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  1. Caspian was a bit taken aback by with witch suddenly falling to the ground then his face lit up when he saw Priscilla, he threw his hands in the air "You're alive!" he shouted pointing the sowrd to the ground and nonchalantly stabbing the witch in the back, she let out a death gurgle before she stopped moving. He took the sword out and shook it a bit "Ugh, gross, witch blood." before putting it back in the sheath. "I'm so glad you're fine because I may or may not have handed my sister to a terrified girl and told her to run away in the dark forest, are there wolves around?" He jolted at the sudden flashing images then shook his head "Never mind, somehow she managed to get out of the forest." He looks down at the witch's body "Do we do something about this?" he nudges the corpse with his foot "You know what never mind that mean's someone would have to touch it, let's go back." Caspian said as he turned around walking into the dark forest.
  2. Figuring out that there’s no point to arguing any further Caspian grabbed Remi and saftely put her in his hood, before he runs to help the scared girl he looks back at the sisters one more time “Hope to see you at the tavern.” With that said he went to the kidnapped girl who was cowering in the corner of the room “It’s alright, we’re here to save you.” He said with the calmest voice he could muster at the moment before picking her up bridal style, she was too scared to say anything. He rushed out, running into the forest. It only took him a few minutes of running blindly before realizing that the little light bugs are gone and he can’t see much in the darkness, he wanted to ask Remi for help before noticing a faint light coming from behind a tree, he approached cautiously, it was one of the witches, they split up “Shit!” He muttered under his breath but the poor girl was still scared and she gasped out loud notifying the witch of their presence who turns around and takes out a knife. Caspian quickly puts down the girl and hands Remi to her before taking a sword out of it’s sheath “What do you want? The girl has no use for you anymore.” The witch growled, Caspian got it this wasn’t about the girl it was about the witch they killed, how ironic “Then don’t bring a knife to a sword fight.” Caspian said with a smug grin which made the hag angrier and charged him, “Run to the tavern!” Caspian yelled at the girl before parring the first attack. The girl gets up to her feet and stumbles away from them, Remi’s desperate meowing could be heard getting fainter. Caspian turned his attention back to the witch “Now it’s just you and me, bitch..ha ha, you know because bitch rhymes with wi-ah!” He parried the second attack.
  3. Caspian was watching everything unfold rom his hiding place, he couldn’t do anything in this form without hindering his sister but when the witch attacked Priscilla there was no other way ”Dammit! Sorry sis.” He thought to himself before jumping up on the dresser and then leaping at the witch, mid jump he changed from cat to human and toppled her over, the witch’s head hit the couldron and got knocked out. After catching his breath and letting the witch to burn, Caspian leaned over Priscilla “Shit, shit, shit”, his mind was racing but he had idea what to do, magic was in no way his speciality. He grabbed Priscilla’s shoulders “Hey! Can you hear me?!” Remi was leading Kris to the other witches when Priscilla collapsing on the floor flashed before her eyes “Your sister needs he-“ it’s all she could say before the dark aura enveloped her and she plopped on the ground. She got up and scratched at Kristabelle’s boots, mewing desperately.
  4. Remi was holding Kris' hand "We go in as soon as Caspian shows me what's going on." On cue, Caspian slithers in through the door and quickly climbs up on a shelf. Remi closes her eyes "Wow this house is a mess...uh never mind, the girl is tied up in a cage in the corner of the room behind some barrels, in the middle of the room is a cauldron and the space is cramped, all three witches are inside and....oh they took notice of the disturbance of the crows, they are coming outside." She steps back and pushes Kris as well so they don't get knocked into then opens her eyes and looks after them "Dang, only two." She closes her eyes again, Caspian has moved from the shelf and was now behind a dresser "The other witch is grabbing the girl away!" Remi said with a panicked voice.
  5. She nodded rapidly then spoke to Caspian "You go on ahead and enter the hut as soon as the crows dealt with." He nodded and gracefully jumped down from her shoulder in the nearby bush. Remi then turned back to the girls "Remember when I said the two of us are soul bound? That allows us to see through each other's eyes...this should go well!" she quickly covered her mouth "Oh I hope I didn't jinx it." a sigh escaped her mouth "Nevermind, go on, we're ready."
  6. The more they advanced into the forest the darkness became deeper and deeper, soon enough the glowing bugs were their only light source as the treetops covered the sky. Remi was keeping up with the Priscilla, jumping over the occasional root and running into leaves. Getting a face full of spiderweb almost made her scream but held it down, this would be the worst time to make a ruckus. "There's more than one witch right? Are you sure you can handle them? W-what if they have creatures like...dogs?" Caspian, who was securely perched on her back, rolled his eyes.
  7. Remi was totally mesmerized by the glowing bugs oooh-ing and aaah-ing at them like a little child, Priscilla's question bought her back to reality. She darted her eyes and sighed "I would like to avoid it if it's possible but I don't want to be useless...I'll help you in any way I can!" Caspian lets out a guttural meow "Oh! Ah, I mean any way WE can!" The forest still gave her the creeps but she leaps in "L-let's not make your sister wait...and...uh, save the girls and be heroes and...stuff!", Caspian rolls his eyes. Remi comes to a halt immediately "So, uh, which way did your sister go?"
  8. @PrislyDawn The forest was dark and looming, the tall trees stood like sentinels at the entrance of a place you shouldn't step in. The wind was picking up and strange noises were making their way out of it. Remi was standing in front of the wall of trees, where the trail ended. She was slightly shivering from the breeze and jumping at every little sound, be it just a squirrel scurrying away or the bushes rustling. The tabby cat perched on her shoulders rubbed his head on her cheek in a reassuring way, Remi gave him a chin scratch "Yea you're right, we can do this, we're not alone." She took a deep breath and exhaled "It's pretty dark, do we have any light source?" she asked, realizing that they aren't exactly the most prepared team.
  9. Remi blinks a few times, confused "What else are we supposed to do? It's not like we can just...hand them over, right? And if they are not dead they might escape and put another girl's life in danger! We can't let that happen!" She said with a note of overconfidence in her voice. Caspian lets out a soft meow. "Exactly! Come on we can't waste time."
  10. @PrislyDawn Remi is a bit surprised by the sudden pull but follows her without complaint. After they stop in front of the distraught parents she waves at them shyly "YES..I mean yes, we would like to help you get your daughter back!" She was happy they seemed relieved even just a tiny bit. After they gave them all the details necessary Remi sighed and looked up to Priscilla and said quietly enough that the poor parents wouldn't hear her "Are you sure? Three days isn't an awful lot of time." she scratched her chin "Or maybe it is more than we need? Hm." Caspian woke up in the meantime, not like he could sleep with all this ruckus, and jumped from Priscilla' arms on Remi's shoulders rubbing his head against her cheek, she giggled "Yea yea okay It's going to be fine." She scratched his chin "So, should we get going?" she asked both her brother and her new friend.
  11. @PrislyDawn Remi glanced at Caspian to see if he is okay too but the cat was half way to falling asleep, she rolled her eyes. She shrugged "Sounds good!" a tiny laugh escaped her "It's exciting! This is like, the first actual quest we'll do!" Her smile faltered "Ah! I'm not saying we're completely inexperienced or anything, we can definitely fight!" She facepalms "Just...just lead the way."
  12. @PrislyDawn Caspian gave out a meow that almost had a sarcastic tone to it before smiling, it looked unnatural on the face of a cat. He made himself more comfortable in her arms and thoroughly enjoys the petting. Remi gasps "Oh that's so sad! To not be remembered by your own mother" she said to herself more than anyone else, but quickly realized that might have sounded rude so she continued "b-but hey at least you still have her around and that's greats because at least she's not dead and.." she stopped herself "I'll just shut up." She coughs, changing the subject "So, questing, how does it work?"
  13. Remi was a bit shaken up but gives out a reassuring mew. Caspian claps his hands together "Sounds good to me, alright let's go ask your mother." He get off his chair then stops "Actually...as much as I am handsome,a person would most likely help a cute little girl with her cat than some tall guy with something that resembles a soot sprite." Much to Remi's dismay the sudden aura envelops both of them. On the ground a tabby cat with a deep gaze now sits in Caspian's place and Remi clings around Priscilla's neck so she won't fall on the ground. She let's out a embarrassed laugh "H-hey again."
  14. He's taken aback from the almost too positive response. He let out a nervous chuckle "well, uh, I think it's more the other way around...but first, calm down" he points to Remi who was holding on for dear life "you're still holding my sister." He puts some money on the bar counter to pay off the drinks and stretches "And is your sister okay with this too?"
  15. @PrislyDawn Oh! Okay I didn't check out the ToL quests yet but I'll get to it!
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