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  1. The lands change, each one different from the last that she visited. Each having their own personalities and the treasures that called to her. Again the girl had boarded another ship and sailed off the the wild. Standing on the deck, the wind brushed itself across her face, pushing back long golden strands of hair from a pale face. Kaia was on her way to a new area, in search of some kind of treasure that was both risky and thrilling to steal. It wasn't her first time doing this and it definitely wouldn't be her last as the air ship sailed to the island. Excitement coursed in her blood, looking around at all there was to see. Sky blue eyes lighting up at the adventure that lay before her, this was it another spot on the map another trip. "Let the games begin" she whispered to no one before taking a deep inhale of the clean fresh air.
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    Basic Information: Age: Unknown Height: 5'6 Weight: 135 Hair Color: Golden Blonde Eye Color: Extremely light blue Race: Unknown Full Name: Kaia Rain Moon Background Information Born to rather eccentric parents who thought naming their daughter Kaia Rain Moon was a good idea, she comes from a small family with no siblings and very little interaction with the outside world. Little information is known about her currently. [Edits will be made as information becomes known]
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    Kept in the dark. It wasn't a hard request she would simply send word to him that she hadn't found out where Xartia was yet and hopefully he didn't upturn the kingdom and send everyone out on a wild goose chase. Her brother was definitely one of a kind and did before he thought it out. Tri-colored eyes followed his movement as he emptied his glass and waited for a moment before he would answer the question of playing wolf, he seemed to be full of surprises and never a dull moment to be had. Tracing his movement as he stood up on expensive shoes and made way towards her person. Leaning a bit forward as he showed her the scar(s) that decorated his arm, a permanent discoloration to his skin tone, it bubbled in a ragged path that separated it from being a scar from a weapon. Claw marks well as teeth made jagged patterns when they tore into delicate flesh, the purpose to simply let a creature bleed out. Without asking for permission the female took the liberty to touch the sensitive scar tissue. "I say becoming a wolf by means of infection is a loss." Head shook while delicate fingertips traced the pattern for a while before hands dropped back down into her lap. Eyes flickering to his face as she began to speak again. "Arrogant doesn't seem to fit you anymore Xartia, little stunts like this might be your great undoing one of these days. But I suppose you gained added benefits of becoming a wolf? Does this mean you turn into a furry beast once a month?" Slowly the woman began to stand from the sitting position on the couch, if he didn't take a step back they would be touching one another when she stood to her full height. Body bent at an awkward angle to keep her eyes locked with his own. A position she wasn't unaccustomed too, after all, Ania had found herself in awkward angles before. @Twitterpated
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    He would just let her walk out the door and get slaughtered without so much as blinking an eye, he was giving her an option not to go and die just yet, a chance to watch from the sidelines for the perfect opportunity to strike. He spoke and all that anger that had been bubbling up inside of her seemed to slowly deflate. Little by little it left till she was just watching him, truly watching him as he mentioned the Winter's Kiss and the fact it wouldn't really do much for her. He was correct with that statement, fae magic and fae drugs didn't do it for the girl. It canceled out her own personal glamour but didn't give her that high so many non-fae creatures really wanted to have, that experience to be fae for a little while. Eyes running over his features and nose finally picking up his scent and the undertones it now held. What on earth had he been doing since they had parted ways, body leaning forward as her nose took a bigger inhale of his scent and a part of her heart ached. It had been a long time since his scent washed over everything, part of her had missed him more than what she would have liked to think. "I will consider staying, but I can't promise that my brother won't jump the gun and get everyone in the kingdom slaughtered over this whole ordeal. The fact that you strongly urge me to consider is saying a lot. But now with all of this set aside you must tell me why you smell like a wolf. I had been to busy with other thoughts that I ignored my nose." Eyes raced the nasty scar on his arm and it took more control not to jump up and investigate his arm fully. Sure she noticed a few physical differences but the fact that he was in front of her had caused her brain to malfunction. Default to why she had come to him in the first place and nothing more but now it was hard to ignore it all. "Get into a fight with a wolf and lose?" A joke, even if he didn't find it funny it was enough to cause lips to twist up into a smile as she leaned forward on the cushion. @Twitterpated
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Ariana hadn't been paying attention to the time or the people that seemed to come and go within the chateau, mind to busy with other things and memories that haunted her dreams when she had dreams that was. The young vampire stood up from the bench she had been perched on for what seemed like ages. Young sparrows that had gathered around her took flight and sored up to the sky, seeking out a place to rest for the coming night a safe warm place to hunker down. With a sweeping look around the courtyard, the vampire made her way back inside. Bright eyes adjusted to the lower lighting as she slipped down the hallways, wondering around till she found herself outside of her own door. A deep sigh echoed out of her mouth before turning around and sliding down the front of it, sitting n the floor till something interesting happened. "What to do" The girl chuckled softly before whistling a song.