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  1. Siobhan

    Backstory: The days of fear of death are never over as mankind marches forward. They have just gotten better at hiding it is all. Death walks among the mortals in many different forms and the mortals have come to call them all by different names. Death God/dess, Shigigami, Grim reaper and many more the newer generations have come up with. These beings have been around since time first started, the first in take of air into wet lungs. Deeming who's time is up and how they will go. The story: Siobhan has moved through time without incident. Doing her job and growing a custom to the ways of man. Changing forms when it suited her, gaining knowledge of how these mortals worked. Eventually growing tired of silly wars and countless deaths they created tossing the great balance off.
  2. Siobhan

    Name: Siobhan (shi.VAWN) Title: Lady Siobhan Age: You don't ask a lady that Race: Shinigami Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 Eyes: A mixture of steel-blue and evergreen Hair: Long and straight with thin properties to it making styling a bit of a challenge for her, but nothing is impossible! Naturally the color of white blonde with a few highlights of gold running through it thanks to prolonging exposer to the sun.
  3. Siobhan

    Lady Siobhan
  4. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    Pawns in a never ending game of chess that she was well aware how it ended for people like her. Dead or as dead as the undead can get, she listened to the master as he spoke and only nodding when appropriate. Knowing it wouldn't do well to speak against him with all the eyes upon them. Ariana was smart as she was beautiful but compaired to most vampires she was a baby even with her abilities. The hydra hopefully wouldn't prove to be a beast the legends told everyone. But anything that still lived and regenerated heads after being sliced off wasn't a comforting thing. It was almost impossible to kill it with 11 heads. But he was sure they would all, even the beast, walked away alive or as alive as any of them were. So she simply nodded and followed after him. Burgandy eyes taking in all those that had come for this cause. Faces she didn't know but soon would know very well. Ariana had a few strengths up her sleeve and that was observation and execution.
  5. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    The court yard had been left for the time being as the young vampire moved to her own room to change into something comfortable. The ruined dress was placed in a chair for her to dispose of later. Slipping on a large sweater and a pair of blue jeans along with a pair of flats she slipped back out. Wondering around the halls for a little while. Knowing where to stay out of and the like, no needing her head beinng loft off do to her being in places she wasnt suppose to be. Whistling softly Ari moved back down to the court yard. It was a peaceful area she could play with the sparrows that came to her. Once back out she sought out a bench and settled in calling back the sparrows that loved her as much as she loved them.
  6. The Viceroy has a Visitor

    "Does that mean that you have tied yourself down for a little while? Or is this another politically motivated move to gain something. That my love sounds more like you." Ania stated the facts before giving a soft sigh, Goddess help the poor woman he sunk his fangs into this time. Heart break could make a woman do some stupid things at times. She of anyone knew that first handed, a reason why love was completely out of the question. But there was a true reason why she was outside his door step again. When he motioned for her to come inside there was a mild surprise across her face as he ushered her in. Well that was unexpected in her imagination she had thought he would simple gather the information and send her on her way. That was the game plan and now it was changing. Slipping inside of his manor it took a moment before she was wrapped up in his scent. It made sense seeing as this was his home, but, it brought another wave of images into her mind. "No I am fine. Xartia I didnt come here for your hospitality, I wouldn't have tracked you down to simply be in your glorious presence again." The sarcasm rolled well off of her tongue and a mental pat on the back was given. "Dante has been killed and it is a mere formality to notify you of it. Also the court is gearing up for war against which ever one of your offspring did it." Not even a flinch when she announced her own sons death. He had been an abomination when he was born, exactly what his father had wanted. A monster with fae and elven abilities along with what ever gentic fuck up Xartia was. "I need you to stay the hell out of it like you normally do. Please" oh hell she must be desperate if that word was being thrown around. Feet moving till she was close enough to touch him but her hands never moved to do it. No she wouldn't throw herself at him like the little voice in ths back of her head wanted. No, Ania tilted her chin up in defiance as well as to look at him. @Twitterpated
  7. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    Amber eyes with their flecks of gold and red gazed around area. Ariana knew why she was brought out into this, the master was set on a quest once again. Set on a beast of legend with eleven heads guarding a legendary sword. Myths, faith or religious need would drive people in masses to tame this beast. Ariana wasn't one to dissuade the master when he set his mind to something, the girl valued the immortal life she had. And when called upon the girl would answer without hesitation. The skill set for this quest would greatly aid them. A special ability to manipulate the flowing blood in a person or animal, stopping the flow to vital organs or using the blood like puppet strings to control them. It was a rare ability and made her a little bit more valuable. Pale fingers fiddled with her long hair, taking the strands and separating them into three thick ones. Slowly braiding them together till it was out of the way. Banding it all together with a simple black tie. It would be a good thing to keep it all tidy and neat, fighting with her hair free felt like tiny whips hitting the exposed skin. Not an ideal thing to happen, but the vampire pushed back old memories of first experiencing whipping strands of hair to focus on the issue at hand. "You're going to get me killed one of these days Master Lein." She huffed out before trailing behind the male. Hands shoving into the pockets of the faded blue jeans she felt most comfortable traveling in. They matched the blue long sleeve top. It was perfect for travel and hiding blades along her forearm.
  8. The Viceroy has a Visitor

    There was a shift in the air and for a split second, it felt like electricity ran up her arm. Quickly she reeled her arm back to her side and watched his face shift. It wasn't every day someone was able to touch that precious face of his and stay standing. But of course Ania didn't honestly care about all that, she had seen him at his best and at his worst or so she had thought. But this was Xartia and he was a sneaky bastard. Whatever he was thinking slowly vanished from his face as he let something slip out. A hiss of aggression or arousal...whichever it was Ania refrained from rolling her eyes. "Not my fault you are a male whore, that one got the better surprise on me so I thought I would simply deliver the message is all." Arms crossing over her chest she stared at him with her own little smile. Some small part of her was thrilled with slapping him. But he didn't need to know that, her intentions were simple and her stay short...she hoped. "Of course I look good!" The statement came out a bit cocky but it was the truth. "No need for me to start falling apart, after all, what is a girl without her looks?" Well, there was also brains and brawn but Ania did best with looks she was skilled in that department, another reason she was sent to find him. Something about his soft spot for power and beauty. "Finding you wasn't easy...I had to travel every little rumor mill that started up. One empty bed at a time till something panned out and here I am!" Excitement spilled into the air like a warm brush of fur. @Twitterpated
  9. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    Ariana- Lady of Blood <Dungeons...Halls...Court yard> Ariana made her way up from the underbelly of the chateau, the stench of death has clung to the dungeon like an expensive perfume. Bodies still littered the floor some completely striped to the bone and others managing to keep some of their leather skin. Death had been a numb topic for the female since her own family perished. Being alive for eternity took the shock factor out of everything. It also made her job easier when the emotions weren't there. But for now Ariana was free from duty and thought she would simply wonder around the chateau. Its structure was magnificence and always took her breath away. Auburn eyes danced around the stone and tapestries that hung on the wall. The pale beauty softly smiled before walking the halls further. The white gown moved with silken grace with each step taken. The soft tap of heels were the only sound that echoed in her ears. She needed to get back to her room and change out of this blasted thing. As lovely as it was, it was not functional at the current moment. Playing dress up was simply for things like tracking down threats to the family. Head tilting left to right caused little pops to sound while shoulders lifted and rotated. Even the undead had stress, her job was definitely one of the stressful ones. Yes, she was definitely going to go and change. Picking up speed she gracefully scooted down the hall, happy she didn't trip on the hem and going down face first. Just because vampires seemed to have liquid grace didn't mean all of them were graceful. Upon rounding the halls the female laid eyes upon the entrance to the court yard. A gentle pull had Ariana changing direction for a moment, slipping out into the lavish courtyard. Lips peeled back as her throat worked her vocal cords and the gentle call for her familiar slipped out. The sparrow song came out in gentle chrips, calling them to come.
  10. Ania Corva

    Ania Corva Pendragon Titles: Lady of the Moon, Lady Corva Age: Unknown Race: Elf/fae Height: 5'6 Weight: 135 Eyes: True blue, upon closer view there are three true colors that encircle the pupil. Sapphire closets to the pupil, cornflower blue in the middle and lastly a steel blue to encase them all. Skin: Pale as the moon Scars: Long twin scars run down from collar bone over shoulders and down the back fading slightly midway. Twin scars run over each hip in jagged lines. A new scar runs and under her right breast going straight to the sternum. Family: Ania comes from a rather large family although most of them have passed away from assassination attempts or died on the battle field. Dwindling the number of their heirs down to three. The kingdom now runs with her two brothers. Alton: Father, deceased Melanie: Mother, deceased Balthazar: Alive, current King, brother Ber: Deceased, brother Markus: Alive, advisor to the king, brother Natasha: Deceased, sister Ania: Alive exiled Ari: Deceased, sister (adopted) Nadja: Deceased, sister Dante: Son, deceased
  11. Ania Corva

  12. The Viceroy has a Visitor

    The trip had been a hellish year on stretch that drained the woman in more ways than one. Roaming across vast countries to find a clue to where he had managed to escape too. Oh yes, he seemed to vanish without a trace. Hunting leads after leads trying to scrounge up any detail of his face. Scourned lovers littered the lot and made the hybrid want to scratch her own eyes out. Hearts bleeding still for a demon that came and went like a spring shower. Ania had almost given up a few times but with the standing pressure from a family that wanted the killers head on a stake she wasn't left with much choice. No, life had not been a wonderful adventure that it should of been. No, it had been a political nightmare and a war torn kingdom in the mountains. Dantes death hasn't sat well with the current ruler. Family, even abominations like he was was still family and royal blood. So with only three siblings left they had sent her to fetch the name of the one that slayed him. It was petty vengeance and political bullshit that had swept Ania up and spit her out. But here she was. Following every sniff of the asshole till she landed here. Where ever here was? Upon landing she had been successful in tracking the bastard down. He seemed to have made a name for himself, well, a bigger name. Word had whispered fast and by luck she had managed to get an escort to him. Now part of her wondered if he would even see her. The conversation passed in her head... "...seems to be a woman here to see you...said y'all use to Fuck..." A low snort echoed out as she paced, arms locked behind her back. Nervous energy danced around her. Heart pounding against the rib cage in a jack hammer way. All that doubt about finding him began to flood the blood stream. Although her outer appearance was that of indifference the inside was nothing but nerves and a frantic girl. Hands smoothed down the sweater she had decided to wear for the day, sweater being a lose term considering it ended right under her boobs. A pair of light washed jeans and a pair of black heels finished up the outfit. It complimented her pale skin and those blue eyes of hers. Long black hair had been tamed for the day in a long braid that brushed itself down the back. Ania stood with arms shoved into the back pockets waiting on him. Minutes felt like hours before the first wave of a familiar scent came crashing against her nose. Another moment and she was staring at Xartia. Two steps towards him her right hand flew out of the back pocket. Open palm, maybe she would hit him. The goal was to slap the man across the face, hopefully she succeeded in that. "That's from Sheila" Red lips parted into a lovely smile, hoping against all odds she would land the blow. Every nervous thought faded away at the sight of him. He brought back all the memories she tried to shove into a box and shove it into the shadows of her mind. Yet, here he was. Looking about the same as he had all those long years ago, in the ruins of his kingdom. Fighting for what? This was definitely the last place she wanted to be.
  13. Ariana Vivian Choisel- Lady of Blood

    Name: Ariana Vivian Karling Name Used: Ariana Vivian Choisel Nicknames: Ari, Viv, (Bitch) Title: Lady of Blood, Voice of the Sparrow Age: 427 Age turned: 25 (1591 A.D) Gender: Female Race: Vampire Sexuality: Bi-sexual Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany Birth date: April 8th 1556 Basic information: Destined to a fairly extensive family on the edges of the city she was the main little girl destined to a fragile agriculturist. Six in number siblings that ensured their sister knew how to deal with herself. It wasn't a rich life yet they all survived unforgiving winters and sweltering summers. Dairy cattle loses and edits that wouldnt develop, they all made it, together. So when a rich stray cleared into town and landed eyes upon the agriculturists little girl he pined for her. Yet, class and status bigly affected love and marriage. From a remote place he watched and adored as the ranchers little girl grew up into a stunning lady. Solid and splendid on account of her siblings that declined to go ease on her because of sex. Ariana was lovely and kind a quality that was looked for after by numerous in the town whom wished to wed the young lady. Gradually every suitor that came was dismissed by her siblings, their dad having passed away the previous winter and their mom no longer sufficiently solid to get up from bed. None of the suitors could give Ariana what she merited, even the affluent drifter who's better half had passed away all of a sudden. A mischance because of labor complexities. Be that as it may, dismissing him had just irritated the male and he looked for the ability to take what he esteemed was his own. It didn't turn out well for the male in his journey for control he found a more prominent insidiousness in this world. Ralph wasn't the special case that had eyes upon Ariana. From the shadows a man had been viewing the agriculturist's girl since the loss of her dad. He would cleared in on a night to propose an offering of her most out of this world fantasies. Her family would never again be poor and everyday people, or need to furrow the farmland on the off chance that she was eager to give the vampire an essence of her unadulterated, virgin blood. He guaranteed that forever she would stay as lovely as she looked the night he met her and for once in her lifetime she would be wealthier than any ruler in the land. She didn't know he would transform her into a vampress that same night. Ruler Choisel had been effective even in those days, he cleared in with sweet words and guarantees of wealth as long as she served him. Perhaps it was the cash and everlasting excellence that influenced to him or possibly it was his appeal. What ever it was Ariana was influenced to him that night and bound to him for time everlasting. Memory is an amusing thing, horrible accidents are regularly obstructed in the mind. Ariana can just review blood and fire with gut rerched shouts. Awakening in the dead of the night covered in blood that wasn't her own. The edgy thirst that made her creep with require, chuckling eyes and the overwhelming reality of being a beast. Hair: Long and straight brownish black hair with a few strands touched by the sun in a buttery blonde. Eyes: Deep auburn almost burgundy in the right light. Scars: A long scar runs from under her right shoulder blade down her back, curving over her hip. A small cross shaped burn on her left forearm. Legs decorated with smaller slashed scars from knives and such. A slash across her neck in an attempt to behead her. Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 Bust: 38c Waist: 34 Hips: 36 Shoe size: 7 Alignment: Unknowm Ranking: Guardian Familiar: Sparrows Strength: 3 times as strong as an man. Able to lift and press an automobile. Scent: Extremely enhanced compared to a normal humans. Sight: 3 times as powerful than a humans. Powers: Telekinesis- Mentaly manipulation of matter. Blood bending/calling- Ability to manipulate bodily fluids in an organism. To either control the person or animal to do what she wills or kill them by seeping their blood out of any open orifice. Daywalking- Unable to do such grand feats.
  14. When Paths Cross | A Run in with Genesarean Slavers

    Golden eyes blinked at the woman that turned to her and snapped. Oh he was her's. She staked a claim on him, made the cat want to crawl under her skin and play with her emotions. Lips peeled backed to reveal teeth that seemed to be getting sharper by the second. "Don't tempt me" she warned the girl with a small growl that seemes deeper and louder than what her body should be able to do. Jaguars were intelligent creatures with stronger jaws than a lion, swifter than any of the big cats and it looked like the female had landed in the predators gaze. Kita was normally a calm woman that went with the flow of things but when she felt her fur ruffled for no reason it tended to irritate her. In a land unknown she had little options to chose from either accompany Jin to where ever he was going or try and make it on her own. Easy choice. She was going.