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    The Forgotten

    As the boy was wiping his mouth with the back of his wrist, a bottle of water was offered to him. He immediately took the offering and drank several gulps, almost coughing before handing the bottle back to its owner. "Thanks,,," He said, voice hoarse and timid. Soon, the boy began to shiver, both from the cold and from terror. It was then that he realized what the man just suggested, a cold revelation falling over him. It wasn't just a dream or a nightmare; it was real. All of it. He remembered the man from the fight against the monster or at least flashes of it, bits and pieces. "Who are you? And...what's happening to me?" The Rhyko's voice was shaking, panic seeping in. "I...I was in Alethea, I was...was stabbed." His hand moved to his stomach without thinking about it. "I should be dead, not...not whatever the hell I am now."
  2. I think this a good moment to point out that not all these encounters need to be friendly. I’m more than comfortable with a few fights as long as they don’t end up falling into competitive pvp. That sort of thing just isn’t my jam.
  3. He is prolly gonna get to Orisia at least
  4. I should point out, it wouldn’t currently be known to most where he is. The idea was for him to find these characters all across Genesaris, one at a time for the most part. It’s also only been a day since he surfaced.
  5. No rush. As I said, this will be very long term and each encounter won’t likely be for quite a bit, save for maybe Port Kyros if anybody has a good match for this there. It likely to be the next stop either way.
  6. Well, for my part, it’s pretty much a journey across Genesaris that will involve threads with these different characters. Basically, you’ll create lore as your character informs him on what the hell he is. Any interaction beyond that depends on the players involved. The hope is to have a community influence on this lore in order to make it more vibrant and diverse than I could alone. There’s a few points that are more or less set in stone, but I’ll expand on that personally with anyone involved
  7. So I can't really speak to a time frame for this, as its a very long term plan, but I'm in need of a particular breed of character. You see, as I'm sure some of you have seen me ramble in the comments, I'm playing a very unique breed of lycan that is believed extinct today. My plan with this is to have most of the lore contributed by other people through their characters, via interactions between mine and their's. To this end, I will require the help of those with characters in Genesaris who have deep knowledge of ancient races. This includes those with an extensive grasp of recorded history, spell casters with access to ancient and/or forbidden teachings, or beings who have simply lived long enough to see these werewolves in person. Naturally, there's no rush on this, but feel free to leave a post here if you have an interest in this or if you have questions.
  8. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    There was...dark. There was dark and cold. But then...Moonlight...and warmth...and peace. There was a field of silver flowers around and old, long dead tree, awash in the light of a full moon. The boy stood alone for a moment, unsure of how he felt in this place of peace and respite, unsure of the peace and the warmth. Then, as he turned to survey his surroundings, he saw it. Standing many tens of feet away, a beast of black fur and eyes of bright silver, as though produced by the same light that poured over it. The boy felt an oddly familiar rush of fear and joy, pain and pleasure, as the wolf stared into his soul, as though searching for something deep within him. Without warning, without a growl or a bark or a snarl, the beast rushed forth at an incredible speed. It closed the gap in seconds, leaping through the air at the final few feet, maw loosed as though to consume the boy. Rhyko's dull, grey eyes began to gingerly open, an intense drowsiness consuming him as though he'd been asleep for several days. He didn't remain down for long, though, as a chill crept up his body, which he now realized was completely naked. Along with this realization, it now occurred to him that he had no idea where he was. It was well into the night and he seemed to be in a stretch of wilderness overlooking a city near the coast, but since he'd never been outside Alethea, he had no idea which city it was. Wrapping his arms around his cold body, he wracked his brain for anything that might explain his current predicament. Slowly but surely, the memories began to surface, one fragment at a time. The look of fear on their faces. The sound of their screams. The taste of their blood. Rhyko broke into a cold sweat, falling back to his hands and knees and emptying the contents of his stomach on the ground.
  9. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    The dark being's agony reached its peak as it shrieked louder and louder, its tentacles battering the walls before being lopped off, one by one. As the creature lost blood by the gallon, it began sway about, both out of panic and exhaustion. The wolf jumped from the beast as it began to lose its footing, sliding to a stop upon landing. As the monster crashed into the wall next to it, the chamber finally succumbed to the battle raging within it. Chunks of stone began to fall from the ceiling in greater and greater chunks, a few pieces already landing on the monster and pinning it down. Without any hesitation, the wolf dashed for the dying creature, quickly scaling its body and leaping off of the rubble that pinned it. From there, it continued to scale and leap from pieces of the ceiling and even the raw earth from above the room as it crumbled, making its way out of the ruins entirely as it did so. As the fallen foe was quickly buried under its own prison, the wolf slipped through the cave in and into the light peering in from the surface. Before it could be consumed along with the abomination below, the beast managed to scramble out of the collapse and into the sun, which was still high above. The area was along an incline leading towards the port of Kyros, which could be seen in the distance. After panting with its eyes nearly shut for about a minute, the wolf looked at the coastal city, seeming to stare at it for a time. Eventually, its eyes began to slowly shut and its legs gave out from beneath it, falling to the ground. Before long, the black fur covering the beast almost seemed to liquefy, shifting form entirely before eventually coalescing into a new shape. What now lay on the ground was a young, pale skinned, black haired, and completely naked man.
  10. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    As the wolf began to rip and toss its head about, tearing at the wound he had created, a more mundane limb began to pull at the beast. Slowly but surely, despite the animal's best attempts to hold on, both the predator and the chunk of flesh it was clinging to were sent across the room once more. The black furred hunter rolled a few times across the stone floor before sliding to a stop near the spearman, the piece of meat bouncing along with it. The monster groaned and shrieked in agony, its putrid blood spewing out from both the missing chunk and the many other wounds it now suffered. As the abomination writhed about, tentacles slamming into the walls again, the wolf shakily got to its feet once more. Its breath was ragged and its face was riddled with minor lacerations from its previous landings, eyes narrowed as it took a brief moment to recover. Meanwhile, the behemoth seemed to hesitate, its many eyes now locked on the two as it finally began to register the threats before it. One, an enemy it had never known before. The other, an ancient foe, buried deep within the creature's oldest memories. For the first time since the fight began, for the first time in centuries, the monster trembled. Sensing its fear, the wolf stopped panting and focused its eyes on the prey before it, tensing up every muscle in its body. With more speed and force than before, the beast shot forth, directly at the monstrosity. The creature swung and missed before attempting to sweep away the wolf from the front, something the hunter seemed to expect. Not bothering to slow itself, the wolf plunged its fangs into the tentacle, overtaking the momentum of the appendage and swing it back a bit. Naturally, the monster began to swing the limb about in agony, the animal attached to it letting go just as it was swung over the creature's head. Falling on top of its enemy, the wolf latched onto the vast array of hideous eyes, causing it to writhe more than ever before. Rather than remaining fixed to one point as it did before, the predator maintained its balance on its paws and began tearing apart the eyes below it. In response, the writhing horror shrieked even louder and began to swing its tentacles in every directions, cracking and shaking the entire room at a dangerous rate.
  11. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    When the darkness receded, as if offended by the beast, a grotesque abomination sat in its place. Its breath was no different from a shriek, laced in the poison that dripped from its fangs. Its eyes seemed to survey all that now lay in its domain, darting back and forth in opposing directions like a chameleon. As though to greet the two, a tendril was flung at the wolf like a whip, fracturing the ground and creating a cloud of dust from which the beast burst forth. After making it about ten feet, the next strike from the behemoth sent the canine across the room, landing in the outer reaches of the chamber. Rather than focus any more effort on the animal, the monster sent another limb at the spearman in a sweeping motion, with enough force to make a crater in the wall. It then followed this with another tentacle falling straight down from above, just as hard as the last attack. As this strike made impact, the wolf had already gotten to its feet and was now sprinting towards its prey in an arc, closing the distance between them rather quickly. Instead of attacking with another tendril, the monster spat a glob of what seemed to be stomach acid, just missing the wolf and partially dissolving the stone it landed on. Ignoring this, the predator quickened its pace as it neared its target, narrowly avoiding yet another tentacle intended to run the beast through. Before the enemy could fully retract its limb, the wolf leaped forth like a shot out of a cannon and latched onto the horror with its fangs, eliciting a scream and causing the abomination to swing its limbs at random. As it flailed and thrashed about the chamber, cracking walls and damaging the even the high ceiling of this place, it couldn't seem to rid itself of the fur and teeth clinging to its side.
  12. I’d love to be apart of this, but I need to find a way to get mah boi over to the cold mountains before then
  13. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    A few feet after it had gotten down the stairs, the wolf stopped and stood still for about a minute. Breaking away from staring into the darkness, the beast began to sniff around the immediate area in front of it. The walls, the floor, even the air was subject to the sensory inquisition of this animal. After thoroughly smelling the location, the wolf continued down the hall, now at a sporadic trot. The path it took now twisted and turned as it made several detours into differing doorways and halls, stopping every so often to smell a particular spot along the way. This constant stop and go down this winding path continued on deeper into the ruins. All the while, something was reacting to the intrusion. The sounds coming from within this place grew in magnitude and the apparent malevolence therein became more pervasive, the beast still ignoring both. As they went deeper, the architecture around them became stranger, more alien, and the apparent layout began to make less and less sense. Again, the wolf ignored these facts, scurrying down the halls, stopping to sniff a location, making a seemingly random turn, then repeating the process once again. Finally, the creature stopped, mid hallway, and gingerly smelled the air one last time. After a moments pause, the creature resumed its original pace once more, walking to the end of what seemed to be the final hallway of this wild chase. By now, the walls had warped into a bizarre, yet clearly ceremonial design, leading to an extremely large and ornate entryway. The beast stopped just as it reached this entrance, the darkness within somehow seeming deeper and more abyssal, as thought it consumed the light. As though to greet the wolf and the spearman, the source of the ominous noises seemed to stir inside. In response, the dark predator began a growl that grew into a teeth-bearing snarl, the hair on it's back standing along with its tail as it walked into the dark abode.
  14. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    Rather than stopping to snarl at the beweaponed man in the entryway, the beast merely gave off a low growl as it passed, continuing on into the ruin. The warning was simple and short, with no fangs bared. A basic acknowledgement of the man's existence along with a minor threat against any potential violence. Despite the darkness pervading the hall, the wolf seemed to maintain a rather straight path into the ruins. Unlike the typical human, this animal relied on far more than just its vision coordinate its movement. Even then, the creature was not simply moved forward by its physical senses. Something guided the beast, in these corrupted ruins. Without even understanding it, the black wolf was drawn to something deep within the profaned construct. A deep, seething darkness reached out to the wandering predator, beckoning it to travel deeper within. Many other halls and passages were passed by, the trek taking it to a set of stairs that led into a deeper subsection. The beast trekked onward, paying little attention to the strange sounds pervading through the many halls.
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