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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    I have to play catch up Hopefully I can get a free moment tonight to write! @Etched in Stone
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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    Kept in the dark. It wasn't a hard request she would simply send word to him that she hadn't found out where Xartia was yet and hopefully he didn't upturn the kingdom and send everyone out on a wild goose chase. Her brother was definitely one of a kind and did before he thought it out. Tri-colored eyes followed his movement as he emptied his glass and waited for a moment before he would answer the question of playing wolf, he seemed to be full of surprises and never a dull moment to be had. Tracing his movement as he stood up on expensive shoes and made way towards her person. Leaning a bit forward as he showed her the scar(s) that decorated his arm, a permanent discoloration to his skin tone, it bubbled in a ragged path that separated it from being a scar from a weapon. Claw marks well as teeth made jagged patterns when they tore into delicate flesh, the purpose to simply let a creature bleed out. Without asking for permission the female took the liberty to touch the sensitive scar tissue. "I say becoming a wolf by means of infection is a loss." Head shook while delicate fingertips traced the pattern for a while before hands dropped back down into her lap. Eyes flickering to his face as she began to speak again. "Arrogant doesn't seem to fit you anymore Xartia, little stunts like this might be your great undoing one of these days. But I suppose you gained added benefits of becoming a wolf? Does this mean you turn into a furry beast once a month?" Slowly the woman began to stand from the sitting position on the couch, if he didn't take a step back they would be touching one another when she stood to her full height. Body bent at an awkward angle to keep her eyes locked with his own. A position she wasn't unaccustomed too, after all, Ania had found herself in awkward angles before. @Twitterpated
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Oops been slacking my bad guys Thanks @HumanBean03 Been crazy here
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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    He would just let her walk out the door and get slaughtered without so much as blinking an eye, he was giving her an option not to go and die just yet, a chance to watch from the sidelines for the perfect opportunity to strike. He spoke and all that anger that had been bubbling up inside of her seemed to slowly deflate. Little by little it left till she was just watching him, truly watching him as he mentioned the Winter's Kiss and the fact it wouldn't really do much for her. He was correct with that statement, fae magic and fae drugs didn't do it for the girl. It canceled out her own personal glamour but didn't give her that high so many non-fae creatures really wanted to have, that experience to be fae for a little while. Eyes running over his features and nose finally picking up his scent and the undertones it now held. What on earth had he been doing since they had parted ways, body leaning forward as her nose took a bigger inhale of his scent and a part of her heart ached. It had been a long time since his scent washed over everything, part of her had missed him more than what she would have liked to think. "I will consider staying, but I can't promise that my brother won't jump the gun and get everyone in the kingdom slaughtered over this whole ordeal. The fact that you strongly urge me to consider is saying a lot. But now with all of this set aside you must tell me why you smell like a wolf. I had been to busy with other thoughts that I ignored my nose." Eyes raced the nasty scar on his arm and it took more control not to jump up and investigate his arm fully. Sure she noticed a few physical differences but the fact that he was in front of her had caused her brain to malfunction. Default to why she had come to him in the first place and nothing more but now it was hard to ignore it all. "Get into a fight with a wolf and lose?" A joke, even if he didn't find it funny it was enough to cause lips to twist up into a smile as she leaned forward on the cushion. @Twitterpated
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Ariana hadn't been paying attention to the time or the people that seemed to come and go within the chateau, mind to busy with other things and memories that haunted her dreams when she had dreams that was. The young vampire stood up from the bench she had been perched on for what seemed like ages. Young sparrows that had gathered around her took flight and sored up to the sky, seeking out a place to rest for the coming night a safe warm place to hunker down. With a sweeping look around the courtyard, the vampire made her way back inside. Bright eyes adjusted to the lower lighting as she slipped down the hallways, wondering around till she found herself outside of her own door. A deep sigh echoed out of her mouth before turning around and sliding down the front of it, sitting n the floor till something interesting happened. "What to do" The girl chuckled softly before whistling a song.
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    Ania Corva Pendragon

    Courts: The Corva Kingdom is part of the minor courts of the Sidhe people, belonging to the Unseelie court and their Queen. The Sidhe are thought to be the nobility of all the fae people and are split between to major court systems. Seelie Court: People belonging to this court are known for their incredible beauty and hold everything that is light magic. They are easily offended and often seen within the human world walking among them as well as offering favors in exchange for something. The Seelie people are beautifully tan and glow as if the sun is trapped under their skin with jewel-toned eyes, the royal family are the only ones to hold the triple gold eyes that are sought by all of the Seelie courts a splendid blend of pure gold around the pupil then a ring of honey topaz and to encompass them all is a ring of citrine. Unseelie Court: People of this court are known for their dark tendency
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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    Body relaxed slightly into the cushions of the couch as he began to speak about the ongoings she had missed while being away. Like she had a choice in that, he had simply vanished without so much of a trace. Eyes traced around the room before landing on the servant that had entered, carrying a silver-plated tray with a few items on it. Part of her wondering when he had mentioned for the servant to come or had it been a simple given due to having a guest in the manor. Lips stayed sealed as silence reigned over them as the servant set everything down and bowed to the lord. It was then Ania noticed the pull against the tightly woven glamour around herself, it felt like cold water sliding up her skin trying to wash away her own power. It took the female by surprise for a brief moment. It had been some time since she had felt this pull. Winter's kiss was a special blend from the Winter court, a fae concoction. No better than liquid cocaine. Fast high that made anyone feel like they were a fae and something that could empower an actual fae creature. Or well form her understanding of it. Ania had encountered the substance only a handful of times. By smell Ania was able to tell the wine was of a very good age, already uncorked and ready. Two glasses poured and he left, eyes trailing after him for a moment before returning to the male. Everything in her mind screamed for her not to take the glass but cation was tossed to the wind and only after his glass was taken so was hers. The conversation picked back up and with open ears, Ania listened to the story that was being spilled out. "I'm sure you will refuse to accept my words Ania, though believe it or not, my departure from your company is much outside of my previous intent or doing" A fine brow lifted up in question but the wine glass placed against the lips kept the retort from spilling into the open air. A part of her knew just how deadly the man could be and no matter their previous relationship was, there was a huge amount of doubt that he would spare her. A person could only take so much before enough was enough. Schooling her features into a look that was well practiced with long days inside of the court she would hear him out completely. The more he spoke the faster the wine was consumed as details of what his other spawn had done finally settled in. A grave sensation was starting to sink into the pit of the stomach like she had swallowed a sharp rock. Drama seemed to be following her more and more...correction drama seemed to be following him where ever he was. "Though this Port is an independent nation under the rule of the Scarlet Queen, in which I am her Viceroy" At that last part a low chuckle did spill out of her mouth. So this was what he was currently doing. He was a viceroy, it explained a lot. Head tilting slightly her body leaned forward as he refilled his glass, knowing he would refill hers as well due too the fact that he was a gentleman. But at that moment the girl froze completely as he told her that she was staying. "I'm sorry...what?" Blue eyes blinked innocently at him as if what he said didn't register inside her mind. Did he want her to stay? Stay. Here. With him and all the fuckery he was in with. "What do you plan on doing if I refuse? Drug me with Winter's Kiss?" The glamour that was so tightly packed on slipped away like a sigh being let out, and there she sat in her natural state, a state that only a few had ever seen before. The pale flesh had started to glow like a moonbeam dancing on a placid lake's surface. It was a glorious sight to behold as that long black hair began to shift in color, from dull human black to that of freshly spilled oil. But the real show stopper was always her eyes. Three rings of blue that encompassed the pupil and danced in a cold fire. With such a concentrated amount of fae magic nearby it was harder to keep her shields up. The glow slowly ebbed away and anger narrowed down upon him. @Twitterpated
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    The Viceroy has a Visitor

    "My sincerest condolences." He could make everything seem so much better with words, the way he spoke to you or how he actually seemed to care. It made the fae sick to her stomach, did he actually mean those words or was it another ploy of his. So hard to actually know, how long they had been apart for? Year, the answer to her own question had been years. So many things had changed that she could only take his words as they came, even if her gut refused to believe him. "I am not here for whatever lecture you plan on giving me, Xartia, I know my court will not back down from this. I haven't a clue as to what you have been up too but I do know that your spawn are exactly like you. Plotting and manipulating till their way is the only way and Dante was not privileged to miss that. That boy created more chaos and war as he went, a fitting prince ready to take over the Kingdom by force. My brother is sour that his only heir was slaughtered before he had the chance to do it. He see's this as an opportunity to advance our Kingdom." The woman finished off with a little bit more emotion in her voice than what she would have wanted. Slowly she fell silent as he began to speak of the terrible spawn and what he was doing to this planet, it looked as if he was in over his head as well. So the fae watched him once more as he turned on his heels. Great further into the belly of the beast she went, eyes trailing up his backside. It was an insult if she didn't admire the male, her own culture coming into play at the moment. Fae creatures made no attempt to hide their approval of someone it would be a bigger insult if they did. Moving along to the seating room she simply nodded at his request for her to hear him out. "I haven't been here an hour yet and I am further into your home than I want to be" @Twitterpated
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    Lady of Death

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    Lady of Death

    Backstory: The days of fear of death are never over as mankind marches forward. They have just gotten better at hiding it is all. Death walks among the mortals in many different forms and the mortals have come to call them all by different names. Death God/dess, Shinigami, Grim Reaper and many more the newer generations have come up with. These beings have been around since time first started, the first in taking of air into wet lungs. Deeming who's time is up and how they will go. The story: She has moved through time without incident. Doing her job and growing a custom to the ways of man. Changing forms when it suited her, gaining knowledge of how these mortals worked. Watching and waiting for her time to strike down the big and powerful, guarding her secret from all. Those who gain knowledge of her might find the way to trap her to them, killing off people on a whim and causing a great unbalance.
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    Lady of Death

    Name: Kaori (Ka. ori) Title: Lady Kaori Age: You don't ask a lady that Race: Shinigami Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 Eyes: A mixture of steel-blue and evergreen Hair: Long and straight with thin properties to it making styling a bit of a challenge for her, but nothing is impossible! Naturally the color of white blonde with a few highlights of gold running through it thanks to prolonging exposer to the sun.
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    Lady of Death

    Lady of Death