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  1. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    "Funny. I didn't take you as one to be interested in fear when you said I just wanted to be feared." He pulled the helmet on over his head, his body vibrating as he prepared to depart the area. He didn't see a point in dragging this conversation. This woman and himself seemed to have two completely different views and that would likely lead to arguing. He didn't have time to argue. "I prefer the fight, not the chase. The fact you think I'm insane means you're not like me. You have something that means something to you. Which means I don't need to explain my 'mission'. If that's all, I'll take my leave. There are others, and the longer I wait the More light that stays in the world." His voice came out oddlt with the vibrations as he turned to face his left, his shoulder pointed towards the woman's back, as he prepared himself to become a blur once again.
  2. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    He watched the ashes of the book float to the ground. "You would have been disappointed by him anyway." He returned as his red eyes turned to stare at the body of the man. "You might think that someone trying to summon war would have guts. That they would be a warrior. He wasn't. He was a coward. There's always one that runs. He was the one who ran. I imagine that war would enjoy those who stood their ground, even if it's out of fear. There's nothing entertaining about someone who shoves their comrades at a killer and runs." He closed his eyes for a moment, letting himself feel the darkness around him. He felt it curl down his arm. Then he felt a solid form in his hand. His helmet had returned to him. "If you're war then there's always next time. Or the next time. Just imagine his face over and over again. That's what I do. In my head I kill the same people over and over again."
  3. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    He stared into the eyes of this woman, shaking the feeling that rose inside of him as best he could. He briefly wondered what magic she was using to force these feelings on others. "You are war? Interesting. So does that mean you were brought here because of what I did to those people? It's not the first time. If you're war why not come every time I erase groups of people?" He flexed his fingers as his red eyes shifted around. "More importantly, did you come to stop me? I'd find it odd if war came to stop chaos. Either way, I can't stop. I won't. I haven't drowned this world yet. I won't stop until I've turned this world into the exact opposite of what I was promised."
  4. Impulse

    The Bloodwife's Grimoire (B|E Quest)

    Gabriel sighed. "Regardless of if some country bumpkin has been keeping that trap active I'm kicking the door to that cabin down. We came for the Grimoire and we're getting the Grimoire." He moved forward through the tall grass, his features pulled into a dull frown. Somebody watching them? Sure, he had felt it, but it seemed highly unlikely. Who would stay out this far from society for all that time to protect the Grimoire? A cult? Not likely. "You're an expert on cabin's from the time period then?" He questioned Godric, keeping the same aura he always did around him. There was no use getting riled up over the feeling of being watched. "Another rabbit..." The red head squinted his eyes, as he did when he was observing something. "Don't think that's a regular rabbit. Last time I checked the bird eats the rabbit, not the other way around. Quick, you know a lot of weird factoids, is there an alligator bunny on the loose?" Then he heard that voice. It sent a feeling of dread through his spine and he instantly dropped an f bomb. Gabriel turned his head to stare at Godric as he spoke about jokes. He smirked in response. Like he was going to keep his mouth shut even if he was about to die. "Wexely the Bog Witch huh? You don't look like I figured. I figured you'd be, you know, green with like black hair. So, I'm not saying that if you let me go that I'd leave this guy to you... but if I left this guy to you would you let me go? No? Didn't think so. Well, you have two options then witch of the bog. You can go about your day and let us do our job, or I'm going to kill all of your attack bunnies." Gabriel raised his arm high into the hair, his hand glowing as a plethora of circles appeared all around himself and Godric. "I have summons too, and they're waiting to tear yours apart. And if I have to waste my time with this I'm cursing you to never be able to leave this cabin since you want to hang around it so much. As a matter of fact, I'll curse every generation after you. No more Bog witches. Just cabin witches. Your choice blondie."
  5. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    His red eyes stared at her. "I don't need fear." He returned simply. "I didn't forget those prisoners either. Forgetting them would mean that they could be found, which means I have something to prove. I don't. In pure darkness I can those I summon deliver death for me. In water those I summon deliver death for me. There was no point in wasting my time on them. Their hope would grow until darkness fell, my summons would come and their hope would die." He watched the prisoners kill amongst themselves before turning his attention back to the woman. "Not too far different from what you just did. I assume you're the reason for that after all. Family killing one another after being released from confinement isn't a typical human reaction after all. As for light and dark... I see no need for the light. My view is as simple as that. "I also don't pretend that I can change people in the sense that you mean. I can crush hope. I can rip what they believe is love away. I can make their world fill empty. Some I can force into summons. But I don't need to change who they are inside. I digress, I'm probably talking too much." He took a deep breath, ignoring the cat the woman had altogether. He had no interest in animals in any sense, good or bad. "Considering what you did to the prisoners you're no hero, and you don't have relations to them. You don't seem to have relations to the bandits either. That begs the question... what's your interest here."
  6. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    He paused in his tracks. She was talking to him. His head turned, red eyes peering from beneath red locks as he looked at her over his shoulder. "Unnecessary for a hero? Most likely. An odd question to ask. Unless you're related to any of them in some form or fashion. If that's the case, let me assure you, I am no hero that came to save people or to give criminals a slap on the wrist and send them to jail. If you yourself are a hero upset that another hero would do such a thing... that statement stands." He turned around to fully face the woman. He prepared himself to summon the items he had just previously discarded. This being in front of him was different than others. He could tell, from everything about her, that she would not pose the same level of difficulty others did. She would be much more of a threat. "Their camp reminded me of something from long ago. A fortress of lies where people think they have hope and love. They believe in false world's promised to them by others and follow blindly. Just like I used to." He stood his ground. No sense in moving forward. That could initiate a battle immediately. He couldn't just rush headfirst into everything throwing caution to the wind. That wasn't how battles were won. "In the end they would have been killed because of those they loved. Those they placed hope in. That's why love and hope are pointless. They would have died alone. The prisoners... they would have had too much hope if I let them go. They already had too nuch thinking that I was saving them. Their hopes would have caused them to believe in the light. I did them a favor. I drowned them. I killed their light and brought them to darkness. Those they left behind... the ones they loved who weren't here will lose hope. They will start feeling the same void that I feel. This world is one step closer to being just like me now. Empty. I will do this over and over again until I drown this entire world, until darkness reigns, until every person and everything is void like me and I've killed the light that make everyone live for love and hope."
  7. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    He heard the horse approach the carnage he had left in his wake. He saw what came with the horse, what the horse itself was. He didn't care as he turned his back to them and began walking. The helmet tugged from his head as he pulled it before it, along with his sword, dropped to the ground. They landed with no noise as the were consumed into darkness. I don't know who she is. Why should I care? Family member of those consumed with darkness. Lover of someone who is drowned. Hero trying to make sure the light survives. It doesn't matter. If she cared for someone who died there let her feel empty. Let her feel void. Because that feeling kills the light. And if she's a hero, someone who runs to the defense of others, let her know she wasn't fast enough. That feeling is just the same. I know. He didn't strip the rest of his armor. He didn't feel the need to. He wasn't out of the wilds yet. There was always the chance that more would come that would pose issues to him. It was easier to bring his sword and helmet at quick notice than it was to bring his entire armor. He clenched and unclenched his fists. The woman on the horse perturbed him in some way. She knows war. In a way that others don't. I saw it in her poise. She knows chaos and havoc. She's the exact opposite of you, or at least what I thought you were. Maybe that's why I don't care. I don't see enough light in her to care. Not enough hope maybe. Or belief. It doesn't matter. Today darkness gained that much more ground in this world.
  8. Impulse

    Wilds of Chaos

    A camp for bandits. A fortress for them to hide behind. A fortress for them to hope for a brighter future. A fortress to believe in a world that someone else is promising them. A fortress just like his. A fortress of lies. Better to just drown. Today I drown this camp, this fortress. Today I exterminate their light. Today the world takes another step towards being just like me. Filled with an endless void that can never be fixed. Red eyes looked upon the bandit camp situated in front of them. There was nothing remarkable about it. It was what one would expect to find in the wilds of Terrenus: bandits moving their craft from one area to the next with a moveable camp to reflect that. To the man who looked upon it though, it was something all too familiar. It was a brotherhood of fools. A cause men and women had accepted in their lives that brought them together, eventually forming bonds. Their cause though, their bonds, the comfort they felt in their inadequately protect camp, it was all lies. They were all following the lies of someone at the top of the rankings, someone who would turn on them when they were ready to pursue their true ambitions. I'll save them of that heartache. They're incapable of evolving and adapting beyond being sheep to be ordered around and slaughtered, otherwise they would have already. They laugh and joke now. I can hear them. They don't realize that the time of their light in the world... has come to an end. The time has come for darkness to consume them. The man's hand lifted upwards, clutching harshly onto a red helmet, designed intentionally to resemble something demonic in nature. It even has something that could be attributed as horns. The helmet covered his crimson hair, and his eyes as well as the holes to see through had been fashioned with a black material. The head cover matched the rest of the attire worn by the man as it was made in the same style with the same color. He moved his body around, raising his hands up and clutching them into tight fists. Then he reached over his shoulder and pulled a sword from its resting place on his back. Through his helmet he eyed the gleam of the blade. As he did so it seemed as if his entire body began to vibrate, a blur forming around his figure. Lowering his weapon he took a few steps backward before he began running. At first it was a typical pace, but quickly began to pick up speed until there was a steady blue between two images of the same figure. He was upon the bandit camp within moments. His sword sliced through the abdomen of the first man he came across, the first defense. The bandit never knew what was happening before his entire world turned dark. A sharp turn and the red wearing murderer stuck his hand out, grabbing another bandit by his throat. His speed never seemed to decline as he continued moving. The capture man reached up, grabbing holding of the offending hand as he choked. Suddenly, the speeding figure slid across the dirt, his body spinning before he used the momentum he had acquired to launch his captive through the air. His body collided with a tree with a thud before falling to the ground, motionless. Behind the helmet, red eyes shifted. A woman, dressed in the same garb as the bandits, stood slack jawed. She was frightened. She had just witnessed her comrade killed by a blur that turned out to be a man. She moved to scream, to alert the others. The cruelly armored man threw his sword through the air, allowing it to pierce her chest. His body vibrated again and he moved at high speeds over to her, his hand wrapping around her mouth to muffle any noise. He stared at the woman for a long second before harshly ripping his blade from her body and pushing her to the ground. She tried to speak, but only soft sounds came out. She tried to move but only her fingers were capable of doing so. It was time to move on. He became a blur once again, Running through the camp. How many bandits were there? His brain raced as fast as he moved. Not enough. Not enough to make his message clear. Hope was pointless. His blade sliced diagonally through a man as he rushed behind him. A sound emerged from his throat causing his friend to turn around. The sight of his falling comrade was his final one as the same sword pierced him from behind. The camp intruder twisted his weapon before yanking it back from its target. He watched from his standing spot as the second bandit stumbled forward and fell over onto the first. "Intruder! Alert everyone! Intruder! He's already killed!" They think it matters that everyone knows I'm here. I couldn't care less. If they rush to engage me they will drown. If they run away they will still be consumed by darkness. Today their existence is replaced with a void and their families can feel just like me. Two men rushed at him from either side. Brothers by the look of it. Identical at that. "How quaint." The man dodged backwards as they swung swords at him. He lifted his own in retaliation, blocking their blows in quick procession. Catching one with the blunt side of his blade he allowed it to scrape off the side before deflecting it off. It embedded itself into the other brother. The intruder grabbed the hand of the wounded one, wrapping it harshly around the handle of his sword, before stabbing it into the same place on the other. "Brothers, born together, dying together, by each other's weapons... poetic." He lifted his foot and kicked one of the blades, sending the two tumbling to the ground. He tilted his head slightly as he heard the roar of a group moving towards him. The bandits were rushing at him, intent on protecting what they had left and avenging their dead. They were running straight to their deaths. The man's body vibrated and then he rushed them in that familiar blue. He zig zagged through their formation, his sword slicing cleanly through his targets. One dead. Two. Three. A mother. A father. A sister. More brothers. He lost count. He didn't care enough to keep up. They were incapable of stopping him. The bodies quickly began accumulating until there was none left to rush him. The earth was stained red, and all that had moved to oppose him were motionless. There were more though. The ones who called the shots. The leaders. The liars. He moved forward at a reasonable place through the bandit camp. It was oh so silent now. There was no more laughing and joking to be heard. Its light was dying. It was drowning. Darkness would claim it soon. The red figure walked until he came across a tent that attempted to hide the shuffling inside with its flapping. His sword sliced its material open, allowing him to see the five hiding inside, whispering over maps, laying out ideas to stop him. Look at them playing war. Look at these warriors. They fight like dogs because they can't protect themselves from me. If she had known them she would expect too much of them. She would expect them to band together, negotiate, compromise. They're just like all the others that have become witness to my void. They try to push one another to me so they can live. They die quickly. As always, one runs. He's too slow. The final bandit, the final leader, he runs as quickly as he can to get as far away from the red figure as possible. He knows it's futile, but he still tries. He has hope that he can escape, right up until the point he runs out of air and doubles over in front of a cage situated in the camp. The red blur reaches him. A quick swipe of the leg knocks the bandit's feet out from under him as a red hand wraps around the side of his head. His skull smashes into the ground with all of the momentum the intruder had gained. The bandit doesn't move again. "Oh... oh thank Gaia. You killed them! You did it! Thank you! Thank you! Please, hurry and open the cage!" The armored man tilted his head. People were held captive inside the cage. "Prisoners?" He questioned as he moved away from his last victim and began moving around their confinement. "For what? What were they going to sell you for? Or were they even going to sell you at all?" "Does it matter? Just open the cage, please! We've been here so long. We were beginning to lose hope. Then... you." "So, since I killed these bandits you have hope again? You feel hope? You believe that you have been saved from the darkness and are being delivered to the light?" He paused in his words for a moment. "Good. Hold on to that hope. Remember this very moment and how you feel... in the afterlife. Cling so tightly that the living can feel the hope you had and the despair you felt in your final moments so they can realize how pointless it is. I want the entire world to be just like me. For the world to feel as empty as me, there can be no hope. Welcome to the darkness." I let those within the darkness deal with them. They didn't seem to take solace in the fact that they weren't alone in the dark as I do. I left their camp standing, as I always do. As a warning. Abandon all hope. It's worthless. @Trevor Wisegem
  9. Impulse

    Hand’s Blade - The Initiation

    "Well met, Elias." The brown haired man returned in greeting to his fellow possible paladin. "And Tor'Gal." He added to the orcish warrior that stepped up to introduce himself. "My name is Castor. It's an honor to be working alongside you as we all move toward our goals of becoming paladins in Yh'mi for the sake of Gaianism." He placed his right fist over his heart and thumped it once. "I wish there was more time for pleasantries. Unfortunately, I believe that Tor'Gal is right. We should set out as soon as possible. I do believe if we stick together in these trials that we will have much more time to become acquainted with one another though." Castor smiled at the two before turning. With the opening of the gate he stepped out of the confines of protection. Caution became something of utmost importance. In a way it was as if he could feel the nature around him. It was the way it had been for Castor's entire life. However, the reading he got from this surrounding was completely different to those he was accustomed to. This nature seemed hostile, hostile to those that dared to step foot in its dangerous wilderness. It was a reading that he would have to brace himself for and fight back against if he ever wanted to achieve the goals he had set for his life. "I know I don't need to tell either of you the dangers of what we're facing as of this moment. I know that you two are surely well equipped for what we're to face. I would like to say that the reading I've gotten from our surrounding enviornment does not favor us. We are unwanted visitors in an unwelcome land. It is my opinion that we will need to heavily rely on one another in the time to come."
  10. Impulse

    House Uldwar Rises

    Gale tilted his head to the side as his looked around. "Over so quickly... I was just starting to warm up to everybody too." He pointed to a random warrior in the vicinity. "I was thinking about making him my best friend." He sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. "Probably for the best. It never would have worked out anyway. Long distance friendships never do. Or maybe it's just me." Gale gave a half shrug. "All jokes side, it was a worth enough job I suppose. Tomorrow I would like to speak to you, as I said back on your ship. It's the main reason I took this job of yours after all. I'll keep the details to myself for now. No sense in laying everything out until tomorrow." Turning he uncrowded his arms and placed his hands on his hips, staring at the two beings that had answered the job besides himself. "Well big guy, Kephri, it's been a pleasure. I'd say honor, but you two know I don't have any despite how little time we've spent together." Gabriel moved past them and waved over his shoulder as he walked away aimlessly. "I'll see everyone tomorrow for depature. If I slip away before goodbyes, Big Guy you got a good swing and Kephri a good sense of humor." He paused a second before reaching into a leather pouch. He produced two large, golden coins that he flicked through the air towards them. "If you ever need a pirate, assassin, or whatever else, use that to find my communication frequency. It's engraved on there somewhere. Those coins ensure one free job. They're special to me. Don't use them to get me to do something stupid like getting a cat from a tree."
  11. Impulse

    Set the Stage, the Performers are Almost Here

    "We are thankful for your acceptance of them, as well as as the ones you have offered us. We are most appreciative. They are magnificent." Kamei Kenjiro spoke on behalf of his house as the civilians relieved the gifts. The civilians found themselves awed by the gifts, mesmerized by their beauty, just as they had traveling through House Aetherion's home. The head of house listened intently as Lothlorian explained the significance of their gifts. It was important to House Kuei's understanding so they could better tend to them in an appropriate manner. As the meal commenced, Yan Shuang spoke politely in between eating. "Your religion is most interesting. With the words you have spoken it is our utmost honor to be in the presence of your mother." She bowed her head slightly before raising it back up. "Our religion is simply one of tradition. The way we live now is how our house has lived since it's beginning. We still hold the political, combative and leadership views that our ancestors held. We believe that, through understanding the ways of our ancestors, we will perfect what they wished to accomplish. Through building on the foundation they have set we will complete what has been started. In fact, House Kuei began because our ancestors took inspiration from the words of their grandparents." Kamei Kenjiro nodded in response to his daughter's words. "This is true. We very seldom accept new things into our culture. Most technology that has been created is not a part of our lifestyle as, since our ancestors did not need it, neither do we. Our house does not have Gods, so to speak. We do not worship spiritual entities. Instead, we tend to the spirits of our ancestors, as it is our belief that they remain with us. This is why we are House Kuei." As the negotiations began to take place, House Kuei's civilians were dismissed from the immediate vicinity. The warriors were to stay with the civilians, except Orion who kept his place by the house head. "We wish to assure a peaceful negotiation and a prosperous future." Azuma Risa spoke in response to Lothlorian, a stay mile gracing her face as it seemed to much of the time. "We have heard of political marriages though we have never partake in them as it is not our tradition, though we will not rule it out in these negotiations. Kamei and I have four sons to speak of. Each have been trained throughout their life as they will become leaders in our political and combative forces. As is House Kuei tradition, due to Yan Shuang being our first born, and only, daughter she is the heir apparent to Head of House. Whatever man she chooses to marry, by our Tradition, shall take the name of Jing and they will become the new Head of House. This way has ensured that we forever keep our traditions without becoming complacent in our lives with our leaders."
  12. Impulse

    The Bloodwife's Grimoire (B|E Quest)

    Gabriel hummed slightly in his throat as he leaned forward. "Spears from the wall... and they're rusty... awesome. Cliche traps abound my good gentleman. We shall look ahead for the following: poison darts, walls that close in on you, floors that give way to alligator pits and spikes, pressure plates that send large boulders rolling after you... etcetera etcetera." The red head yawned and stretched his arms. "A witch. A witch couldn't come up with anything better? Has to go with the same thing everyone else does?" Gabriel squatted carefully moved himself around the spear. "You would think that someone protecting a Grimoire would say, 'I should probably protect this by using magic!' Do some bibbity bobbity boo stuff and make real things happen. But no. Rusted spears." His hands dug into the pockets of his jacket and fished around inside as he continued moving. His brown eyes squinted harshly as he did so. "This better not be a mirage..." He paused and reached out his arm to stop Godric from moving past him any further. His head swiveled around and he took a deep breath. "I know this is your first adventure and whatnot, but have you ever got that feeling, the feeling where you just know something is watching you?" Gabriel adjusted his headphones with a thoughtful look. "Like maybe there's a rabbit that's about to jump out in front of us?" He looked at Godric, something of a smile ghosting over his mouth as he dropped his arm. "Guess we better go kick this door down... if there even is a door."
  13. Impulse

    Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Gale took the seat offered, spinning the bottles around in front of himself before pouring her the drink she had asked for. "I can see that you're less than satisfied that I came over here." He spoke as he looked over his shoulder. "To that, I say that I'm sorry I've crashed your night. You seem like someone who has an agenda though. Someone who wants something out of life even if she has to take it for herself. That's the way I am. I have an agenda here tonight. I'm trying to rub shoulders with these big names that hold high ranks so that I can have better jobs coming my way in the future. The problem is, I don't know anyone here. I have to start socializing before I can bump into those big names. After all, I already look suspicious enough as it is with the mask I'm wearing." Gale picked one of the bottles off of the table and spun it in his hand for a moment. Sitting it back down a brown leather pouch sat lazily, as if it had been there all along. "I'm sure you noticed. While you were doing your little routine I was stealing just as much as you. That pouch has half of what I took from all of the people who were entranced by you. You can have it. All I ask is that you sit here a while longer, at the very least make it seem as if we're socializing, enough to where the mask isn't as much of a problem as I might just be a scarred man with a good personality, and point out any of the big names with any information you have on them that will help me out." The masked man leaned forward, propping his elbows on the table. "What do you say? At least half of what you get during your entire routine in less than half the time it takes to do that routine? It's a good deal." @Aleksei
  14. Impulse

    AFV periods in April

    Have fun
  15. Impulse

    I Make These On Impulse

    Name: Adam Waynes Nickname(s): Crimson Flash, Impulse Birth Location: Ashville Alignment: Chaotic Evil Race: Human/Demon Hybrid Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: Unknown [Physical] Voice: Mancunian(Manchester) Accent Eyes: Red Complexion: Pale Height: 6'0" Weight: 195 Ibs Build: Athletic Hair: Red [Mental] Nature: Adam is Chaotic and enjoys wreaking havoc. Hopes: To kill the light. Fears: The world becoming one fueled by love, hope and light. Likes: Chaos, darkness Dislikes: The light, peace, serenity [Attire] Can usually be found in red attires, a representation that he is a bringer of death. Even his battle armor is almost entirely red. [Gear] Communication Crystal [Weapons] Sword [Magic and Abilities] Can summon demonic entities in darkness(Voiders) Can summon demonic entities in water(Dead Waters) Can run at high octane speeds(maxing out at around 200 MPH) Can vibrate his body by focusing his speed Can form an after image, normally shoulder to shoulder with his body but can distance at least a little further between his actual location and the image. Mind operates as fast as his body is moving. Hand to hand combat Sword fighting [Bio] "Let me tell you a secret. All it takes is one bad day... one moment that should have never happened and the ground beneath your very feet starts to crumble. Trust me, I know. It all started out so simple. It always does. A man and a woman meet. They fall in love. They have a child. But then something happens and the status quo gets changed. The father disappears. The mother gets left alone, raising a child. "The child grows up, never knowing his father. Never knowing his heritage. Never knowing what it would mean if he did. The child grows up alone because his mother works day and night to support him. She loves him, she just doesn't have time for him. She doesn't have time for anyone as long as she's supporting her son. As a result, he is the only one who has time for her after the woman's death. "The woman is buried and the boy is truly alone in the world. There's a void inside of him, a feeling of emptiness... then I met you. Through you I met them. Through them I met her. All of us believed the world that you promised us. I should have seen it coming. I should have seen through the sparkle in your eyes and your friendly smile. I should have known what you were doing to me, to all of us. "You told us that everyone should love each other. And we wanted to believe you. We wanted to believe so badly, so that we could have hope in the world. You made me believe in hope, and she made sure I believed in love. I learned that hope... hope is a virus. It makes you let your guard down. To the point where you're oblivious to the darkness in the world... "You were their hope. You were my hope. You were the best of all of us. We loved you. I... I really loved you like you were my brother. I believed in what you promised me. You made me hope... but now I know those promises were lies. It hurt. I hope you know how bad it hurt... so you can understand that I made it where you couldn't ever hurt me again. So no one could. "We found him at my mother's grave, she and I. I knew he visited a lot. I knew it was him the first time I ever met him, even though when we never said a word to one another. He thought I came to meet him. To go away with him. He thought wrong. He had hoped. Just like I had hoped. I had come because I knew he had power, power that I could use to kill you. "His power was greater than we expected. He... he was so fast... the more we fought, the less we expected to win. But we did win... at the expense of her life. Everything I had grown to love, ripped away, because of you. With the defeat of my father I awakened the powers I inherited from him. I took his sword. A sword he had used for so long, corrupted by the demonic aura around it, the demonic aura that allowed him to summon his followers. A sword that she told me once I picked up I would never put down. "She told me it would corrupt me. I miss her. It always seemed like she was looking out for my best interest... the key word there is 'seemed'. She still believed in you. She still believed you could be saved. She tried to take the sword from me. The sword was my trump card, to kill you for what you had done to us. I couldn't let her take it. So I ended the suffering my father had inflicted on her. "Then I used the sword to make my father one of the creatures he loved to use in battle. Why? Because I was tired of losing things. You made me find a purpose, you lead me to things I loved and then ripped them away. I could feel the void inside myself again. I made sure that my father would always be by my side when I needed him. I couldn't do the same to her though. Her face would only haunt me, taunting me with my failures. "I came for you. But you had already killed the others. I wasn't fast enough to save my world. They had made the same mistake she did. They still believed. They loved you so much they still believed you could be saved. They still had hope. I didn't. You thought you had it all figured out. You thought you knew every combination in the deck. "You knew how to kill every single one of us. All of your cards were laid out on the table just right... but then another card came and changed the meaning of your entire hand... me. You didn't expect me to evolve and adapt. You expected that I would play by your rules. But I threw your rules out. Burned them. "Hearing you scream I felt the urge to spare you. Like she was telling me to stop... but that feeling passed quickly. All I wanted was to see you suffer. I didn't want you to have any hope anymore. Then it was over... I was left feeling empty, feeling that void inside of myself. All I felt was darkness, yet I was surrounded by the light. The mocking light. The damned light. The light where people spread tales of love and hope... better to just drown. Because that's what those people do anyway. Drown in the lies of others. Just like I did. "Because of you I was left alone, just feeling that void inside me. But that's fine. Because I've found that, in the darkness, I'm not alone. I will drown the world. Believe me on that. Let them feel the void. Let them feel like me... I want you to know... I know you're not dead. Even if it's just through my memories, tormenting me, you're still alive. I would like for you to be alive. Because I want to believe... I want to believe that you can hear my words, feel them, and know... "How much I hate you, and want to kill you again."