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  1. "Oh, well I was chasing a bird that stole my...money." The boy trailed off as his eyes widened in realization, his thoughts returning to his avian quarry. "Crap!" He shouted as he sprung to his feet and spun around, face pale and eyes darting about in order to find the thief. However, as the name implied, Raven's Landing was full to bursting with such creatures, each of them darting across the sky in all visible directions. Try as he might, Rhyko couldn't tell one apart from another, let alone discern if any were carrying his pouch of borrowed money. As that fact dawned on him, his face sank into a distinctive shade of dread and he began pacing back in forth, panic setting. "What am I gonna do? That was all the money I had. It wasn't even mine! She gave me that so I wouldn't starve, not so a bird could fly off with it. Stupid bird. Stupid me! What was I thinking, holding it out like that? What am I gonna do about food? First day in town on my own and I lose someone else's money? Aww, what am I gonna do?" People walking by learned to make a wide birth around the two as the boy continued to pace and berate himself; this was really not his week.
  2. In truth, it was a bit of a miracle that nobody was knocked over as Rhyko scurried through the busy streets, despite how careful he was to avoid such an outcome. Perhaps if he were more physically imposing, he would cause far more turmoil then the minor inconvenience inflicted on each passerby. However, such luck was only ever going to last so long and as he scrambled after the avian thief, the boy inevitably crashed into a young, masked lady wandering the streets as he was just a moment ago. As he collided with the unsuspecting victim, he felt a brief, but searing heat on his skin as they made contact. "Gaaah!" He shouted as he rolled off, swatting nonexistent flames."Ow, ow. Hot, hot, hot..." Of course, the pain subsided almost as quickly as it had begun, but the shock was not so quick to leave. After taking a moment to search for whatever caused the phantom heat, he found only the masked stranger he had rudely tackled to the ground. "Oh! Uh, sorry, I um..." He stuttered as he flailed about, trying to decide if he should help her up or not. "I'm so sorry, really, I, uh..." His panic prevented him from moving her as he tried to apologize. "Do you need any help?"
  3. People moved back and forth through the city of Raven's landing at a busy pace, as one would expect of such an important port. As much as the black haired boy was accustomed to such a place, it didn't stop him from stumbling and getting caught up in the chaotic motion of the tumultuous crowds. Finally, after passing through one such terror, the young man had a moment to breathe, hand against a building and grey eyes gazing up at the dozens of birds flying through the air. It was definitely a sight he didn't get back in Alethea, the avian city-goers seemingly as busy as the crowds on the street. Taking the moment for all it was worth, he thought back on everything that had happened up to this point. "Don't trust anyone with your secret, kid. Some people are cat people." Those were Kaige's parting words to him after leaving the Warhammer, the demon hunter heading off on his next...hunt? Rhyko sighed at the prospect of continuing on alone, although he couldn't possibly ask for more help than he'd already received. With that thought in mind, he reached down and removed the coin purse attached to his belt, adorning a pair of simple brown breeches and a whit cotton shirt. All of which was a loan from the pirate captain Sylvis, indebting him further. Just as he was wondering how he would ever repay all the help he had received, a raven swooped down from above and plucked the sack from his hand, leaving him stupefied for a few seconds as he failed to process what just happened. "Hey!" He needlessly shouted as he finally snapped to his senses and took off after the thieving bird, pushing through the crowd with mixed levels of effectiveness.
  4. Full Summary: Upon arriving in Port Kyros, the Demon Hunter Kaige and the almost nude Rhyko immediately made for the nearest inn, where the made the acquaintance of one Sylvis Blaze, local pirate captain. After eating and sleeping, the teenage boy was treated to a change of clothing by the demon hunter, before the two requested passage to Raven's Landing from ship captain they met the night before, guided to her ship, the Warhammer, by her first mate Aquila. After a large some of gold and the promise of a favor from each of them, the pirate ship set sail to the next port with two new passengers. Along the way, they came under fire from five rival ships, the attack forcing Rhyko to transform once more. Along with Kaige and Lady Blaze, the newly awoken wolf attacked the nearest vessel attempting to board while the Warhammer contended with the other four, the three fighters tearing a swath through the enemy pirates. As a result, the ship was eventually destroyed in a blast that sent the wolf into the ocean, rescued by Sylvis after returning to human form. With Kaige being treated for wounds sustained in the battle, Rhyko resting with the captain in her quarters, and the only surviving ship of the attacking party now fleeing the area, the Warhammer continued onward to Raven's Landing. Short Summary: A chance meeting with a new ally, a battle on the seas, and a journey to Raven's Landing.
  5. At first, the boy merely blinked at the sailors gathering around him, having not quite caught their captain's words. But as they began to lift him from the ground, Rhyko began panicking. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), his weak flailing and thrashing did little to dissuade his captives, nor did it seem to make it any more difficult for them to carry him. Inevitably, he was dumped off on the Captain's bed, the Lady herself walking in shortly after. Naturally, it only took a moment's pause to remember he was, in fact, naked before a rather attractive woman, causing him to cover his delicates as well as he could. "Um, uh...that's alright..." He replied, only partially picking up on what she was saying through the embarrassment that now colored his cheeks. "I mean, uh, I'm fine. I don't think I need much rest...I would appreciate some clothes though." At the moment, it was impossible to look her in the eye, though a realization crept up on him as he avoided eye-contact. "You saw it, didn't you." Rhyko's voice was dejected and a bit fearful as he thought of what he should say, unsure of what Sylvis thought of him now. "I don't really know what it is or where it came from. I was hurt or...maybe I was killed, back in Alethea. Then," He trailed off again, before collecting himself. "Well, it was like you saw. It seems like Kaige bumped into me after that, I can't remember very well. He helped me after I turned back." He sat up in the bed, throwing his legs over the side facing away from the door in order to make it easier to cover himself. "I promise, I'll pay you back for everything and I'll definitely pay back the favor I owe, but I need to get to Aelindra first. There might be someone who can help me figure out whats happening." He didn't turn to look at her, choosing instead to await her response as he was. If she decided to kill him, it would be less frightening this way. And perhaps it would be for the best.
  6. A rustle of wind the the tall grass. Flower buds swaying in the wind, awaiting the time they will open. She holds his head in her lap, white hair falling over him as he rests beneath the moon. Eyes slowly drift open. But why? Why can't I see your face? Smokey eyes gingerly open, greeted by the red and orange of dusk. For a moment, the boy merely blinked a few times, eyes still glazed over and unfocused. It was then that he noticed how cold he was, before attempting to get up and quickly noticing a distinct issue. Once again, Rhyko lay beneath the open sky, completely naked. Now fully shaken from his post awakening haze, he quickly looked about his surroundings and found he was back on the Warhammer. The crew were milling about, repairing any damage that could be found throughout the ship. Taking the time to think for a moment, the boy began to put together what ultimately must have happened, prompting a flood of gruesome images. A hand shot to his mouth, just barely managing to hold in the contents of his stomach this time. It seemed he'd...turned again. Would this be a regular occurrence from now on? If that was the case, he wasn't sure how he was going to endure the journey ahead. If every step meant more lives on his conscience, it might simply be better just to find somewhere to hide and avoid more of these incidents.
  7. I’d be up for an encounter with mah fluffy boi, but I think I’d have to pass on permanently joining. Maybe something for later on
  8. Upon reemerging onto the deck and into the open air, the beast landed on the cargo hatched, currently closed on account of the battle. Before it could find its next target, a black ball of energy slammed into it and knocked it onto the ground, the wolf taking longer to stand this time. "Damn you..." The apparent captain of the ship said through clenched teeth, pointing the smoking barrel of a pistol at the animal. "How did one man, a woman, and a damn mutt sink us?" Instead of waiting for anyone to answer his question, the wolf took off after the captain, who drew his sword to meet him. However, before this clash could unfold, the reserves finally exploded, sending a blast through the deck and obliterated the helm, the captain's quarters, and the space around the combatants just as they were to meet. The captain, being closer to the epicenter of the explosion, was reduced to a variety of burnt chunks that were lost in the debris. The wolf on the other hand, now more severely burnt than before and covered in wounds, was launched off the ship before falling out of a cloud of smoke and fire and landing in the ocean near the Warhammer. Between the blast, the wounds, and the impact against the water's surface, the black beast was unable to orient itself and swim to the surface. After a bout of futile struggling, it ceased all movement as it began to sink. Very soon, it almost seemed to dissolve into the darkness of the ocean, leaving behind a black haired boy as naked as the day he was born.
  9. Ignoring the allies around and even the enemy behind it, the beast shot forth once more and took one of the pirates by the ankle before he could even take a swipe at his assailant. Upon sinking its teeth in, the wolf drug the man a few feet before releasing him just in time to fling the man into one of his compatriots, knocking them both over board. Without stopping, it continued towards the rear cabin, shots missing and impacting against various parts of the deck as it leaped into the air, dashed off of the cabin door, and flew straight into another pirate. Upon making impact with its prey, it wasted no time in tearing into the ruffians face, quickly rendering it unrecognizable. By now the deck was quickly becoming barren, with few defenders remaining. But just as the beast looked up from its victim, it was hit in the chest and face with a ball of fire and launched backward off the ground. Instantly rolling as it landed, the wolf quickly sped off in the direction the attack was launched from, a a young and frightened looking sailor with a blunderbuss poking out of a stairway to the lower deck. Before the shooter could reload or switch weapons, he was hurled to the bottom of the stairs by the now heavily singed beast, quickly devouring his trachea. After finishing its meal, the beast turned to the rest of the room, presented with a number of bewildered sailors, grasping for whatever blades, hatchets, and firearms were around them. Without another moment, the beast sped into the crew of about ten and tore through them like blade, taking quite literal pieces of every person it passed. Those with firearms attempted to hit the beast, but as it bounded about the beams, crates, and cannons, the various elemental shots only impacted the ship. This not only spread fires via some of the projectiles themselves, but by the many slow matches and candles knocked over by the impact force. While most of these flames did little to spread, they were close enough to reach some of the unspent charges. Before the wolf even finished the last of the crew, the charges began blasting holes in both the floor and walls, prompting the beast to leap out of some of newly made openings in the upper deck. Meanwhile, some of the burning material landed on top of the ship's reserve of explosives, starting a countdown of sorts as the barrels slowly began to catch flame.
  10. Just as the boy was about to head back to lower deck, he felt the entire ship lurch, nearly throwing him over the side and into the sea. Gripping for his life, Rhyko could hear the screams of the men that weren't as fortunate, those who remained moving to their stations. Before he could even get a grasp on the situation, the voice of the ships captain drew his attention to her outstretched hand. Upon processing what she was saying, the frightened boy reached out to accept her aid, but was interrupted by another cannonball making impact and burying itself in the base of the railing. Wood splintered and sprayed outward, causing Rhyko to pull back his arm and shield his face. As the debris settled, he turned to look at the projectile now partially showing the the barrier it was embedded in, a bizarre sense of dread spreading over him. Before long, his fear was answered when the shell exploded and sent him off his feet and flying back first into the mast of the ship, bouncing off and landing face first on the wooden floor. When the boy's eyes opened, he could barely see a thing. Along with the blurred vision was an insufferable ringing in his ears that seemed to drown out all sound around him, with only the faintest echo of shouting and cannon fire breaching through. Upon slowly regaining his sense of touch and the feeling in his arms and legs, he attempted to push himself up and stand. However, as he tried to put a foot beneath him, already trying to bear through the pain that began to seep in, he slipped on something and fell back to the deck. Nearly passing out from that fall, Rhyko noticed a warm, wet sensation covering the front of his body. Holding up his hand to his face, he found the palm was now fully red. After a few seconds of processing what this meant, he allowed the limb to drop back to the ground, a chill creeping over him as he began to lose the feeling he'd just regained. Oddly enough, despite his broken, bleeding body, his heart began to beat faster and faster. His labored breathing became louder and more rapid, flashes of his last night in Alethea passing through his mind as the shadows around him seemed to bend, the world becoming just a bit darker. An inky, yet fog like darkness began to envelope the limp body laying on the deck, as though in an effort to consume it. Once it was completely enveloped, the black mass began to shrink down, changing shape to that of a four-legged beast. As the dark fog began to dissipate, it gave way to fur of the same shade, ending in a tail. A pair of ears now pointed to the sky as the freshly spawned beast rose it's head, opening a pair of silver eyes. Without warning, the large wolf that just emerged just a moment ago shot forward like one of the cannonballs pelting the ship, leaping over the side and easily clearing the gap between the Warhammer and the nearest vessel attempting to board. Before the unfortunate boarding party could comprehend the black blur heading into their domain, the beast tore open the throat of one of the sailors as it landed, sliding a few feet across the deck as it stared down the remaining crew.
  11. The boy froze a bit until Kaige's hand fell on his shoulder, eliciting a sigh of relief. He hadn't intended to act that way, but it seemed his frustrations lately had finally come to the service. But now it seemed that everything involving the trip was resolved and business could proceed as normal...whatever constituted normal on a pirate ship. "Um, thank you." He said with a nod before heading down to the dining hall, greeted with the smell of the kitchen. Just as the night before, the thought of a full meal lifted his spirits quite a bit and he followed Kaige to the only table not completely full of pirates. Resisting the urge to dive into his meal the moment it arrived, he looked between the two original occupants of the table and his demon hunter friend, the silence making him nervous. "Uh...good morning." He said with a shaky smile before retreating to his breakfast; it was going to be a long trip. For the next day and a half, Rhyko kept to himself as much as possible, not trusting the many pirates on this ship to be as accommodating as their captain. Thankfully, due either to his own efforts or the word of Miss Blaze, they seem to have left him alone. Not that this did much to negate any of his problems. He was well fed and didn't suffer any violence thus far, but this only left the boy to his thoughts, none of which were particularly uplifting. If he wasn't dwelling on the events in Alethea, Rhyko was agonizing over his now uncertain future. And now, as he sailed across the sea among the thieves and murderers, the boy was preoccupied with nothing more than depositing...rainbows in the ocean. With a wince and a groan, he wiped his face of his breakfast for the fourth time since this trip began.
  12. He couldn't tell if it was the rocking of the ship or the tension in the room, but Rhyko felt a bit queasy. The boy looked back and forth between Kaige and the table, unsure of whether he should sit or stand. Eventually, he opted to sit as the two began to discuss the terms of this visit, Sylvis's demeanor throwing him off a bit. His stomach dropped a bit further as he heard the woman reveal that this was, in fact, a pirate ship. As if on queue, another woman with a rather stereotypical peg-leg walked in, tankard in hand. "Wait a minute.." He mumbled as he stood up, a bit put off by what was being suggested by Sylvis and by what Kaige seemed to be trying to do. "I'm...I'm not a child. I'm old enough to take care of myself and I've been doing that for years, as far back as I can remember." He looked to Kaige with an apologetic expression. "I'm grateful for the food and board you paid for, the clothes too. I'm going to pay that back some day. But..." The boy hesitated a moment, then continued his sudden burst of assertiveness, a look of resolve in his grey eyes that contrasted with his usual demeanor. "But if there's something I can do for myself, I'm going to do it. I've already decided to see...whatever this is through. That means I need to do some things on my own." It was around this time that he finally took notice of his own behavior, turning beet red stuttering. "Um, so, yeah..." He managed to say, looking around nervously. "I-I'm an adult a-and I don't need any...any special treatment. I'm not good at much, but...well, whatever you need me to do for that favour, I'll uh...do it, so...yeah." The boy sat in awkward silence for a moment, not sure if he had interpreted the situation correctly. "Um...I'm Rhyko...by the way."
  13. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    Full Summary: As the black wolf walked through the forest, the very earth itself opened beneath it, forcing it to traverse an ancient, underground temple. Joined soon after by a spear wielding demon hunter named Kaige, the beast began sniffing its way through the long corridors of the profaned place. In time, it began to increase its pace, sprinting down the halls and barely stopping in time to change direction. Before long, the two spelunkers found themselves within a great chamber, occupied by a massive abomination of a creature, long forgotten by the rest of the world. After a hard fought battle with the two intruders, the monstrosity damaged the chamber enough to engineer a collapse. Before they were buried alive, Kaige and the wolf quickly escaped through the falling rubble of the ceiling and the earth above them, leaving the monster to be crushed underneath. As they emerged into the world above, the two hunters were greeted by the port city of Kyros, a sight that seem to cause the wolf to lose consciousness change shape. After shifting into the form of a young, naked man, Rhyko experienced a vision of a grassy plain and a full moon, followed by the black beast charging at him. Upon awakening, the boy was introduced to the demon hunter and taken to Port Kyros for the night. Short Summary: A battle with an ancient evil, the two hunters meet. After taking the shape of man once more, the boy is left only with questions. @Malintzin
  14. Full Summary: As the Kingdom of Alethea begins to see unrest, a young boy of sixteen goes about the monotony of his everyday life, But as he begins yet another day of mundane chores at his job, a riot breaks out in the city between the many factions vying for power. Once all seems calm, Rhyko is questioned by the city guard, causing the consortium to suspect him of ratting them out. As an act of reprisal, they sent a group of rat men to murder him in the night. Being fortunate enough to be awake at the time of the attack, the boy fled his humble home and broke out into a sprint towards what he thought was help. Unfortunately for him, it was simply one of the other factions, the Coalition, one of its members thrusting a sword into his stomach. As he lay dying, a transformation overtook him ad molded him into a black wolf, which proceeded to massacre the two mobs. After consuming the heart of a Guardias member, the beast let out a howl and left the city, causing the two factions involved to show a level of cooperation in the days ahead. Short Summary: Amidst the violent turmoil within the Kingdom, a beast emerges from the broken body of a an insignificant boy. @Malintzin
  15. Rhyko nearly bumped into Kaige's back when he stopped, forcing the boy to break abruptly and take a look at where they were going. He then saw the massive ship, almost as if it were staring down at him, judging if he were worthy to board. The bewildered teenager shook his head in response to Kaige's assumption, as he had no such memories and was fairly certain that such an event had never happened in his whole life. Indeed, he had been experiencing many things for the first time these past two days, for better or worse. As it happened, they were permitted to step aboard the imposing vessel, Rhyko carefully taking each step up the gangway. When they got to the deck, he felt his stomach drop a bit, getting a look at the sailors milling about the ship. These weren't military men or merchants; it now dawned on him that he was hitching a ride on a pirate's ship. Perhaps it was better he kept his head down while in the company of this crew, just in case. Just as he was worrying about his new predicament, something caught Rhyko's attention. Something glimmering in the distance, past the railing on the other side of the ship. Of course, he had seen ocean water since they got to the docks, the sight being hard to avoid. But as he approached the edge of the deck, all but ignoring the directions they were given and leaving Kaige to visit the captain, the inexperienced boy was met with a sight the likes of which had trumped everything he'd seen before this whole affair had begun. A vast, open expanse of blue stretched out before him, its surface glittering in the morning sun. Waves rippled across as gulls flew above, a scene Rhyko had only heard second hand. The boy now stood before the ocean, in all it's pristine beauty. His heart skipped a beat at the sheer breadth of what he saw. Looking to the horizon, he could see the blue of the sea meet that of the sky and if it weren't for the clouds, Rhyko might not be able to tell where one ended and the other began. However, the boy was able to snap out of his trance before too long and remember why he was here, scrambling back across the deck. For a moment, the boy was wandering about, trying to stay out of the way of busy sailors as he tried to find his friend. It took him a moment of panic and confusion before recalling Aquila's words or what little he'd heard, soon finding the double doors along with his friend.
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