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  1. This past week a friend I've known sense high school lost his battle to cancer, this on top of already dealing with my own depressive spell has made it difficult for my to focus and think coherently. I ask that you give me a couple days of breathing room to pull myself together. If you'd like to skip me a round or two let me know, for those of you who can't I'm sorry I'm going to do my best to keep up but this is just my curtsy announcement on a few days delay. Again I'm sorry if this is inconvenient I'll do my best to respond when I'm feeling up to it. 

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    2. Rose parker

      Rose parker

      Take as much time as you need.  No need to rush,  loosing some one dear is not something you can simply throw to the side.  I'm terribly sorry for your loss.  Keep strong! You have all your friends here at valucre to support you. If you need to just talk,  don't hesitate to pm me.  ❤🌹

    3. Al Sa-her

      Al Sa-her

      My condolences. 

    4. Metty


      I'm sorry for your loss. :(

  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Velinquish @PrislyDawn @SquirrelMonkey Arabella rubbed her temples, both because of the now pounding headache she had and the sheer annoyance about the situation. She downed the rest of her now warm water signaling for more. She wanted to drink but it seemed best given the situation that she had her wits about her. She was beginning to tune out Aura's babbling, it was mostly confusion or nonsense at this point. "I'm not sure what my deal is either, but I'm questioning my own sanity after tonight's events." Of course that wasn't really the truth, he 'deal' was a repressive society and a class sensitive parenting style, and a life altering near death experience as some of her first memories. That combination put things into a fun perspective of, live a little, also made her impulsive, and blunt, "Do the tree's talk back?" Arabella asked with a smirk. "If your friend can't at least pretend to stay out of me you both can leave for all I care, that damned voice is not agreeing with my head and is giving me one hell of a headache." Aura would probably be confused about the comment. Arabella didn't care the party that needed to hear it wasn't really her. "Jaron what are your thoughts on this? You seem to have an idea about what's going on and you keep staying at the space around her, like you see something else entirely, I wont ask you to say what you see just what your theories are on this, and how I can keep people out of my head in the future."
  3. Guest Lecture (Earth Magic)

    I'm looking to do a guest lecture with Lila on Earth Magic, her specialty is Earth Life Magic, its main focus is being one with the element you work with, to feel the very life that already exists with in it and using a combination of its own life and yours to manipulate it. The strongest points would be the speeding up/slowing down of growth and decay, though for just a guest lecture she would be limited on how much she could teach in one setting, if this is popular enough I might see about establishing a full class for it, after the guest lecture happens. If your interested in a guest lecture only, or if you already know you'd be interested in a full class let me know here so I can see what kind of interest we have in this topic.
  4. Corner Cafe

    @ButAHumbleBard @Rose parker "Adventure has drawn me out of the silver spooned life I was born into." Her eyes grew wide with excitement. "The things I've seen sense I've left home has only made me regret leaving sooner." Her hands fell under her chin and she had almost a dreamy expression on her face. "This world so full of magic, and life, and choices. So little fear here, it's like breathing for the first time after a lifetime of drowning." Her eyes refocused, "Or something like that." She chuckled a little. "The world's not such a bad place is all I'm sayin'" She turned to Rose feeling uncomfortable about the past, "Can I perhaps talk you into another cup of this lovely coffee you made before?" "What brings you to this quaint little place today?" She asked him with an all too perfect grin.
  5. Guest lecturers for the Gaian Academy

    Would I start an interest check for it? Or is there a class that would be better for my to guest lecture in?
  6. Guest lecturers for the Gaian Academy

    I just wasn't sure where to go for a guest lecture of that kind of thing?
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Velinquish @PrislyDawn @SquirrelMonkey Arabella let out a large sigh reluctantly putting her weapons away, but keeping it ready for quick redraw. "I'm a little unpredictable sometimes, I get that, it bothered a lot of people back home, but you are a little insane." She took her seat at the bar. Her whole body was still tense. A voice in her own mind, this was intrusive, playing with their memories, it was wrong. Everything about this woman...women? Was wrong and intrusive. And there seemed now way to caution her into that realization, at least not with her memory loss so bad. She looked between the two men who seemed "How do you function Aura?"
  8. Guest lecturers for the Gaian Academy

    Just post a second time because I think this might have gotten over looked.
  9. [Questing]The silk road

    Her complaints seemed to fall on deft ears as she followed him out of the building. It didn't escape her notice that the other two men followed as well. Why was she the only one so bothered by the ridiculous nature of his claims? Was she allowing her own stubbornness to interfere with a potential truth? She hated this more than she had words for, she was so caught up in her own thoughts and emotions she nearly collided with the green eyed man as he stopped in what seemed to be a very secluded spot. Arabella was taken a back by the raw openness he seemed to display. Though a larger portion of her still hated the idea of it, sense when did she of all people care about the reward? The reward was the adventure itself and for that reason alone she knew she'd take this chance. "I'll go," she let off in a casual tone, This whole fate thing left a bad taste in her mouth. If he saw fate he probably already knew that she would, unless of course the fate thing was as much BS as she predicted. It made her head spin a little. "When do we start and where do we start?" She flashed one of her characteristically too perfect smiles at the group. "You may be more full of shit than an unkempt pigs pen, but that doesn't take away from the thrill of this adventure." Would the others go? They seemed less bothered by the fate thing than she and had chosen to follow him out, it seemed likely. Her eyes traveled to each of them as she thought this over. Did she trust them? So many adventures where the quiet type, it was boring, and in someways left her uneasy. Maybe they just needed time to open up. She hoped as much, or this 'trip' could be a lot of awful silence or a lot of just her own voice rambling on, more likely the latter.
  10. Tavern of Legend OOC

    no such thing as too busy in the tavern
  11. As I told Missfortune, enjoy your stay in Umbra. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm always around.

  12. Royal Resurrection

    Lila would love to be one of Miss Fortune's attending gentlemen
  13. A Surprising Encounter

    "I'm from a forest," She smiled a little her answer was vague, but at the same time most humans didn't care which. She perked up at the sudden silence, "I should hide and you should go back, can we..." She paused trying to decide how to word this, "Can we meet later?" Even as she spoke she was already starting to move away more into an area that his father might not notice her if he came this way.
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Impulse She gave him a soft smile. "No I do remember what it was like, even if i had a physical connection with the earth itself, that didn't change how amazing it was when I finally left the forest I once called home." She almost looked like she was day dreaming as she recalled the memories, "When I became a traveler at first it was just the wilds I explored. I was afraid of people, and I was afraid of the sheer number that lived in cities. As I grew more curious I watched people come and go to a little town. I worked up the courage one day to actually try visiting myself." She let out a soft chuckle. "It was a disaster. I quickly learned that while I understood all the different languages spoken like my mothers people, I couldn't speak them." She shifted her elbow on to the table as she spoke leaning more casually into it, "Which sounds bad, but it gave me a purpose I spent the next large part of my life trying to learn to identify all the different languages I could, " She paused a moment, "Because at first it all just sounded the same I didn't even know multiple languages where spoke until I learned I couldn't speak them." She made a frustrated face, "I'm sorry if this isn't making sense, it's kind of hard to explain, but basically once I learned to identify what language was being spoken I could know what to speak to them. I think learning languages has been one of my favorite things." She took a long drink of her water suddenly feeling embarrassed how much she just rambled on. "Eh..Sorry I think I got carried away."
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Arabella made a face "Who? It was who?" the insanity of this woman seemed to only grow every time she spoke. " Arabella shifted to keep the other man from being behind her all while keeping Aura in her line of site. "What should I do?" She finally decided to address the to men and see if maybe they could help come up with a solution. She felt less enraged than before, even with the knowledge that her memories were gone, the adrenaline had calmed in her blood. She felt more clear headed now. What a strange situation she'd found herself in. @Velinquish @PrislyDawn @SquirrelMonkey