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  1. Luck, Fate, and Gambling

    Avilon coughed and groaned weakly as she suddenly felt his strong arms about her lifting her to her feet, her face grew red as she then squeaked as his lips pressed into her. The smoke becoming less of a hindrance as he seemingly gave her a kiss to make everything in her lunges to feel better. After he pulled away she laughed and shivered shaking her head and gulping a bit awkward after the little scenario that just played out, "N-no m-misconcieved intentions here j-just an awkward kiss with a strange semi-human male that I still only know a little bit after one strange night and stay at the beach nothing misunderstood there." She laughed trying to play it all off like she was ok when she was really quite flustered. As she stepped back a few she now glanced own kicking her toes through the sand still a bit startled after all this. "I-Its no problem it is nice being with someone even if they are a little peculiar, kinda funny coming form the gypsy outcast." She mumbled now rubbing the back of her head. "Yes let's continue along our way."
  2. Of Casting and Cookery

    Avi blinked as she heard the remark a large smile swooping over her face as she now pushed forward and hugged Risa tightly. "Oh thank you so much you don't know how long it has been!" The girl hugged her tight before then gently hopping back to give her some room to show the way to the place they would be eating. She never could find the locations that were cheap on her own so it was nice to not even have to work for her meal today, there was some saying that her parents use to say you had to hoodwink or swindle for you meal but now you can just show people and out of the kindness of their hearts they would assist. "Oh wait, you want to eat back in there? Wouldn't they get a little angry after you know ... ejecting us from the establishment rather rudely." She whispered now glancing toward the place she was attempting to borrow some food from. "We could go in the back once more and just russle up a few supplies to cook over the fire with if that isn't to much to ask for? After all it is cruel to not feed the hungry at their door is it not?"
  3. Of Casting and Cookery

    Avi smiled back at her as she heard her laugh, "That feels a bit more cheery I sense good things in your future. Er well I can't really eat in there either since I don't really have any money ... sigh the life of a gypsy always traveling and eating of the land no fine cuisine for me." She pouted before glancing back. Sliding out he cards she began to think, "Would you be so kind to buy me a meal four the payment of your future?" Her voice now acting out the role of the street performer as the cards began to float about the two of them. "I'm the great Priya Avilon gyspy extraordinairio!" Now attempting to have the same sort of enthusiasm if not more so in her own voice after a good firm handshake. After that though her stomach growled hobbling over as she mumbled, "P-please any charity would be gladly welcome I haven't had a meal in two days that wasn't foraged berries." A whimper fell form her hunched over state.
  4. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avi blushed as she now felt strange, a sensation of embarrassment as she was stripped of her clothes before a woman who had confessed her love. Her mind began to change the innocent gazes and touch with perverse ideas of intention as she now began to wonder about how there life could work. Her own thoughts of romance manipulated by the world around them, she to though about men but now that she had her first confession, she began to look at the meaning behind different actions. "I-I'm n-not very romantic, I'm afraid I feel like this is ... going to be one tale that y-you have to keep weaving as I probably will just let down any audience who wants to read your story." Her arms now reaching up gently to hide her breasts, embarrassment of her features before Sel no doubt only caused the emotions between them to boil. Avilon squeaked as she felt the kiss on the back of her neck, her body shook with anticipation as she then heard her question. It was her own fault for escalating things to a point where kissing was now a question. Her voice wasn't speaking up as she shrugged her shoulders seemingly indifferent as she wasn't the type to pass rules in a relationship. "I-I'm o-ok I guess with it?"
  5. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avi's own heritage made her question the sudden idea of Selandra who wanted to hide the idea as a gypsy she was use to being loathed and attacked by the majority of the population. "A misconception that most people have about gypsies is that they think we care about what they say about us. Most consider us slutty tramps who refuse to listen to the law of the land that they lay out. So ... why would I care if they think you are my bodyguard or my dear friend. We could even be adopted sisters as we don't have many families who actually stick together as a nomadic people. Besides, I-I'm not all fun and rainbows, I remember when I first was attacked by the mobs, they through apples tomatoes anything they could get a hand on. They bruised like heck, but eventually my summons couldn't bare it and show them a piece of their mind." Avi opened up her arms and smiled, "C-can we just lay down for now. I-I feel sorta cold and burning right now. M-maybe another bath? E-end they day as it started." Her body was sweating and made her feel rather grimy. Her red flesh not helping as she now tried to pull herself up to a sitting position.
  6. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Hearing the comment only made Avi blush, "Thanks, but I still sorta am I don't even have a good way to earn money. The fortune telling business is not greatlyappreciated I'm afraid. Even if we earn enough for the food on our plate we are going to take a while on our dreams of earning out own airship unless you want to be a pirate." She then opened her mouth inviting another healthy spoonful of soup mewling somewhat catlike as she still felt strange. No one ever did this for her, sit down by her bed and feed her while she was sick. It was a good feeling, her eyes closed once again savoring the noodle soup before then glancing back down. "I am happy you care so much to look after me, but I don't want to you to feel like you need to serve me or anything. Servants aren't really befitting of me," she whispered now raising a hand to the back of her head attempting to get comfortable in their bed. "This room looks nice as well, I-I will try to not cause you any more trouble. I will pay you back for the damage as soon as I make some more money."
  7. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    The shivering body laid there on the bed, her eyes closed as she now began to nestle once more into the chest of her would be lover. Her own heart pounding as if it was beating one hundred beats a minute. Sweat starting to make her peachy skin glisten with even more beauty, after a few minutes of nursing Avi's body would stir, her mouth accepting the soup that was being spooned between her lips. As she ate through she only mumbled, her body slowly waking itself back up as she fluttered her eyes open. A sight of that beautiful elf once again gracing her view as she began to blush looking down toward the soup. "I-I'm sorry, h-here I go again being a handful ... you know you could do a lot better then myself." Avi glanced off at the wall feeling like she had taken advantage of Selandra's heart, she still wasn't sure what to feel for her. There was love, in the inkling of her hearts but it was far more difficult for her to admit then what Selandra had overcome. Avi's face still embarrassed by her own fragile state, "M-maybe I should stay in your arms ... at this rate I might break my ankles if I try to stand up." She laughed making a comment to their earlier travel. "I'm s-so useless," she shivered now closing her eyes as if coming to terms with her own inability.
  8. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    The gypsy nibbled her lip, she felt unsure at first this was all strange but she also knew that it took so much courage for Selandra to admit this and to think she felt that way since they met. Avi gulped and slowly moved in planting a kiss upon her lips, it was the only way she knew how to test her true feelings. A hand reaching up to the side of Sel's cheek as she pushed her back down into the bed her eyes closed as she began to feel the warmth and curves of her lips. The first person she had kissed before in her life, in this manner. The hand gently would lie her back as she still felt a little strange, perhaps that nauseous feeling could subside. The hand gently trailed down her back resting just upon her left cheek as she began to blush. The feeling was quite incredible, and the strangest part was she never thought about how life between two women could be, even her parents had asked her to live and fine a man to live out her life with. Abandoning her way of life all for the sake of love, and here she was a woman willing to abandon her way of life to join on her crazy erratic one. "I-I don't know if I will be able t-to share all the same feelings ... a-at least at first, but then again I am not against the idea of being won over?" She smiled now giggling, her body still raging like an inferno as she winced, a strong flash caused her to then collapse upon Selandra. It came without warning, she had passed out on her own her head colliding with Selandra's chest as she fell. There she would lie shivering as her fever began to take hold of her body.
  9. use gimp or paint and just chop off pieces.
  10. Luck, Fate, and Gambling

    Avi blinked nodding her head, she stared at the cigar for a few seconds before then raising it to her lips. Only a puff, that might have been a wise suggestion if she didn't know what exactly was a singular puff. She quickly raised it to her lips and took what was expected to be a short puff, turning into a large gasps as she choked partially upon the smoke entering her lunges. The largest issue was not dropping it immediately causing a cough and breath in of another puff. Finally after a slight coughing fit she fell backward to collapse on her rear. Another cough and puff of smoke exiting her lunges as she now cringed uncomfortably. "W-w-what if y-you g-got to much?" She tried to ask still wheezing partially from her own incompetence now closing her eyes as more smoked escaped her mouth."N-never again will I touch that in my life," she mewled holding her head between both of her hands.
  11. Of Casting and Cookery

    Avilon let out a heavy gasp, her body now pinned down beneath the ground as her stomach winded her by the force of another body now collapsed upon her. Her eyes crossed before groaning and staring back along herself to see the woman who collapsed on her. "Owie, next time can you not fall on my back." She mewled now reaching toward her back and rolling over. Her eyes now looking over the strange, she didn't know many people but the women she knew were even less. "I didn't really mean to break you fall but I'm glad I guess to have been of assistance. I'll be fine it really is no matter I probably will just look about again for some place where I can find a real meal to eat." As she stood back up accepting any assistance up she sighed before now glancing back toward the gal before her. "Hello, umm so what exactly were you doing in that place? I was simply looking for an apple or something to eat but you seemed to have been arguing if my memory serves." Her arms reaching back to crack it a bit. A wince of pain as she now leaned over cringing. "Ow, that was even worse then someone falling on it."
  12. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avi sniffled and leaned in against the other woman, eyes watering before she blinked a bit shocked form a few words, "W-what?" In an instance everything came back to silence, Avi's face lit red as she seemed to hear it. "L-love m-me wh-" She glanced back now watching the crying Selandra as she gulped reaching her arms about her back a little confused what to do or say in response to this new confession. Avi never loved anyone, she probably never was going to she enjoyed the freedom that came with being a crazy gypsy lady. She now simply held onto Sel's head gently coming her fingers through the hair that was still left. I umm, what do you say to something like this it what am I doing with my life if I suddenly have some woman I barely even knew at the start of the day with such a confessional. I don't even know if I could have thought of her the way she is apparently perceiving me, till well now I didn't even think much of this companionship other then how much fun it would be not traveling alone. After holding hugging her back she gulped now a bit scared about the idea, perhaps she wasn't ready to plan for such life changing events. "I'm s-sorry that I ... I mean ... I didn't mean to make you love me I guess. B-but you only are s-saying that because you were afraid I was a-about to go of the deep end ... r-right?" Avi now found herself petrified uncertain of what to do or say any more after her own tantrum. "I-I-I ..." Avi really ought to have eaten something. She was use to starving herself for multiple days, but the drain on her mana which use to keep her raging on past normal humans and this sudden outburst was taxing. Her face was a burning red, as if burned from exposure to the sun as she shivered. "W-what do I ... s-say or do?" She gulped now providing symptoms of illness.
  13. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon rolled over to stare at Selandra, her cheeks flooded with the salty tears as she wore an angry look, "I-I c-can't eat food w-when it cost you a new scar Sel, I-I hate it! I don't want to see injuries on a companion. W-what is the purpose of becoming a a powerful magician with summoners that have inexplicable power if I can't even control or use them to keep a friend safe." She now leaned her head forward into her chest, tears streaming down her face. "M-my parents f-fought to protect me and died, I-I won't let anyone else do something stupid to protect me. I-If I can't keep myself safe t-then I don't deserve to risk the lives of those about me! Do you understand how it feels to be the one responsible for the deaths of everyone you knew and loved! T-they were fighting off a dimensional beast that would have devoured me simply for my ability to use these s-stupid ... stupid cards!" She pulled them out of her sash now jumping up to her feet and tossing the deck harshly toward the wall. All the cards fanned out, before they could even impact with the wall. The different cards now flipping around to face Avilon and Selandra. With them were the individual beings which were called by them. Worry was on their expression, a corrupting vessel reflected upon them. The more sorrow that entered their hearts the more likely they were to harness her energy for malicious reasons. Her magic was a chaotic force that wasn't to be taken lightly. Avi fell to her knees and wept as the cards began to suddenly spiral about her like a tornado the summons now startled by the escalation. The fool now gulped and whispered into Selandra's ear, "P-please do something this isn't normal for her ... a-and she might be going crazy which is something coming from a fool. I-If you have to force her to listen."
  14. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    "If you need more food, next time you can just ask me ..." Avi's voice sounded fragile as she began to cry, the maidens wandering into the room wouldn't concern her as she felt emotional. The gypsy gently laid down against the bed, she wasn't sure why but she didn't feel like eating, her stomach ached from the lack of food, but her will simply wasn't into it. She was acting a bit childish as she pouted off to the side shaking her head, "I-I'm fine I don't need anything to eat, after all I wasn't the one who went out risking her life. W-what on earth would I have even done to exerted the energy to deserve that type of meal ..." Avi had always fended for herself, it was rather humiliating to be shut down like that when she was prepared. She knew that Selandra meant well but she just felt a bit foolish now. "I d-don't faint from the simple mention of blood ... I only fainted once from the sight ... it was a nose bleed." She added a note that would only help Selandra's argument. Her vibrant spirit wasn't shining through, it was as if storm clouds had swallowed her up as she now sighed. "You should sleep and I will just eat when I feel up for it ok?" Avi's voice lacked any conviction, she was always a terrible poker player as even her lies weren't convincing. She looked at the food and all she saw was an overly gruesome battle that left them in this state with Sel's forehead bandaged up. As she smelled it though her stomach own began to make churn louder as she hadn't eaten since she met her or even before her bath.