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  1. Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Oh, how he knew this would be a grand adventure. Mensa himself was never concerned with the more up close aspects of combat, but when he heard of such a practice taking place he would see no real reason to not partake in it. Besides, what harm could there be in learning some new things? None. There were none, so he would find himself with no reasonable excuses to not come along for the ride. The invitation to the school would note that there would be a certain day that was preferred for everyone to arrive; however, certain 'things' had come up while on his way there that would delay him. It wasn't his fault, well, not entirely anyway. It had taken a few days longer than he had anticipated, but all that mattered in the end was that he had made it. The supposed teacher of the school of 'Tiandi Wushu' would greet him with a kindness that made him feel at ease in the man's prescence. He would find a spot to plant his gear and set up shop, mainly finding himself passing the time by shooting off fireballs into the sky and watching them explode. On the eighth day, as he would eventually be told, all six (yes, six) of the new students would gather for the inagural meeting between teacher and students. A 'first day of school' kind of thing, from Mensa's point of view anyway. The teacher, whose name was revealed to be Yuyi Ren, would ask of his students to give their names and share a little about themselves for everyone else to become better acquainted with each other. They were to all be students, so why not be on good terms with one another? First was a large man named Trey Tyrrell, dubbed 'Double T' by himself. The most noticeable thing about him...was that he hated the color blue. But, why? It was such a cool color! If anything, Mensa's attire could help point that out, since he was pretty much draped in it. Oh, and he could lift six-hundred pounds...that was a nice thing to keep track of. "Heavy hitter, nice." Second, was none other than Jin. Of course, this would make things a little interesting since Jin was tagging along. But! He had brought a friend, later explained to be his younger sister. Kotori, was her name. The new information he would learn about Jin was that not only was he second to a freakin' Master Knight, but that he was himself apart of an order of (presumably) knights. And his last name sounded cool, rolling off the tongue in an interesting way. "Jinsokuuuu Hayabuuuuusaaaaaaaa...." Third was Delphine Capra...and, that was it. Strange, really, she didn't seem to be too invested in sharing much about herself to everyone else. However, in her reluctance to reveal details about herself, Mensa would assume that she wasn't much of an open book...as if her short introduction wasn't enough proof of that. As the days passed, Mensa would simply hope that she would be a bit more open about herself, because he really wanted to know if she would be a fun individual. If not, oh well, but there was always more fun to be had with those were reclusive. "Hmm...I wonder. Who are you, Delphine?" And, after taking a quick glance around, it would appear that Mensa would be next up. Perfect, introductions were something of a specialty for the young man. No such thing as 'stage fright' when put in that regard, and as he tipped his hat to all in attendance, a grin would become visible as he spoke. "Mensa Voss, resident of Tellus Mater, child of the Vechy. Flame's the game, I'm a pyromancer! Hmm, I'm...also a natural blond. Martial arts is something that I'm not particularly skilled in, so it'll be a great life lesson to learn from you, sir!" After some thought, he would find one more tidbit to explain to his fellows. "Oh! This scar right here!" Pointing to his left eye, grin still present as if the topic of how such an permanent scarring was of no real concern. "Got this beauty here as a kid. Training with someone whose better than you tends to help you out in some way, right? Well...the ladies back home like it, so I guess it's a plus in my book." And with that, he would find no more topics of interest that he thought important enough to share with everyone. So once more, a tip of the hat before returning to silence, awaiting the next person to come forth with informative knowledge about themselves.
  2. Kastoria's Foundation

    This...was...beautiful. The construction of Kastoria was coming along rather nicely, everyone seemed really eager to put in some kind of work and contribute. Mensa found himself doing a lot of construction work, admittedly something he hadn't much experience with beforehand. Those who were experts at masonry and the like were not strangers in that regard and would give him the tools and knowledge to be a worthwhile participant. That, and he would dazzle them with shows of flame from time to time to help keep everyone's spirits up. This would be especially true at night, when the pyreflies would be out and about to help with the lighting. He himself would have no need for them however, as he could control the overall temperature of his own flames which made them pretty useless to him. Since he had no concerns about accidentally burning anything down, he could focus on radiating light for those who needed it. He could imagine how jealous the pyreflies might've been had they the ability to speak. What a hilarious conversation that would've been! "Heh, pyreflies talking...I crack myself up." Over the span of a month, which amazed Mensa since he was making his debut in a large-spanning effort and was unsure how long the entire project could probably even take. Well, it had been a month and they still weren't finished, which clued him in to how much more they had left, even with all they had accomplished being well noticed by now. And, speaking of accomplishments, he had begun his attempts to learn the Matreyan language! ...That was it. He had begun his attempts at learning it, but there was no feasible evidence to suspect that he was actually becoming a promising student. 'Twas okay for some however; he was more than happy to teach the common tongue, even if he was far from being a teacher. It gave him something to do, and it made him feel closer to the people. Like, there was a bond between them, educational or not. It was nice, to be able to help with such a large endeavor. It made him feel good inside. But he still didn't trust those damn wyverns. And tonight would, of course, be the night that something went wrong due to one of those idiots. After a nice day of work, it was time to get some much-needed rest in. He wouldn't even make it to his sleeping bag before he would hear some commotion from behind him. Looking back, the telltale signs of a fire epidemic would make itself readily apparent to him and, after a quick facepalm, he would jog towards the evergrowing flame. This would have to be handled as quickly as possible, especially with the knowledge that the Mage's Guild was in the path of destruction. "Oh crap, I really hope this past month's worth of training helps." Mensa had gotten some help in learning more about the arcane elements of fire from more experienced mages and, with their help, had learned some new things. For example, how to control fire that was not of his own creation. Said ability would prove to be invaluable, if not for himself, then for nature. And now, of all times, he would have to put his newfound knowledge to the test. One of the two buildings that had become engulfed in flames was the first stop for him. The ability was still more or less in the 'in development' stage, such that he was unsure that it would be a wise choice to take on a majority of the flame heading towards the Guild unless he was entirely sure that he could at the very least slow the blaze enough for others to contain it. It wouldn't paint a pretty picture if he were to fail...no, no doubting! He couldn't afford to think about failure at a time like this, these people needed him! "Everyone get back!" He gestured for everyone nearby to give him space as he tried to come up with a gameplan. A building on fire...that was much larger than what he had originally worked with. A small, controlled fire...and this was an entire building. You can do this, Mensa... "Y-Yeah..I know that." Uncertain thoughts were there. Clawing there way through his subconscious in their attempts to make his will falter. To make him doubt his abilities. To make him make a mistake, a crucial one at that. But, he had to overcome the thoughts. If not for himself...then for these people. "I...I know that. Well then, here goes nothing!" His arms now extended in front of himself, towards the flames, he would concentrate. His eyes now closed, the teachings of his tutors were on his mind, their words calming him as he imagined the flames receding from the building, and advancing towards himself. However, this was not in an aggressive motion; the flames would advance towards him in an attempt to merge their magical prowess. The two flames uniting to form one, a singular flame that had the will to keep those in need safe from harm. The world around him was silent, if only for a moment, and as sound returned from it's brief absence, he would open his eyes... And find himself engulfed in flames. But! These were not of his own creation. Quickly glancing at the building, he was delighted to find that the flames were, in fact, from the now smoky building. He had, with full certainty, achieved his goal. There was celebrating that needed to be done, someone to talk to, people to thank...but alas, that would have to come at another time. Another building was still on fire, as was the Mage Guild still in need of saving. See...I knew you could do it. "Alright, next!"
  3. Arcadia's Foundation

    Before she even knew what was happening, the goddamned Glo’ had begun their assault. It was fast, and a slight yelp would escape her mouth before she quickly brought her revolvers up to eye level before firing off a barrage of magic-infused bullets at her enemies. Thankfully she was not alone, for the Queen and her loyal subjects would jump into action as well. The creatures would be held at bay for as long as possible, and while Isabella herself would become engulfed in a fit of tunnel vision, she would find herself in the clutches of Raveena, instructing her and Tanner to back out as she was to cave the tunnel in. Good enough for her, she was running low on ammo and these damn insectoids were starting to really get on her nerves. Following the instructions given to her, she’d find herself with the other civilians in short time. Everyone seemed keen on escaping from such a terrible ordeal with their lives, and family members, intact. For Bella, she just wanted to see Oswald again...that poor, poor fat bastard. “Alright! Alright...as far as objectives go, that was a rather unsavory one.” She would speak aloud her thoughts on the situation, her thoughts becoming more positive the farther they would trek. “But...I guess it could have been worse.” “We could’ve died...and we didn’t! Big props to everyone!” “Whew! This whole lil’ adventure is turning out to be quite interesting. And here I thought I’d just be guarding some pudgy bastard to this place.” “Hey! I’m just big-boned you good-for-nothing ‘bodyguard’.” “......OHMAHGOSH OSWALLLLLLLLLLLD!!!” No force in the world would blanket her explosive excitement at finding her charge once more. She would make a mad dash towards him, unapologetically knocking some people around before tackling him to the ground. And, as Oswald had begun to speak on his protector causing him harm, he would find himself staring down the barrel of one of her revolvers. A wicked grin on her face, Isabella seemed...less happy now, and more ticked off. “Old man...if you had any clue what you’ve gotten me into, you’d say sorry.” “Gahh! I’m sorry, okay!? I don’t even know what for and I frankly don’t even care! Just get that gun out of my face, please!?” “You...YOU! From this moment forward, you are hereby ORDERED to be my conjoined twin! If you so much as attempt to piss without my presence, I will not hesitate to FOOKIN MURDER YA! Now...DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR, OSWALLLLLLLD!?” “Clear! Clear! I hear you loud and clear!” “...Good. Now let’s go, you’re making me make a scene.” After their trek was over, Raveena would call out for Bella and Tanner to meet her for a quick briefing. “Young Miss Isabella Montessori, the first of her name, reporting for duty!” She would give a salute and, once the Queen was finished speaking, would then bow before walking away to locate (and thoroughly MURDER) her loose ‘conjoined twin’. “Someone doesn’t know what ‘conjoined’ means...Oswald, darling...GET CONJOINED TO MAH HIP!”
  4. Messenia's Foundation

    The current situation around the district was that it was under construction, meaning that the group’s role would simply be to help out as much as they could. Magnolia would look with curious thoughts on her mind at what sorts of buildings would be constructed. Surely as the de facto district that would house a majority of the technological advancements, the items housed within the eventual buildings would make most who valued intellect marvel at their wonder. But alas, she was not one who could call herself ‘technologically adept’ by any means. Her hometown of Valencia was not very reliant on technology, though they did keep up with the advancements in case changes were necessary for the greater good. As little tech as possible, if only to keep the populace able to rely on themselves, or so they would be told. As a young alchemist, it was her duty to study these kinds of things...well, not technology itself, but the creation process. As their caches were unloaded, and those who were able would go about placing their spells on the buildings predetermined locations, she would watch them. Healing magic was her only pursuit into the arcane arts; that, and the practising of alchemy, though she herself saw it as a lesser form of magic not really worth adding into the mix. The crafting of different elixirs and items, as well as the (rather unsuccessful) attempts at creating life in some manner. It did not come from magic itself, but rather, the use of ingredients in an attempt to replicate magic. So, with her being of no help in the magic department, she would mainly occupy her time by helping with construction. She had the strength for it, and her skills would be of better help to the community at large.
  5. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know the way towards the castle for the event, would you?" "It's...the big building that looks like a castle. And it's that way." "Yeah, that’s correct...but, do you know how to actually get there?" "Oh...um, now that you mention it...no, I don't." "Oh, well, thank you for your time anyway, ma'am." Well, that was the fifth person he had asked for directions. The first two simply pointed him towards the castle, as if that part wasn’t exactly obvious for someone to see. The location of the castle was clear, but his problem was that he was unsure of the exact paths that would take him to it. Ah, the ‘Tourist’s Dilemma’ as he would dub it. The next two were helpful in trying to give him directions, but he would either overshoot his next turn or find himself so enamoured with the local atmosphere that he would end up even more lost. This was getting him nowhere. By now he had simply given up on his map and pondered the thought of simply heading straight towards the castle. Surely that would be the most simplistic answer to his troubles, right? Well, maybe, but how was he to know whether or not it wouldn’t land him in hot water? Or, into a lake? He wasn’t sure, because he couldn’t read the damn map to save his life. Now situated in front of a large-sized water fountain somewhere slightly closer to the castle, Mensa would stare intently at his destination. There was no way he’d miss out on this, it was supposed to be so majestic and everything! The problem here was that he couldn’t find anyone who could actually offer him any meaningful information, but! Maybe if I can simply find someone to take me to the castle… Yes, that was it! Instead of trying (and failing) to get someone to give hm directions, it would probably be for the best if he was to just ask for someone to just take him there. Oh how wonderful the mind could be after exhausting all of the difficult options. Now, all he needed to do was attract attention to himself and take it from there. A few ideas had come to mind, but there was only one that stood out to him...and it was glorious. He would take a few deep breaths, stretch a little bit, as well as splash around in the water fountain for a bit. Already, attention was being drawn to him, though it was fleeting at best. Then, once all of his ‘preparations’ were complete, he would put his plan into motion by engulfing himself in flames. That alone cause many heads to turn, though the initial thought for those who would watch were of instant concern. This would then change into amazement as he would mold his flames, first into the armor which was a mainstay in his arsenal, and then top it off by adding angelic wings to it. The wings were a nice touch, and were nothing more than an aesthetic. One of these days though, he’d actually use them to take flight… “Hello, everyone!” A wide grin was plastered across his face, signaling that he was not being harmed by the flames in any way. His flaming aura would give off steam, the water from the fountain helping to make his majestic appearance seem more surreal. And awesome...that was an important part of the flair. “May I present to you, all the way from Tellus Mater, an amazing show of epic proportions! Hang on to your underwear, for this display will surely blow them away!” Slowly, his hands would rise above his head, stretched out as if in an attempt to reach the stars. And then...came the fireworks. He would start his show off by shooting off two fireballs high into the sky, with their eventual explosion in a grand fashion. Once Mensa declared that the now growing audience were impressed, he would then shoot off a barrage of fireballs to the skies, sending them in different directions so as to get the best results. And one after another, they would flash bright in the sky, a dazzling performance from the young pyromancer. The crowd would applaud him, for this eventful night was now even moreso thanks to his efforts. But he wasn’t finished yet, he had one more gift in store for them. His hands would return to his sides before he clamped them together. Slowly parting them would reveal a small ball of flame that would expand the more his hands separated. And then, once he was content with how much it had grown, he would throw it into the sky in grand fashion. After what seemed like forever, the suspense would soon be broken as a large star-shaped explosion would appear. “And there it is! My gift to all of you wonderful people!" A roar of applause would conclude his little show, with old and young applauding his talent. And yet, with the show now over, came the most important question. “But! Shouldn’t the Grande Kommandant be treated to such a show as well?” “Yes!” Was the general consensus on the topic. “But alas, I cannot seem to find the quickest way to Her Majesty! Would there be anyone kind enough to help lead me to her?” Multiple hands would rise, some were even mimicking the pose he had held during his performance. Well, this had turned out to be one of the best highlights of his (mis)adventures outside of Vechy. Now, it was time to make it a heavy contender for his best moment...ever. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”
  6. Arcadia's Foundation

    The initial rush of adrenaline hit her hard, but she would have no targets to unleash her fury upon as the Enforcers suddenly hit the dirt and started moving their very heavy weight around. They were not slackers in the physical regard, making quick work of any of the 'Glorpians'. Get it? Glowing...scorpions. No? Ah, crap. Guess we'll shorten it a lil'. Hmm...how about we just call them, the Glo'? However, while there were decking the walls with Glo' blood they were unintentionally causing more of the cretins to surface. And if their erratic movements would indicate, they were not very happy about their home turf being invaded by these newcomers. Once they initial few waves were dealt with, and Isabella had nearly been given multiple heart attacks due to the quickness of the Glo', Queen Ravi would then relay her next orders for the Enforcers. It seemed that her invitation to bury the nest was not only extended to her Enforcers; assuming anyone was able enough to handle themselves against such an opponent, they were apparently allowed to attend. "Oswald!? Os-wald? Crap, I...I guess I'd better help get rid of these things. It would be in everyone's best interests if they were no longer present." She would reload her revolvers after she finished speaking, following closely behind her leader. Mages would erect shields that would hopefully protect them from the seemingly very painful stingers of their enemies, some even being skilled enough to shield others. Thank the heavens that there be mages here. I don't think I'd want to go any deeper in this cave without some protection. The journey would take them through unknown territory, and the occasional Glo' would appear just to find it's life snuffed out rather quickly. The Enforcers...they were serious, that was for sure. However, there were times where they would appear from behind said Enforcers, and thus were (eventually) taken care of by Isabella. While not magically inclined, there was nothing saying that she couldn't utilize the power of magitek to help even the playing field. "I'm not the best navigator when it comes to...well, anything, but how are we supposed to know when we get close to the nest?" Her question, simple as it was, would be answered very quickly with a bright glow coming from a decent-sized tunnel nearby. It would initially seem as if they had simply found another of the Glo' to take out on their way towards the nest, but therein was the treachery of the devious creatures. The group were nearing the nest...and a large swarm were readying their overwhelming assault, an attempt to either kill the intruders or keep them from their destination. Isabella was unaware of such a development, and her next words would let such a fact become known. "Hey, do you think we should go that way? Who knows, we might stumble upon the nest with all of that glowing. It could even be the Queen for all we know!"
  7. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    Fook, I commit. Enroll young Mensa into the School of Hard Knocks, people! #CharacterDevelopment #Pheonix #FutureDragonGod
  8. Laconia's Foundation

    The suspense was there, men were on edge while others simply wondered if what was hiding in the bushes was really something to be feared. Before long they would have their answer; it was a man, not suited to be so far away from civilization. He was not properly equipped for such a journey, meaning that there was a chance that he had come out here with the intent to quickly return to wherever it was that he had come from. This would only mean that something had kept him from returning. But the new question would now become...what did so? He had said that he was hiding, but from what? There didn't seem to be anything of threatening stature hiding anywhere nearby...meaning that he might have traveled some distance to get to this point. He had made his way over to one of the men, pleading with not only that man but for everyone else to save him from...the Jackals. Jackals? A group of bandits, maybe? The name was unfamiliar to him, thoughts racing through his mind as he tried to formulate some type of plan for dealing with the situation that was in front of them. They could, at the very least, let the man journey along with them...but they were to keep a very close eye on him. This could have also been a trap, making them lower their guard just for these so-called 'Jackals' to ambush them. Or, another alternative, to walk them into an ambush; this would have to be approached with the utmost care, as this simple situation branched out into some rather unsavory paths. It would be up to their leader to determine just how they would go about this...but his first instinct was to at least help the man in some way. But again, there would be a very keen eye watching over him, for there could be no distractions on this mission of theirs. That... ...And he promised to pay them. That had to count for something, right?
  9. Kastoria's Foundation

    "Nice! I bet you guys have had all sorts of adventures. Guess I'm just something like an 'amateur' at it, adventuring I mean. I've been on a...well, a little vacation from home." Thinking about it had caused a creeping pain to form in his chest, pressing him to cease talking about such a thing. If not for keeping his home life under wraps, it was to keep himself from becoming consumed by homesickness. No matter how much of a death trap Vechynaucht may have proven to be to anyone else, it was the only home he knew, and he loved every little thing about it. From the 'everything can and will attempt to kill you' attitude of the environment, to the walking-and-talking suits, and even the resurrected bodies...but not really. Johari would get Orionis to rise and show just how strong he was by carrying a large bulk of the equipment. So, he really was useful to the group after all...you know, besides being aerial muscle and such. Mensa would note that Johari would seem to issue a hearty laugh at the situation, only for it to be directed at Jinsoku showing off by pulling a absurd amount of weight. "Hmm, lookie here, Jinsoku 'Big Gains' everyone!" It was nice to see a familiar face here, no matter how little he had actually known the person who said face was glued onto. Better yet, if push happened to come to shove, he was pretty confident in the young man's ability to fucking slaughter deal with Orionis should he try to get out of line. The Enforcers would probably swear against such a thing ever happening, but there was simply no way that they knew that for sure. And for all intents and purposes, today better not be the day it happened, because he might not be the strongest pyromancer around, but he would not hesitate to roast a wyvern. The path ahead would be much easier to traverse thanks to the Enforcers, and once they had reached their destination it would already appear that construction had already begun. Good, this had to mean that they would simply make their way to their spot and add their unique touches and male this district look much more amazing than the others! Of course, he wouldn't take credit for any part he may or may not have had in such a scheme, but everyone would know. Orionis would show his enthusiasm, only further concerning Mensa. Sure, the young wyvern meant well, but the young man couldn't help but be slightly paranoid about the possible events that could take place. Get a little too eager, and someone might accidentally get cooked by the flames...he would know, life experiences have taught him that lesson well. "Easy, there." His eyes would always return their gaze to the young creature. Majestic he may have been, he was a potential threat and Mensa would have nine of that around his personal space. Sanctioned ally or not, one slip up and he'd be hard-pressed not to just start throwing fireballs. Though, he would contemplate just how effective such an action would be when he was not only in foreign lands, surrounded by allies/potential enemies...but that he wasn't exactly sure it would be the smart action. Indeed, having the odds stacked against a certain path made a rather easy to rethink your options...
  10. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    "He should be here." "Sources have made numerous confirmations that young Mensa is, in fact, en route to this location." "But he's not here yet." "...No." "Then I'll guess we'll just have to wait for him to arrive." This event in Renovatio, the new Grande Kommandant, a party of all things...these were things that she was sure would attract the attention of her younger relative. If Moira knew anything about Mensa, it was that he loved to have fun, and right now this would be the one place where he would have his run of the mill with the emotion. But unfortunately, this was something of a somber occasion from her perspective, as she had come to tell him some rather important information. It was time for him to come home. There wasn't much she could confidently say around so many strangers, but there was...a 'family emergency' that she needed all the help she could muster, thus her reason for even leaving the confines of Vechynauct. This was supposed to be a simple in-and-out situation; find Mensa, inform him of the issue back home, and then exit...but he wasn't here. So in the meantime she would mingle with the partygoers already in attendance, biding her time for now. The hours it took to finally reach this place were worth the wait, as he would finally touch down in Renovatio. Ah, such a beautiful place! He hadn't even left the confines of the ship that he had taken up passage on and he already couldn't wait to explore this new environment. He wondered what types of flora he would find, and should it be necessary, if it would attempt to eat him or not. Oh, how he wondered if this new place would be anything like home...because for all of the fun he had been having since he went on 'vacation', he had started to feel a little homesick. Though, it was probably extending his lifespan, but he promptly ignored that health fact. "Wow...this place looks like something special. Well, every new place looks special I guess, but this time I mean it!" He outwardly projected his inner thoughts, the young man eventually leaving the ship behind as he stepped out and took in all of the sights in front of him. A map in his left hand to guide his way towards the party, because he'd surely get lost if not for that fact. And once he had felt satisfied in his observations, he would then proceed onwards. Unfortunately...he still ended up getting just a tad bit lost, with the map not helping him once he did so. "I cannot believe I got lost with a fucking map on hand! This...this is why I don't like traveling alone. I should probably ask someone for help before I get stuck here."
  11. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    The goal was to reach the village, thus hopefully ensuring that everyone who were currently present would survive the canine onslaught. However, things weren't exactly going the way she had thought they were, and today was just appearing to be a challenging one from beginning to end. Not only had they not pinpointed which wolf was the alpha, but there were more than she originally thought. This was going to take some time to adapt to, and she needed all the help she could get. Thus, the initial reluctance to let Dan go off on his own. While she knew he was capable enough, she didn't like the thought of leaving a comrade behind, no matter how talented they were. The others came first though, and she needed to see to it that they made it to the village alive. "Alright! Everyone, to the village!" She continued onward, keeping to the high ground while keeping watch over the group. The majority of wolves pursuing them would break off and turn their attention to Dan who, after staying behind as a 'temporary distraction', went on the offensive once more. The small group would inch ever closer to the village, which Magnolia couldn't help but notice was pretty much incognito in the snow. The better to hide.ambush the wolves, she would assume. Still, a small group of wolves trailed them, determined to catch their prey. There would be none of that today, not if Magnolia had anything to say about it. The group would eventually reach the village, and that was where she would then drop to the ground and prepare to face her enemies. They waited long enough, it was now time to give them the death they had run all this way for. Nothing she couldn't handle alone, a mere four wolves against her...bad idea. They would attempt to surround her in their attempts to utilize the 'numbers game' they believed they had. No dice, she charged them before they could succeed. Before long, she would find her blade covered in wolf's blood, all four of the beasts lives taken by her. "Alright...now that they've been taken care of...I'm issuing a much-needed roll call. Who here still aspires to rid this town of these wolves?" She already knew that Lordran was MIA, something she couldn't concern herself with too much at this point. What was important now was making sure she still had enough participants to make this a safer place. And speaking of a safer place, the village should be the place where they could regroup and get some actual planning for their next outing. Hopefully, if her internal thoughts were connecting properly, the could even persuade the villagers themselves to assist them in their endeavor. Should they succeed with their persuasion attempts, then this might actually go according to plan.
  12. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    Alright, I've figure out the posting order. @HollowCipher @PolikShadowbliss Me, @Grim Wolf @Aves With that in mind, it is @HollowCipher's turn to post. Should they be ok with me posting instead, then the posting order will change as follows: @Grim Wolf @Aves @HollowCipher @PolikShadowbliss
  13. Good, everyone was still on board to take care of the objective at hand. Now sure, it may have changed slightly from what Lordran may have actually wanted, but this was a threat which they could not afford to ignore. To cleanse this area of its' infestation, she would need more than the efforts of the trio to achieve such a feat. No, she would have to call down a holy crusade on not just Talix-Engine, but on any and all places affected by the Whispernight. Their journey towards the lair of Lysander would not go unchallenged, however. Hera would note that they were being watched, and as Magnolia quickly scanned the many fallen buildings to spot eyes watching them. Shadows scurrying to safety in the darkness...or maybe, just maybe, they were searching for a better vantage point in order to ambush the small group from? As she became engulfed in her thoughts there would be a lone vampire who would seemingly jump the gun and attack Hera. Bad idea, as he was dead before long. The new question on Magnolia's mind was if they should make a run for it before they were eventually overcome by the hordes hiding in the shadows. That one vampire may have simply been sent as a test, if whether they were skilled enough to defend themselves after what had happened earlier. So, with that in mind, if they sent a larger amount of their brethren to test them, it would get to the point where they would eventually decide that it would be better off to just rush them all at once. Or, if she was wrong, then they would just start with swarming them al at once just to get it over with. Let us just hope that they choose the former... "Best to speed this part of the adventure up, lest these creatures try to swarm us before we ill their little 'cult leader'." She would then pick the pace up by making a mad dash for the building. No longer far away, she would quickly notice that the shadows had managed to keep up with her, though they would not leave the confines of their shelters. This could not have been due to th esun...could it? The others seemed to have no issue with the solar rays, so the only solution that she could come up with was that the vampires that were stationed here were of a lesser breed. Unable to survive long in the sun, these lesser vamps were better off not attacking them until the sun went down. That gave them a slight window to not only complete the mission, but then scavenge for valuable items that were still present and in good condition. No reason to deny the others the treasures I'm sure they would love to acquire...and I do wonder if there are any alchemical books of importance hidden away somewhere? And not long after she returned her attention to the vampire lair, she would notice the door which had been passcode protected. Well...this would be a challenge to bypass, unless Hera or Dan could somehow get pass this defense they would probably have to find a different entrance. That, or they would hopefully have to overpower the door to take a more direct approach. "Well, here we are. The only thing keeping us from a direct assault on Lysander and her cult...is a door. Anyone got any ideas on how to get through this, or should we look for another entrance?"
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