless of whether Shina agreed to join him, Rhyko would soon be making his way toward the location indicated in the note. This path led him him well away from the docks and into a warehouse district, seemingly in disuse as of late. With a worried expression painting his features, he reluctantly stepped into the empty back alley as directed. "I'm sure this is...fine."
  5. "I don't think so..." He responded, still muffled by the table. "If he is, then the years haven't been kind." Rhyko then pulled his head from the table and looked to his dining partner. "Well, it looks like I have a job at least. You wouldn't be looking for work would you? You helped me out, so I'd be more than happy splitting the pay." He took a drink of water before trailing off a bit, remaining silent for a bit as he thought to himself. "Can I ask you something?" Again, the silence was broken, the boy still looking off to the side. "Have you ever...been afraid of yourself?" His gaze became glassy and distant as he pondered aloud, almost forgetting where he was for a moment. "I...never mind, I'm rambling." With this he got up from the table and made his way up to the room he paid for earlier, a bit of a slump to his posture. "Goodnight," he said as he left. The room itself was rather simple, a bed, nightstand, and a window, which was currently closed. Pausing for a moment of indecision, Rhyko sighed in defeat before walking over to the window and opening it, the light of a waning moon seeping in. For a moment, he simply stared at the moonlit sky, enraptured. The teenager then yawned, broke from the sight, and climbed into bed.
  6. Rhyko's face dropped as he heard these disheartening words, the taste of his meal almost souring in his mouth. "Your not wrong..." He said dejectedly as he stared down at his food, continuing to eat after a few seconds. After finishing his meal in an uncomfortable silence, he let out a long sigh. "I'll just have to hope I can find some kind of work tomorrow." Before he could continue moping, a hooded figure approached the table. Though, the hood itself seemed rather pointless as the person's lizard like face very clearly poked out from underneath, entirely defeating any sort of disguise. "Work you say..." The unsettling voice rattled as Rhyko pause in the middle of sipping water, almost certain the person was intentionally disturbing him. As the boy set his cup down, the scaly man continued his approach, not stopping even after he reached the table. "I may be able to help you, boy...Should you wish." He muttered just above a whisper as he continued to move close enough to almost brushing cheeks with Rhyko, who was now vainly attempting to inch away from the intruder and turning pale. "Come now...it isn't difficult...and pays well..." The lizard said as he continued to stare unnervingly, his victim now sweating from the discomfort. "Well...Just go to this part of town. ...if your interested... " He said as he dropped a piece of paper on the empty plate, slowly but surely drifting back out of Rhyko's comfort zone, much to the boy's relief. "Decide by tomorrow..." With that, the stranger left, allowing the unfortunate traveler to sigh even louder than before, this time out of relief, and drop his head on the table. "...Ow."
  7. Rhyko frowned a moment at the nickname, before widening his eyes at the revelation of Shina's true visage. Staring for a moment, he managed to shake off his typical reaction to the opposite sex and dug into his meal, much to his delight. It seemed the boy was making a habit of working up an appetite lately, through no effort of his own. The fish was flaky with a crisp skin and thoroughly seasoned with herbs, spices, salt, and butter. The vegetables were more minimalist, but Rhyko enjoyed his veggies anyway. As he enjoyed his meal, a rather unpleasant topic was brought up by his latest benefactor, that of his now significantly diminished means. "I..." He began, attempting to think of something to answer with. "I have no idea." His face dropped as he admitted his lack of a solution, defeat in his voice. "I may have to stay in Raven's Landing a bit longer. Unless..." Would it be possible to find work that took him to Aelindra? It was a long shot, but his alternatives were slim. He couldn't be sure when his next 'incident' would occur, so the sooner he figured out a way to fix this, the better. "Um, about what you mentioned before, about a courier job." He said as he tested his luck. "Do you think anyone would need something delivered to Aelindra?" Rhyko shifted awkwardly as he asked, not sure if he was further imposing on Shina.
  8. I feel you on the cynicism and sarcasm, my dude.
  9. Ah, then I’m afraid mah boi isn’t gonna be around there anytime soon, apologies
  10. Rhyko shakily looked up at the girl addressing him, the color now thoroughly drained from his face. "Oh...its you...hello..." He muttered, his voice hoarse as meekly held up the bag. "Look, I found it....hehehe..." His chuckle was dry and humorless, any sense of achievement from recovering his money now thoroughly dashed. About twenty minutes later, the two of them sat in a nearby tavern that was just beginning to get busy. Naturally, being suddenly destitute with not immediate means of recovery, Rhyko took the friendly stranger up on her offer. "Um, thanks again...for the meal I mean." He said shamefully, staring down at the table in embarrassment. After all that bluster about not taking anymore help, the boy managed to do very little other than hurting his back and causing trouble. At this point, he could only be thankful that he happened upon yet another kind stranger, which was the only regard in which he could say he'd been lucky. "My name's Rhyko by the way." He told her sheepishly, recalling that he hadn't introduced himself earlier despite her asking. The collective chatter of the tavern patrons grew, Rhyko sat in silence as they awaited their meal, unable to think of a topic of conversation appropriate for the circumstances. Just as he was about to test his luck at starting small talk, two plates of grilled fish and simmered vegetables arrived at their table. "Oh, um...a-after you?" He had heard somewhere that it was polite to say that.
  11. If I’m being honest, I’d still have to pass. Not that this seems like a bad idea, I’m just not really into sci-fi
  12. Sorry I missed this one, didn’t want you to think I was just ignoring that message.
  13. Just as the boy was about to give up and try his best to find quick work, he felt something land on his head. For a moment, he dreaded to check what that was, afraid that some enormous bird had just relieved itself on him. But before he could ponder this decision further, Rhyko heard a clicking sound from the source of this weight, close enough to be clearly audible through the still bustling streets of the port city. As he vainly looked up out of pure reflex, the coin purse he'd lost earlier was dangled in front of him by a black beak shortly before being carried off in the direction of some nearby buildings. Is...is it mocking me? Thought the unfortunate traveler, a furrow appearing on his brow as an uncharacteristic anger started welling up in him. Whats more, as he ran after the bird, it seemed to perch itself on a store with a rather conveniently placed group of crates, allowing Rhyko an easy means of climbing to the top. As suspicious as this seemed, he had little choice in the matter and soon found himself wheezing his way to the top of the establishment. Naturally, as soon as this task was complete, the bird lifted off its perch and flew to the next building over. Thankfully, that building was a very small distance away, though that did little to comfort the young man as he hesitantly cleared the short few feet across. Seemingly enjoying itself, the bird let out a few muffled croaks as it continued its course, forcing Rhyko to jump a couple more gaps and developing a degree of tunnel vision. As the air rushed past him and he made yet another leap, his chest and sides already burning, he quickly noticed that his feet had not yet touched the next roof. Soon after, he felt his heart fall into his stomach when he discovered the next building rather a bit farther away then the last few, the guard house window breaking his fall shortly after that. Upon quite literally crashing into the building, the poor boy smashed a table below him before rolling across the ground and right out the door. After a few dry coughs and more wheezing, Rhyko finally managed to take a few gasping breaths before properly regulating his breathing again. Upon doing so, he noticed a weight in his right hand. With not small amount of elation, he beamed through the pain wracking him at the small pouch of a few ravens, laughing madly at his 'success'. It was at this time that he noticed several guards standing over him, none of them looking particularly pleased. It was about a half hour later, as the sun was midway through setting, that Rhyko finally exited the guard building, morbidly staring into his now significantly lighter pouch of coins. He now had roughly the amount of money necessary for one stay at the nearest inn and an incredibly slim meal; far less than what his trip to Aelindra would require.
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