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  1. Gotta Get This Alligned Just Right

    Drew up that new character for approval:
  2. I Make These On Impulse

    Name: Asim Hayate Meaning: Asim(Guardian. Protector.) Hayate(Sudden, sound of the wind) Nickname(s): Aku, Badru Birth Location: Elandaron Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Elven Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Real Age: 135 Apparent Age: 22 Job Class: Warrior [Physical] Voice: French Accented Eyes: White Complexion: Pale Height: 6'1" Weight: 179 Ibs Build: Athletic Hair: Brown [Mental] Nature: Very sarcastic, enjoys taunting people who annoy him, pretends to talk to people who aren't there to be off putting, yet brutal in battle. Hopes: To find the metaphorical "home"... as far as anyone else knows because that would be telling. Fears: Spiders... as far as anyone else knows because that would be telling. Likes: Spiders because, again, that would be telling. Dislikes: Spiders because, you guessed it... telling. [Attire] [Normal] [Battle Ready] [Gear] Coin Purse Communication Crystal Joint Locking armor that helps him lift more weight than he normally can [Weapons] Crescent moon shaped Darts Truncheon(functions as a Club, nunchaku and a Grappling hook) Twin Dao Swords [Magic and Abilities] White hand blasts Crescent moon shaped shields and attacks Ankh cross shaped shields and attacks Extreme pain tolerance Swordsmanship Multiple fighting styles [Bio] Asim Hayate was born Elven but raised Orcish. He came into the world under a full moon. He was found, seemingly abandoned, at the young age of five by Orcs. Blood splattered in the surrounding areas and the wounds found on the child's face and throat seemed to suggest that the parents, in likelihood, came to a very sinister and violent death. What happened to them would never be known as Asim would never speak of it. In fact, he wouldn't speak again until he was eleven years old. By this point he had come very much acquainted with the culture of the Orcs. Once dressed in robes and surrounded in a diplomatic society he found himself donned with armor and following a warrior's path. Every trial and tribulation the other Orcs went through he was expected to succeed in as well, and he did. By the time he left his teenage years he had become the stark opposite of what he remembered of his parents. He remained with his tribe for many years, but as time continued to pass he no longer found a reason for staying. Those that he grew close to often died in combat due to their ways. Asim believed it time to leave, so he did. He allowed his one constant in the world to guide him: the moon. He followed it wherever it and the wind told him to go. Through this means he found himself training in magic. He traveled alongside a mentor until the elderly man's passing. The Moon guided him again. Everytime he found himself with no reason to stay somewhere he followed the moon. From training with weapons to training in martial arts the moon and the wind never failed to put him somewhere. At one point in his life he had even found love. He spent years of his life pursuing that love. Yet time continous moving and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Asim found no reason to stay. Now the moon guides him again. [Character Quotes] "Light travels faster than sound, right? That's why you looked so bright until I heard you speak." "It's called karma and it's pronounced 'Haha fuck you'." "Forgive and forget? Sorry. I'm not God and I don't have alzheimer's." "I'm sorry. While you were talking I was trying to figure out where the hell you got the idea I cared." "I don't have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude and that's not my problem." "Look, I can only please one person per day and today's not your day... tomorrow's not looking great either." "A wise woman once said 'fuck this shit I'm out'. She lived happily ever after." "I'm sorry, in order to hurt my feelings I kind of have to value your opinion... you gave it a good shot though." "Riddle me this: what has two eyes but is so blind they couldn't take out the side of a building with a canon? You, because I've pretty much been standing in the same spot and you keep missing."
  3. Oh boy Here I Go RPing Again~

    I've been looking for more threads for my character Gale. Alternatively I also have a new new character Alex Starhaze. If you're interested in either of them you can pm me
  4. Gotta Get This Alligned Just Right

    I'd be interested in this but I'd probably draw up a new character if I could join. Can't think of any reasons my existing ones would be heading that way
  5. Looking for character interaction

    I've been looking for more threads to try out my character Gale: He's not exactly good or evil, just someone looking to get an edge in the world. Alternatively there's my new new character Alex Starhaze. He's the one right after Gale. He doesn't see himself as good or evil, but he leans more to the darker side. If you'd like to rp with one of them you can pm me
  6. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Gale sat at the back of the crowd surrounding the beautiful woman who danced to and fro. With every move that she made his blue eyes followed her closely. The routine that she had put together was nothing short of hypnotizing, exotic and majestic, to say the least. Then again, how could it not be when it was designed to be that way? While the other partakers of the party may have come to mix and mingle, Gale was still in business mode. Part of his business was being a thief. As such, he watched as this gorgeous woman robbed the new coming party goers blind. That, in of itself, was almost as majestic as her dance to him. He had come strictly to form business ventures with the higher standing officials that chose to attend. However, he was most certainly that none of them has arrived on the air ship with him. Making a split second decision Gale decides that, while he was bumping shoulders with those of a higher class he may as well make sure that he had something to gain from it. After all, the female performer wouldn't be that upset about having a dual act if he kept his mouth shut about the gains of her dance, right? Picking out her path Gale skirted around the outer edges of the crowd, making sure to avoid the woman. He had learned long ago that it was best that two thieves didn't cross paths on a job. Gale weaved through the crowd, his hood pulled over his head and casting shadows over his mask for a perfect blend of black. His eyes continuously shifted to the female dancer to ensure that their paths crossed never crossed, the robed man bumped into men and women. "Terribly sorry. Excuse me. She's fantastic isn't she?" Gale shifted between apologies and praise for the performance effortlessly as his hands slipped in and out of pockets, unhooked any obviously expensive jewelry and other whatnots that he figured he could make at least a decent profit off of. Every coin and every item he stole was immediately transfered to his pouches, typically as he bumped into his next target. This ensures that both of his hands were consistently at work at the same time. The dance eventually came to an end, the endearing female having gather plenty of gain for her efforts. Gale turned his body to face her just as the rest of the crowd was as the clapped loudly, whistles ringing in his ears and causing them to ring slightly as those gathered rained their praise and appreciation down upon their entertainment. He found that he had come dangerously close to what he had been avoiding: the two of them bumping into each other. Sloppy. As the lady posed for her viewers Gale found himself unable to resist the urge for one more go. His lift hand reached down, taking a coin purse from a man's belt while his right hand relieved a woman's neck of her jewel encrusted necklace. Slipping them into the same safe keeping spot as the rest of his gathered goods before he joined the rest of the crowd in applauding. "Bravo! Bravo!" He called from behind his mask, a self satisfied smile present on his face underneath his mask as he began to slip into the crowd, intent on maneuvering backwards through them to escape the hot area. "Encore! Encore!" Reaching the back of the gathered men and women Gale spun around and stood facing out at the rest of the party. He stood in place, pretending to be completely oblivious to his surroundings, waiting for the crowd to disperse so he could escape by blending into some others group. @Aleksei
  7. I Make These On Impulse

    Name: Alex Starhaze Nickname: N/A Location: Terrenus Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 25 Handed: Ambidextrous Job Class: Wanderer [Physical] Voice: British Accented Eyes: Golden Complexion: Tan Height: 6'0" Weight: 174 Ibs Build: Athletic Hair: Long, dark brown and red Defining Features: His golden eyes Presence: Demands to be recognized Tattoos: N/A [Mental] Nature: Doesn't care much for the overall struggle between good and evil or who may or may not win unless he has chosen to fight for a specific side. Hopes: To find the perfect balance of light and dark within himself. Fears: A world fully conformed to one side or the other. Likes: Achieving goals, battle, nature, meditation, knowledge Dislikes: Failure, regression, defeat, prejudice [Attire] [Civilian] Grey under shirt Black long sleeve jacket that goes to just above his knees with golden trim Necklace with a red gem trapped in three pieces of silver. Black pants Black boots [Battle] Helmet Long Black Scarf Long sleeve black shirt Red shoulder armor Silver chest and abdome armor Silver gauntlets Brown belt with pouches Black robe extension, outined in red, with attachments Silver groin and thigh armor Red knee guards Silver and black grieves [Gear] Communication Crystal Cantine Coin Pouch Helmet Rations [Weapons] Red Vibrosword(weapon buzzes, thrums and glows its designated color when ignited) Purple Vibrosword [Magic and Abilities] (Based off of Force abilities so going by those names) Force Healing Force Speed Force Listening Force Smell Force Sense Force Drain Force Lightning Force Jump Force Pull/Push Telekinesis Swordsmanship Kyokushin Strategist and Tactician [Character Quotes] "Mediocre." "Good and evil. Black and white. Right and wrong. None of it exists. Just perceived notions taught by one side of a pointless war while the opposing side teaches the exact... opposite. Both believe they're right. Both believe the other is wrong. The only reason that those who win wars are considered' right' and 'good' and 'just' is because the winners write the history. The losers become a scapegoat." "You consider me bad because of the abilities I use. Ponder this though: what does it matter what abilities you use to obtain a goal. If someone you care about is dying, and you have to use something you consider bad to save them, but your morality stays the same... then was it ever bad to begin with? You simply used something at your disposal to do what you needed to do. Something that you already do. Consider my words."
  8. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Blue eyes stared out over the side of an airship heading towards Renovatio. More specifically the destination of the craft was for Avylon. Behind his black and red cat like mask Gale Attilio frowned. He had never enjoyed air ships much at all. Odd, perhaps, considering his love for sailing in oceans. There was just something more enticing to him about being in the open sea rather than open air. Sure the skies provided far more winds to blow around him. That, to him, did not compete with the mist from the ocean flying on deck though. Tapping the railing of the air craft he resided on he turned away from looking down and made his way to center deck. His attention fell to the front of the ship and what lay past it. He could see Avylon now and it was quickly approaching. For a moment Gale found himself questioning why he was traveling to this location. A party was being held in the wake of Renovatio announcing that it was once again ready to make itself known to the world. That, in of itself, was fine. However, Gale was from Terrenus. Currently from Hell's Gate no less. He wasn't much of a party goer either. So why make the trip? The blue eyed man reached up and straightened the mask on his face before crossing his arms over his chest. As much as being the festive type, besides drinking, wasn't for him it was just too good of an opportunity to let slip through his fingers. He'd been making a living as a pirate, thief and assassin while operating under the name of Venarious so as to protect his real identity. He made a living selling his services to others and lately pretending to be an engineer in Hell's Gate while waiting for his next job had gotten rather stale. As such he had left as soon as was possible for him after hearing the rumors of the guests that could potentially be at the Renovatio party. Many of the names spread around were of considerably high standing and or power. The perfect standard of a clientele list someone like himself would be putting together. His goal was simple in that regard. By brushing shoulders with those high ranking names he hoped to set up connections for the future. Connections that would send him out to profit instead of waiting around as another faceless engineer. "We'll be landing within the minute." A man's voice spoke out to Gale. No doubt a crewman sent by the captain to inform passengers. "Thank you." The assassin responded with a nod of his head though he never moved to stare at the other person. He sat in silence, his arms still crossed, as he listened to the crewman's footsteps fade the further he walked away. After a few moments he slowly lowered his arms. His fingers moved swiftly, checking over the gear he had hidden just in case anything awry broke out during this party's proceedings. The air ship lurched slightly as it came to a halt, now ready for its passengers departure. Gale rubbed his ring finger with his thumb before walking across the deck of the ship. He gave a nod in the direction of the captain as he stepped down on Renovatio's land for the first time in his life. He looked around at all the gathered guests already in attendence. He immediately wondered why he had chosen to come once again. "Okay. Where to start first?" He whispered to himself behind his mask as his eyes shifted back and forth. "A bar would be nice."
  9. I draw these on Impulse

    So I lost my sketchbook again... RIP. Got a new one. After Star Wars came out I decided to do a Star Wars Frenzy, but with the holidays and family stuff I've only got seven(I think I miscounted multiple times) in my new sketchbook. As you can tell I enjoy drawing the dark siders more. I think they look cooler. Was gonna draw some droids, but I just can't get around to it.
  10. uuuuuhhhhhhHHHHHH.. *dumps characters* There.

    I'm looking to try out my new character Gale. If you're interested in doing a thread with him you can pm me and we can brainstorm.
  11. Returning Tears O:

    It sounds interesting. What type of people are accepted if you're still recruiting? I'd like to help out if I can.
  12. I Make These On Impulse

    Name: Gale Attilio Nickname: Venarious(Gale's professional persona, it's not so much a nickname but a false identity to protect his real one). Nickname Meaning: Ven as in venom and arious as in Sicarious, Latin for Assassin). Location: Terrenus Alignment: Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 23 Handed: Ambidextrous Job Class: Pirate/Thief/Assassin(Poses as an Engineer) [Physical] Voice: Welsh Accent Eyes: Blue Complexion: Pale to a certain extent Height: 5'9" (174 cm) Weight: 170 Ibs (77 kg) Build: Athletic Hair: Brown Defining Features: Vertical Scar on the left wrist, approximately 1/4 the way up his forearm. Presence: Not very prominent unless he wants it to be. Seems to just blend into a crowd of random faces and be perfectly in place. Tattoos: N/A [Mental] Nature: Always looking out for himself, rough around the edges, greedy, feels as if he has to right all wrongs he feels has been done to him even if it means killing. Hopes: To be truly happy before laying down his blades. Fears: His past ever catching up to him. Likes: Sailing, Nature, Thrills, Money. Dislikes: Informants, Sting Operations, Being in chains, hiding in water. [Attire] [Civilian] A black tee shirt Dog tags A watch Blue jeans Black boots [Professional] Aged white and red robes A decorated shoulder and chest protector mostly wrapped in brown leather. Decorated brown leather gauntlets on either arm. Black Pants Brown leather belt with pouches. Black sandals that end somewhere on his calves. Mask to hide face. [Gear] Smoke Bombs Water Canteen Coin Purse Poison Armor Mask [Weapons] Hidden Blade(x2, one for either arm) Hidden Gun on hidden blade(powered by steam) Bow and Arrows(Not always carried) Throwing Knives A sword A short blade Poison Darts Poison Blades [Magic and Abilities] Parkour/Free Running Slight of hand Stealthy Lockpicking Boating Pick Pocketing Shooting Throwing projectiles Swordsmanship Assassination Blending into crowds Shanxi Praying Mantis(Gentle Praying Mantis) Shandong Praying Mantis(Martial Praying Mantis) Snake Boxing(Snake Kung Fu) [Lineage] Patriarch: Gale's father comes from a family of farmers and was a privateer himself. Matriarch: Gale's mother came from a well off family who was very much against her marrying his father due to the large difference in social status. [Family] [Patriarch] Nauteous Attilio(Father) Charles Attilio(Brother) [Matriarch] Eva Attilio(Mother) Charles Attilio(Brother) Emily Grace(Half sister, has never had contact with her, only knows about her through his mother). [Property] Home(with a basement that doubles as a hideout) Ship(The Eva Rose) [Character Quotes] [As Gale] "Engineering is love. Engineering is life." "I hear Last Chance is going through reform. That's great. It wasn't when I was a kid." "Change? No change. All out of change. Huh? You got kids? Yeah... I got change." "I'm just a working man, making a living, trying to save as much money as I can. You know?" "I'd love to own a ship. No I can't sail to save my life. What do I look like? A privateer? I'm an engineer. I just like the water." [As Venarious] "A wise man once told me that if you want something... you're not going to get it just sitting around. Go take it." "I'm in the business of death because of necessity. Everybody's got enemies and everybody wants them dead. That's where I come in." "If you reach for my gold one more time I'm going to put a dagger in your hand." "I don't leave witnesses. But on the off chance one does show up and want revenge, I'll give them the first shot... because it'll be the last fight they're ever in. Want to make them feel special." "My life? Name any bad book about a brooding hero and that's it. My mother disappeared. My brother died. My father I don't know about though. He fell asleep four years ago and I haven't seen him since." "Venarious, Mercenary, Pirate, Assassin, Thief and whatever else you need me to be... at your service."
  13. Blades & Spears

    Polybius' head whipped to the side as Rin's fist collided with his jaw causing him to stumble backwards, off balance. He jerked his arm to bring his spear along with him as he fought to regain his footing. Once he had, he spit blood onto the floor of the Tavern. His eyes narrowed as he stared at his target. At the least Rin had just knocked at least one tooth put of his mouth. At most she had just broken his jaw. Eyeing the woman that stood across from him his options ran through his head. Even though the woman's bounty was labeled as dead or alive he much preferred to bring her in alive. That cut down his options considerably. She still was not going to be taken into custody of her own accord. Polybius stabbed his golden spear into the ground and spun around it to gain momentum. With his red spear clasped in both hands like a baseball bat, it elongated as he aimed the blunt side of the spearhead at her face hoping that he could at least knock her off kilter.
  14. Dice Rolling Thread

    Terrenus bounty
  15. Blades & Spears

    Polybius dodged and weaved as he expertly twirled his spears in his hands. His red eyes narrowed as he observed Rin while he maneuvered back and forth. Every once in a while he would hear someone scream after being hit by one of his opponent's attacks. As he tried to formulate his next strategy he briefly wondered why anyone would have chosen to stay after the battle had begun. Pushing these thoughts to the back of his mind, Polybius used the momentum of his sprint and jammed his feet into the ground, launching him into the air. His eyes zeroed in on Rin, he twisted his body and slashed with his red spear as it elongated, aiming it at the opposite shoulder he had previously hit.