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  1. Tsar

    Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Ah, okay then, I was a bit worried because I remember seeing the "frown" part somewhere. As in, some places of the world aren't able to accept Demon or Vampire, from what I see at least in some Water Cooler threads, I forgot which.
  2. Tsar

    Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Would love to investigate as long as my little Vampire-Demon is allowed to travel there (I assume there are specific locations Vampire or Demon aren't allowed to go, from what I remember and have seen - maybe need to re-read a bit of the lore)
  3. Hello there Hum! Thank you for the compliment. And yeah, that's perfectly understandable from my point of view - Japanese is one of the hardest language to learn after all. I also did a bit of German and French during High School; it was mandatory to pick either, or both of them, and a third choice, Spanish, at the time.
  4. Tsar

    Pictures of Us

    I thought I'd throw my face in here too. It's nice to see you guys.
  5. I guess 'have you back, would be preferable, at least normally. But I suppose 'good to have you' isn't wrong either in this case, haha. And, I really understand that. Though I didn't move to the States, it was to the UK instead - well I was also born there, but I moved around a lot. That's true - English rocks Don't worry I will come to you as well
  6. That's true, I suppose. But yeah I hope I'll be able to see you around - since you seem nice and cool, maybe in the Water Cooler if you have any RP thread advertisement?
  7. But to be honest, I'm slowly degrading in both, compared to my improving English - I'm not as well-versed with them anymore - especially writing. I've discarded their use for the most part, except when speaking over discord or skype to my Korean and Japanese friends back in South Korea. Even with my mom I speak full English at home, haha.
  8. Korean and Japanese, they're my two main languages.
  9. I will make sure to do that! Do you mind if the questions asked are more about writing; like how to improve, and such? I personally feel that due to English being a third language my writing is, at the moment, subpar.
  10. Hello and thank you Hound!
  11. Haha, thank you guys for the warm welcome and, well, return message. Tia, I'll be sure to ask you a lot then I'll take your advice then, Witch. I will be checking those places out soon, as I finish my work in progress character. I think I will enjoy my stay Rose, thank you, once gain!
  12. BASIC INFORMATION General Information Name: Saga 'Oberon' Felgenhauer. Title(s): The Metal Blood Prince, Last of Obyrith Blood. True Age: As far as he remember, he's no older than twenty years old. Species: He is an offspring of an Ancient Demon by a Pureblood Vampire mother. Sexual Preference: Strictly Asexual. Birth Place: Nar Oeste. Gender: Male. Vampire Class: High Lord Mental Profile Personality: Saga, the Observantob•serv•ant   [uhb-zur-vuhnt] — adjPaying close attention to detail; watchful or heedfulSaga spends a lot of time in his head and it makes him appear absent-minded at a glance; a gormless, glazed over look is not uncommon on his face. He is comfortable being a listener and not a speaker, and because of sharp observational skills has become quite adept at seeing things missed by most. He tend to focus on the actual world and things happening around him. He enjoy seeing, touching, feeling and experiencing – and leave theories and possibilities to others. He want to keep his feet on the ground and focus on the present, instead of wondering why or when something might happen. Consequently, Saga tend to be better than most at dealing with facts, tools and concrete objects as opposed to brainstorming about possibilities or future events, handling abstract theories, or exploring fantasy scenarios. Saga is also significantly better at focusing on just one thing at a time instead of bursting with energy and juggling multiple activities. Saga, the Pragmaticprag•mat•ic   [prag-mat-ik] — adjOf or pertaining to a practical point of view or practical considerationsAs intriguing as it may be, Saga sees the world exactly as it is. He is realistic, sometimes blatantly so. His actions are more often based on practical outcome, and not on theory or dogma. Saga have a viewpoint which is relatively free of distorted perceptions, compared to most others. This has the obvious advantage that Saga will never misinterpret parts of any whole pictures: he see it all with little to no distortion. Saga, the Withdrawn with•drawn   [with-drawn, with-] — adjintrovertedHe can be downright fractious at times; he has been known to give a very antisocial first impression. This avoidance of social interaction despite a strong desire to be close to others isn't intentional; this may be in equal parts due to the fragility of his mixed race and fear of his demonic nature. Physical Profile - Height: He stands at a height of 5'8" (173 cm) -Weight: He weighs 128 lbs (58 kg) - Hair: - Eyes: - Skin Complexity: - Build: - Attire: Abilities Basic Ability Vampiric Lineage Ability Eye of Domination: Saga can crush an opponent's will just by concentrating his gaze into a target's eyes, or otherwise if his supposed target concentrate their gaze at his eyes. Those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone he targets must not look at his eyes intently, lest they fall under his influence, the ability under daylight has an effective range of 60 feet, and at nighttime it has an effective range of 30 feet This doesn't happen automatically and, there's prerequisite of looking at his eyes with intent for this to be in effect, if at all. Fear Instilling: A touch variation of the Eye of Domination, which fills a single subject with a feeling of horrible dread that causes it to become shaken. If he loses focus the effect may disappear. It should be noted that prolonged physical contact is unnecessary. Even brief collision; such as lightly touching any part of his form - bumping shoulder, for example, would trigger the instilling. Sanguine: Vampiric Bite: Demonic Lineage Ability Anima: Or soul stones creation, an ability specific to the obyrith line, grant certain abilities when focused upon. The stones' effects are determined by Saga's need at a time: For example, stones may heal light cuts and, stones may also grant greater attack power, speed and etc. for one turn. Once a soul stone has been used, it evaporates into nothing - he can use only one Soul Stone in one turn. Soul stones can be held only by him or another demon. Storage requires a ritual that takes ten minutes of meditation to complete; so that the souls doesn't escape from the stones, if a soul escape a soul stone also evaporates into nothing. He normally have between 1 to 10 anima or soul stones. Siphon: Saga can remove the soul of a living enemy (consensual), materializing it into a hard, soul stone. This siphoning takes the form of a ray with a range of 30 feet. This siphoning can persist on the same target between rounds, provided that Saga maintain concentration on a specified target at the start of each turn. If his concentration somehow failed - due to distraction, etc, or if he want to subdue more target, then the siphoning is interrupted and must be repeated. If the target is slain while siphoning is in effect, the soul is immediately transformed and given to Saga.
  13. Ah, yeah, of course! I'm glad to know there's people available whenever I need a question answered, in regards to the lore and Valucre, at least. Oh, and, aye sir! I am trying to familiarize myself with the lore as I'm typing; currently reading them all on additional browser tabs.
  14. That I will try, since I'm about to graduate, which means ample spare time to be used up for roleplaying around here. I'm excited to meet and roleplay with everyone here.
  15. Hello there, denizens of Valucre! It's nice to meet you all I've only just now re-joined this forum after a long break - and, honestly, I forgot what my old handle (I joined temporarily and did nothing) was so I guess you can go by this one. I entertained the idea of roleplaying here, but I didn't have the time at first, and was far too busy back then to even try. So, I waited a little while, biding my time so I can express my creativity here. Now, though, I'm more free, I am able to realize what I hadn't been able to back then - jumping into this forum, Valucre. To roleplay, instead of merely observing from afar; as I did previously. I've been roleplaying since about 2008, across many forums and eventually a chatting website named chatango, though I haven't been doing all that much of it lately - due to work and college - and other real life issues I'm dealing with. Right now, I'm just re-familiarizing myself with the structure, rules, and mechanics of the site before I go ahead with making a character or two I have in mind. So yeah, please take care of me. And, it's nice to be, once again, a part of the Valucre community.