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  1. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Took to long, but I got that post up.
  2. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    Oblivious to the trouble barreling his way, Max grabbed a broom from the closet nearby and began sweeping the floor. "Yeah, Max, you should get to work. That's the way..." He mumbled to himself in admonishment. Things had always been this way for him, always half measures and strikeouts. It always felt like he was dragging a weight behind him, like he couldn't quite do the things he wanted to do. A sigh escaped his lips as he pondered the meaning of such thoughts, when a woman slightly older than himself barged into the room and drew a gun on him. For a moment, the sixteen year old boy simply paused, not quite processing the sudden and rather bizarre situation. "Max!" His coworker shouted as she entered the room, snapping him from his stupor. "Wha- Mary? Uh, I don't..." The boy could only stutter this much out before being interrupted. "What did you?!" The young lady he worked with questioned, shock in her voice. "Who is this woman and why is she after you? Were you using the store as a front or something? Is your name even Max? Are you even a boy?" Before Max could even try to answer those questions, more people entered the room, one of whom fell down almost immediately. Aside from a rather confident woman who seemed more or less normal, the remaining intruder was what looked like some kind of fairy that he would have been surprised to notice were it not for his overall confusion. "I don't understand anything anymore!"
  3. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Sorry I haven't posted yet. The day was kind of rough and my muse has been shot. I should be good to post sometime after 7pm. Sorry again.
  4. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I'll get a post up after work tomorrow.
  5. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I think they were drawn by the two people sprinting through the streets like their hair was on fire XD
  6. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    On Side note, I'll make a profile for max after this thread, since he isn't quite at his best just yet. He doesn't even know what he is actually...
  7. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I believe we're waiting for Yawn. Incidentally an ironic phrase, that.
  8. A Grand Adventure Begins!

    The sun was high above the city of Blairville, the city of wonders, when a teenage boy ran out the door of his small home and through the streets. Wind blew through his short, messy, black hair as he sprinted with a panic evident in his brown eyes. Weaving in and out of crowds as he came upon them with a plethora of apologies, he was clearly in something of a hurry, wherever it was he was going. Of course, being in such a rush can cause one to forget their surroundings and as he was crossing the street, he was nearly run down by a passing carriage, prompting another hasty apology before he was back to his sprint. Finally, he arrived at the destination towards which he was in such a mad dash, panting heavily, sweating profusely, and quickly adjusting his tan shirt and black pants which had become somewhat disheveled along the way. After catching his breath, the young, six foot tall, man looked up at the building he had arrived at, almost as if to check if he had gotten the right place. Sure enough, the sign on the small shop read Blairville Antiques, leaving no doubt that this was his place of employment. "You're late again, Max!" Came the upset, but clearly feminine voice of the clerk and daughter of the shops owner as the target of her fury came through the door, almost before the small bell attached could even ring. After giving a slight wince, Max looked to his equally young assailant. She had blue eyes and brown hair, which she kept in a ponytail, was about half a foot shorter than him, and wore a white shirt along with a knee length black skirt. "What?" she asked with a puzzled expression, causing a flair of red to dance across Max's face before he looked away out of embarrassment. "Uh, nothing, um...I should get to work right?" Before she could answer, the boy shuffled off to his duties in the shop's storage room, sighing at his own cowardice.
  9. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I'm cool with it if everyone else is. Working on my post now by the way.
  10. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Scratch that, I'll stick with the werewolf. Sorry for the inconsistency.
  11. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    Hmm, still trying to decide on something so I'll ask the whole group. Would you rather rp with a wolf or a werewolf?
  12. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    @Bardic Knowledge If I may make a request, could 'kill' my character at some point in the thread in a way that doesn't destroy his brain or heart. It's got something to do with his plot. Provided there's going to be some sort of action at all, of course.
  13. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    I think I'm gonna switch my character around before we start, so I may have some plot for the first thread if that's alright.
  14. An Adventurous Spriggan and Company?

    So, when do you think we can start this little adventure?