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  1. "I see" She nods along as she followed him "That sounds interesting enough Trevor" she doesn't know why but his just popped in her mouth, though this isn't the first time it happened, she got used to it by now. "I'm a tag along then! I'm not much of tracking but I know how to kill stuff" she giggles innocently.
  2. "That was cool!" There was blood splatter on her grinning face, no weapon in sight. "Your some kind of wizard aren't you" she said as she wipes the blood of her face. She went silent for a moment as she looks around for something. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she threw a dagger to some random demon nearby. She goes closer to check if it was still alive but she ends up frowning saying its corpse. "That was pointless" She laughs to herself as she pulls out the dagger and cleans it.
  3. "Whelp I guess your proof will have to wait. People are screaming and I guess we should do something" The lady quickly went off to the town to figure out what was wrong.
  4. "EY! Falling out of the sky is totally normal human thing to do" the woman smirks as she appears near them out of nowhere. She seems totally lax and casual to these strangers, that she followed because she thought it would be interesting. "Also super fun but not when you're losing a fight because that sucks"
  5. PrislyDawn

    Talia, the Land cannot Linger ooc

    @Trevor WisegemI think you posted in the wrong chat
  6. Somewhere around the area, a tall woman was watching, with a small spark of interest in her dark brown eyes, everything unfold. Still her jaded expression continued on the whole event, not bothering with the things that aren't part of her business even if she had nothing to do. Her long hair with the same color as her eyes, was tied into a braided bun resembling a rose as she wore a navy blue jacket dress and had a brown sling bag that came clearer in view as she walked closer to the scene, to the strange fallen boy. She kept a 5 meter distance just in case for personal reasons. Her origins are unknown as no one seem to notice her earlier, all she did was pass through the different stalls hardly buying anything. She had an aura, no one knows what kind as it seems the moment someone would describe it, she would vanish in both place and memory like some sort of blur. Though in actuality she was just lost, as she forgot what was she doing and that's why she kept walking around but she's not gonna let go of her composure. So watching a boy fall out of the sky was just the only thing she can be interested in.
  7. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    Kristabelle has lived a life longer than most as well as Priscilla, this type of mission should be easy but then they were those two. It's not like they are useless, it's just the fact they are there making Pris have an actual plan for once but then that knife shouldn't have affected her sister. This confused her when she was fighting the two witches, though distracted she looks like she was fighting seriously but that's just her face being stoic as ever. She glanced to where his sister body is... was as she saw a sign saying "I'm a pretty great actor" She slightly laughs at her sister's gimmick. She proudly thought "That's my sister alright" she looked back at her enemies and immediately she made two holes below them. They fall in, when they did it was like the earth has eaten them seeing they were immediately buried and before they can chant any spell, Kristabelle chopped if their heads mercilessly like she was harvesting crop. She noticed that it only one witch remaining and the other was an illusion where she was she still gouged the eyes because you can never have too much, right???. Yeah. Kristabelle throws the rest of the head in the house, where she lits it on fire. She calmly walks back to where the tavern is. Meanwhile Pris is slightly lost but manages to find then using the artificial fireflies (not the official name but let's go with that) she stealthily sneaked behind her and whacked her un-gracefully with a log she found on the way. The which fell on the ground barely sound considering she did got whacked by a log. "You give the final blow bud and we can go home" she said as the night sky was still dark as ever.
  8. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    Kris stopped, she felt something was wrong. She stopped the spell, so she can see again and rushed inside seeing her sister fainted as the life was being sucked out of her "...." nothing, she couldn't say anything. Her eyes filled with anger scanned the room to whoever did it and saw the witch unconscious on the floor. She moved in front the witch and took the knife and shattered it the moment she held it. "Nobody hurts my sister" Kris said viciously to the unconscious. Like lightning she gouges out her eyes and chops the witch's head off with the hand. She tosses the head in the cauldron, where she starts the fire. "Hope you burn in hell" She said voice filled with venom, as for a moment her eyes burn with red, like blood, color. She looks at Caspian "Take the girl, I'll take care of the rest" she went out before he can respond. Quickly she lays Priscilla's body on the ground behind a bush and comes back to Remi's aide. "You should help your brother" she mutters "I'll take care of these two" She pulls out a scythe, one that looks like it would be for farming, and battles the witches attempting to cut their heads off.
  9. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    "AHHH SCREW IT!" Priscilla screams and the crows immediately collapsed, most likely dead. "Whoops...." she exclaimed as she dryly laughs, Kris grunts and makes her sister disappear as well. Pris walks slowly to Remi looking at Kris's disappointed face. "Sorry sis" Priscilla apologized. "Don't worry I'll catch up with them" she cheerfully assured them "You guys should handle the other two witches though while I go for the girl" Kris nods. Priscilla moves swiftly and stealthily through the two witches and went directly to the witch getting the girl. Before she charged though to get the girl she lit the witch's robe on fire. Then, she cut, with her dagger, the the binds girl had and carries her to go outside, considering she was unconscious, before she can the witch slashed Priscilla with the ritual knife. "Ow!" She started to feel lightheaded "like the life is being sucked out of me, oh wait that was the ritual knif-" she thought before she collapsed on the floor.
  10. PrislyDawn

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "WE'RE NOT CONTROLLING HER, GOT IT?!?" The voice screamed to all their heads except Aurore who seems oblivious. To Jaron's view the thread of magic is outside now. "Jeez, can you at least answer my offer and not worry about a nonexistent problem. Even if there were would they be that bad" she sighs ordering beer this time "But really should I order an alcoholic drink for everyone, so everyone can forget about what happened because drunk. I don't really know how being drunk is like but yeah" she said then starts chugging on her ordered drink. "I can't stay here long" she said impatient of something that makes her itch trying to think about it.
  11. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    "Okay then..." Priscilla closes her eyes and starts breathing slowly. One moment she disappears, then she's next to the crows touching them, and back to Remi, all in 5 seconds. "Kris go" she said not moving Kristabelle nods and herself and Caspian disappears to others' sights, only Priscilla, Kristabelle (technically she's blind doing this but she can still see if she concentrates hard enough) Remi, and Caspian can see. Kris walks up to the hut's door and waits for Caspian to go through.
  12. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    Kristabelle covered Remi's mouth and held her down for a while until she let go. She pointed at a classic (more like cliche) looking witch hut. There were a few crows on the top of the roof. "Okay, here's what we're going to do" Priscilla said in a hushed tone. "I'll kill off those birds but that'll take time and the witches might notice when I do so, but I can paralyze them while doing so. When I do you sneak in with Kris inside slowly, Kris you'll?" she instructed carefully looking at the time though they have a few days left but better now or never, she thought and shrugs. "Use my magic so they won't see or feel our presence" Kris responded and then started muttering something under her breathe. Pris nodded and placed her attention back to Remi "Guide Kris please because she won't see anything using the spell, she has an option to see but it'll waste magic and needs a lot of concentration. You have to check the girl and your surroundings. If they notice you, you both are should protect yourselves and each other, same thing if they attempt to hurt the girl, a monster attacks you, or I bust in" she (low-key) commanded with eloquence and seriousness, a tone like of a general. "You sound like Roux..." Kris muttered. Pris ignored her "Any objections?" She asked Remi in a caring and motherly tone.
  13. PrislyDawn

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Men..." Aurore grumbles under her breath. "I have no memory of them before but I hope this not what they are like" she sips her tea. "Can we just ignore everything wrong that has happened and start drinking beer. Causing a bigger mess but hey, we're drunk" she suggested while tying her hair into a bun "I forgot how being drunk is like but I have an itch it'll be fun" she slightly giggles but she doesn't know why. "It'll be on me" she offered @Naralia @Velinquish @SquirrelMonkey @MrAce
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    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    "You can just save the girl and take her to safety if you want to. I don't want you to do something like that" Priscilla shakes a bit but claps her hands "My sister went that way" She holds Remi wrist and starts running. "You do know you can ask me to slow down" Kris said nonchalantly as she appeared running next to them, not even breaking a sweat unlike Priscilla. "I know but you like running so yeah!" She supported her sister that just shrugged and ran ahead again.
  15. PrislyDawn

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished [ToL quest]

    "Yeah we do" Priscilla assures and reaches in her bag, pulling out what seemed to be a crystal ball as large as her head. You might wonder how did it fit in there but is it necessary? Anyway, she starts shaking it and slowly it starts glowing and floating as well. It was bright like an ordinary lamp but then she pops it like a balloon surrounding them like a hundred fireflies. "There we go! Don't worry, it'll follow you" Meanwhile Kristabelle was holding out her hands, concentrating on something. "The witches are there" she points "Follow me" she starts running Priscilla turns around surprised "Sister wait a sec!!!" She runs her "Also Remi? Do you want to kill one of them or just us?"