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  1. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    She greeted Nat. Carol gathered a small crowd with the end of obtaining a job. She acknowledged the members with a nod and slid the ring into the lining of her skirt. It was likely that this small piece of jewelry was involved in her murder. She needed to find out what had happened. Even if she distrusted these people, the corpse was in dire need of silver, and she could see that the abilities of the individuals would make them invaluable as a team. " Carol," she whispered walking up to the woman," I need help." She showed her the ring which had been cloaked in the dress earlier, " I recognize this thing, it- I think it belongs to the Coucy's house. Help me get to them. " The slimy little creature hissed in frustration at being thrown outside the bar. It snuck back in as soon as the door opened and climbed the rafters to watch the Coucy dismantle the ring from her skirt. Smart girl, it thought. The animal sent a pulse through the air. Back at the dilapidated Coucy estate, an older man in a ruffled blue suit felt a pulse in his imitation of the Coucy family ring. He stared at it disbelieving. That bitch, he whispered. "Bring back, the ring" he ordered the creature.
  2. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Not that she remembered, but in her past life, Lady Abalena was known for her intimidating gaze. Her dark eyes could crumple the wills of warriors. Now, watching Carol avoid them made those memories dance on her brain like a name would on the tip of someone's tongue. She ran her hands uselessly over the creases of her decaying dress with a frustrated air. Her fingers passed over a frigid lump netted into the lace of her dress. She turned the material over and found that the lump was particular to the upside of the lace, as if it didn't exist on the other side. She studied the flat mesh curiously. She turned it over, inexplicably feeling some weight on the spot where the mass manifested. She clinched the fabric in her left fist, concentrating on the discontinuity of the situation. She drew her fist back, the fabric protesting, heating up, and then cooling to its cold temperature. She felt a second object corporealize from the lace. She opened her palm and found the delicate material of her skirt and a mysterious obsidian ring in it.
  3. Tavern of Legend OOC

    I think it'd be good to start one. Been a little too busy to respond, but I'll try and follow the order. For the hell of this story, would y'all be interested in starting a new thread?
  4. [Skyship Aria] [Event 7] [Cutpurse Cove] Next Day's Morning

    After a few minutes of unsteady flying over the sun-baked city, Flit detected movement on the ground. It hovered in place focusing on a group of four bodies arguing in an alley. Its left eye turned dark green, activating deep-inspection-mode, the members were individually scanned for heart-beat activity, body temperature, x-ray, et cetera. Flit hesitated, based on the data his holo had collected, these individuals had a high blood-alcohol ratio. Would his little darling Hayden really deal with such folk? A stream of data, much like a flash of memories passed its cognition center: Hayden Gambling, Hayden stealing, Hayden lying, really the list was so extensive the bird stopped the reel prematurely. Hayden would deal with these folk... Three judgemental clicks reverberated in its chest as it descended towards this crowd. It floated towards the center of the circle catching all the crews attention.
  5. " Eww..." gags the teenager," Get out of here, loser."
  6. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    The tavern manager served the small pink brain on a small silver platter. He smiled half hospitable, half disgusted by the dish and served it in front of her with one of those large, thin, fancy forks rich people used to filet meat. She didn't return the smile; she glowered at him under her tangle of black slime-slicked hair, until he retreated hurriedly. She took the fork and dropped it pathetically. It was like trying to hold a stick with a second pair of sticks. She looked at Carol, too invested in the parasite to see. Iani, pretended not to look. Which was fine by her, the ordeal was upsetting enough without someone gawking at you while you ate. She picked it up secretively and bit down. It was liquidy, some of the matter actually dripped down her chin. She didn't bother wiping the juice. She tipped her head and slurped the remains from her fingers until it was gone. She explained unapologetically, but not unkindly, in a hoarse and airy voice, "First time I tried them." "Thanks," she said motioning simply at the panther. Her voice still hurt, but it had only been proper to thank Iani out loud. She didn't have that same respect for Carol, who was studying the critter with a gloved hand. She went over to her as dignified as a shambling corpse could afford and stared her directly in the eye, trying to say all she wanted with a simple hard look, Who are you?
  7. Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hey, I'll post tomorrow. sorry for wait
  8. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    She stared blankly at Iani. She studied the countertop trying to figure out what it meant. She brought a shuddery hand to her cheek. It was a light smack rather than a caress as she'd intended. Her hand came back inexplicably wet. There was also a panther staring at her from the corner of her eye. Her bobbing head kept it in check just in case. An inquisitive woman marched by behind the panther. ~•~~•~ She quivered, her pet? The beast stared at her in confusion and she sort of shrugged at it.
  9. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    A hand penetrated the packed layers of ice and decrepit sediment. It extended against the gusts of wind, jerked itself to the ground and cut its way across the ice, growing into the sludge-covered body of a girl. She dragged her mangled corpse from the pit until only her legs remained there. Steam rose from the cadaver, as it heaved in silence against the snow. It'd nearly stopped breathing before it was disturbed by the faint hum of music. She picked up her head catching sight a glow in the distance. She reached her hand out, her vocal chords contracted with a hack; something was lodged in her throat. She groveled on her hands and knees until she the willows set her on her legs. She steadied herself on her branches again every once in a while on her way to the bar. Her consciousness drifted in and out through the trip. Someone screamed, black, she stumbled through the entrance of a tavern, black, she pushed herself through a crowd of bodies, black, she stooped over a bowl warm yellow liquid with greens, this stayed. She pushed the bowl aside clumsily.The smell disgusted her. She tested her voice again, her vocal chords grated against the dirt trapped in her throat. It sent a cramp to the center of her abdomen, where an old mysterious lesion festered. The flesh around it was tainted black from the minerals it absorbed in the grave. The sensation doubled her over in a gag. She would've been comforted by spit; by anything human, but what came out was only more soil, rocks, leaves. She wiped what she thought was saliva from the corner of her mouth.Instead, a critter plopped onto the counter. A sob rocked her body as the critter writhed upsidedown with it's legs in a frenzy.
  10. Tavern of Legend OOC

    hello, I'm gonna join, but I don't know for how long
  11. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    Aw thanks, but I've realized I'm actually gonna be really busy for the next few days. I'm gonna excuse myself. Thank you anyways.
  12. [Skyship Aria] [Event 7] [Cutpurse Cove] Next Day's Morning

    Hayden zapped up the rope and scrambled onboard, covering her head thinking someone was trying to get her. The gunfire stopped and she began to collect herself when she became entranced by her surroundings. "Wow," she whispered, crawling up to full height, becoming only slightly taller than she had been in her crouching position, "It's beautiful." She scampered about exploring the deck when her eyes caught sight of the big'uns She squealed and ran over to them; She examined the nearest one giddily. It was taller than her, crafted hurriedly from brass rods, held together by an arched frame. She pretended to fire at oncoming enemy vessels, studying the firing mechanisms. It was a manned turret, not automatic, but incredibly fast. She took a rag from the front pocket of her coat and spit-shined the big'un with a sigh. Then she lay her head on it affectionately. This'll be excitin'! she thought. However, she could feel something was off. The crew, her mind clamored the crew is gone! She stifled a nervous chuckle, panicking slightly,"Cecil?! " she boomed. "Cecil? Anyone?" the ship groaned. She sprang off the turret and busted into the captain's quarters, the crew's quarters, the kitchen, and the engine room. It was absolutely dead. Exhausted, she plopped on the floor watching smoke drift up from between the spokes; then, ghostly ascend through some type of chimney. She blew into the smoke, watching her breath carve a translucent path of air into the exhaust fog. She relaxed. Her hands settled into snapping while her mind traced last night's locations. The problem was there wasn't enough time to check them all out before the storm. Flit! She grasped the medallion on her neck and shot up the ladder. Hidden behind the width of a rung, Hayden found the miniature painting of a lady in a whispy rose-grey dress, with outstretched arms, and vivid, almost hypnotic eyes. She felt it, the painting was soft and chalky; it left some dust on her fingers. Graffiti? But wasn't graffiti lewd? Hayden forced herself away from the piercing stare of the little pastel figure feeling estranged and melancholic until a frigid gust of wind nearly blew her off her feet. She pulled off the pendant and rubbed it back and forth quickly as if creating a fire. A yellow light emanated from the center of the metallic jewel, it levitated inches from her face, before taking the shape of a joyous little jaybird. "Flit! Flit! Oh ho!" she cooed as the bird nustled her cheek. "I know, I missed you too," she said pushing him away, " Flit, I need a solid. The ship's crew is missing. Can you find 'em? Last time, they were outside Sylvester's tavern. They must've ran into trouble... " The little bird nodded. "Bye, Flit!" she sang-sung as it fluttered away North. Hayden wrapped the coat around herself thinking about the coming storm. It magnified the lack of company, and now that flit wasn't around she also had nothing to distract her. She peeked into the bridge and smiled. Empty. Ok, she pulled up a lofty chair from nearby and rested her feet on the rudder The last clicks from the bird's motor emphasized the loneliness in the silence. Hayden re-wrapped the coat around herself and began investigating. Inside a random room, she found a rudder and several hologram monitors. She smiled warming up her Hands. There was a lofty armchair stacked away in the corner of the room. She pushed it behind the rudder plopped into it, and rested her feet on the wheel, as she fell into a pleasant nap.
  13. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    So, is there a posting order? P.S. Can I have a go at this with a different character? I think it will be too hard to continue with my current one.
  14. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    (Hi. I'm playing as one of the "bad guys" in this RP B/C action is fun but it is better with a challenge. P.S. Don't kill the wolves too easily. After all, by the end of this, they are getting smarter [sigh]. Well, most of them anyway.) (Feel free to talk and stuff. Maybe we could start an OOC post?) Remnants of flesh hung to her coat in unsavory tendrils of slime and guts dripping towards the ground. She reveled in the strength of her paws and the ligaments sculpting her figure. Every time...every transformation brought her further from Helena's constraints and closer to the beast's instinct. The she-wolf splattered chunks of meat against the alley and left the shreds of her clothing to rot. Perhaps one day, the beast could eliminate the remains of the girl, and leave this instead. She heard a quick slide and hurried to the aid of her comrades, but stopped before reaching the open area. Laying on its side, she saw a perishing creature bubbling streams of liquid from its snout. Disgusting. Carcasses of wolves soiled the winter landscape. She spotted a youngling decapitating the figure of a wolf with his sword. He was quick, presumptuous- "I wanna REAL opponent!" he shouted. Oh he was gonna get one... She spotted two bright yellow eyes from an opposite alley. Words weren't necessary to speak. Steady eye contact translated basic intentions from predator to predator in a blend of thoughts. His ideas were hard to distinguish from hers, but it was considering an Attack. Communication felt like a single brain examining an idea. Words filtered in but every single one loaded with meaning. Attack.Together. Dangerous. Together. Better. Sword. steal. Death. Wait. Others minds joined in Angry. Kill. Brother. Rash! Revenge. Wait. listen. Warm. Back off! she snarled, silencing them. No more dead. Together. Not now. Wait. They looked up to her. Search. study. Gather. Meet. Other knowledge seeped in as she gathered her own intel. Priest. Black man. God? Red woman... a thought...No. something else. Keep clear. Curious. NO! silent Challenging. Sighs. Soldiers! Shivers ran through the pack. Fight smart. She felt small groups of them gathering to eliminate targets more easily. A small group surrounded her, ready for command: Two werewolves, two white wolves. She had a bone to pick with the god. Some of her pack growled infected with her anger. We'll pick his bones apart. sword... knock his sword out of his hands. Watch for the little weapons. They spread in a circle around him. A single thought and they all attacked.