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  1. Coffee-Addict

    [Questing]The silk road

    As their elusive contractor had provided a name, Youri simply retorted with a polite "Well met, Roman." He had understood their task at hand, it was somewhat simple enough. Though given that Roman had a sense of dread looming over him as he pressed the importance of this item, though he was not one whom liked too many obscure details. "If we're doing this, we're doing this right. I want details on where we're going, and what we could be facing. If trouble arises, I want to be able and respond as quick as possible, as to not be caught off guard. Nor in an unexpected mess." Youri's tone was sharp, almost like a commander whom had faced shady odds in his past before. With movement of his hand, Roman had seemingly allowed the threads of Fate to be visible once more. Youri's eyes narrowed on the sight as he was not too pleased with having to "face the truth"... though he knew well enough now that he may have no choice when going forward on this. With a grunt somewhat escaping his lips, his eyes lingered on the Thread tied to his being. As he had suspected earlier, it was as battered as he would imagine it to be. Yet somehow he felt as if it was still a durable line that he had. One that he didn't see, nor could wage breaking just yet. Once Roman began to speak, Youri's attention had shifted to the threads around him. But it all felt like a puzzle to him, as how was he supposed to understand which thread he was referring to. With a shake of his skull he decided to leave that detail rest for now, as it would take too much time - or so he felt - to try and understand what was seen around them. Coming back to his demands from earlier, he was somewhat given an answer: Uncertainty. Other than Roman being able to track this item, he could not wage too many things for himself. So Youri began to ponder on possibilities. Given it was in "a highly populated area" - or so Roman had said - he spoke up with his ideas: "If it's in a dense area, we can suspect guards of the city being present. Or perhaps a commoner holds it... There are many possibilities when we're talking about the city. Might as well try to specify where it is, and make a plan from there. Is it far from where we currently are?" Before Youri could even formulate a plan, their contracter had decided to move ahead. With a sigh escaping his lips, Youri oblidged some, and followed after. "Roman. For your safety - as well as theirs - let us discuss a plan once you deem us close enough to the item. I can't make head, nor tail of these webs. But I can try put my trust in you to lead us well." Youri's tone seemed to be somewhat mixed, he wanted to trust Roman, but the actions he displayed made it a bit difficult.
  2. Coffee-Addict

    [Questing]The silk road

    As the group was seperated from the rest of the bustling streets somes, something felt odd to Youri. As his crimson hus had casted their gaze upon Roman's being, he took note of his behaviour, how he seemed stressed in some manner. The facial expressions he displayed simply adding to his curiosity as he would not be able to possibly understand what the man was seeing, nor going through. With a deep seated sigh escaping his nostrils, Youri crossed his arms some as he waited in silence for the man to explain himself. "How about we hear less about that, and more about the job you've had in mind, fate-seer." The name Youri had used for Roman seemed to hide a slight tone of certainty, as if he did want to believe what he had to say regarding these threads from earlier. His hues did catch a glimpse of his own, so he was willing to give Roman the benefit of the doubt. And there it was, the explenation Youri had somewhat anticipated to hear. While his eyes narrowed on Roman, they did not exactly show a sign of contept, nor real annoyance at his words. Rather, he seemed to somewhat understand where he was coming from. Lowering his arms beside his being, he stared somewhat in silence at the man, though his mind ran rampant with the idea. However, the snap out of his thought was provided by Abralla as she spoke out that she would go. It was more her 'colorful' choice of words that made him skeptical about the female, though he figured she must have some capability to her. It did however amuse Youri how she spoke, as it reminded himself of bygone days. As her eyes were notably creeping over to him, he gave her a stare directly into her own with his crimson colored hues. Though that soon drifted off to Fallaman. It appeared the two others who would follow on this adventure were somewhat set in stone to follow along with this tale. And with a faint sigh escaping his nostrils, he turned his gaze back over to Roman. "You speak of a matter most deem an illusion. Fate. Yet, you've been able to present me with proof, by allowing me to view a certain thread I otherwise could not. While I don't buy into this still, I'm willing to present you the benefit of the doubt." His tone seemed a bit different than before, as it was more relaxed instead of tense. Regardless, it appeared that Youri was set to come with.
  3. Coffee-Addict

    Youri Dakyakage

    Additional/Fun Little Things Character Theme - Final Fantasy XV Main Theme (Somnus) - Classical Guitar Cover by Beyond The Guitar Combat theme - Undertale - Gaster Theme Remix / The man Who Speaks In Hands by Rednas Character Voice - Alucard (English Dub) from Hellsing Ultimate Warning: Somewhat bloody/gruesome images are used in this video. Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
  4. Coffee-Addict

    [Questing]The silk road

    Silently Youri was observing what went on around him. From the female stepping over to their small group, introducing herself. By then it had already occured to him that his manners seemed to have failed him as he has yet to introduce himself. But with the circumstances unfolding themselves, it appeared he was not given much of a chance to just yet. Second to introduce themselves was the man wrapped in bandages, which made Youri's crimson hues linger some on their being. He seemed to have somewhat started to examine the party some. His thoughts filled with what their possible capability would be. Whether they knew it or not, Youri seemingly had signed on to what ever the man spewing matters of Fate had to offer in terms of their task ahead. Curiosity had struck Youri when the green eyed male had requested for them to "open their eyes" to what surrounds them. His brow raised some as he did just that, look over to the filled hall of people. Though something seemed off to his hues. A thread seemingly appeared before his field of vision, one that was damaged, yet it refused to break. Was this the thread that weaved his fate? Skeptically the male shook his skull some at the sight as he uttered. "I don't believe so easily in fate, green-eyes..." His tone was somewhat more sharp than before. It was after he spoke that he saw the man head outside. Was Youri-- or the others even-- tempted enough to follow the cryptic fellow into this? It appeared so. The first to leave after the male was the woman with pink hair, whom had introduced herself as 'Arabella'. With a faint sigh escaping Youri's nostrils, he could not help but feel somewhat won over by what ever the offer the cryptic one had offered. His hues had then turned to the male whom was known as 'Fallaman' as an inclination of his skull was given. "Might as well see what this talk of Fate is. If nothing, it should be a good adventure. And a good way to get myself back in the thick of it." Youri had offered as a reply while he stood up straight from his seat. "Youri Dakyakage. At your service." He had finally offered his own name to at least one of the three. As Fallaman suspected, Youri left shortly after with him as he was too drawn by the offer -- something he himself even found strange from all the time he spent wandering, questing, and adventuring -- as it was one that not too many could say with such conviction within their tone. Hearing Fallaman speak up about the danger that is involved with messing with 'Destiny' seemed to lure a faint smirk out of Youri's lips. In a sense, he was not convinced, in another he was. 'Twas all a matter of what the green eyes male could say to truly win him over.
  5. Might as well liven this wall some up.

    Have a relaxing cover of a good soundtrack



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    Pictures of Us

    Meant the "exactly like I would have imagined you to look"
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    Pictures of Us

    xD Not sure how to take that.
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    Pictures of Us

    Might as well, I suppose. And here's a freeloader
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    [Questing]The silk road

    A Turn of Fate The Fellow Outcast One of the first individuals his crimson hues had laid their gaze on was a male. One whom was sat at a chair, one whom appeared to have an even rougher appearance than his own being. His thoughts had somewhat creeped over the back of his mind of how he wondered, was this a rogue? A troublemaker? Yet those thoughts soon faded as soon as when the figure had waved over to his being. A brief pause would some what settle in his being as his crimson colored hues stared the unknown male down. Though eventually he exhaled a sigh through his nostrils, and had accepted what had unfolded. Youri stepped over to the figure, which seemed to draw some obscure attention from those whom were present in the guild hall, probably because they had seen the man sat in that chair as an outcast, and thus by extension Youri as well. Yet he did not care. Youri was an outcast himself. "I take it they do not seem to trust your appearance all that much." He had asked of the male before sitting himself down in the seat offered up to him. The Pink-Haired Lady From within the seat he was sat in, his hues glanced over the people whom appeared to be looking with some form of scorn toward the male. 'Twas all to be expected, he suspected. Yet he looked past those whom did, and took note of two individuals whom somewhat stood out within his field of vision. One was a female whom's hair appeared to be colored pink. In a sense, he found it amusing to see, on another it drew him in to question just who she was. But it appeared that the final key person had something else in mind to be done, as Youri's attention was drawn to him when he had felt a hand be placed on his shoulder. The One Lead by Fate In what appeared to be a reflex, the male stare up at the figure whom had placed their hand so boldly on his being. In a sense, Youri appeared to be glaring at him, yet it was moreso that he was scanning the man for his action. What was his intent? Did he have a job he could offer Youri? An adventure to get him back into shape? Questions that once more lingered the mind, yet he did not seem to have much time before he noted the male gazing off into the distance, to the same woman he himself had been eying for a short while before. However, his gaze turned back to the man once he had spoken up. It appeared that what Youri had been looking for as answers, he was provided with that single sentence. "I take it you're going to contract three of us into a small adventure then, hum?" The male asked with what seemed to be a tone filled with some intrigue, as well as hidden excitement.
  10. Coffee-Addict

    Youri Dakyakage, at your service.

    I'm going to repeat myself from our conversation, pops. More times than not, I heed your advice.
  11. Coffee-Addict

    Youri Dakyakage, at your service.

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Fragile! And as I wrote, I had a feeling if I had any questions I could find people to ask, so thanks for the offer. Spoiler Alert: The old man (Chappu) actually adviced to skip the Tavern all together.
  12. Coffee-Addict

    Youri Dakyakage, at your service.

    The day of clan wars when I was more active on Chatango... Good times. A sentiment I can somewhat share, as nowadays those clans are either too tight on each other, or just refuse to expand. Perhaps one day we can instigate our own clan wars here! Maniacal laughter
  13. Coffee-Addict

    [Questing]The silk road

    A Restart On the other end of the spectrum was Youri Dakyakage. A male whom had visited the capital scarcely during his time alive. But as he felt like he was standing at a crossroads in this point within his lifetime, he felt drawn to return to the capital, to re-establish the lifestyle he had all but discarded to somewhat live in peace. Yet he could not do so easily. Coursing through his veins was a desire. One to prove his worth, to make a name for himself, to simply fight as the family he hails froms has done so for who knows how long at this point. The streets he walked through had a familliar draw to them. He recognized the locale some, though most remained blurred from the changes that had taken place during his time away. However, he had a feeling one locale would not have changed so easily, not with the drawn that is attatched to it. He traced his steps through the busy streets, aiming to head toward the familliar hall where he could obtain a contract to enact on, to somewhat get him back into the game. Among the warriors present, he would not exactly stand out in terms of equipment. He had the weapons reqcuired to deal with what may come. A sheathed katana, a pair of dual pistols attached to his waist, a retracted polearm residing on his back, and all equipped on what aut ppeared to be a simple leather armor. One patched from it's use over the years, yet given that the man was still alive would indicate that it had possibly saved his life a few times. But in terms of appearance, the male was nothing but a sore thumb. He was a male with long strands of raven colored hair, hung past his shoulders. As his hues were colored crimson, with their gaze lingering over the people present in the Hall. Yet little did Youri know that his 'Fate' would intertwine with another. One that was bound by the strands of Fate
  14. Coffee-Addict

    Time to get started

    Sure thing! He is after all able to be hired as extra muscle. Side-note Reading up on that ability enables me somewhat to have one of the things I sought to improve to be unlocked for Youri.
  15. Coffee-Addict

    Time to get started

    Greetings there one, and all. Given I am new to valucre, and would like to get in this expansive lore - and many stories - I would like to offer my character to be allowed, and get involved in what one may have in mind to be done. I'm open to both the Canon/Lore-wise threads, as well as the Alternative threads. As I currently have no direct foothold set somewhere, the character I present is: Youri Dakyakage. Given what he is, he can be used in a variety of ways - most to suit what you may be looking for - such as an extra muscle for a quest, a teacher to have something taught, a mentor that can train one's body. These are but a few examples of where he can easily fit into. The only role I will not really have him partake in, is villain. At least true evil. He is a figure who lives by a personal code, and acting as a true villain would go against it. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to leave a reply asking, or DM me!