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  1. Stumbler

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Sorry, I won't be able to be active on this site anymore for a while. I have been called in service for my country, can't give more details. Sorry for not being able to relay the information earlier.
  2. Stumbler

    MOBS tournament v2

    Hello, dice rolling god here. I'm in
  3. No I'm not dead... I just got really busy at work. 😢 

  4. Stumbler

    Well, hi. Again.

    Hi o.o
  5. Stumbler

    Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    I'm active @Praetorian, your alert startled me actually since I was in the middle of reading this. >_>
  6. Stumbler

    Come at me...

    hello I was tagged for a fight am I in coach
  7. Stumbler

    An exercise in brevity

    I'm interested! I might use this format for the adventure dice rolling thing you highlighted earlier if that is fine.
  8. Stumbler

    [Umbridge Isle] [Questing] The fated black roses

    The invisible Maze The island was clearly the right spot. He could almost feel it call to his entire being. It was just as exciting as it was scary. Once he finally got up from his short rest, he looked back to the distance. The beach was relatively free of thread, but the rest of it was like a jungle. Roman had absolutely no idea how he would navigate this. It was the first time that he was faced by such an issue... normally they do not manifest this physically. Clearly something was going on, but he knew that his mind would not be able to handle much more teasing from the golden web. It was not as difficult as he once thought. He soon enough reached the carpet of black roses, but his target was further ahead. There was no sings of buildings or civilization... what could possibly be here for him to find? -It is so ridiculous to see him tangled in these threads like this... he looks like a fool -I told you that I would not stop him. -Well at least it is entertaining me. And who knows, maybe he will give up? -I doubt it. But we will see. Finally, Roman noticed the source of the threads: Every single rose had a thread sprung to it, piercing trough the island itself and even reaching to the sky. What was the significance of these flowers? What could possibly have happened here... But soon after he became too busy to think. The supernatural jungle became harder and harder to navigate. He could not even make out a path anymore. It was clear that simply walking trough would not be an option. It was time to set camp and reflect on this.
  9. Stumbler

    Loot some ruins

    ooooh that seems really fun! Thank you for pointing this out I will be giving this a go
  10. Stumbler

    Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    Its not really an issue to me since you can also prep multiple different things in the same turn technically. So prepping the same thing twice takes you more time, and the rules states that time management is important so in my mind this limit the amount of different preparations they could do which goes in line with the ruling.
  11. Stumbler

    [Umbridge Isle] [Questing] The fated black roses

    The Forest of Threads Quite a sight appeared for Roman in the distance. He knew than this must be his destination. To him, it looked like a tangled mess. It was as if an event of incredible proportion happened there, binding the island to its fate. He could only barely see it from here but it was definitely there. He would have stopped and enjoyed the sight but there is an issue: Roman does not know how to make strong threads non physical to him when they are this noticeable. This meant that navigating this harmless island and even its shore would be a chore for him. Even the sea surrounding it had countless thread springing from the depth, sings of things buried and forgotten by everyone but history. If he was not such a novice navigator it could have been easier but weaving trough the hazards easily was much beyond his skill level. Thankfully the boat itself was not affected by the fated webs, instead phasing trough them as Roman moved around the best he could in order to keep himself on the boat while still navigating towards the proper direction. He was grateful that no one else was there to see because to them he would look like a madman flailing in the wind for absolutely no reason since these threads are invisible to others unless Roman touches them or make them show themselves on purpose. By the time he made it on the shore Blake was absolutely exhausted. He pushed the boat far onto the sand, sticking it safely there for now. He then crashed down next to it, back sinking into the beach as he laughed looking up at the sky. He could have almost rested if it was not of the golden thread showing up to tease him some more. To remind him what he was here for. It infuriated Roman, since he knew he was being lured but could not help it. The moment was stolen away by this stupid obsession of his. He hoped that whatever he would find here would be worth the torture.
  12. Stumbler

    Artifact Quest Log

    I will be resuming the questing for Mori here since all my roleplay partners are gone and I took such a long break:
  13. Those of strong fates never fade It was a single string, rogue and bright, that lured the wandering soul to these water. At first it was easy to ignore, even easy to miss. It was nothing but slight sighting of a fleeting glow in the corner of his eyes. However as time passed on the golden thread became more and more alluring. It started by becoming a distraction, like a fly buzzing around in his peripheral vision. But things got worse. It eventually evolved into a problem; His eyes were focusing on it more and more almost leaving everything else in the background. It was drawing him. Without a single clue of what he was chasing, Roman set himself a goal: To reach the end of this thread. It seemed as if the only time he could ignore its sight was when he was actively working on pursuing it. Like when he learned how to sail and when he laid out his provision and the plan for his adventure. He stood proudly on his single person sailboat which was carrying all of his belongings. He could feel the strong wind pushing him and his boat along his journey which eased his mind. He learned to enjoy the sea almost more than the land, over time. It appealed to his exploring soul, and he could never help but wonder what was swimming under the surface. It was peaceful for him and almost therapeutic... -What do you think she has in mind, drawing him over there? Her of all people should despise this man. -Maybe she is tying to lead him to his doom? One can only hope. -Beings of our power can do more than hope, and I intend to do just so. -Just remember the- -The rules, the rules... I know. Now if only Roman was following them! -You know what happened. It never was his decision. By proxy he is following them, dare I say, more than you. -Hm. We'll see. He had heard from multiple people in Jordan City that the direction he was heading to was most likely going to end up being Umbridge Isle. Most stranger he asked were too busy to reply but most said that it would be very hard to miss...
  14. Stumbler

    Wonderland Resort

    The gust was unleashed, giving Roman a burst of speed. He reached his opponent before the blinding effect could wear of, punching him in the head with his inflamed hand, extinguishing it as the battle ended with the body of his foe dropping unconsciously on the ground. Roman turned around and gave his teammate a thumbs up and a warm smile, seemed like they worked well together.
  15. Stumbler

    Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    @Praetorian Could you PM us their powerlist so we can pick which one we want to get from this? If I understood the rules right we get to pick one from their powerlist right?