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    The Forgotten

    Rather than stopping to snarl at the beweaponed man in the entryway, the beast merely gave off a low growl as it passed, continuing on into the ruin. The warning was simple and short, with no fangs bared. A basic acknowledgement of the man's existence along with a minor threat against any potential violence. Despite the darkness pervading the hall, the wolf seemed to maintain a rather straight path into the ruins. Unlike the typical human, this animal relied on far more than just its vision coordinate its movement. Even then, the creature was not simply moved forward by its physical senses. Something guided the beast, in these corrupted ruins. Without even understanding it, the black wolf was drawn to something deep within the profaned construct. A deep, seething darkness reached out to the wandering predator, beckoning it to travel deeper within. Many other halls and passages were passed by, the trek taking it to a set of stairs that led into a deeper subsection. The beast trekked onward, paying little attention to the strange sounds pervading through the many halls.
  2. So, long story short, I have a threads that’s hanging in the breeze. I’m not sure why, but the person that I was supposed post with hasn’t posted in the month after I started the thread. So, unfortunately, in the interest of keeping the ball rolling, I’m postponing our partnership and seeking out someone to fill the spot in this particular thread. Im role playing what will appear to be a large, black wolf in a forest north of Alethea in the continent of Genesaris. If you are interested, I will send you a link.
  3. Dmitry

    The Forgotten

    As the sounds of the night began to die down within the forest, a light began to breach the horizon. The sky became lit with color as the sun began to rise, painting the world before it. The clicking of crickets was replaced with the singing of birds, accompanying the change in color with that of sound. Among all this new scenery, the sound of paws trudging through grass folded into the backdrop. As the mass of black fur trekked through the woods, the life in the area seemed to regard with a mix of suspicion and awe. The creature ignored them, unfocused and hazy. However, with each step, something rustled under the creature's feet. The ground began to crack and shift, both audibly and visibly. Before the wolf could escape, the forest floor collapsed beneath it, leaving it to fall into the depths. Upon hitting what now constituted the floor, the wolf nearly lost consciousness until a falling stone landed on its head, rousing it awake once more. After shaking its head of dust and drowsiness, the beast shakily rose to its feet and took in its surroundings. Despite the entrance the wolf had to take, the cavern was partially man-made. In fact, anyone who studied the place would come to the conclusion that it was once above ground, making it clear the place was extremely old. At the far end of the room was a stone entrance, littered with ancient markings. Taking a moment to collect itself, the black beast stepped into the decrepit building.
  4. It wasn’t for very long, but I enjoyed talking and planning with you. At the same time, I fully understand your decision and support it; depression ain’t an easy one. And don’t worry about mah fluffy boi. The whole pirate thing wasn’t really set in stone anyway and I have many routes he can take. You take care of you.
  5. Oh, I’m just trying to fill in the gaps for the werewolf lore and Arty seemed like a logical first step, if you’re willing.
  6. @Eternity @Infernal So, as mah fluffy boi's story has taken a turn in this direction, I find myself in the position to potentially discover a new passage between the Ikarian Caverns and the greater area of Crystallo Stella. This would likely be a smaller, very dangerous passage, possibly with some ruins and the like. I should also note that this won't be a grand, organized effort, but a couple of misfits stumbling into the area by accident (one of them falling in). As the regents of Alethea and Crystallo, I'm told that I would do well to discuss this with both of you, given the potential impact. So, what do you think?
  7. ((WARNING: The following post is rated M for MEEETAAAAALLL!!!.....and blood and gore. Viewer discretion is advised.)) The boy had arrived home just as the sun was setting, making no detours after the point which he saw the strange beast. However, for some reason, Rhyko couldn't shake the sight from his head. It made him feel restless, unable to settle himself even into the night. Now he was simply laying awake on his rather modest bed, in a fairly humble home. It was a little messy, but he didn't own enough to make a lot of clutter in the first place. There was only one room, present immediately upon entry into the abode. From where he lay, the clumsy teen seemed to lose track of time itself. That was until something caught his attention from outside. In truth, he should've missed the sounds, were it not for current state of mind and the silence of the night. It was like...rodents crawling all over. Already unnerved by his encounter with the wolf, Rhyko stood up out of bed. Just as he did so, the only window in the room erupted in a blast of shards, a ratman in its place. Immediately panicked, the boy squickly made for the door and burst through, incidentally knocking over another ratman who was apparently about to enter. What's more, the building seemed to be surrounded by the assailants, who seemed to be making ready to charge the unathletic human. Why? Why was this happening? What did he do to deserve this? The questions running through his fear addled mind would have to wait as he turned his back on the worm-tailed mob and ran through the nearest alley, of which there were many. As weak as the boy was, his body was fueled by the adrenaline of a life or death situation, his mental response falling firmly within flight. As he sprinted down the narrow pathway, he saw a man at the other end carrying a lantern, causing a small bit of hope to well up in him. "Help!" Rhyko shouted, hoping for anything to grasp onto in such a moment. At the pace he was going, it didn't even take half a minute to reach the bystander. At that moment, something stopped him like a wall, leaving an intense pain in his stomach. The world became blurry as he stumbled back, the sword that impaled him sliding back out. "The Coalition sends it's 'gratitude'." Said the assailant as the boy fell on his back. Before long, the ratmen caught up with the boy, along with a host of Coalition members. The two forces began the usual routine of bearing there teeth, both figuratively and literally. For the boy, however, the world seemed to become empty. There was a quiet as he looked at the full moon above him, which he could've sworn was crescent just a moment ago, had he bothered to look. A pair of silver eyes loomed into view, carried by the beast that so rattled him earlier in the day. For a moment, the large canine simply stared into his eyes before opening its toothy maw, slowly maneuvering its fangs around his head and... A sharp, labored gasp filled the lungs of the wounded boy, laying under the crescent moon. His eyes widened as he slowly rolled over, now facing the ground with his head pointed away from the mob of bickering political activists. "I..." He didn't know what compelled him in this moment, his arms and legs feebly dragging him across the ground. "I don't...I don't wanna die..." Terror, rage, exhilaration, intoxication; these feelings began to swirl around within the broken body of this weak human. The threats and glares began to die down as the two factions began to notice that the shadows around them seemed to moving, converging slowly but surely on a single spot in the alley. "I don't wanna die....I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die!" The boy was truly scared now. Not of the wound in his chest and certainly not the armed miscreants behind him. No, what Rhyko truly feared now was the surge of raw, intense feeling coming from within him. It was a sensation he'd never known, yet why was it so familiar. And why... ...Why did it feel so good? Finally, the shadows (or whatever they were) began to stick to the crawling figure, slowly consuming him. Before long, he was swallowed whole and the blackness began to take on a new shape. Unlike the boy, who was crawling away, the black wolf that soon stood before the crowd of humans and ratmen was upright and glaring them down, pupils glowing green against the lantern-light. Before either side could react to the development in front of them, the beast charged forward, covering the few feet of distance in an instant. The first unfortunate man before it was met with teeth in his larynx before the beast immediately leaped backward off of the dying human and tackled a ratman to the ground, tearing open his throat. Before another ratman was able to bring a knife down onto the animal, it leaped to the right and quickly lunged at the rodent, latching onto her stomach and swinging its body and using its momentum to disembowel her. As the wolf continued to wade into the crowd, occasionally bouncing off the walls deftly avoiding each attack sent its way, the beast soon became a black and red blur of fur and blood. It wasn't long before the mob broke rank, as it were, and fled into the open streets just outside the alley. When the Guardias arrived in response to the commotion along with reports of suspicious gatherings in the area, they were greeted by what was left of both groups scrambling out in multiple directions, numbering less than half the number that either started with. The last man out was swiftly tackled from behind, his neck snapped before the beast charged at the new arrivals. The man in front of the wolf, who happened to be the commanding officer of this squad, attempted a horizontal swing at the creature. However, before he even realized it, the arm that held his sword was torn off his shoulder, weapon still clutched within its hand. The animal that mutilated him tossed the appendage aside as it quickly turned and bowled the armored man over, making short work of the plate strapped to his chest. As the piece of metal clanged against the ground, the monster brutally tore open its victim's chest cavity and consumed his heart. While it may very well have been exposed, the squad leaders subordinates, trained fighters all, were frozen in place. The men and women accustomed to dealing with thieves and rioters couldn't comprehend what they were seeing in front of them, let along the pile of bodies that some of them spotted in the nearby alley. As the stunned Guardias looked on in horror, the black wolf turned its head to the sky, closed its silver eyes, and let loose a howl that carried through the entire district, if not most of the city. (For everyone who showed an interest in mah boi )) @Malintzin @sheep @SteamWarden @Sir Nathaniel @Blackguard
  8. Mae's father returned not long after the two Guardias left, the grimness of his expression having not faltered at all in the time he was gone. It seemed the damage he'd seen was enough to convince him just how bad things were in Alethea as of late, if the riot itself hadn't already. Upon arrival, he went upstairs for another hour, seemingly going over some things. When he finally came back down, his mood seemed to have calmed somewhat. "Rhyko, why don't you go on and head home?" He proposed to the boy, taking him off guard a bit. "Don't worry, I'll pay you for your normal hours. Besides, its not like we're gonna have any customers and there isn't much more you can help with, son." The boy hesitated for a moment before anxiously nodding his head and taking off the apron he had donned earlier in the day, hanging it up and putting away the broom he'd been using all day. By the time he said his goodbyes and stepped out the door, the sun was just about to begin setting. Some were still attempting to repair their homes or businesses; the shop really did get off lucky. Several others were simply boarding everything up, worried that things would become violent again. As he was walking back towards his very modest 'home', something bizarre caught his eye as he peer off to his left. There, in the distance, yet quite clearly still in the city. There it stood, brazen and audacious. As though invisible to everyone else, a large, black wolf stood among the stone and metal. For a moment, Rhyko found himself transfixed by the beast. Not afraid, not curious, simply entranced. It wasn't until the sound of some lumber falling over, followed by some cursing and complaints, that the boy managed to tear his eyes away, if only in surprise. In looking back at the same spot, he saw nothing. Shaking his head in worry at his own faculties, the young shop worker hurried along. (OOC: If I may make a request, a large group would be best, whether its Coalition retaliating or Guardias responding to the commotion.)
  9. By the time they moved the display case in front of the main entrance, it seemed the people seeking asylum had left. Not long after, the sounds from outside escalated even further, as one might expect. "Alright son, keep away from the door and we should be fine...I hope." Rhyko simply nodded at the words of his employer, a cold sweat breaking out as the violence raged outside. He hoped the older man was right, as he wasn't good at much to begin with, let alone a life or death scenario. What's more, he wouldn't want to cause any danger to Mae and her father. Thankfully, there were no other doors into the building and every window had its shutters latched. Even if it wasn't a fortress, it was certainly safer than being outside. Some time later, what seemed like an eternity, the sounds of violence faded and fighting seemed to be at an end. Still a bit cautious, Mae's father instructed her and Rhyko to stay inside while he went out to check on some of their neighbors and see how extensive the damage from the battle was. In the meantime, there was nothing more for the two of them to do except continue with their normal work and await his return. Eventually, a pair of Guardias arrived and began questioning the two, asking about how everything transpired. "I've been in here all day, so there isn't much I can say." Mae answered honestly, her usual shift making it impossible for her to have any worthwhile information. Rhyko, meanwhile, had his head pointed to the ground, nervously scratching the back of his head. "Um...I remember seeing some commotion on the way here..." He muttered, unsure of his own answer. "It s-seemed like some people were angry about the tram fee and I guess it got out of control...or something."
  10. A pounding on the door stopped the two in there tracks, the sounds outside getting demonstrably worse. It seemed that the situation had indeed erupted into full scale violence in the streets and the loyalist factions were taking losses, evident in there current plight. However, it seemed rather unlikely that the crisis outside would pause for there safe refuge, making it a rather tall order to open the door right now. After a bout a minute of contemplating, Mae's father bolted the door. "Dad!" The young woman shouted, shocked at her fathers actions. "What the hell are you doing?" Rhyko, meanwhile, backed away from the door, eyes darting back and forth between Mae and her father. The boy was indecisive at the best of times, let alone in such a dangerous situation like this. It was something that plagued him his whole life, possibly a result of his own inadequacies. "Rhyko, go into the back and barricade the door." Called out of his stupor by his employer, the boy shakily nodded at the command and hurried into the back room and began meekly pushing a book shelf in front of the exit, struggling more than one might expect, but ultimately sealing off that door. Back in the front of the shop, he could here the two arguing. "Aren't we gonna let them in?" Mae pleaded to her father, who only shook his head. "I'm not opening this door, not while all that's going on out there. Now get upstairs." As Rhyko came back into the room, it seemed Mae had obeyed her father and gone upstairs, her father now standing next to a large display case by the door. "Help me move this son."
  11. Dmitry

    Genesaris AMA.

    Yep, at this point, I’m not really sure I wanna try for canon anymore. The inspiration was actually the vampyr entry in the terrenus codex. That was the kind of thing I was going for, but that seems less likely to happen now, so I’ll just focus on my own character instead.
  12. Dmitry

    Genesaris AMA.

    I’m not really looking to argue with you about it. I got my answer and have been trying to leave it at that.
  13. Dmitry

    Genesaris AMA.

    It kind of is in this case. See, the lore involves two separate types of werewolves, one of which I won’t actually be playing as. The one I am playing as will be all but extinct, making me rethink even going for canonization on that end. What’s more, I only picked Genesaris for the fact that I intend to rp there. In the first place, I just wanted a lore page for werewolves, since I couldn’t find one for the life of me. Also, I haven’t been able to find a creature codex for Genesaris.
  14. Dmitry

    Genesaris AMA.

    Okay. I appreciate the advice. I think I’ll just work on it in user lore for now so I can get feedback ahead of time and wait for this newer beastiary to go up. This lore is pretty complex though, so I may end up putting this in the Terrenus creature codex, depending on which suits it better. It happens to be where I got my inspiration for trying to get this canonized after all. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time on this!
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