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  1. Among the hustle and bustle of the split city, a boy hurried through the streets. He was late...again, she was gonna kill him at this rate. His black hair was just a bit too short to be rustled by the wind as he weaved through the crowds as best he could, occasionally bumping into some people as he went and quickly apologizing. However, when he came to the loading point for the rather overpriced tram service, a bit of commotion stopped him in his tracks. As he tried to slip by as quickly as possible, his dull, grey eyes glanced at the woman trying to board the tacky vehicle. "Five hawks..." he muttered to himself with his usually shaky voice. "Yeah right, who has that anymore." The guy didn't need to be such a jerk about it, even if she would've been better served spending this time heading to her job. If the sixteen year-old boy had the money, he might've loaned it to her. But as he said, who had five hawks to spare? Shaking off the thought, the boy continued onward to his own job, not wanting to be late himself. Several more apologies and a great deal of exhaustion later, he made it to the small antique shop where he worked. As he walked through the rather modest entrance, a female voice immediately greeted him, almost as if on cue. "You're late again, Rhyko!" Shouted the girl across the counter, looking no more than a year or two older than the boy in question. "Yes, Mae..." The boy spoke dejectedly as he grabbed a broom and headed for the back of the store, a little disappointed in himself. This seemed like it happened all the time. (OOC: Is this in Illyrium or Tal Village?)
  2. Yup, been there done that. Hence why I’m not giving up on this character just yet.
    1. Dmitry


      Not really at a point where I’d put my character in any organization, just for lack of development and certain other milestones I’d need to meet in his story. Appreciate the offer though.

    2. Dmitry


      I wouldn’t mind rping with a member or two though, just as a potential introduction to the syndicate.

  3. So, due to massive drop in activity due to what I can only assume is real life issues, I’m gonna go ahead and disband this little group. I’m sorry this didn’t work out and even more so if it got anyone’s hopes up. I’m gonna try and find another place for mah boi, but hopefully we can rp with each other again, even if it’s separately. Sorry again for the way things turned out.
  4. Thought I’d put this up for any sword users. Pretty informative channel.
  5. Just wanted to check in on everyone. Not that I can say much about being late XD
  6. Long as there’s a good few of them. It feels like this Group could do some damage once it gets going
  7. Personally I just need mah boi to get “murdered”, so I’m up for anything that isn’t completely left field.
  8. Sorry it so long to get such a small post up. I think we should start coming up with the crisis for this thread. Does anybody maybe have some trouble headed their way or something like that? We had a riot in my last attempt at this character, but I don't think the town we're in has the same political situation as Blairville.
  9. Nikko wasn't sure whether to hold his nose or not, quite sure it would hurt. Well, more than it already did. "Um...I'm, uh, I'm okay...I..." He said as he shakily got to his feet, less out of physical difficulty and more out of humiliation. Before he could mumble any further, the girl shouted him to attention, causing him to scramble around the front desk and grab a rag for his nose. Surely the owner wouldn't mind him making just one or two purchases, so long as they were simple enough. And he felt quite sure that this girl might kill him if he didn't, which would make it pretty difficult to continue working here. "C-can you bring the vase over here, please?" He asked, holding the cloth to his face, grimacing a bit as he did so. When he got a look at the object, he felt a bit relieved to see it was familiar. "Oh, I can actually help you with that one." He said with a bit more energy in his voice, pointing to a shelf in the corner with several similar pots. "We actually get quite a few of those, so I think I can give you about two kites for it." Nikko paused for a bit, realizing that it wasn't much money. "I'm sorry its not more.' After the deal was concluded, he turned to the girl in the room. "S-so, what can I help you with?"
  10. Sorry. At first I was waiting to see if Vilhardt was gonna post, then I got sick for a while, then fell into a bit of a slump in regards to rp. Working on a post right now though
  11. Oops, sorry, posted that on my phone and thought I was on here
  12. Sorry that took longer than I thought.
  13. Nikko sighed as he grabbed the broom from the room in the back, little there other than a few items yet to be put on sale and some supplies. He'd have liked to sock his boss in the jaw, except he typically agreed: the boy seemed to fail at everything he did. There wasn't a clear reason why, he was more or less as physically able as the next person his age. It was as though something was dragging him down, holding him back. Like there was something missing, as though he were incomplete. Shrugging off his personal woes, the boy walked back into the store with the broom only to find one more person there then was in the room before, a rather intimidating one at that. "I, um, uh..." The boy stammered once more, not expecting customers to appear before the owner returned. He wasn't actually allowed to make purchases on any items, for obvious reasons as far as he was concerned. Had his boss forgotten to put up the 'closed' sign? Of course he had... "Uh, e-excuse me, I, um...I don't...I don't r-really make the, uh..." He wasn't always in such a panic when speaking to others, but he was left in a very unpleasant position for someone like him. Not only had he no idea what to tell the person in front of him, the boy would also get a tongue lashing at best if he drove away potential merchandise, unemployed at worst. Before he could say another word, a girl walked in. When speaking to them, he generally was in a panic. What was worse, she seemed to be close to him in age, just at a glance. And of course, a glance was all he took before his eyes began to dart all around the room, trying to figure out what to do now. Should he run out and try to find the owner? No, that would take too long and involve leaving people in the store unsupervised, not to mention he didn't know where this appraiser was. Should he negotiate a price on whatever they were selling? He didn't have the first clue what they might be worth or even what they could be sold for; that's why he swept the place. His panic now in full swing, Nikko turned to go behind the front counter, hoping there was a book or a ledger or a note or something that would help him. However, almost as soon as he began to dash over to his place of refuge, he tripped on his own feet and fell flat on his face. Blood splashed the ground where his nose collided with the floor, the boy slowly attempting to lift himself up in both pain and embarrassment.
  14. So, same look but shorter?
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