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  1. Yeah I'm still interested. Doesn't look like I'll be able to get into any planning stages right now.
  2. Was waiting for Hurttoto to post since Magnolia was guarding his engineer. I'm fine with being skipped this turn I'll post next one.
  3. Ah, so she was to be support for this mission. No matter what role or the capacity in which she played, simply being involved was enough for her. She didn't need to be flashy or to be the big hero in this instance or any instance; a simple job for a mission that should play out as simple suited her just fine. "Of course," she spoke, deadpan expression glued onto her face as her eyes darted around in order to find her new companion. Joan, if she remembered hearing correctly, was the lone engineer thus making her one of the more important participants here. No matter that knowledge however as the end result would be the same. Protection from any who would think it wise to attack them, and make no mistake about it Magnolia was realistic in her thoughts about how certain such an event would occur. The chances might lower due to being positioned at the rear, chances were still chances though. As everyone readied themselves for the distraction from Athari she would eventually make her way besides her Joan. Sticking to her side would be the best starting corse of action unless something arose that needed her immediate attention. "Hello, Joan. Magnolia Pletcher, pleasure to formally make your acquain-" Athari was a dragon now. "-...tance. Alright, beauty aside I wonder what kind of creature would that be altogether? Maybe some sort of human-dragon hybrid? A shapeshifter, perhaps? I'll need to ask for specifics whenever I-" That was the distraction. Time to progress the mission and get to the ravine, maybe? "-Nevermind my thoughts for now, we should get going." Her imagination had gotten the best of her once more, a slip-up that she would make sure didn't happen again so long as the mission was still ongoing. It was not a very professional thing to do, getting lost in ones' thoughts while such an important task was taking place all around them. For now her focus was solely on getting the two of them to the ravine in one piece.
  4. The battle raged on, the small skirmishes between each of the groups surely enough to make a normal person blood boil. Well that part may have been a bit more than literal, as Moira's blood mages were able to make short work of the more inexperienced paladins who were unable to withstand their magical onslaught. However the more veteran members were keen on avoiding as much of it as possible and had their sights only set on either defusing the situations that arose or targeting those who did not have access to such magic. As long as the ones in question were not guarded by Moira. Her flames were tough to handle even for those who had prior first hand knowledge of facing her in combat. The necromancers under her care were doing an exceptional job of reanimating any who fell in battle and turning them to their cause, surely the morale of the paladins and knights would falter if they had to endure a battle where they would have to slay their recently deceased brethren right? Maybe, but if that was to be the case then there was no evidence that a retreat was ever to be in the works. "Keep it up, everyone! There's not a paladin alive who can get an easy kill from us!" Her words of encouragement served to not only keep everyone's minds on pushing back their attackers, but it also would keep her presence felt among her enemies. While she stood there would be no ground given, no retreat would be signaled, nothing more than both sides fighting to preserve their legacies among trying to survive such an encounter. She was unsure of how the battle fared for everyone, but when the bright sky soon gave way to an eternal night vibe, she becamed a little alarmed. She knew of none in her order who knew such things and, if they had learned such a technique in such a short notice, she was slightly impressed. If only they had used it earlier then the skirmish could have been turned to their favor much earlier. It was only when she had a quick glance around that she fully realized what was taking place here. Not even the glance was enough however, as before long the paladins were being slaughtered left and right. "Um...I don't...ahem, everyone! Continue the attack, no letting up!" She had no intention of giving her people the order to attack on whatever this was that was happening. They had their hands full with the paladins alone, best to figure out what was going on after their adversaries were taken care of. So, as a show to confirm that there was nothing for those under her charge to be worried about she would allow the golden flames surrounding her person to flare, alluding to her presence amongst the carnage. At least, to those closest to her. She was unsure how intense the darkness surrounding them was, or if anyone could even see the brightness radiating from her. It mattered not, only the well-being of those who survived mattered to her right now. Well, the dead would be fine too. Nothing more than a mass revival would need to take place, but the amount of time needed would be immense. But like she preached, no letting up. And she would gladly greet the gates of the afterlife before she ever let up.
  5. I apologize, RL got busy and I couldn't exactly post when I said I would. I have posted...now.
  6. "And another thing-" "Not now, Father. You're making me miss the annoucements." The mission had been a simple one in theory, rid some facility of the old guard and then usher in a new era of progressive reforms that would help better the ecosystem and whatnot. Fairly simple, nothing Magnolia couldn't handle and hadn't handled before. Well the latter part of that was a lie; she hadn't been in such a situation before but she had heard tales of such things occuring. It seemed rather commonplace once she stopped to think about it. Her thoughts dragged her along however, and before she knew it she had missed the majority of the conversation that their commanding officer Grant had been giving to those assembled. In no small part due to her father making contact with her. Great, now I'm going to be sorely behind. "You didn't miss much, did you, Dove?" "Not much, just the meet-and-greet portion of the journey. I hope, anyways. I'll talk to you later." Grant would then continue on with his planning, assessing the situation before giving out the best course of action for each group. This was all fine and well, have one group play the decoy card and attack from the front while the other group assume the position of the true attackers and sneak in through one of the inoperable outflow pipes and accomplish their objectives inside. Not a bad plan, as long as the decoys could keep the attention of the opposition held for a long enough period so the plan could reach its' second stages. Speaking of the plan, the groups, as well as the objectives...where was she assigned? Her inability to answer must have surely earned her no major standing amongst the parties, and for all she knew Grant merely assumed she had been a unaccounted for member of the Marauders. Not that it was such a bad thing; they seemed very capable of handling themselves, just that she was more or less not affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form. "Excuse me, Sir Grant?" Her arm extended upwards in an effort to rectify the slight situation she found herself in. "My name is Magnolia Pletcher, I am traveling swordswoman hailing from the Templar Order of Valencia situated in Genesaris. I must ask for your forgiveness for such a trivial situation, but, where would you have me stationed? I could see myself fitting and adapting to either role with little to no problems, I only ask that you decide which you would be comfortable with me serving in."
  7. I apologize for that. It's late and I work in the morning tomorrow so if you need to skip me this round then it's fine. Either way I'll be able to post after work
  8. Wait is the thread up??? I completely missed that if so.
  9. This, was becoming a real problem. For starters, Elendaron just decided it wanted to fuck them over by descending into chaos. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it would have been a somewhat beautiful thing to observe had it not significantly changed things around and cause the Vechy to be transported to another area in Tellus Mater altogether! So, what was the consensus on this travesty? The decision from the Triumvirate would not be handed down because...well, they weren't in the best shape to do any kind of deciding for the group anymore. Why? Oh, nothing more than the fact that their entire Triumvirate were missing in action. Ansem had been the one most recently declared MIA, with Snow and Vlad being so honored by being declared dead. Not much of a problem had they been able to recover the bodies; they could've just used powerful necromancy and resurrected them and it would've been no big deal. Unfortunately, they couldn't find the bodies. Most likely due to those pesky paladins getting in their way at every chance they got. So it was with a not-so-heavy heart that The Fallen had no other choice than to promote Moira Black to the prestigious role of leader, it being the first time in the group's history that a single member had been declared leader over everything. It was fine, she assured herself and the others. Nothing more than a major setback in the group's plans that would take a backseat for a relocation. After they were snug in whatever place could hold them they would continue on as they always had but with a more hurried approach to find any and all of their leaders, dead or alive. In reality? everyone knew that this would be a very challenging time, even with Moira being more than qualified for the position of sole leader. For starters they lost three of their heaviest hitters, Ansem being the sole reason they weren't at constant war with their enemies. His absence alone would make them a target for extermination from all comers, and with their best necromancer in Vlad and their best blood mage in Snow also out of commission this wouldn't be an easy venture. Even as they set off for new pastures Moira made it a point to send her younger cousin Mensa a letter detailing the group's current woes and to not leave whatever adventures behind just to bolster their ranks, no matter how important his presence would be. "I'll be at the new location in a few days. It'll be fine," he replied. Well, when Mensa had his mind set to something he generally went out of his way to accomplish it. She just hoped no harm would come to him, especially with all that was going on... This was three months ago. A lot had changed since then, and none of these changes were anything less than negative. First off, Mensa never arrived. While many simply assumed he had either been distracted by his adventures or simply lost his way, none brought the issue up to Moira due to it being clear she was very concerned for his safety. Second off, the Forbidding Hills in Terrenus was where the group had made their new home. The history this land possessed had given them a means to bolster their ranks, calling spirits and the dead to their side in order to rebuild the castle which they had left behind. Everything seemed to be coming up in their favor in recent days, and there had even been a lead on the location of one of the Founding members of the Triumvirate. Until recently, that is. Because as of a few days ago Moira and the rest of her dwindled group have been under siege by wave after wave of holy knights and paladins galore. These 'fuckensteins' as Moira called them while between bouts of rage had managed to bypass their defenses and take the fight right to their new doorstep. They even made sure to attack from all sides so as to fragment the already struggling group even further. This was as cold and calculated an attempt on their lives as there had ever been, and Moira couldn't do much about it except hold the line as best she could. A realist as ever, she knew the odds were not in her favor, but she'd be damned if these damned holy men would get the best of her. Not today. "Alright, I've torched plenty of you before, what's a few more?" Her words more of a personal challenge than a boast. She had held her own against their kind before, she wasn't voted leader of this bunch for being a cute face (though she knew it helped) and she wasn't going to simply let the knights think they could gain the upper hand so easily. "Necromancers, raise the dead!" The command was answered by as many as could hear, the more elite members avoiding direct combat to better their chances of success. Any foes who dared to attempt the slaughter of any of her comrades were either stuck battling her golden flames or perishing to them. Any who weren't under her immediate command had to challenging task of fending for themselves but the few who stood with her were not to be touched without immense danger of fire. "Gris, support the left flank! Necromancers, with me! Calina, help support the rear and then rejoin the center!" Were her words, directing all who she commanded to group beside her. The siege was brutal, and there weren't enough leaders to help direct the traffic so to speak. If they made it through this, she owed everyone who made it a few rounds and then some. But for now that kind of thinking was best saved for after the battle was won. Now was the time for action. "Alright you pretty faces, ready to remind 'em why they don't mess with us?" Quick cheers and head nods were the result. This was going to be a small footnote in their history, and by no means was Moira going to let herself be known as the leader who let all of their efforts go down the drain. "Good. Let's have some fun, shall we?"
  10. I am interested. Currently working on something so I'll let you know once I'm available to get to work.
  11. The Grimster will do his part. It'll be a small part but that's all I can offer right now :) Gonna be involved in Harsh Treatment.
  12. "Hmm, let's see..." The last few months had been somewhat laid back if his memory had served him correctly. Not much really occurred other than his induction into Tiandi Wushu, along with his minimal help over in Hyperion. Nothing much had happened to him, at least in the grand scale of things. He was completely fine with that, it gave him more free time to either pursue other interests or simply sit back and relax. A blessing really, as it was the sole reason that he had been able to retake the mission of defeating this damn wyrm. Well...it was not the sole reason, but being free was very much a help in him actually being there in the first place. I guess I haven't really done much. Man, I need to get out more. "Nothing too fancy, really. I've joined a martial arts school dubbed Tiandi Wushu, so I guess you could say I'm more physically inclined now." And that was the end of that. He saw no reason to bring up how he (somewhat) helped out in Hyperion since he assumed his role in the creation of the districts was nothing special. Instead he would jokingly flex his muscles as if to say 'I've been working out but not enough to really KO a wyrm if I wanted', chuckling at his flex skills as he did so. The chuckling would immediately come to a halt as a large shadow would soon make itself known to him. A quick glance to the sky would reveal the reason that they were all here for, though with how late the reaction had been to the majestic creature they would have more pressing matters to worry about in the upcoming moments. Valjer!? Oh, you're gonna regret this one you fucking LIZARD!!! The damned beast made sure that the ship had no chances of staying in the sky as he seemed to have flawlessly blasted it into two halves with what looked like minimal effort. And he felt himself become rushed with emotions, the most prominent one being fear. Here they were, in the damn air because of this airship...and now they were going down. The ground was not close, and unless any of the other passengers wanted to give him passageway on whatever escape plans they had. Unfortunately, that did not seem to be the case. Also unfortunate, was that with the ship cut into halves he felt gravity pulling him towards the breaking point in an attempt to prematurely end him. No, this was not going to be the way he'd go out, not due to that damn archwyrm for sure. He'd grab hold of the nearest thing towards himself, a nearby railing, and hold on for dear life. If nothing, this was simply to buy himself time to prepare a plan on how to get out of this situation without dying. Anything less than dying was acceptable, but if he was going to have his way then Valjer was not to be satisfied with Mensa being added to the kill count. No, it would be Valjer who be added to a kill count. He swore it on...well, on Valjer's future corpse.
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