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  1. Just want to give this a bump, if I still have no interest I'll leave it be, and try again another time maybe with another character. Basically if you have any kind of interest in a class like I've describe leave a comment.
  2. Arabella let out a deep seated sigh, maybe next time she'd find a less...frustrating adventurous group. There tenancy to jump to violence, and many other things left her feeling..displaced. Maybe after sometime adventuring she'd feel more at place in a group like this but for now she used the distractions of everything to pay her tab and make a great escape to her room. She was feeling tired from the nights events and figured she might as well retire early. She planned to venture out and continue exploring this world, the next morning, with or without accompaniment.
  3. A lot of people where uncomfortable around her, especially if they could tell she was old. What a curious thing that this young woman could tell, was it related to her magic? Instead of bursting in with her own questions she decided to answer first. Hoping to ease her a little more with conversation. Lila let out a small and quiet laugh, "I'm not even two thousand years old, so I think "very old" is a bit of an overstatement" she took another bite of the stew in front of her. "I'm technically half Nymph, but in a lot of ways that is really similar to the Elvin race," she was glad the server had gone on to other things, in a lower voice she added, "But don't tell them that, they are a too proud for the comparison to a half breed." She wondered if Lera would know much about Nymphs, they were people of legend and had many secrets usually only those who went out of their way knew much of anything. She twirled the spoon around in her hand as she considered the next bit, "There are legends that suggest that the entire Elvin race only exists as they do because of a connection to Nymphs." Lila leaned against the bar still managing to keep a nice straight backed posture. "But of course that's only speculation, and legend so who really knows?" She turned back to her soup taking few bites this time. It was a rhetorical question, and she expected no answer really. "What about you? You use magic no?" She sipped her drink a moment before continuing, "Almost all magic users, given enough training and time can feel magic in other people, if you can't sense it in me maybe I can show you how to as we travel." This statement was pretty universally true, but of course time was the biggest key to it. Some users picked it up easily with little or no training, some would need several life times to hone the ability it really depended on the individual. She did her best to not discourage humans with the knowledge that their lives might be too short. It was funny how often they would let it be an excuse not to really try. "That is if you're interested at all."
  4. Lila watched them for a good portion of the day, before finally slipping away to scavenge a bit, to her surprise a rabbit crossed her path in the process. Meat with dinner tonight, how pleasant. It was a small meal but more than enough for her. Once she found her way back to the graveyard of trees night had nearly fallen. She spent the next many hours performing her peoples rituals, a combination of magic and ceremony was used as both a way to honor the dead, and help the area heal. her eyes were ringed in red and she could feel a fatigue set deep into her body after so much magic. The sun peeped through the trees just slightly, shining over the treeless area. While it was no-where near what it was before the area was now adorn in different fashions of life. Flowers grew from the ground, vibrant and beautiful, the stumps were adorned in vines. Instead of looking like a fresh battle field, it looked as though years of life had taken back over. With a bitter sweet sigh she slipped deeper into the forest, and found herself a place to sleep. Before dozing off she asked a beautiful robin to wake her if anyone entered the forest. Of course it's sweet singsong voice agreed, and in return she offered a hand full of seeds and berries before drifting off into an exhausted sleep.
  5. @Velinquish .... and everyone else because honestly I'm so behind I'm not sure who's all involved anymore This RP is moving too quickly for me to keep up with, currently in my life I think I'm going make an exist with my character. Let me know if you need anything from me before I do that.
  6. Honestly it doesn't matter to me at this point, whatever works
  7. I have a handful of posts to reply to tomorrow I promise to be caught up by the end of the day. Love you all so much for the support and patience I know I've been shifty on  when I'd be back. 

  8. Interactions: @LikelyMissFortune Lila sat in her all too straight backed way, her long shiny hair fell loosely around her face and down her shoulders. Her mind running through every detail of the mission ahead. She only just barely noticed the discomfort of the man across from her. Normally she might try to sooth him, but today wasn't the time or place. The mission was far more important. Her eyes shifted to Airyanna with a small light to them, and a small smile. Slipping back into a more serious expression and giving a curt nod in acknowledgment to the plan. "Of course, first and foremost is always the mission." The carriage bumped and came to a stop her hands sliding up to brace herself a little. She took a deep breath and put on a facial expression that would be more appropriate for a ball. Luckily for her the natural stiffness of her posture and tenancy to hold her chin just above neutral left her look regal without much work. She slid from the carriage with elegance her satin dress draped perfectly on her delicate frame. The little boning in the corset drawing emphasis to just how tiny she really was. The strapless bodice with embroidered with gold, a shear shaw of sorts draped down around her arms and back, held together around her neck and embroidered with gold. "I'd hate to be late Lanala." She stepped up to the other side of their chauffeur's side. Her dresses colors were perfect to her olive skin, her golden tattoo, much to her displeasure, was hidden with a combination of magic and special makeup, her dress was the perfect ensemble to show it off, and compliment it, but as her partner and friend had pointed out it was something far to identifiable. They made her way to the entrance careful to keep her dress from sweeping the dirty floor. Lila could feel the daggers pressed against her skin, and drew comfort form them. They were invisible to from outside her dress and would be most inappropriate for someone to check for. She offed a polite smile silently reminding herself I'm Amelia tonight. "Do you think there will be may eligible men tonight?" She asked assuming her role of a young maiden looking for a suitor.
  9. @Velinquish Could you update me on what's going on so I can jump in and I'll go back and read the details tonight?
  10. Arabella made a face at the illusion thrown before her again, but opted to not say anything, it seemed pointless to mention it once more. Instead she just let out a huff of air and flipped her hair over her shoulder and waited for it to disappear again. She followed just a step behind Roman bubbling with excitement, listening to Youri with a laugh. He was seemed to want a lot more control over this situation that Roman was giving him in the moment. She however was content to follow along with little knowledge, did that make her naive? Maybe, but mostly she felt that details weren't necessary for an adventure. From one of the hidden pockets in her skirt folds she pulled out a gadget it was toy of sorts for her, her hands fiddled with it, adjusting things her and there running bits of magic through it occasionally. Tinkering is what it was called, but if fell into the back ground of her mind as they walked. Would this group eventually be talkative and fun? she wondered to herself. It would be quite a boring tip if everyone was far too focused on the mission. She hoped that wouldn't be the case. "Do you have an approximate estimation on how long this journey will be?" She paused passing the toy into both hands, "Days? Weeks? Longer?" She hopped the vagueness of her question might actually get an answer from Roman.
  11. Lila smiled more broadly than before, her good friend Aiyanna. Even though she was aware of the magic she could still feel the effects and it took more effort than she cared to put into it to resist it completely, instead she let a little bit of her charismatic power flow over her. She nodded in support as she spoke, it took all of her self control not to show any outward displeasure at Liam as he spoke, though he did not lack in charismatic ability, Lila's loyalties stood wholly behind his competitor, making it difficult for her to find him convening or charming in any way. Lila adjusted her tie a little and smoothed her jacket, with her hair pulled back it left her without a good fidget device. She shifted her hands to her sides and moved with regal grace, the direction Michael was heading, "I'd love to wine and dine a bit, there's much to discuss." It didn't seem like much of an offer, part of the Gentlemen's Club had always been playing the polite role, and keeping your cards hidden.
  12. Arabella was brought back to the reality with the sound of a kitchen door closing. She felt a little dazed almost like just waking up, but she knew she'd simply been daydreaming. This cozy little place made it so easy for her own mind to get caught up in itself. Home. She thought to herself, she missed it, in some ways, though life was much better on the outside. She'd left people behind that likely she'd never see again. Home was a mixed bag of hurt and fear, but all of that only made moments of peace more meaningful in her life. with a bright smiled a great big smile, "The pleasure was all mine!" She gave him a small nod as he packed up his gun. She felt proud of herself, resisting the urge to inspect and look it over had been one of great effort for her. "Is it time for us to leave?" She asked turning her attention to Rose.
  13. Thank you to everyone that's been supportive and understanding. I'm doing well enough today I'm hopinh to catch up on most of my RP's

  14. This past week a friend I've known sense high school lost his battle to cancer, this on top of already dealing with my own depressive spell has made it difficult for my to focus and think coherently. I ask that you give me a couple days of breathing room to pull myself together. If you'd like to skip me a round or two let me know, for those of you who can't I'm sorry I'm going to do my best to keep up but this is just my curtsy announcement on a few days delay. Again I'm sorry if this is inconvenient I'll do my best to respond when I'm feeling up to it. 

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      Take as much time as you need.  No need to rush,  loosing some one dear is not something you can simply throw to the side.  I'm terribly sorry for your loss.  Keep strong! You have all your friends here at valucre to support you. If you need to just talk,  don't hesitate to pm me.  ❤?

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      My condolences. 

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