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  1. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon clapped her hands together, "All right then I will start our brand new tour around the world! First thing is first I suggest you keep some stuff that way we can still get out of predicaments." A giggle punctuated her statement knowing full well that safety was a rarity to come by and equipment or magic was a good means to keep one's own life. "And who ever said you weren't a good person you have been nothing but gentle with me, I'm sure that the rest of the world never gave you a second glance," reaching her hands up in the air she then offered out her hand. "Lets go on an adventure, with your ability and my artistic ability we will be unmatched!" She hadn't figured out what was going about everything was strange when it came to their little journey but here they were about to take a brand new chapter in their books. After a triumphant pose her stomach began to growl, "Ugh first we should start foraging for a meal again since I don't have the money to sit us down at some nice place. I hope you enjoy a lot of berries."
  2. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon growled, her eyes unamused as she realized thanks to the Fortune's magic this effect of being a partial bunny girl would stay for a fair amount of time. After a while though she hopped over and onto Selandra's back, "Off to the castle in the sky to get our own airship!" Mounting Selandra like a horse of sorts her cute bunny tail was now eye level with the captain and her chest resting upon the helmet mostly uncomfortable. "So cold," she shivered now sliding down partially using Selandra as a windbreaker. "Why did you have to pick the one thing that would be chilly right before going into the sky," her voice took and obnoxious tone as she now draped herself over Selandra's arms. "You don't have room for two in that armor of yours by any chance?" It was mostly a joke, Avilon would cope by shaking her body and jumping up and down as she slid right back off of Selandra. Her costume now fitting her actions and movements as she bounced up and down for warmth like a real rabbit. "We're off to see the Lord, er what exactly is he like by the way you haven't gone to much into detail about him? He isn't the type who drools over chicks with any sense of fashion right? Oh gosh is he actually super pimply and fat unable to get out of his throne without the help of his man servants hoisting him up on a palankeen. "Second thought, let's not go visit him I always get anxious about reading ugly people, their fortunes are never good. On top of the fact it probably is going to have all this misery and self hatred for having to rule. Oh let's go watch a play instead we can both sneak in through the back and watch as extras."
  3. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    "Of course! It wouldn't be as fun as a one woman show, we will have to make it the most extravagant binanza ever seen who know's maybe it will be enough to get you your own personal airship show." It was a few seconds later when Avilon's eyes widened though seeing the view of the gigantic vessel that they were about to board, "Does he really need a bigger boat?" The awe and amazement of the Scion of Mars was breathtaking as she actually hiccuped to remember that breathing was in fact necessary for her survival. "T-that is rather beautiful, though I think we will have to ask for the miniaturized version instead. I don't think our budget can quite afford that." As she heard the comment of start up money she clapped her hands, "That's perfect and we can perform first for him to show him that the investment will not go unappreciated!" As she turned around she watched the rather peculiar exchange of expressions. An inquisitive brow raised before asking, "Is there something I should know about? What were you gonna say captain?" The gypsy now inquiring of the pilot who seemed to have been silenced by the gladiator. If nothing was to respond she would frown, but her suspicions wouldn't be alarmed, unlike her summons who now were a bit alarmed. The Wheel of Fortune appeared before them now blocking the view of the ship with it two women wielding strange revolvers as they looked at the two, "Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows." Without warning the wheel halted upon a strange image as Avilon now frowned at the two. "Hey I didn't ask for you help now did I?" She grumbled now a bit agitated before the magic took hold and turned Avilon into what seemed to be a bunny girl. Her ears drooped and her outfit ... skimpy to say the least. The remaining tarot cards all facepalmed as a result of the intervention.
  4. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon smiled, relief entering her expression once more realizing that she wasn't some kind of hostage or the like, that would have been quite distressing after all. After a few more tiresome hours she was eventually set back down to wander along side Selandra. "You must think quite highly of Lord Rivet? I must admit I don't know anything about him or anyone. Most don't think twice about a lowly gypsy such as myself. Though that is also a blessing as I don't care much for them either. They all seem to be rather stuck up and egotistical if I do say so myself. An lacking tolerance," She grimaced having dealt with a few who had hated her people and ordered a round up of a few of her family members. The memory was enough to cause her fist to clench in anger. "S-sorry so the airship is owned by him right, are you one of his explorer's or something which is why he rents it out to you?" The exchange of money informed her that it did come at a cost, she now felt a little cheap hitching a ride without offering up some sort of compensation. "Tell you what, I don't really use my own money I earn so why do I start up my own traveling show to help pay for the expenses of this airship for you. I mean, at first I might have to ask for a loan I suppose or something but maybe we could even make an adventure of it!"
  5. Luck, Fate, and Gambling

    "Hmm, I must admit I haven't been able to explore the luxury of fine cuisine let alone a full meal. I'm mostly nomadic in nature so I don't really have any place to stay and thus don't get to know many of the venues at the towns I do visit. On the road I mainly eat whatever I can forage, berries the occasional squirrel if I manage to catch one." She moved in close giving a whispered, "That's far and few between though most of the time I just follow them and eat the nuts they have collected since they are easy to catch. Seafood though, I don't really eat that much as I'm not that great at catching the slippery suckers ... I also don't like the way their eyes stair at you while you're ... well you know." A squeamish squirm shot up her body, each part echoing that of a dance maneuver as she finally grew still. Avi continued to eye the smoking man, she arched forward before asking, "What exactly does that taste like? I never have smoked anything before but I have had a few highly inundated individuals approach me reeking of various herbs." She didn't touch much of those luxurious item's because they were just a waste of money in her eyes when she could have bought a real meal.
  6. A One Night Plan

    Her brow furrowed a bit questioning, she didn't really know why the second man was stuck there blinking at her, "Erm sorry if I was wrong I'm still quite bad at this reading people. You don't have to pay me anything ..." A cringe worthy face if their ever was, Avi now glanced down to her shoes a bashful fluster filling her tanned cheeks. As they entered the bar though she was caught off guard. At the remark of foolishness though she began to giggle rubbing the back of her head, "I wouldn't go that far, after all I have my own fool in my deck and I'm probably ten times worse then him, and at least twice as much of a ditz. After all my friends do all the magic they just use me as their catalyst upon the world. Frankly I'm lucky that they chose me as I'm probably the least capable of reaching their full potential." Modesty was a virtue, one that Priya often humbled herself to admit to, in truth she really knew nothing about the two other then what the cards dealt for her. "The name is Priya Avilon, gypsy in training, and novice summoner. Though they decide whether or not they want to be seen not me." "A meal will be deeply appreciated, as for the game I hope you don't mind we umm just use poker chips. I don't have any cash, it just is bulky and ways me down on my travels." Both hands reached into her coin pouch dropping out what seemed to be a mess of four or five leaf clovers that she had picked on her way over. A keen eye and horrible judge of character is what she brought to the game as she now sat down glancing between the two men who were escorting her in. "I don't really care, I'm open for parties though I must admit I was hoping to have a slow night, a little drink some food here or there and maybe pass out under that table for warmth." She wasn't even lying about that last part. A rather immodest expression now on her face as she rubbed the back of her head with squinted eyes. @HollowCipher @Fennis Ursai
  7. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    "Floating ship!" Her excitement matched by her confusion at the statement as she hadn't frankly seen many seafaring vessels let alone skyfaring. Her pupil's dilating like a puppy dog that was on the brink of breaking into tears as she threw her limbs out in every direction with an exclamation of excitement. "Yay I always wanted to see the world in style and now I finally get to see it from above! How on earth could I hate you for offering me something that I never dreamed of experiencing you big dope." Avi moved in close giving a kiss upon her helmet before now bobbing her head back and forth humming a marching tune for Selandra to help her pick up her pace. "To the great airship! Adventure is out there, the freedom of of air rushing all about oneself under their wings like a bird gliding through the clouds. Oh I can even put on a grand performance fit for a king. Wait how did you afford such a ship?" Her jubilant rant quickly turned about to a more serious matter as she now looked confusingly back to her gallant knight. "Is this a loaner or did you kill all the people aboard it and take it as your own? Are you a pirate! Wait does that make me a pirate or just some random girl that was picked up along the wa-" She stopped as her brain began to ponder this train of though, "Er if you were a pirate then ..."
  8. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon giggled at the remark now waving her legs about mostly out of amusement, "I never had a girl sweep me off my feet before." A finger was then raised to her chin as she tapped it contemplative, "Come to think about it I don't think I ever had a guy sweep me off my feet though that is probably because I flat out just turned them down. After all us gypsies are free spirits who enjoy traveling the world. As for my dainty little ankles I'm not quite that fragile silly, though I don't mind being carried so long as it doesn't give you any bad memories. I wouldn't want you to feel indebted or ... servant like doing this for me ..." Avi's once pleasant expression faded as she began to think that her position was just another form of enslavement causing her to think that she had to protect her for some reason. "Er ... I guess you can do what you want, though I would like to ask where exactly are we going? I mean we aren't at the village that we are near so if you were wanting to find us a room to rest at you sorta went the wrong way?" "Or is this some sort of surprise party that I wasn't suppose to be prepared for, I mean I don't even have any gifts wrapped yet to give to people for showing up. I actually don't have anything for wrapping either. I suppose I could buy something when we go there ... if I had money. This is quite the predicament," she hummed now thinking about what on earth was in store.
  9. The Tarot Girl

  10. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Each attempt to bit into the hard metal caused a uncomfortable grimace, the slight 'Tink' as her head moved back in once more to slowly bite at it only to pull back once more. Eventually she gave up as she simply lied there against the cool metal warrior, her eyes briefly fluttered before growing accustom. Her body still a bit weak but realizing that their was movement, not by her own feet which still were dangling freely. Even her clothes were once again upon her body as she now looked up to the figure, she hadn't really caught a great glimpse of the elf before in her armor as she now stared blankly toward the walking tin can cradling her. "H-hello? Erm sorry for falling asleep I guess on you ... I don't usually try and do that. You can put me down now if you want, if it's burdensome ... else I suppose I will just dangle about for a bit." She laughed smiling back up toward the knightly figure her eyes staring down over herself as she thought about how she probably appeared like some feeble damsel being whisked off by her savior. "I didn't say anything ... right." She now spoke at a whisper a bit awkward that she may have gone into some strange details about her past or remark upon the fact that she would have spanked her companions plump rear if she wasn't coherent enough. Her head still resting against her cool shoulder as she simply began to wiggle her feet about.
  11. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Priya's eyes began to flicker in and out as she felt her already sleepy body drained, her eyes still closed as she began to mumble, each passing second that more magic was drained it became less and less coherent. "You'll be safe ... I'm safe. So soft ... I'lgah turkey map ... here." As her body slowly began to collapse out from it's own ability to hold itself up, she was fully propped up against the elf her head now resting firmly between her bosom as if she was simply a large babe being tucked in for a nap. Every muscle in her body felt sapped partially from the drain, her mouth even began to spread leaving subtle strand of saliva cutely dangling from her lips as she began to breath softly to her slumber. All her summons were helpless now, they hadn't prepared for anyone sapping their master to the point of peaceful slumber which simply left them stuck in a state of flux staring and panicking. They never let a situation get this far, even under normal circumstance they were able to manifest themselves on their own, but magical means that sapped magic caused even that ability to crumble out from under them. A gentle smile was across her lips as she mumbled incoherently in her sleep, every once in a while a few words would make it out. They were along the terms of, "So bootiful" and "dat tickles." A giggle would generally follow as she was moved about the grassy bed she knew so well treating her bare body quite nicely till fully dressed and prepared for travel. A hand reached out pushing up against her companions lips as she began to speak in her sleep, "Shhh-shh-shh they won't know about t-the treasure it's all ok." She said as if she was possibly in on some treasure hunt before nestling back into the muscular body of Selandra. After that final out burst the only real sign of life was her random gnawing at her abductor.
  12. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Avilon's eyes perked up a bit as she offered a smile to the scary lady, her eyes now filled with compassion as she also listened to her tale of woe. A life as a slave was something that Avi never would have pictured for anyone, let alone someone as fearsome as the one before her. A silky skin touch would now press deep into her bosom, as tears streaked down Avilon's cheeks sympathizing with the elf's hardships, "T-that's horrible. H-how could someone be so horrible to own another human being, l-let alone treat them in such a inhumane fashion. No living creature sentient or not should have to bare such cruel treatment!" Her voice was reaching a passionate shout as she chastised the mistreatment of this woman. The gypsies head pressed straight against her chest, her thin arms now wrapping about her in as pitiful of an embrace she could muster about the large female. "Take me to them and I-I will give them a piece of my mind and that of my friends who will bring them to justice for t-this atrocity!" She couldn't bare such intolerance, she was so fun-loving and perky that any act of racism or condescension to another irked her to no end. "I-I'm only glad that you are now free and away from them," Avilon continued to lean into her warmth enjoying the comfort of holding her new companion, and may she even dare to think friend. "Don't worry, I won't let another mark to blemish you," a sniffled ended her little rant as she now rested against her. Another flaw she had was her inability to properly plan out her sleeping schedules as she felt a little weary as she now leaned upon Selandra.
  13. Luck, Fate, and Gambling

    As the devil girl's grew their tails and horns from behind Avilon they were surprised by the sudden departure of the one who was accompanying them now gently lifting up their summoner and heating the water off her body. Steam floating off her as if in a complete fog as she two began to wander out from the water to accompany him upon the walk she had offered. Her hands draped to her sides as her hips swayed side to side with each step till she reached the pile of clothes the two on either of her arms disappearing now form sight as she nodded reaching down and lifting the clothes up and sliding them on over her head. It was the same outfit, it probably needed to be washed as well but that could be done at a later date. Her head whipped back as it slipped through the blouse hair flowing backwards like a waterfall as she nods. "Don't mind them, they are just silly sometimes and overly motherly. I think you will find that my stories tale has no end in sight. I plan on adventuring and exploring for the rest of my days. "As for the walk do you think that the weather will continue to accommodate us?" She rose a finger up toward the horizon a rather large storm cloud was on route, grant it they probably had till dusk before it hit, barring wind conditions and the pace which the clouds were traveling at. One arm reached out as if accepting a dance form her partner.
  14. With Loneliness Comes Desperation

    Priya froze in place, she normally wasn't the type to show such frugality while in the presence of another naked companion. The comment of murdering those who had seen this display was a bit off-putting as she wasn't the type to fight let alone for her own life. Her arms slowly began to wrap about her own bust one hand gently massaging up toward her neck as she still stood petrified examining the scars about her body. Oh the stories they could tell or conjure in the fortuneteller's case as she began to contemplate gruesome battles each one ending in this elven woman's victory. A chill shot down her spine as she began to contemplate a new technique that didn't end up with her disemboweled floating int he lake. "I umm, guess I am lucky that I'm not being categorized into those two options ... r-right?" Avi stuttered hoping to make sure that her intentions were not to mislead her into letting her guard down. Even if the answer was yes a pinch in her stomach continued to stab into her gut. As she watched on in horror and awe she gulped gently wading over till she was beside her gently opening her hands before asking politely, "D-do you wish for any help while you bathe. I could maybe comb your hair or something if like?" An offer of service to the scary warrior, Priya knew that it would be futile to try anything, it was best to just play it safe and beg for her life if it was to come to that. If all else failed her summons would begin to jump into action. The deck still cradled in the tree as she moved in once more. "I'm just a lowly gypsy sorta searching for a place to settle down. People call me Avi but I'm Priya Sevid Avilon. At your fortune telling disposal. Er and bathing assistant now." Her eyes drifted back down painfully to the scar that had destroyed her ability to procreate. "D-did those hurt?"
  15. Of Casting and Cookery

    Avilon yawned,the strange scent of liquor and cuisine all rolled up into one fancy shop, the gypsy glanced in through the window one hand inquisitively reaching into her pockets to check how much she had on her. It wouldn't come to a surprise that not even loos change was jostled, a sigh escaped her lips as she waited by the front door looking for pay check that could accommodate her. A mental check list writing off a few of the less formal men who did have their eyes upon her bust, but none of them she judged could actually pay for the lavish meal she had planned while entering this establishment. After a few minutes with no success, Priya grumbled and peeked once in mouth watering as she looked in through the chef's window at the meals. Her eyes then staring over toward the slightly cracked door that led in through the back. "They won't miss just a little," she mumbled sneaking about the edge of the establishment quickly shuffling through the kitchen crawling on all fours to be a tripping hazard if nothing else. It wasn't to stealthy as she crawled along the floor and looked up as she heard someone yelling at the chef. "Secret ingredients?" Curious now for this secret ingredience she began to crawl about till a waiter tripped with a clatter over her causing her to make a discomforted "Oumph!" "Sorry about that," she whispered patting the prone individual now on her level before crawling back off once more this time to escape the restaurant. @Fierach