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  1. Shit. I wrote something for this and forgot to send it in. Guess ill send it in next year
  2. @amenities @Mag @bfc @SweetCyanide @Wade (I totally didn't write this in its entirety Thursday then somehow not sent it... thankfully it was still saved by the website.) Chaos fell down the town even quicker than Roman anticipated. Screams, howl and yells were easy to hear echoing from what seemed to be everywhere. The fatewalker managed to keep track of the conversation for long enough, he knew where they were heading to. At this point he had no better lead than the fateless women. It was too obvious that something was up with her, he decided to attempt to intercept her. You could imagine that there was a hint of irritation coming from him when he realized they were taking a vehicle to go there. Thankfully for Roman, he was far from being out of tricks. He emanated grayscale around him, bringing all the ephemeral webs to reality for a moment. Like a harpist, he played and toyed with them, listening to their reverberation until he heard mention of anyone who would be inside this... WAK, whatever that was. Finally finding a promising trail, he materialized the rest of them and kept only one, a fine path for him to follow. Jumping on the thread, he began spiriting, displaying great balance as he was trailing along what was essentially a fishing line. Under every single of his step a part of the fate thread was revealed, the only hint that the man was not merely running on thin air. He finally spotted the vehicle with those he was tracking inside. Further ahead, gates. Undoubtedly this is where they were heading, as his own thread seemed to end there as well. It was with care than the man let himself down, slowly drifting along a rogue thread. Roman had little means to stop them, but he somehow had the feeling that his words would strike enough confusion to maybe make them skip a beat. He had little care on what would happen to this town, but he could not let a fateless escape without questioning. "You. You are not bound by fate." As he said so, he materialized a thread for the others to see, pulling on it with his left hand, bringing it closer to himself while he pointed at Dove with his right. The thread was bound to the gate, and one of the dead guard. "Are you the one behind all this? The only being I have ever met that was fateless was a god." Roman left hand carefully let go of the thread before moving his black cloak aside, revealing a golden dagger. His hand rested on its pummel, as he stood tall and glared at them both. "I understand that the situation is quite... hasty. But I believe you can give me a brief answer before we move forward." If Roman was not so much high on adrenaline right now, he would clearly be shaking. He was expecting the worst... Yet he still invited himself.
  3. @Deus Ex Aizen https://sketchmob.com/user-profile/BellaBergolts/ There you go! Best part is that if you don't get as much options as I did you can get really good stuff for really cheap.
  4. The website is a commission website, so its not exactly a funding campaign but it is a website where someone could buy a commission for themselves if they would like to. It costed me 200$CAN I believe, which is rather cheap for the quality I got. I've commissioned a lot of art in my life and this is definitively one of the best quality for price I've seen. I believe it took around 20 days Edit: It took 12 days
  5. Here is the final result! I am really impressed by the artist. Here is where you can find the artist! https://sketchmob.com/user-profile/BellaBergolts/
  6. Here's a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don't worry, be happy In every life we have some trouble But when you worry you make it double Don't worry, be happy Don't worry, be happy now
  7. So you can drag me through hell If it meant I could hold your hand I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell And you can throw me to the flames I will follow you, I will follow you
  8. My mother told me that the world has got it's plans I wanna hold 'em 'til they burn right through my hands Don't ask me questions cause I'm tired of confessing And I know that it's not much to say but I swear that I'd like to change I can't sleep, I hope I stay awake 'Cause I've been running, running, running all day Long nights, no peace, I feel like everybody's eyes on me I can't sleep...
  9. Dead from all the loneliness And this is how I feel Understanding everything has never been my deal Maybe you have crossed my path To live inside of me Or maybe you're the reason why I'm losing all my decency 'Cause I believe that you and me We could be so... Happy and free Inside a world of misery And I believe that you and me We could be so... Inside of you, inside of me 'Cause this could be the one This could be the one @Pasion Pasiva
  10. Sailing on the winds of fate Some sights are too much of one to be missed, and this tangled mess of threads was clearly one of them. Roman spotted this city from miles away, center of action, ground zero of the current fate. It was more than obvious that an even of incredible significance would happen soon in this very city. As the Fatewalker entered the town, to him it was like a jungle. Threads of fate binding the city to everyone walking in it, like a dangerous web that no one would escape. These webs even stretched outwards as far as eyes can see, reaching out to people that were yet to be in town. The most interesting to Roman however where the ones who shot upwards into the sky, in no clear direction. As he walked through this mess, Blake focused some grayscale on his fingers, gently brushing his fingers on these webs as he carried his way forward guided by a mixture of instinct and observation. He wanted to see the core of this. Why is all of this happening? Where will it start? His curiosity was too great for him to not wander the city. He could also not help but feel fear as the lone man aware of impeding doom for the people here. Seeing them all go on their normal daily activity while being anchored to destiny as such was more than depressing. He looked away from them and instead focused on the fatemade structure that was present before him. Sooner than later he found the biggest concentration. It seemed to lead him to a specific building, near the center of the town. Well that made sense at least, this is probably where the elite of the town are for now. And like clokwork he heard the words of a man who sounded like he was at the very least attempting to fill it with authority. - “This is grounds for removal. You need to remove yourself from this area.” "Jackpot..." Roman thought. Fate always tries to stop those who are about to halt or slow it down. Of course the key element would be in unreachable grounds, or at least restricted. Thankfully however the Fatewalker had more than one trick in his hands in order to spy on them without the need to be there. Roman found a thread that was obviously linked to the shouting man and brought it up to his ear. He infused it with greyscale, enough for it to be able to be influenced by sound but not enough for it to be visible to those around him. Standing near a wall he listened to the vibration of the cord, which echoed in his cupped hand against his ear, clear enough to be heard in words just like two cans tied with a string. He jumped from cord to cord to follow the conversation, which was rather easy in the fate filled environment. - “In fifteen seconds, the fellow engineer which you’ve fancied from a distance will drop by to investigate the commotion that you’re needlessly causing. She will smell the remnants of the Big Fucking Chicken Chimichanga that you bought from Taco Harp last night, and will be suitably repulsed. Unless, of course...” - “Well, here she comes.” - “E-echo! Echo. Uh. This woman. I can’t...please help her, I need to finish up some calculations.” - “How can I help you?” - “Are you a betting woman? I’d hope you believe in fate more than the other guy. I would certainly like to meet whoever’s in charge of this compound,” the woman continued. “Because Tia is about to slide off the precipice of a tall, tall cliff into a valley of razor blades and shit. The military might like to have something to do with that, wouldn’t they?” There it is... but who was this person speaking? No matter how hard Roman looked around he could see no thread linking them. Or any thread for that matter... a sense of gloom sunk on Roman. Was this person a god? A being from another dimension? In any case the odds that this person was the catalyst or even maybe the puppeteer of this whole thing was rather high, but then why was she warning them? He kept on listening. -“Wow Okay. Hmm. Well uh, how about we try things my way here. Where you stop talking funny and cut the cryptic bullshit? Because if you want to say ‘someone’s going to bomb the city’, then just, I dunno, say ‘someone’s going to bomb the city'.” - “Look, just explain your concerns to me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m not about to waste Command’s time unless you give me a good reason. Also, since you don’t have a visitor’s pass on you, I’m going to need to see some ID. Then you’re going to tell me exactly how you got in here, otherwise I might assume you’re some terrorist who broke in. Cool?” And that assumption might very well be right. At least now Roman had a lead, and that lead was this seemingly fateless person. Remaining connected to the thread of the person mentioning a waste of command's time, he peered on further, waiting for his moment to approach. @Mag @amenities @Wade @bfc @SweetCyanide
  11. I really liked it! Very interesting character and the picture helped support both your post and your character very well.
  12. Normally copy pasting things from this forum preserves formatting unless specified not to but I could be wrong
  13. We're out of time He's breathing in but he's been dead the whole time I'm looking in His hollow body couldn't save him from this Into the ghost, we go, oh Into the ghost, we go Are you afraid? I'm not ashamed to feel this way You always say "a father would never leave his kids, he'd stay" But I'm afraid You're breathing in but you've been dead the whole time I'm looking in Am I too late to see you in the light? Into the ghost, we go, oh Into the ghost, we go I'm not afraid of you I'm not afraid of me I'm not afraid to be I'm not afraid of you I'm not afraid of me I'm not afraid to be
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