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  1. "Hmm, let's see..." The last few months had been somewhat laid back if his memory had served him correctly. Not much really occurred other than his induction into Tiandi Wushu, along with his minimal help over in Hyperion. Nothing much had happened to him, at least in the grand scale of things. He was completely fine with that, it gave him more free time to either pursue other interests or simply sit back and relax. A blessing really, as it was the sole reason that he had been able to retake the mission of defeating this damn wyrm. Well...it was not the sole reason, but being free was very much a help in him actually being there in the first place. I guess I haven't really done much. Man, I need to get out more. "Nothing too fancy, really. I've joined a martial arts school dubbed Tiandi Wushu, so I guess you could say I'm more physically inclined now." And that was the end of that. He saw no reason to bring up how he (somewhat) helped out in Hyperion since he assumed his role in the creation of the districts was nothing special. Instead he would jokingly flex his muscles as if to say 'I've been working out but not enough to really KO a wyrm if I wanted', chuckling at his flex skills as he did so. The chuckling would immediately come to a halt as a large shadow would soon make itself known to him. A quick glance to the sky would reveal the reason that they were all here for, though with how late the reaction had been to the majestic creature they would have more pressing matters to worry about in the upcoming moments. Valjer!? Oh, you're gonna regret this one you fucking LIZARD!!! The damned beast made sure that the ship had no chances of staying in the sky as he seemed to have flawlessly blasted it into two halves with what looked like minimal effort. And he felt himself become rushed with emotions, the most prominent one being fear. Here they were, in the damn air because of this airship...and now they were going down. The ground was not close, and unless any of the other passengers wanted to give him passageway on whatever escape plans they had. Unfortunately, that did not seem to be the case. Also unfortunate, was that with the ship cut into halves he felt gravity pulling him towards the breaking point in an attempt to prematurely end him. No, this was not going to be the way he'd go out, not due to that damn archwyrm for sure. He'd grab hold of the nearest thing towards himself, a nearby railing, and hold on for dear life. If nothing, this was simply to buy himself time to prepare a plan on how to get out of this situation without dying. Anything less than dying was acceptable, but if he was going to have his way then Valjer was not to be satisfied with Mensa being added to the kill count. No, it would be Valjer who be added to a kill count. He swore it on...well, on Valjer's future corpse.
  2. Time to get up, me. "Ugh...it's too early for this crap." The sun would peek through the exposed windows and downright smack Mensa in the face with their rays. It wasn't early per se, as Mensa would eventually find out, but matyters were not helped when you casually get drunk to prepare for what might be the most deadliest mission you've ever gone through with. And it just so happened to involve that damn Archwyrm again. "Heh, can't believe the lil' shit is still giving people problems. And after all we went through last time! I'm nearly speechless, I guess..." Of course, that was nothing short of an overexaggeration. For starters, the last time he had even seen a glimpse of the thing it just so happened to be tearing all kinds of shit apart. Took down a building, killed some people, the usually 'bad guy' things. And now that it had gotten itself put back on his radar, Mensa was hoping that they had the firepower to put the possible God-tier being down for good. If he remembered correctly then a majority of the original cast would be coming back to reprise their roles, which was a-ok in his books. No need to go overboard with introductions, only simple 'Hey, how've ya been since the last time a big ass creature nearly killed ya?' types of conversations. But beyond that, there were two people of importance that he wanted to see. One more so than the other. I wonder how she's been... "Alright, daily routine in motion!" Once he finally got it through his thick skull and bones that food and drink would be most helpful, the young lad would begin his preparations. Nothing fancy, simple things that could be made with the utmost quickness were on the top of his list at the moment. His body? Cleansed. His face? Perfect, as always. His food of choice? Eh, whatever could fit on a plate was all he needed. After that was taken care of he would begin to dress himself, his thoughts flowing freely as they usually did. Huh...I wonder if I'll see everyone who took part last time? I'm guessing I might, ya never know about these things. I've heard Jin's around here somewhere...gotta give him a 'hi' sonner rather than later, just to be nice. But what's really interesting...this 'thing' somewhere deeper in the ship. I've heard he's got some edge to 'em, but he's probably nothing special. Gonna pay him a visit and see what he's all about a little later. But first! Now finished with the morning tasks, next would be something of a little more personal nature. Mensa would leave his lovely simplistic room behind to make his way towards the top deck. In fact, a majority of the airship wasn't as simple as the room he had specifically picked out for himself. It reminded him of his room back home, as well as he generally picked rooms with a similar look and feel to them. That, and it had a bunch of space in case he passed out drunk. No need to hit his head on anything that wasn't the bed or the floor. Outside, the brightness would take some adjusting to, but once done it would give off a breathtaking sight. The view was great and, barring any unfrotunate incidents, would serve as a perfect spot to get in some fresh air before his next stop. Taking a look around would give him the location of some unknown faces, as well as the Cap'n who had apparently just come from yelling at someone. Oh well, they were probably some older gentleman as well, surely they could take it, right? But neough of that, these few unknows and undesireables were not who he was currently looking for. There were no guarantees that they were here, but he really hoped so, stoic demeanor be damned. A few steps here, a few glances there, nothing seemed to either catch his attention or give off a hint of his person of interest. Until it did, of course. She stood over him by nearly half a foot, and it was no secret that she was his senior in more ways than one. Doesn't matter. She had, only a few months ago, lost her right arm to the creature that they were hunting. She had actually lost more than that, but he would not know the full story. He never thought to ask and, as the months went on he found himself slightly upset that he didn't. After the first attempt at even attacking the Archwyrm went south, he found himself harboring slight affections for this woman. This woman who, for all intents and purposes, had shown no interest in him. But that was okay. And now they were working together to take down the beast that caused her so much pain those few months ago...nothing wrong with saying a simple 'hi', right? "...Hello, Nadia." He would say. Slowly he would make his way towards her, his stoic face giving way to a cheeky smile almost as soon as the words left his mouth. As if on cue with that as well, his body would begin to radiate a small amount of heat, giving off a slight glowing factor. It was...almost as if he was enlightened simply by being in her presence. "How have the last few months been for you? Everything alright?"
  3. Grim Wolf

    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    Ah yes, the return trip to the compound was a tiring one, if not joyous nonetheless. Despite having made the trip a few times since his induction into the school he had affectionately dubbed 'TiWu', Mensa still found himself at awe with the place. Sure it could use some sprucing up here and there but, that was part of its' charm. Its' elegance, in a sense. Away from the hustle and bustle of the inner parts of the city where he could actually focus on doing nothing but honing his primary skills along with his intangibles. This was to be another one of those days. You see, after the little fiasco back at the Hyperion festival, Teacher Ren gathered all of the students together and said that they would be meeting out in the courtyard at dawn to discuss things. Well, in Mensa's mind there simply wasn't much to be discussed. While he had not been present with the group during the event, he was fully aware of what had transpired in his absence. Something about a god sacrificing itself for the greater good? Yes, something along those lines. And if his thought process was leading him to one of the possible correct conclusions, this early meeting had something to do with that. Well you can say that again! "Yeah, this must really be important if we're all out here ahead of time. I wonder why?" Oh, he had a feeling he knew why, but he believed it best to feign curiosity in order for Ren to tell him the answer himself. For all intents and purposes, this could probably involve another sparring session. Oh...crap. This was a sparring session all right, but this was a bit of a curveball for Mensa. Generally it was kept to one on one altercations, even the occasional handicap match...but for all of them to just charge him? It was, by far, nothing short of a suicidal approach to the situation. On their end. Something had to have happened during the Hyperion trip for the Teacher to have decided that he needed to step his game up, and quite frankly Mensa was slightly upset that he had missed it. It could've been the whole 'God dying' thing... He was unsure how the majority of his fellow classmates had felt about the sudden declaration, but almost instantly Trey had decided to challenge the reasoning behind the command. Good, he didn't want to be the only one to question it, though the way he would've gone about it might have been slightly different. Once Trey had finished speaking his piece and no one had immediately said anything after it, Mensa took over the floor. "Teacher, everything okay? This request of yours is...well...pretty sudden. I mean sure, I'm hearing the festival got a little chaotic and all, but surely there's a reason behind this." As he spoke, slight streaks of flame would emit from his body. Once finished he had converted from a neutral stance into a more defensive one, his flames now more noticeable given that they were giving off a fair amount of heat. While he questioned his teacher's request, he had no intention of not following through with it. "I mean, I'm still game. No way I'm ducking out of this one...just curious, is all."
  4. Grim Wolf

    The Cut and Jib: Adventurer's Tavern and Inn

    "Huh? Wonder who this little furball belongs to?" While the discussion was still in session on where the small group would start their journey, a small cat had found its' way over towards them. Maybe it had been brought over by how quiet they were in contrast to the rest of the tavern, the true motive was not much of a concern for him. What he knew, was that here was still the matter of how they were going to start everything off. They had the info, now they just needed the direction. We've given our input, now it's up to the majority to pick a location. Before anything else could be settled the good doctor would then stand and look over the assembled team, giving the suggestion that the vote could be had on the road. He had a point; not only were all of these places quite a distance away from them, it would also give them ample time to learn a bit more about each other. You could never learn too much about your traveling companions, after all. Lies. "Hm, more of a half-truth." Mensa stood as well, nodding in agreement with Silas before following him out of the tavern. Before leaving, he would shout very loud curses at his tavern buddies while practically throwing his cheeky grin around the place. In particular to the presumed couple who he had noticed were seemingly having a little bit of fun not too far away from where they were. He even said a few words to them before making his exit. "Hey lovebirds, the rooms are upstairs! Have fun!"
  5. Grim Wolf

    From the Ashes — The Hand of Valjer

    The Grimster rethrows his hat into the ring. I'm still down for this!
  6. Grim Wolf

    Kastoria's Foundation

    "Ugh...Hmm, interesting." The young man could not remember much of what had transpired before his wake. Nothing new to be honest, his memory was not the best so these things were known to happen to him from time to time. What he did know was that after all that had happened he felt entitled to sleep as long as was humanly possible. Maybe he would evolve into a feline and prance around Hyperion while showing off his new appearance. He'd probably be dead before the day was done. "Alright, the agenda of the day...should not begin without cleaning up this mess." Sitting upwards would reveal to him the truth of his words. His clothing was scattered here and there, his shoes were for some reason uncomfortably close to his face, and his briefs were on backwards. Not exactly sure how that last one could've even been possible, but knowing himself he had probably drank too much and blacked out. Oh, the joys of alcohol...we really should get some more. The day is young...right? "Oh shut up, you mental cunt." After minutes of cleaning, the place was in a better state than it had been in when he had entered it. Well, that was most certainly a lie but if no one questioned it then he could claim that fact and run with it. Now, since that was done and out the way, the new agenda of the day had to be something other than slumming around with the other regulars at the nearby taverns. "Heh, 'other' regulars. I've been here too long and I don't care, this place is going to be so cool in the near future." One thing he knew would have to be resolved before the day was done was to feed himself, and what better way to go about that then by taking a little stroll and picking whatever seemed to grip his interest the most. Besides that, there was nothing wrong with getting a workout in, especially if it was a sparring match with a willing participant. Maybe Jin? Surely he hadn't left yet, and there was nothing like working out with someone he considered on the path to friendship. Whatever his choice, it wouldn't be accomplished here, so once he had clean himself up and gotten dressed he would make his way down towards the streets. "Alright, let us see if...if...noodles? Hmm, I guess I can go for some noodles right now. Noodles, here I come!"
  7. Grim Wolf

    Neon Stalker [Quest-Closed]

    Three Hours Earlier... There it was, the letter that she had been waiting for. Upon the nightstand beside her bed it lay, a bit of concern clawing at the back her mind as to why the courier did not just slide it under the door. Was the objective too simple? Maybe picking a lock would have given the task a bit more excitement? Or better yet, had the possibly male courier had simply wanted to see an attractive young lady sleeping? Ugh, the latter did nothing but make her want to leave this inn before someone got in trouble, that someone being her peeping tom. Oh well, without any evidence to suggest any foul play besides the obvious invasion of privacy she took to getting ready for the next stage in her journey. Ahead would hopefully lead her towards a new teacher, someone who would be able to teach her more than just the basics of alchemy and the healing magics. While she knew little of the man she was targeting, she had heard of his talents from an apparent mutual friend they shared. In fact, this mutual friend had recommended him to her, as well as saying that he would send a (somewhat) letter of recommendation to him. When she had questioned him on the location of this man, she was only told that the letter would be sent, as well as a letter for herself as well. He was a very busy man he would tell her, and after sending the appropriate papers he was to move on to other things. A peculiar way to handle it from her perspective, but as long as the plan stayed the same she would not question it. Opening the parcel would show two items, one being what seemed to be directions to the man who was named 'Thorn' while the other item was a map. Well then, from what the directions would tell, this would take her some time to actually make it to this man's place of residence. Best she make sure she had gathered all of her equipment, for this trip could become eventful at any point in time. On her person, her armor adorning her left side as well as the armguard she wore attached to her right arm. A few herbs and other ingredients just in case she was called upon to exhibit her present knowledgee as an alchemist. As for her weapons, all three of her swords were fastened to her lower body, 'Negotiator' being the one placed upon her backside. From what she had heard/researched on Tia, this place had its' fair share of vampires walking around. Best not to let them get too close to her neck, then. Present Time... "Sergeant, report on your daily status." Her superior, in contact with her through a crystal that was imbued with magic. Helped wonders when she was away from home for days at a time. "Well, I'm currently not far from the man who I suspect will be able to train me in the art of healing magic as well as alchemy. If all goes to plan, this should be a rewarding trip." "Understood. Stay safe out there, Pletcher." "As always, Commander." Once the conversation was over she would continue onward, noting out to herself the differences out Tia from her own home. In fact, the entirety of Terrenus had some stark differences from home...nothing she couldn't handle, however. What mattered most was that she had now neared her hopeful teacher's home, the next step in her journey to become a respected Knight of her Order. Walking up to the door, a slow stride as she contemplated her words. Did this 'Thorn' know what she looked like? Would simply saying who she was and her reason for seeing the man be enough to convince him if no photo identification was available? It mattered not, as she was so close that ppondering on such things would make no real difference anymore. All she could do now, was knock on the door. And knock she did, three times in rapid succession before slowly bringing her hand back to her side. I wonder if he's even home? Lord knows where he'd be if not home...
  8. Grim Wolf

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Alright, well it looked like the spar between the two would end here. Nothing wrong with that, especially since he was given a compliment on his control of his fire from Master Ren. Maybe, in time, he would learn enough to give him a true challenge. Oh, how that would be one of the better achievements in his life. After returning the bow, Mensa would return beside the other students. It would seem that the initial testing phase was soon over and they would pick which school they thought best suited them. Before that, however, there was one more style that they were to learn. And seeing as how Ren was calling up Master So to participate with him, this was going to be a nice showing. That is...is Master So could- "Oh, there he is." Huh, he could've sworn that he wasn't there for a moment. It was hard to note the exact time he noticed his disapperance, but he only seemed to take notice when he returned from...wherever it was that he had gone to. No matter, he was here now, and this showing was now ready to go down without any hitch. Well, almost any hitch. "Five miles...that's gonna take some time to traverse. Best get to it then!" With that, he'd make his way towards the cliff which Ren had mentioned to the students. Once there he would watch over the two masters prepping for their sparring session. Mensa was curious as to what this new school possessed, the possible potential that it held actually made him a little giddy. It would be interesting to see such a thing in person and, since they were told to watch it from a distance, it must have been very powerful. That, or it was simply because the ones practicing were simply that strong. A fair notion, either way.
  9. Grim Wolf

    The Cut and Jib: Adventurer's Tavern and Inn

    Before his question could be answered there would be another who would join the adventurers to-be. She would soon reveal herself to be none other than their contact, a beauty of a woman named Sariaa. Good thing that those drinks weren't alcohol-heavy, otherwise he might've made a mistake and embarrassed himself in front of everyone. She would speak of the Golden Jackals, all the while Mensa did his part in not showing that the mere mention of their name was an irritating feeling. To prey on those who couldn't protect themselves...it was such a cowardly thing to do. Now, maybe if they tried that while there were some guards and the like around, then he'd be a little more impressed with them. As it was, they were nothing more than petty criminals and, if he had his way, eventual soot that littered among the ground. Calm down. Sariaa would give the group the locations for which they could find their objectives for this quest. The first place was called 'The Peaceful Forest' which, ironic enough, was not peaceful to those who were not human. Well, no problems there, everyone here seemed to be human enough, so that part would not be much of an issue. Next up, 'The Forgotten Forest', a place that he believed to be a very dangerous place just for it's forgetful properties alone. If all of them were unfortunate enough to forget what they were there for, things could go south fairly quickly. After that, Ashville. He'd never been personally to the place but, from what he had heard painted it in a somewhat 'meh' light. There would be a merchant there whose name he left to those more proficient in the tongue to pronounce, and it was their job to find him. And then, just as quickly as she arrived, she would depart from the group. This would leave them so time to themselves to plan out their best course of action in order to complete the tasks. The question was a valid one. All he knew for certain that the Forgotten Forest would have to be best saved for last. Such a dangerous place could seriously screw with their plans, and it would be best if they completed two of the other three before taking that on. While the others would conversate about which path would be best, he thought of his own ideas so as to have them ready to share with the group when he felt they were complete. When heis thoughts were gathered, he would speak. "Well...why not save the Forgotten Forest for last? A whole lot of risk involved with that place, so I say we just wait until we have the other items gathered. As for whether or not we should go to the Peaceful Forest or Asheville first, whichever is closest to us will do. Either way, there should be enough of us to combat any issues we run into. Plus, I'm pretty confident that the majority of us here are human. Even if some aren't, we'll be fine! As a team, it'll be our responsibility to keep our own safe."
  10. Grim Wolf

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    As expected, many of his punches had been intercepted and blocked with seemingly what little resistance Mensa could see from Ren. However, he did notice the fact that his new mentor had resorted to using his technique from earlier in order to protect himself from the flames that emanated from his hands. Yes, that meant that progress was made, now all he had to do from this point onward was figure out the best option possible in order to combat this skill of Ren's. His thoughts were hampered somewhat, a part of his attention still focused upon his opponent. That defense was nearly unbreakable, at least, that was all that he could learn from it at such an early stage of the training. He had to learn this technique himself or, if applicable, some variant of it. Maybe it would consist of...hmm...maybe it could consist of shaping his own fire into a solid form, eventually giving it the strength to emulate such a useful technique. Wait...but, I can already do that. Somewhat, anyway. Ah, that was correct. He knew how to shape his flames into a solid form, but it was more of a technique still in it's infant stages. While he could form it into a solid form around his body (in the appearance of samurai armor for the 'cool' factor), the protection that it actually offered was minimal at best, not enough to do anything of sufficient use while going up against such an opponent as Ren. "Oh well, best we work out some of those kinks before I leave." A thought given life by Mensa's unawareness of speaking his thoughts aloud. No matter, for while he continued to throw his futile punches he would attempt to find a more appropriate time to back off in order to 'suit up' for lack of a better term presently. Unfortunately...there would be a slight problem with that. A knee...crashing into his gut with a lot of unwanted force behind it. That was the problem. The solution? Drop to one knee in obvious pain while clutching your gut with both hands. "Nope!" Quickly rising to his feet once again before creating space between the two. A few fireballs for good measure, but this was getting a little sad on his side in Mensa's eyes. Sure, no one is going to outbest the master during the very first spar, but it just didn't seem like he was having much luck with this session. He was clearly outmatched, his flames weren't doing much of anything, and now both his chin and his gut were aching. This spar is starting to heat up! I can see why he's a mentor and not some scrub. Still, I wonder if it's best to put so much effort into it on the first day? Maybe see if anyone else is up for a turn? "Mister Ren." Before he was to ponder his next move, if there was to be a next move, he wanted to make sure he wasn't overstepping how long a spar session was supposed to take. He had to be mindful of the others, especially since he was revving to go another round. "Exactly how long do we have for this spar? I'm not taking up anyone else's time, am I?"
  11. Grim Wolf

    The Cut and Jib: Adventurer's Tavern and Inn

    Ah, today was to be a special day, he could feel it! Well, exaggerating the truth somewhat was his forte, but no one could deny that Mensa didn't know what was in store for him. Another chapter in his adventures through Hyperion, and for all intents and purposes, they had been pretty amazing so far. He had gotten to be apart of this wonderful thing, this idea, and watched as it slowly blossomed into something that would surely be great in the near future. But there was something that impeded that growth, and the reason he had made the trip to the Laconia district was because of just that. "Golden Jackals, huh?" Indeed, he had heard about these no-good bootlickers some time ago and, if not for some kind folks talking him out of it, he'd have gladly named it open season on all of them. Instead, here he was, the Cut and Jib Tavern, his most favorite place in the district. He'd visit at least once whenever in the area, and the regulars had gotten acquainted to his 'overwhelming' presence. Enough so that when he kicked the doors in, they would immediately know that it was in fact him. Probably because he was the only person to do that...and he always had to pay for new doors. "Mensa!" They would greet him as best as their drunken minds could manage. It was all well, because while the slurred words left their mouths he couldn't help but illuminate the tavern with a large smile. It wasn't home, but it was a nice substitute...you know, because everything wasn't trying to kill you all the time. And that was nice. "You bums are drunk already? Go home to your beds, you vampires!" As the tavern roared with laughter he would take a quick second to glance over to where the fireplace was, nodding at any who made eye contact from the area. He figured those already assembled were to be his compatriots for their little quest, and they seemed like they were good enough to handle themselves. No judging books right now, for any help was appreciated, 'slong as you weren't a liability of course. But, since he was in the tavern...there wasn't anything wrong with ordering his usual, was there? Nothing wrong with it, nothing at all! Let's see if our 'drinking buddies' remember how we do things around here. "Alright! Mensa Voss here, ready to order!" Alright, the regulars had begun to show their remembrance. Staring the young man down, a grin the only confirmation they needed before he began to speak once more. "I!" "I!" "Need!" "Need!" "My!" "My!" "SEVEN DRAGON BAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!" Cue the nearly minute long yelling of the word 'Ballz'. And then, by the time everyone had finished nearly yelling their lungs out of their mouths, the drinks were already ready for him. "Oh! Why thank you, dove!" Once he had taken the tray containing his seven 'drinks' he would make his way over to the fireplace, smile still ever present upon his face as he would formally greet his assumed team. "Hello, all. Mensa Voss, pyromancer and of-age delinquent, happy to assist you on this great day!" He would then make his way over to an empty seat, taking his sweet time before downing all of his 'drinks' like it was nothing. After he was done, a waitress would walk over and take the tray and cups away from him, a wink from both parties before he refocused back onto his team. "So, is this everyone or...not?"
  12. Grim Wolf

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    The initial fireballs did about as well as one could have expected when they were simply meant for distraction purposes, but the way in which Ren had so casually deflected them was what made Mensa a little hesitant. As if they were nothing, something akin to flies irritating someone who was stocked to the teeth with swatters and the like. It was a little unnerving, sure, but he would not be deterred when he had already committed to his movements. Ren would take that commitment, and make it look like a trivial pursuit to avoid it. First off, he pulled a manuever which would've made anyone (especially those with the name Beckham) jealous with how he was able to bend. But no matter, for he would surely hit his mark when he went to throw his punch, right? Wrong. The bending Ren was at such an angle that attempting to punch him would mean that Mensa would've had to lower himself closer to the ground, a move that could prove fruitless if he was somehow knocked down. So, instead of continuing with his original plan he would make an abrupt audible on the fly. Now, he would attempt to stomp his opponent, but the attempt would not come soon enough as Ren would then swing his feet upwards which had come as a complete surprise to the young man. He had not thought of the concept that such a thing was possible, though the thought would ring violently around his head as his chin got slaughtered. And before he knew it, he was on his back. Left hand caressing his chin, right hand struggling not to accompany it with a facepalm, instead reaching for the hat that had flown off of his top. The man he was going up against was well-versed in the martial arts, of course he could pull off such a stunt! Mensa did not want to believe he left himself open to such an obvious attack that, for all intents and purposes, he should've seen coming. Oh well...lesson learned, now time to get up. Fluke...that's all that was, a fluke! I can do much better than that, I swear it! "Ohh, you got me good!" A smile upon his face, he would rise back to his feet before tipping his hat to Ren. Left hand still carressed his chin, but as his right hand left the tip of his hat it would fully become engulfed in flame. Once the left hand left his chin it too would be surrounded by flames. "Now...let's try that again, eh?" This time, instead of charging forwards towards his opponent he would instead slowly close in on him, his hands up while he calculated the best course of action to take once he was close enough. The stance he had taken had the look and make of a boxer, even coming equipped with a little footwork once the two were near the other. And then, he would make his move. He would attempt to hit Ren with a varying combination of jabs, hooks, and crosses. All punching combinations, and many aimed at the body while the occasional punch would go for a head blow. With his hands on fire the stakes were raised a bit, as the chance of getting burnt was higher now. However, an observant individual would be able to notice that during the moments where he switched to a more defensive stance, his head was never unguarded. In his attempts to protect himself from enduring such a blow again, he unknowingly left his entire body wide open.
  13. Grim Wolf

    We Shall Hunt Them In The Streets [OOC]

    Forgot Aves wasn't posting. Sorry for the wait, I'll try to be more active since it's basically just the two of us. Any plans heading forward? I've introduced the staircase that goes upwards (did not include how many floors the building had, you can do so if you'd like) and we can eventually have the duo reaching the top and battling Lysander and the other members of her cult. I'm planning on introducing some vampires in my next post, and depending on what you do for your post they'll either be numerous and a tough little challenge, or a few of the small fries trying to pick on them (and fail). Plus, we can have them split up and divide and conquer the floors if you want, though I reckon they'll both need to be present for the Boss fight.
  14. It was interesting, Dan showing his prowess with technology. Well...it was either that, or he was showing off his criminal background with the ease at which he was able to deduce how to open said door. She was not sure which option it was, and for the sake of the mission she would put it to the back of her thoughts. With their way in now secured she knew only that these vampires' lifespans had become forfeit. "Thank you for your assistance in the matter. Now it's time to trek forward and rid this city of these vermin." Entering the dim-lit building would show random furniture and decorations scattered all about the first room. In the center stood a staircase, one that she presumed led to Lysander once they reached the top. However, something did not seem right about how quiet everything had seemed. Here they were, on a mission to kill any and all vampires they had the fortune to come across, and...it was quiet. Besides the off chance one listened to the footsteps in the distance, not much was happening here. Could this have been the wrong door? What if this was simply a decoy manuever set up in order to throw them off of the trail? No. This is the right building, it has to be! We're only on the first floor, our journey has not even begun to end yet! We must trek onwards. "Alright. I will not lie, the eerie quietness about this place has me somewhat on edge. If this truly is the lair of the vile vampires, then where...are they hiding?" This would partially be directed towards Dan, but at this point she was merely thinking aloud while pondering over the situation. She did not want to go into this any further unless she was sure that this was not either a blatant trap, or a deliberate attempt to attack her psyche before they pounced upon her. And Dan...before they pounced on him as well. Slowly she would make her way towards the staircase, her silver sword in hand in case any unwanted guests tried to get the jump on her. This floor seemed to be quiet enough to warrant no further reason to check it...however, proper protocol did not make light of the fact that you are to clear the current floor before moving on to the others. While slightly reluctant, Magnolia could not bring herself to disregard this crucial fact. It could save their lives and, if lucky, they would actually find some vampires simply hiding in the shadows waiting for them to slaughter them. "Change of plans. We should clear this floor first, it'll make sure that there are no vampires lurking in the shadows while plotting their ambush on us. Name of the game is the same, if you spot 'em, kill 'em."