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  2. I've got the world on a string~♫ If this was not the fields of battle, Roman would have almost felt bad of how easy it was to manipulate Evaristus; A man of sharp mind, however locked on the present. It was a saddening sight for Blake to see him struggle against the webs of fate that were pulling him towards his demise. When a path is too obvious it sometimes means it was laid out for you to take... Here is what true experience is: Step one, control your opponent. Roman's initial attack was simple and weak, tailored on purpose to be worked around. It was not made to prevent the charge, rather it was made to make the man believe that his advance was unwanted while he would be doing exactly what Aoi and Roman desired. The main objective was for him to be ready to react to the man's reaction and be one step ahead, which he was more than prepared to be. By speaking aloud, Evaristus gave vital information to the enemy about his personality, which gave Roman a clue on how he would react and how to pull his strings to lead him exactly where he wanted. No action that Roman took were a singularity. They are all woven together aimed for an ultimate goal in perfect unison, strengthening each others in harmony leaving to the perfect strike at the perfect time. Which leads to step two. Recognize an advantageous situation and use it to its fullest. Time might as well have slowed down for the Fatewalker as his opponent moved. Leaning into his charge like this made it so it was almost impossible to change direction or stop himself at this point. Even avoiding an attack would be hard from this careless stance. It would not have been too much of a problem if the swordsman was only facing one opponent... but he was not. Roman was not standing to the left of his partner by chance... it meant that he was standing to the right of his opponent, where his blade was sheathed. It is easy to slice from the right to left or center from the sheathed position, but extremely hard to strike on the same side. Therefore, this angle of attack was the safest zone to come in from. Blake knew that Kushinada would not be much of a fan on doubling down on an opponent but this was a team battle, and it had to be approached as such. Even if Roman had a bit of a distance to travel in order to follow the fray, it would not be impossible for him to reach at the same time as the two titans were about to clash. Right after he sent out his blast and while the swordsman was dodging it, Blake sprinted vertically, directly towards Evaristus right side. At the same time as the dash started, the air behind him solidified into a gale, pushing him towards his destination even faster. This combined with his previous stance gave Roman a speed out of this world. While traveling towards them, he activated arc, which made him covered in electricity and emit such a blinding light that Evaristus would be almost unable to see anything the entire time unless he decided to look away from Roman and in conjuncture from Aoi as well. In a perfect world, Evaristus would have been able to position himself in order to avoid the sight, but given his current stance it was near impossible to do so conveniently. On top of it, any attempt to look from the side or down would be much harder because of the narrow line of sight his helmet was restraining him to. He was about to pay the price of his careless action from the only thing that could blind him more than his own ego. Coming in full strength and full speed, Roman attempted to punch Evaristus right in the opening on the side of his armor. The strength of that punch would be such that even Blake himself would feel the repercussions of it because of the speed he had during his approach. If it was to land, it would be almost sure to at least put some cracks in his hips, limiting his movements even more than his heavy armor already was. Roman would collide with his opponent at the same time as his teammate was about to, meaning he would not blind him until the very ultimate moment and also that it was during the slice attempt of the swordsman. The punch also carried an extra shocking power, which would damage Evaristus body to its very core. Also, unlike the swordsman, Roman did not forget about his second opponent... Step three. Cover your angles. Thanks to arc, Varell would not be able to even look at the direction of Roman, which being directly to the left of Aoi also covered him. It would be absolutely impossible for him to aim properly at any of them in the current situation. And since he was so far away from them, he would have to cover an incredibly long distance to go around and block Roman from his line of sight. Superior strategy and technique was Roman's forte, and his actions spoke louder than the words previously echoed in the dark chamber. In one swift swipe, the tides were slowly turning.
  3. What are you playing?

    Ive been absolutely hooked to monster hunter world lately, I have already over 100 hours in @_@
  4. The fists of the wise carries more than wisdom "Just do your thing. I'll be there when you need it." Everyone was talking way too much for Roman's taste. He was used to long silent training sessions, it felt weird to him for everyone to exchange banter like that. He instead looked at the threads hooked to the three other men; their fate seemed more than busy. As a only answer to his opponent's banter, Blake took a stance: His left foot was pointing forward, towards his opponents. His left leg was slightly bent, ready to be used as either a pivot or a quick backward push. His right leg was behind him, his right foot pointing to his right offering a strong stable point and ready for a strong vertical short distance burst of speed. This stance left him facing his opponents with his left flank, left shoulder first. This left them with a very small profile to try and target. His left arm was bent in front of him, along the level of his waist. His left hand was open, his palm facing him. It was ready to react to any mid or low blow or projectiles. His right arm was bent upward, his hand almost closed into a fist in front of his chin and ready to strike. At the same time as he snapped in this stance, Roman let out a gust of wind that was aimed straight at the aggressive swordsman. If the gust of wind would be to hit him, it would end the warrior's advance, stopping him dead on his track before he has the chance to lay harm on Aoi. He was surprised that they went for such a simple opener... What Roman lacked in strength in this match he made up with pure fighting skill and knowledge. There was more than one thought placed into this fighting style that was cultivated in the training grounds of Ashenfire.
  5. edit: Totally didin't see its ABAB in the main post. Sorry! Your turn team B. the order on the intro threw me off...
  6. The shadow is always bigger than the mountain It was extremely easy to miss the small man than came along the energetic one. No weapons on his side, he silently trailed his teammate. The perfect opposite of him; agile, lean and quiet. His mind was calm and ready, focused on his objective. Blake and Kushinada exchanged more than a few words before this fight... He positioned himself on the left of him and awaited patiently. It was time to perform.
  7. [Questing]The silk road

    - Informative post: As of now this is a solo thread.
  8. Cult of the Damned

    I would be okay with being kidnapped honestly. But if not my character is an extremely good investigator so I can easily try and make sense of this. I have no idea if @Knighto is still around
  9. I AM BACK

    Sorry for disapearing everyone. As some of you know already, someone very close to me committed suicide so my mind has been all over the place lately, but I am finally ready to come back. I will resume my previous rate of activity. I feel really sorry for everyone who I have left hanging. At this point it has been a while so I forgot a lot of the threads I have going on, so if any of you wants to remind me, or hit me up with a trick to be able to find the threads I had going easily, it would be more than appreciated. Thank you for understanding and looking forward expanding on this world with all of you!
  10. When you are not looking...

    A captivating presence Roman smiled as he listened attentively to her words. He carefully examined her behavior, realizing that someone such as her and specially living so far away probably did not have much social interactions. It reflected in her awkward behavior but it was of no issue for him, if anything it simply made him smile more as he now felt like he was not the only one feeling uneasy. He tried to make it better for the both of them. He approached her after she said her name. He felt the cold, her cold embracing him as he closed the gap. It was an odd feeling to change temperature like this but it was not the worse thing to handle either. He offered his hand to her, hoping that it would help her relax a bit. - There is nowhere I need to be really. I was just exploring so to say. I just lost my way to come back once I was done. However I believe I am not done yet... I would love to stay if it is truly okay with you, keep in mind you can kick me out at any time. It was truly captivating to him. There was something special to feeling the effects she had on the environment like this. Even if it sent a shiver in his back as his body felt the effect of cold he felt no urge to move away for now.
  11. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    Collateral damage Roman was confused to say the least. He had absolutely no idea what was happening anymore. He decided that things were a bit out of hands for him and took a few step back, watching from what seemed to be a safe distance. -I have no idea what is going on here but you seem to have it handled... anyway as much as such a situation can be. He sighed, bothered by how it felt like trouble was always following him lately. It was almost ironic that a supposedly fateless being like him kept seeing repeated patterns over and over.
  12. [Questing]The silk road

    The anomaly After the group had been walking for a while, they finally reached the point where things would get slightly more complicated... Right in the middle of the heart of the city was where the thread vanished seemingly nowhere... or was it? Roman focused his sight and inspected it further. He realized it kept going, but somewhere else. Almost as if it was right there. -Its right here. Whatever path we need to take, it starts here. I'm not too sure how we will be able to try anything without instantly bringing suspicion however. Roman pondered as he turned to the rest of them, hoping that they would have a better answer than him. To put frankly, he was all out. He realized that it would not be as simple as grabbing the ring but this was so puzzling. The lack of any evidence apparent to his sight was unsettling to him. He simply did not even have the slightest lead really. Echoes -He... He found the gate! I told you this would get dangerous! -And what now? He is stuck. He never traveled outside of this world. Not once. And I doubt these scraps of adventurers he gathered together are any better. Plus don't forget about our trump card... -Right. The stalker. An enigmatic wall After a few moments of thinking he sighed heavily. He looked at Youri as he seemed to have good thinking in general. However for some reason Roman could not shake this weird feeling of dread off his shoulders, almost as if he knew something bad was about to happen. He started being fidgety again, rubbing his fingers together and looking around more than usual. He realized than the closer they would get to the object, the more dangerous it would get. He was at least glad he was not alone -Well, this is as far as I can get us. I really don't know what to say. I hope this was not all for nothing...
  13. Fate and Fortune.

    The calm after the storm Roman could have done a few things to assist them chasing the assassin but he decided otherwise. It was not his place to interfere further with what happened here. Instead he decided to bring a thread to solidity, which he used to calmly walk towards missfortune. He smiled a bit, his hands in his pockets as he effortlessly kept his balance on the thin thread that was now visible to all. Once he reached the roof he raised an eyebrow at her and chuckled. -Things were almost too hot for your comfort there... Ready to talk now? His smile only grew more. Perhaps he would finally uncover some of the secrets of this mysterious women now. He might have saved her life after all...
  14. A Stormy Night

    A familiar call A voice pierced trough the man's mind, attracting his attention in a specific direction. It took him a moment since he was yet to be used to be spoken in such a way but there was no mistaking it, it was the women he met in the lost library a while ago. He smiled, the unexpected feeling of familiarity warming him up. It almost felt like he started making friends or something... In any case, her threads were easy to follow. She was far from the average citizen after all. It took a short while but he was surprisingly close to her. He walked next to the woman. However since she did not give him any details he was unsure if she was in trouble or not so he remained silent for now and observed. He made sure she would notice his presence at her side. It seemed like she was worried which in return reflected on him. He cleared his throat loudly, trying to get her to explain more without saying too much.