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  1. Experiments with pacing - fixed time jumps

    I actually like this idea. I could see how this could be a fun and interesting concept to add to a rp thread. When I stop being a lazy bum get some time I'll try this out for sure. By the way, how many posts can you have a page? I feel like I saw it somewhere but I can't remember.
  2. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    Well, if anything, he was at least at peace with the slight fact that the feint had managed to somewhat do its' job. However, his leg sweep was easily blocked which didn't do much for him except leave him exposed for multiple kinds of attacks. Lesson one learned...have a back-up plan for these types of things. May would counter his sweep with a roundhouse kick to his midsection, which hit him with (in his personal opinion) the most pain he had endured from another being. Physically, of course. Keep moving! After May's attack landed he found himself backing away, a slight stumble in his footing as he was still reeling from the pain to his side. He needed to reevaluate this situation a bit. Sure he was outclassed by his opponent, but there had to be something that he could exploit, even if he couldn't see it. After a brief moment of rubbing his left side he would then make his way back towards his opponent for his next attack plan. This time he decided to go for some hand-to-hand combat in order to see how well he could fare against May in a straight up fistfight. Not very well was his thought, but he couldn't dwell on his mental deprecation and went right into throwing blows. Right jab, left hook, right hook, left jab...the basics of his knowledge of fighting. Nothing but jabs and hooks, along with the occasional cross here and there. Most of his attempts were concentrated at May's face, only going towards her midsection whenever he attempted a feint attempt. By this point it seemed somewhat obvious that feint attacks were apart of his attack skillset, maybe a bit too much, but that was to be expected of a amateur fighter. Right?
  3. Interesting... Currently in the process of making a new character, I'm liking this.
  4. I turn 43!!!

    WooooooooooooT Happy Birthday!
  5. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    From what May had told him, she seemed to be interested in joining the academy, but finances might be a problem for her. That could probably be solved if the administration helped her find some kind of part-time job while she was enrolled. Some students and/or staff might even be nice enough to help her with those things. Not that it was likely though; expenses were...well, expensive. Though being a mercenary, she shouldn't have an issue with getting money...you know, if she was good at her job. "A mercenary? So, are you more of a bounty hunting mercenary or an assassin one?" He didn't know the wide-range of things a mercenary could be employed to do, but he assumed that it was either hunting people or killing them. I guess that means she's got this combat thing down...this should be interesting to say the least. "Alright, well if you do eventually enroll into the academy, that'd be cool. I've never met a mercenary before. Let alone fought against one." The ending of the latter sentence made it somewhat obvious that he was a bit nervous about this sparring session. What kind of kid wouldn't be? Here he was, an untrained hand-to-hand combatant, going up against someone who could probably kill him by accident with the flick of a finger. Or two. Heck, she probably knew magic and could kill him without even moving! But magic was banned for this session, so the magic thing was just him overthinking the situation. "Okay, I guess I'll go first." He would say. Entering a basic offensive fighting stance, he would then slowly inch his way towards May. He didn't have much strength to fall back on, as Mr.Cole had point out to him, so he would have to focus on using speed to his advantage. Once he had (eventually) made his way to within his arm's reach of his sparring partner, he would start off by throwing a right jab. However, the jab was a feint, nothing more than a quick attack to hopefully get May to anticipate an upper body attack. In truth, his main goal would be to attack her legs. Right after the jab he would immediately go for a leg sweep, hoping that his first attack was enough of a distraction for this one to connect.
  6. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    Morning. Time for the next Live Combat class. Gleesh. 'Sore' was nothing but an understatement to how Alonsi felt right now. He was in bed, staring at the ceiling, and he could barely move. He shared a space with two others, both of whom were more magically/physically/facially gifted than he was, and their classes started earlier than his did. So for now, he was all alone, staring at the ceiling...wondering how he was going to get out of bed. Arms? Not working. Legs? What are those because, from the absence of feeling from them, he couldn't tell if he had any. All he could feel, was the feeling of being a brick. And as time went on, he finally sighed in defeat as he slowly rolled out of bed, hitting the ground with a THUD! Little jolt of pain never really hurt anyone, and seeing as how class was in a hour he'd need to get a move on. Easy enough, but try telling that to his aching joints. "Lesson learned, never start a workout before stretching." He'd say, standing upwards before groggily preparing for the day ahead. If Mr.Cole's words were any indication, there would be more sparring involved. Yay. Eventually he would make it to class, and with a few minutes to spare no less. That right there was a win, because he had to will himself to even get out of the door and make the walk here. Everyone seemed to be huddled around a general area, which he guessed would be the starting point of their session. Mr.Cole would look to him and smile, as if he was aware of the fact the Alonsi, like some of the other students, were nothing but walking bricks right now. Indeed, some of the students seemed drowsy and/or tired, with only the more athletic members being slightly fazed. As he began to stretch (like he should've done yesterday) Mr.Cole would begin speaking. Apparently the student who fainted yesterday would not be joining them for the sparring exercise. Which was weird because it seemed like the amount of students hadn't changed at all. And then he mentioned that the would have a guest in their class. Cue him noticing that there was in fact a new girl among them. Well, he had only seen everyone in the class once before, and maybe inbetween other things outside of the classroom, but the notion still stood. She was the newest member of their group, and from the looks of things she was about his height, maybe even shorter. He hoped so, he didn't like being the runt...though once everyone had begun to pair up for the sparring lessons he would be slightly disappointed. She would be his sparring partner instead of Mr.Cole (thankfully), and he immediately noticed that she held a slight height advantage over him. Not only that, from the looks of things she would fit right in here; her physique seemed to indicate she kept in shape, which meant that she wasn't a weakling. Which also meant that this sparring session was not going to be easy. "Hello, I'm Alonsi." He would give a slight bow to his partner before giving her a recap of what was going on today. "Well, yesterday was a bit of a 'trial run'. Mr.Cole gave us physical tests and recorded how long it took for each individual to complete them so that he could use it at the end of the course. As for the sparring...well, each partner takes turns performing offensive and defensive maneuvers for a set amount of time before Mr.Cole intervenes and gives out pointers. Then you go at it again, this time for a longer period, until Mr.Cole deems the performance of both partners to be at least 'decent'. If both partners do well, they are dismissed and have the rest of the day off. If not, you'll...well, you'll be here until class ends. Or longer, if you really want. There's a big gap inbetween classes so Mr.Cole lets some of the students stay for awhile." While talking to May, Mr.Cole would go around and rearrange the pairs. 'Keeping you on your toes' Was his answer, and being he was the teacher none of the students really thought to question him. He was the teacher, he must've known what he was talking about. Alonsi and May however were left alone, presumably because neither had sparred with the other. "So, May. Are you going to be attending school here?"
  7. Hi There!

    You came from Fanfiction? Ah, I remember those days...because they still happen every now and then. Good times.
  8. Hi There!

    Hello! Welcome to the planetary remains of some great monarchy which has fallen so low as to become an abomination of a republic Valucre! Grim Wolf of wall street here, enjoy your stay!
  9. Last Chance (The Wahr-bear tribe)

    First time for everything. While the others had taken it upon themselves to meet up and converse in public, Alonsi wasn't exactly keen on that idea. Sure, cloaking around until feeling the time was right to show yourself could prove very disastrous, especially if it was his own allies who were shocked the most. After seeing what they were packing, he wasn't too 'excited' by starting off on their bad sides. No real information had been given to him about him traveling companions beyond ranking and the basics, but to keep on the safe side he would wait until before they made contact with the bandits to reveal himself. The details of the mission were explained to him, and it seemed pretty clear what it was that had to be done. Whatever this tribe thought it was doing with these kids, would end. And soon. The place where the bandits were hold up was in sight, and as everyone approached he would stick to the back of the group. Best to not compromise himself in case the bandits needed a little 'convincing' in order to let them appear. And, not too long after he had come to that conclusion, Alonsi would sigh as that exact scenario happened. Not as extreme as he envisioned it, but a confrontation was still a confrontation. They had even picked with the higher ranked individual who, despite being younger than nearly everyone in the surrounding area, made the bandit look like a fool. It put a smile on his face...not that anyone could see it, mind you. An opening had been made, and it was about time for the reveal. Slowly, the cloaking effect would fade, effectively blowing his 'ultimate cover'. No matter, he'd be fine without it; the cloaking wasn't only to keep himself safe from harm, it was to easily dispatch of any opposition. Now...it would simply be more theatrical. And, important to probably no one but Alonsi himself, his usual all-black attire was now nothing but all-white. If only to keep things interesting, of course. He couldn't wear the same thing he wore around Tia, so he switched it up a bit. "Everyone." The greeting was truly meant for few, but it garnered a lot of attention. Most of it was pretty unwanted, enough so that he would reach for his daggers as if it was a defense mechanism. While he was barely taller than the 'pipsqueak', he had more weight to him than she did, not to mention that the weight was presumable to be muscle. If the bandits tried to attack, they'd be in for a good, if losing, fight. He would than walk forward, over the slumped bandit, towards his group and simply nod. No need for more words on his part; he had 'officially' arrived, and was ready to get this operation underway.
  10. Alonsi Clyde

    Updated. Anything underlined (barring titles of sections) is to note for future purpose that those topics will be discussed in the flashback/backstory threads in the Gaian Academy. The title 'Abilities', and not the list of abilities themselves, is underlined to note that everything there is learned from the Academy and will be shown as such at a future date.
  11. Academy of Hard Knocks (Live Combat I)

    In short, those 'warm-up exercises' were not what Alonsi expected when he heard the instructor say those words. For starters, they didn't even stretch! Wasn't that something you were supposed to do before an exercise? He felt conflicted about it though, because not only did he not really exercise in the first place, the instructor had given a brief reason behind why they passed over it. In his own words, it didn't really do anything; in fact, it was actually a bad idea to stretch before doing anything that strained the body, as it held a higher chance of causing an injury. Now Alonsi wasn't sure about how that worked, but he just went along with it. Second, the exercises themselves were not beginner-friendly. Anything that had to do with cardio was fast paced with no breaks, strength training favored the bulky, and he'd be fine if he didn't have to worry about the early introduction into friendly sparring. That is, literal sparring...against the others. On the first day of class. He could already tell that this class was going to be nothing short of difficult. Especially since he, as the 'runt of the litter', had unfortunately been paired with the instructor. How? Someone fainted from all the running, so he didn't have a sparring partner. Not like he wanted one, but the instructor wouldn't have any of that. After the 'warm-ups' were done, Mr.Cole (aka the instructor) would then have the class do a series of (equally difficult) trials. This time however, he would take notes of how long it would take each individual to complete them. Once they were done, he motioned for everyone to huddle around him as he began to explain what it was he had just done. "Now then, a wonderful first day in my opinion. The ending was just a build-up for what would come in the oncoming classes. I've taken your times down and will give everyone their individual scores before you leave class today. By the end of this course, I expect you all to have lowered your scores in every category. Now then, the next few classes will involve learning where you are combat-wise and improving from there. After that, we'll go into weapons training, though instead of using the actual weapons themselves we'll use safer versions." And with that, the first class of the course was dismissed.
  12. Amazing, nothing short of amazing. That was all Alonsi could even think about as he made his way to his first class. The first class to what could only hopefully be a great stay at the Gaian Academy. Here he was, just some 16-year-old who was not only able to pass the entrance exam (albeit with a lackluster spell-crafting score) thanks to hard work and commitment. Didn't hurt to have the help of his father, a slightly seasoned mage who was all to happy to help his child prosper. And he did, because just look at where he was able to end up! "Oh gleesh, this is gonna be so incredible." He said aloud to no one in particular. Stepping into the gymnasium, he would look around and noticeably marvel at all of the amazing equipment, the scenery, the way everything looked so clean...and his classmates. They were noticeably...bigger; bigger than he was, anyway. Of about a group of twelve, he guessed that he was most definitely the youngest of this particular group. After that, came the shortest of the group...and the smallest (build-wise), but surely there had to be a sane reason why he was paired into this group, right? Right? "Gather around, my students." A tall but lean man walked towards the group of a dozen. Their teacher, he presumed; and for someone who taught a class based on the trails of combat, he didn't seem to stand out much. Some of the students made him seem underwhelming coming from his point-of-view. There had to be a reason he was teaching this class though. Maybe he was some kind of great fighter or something. Perhaps he could even teach something that would help get over the fact that there just so happened to be a figurative 'small fish' in this 'big pond'. Bonus points for guessing who the small fish was. "Today will be a simple introduction into Live Combat. I will be your instructor for this course and, as you can see, those surrounding you will be your classmates. By the end of this course you'll hopefully be able to defeat at least one of the others, which will guarantee you will pass the course. For those who eventually lose, your success will be determined by how well you fare throughout the whole ordeal." Ordeal? What ordeal? "But first, let us start with some warm-up exercises..."
  13. Student Body Roster

    Name: Alonsi Clyde Age: 21 Height/Weight: 5ft, 8in; 167 lbs Taking: • Traps 101 • Live Combat I • 8 Schools of Magic Completed (include links): • • •
  14. Alonsi Clyde

    act i. The Profile Birth Name: Alonsi William Clyde II Name: Alonsi Clyde Title: N/A Hometown : Tia, Terrenus Age: 20 Race: Human (Caucasian) Job/Occupation: Private (Terrenus Military); Urban Ranger act ii. The Diagnostics Height: 5ft, 8in Weight: 176 lbs. Hair: Short dark brown hair. ] Eyes: Blue. Wears contacts that hide his true eye color, changing it to grey. Voice: Speaks in a soft-spoken, albeit slightly deep, voice. When his voice changer is active it gives his voice a deeper monotone sound. Skin: Fair complexion. As of graduating from the Gaian Academy he is now slightly darker, garnering an almost slight tan look. act iii. The Armament Weapon: Two flame enchanted daggers, as well as two swords enchanted with holy magic. He also carries smoke grenades and tear gas, though for the most part they're just for show. Armor: Wears an enchanted cloak which gives him the ability to walk around undetected when activated, as well as being made of . Attached to the cloak is a hood which masks the wearer's entire face in shadow, though at times it will give off an orange-red hexagon-patterned glow. It also has a not well-known ability (the ability to detect undead), one he (correctly) guessed he'd spam the living crap out of eventually. Clothing: A black long-sleeved shirt, followed by black pants and black combat boots. Black fingerless gloves (sensing a theme here), which are basically there to fit Alonsi's view of how an Urban Ranger would/could look like. Accessories: A silver necklace in the shape of a crescent moon. Abilities: Is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, as well as duel-wielding swords/daggers. Can identify, neutralize, and create multiple different kinds of traps. Has basic knowledge of the 8 schools of magic. Is also somewhat skilled at enchanting. Knows how to perform Ritual Magic. Can identify numerous types of undead, and the best way to deal with them, hostile or not. Is skilled in Conjuration, also has a falcon-sized crow companion (named Uma, don't judge). Knows basic survival skills. act iv. The Dossier Likes: Relaxing, being around friends, good vibes, reading, swords, being productive, sweets. Dislikes: Constant loudness, deceit (when against oneself), obnoxious behavior, sleepless nights, boredom, tea, coffee, working with subpar companions. Attitude: There are two sides to the young man known as Alonsi. On one side he is 'The Ranger'; a calm and calculating soldier who keeps to the shadows, moving and communicating as if he's always being watched. Almost never speaks higher than with an indoor voice, and is almost never seen without his hood up. On the other hand, there is 'The Civilian'; friendly, open to conversations, and all around nice guy (when actively trying to be). Two sides to the same coin, each with their own way behaviors...but there are times when one shows signs of being the other... Habit/Twitch: Tends to say 'Gleesh' a lot. Also wears a mouthpiece, which he can constantly be seen chewing on...whenever he doesn't have his hood on.
  15. The Wolf Among You

    Helooooooo everyone! Wolf here, just giving a friendly introduction to the forum. I've been doing the whole role-playing thing for a little short of a decade (first started back in 6th grade). By no means am I an expert, but I like to flaunt that because I'm a narcissistic bastard say that I'm not a complete newbie. Some of the RPs I've been involved in over the years include things such as One Piece, Fairy Tail, Marvel/DC, and other stuff that I cant quite remember as of now. Once I get a grasp of where everything is and such, let the role-playing commence!