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  1. The Adventure

    "Fire plays also plays a key part in another topic that I will be teaching you that is important to both camping and survival and that is making water suitable for drinking." The teacher looked around after this statement moments before the Academy's bell began ringing. The man sighed as he placed his hands on his hips, looking upwards to the ceiling. "But it looks like that will be a lesson for tomorrow along with how to properly ensure that your fire is put out and how to cover it so it looks as though you were never there to begin with." Polybius closed his journal and slid it off of his desk, placing it in its personal hiding place on his hip protector. "Within the week you will all be demonstrating your Profficiency in creating and maintaining a fire for me. I suggest you practice this skill in the time being because survival ability is based around practice. "Your official homework for the next for days though is to collect all of the materials you need to start a fire. Search your homes, search the campus, search the outside world and find everything that you need. Over the next few days bring it all into class. This will count as part of your grade for the fire exam. If I have to provide materials for you then points will be deducted. With that said, class is officially dismissed for the day." With that said, the teacher looked to the ceiling and rubbed his chin while Polybius and the other students stood and began leaving the classroom.
  2. The Adventure

    "Once that fire has started you're free to put one of those logs you gathered on top of the sticks. This is what will primarily feed your fire through its life span. You will definitely most likely want to put your fuel on top of that log because it can take quite some time to get the fire to start consuming a log. However, keep these important facts in mind: if something has ever been on fire once it is easier to set on fire again. When I go camping I always carry some cloth with me that I've set on fire, it allows me to start fires quicker. If you have a log that has already been on fire before and the bottom has that charcoal black on it then I would place that in the fire. That bottom will catch fire quicker than a fresh log and it will still last for quite some time. Also, if you're going camping then plan ahead. Household items that you more than likely have can be very beneficial to creating and maintaining a fire, such as petroleum products." The professor nodded his head as he looked around the classroom, his eyes observing the Gaian Academy students. "That's a basic how to on how to create a fire without magical abilities. Keep in mind that there are various materials that you can use to complete this process that I have not covered such as rubbing a stick in the hole made in a log to create a spark before dumping that spark into your starting material. Also, on a slightly unrelated note, if the reason you are creating a fire is because the temperature is cold then do not breathe into your hands to try to warm them up. I know your breath feels hot but this is a mistake many people make. Your breath has moisture when you do this and that moisture can begin to freeze on your hands. It is highly unpleasant."
  3. The Adventure

    "Actually, one more thing, I got a little to excited there." The professor spoke while snapping his finger. "You'll also need a brace so just pick up another of the logs that are the length and width of your forearm. Place this one down so that the wind is not hindering you in creating your fire. Take one of the balls of the bone dry, fibrous, material and push a dent into the middle of one side with your thumbs. It should look like something along the lines of a birds nest. This dent is meant to catch any sparks you may be using so that your fire can start easily. Then you'll place that ball down on the side of the brace that you're on. Once that's ready this is when you use your igniter. An igniter can be an assortment of items that produce either a flame or a spark. If it produces flame then the material should almost instantly catch fire. If not, then use your igniter to get a spark in that dent you created so that it will catch. This is the bases for your fire. Then, take a few of your sticks and lay them vertically over the ball that should now have flames. Be sure to allow them to slightly go over your brace. Take a few more sticks and stack them on top horizontally. "You should do this a few times. This is to feed your fire, to give it a decent base and making the stacks vertically, horizontally, vertically, horizontally and so on leaves cracks that gives the flames oxygen which is crucial to the success of your fire. You can place some of your fuel, those dry leaves, on top to speed up this process of you're not the patient kind." Polybius glanced up and realized that with each step he explained the professor drew a new diagram.
  4. The Adventure

    "Is there a set amount of sticks someone needs to gather for their fire?" Polybius asked absent minded. He was already well aware of the answer, but since no one else was asking questions and it was valuable information he had decided to ask so the other students who had no experience could know. The professor smiled as he bounced back and forth on his toes and heels. "Excellent question. Using the same tactic of squeezing as before two hands full should be more than enough. As you're collecting your supplies I suggest returning them to your cam site by the way. Place the starting materials you gathered in some type of dry bag and stash them away inside your already preexisting tent. Your sticks you should place in two piles beside your stone fire pit. Then, go back out into your perimeter. Grab some fuel materials such as dried leaves, which is another viable source to begin the fire by the way, and place them in more bags and stash them away. I would not set a limit on how much of this you should gather because you could need a lot of it or you may not need much. Once you believe you've gained enough fuel material it's time to go out and find the main items of what you'll be burning, logs. Like the sticks they should be about the length of your forearm but this time they will also need to be the width of your forearm as well." Clasping his hands together, the teacher smiled. "Once you've gathered those materials it is time to finally make your fire!"
  5. The Adventure

    "So, when you're ready to prepare a fire, collect a few decent sized stones and then use those to create a fire pit. Use this to keep your fire contained once you have it created because fire is a dangerous element. If you don't keep it contained then you could potentially be running the chance of creating a wild fire. We'll get into that at a different time though. After you've made that fire pit, set out to find your supplies for your fire. But wait, what all do you need? People seem to have this idea that all you need is a few sticks and you'll be create a fire. This is not at all the case. The first thing you'll be wanting to look for is small, fibrous materials such as grass and materials like that. You also have to ensure that it is bone dry though. This will be the materials that you are using to begin your fire so there should be no moisture whatsoever. You should continue to collect this type of material until no matter how hard you squeeze your hands together around it you can't touch your fingers together. You should ideally gather two of these balls in case the first one fails you." Polybius eyes drifted back and forth between The Adventure teacher and his journal as he scribbled away. The professor was now pacing back and forth as he talked. Next gather the sticks that everyone believes is enough to start a fire. They should be about the width of your pinky and the length of you forearm."
  6. The Adventure

    "After you've set up your tents, if you've brought a shovel along with you which I suggest that you always do, unless you plan on adventuring out away from site every time you need to use a restroom I suggest that you set a designated site for this within your perimeter and use the shovel to create your latrines. Make sure that you cover that spot up everytime you use it. Also, if it looks like it is going to rain you may want to consider creating a system such as this around your site to keep you from being flooded." The chalk touched the board once again as a third diagram was added. "Once you have those basic measures set up here is another important thing to consider: any food items that are on the ground are open to any animals that want to sneak along and steal. It's not a complete safety measure but extending you supplies a few feet or so above the ground isn't necessarily a bad idea." The professor eyed his students closely as they scribbled away notes and the diagrams. Polybius paid rapt attention for anything he may have not previously known, but had his attention split to adding his own personal research notes. "Now then, what about when the weather is cold? Even when it's warmer weather the overall temperature can drop at night, especially in very specific locations. This is when it is crucially important that you understand how to create and keep alive a fire."
  7. The Adventure

    Again only a select few of the Gaian Academy student's raised their hands. This time the small amount made the painted teacher frown slightly. "Still only a few of you? That's somewhat disappointing. Typically the entirety of my class has been camping at some point in their life and have something of a firm grasp on a lot of the concepts allowing us to move forward. It's fine that not many of you have though, it just means we'll take a little bit longer on this subject than I'm normally used to. Okay, so I'm sure each of you at least know what camping is, going out into the wilderness and staying there for some period of time. So, what all do you need to know about camping to succeed in the task?" The class seemed to realize that this was a rhetorical question as the instructor turned around and began drawing another diagram on the board. Once this was finished his attention returned to his students. "If you will all look to the board this diagram is the most Profficient way to go about setting up a tent. I'd like you all to copy this diagram into whatever notes it is that you're taking while I lecture over a few more important topics. Now, when you arrive at the site where you plan on setting up camp it is important to set a perimeter around the camping area. You should scout this entire perimeter and get to know it in a familiar way. Also, it is smart to set up markers so you don't run the risk of becoming lost."
  8. The Adventure

    Once his right arm was fully extended, he gestured to his wrist with his left hand where a multi colored bracelet set. "This bracelet looks pretty nice, right? I mean, it's not the most fashionable thing anyone has ever set their eyes on, but overall it's pretty visual appealing, right? Well this bracelet serves more than the purpose of drawing attention to you while you're walking down the streets. This is called a survival bracelet and it serves a variety of functions. You see, you take two cords and you craft the together like this, attaching them to the two ends of a buckle." As the professor explained this he drew as simply yet detailed diagram of instructions on the chalkboard behind him. "Then once you've completed that correctly you burn the ends of the cords. What purposes does it serve when you've completed it? That's simple. You're easily able to undo the craft of the bracelet at anytime giving you access to the cords you used. You can use the cord for purposes such as scaling or climbing. Inside the cord is multiple strings that are perfect for the task of starting a fire. It's a very useful tool and I highly suggest each of you invest in one in the near future. If you don't then that's fine, but I stress how valuable they can be." Clearing his throat, the teacher rubbed the side of his neck as he allowed the students one more look at the bracelet before lowering his arm once again. "Now, into subjects you all will have to prove your Profficiency in to me. I've gotten an account of how many of you have been on adventures, but how many of you have ever been camping?"
  9. The Adventure

    "Now, you all might be wondering, what can this man painted to look like the ceiling of his classroom teach us about adventuring? In response to that, I say that the answer is simple. I'm going to teach you all how to survive in every sense of the word. Before we begin, out of curiosity, how many of you have been out an any type of actual adventure?" Besides Polybius there were only a few other Gaian Academy students who raised their hands in response. The teacher looked around, nodding his head as he counted the raised hands, his arms crossing over his chest. "I see. So not that many of you, huh? You can all put your hands down. Before this course is over, those of you that didn't raise your hands will be able to because to pass this course you're going to have to do field work as well as class work. For those few of you that have been on actual adventures, kudos to you for being ahead before the beginning of this course, however you'll still be doing everything your lesser experienced classmates will be right alongside them." "So, let's start out with some basic essentials then, shall we? I'd like to start off by introducing you all to a little bit of survival fashion, if you will." As the teacher stated this he began to lift his arm into the air.
  10. Phantom Light [Artifact]

    Polybius cross his arms as he thought about Azuris Daymon's words. "The course you have set certainly seems to be sufficient enough. I have no qualms with that. However, these beasts you speak of? Shapeless creatures, creatures that change form, the possible remnants of a Ghoul army. That's an oddity for me to be certain. In my line of work I have never crossed such a place as this forest. As for the girl in white, if her absence had caused the creatures to react in the way that you claim it has then we can only assume that she has some form of control or comraderie with them. On the off chance the reports are incorrect and she is still in the forest we need to be alert." After listening to Azure give the signal that they were preparing to leave, Polybius nodded his head silently before reaching down and producing one of his leather octagons. Fueling the rubes inscribed upon it, his two spears appeared within his hands. "If light is their weakness then my golden spear will be of assistance. Other than that, I'm proficient in a few abilities that allow me to produce light as well. So, I doubt we'll be lacking in that area." Turning to look out at the water, Polybius placed his spear upon his back. "Whenever you're prepared to set out, Azuris."
  11. It's time for the business part of my trip guys. I doubt I will be on at all this weekend because I'll be really busy during the day and sleeping at night. I'll try to get on if I can but I can't make any promises. I'll be back maybe Monday, but probably Tuesday. Sorry guys

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  12. Phantom Light [Artifact]

    Polybius walked silently towards the rendezvous point that Azuris Daymon had set for them. Upon arrival he found the man standing within a boat, his eyes looking over the features of a map held in his hands. Azuris Daymon. Polybius knew very little about the mindset of the man. He knew very little about his goals or wanted he wanted to achieve in life. He also knew very little about the man's overall character. The only thing he could say for certain was that Azuris was a rather decent teacher, able to inspire someone with very little interest in magic to attend the Gaian Academy almost full time. He could only hope the white haired man was entirely sincere in that he only wished to help Polybius obtain what he sought after in the hopes of gaining an ally, a comrade. Polybius approached the boat silently but cleared his throat as he drew nearer, just to ensure that Azuris was alerted to his presence and would not be hostile if he was startled. "Fifteen before nine. It seems we both would rather he fairly early rather than to be late." The Spearman's accented voice drifted through the air as he stopped just outside of the boat. "Do you have a fairly decent idea on how you would prefer to approach the situation once we arrive?"
  13. The Adventure

    The man that had been hiding himself against the surface of the ceiling landed with a loud thud. This caused an instant effect among the students as there was a multitude of gasps and a couple of screams. The man stared out at the class of students, his eyes moving back and forth as he continued to smile. He sat there for a moment, taking notice of how many of the people within the room sat with coiled muscles, waiting to spring into action at the first true sign of danger against them. Then, finally, the man stood to his feet with outstretched arms while releasing a bellowing laugh as he did so. "Welcome my students to The Adventure Course! Your very first lesson has begun: always expect the unexpected. If you don't then you're going to get caught off guard and be at a disadvantage whilst you are out questing." He patted his shoulders and clothes, wiping his face with his hands. These few actions caused his paint to immediately begin fading. "As you should be able to guess by now, I'll be your teacher for this course. I expect you all to be on your best every second of every single day. This will not be an easy course. My job is to make sure that you can go out into the world and adventure and not die because you got yourself into a situation you should not have gotten yourself into. With that being said, I expect each and every one of you to examine the room every day that you are in here. Sometimes there will be things that you will need to be aware of and other times there will not. The point is that it is imperative that you can always make yourself familiar with your enviornment. As it stands, I only saw one of you actively searching the room today."
  14. The Adventure

    There, on the ceiling, a piece of it began to flutter and move. As Polybius paid more rapt attention, he realized that it was actually two pieces of the ceiling that was moving. Eventually, they came apart to reveal a set of eyes staring down at the classroom from an aerial view shot. Specifically, that were staring down right into Polybius' own set of red eyes. The blue haired spearman sat frozen in his place as he stared upwards as this event unfolded before him, not entirely sure what he needed to do. His paranoia was now verified due to the fact that there had indeed been something off within the classroom that would could not see just by glancing over it. However, at this point in time he could not yet gauge the threat level of who, or what, ever was hanging up in the rafters. Taking a deep breath, the academy student began to observe the ceiling more harshly, trying to decipher if it was an illusion that was being dropped by choice or just all around carelessness. It was not. The more he stared up at the ceiling the more that he could make out. There was all man stuck to the ceiling of The Adventure classroom. His entire body was pain't ed the exact same coloring as the enviornment he was blending in to. In fact, he was pushed off in a dark corner, the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet keeping him attached to the surface, and it seemed that every shadow cast across that portion of the ceiling had been taken into account when the man's body had been painted. Polybius opened his mouth, to speak or to breath at this point he wasn't sure, and no in response the figure smiled brightly. Polybius blinked and when his eyes opened again that was all he could see from the man blending into the ceiling: a set of eyes and a bright white smile. Then, without warning, he dropped down from the ceiling and landed in front of the classroom in a crouched stance.
  15. The Adventure

    With the ground level of the room being ruled out, unless whatever it was that was reaching out to alert Polybius was hidden behind an illusion, in an adjacent room or simply just didn't exist at all, that only left one place that he could check. The ceiling. It seemed preposterous and the Spearman was certain that there were many people who would have laughed at his thought process had they been able to hear it. However, he would not be content until he was either sure that he wasn't in any type of danger whatsoever or he wasn't about to be surprised by anything. Finally, he slowly began to raise his eyes, observing the walls as he did so for anything that he could possibly have missed. At first, there was nothing as the Gaian Academy student noted for the first time just how tall the classroom he was currently in was. As he continued to observe it still appeared as if there was nothing there. Upon this realization, Polybius slumped down in his seat slightly with a sigh, resting his head against the back support as he stared up at the ceiling. Had he been paranoid for nothing? Had he just worked himself up into believing that there would be something waiting for him because this was The Adventure course? Unless there was something planning to come in through a window or from an adjacent room or was hidden behind an illusion it definitely appeared that this was the case. Having been a mercenary for so many years and having experienced so many different scenarios the veteran Explorer in him had just conjured up this falsified idea that there would always be something that he would have to keep his eyes out for in The Adventure course. The actions he had had to take to come to this realization was slightly embarrassing as the thought that the teacher was simply running behind had never once crossed his mind. The bell rang signaling the beginning of the class period and everyone sat in perfect silence as they awaited the awaited rival of their teacher. That's when Polybius saw the movement.