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  1. Royal Resurrection

    Roman could be special forces. His ability to see fate could be quite useful for an event like this... Also I already have some trouble coming up with the Gentlemen's club so me attempting to foil their plans wouldn't be too surprising.
  2. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    Sizing oneself -True, I do tend to become a bit too intense with things sometimes... or people really. He scratched the back of his head, trying to recover energy. Thankfully Ashenfire stopped him before he was too tired to walk so he could walk himself to the barracks. As food was mentioned he seen no problem to it, he rarely got to eat anything good anyway as he have been relying on dry rations for a long time now being on the move so much. He learned about the inevitability of meeting the other teachers. He felt more excitement than nervousness, curious to see what the rest of them had in store. Ashenfire has proven himself to be a wealth of knowledge on his own and if the others could provide anything somewhat close it would be impossible to deny that this place earned its reputation. -I wouldn't say you are ugly... but I would say intimidating, specially when you are charging straight at me. Roman raised an eyebrow to him before chuckling himself. Even tho his upper body had a beauty that much envied, the lower on his body one would look the ugliest he becomes. Many has called him ugly or an abomination during his lifetime so the sight of Ashenfire was not unsettling for him.
  3. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    Walk the walk... Roman listened attentively to the warrior. He spoke little but clearly was paying attention, nodding along to his words and keeping his eyes on his teacher. He witnessed the ladder unfold on the ground and then a demonstration. Blake paid attention to not only the man's feet as he moved but his entire body. He tried to register as much as he could from the demo he was provided. He chuckled at the image Ashenfire gave him. -I would rather keep it, if possible. It is not exactly the cost I had in mind for my training... He said to him right before he started tackling the ladder. He was a bit sloppy at first but after multiple attempts his technique got better and better. He seemed to be quite the quick learner. However the limitations of his body soon came to surface, his stamina getting the better of him with each attempts becoming sloppier than the previous. Roman however displayed great determination. Even while panting and sweating he kept going. He knew that being agile under fatigue and pain was exactly what would be required of him during battle, so he would not stop until he either drops or Ashenfire tells him to stop.
  4. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    Ignorance is bliss "I can do what I want.", the women said. Upon her speaking these words, Roman looked back at her over his shoulder. He focused his energy, her webs of fate becoming clear as day to him. As she was boasting about her freedom, all Roman could see was the visual representation of irony. This is why he felt no need to speak back to her earlier: she can't even begin to comprehend the scale and importance of what Roman was attempting to do. He had no time to waste with stupid banter and arrogant claims. All he could think about were these damned webs and how to break them permanently. Shifting back his attention to Ashenfire, Roman nodded. He took in all the words he had for him very carefully. -I believe a rapier would suit my style more than the two others. Roman nodded to himself. He had yet to reveal to Ashenfire that he had magical abilities, as he did not want it to hinder the progress of his martial training. However, the rapier was the optimal choice in Roman's mind because it kept one of his hand free, able to be used for his more unique abilities. -I never realized how important the weapon was until I had to parry your sword with my puny blade... And the body behind it too. He chuckled a bit as he walked along the tall man to the blacksmith.
  5. When you are not looking...

    Best when kept fresh It was quite a sight to behold. That women was changing the very world around her by her mere presence. And even her webs of fate were extremely interesting: They were very loose and barely pulling on her. She was as free as a fated one could be. There was no telling where she was destined to go or to do and that by itself made Roman happy. He felt at ease around her, feeling like he did not have to be sad for her like most of those heavily bounded by fate. Her worried expression snapped him back to reality. He just realized how bizarre it was for him to stumble upon her like this in the middle of nowhere. He cleared his throat. -Hello there, I am Roman. A wanderer. And by wanderer, I mean that I am more than lost. He gave her a warm smile as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. His cheeks were quickly displaying a soft blush. He started walking towards her but kept a more than respectable distance between them. He noted how the air felt cooler around her which helped a bit with his blushing problem. -I hope I am not too much of an inconvenience.
  6. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    A welcomed lesson Roman got up and finally regained his breath. He was not wounded, he simply needed some time to recover. -I am fine, thank you. He said to Ashenfire. He then walked towards Arashi, his eyes locked into hers. He did not break eye contact as he went to pick up his dagger that was stabbed into the ground. He did not give her a single word. He instead sheathed his weapon and turned his back to her, walking to the warrior. -Ready when you are. This shown me just how much more I need to learn, the sooner we start the better. He was smiling, still covered in dirt from the fall he had earlier. -So what exactly do you have in mind for me?
  7. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    No rest for the wicked Roman eyes widened as his heart skipped a beat from seeing the warrior not even miss a second to press forward. The smaller man was still sliding backward was the swordsman closed the gap in no time. This was not going to work out. The heavy strikes were not a problem for Roman to avoid, but the quick swipes were much harder. He quickly felt his breathing become heavier and heavier as he was nearing the end of his stamina. Barely managing to avoid the last swipe, he had to use his dagger to deflect it. The warrior before him was so strong than the dagger nicked and Roman felt the reverberation of the hit trough his entire arm, almost disarming him. This is where Roman made a fatal mistake. As he was nearing the end of his rope, he acted by instinct. He did something which worked on many foes before but was more than ineffective against the scaled one. Roman avoided the heavy strike, but instead of moving back he moved forward and tackled his opponent with his shoulder as he was attempting the quick swipe. Has it been someone of Roman's weight, this might have knocked them backward and allowed for a counterattack. However seeing the wall of a man that was before him, it instead backfired. Blake was knocked away from the sheer strength of Ashefire's advance. He fell on his back as he felt pain in his ribs, all the air of his lunges escaping in a hurry. His dagger flew away and fell not far away of Arashi. Roman coughed as he held his hand on his right side and attempted to regain composure. -I... I yield He said painfully, between breaths. He knew he was never going to win but he hoped that he did good enough to at least show the fighter that he had some potential.
  8. [Questing]The silk road

    The final details Roman shook his head. He could not deny that he was less than skillful when it came to social interactions. He never had the chance to create many long lasting relationships and never really learned good manners. Instead he was shipped from family to family trough adoption, so Fallaman was not wrong by saying he lacked manners. However to Roman's surprise they all agreed to follow him. At this point he felt like he ruined it with his sloppy approach but it seemed like it was going to work out. -Well that settles it then. I am Roman Blake. It is a pleasure to have all of you working with me. Now if you have more questions, concern, or anything of value to say... we can do so on the walk. I appreciate your willingness to work with strangers, but I am sure we won't remain as such for very long. Once he was done talking, he lifted his right hand and pulled on the web. For a fleeting moment, it was visible to all. They could see it more clearly than before, including the man who was spying on them... It was extending in the core of the city, surprisingly. How could something of such value be hidden in plain sight like this? Well they would soon find out. Roman then gently let go of it and started following it. Clearly he could still see it while the others could not. ??? -He made allies! With them he just might- -Stop it. Look at them! I would laugh if I could. Pilling more garbage together only creates more. Plus have you not noticed the one stalking them? He might even settle this for us without even having to lift a finger. The other entity remained silent. They both shifted their attention on Sharak. And so it begins -From what I can see so far, it won't be as simple as finding it. It seems to be in the middle of a high populated area, so there is no reason why it would not have been uncovered by now. Also I doubt something of such importance will be unguarded. Anyone here have some idea on how to proceed? See me as nothing but a tracker, bringing you to the location. As he spoke he confidently walked towards the object. He seemed to have lost all sort of sadness of lack of confidence he had earlier. He was already feeling at ease with them, he felt like he had very little to lose by trusting them.
  9. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    No Pain No Gain Roman's eyes narrowed as the warrior armed himself. He paid more attention to his opponents body than his weapon. He quickly learned when he was younger than a punch or a strike was easier to see coming from where it started. His iris expanded as adrenaline raised in his body as his opponent rushed towards him. Even if he had little battle experience against knowledgeable opponents, Roman was no stranger to the rush of a fight. He used the adrenaline to focus as hard as he could. He noticed the warrior's shoulder movement, telegraphing a basic horizontal strike. It was clear for him that Ashenfire was testing the water. He pushed on his left foot, making Roman slide backward just enough so the tip of the sword barely missed him. He then immediately pushed as hard as he could on the right foot that was already perfectly positioned to offer him a good burst of speed. However as he was dashing towards his opponent, a new strike was going to happen. By that time, Roman already closed a considerable gap. Using his left hand, he pushed himself on the man's swinging arm which gave Roman momentum to move backward thanks to the great strength of his foe. At the same time, he would attempt to slice the warrior's arm while moving backward which would be nothing but a superficial cut on his impressive body. If everything went his way, the mere strength of the opponent he was facing would be enough to make Roman slide back out of the blade strike before it was fully done, where he would take the same stance once more. He would know better than to get cocky, instead keeping his focus for anything that would happen. He felt his left arm numb from how much strength his foe had. He clearly would lose if the fight would keep going for much longer.
  10. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    You gain what you earn Roman looked at Ashenfire and nodded. He was even more impressive without his armor, somehow. But he did not let this discourage him. He looked at Arashi and commented on something she said. -I doubt you have a harder time to learn than anyone. Learning a new skill is always difficult. I believe if enough work and determination is behind it, anyone can learn. You simply can't shy away from the difficulties... He chuckled to himself as he turned back to Ashenfire, which was his current difficulty. Roman unsheathed his dagger using his right hand. He raised it in front of him, his right arm slightly bent as the dagger was held diagonally downward, across his chest. He held it that way in order to make deflections easier and be more of a defensive tool. The truth was that Roman was more at ease with his bare hands, which is why he kept his left arm on his side, at his waist level. His hand was open, ready to grab a limb or anything he would latch on. He had to fight a lot growing up, so the ways he knows are the way of opportunities and dirty tricks. His right leg was behind him, extended almost fully, his feet perpendicular of his foe. This was providing Roman more stability and allowed him to dash in or out quickly on a vertical axis. His left leg was forward, pointing directly to his opponent. It was slightly bent and not too far from his body. He knew the warrior before him was much more experimented, so he did not test his luck in breaking his guard first and instead waiting for him to give the first strike.
  11. Obscure warhammer 40K reaction to you saying you pissed off an emperor, don't mind it~
  12. Please help me by making my life miserable

    I am still open to the idea of having two nemesis, just send the character my way and we can talk about it, it could be specially good if you are not that active, as it would make having two nemesis more manageable.
  13. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    A wall of a man offering a path Roman was to say the least impressed by the warrior of vast stature standing in front of him. Many webs of fate of various strength was linked to him, he seemed to be a being of indisputable importance. Most, if not all students here had at least some connections with him. The man gained Roman's immediate respect by this fact alone. -Yes, I am indeed seeking training. I am Roman, aiming to gain enough strength to defy fate itself. I have heard this place was of no equal when it came to learning the basic of combat, specifically melee. As he spoke these last words, he realized that this man was most likely going to be his teacher. He got a little nervous and excited of learning from such a warrior. -I am new to fighting in general, I have no preferred fighting style nor weapon. I understand that my frail body should probably be more suited to range, but I insist on learning the art of melee fighting. I think it will be better for my spirit, which will need to be made of iron if I want to even have a shot to my ambitions. His confidence was suddenly back. His glowing green eyes emanated charisma. His demonic right hand held firmly the pummel of his dagger as he spoke. His words were not to impress the warrior, it was simply to let him know which kind of student he had before him. -I have little to pay you with, but I hope I might be able to be of use in one way or another...
  14. Sweat and Blood Roman had heard rumors about the training grounds which were finally displayed in front of him after a long travel. If Roman was to face the odds of fate itself, he would have to learn to handle his own. It was nice to rely on others but he knew for sure that there would be times where he would need to stand his own grounds. He approached the place with a long and thin dagger as his only weapon. He held no specific attachment to said weapon as it was more of a ritualistic tool for him but figured that it was better to enter such a place with at least something. He was told that there were few places better than here to learn the basic of fighting. He knew that there was no way that anyone here could help him with his special abilities, but martial prowess on its own had a massive appeal. Looking around to all the buildings, he had no idea where to start. He roamed around, noticing just how well thought out everything was. It was clearly a place made for learning and efficiency, not fancy displays or to impress. The very place itself was speaking strongly of the values that were apparently taught here. He nodded to himself. Even before meeting a single person, the atmosphere of the place told him her made the right decision.