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  1. Name: Ashton DragonClaw (sometimes goes by Talon, but only in rare instances) Race: human Age Appearance: 23 Actual Age: unknown to all but Trevor Wisegem Hair color: Brown Eye color: unknown to all but Trevor Wisegem. Voice: Strong, intimidating when serious, but comforting when relaxed. Height: 6'5" Weight: 180 lbs Build: Slightly muscular Best Friend: Trevor Wisegem Appearance: Wears a blue blindfold, along with a blue overcoat, made from the hide of a dragon. Leather sheath for his axe, which is on his back. Allows easy access to Ashton's weapon. leather warrior boots/ gauntlets Light armor mostly, wears a chainmail shirt. Pants are simple, looks a lot like jeans, but made from the hide of a mythical deer. Scar that goes across his right eye, mostly covered by blindfold. Inventory: His weapon is a battle axe given to him by the gods. This is a magical, unbreakable, and very sharp blade. It can deal massive damage to a demon, and will cause serious harm to a simple human. Has two daggers hidden in his overcoat Rarely used. A shiny teal crystal. Rather large. Large satchel by his left leg. He wears a belt that isn't ever really seen, but has many pouches to carry different things like runes, which he tends to collect. A small pouch with a storage enchantment. Used to carry his gold. Skills: Though blind, he is an incredibly remarkable and amazing fighter. His blindness cripples him in no way when it comes to combat. He's well adept with enchanting with runes, not actual magic. Excellent drinker. Great when it comes to words (talking his way out of things/ into things) "The greatest man I've met. He's a good friend." -Trevor Wisegem (luv ya bud) High Endurance When enraged/injured enough, he goes into a berserker rage, hitting harder, running faster. However, this also can be a bit of a weakness as he becomes more predictable with his attacks. Pretty musically talented. Can fight with any weapon Inventory/ Weapon Abilities: The large crystal is used only in emergencies, as it takes fifty years to recharge. This crystal creates a portal, breaking through the multiverse as well as space and time, that leads directly to Trevor Wisegem. He uses this when he is next to dead. His battleaxe can do many things. Never dulls Burns the unholy Can be summoned back to him from anywhere. When in berserker rage, his battle axe grows 3X it's normal size, while remaining extremely light. Strengths: Strength itself Can hold his liquor Endurance Charisma Speed Hearing/smelling Loving someone's personality Weaknesses: Sight (lol) Easier to hit when in beserker rage Using Magic (though he can do some minor healing thanks to Trevor Wisegem) Likes: Trevor Wisegem. He is his best friend, and is often seen not too far away from him. A nice relaxing drink at the tavern Dragons Music. Weapons His guitar People with mutual respect Dislikes: People who think they're better than everyone. Often enjoys shutting these people up. Demons Evil Gods Blood magic Dark magic Being decieved Liars Cheaters People who like appearance, not personality
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