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  1. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I’m gonna go ahead and save you some trouble on the helping Max thing. This is supposed to happen to him and it’s pretty critical actually, so please, no helping max.
  2. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Took far too long, but I posted. Please don't try to save Max, this is part of his plot. Also, I'm fine with Hidden joining.
  3. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    At the site of a gun now being pointed at Mary, Max seemed to shift his demeanor quite rapidly. Though he was still trembling, his eyes were fierce and his gaze was direct. "Hey!" He shouted amidst the intruder's ramblings, not even noticing the spriggan preparing to cast his spell. "If you're gonna point a gun at someone, point it at me! I'm the reason you came here, right?" With shaky legs, he stumbled his way between Mary and the armed woman. "N-now...if your not here to buy something...I-I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you...to l-leave...Now." Before anyone could comment, some sort of spell blasted through the window, causing a horizontal waterfall of sorts that knocked Max out the window it came through. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Upon landing, Max found himself surrounded by carnage and chaos. Some sort of riot had broken out and now citizens were fighting in the streets, lobbing spells back and forth like the one that carried him here. All of his earlier strength and courage had now left him, the violence and destruction overwhelming him. His feet sprung into action, propelling him in an unknown direction, following instinct alone. As he fled, a misfired spell caused and explosion in his path, throwing him back and riddling his lungs with shrapnel. Blood pooled beneath his broken body as Max watched the combatants file about, ignorant of his suffering. Among the fighting, something caught his attention. A white wolf stood just beyond the crowd, as though he were invisible. As quickly as he saw him, however, the wolf was gone, disappearing behind the shuffling of the rioters. From where he lay, it was nearly impossible for aid to reach him. He would die here, alone.
  4. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Sorry its taking me long, but I should have a juicy post somewhere in the afternoon.
  5. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Ok...so I'm about to ask something that may seem jerkish. The character that was drawing away my wolf muse is prolly not gonna exist much longer. Like, almost certainly. It's complicated. Anywho, I was wondering if it would be cool for me to hop back in here, if things haven't progressed to far that is.
  6. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Finally posted. Sorry it was so short and took so long.
  7. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    Suddenly the room was abuzz with talk of criminals, fairy god mothers, mafias of myth, and requests to flee. Speaking of which, Mary was now looking back and forth between the entire group, unsure of whether to protest, run away, or call the authorities. That is, assuming this insane woman wasn't in fact the law herself. It was then that the third female to enter the room, the one that seemed older from the sound of her voice, asked him a very strange question. "M-me?" Max asked in confusion, perplexed that something like that would be directed at him. "I'm just a regular guy, There's nothing special about me." At that, Mary nodded in an extremely overt manner, seemingly regaining her calm. "Yeah, he's painfully normal." She said, as though this were a bad thing, causing Max to look somewhat dejected.
  8. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    So I'm going to be straight with you guys. Because of a character I recently revived on another site, I'm quickly losing all muse related to the character I was going to build out of Max. I'm sorry about all this, but I think at this point it would be better to treat him as an NPC at this point and let Bardic take control when he starts his storytelling. Let me know if you want me to squeeze out one more post with him before I go, though.
  9. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Yeah, I don’t think I would be able to keep it going without the story teller at this point XD
  10. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Took to long, but I got that post up.
  11. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    Oblivious to the trouble barreling his way, Max grabbed a broom from the closet nearby and began sweeping the floor. "Yeah, Max, you should get to work. That's the way..." He mumbled to himself in admonishment. Things had always been this way for him, always half measures and strikeouts. It always felt like he was dragging a weight behind him, like he couldn't quite do the things he wanted to do. A sigh escaped his lips as he pondered the meaning of such thoughts, when a woman slightly older than himself barged into the room and drew a gun on him. For a moment, the sixteen year old boy simply paused, not quite processing the sudden and rather bizarre situation. "Max!" His coworker shouted as she entered the room, snapping him from his stupor. "Wha- Mary? Uh, I don't..." The boy could only stutter this much out before being interrupted. "What did you?!" The young lady he worked with questioned, shock in her voice. "Who is this woman and why is she after you? Were you using the store as a front or something? Is your name even Max? Are you even a boy?" Before Max could even try to answer those questions, more people entered the room, one of whom fell down almost immediately. Aside from a rather confident woman who seemed more or less normal, the remaining intruder was what looked like some kind of fairy that he would have been surprised to notice were it not for his overall confusion. "I don't understand anything anymore!"
  12. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Sorry I haven't posted yet. The day was kind of rough and my muse has been shot. I should be good to post sometime after 7pm. Sorry again.
  13. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I'll get a post up after work tomorrow.