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      I can and do, thank you. You have no control over me.

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    Litalis grinned deeply as Jack spoke. The words tickled him, appealing to his own dark heart and his own ingenious mind. He silently drew upon his cigarette. Thoughts slipped through his mind as Jack labored on, though was slightly disappointed as he cut himself short and agreed. "You see, Mr. Jack, that is precisely the reason why we were instructed to seek you out. Our benefactor believes much the same doctrine. The only way to maintain a healthy city, government, anything, is to have a healthy, efficient criminal element. When conducted properly, illegal and elicit business can be quite lucrative and efficient. I am sure you have your own experience in such matters." Litalis paused, hearing the subtle disturbance. He eyed the door, looking immediately to his guest and then his companion. Lowering his cigarette to a nearby tray, he replied. "Come in please, we have been expecting you." He waited for a response, any sound of entry. Something struck the man as odd about the arrival, but dismissed it. This was not place. His eyes were upon the door, though he would continue their conversation. Litalis retaking his cigarette, placed his elbows upon the table, with handles steepled before him. "Where were we then," he took a quick drag from his cigarette before indicating a preference for the wine. "I should imagine it will take you a little time to prepare and coordinate resources for this little adventure. While we are in no rush, there is a matter of some timeliness involved." Litalis took the glass of red and gave it a swirl, leaning back into his chair. He took a sip of the deep red liquid within his mouth, savoring the flavor before giving the girl a nod. "Please, sit miss... have you a name, young one?"
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    The tall male smiled from behind his glass. He had been anticipating Jack's arrival, but it was still a pleasant surprise to actually see him in person. They had heard many of the different tales of this man, he could only hope that he would not disappoint. Lowering his glass, he brushed the hair from his face, and motioned that their guest have a seat. "Please, Mr. Jack Wilder, join us. We have come to discuss exactly that, if you would he so kind. My associates and I greatly appreciate you taking time away to meet with us. My name is Litalis, and this little minx is Hixel." Litalis rose, awaiting Jack to choose his place before they might continue their point of business. "Drinks were open bar, but I believe the owner felt table service more appropriate for our meeting? I cannot seem to find where the waitress is hiding. I have yet to see her." Litalis retook his seat. He raised his hands, showing bare, pale palms before reaching carefully inside his coat. There after producing a small silver case that he placed upon the table top. Litalis retrieved a cigarette from within the case. Once lit, he continued speaking. His eyes moved to Hixel, and then back to Jack. "As your letter mentioned, we have a rather unique opportunity available to us. A weapons cache remaining from the Rainbow Bridge project has been discovered in the wastelands to the west of Telvarnu. Officially, they must be destroyed by the vote of our council. They are the models for much of the weaponry industry is producing now. We would prefer these weapons not be destroyed. In fact, we would appreciate someone retrieve them from the barrens." "That said, there are raiders to contend with out in the wastelands, and the possible interference by state police. If they could be smuggled back into the city, a few missing crates would be graciously overlooked. My employer is a rather upstanding gentleman, and supports adequate compensation for such a risky venture." "I might add, we are all becoming rather large fans of your work, running the entire underworld as a legitimate business, rather than a bunch of rogues and upstarts..." Litalis trailed off as he took a long drag from his cigarette. He was there to speak as much as he was to observe. There were many stories of Mr. Wilder, but none he cared for too much. The common filth was prone to exaggeration.
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    Iron bells tolled the hour; twelve strikes against the heavy, weathered iron told the city that the day had come to a close. While much of the city had indeed put away their wares and retreated to their homes and places of rest, others were still about. Some merchants worked on into the midnight hour, industry was growing as well. Yet further, the foul underbelly of the reforming city was beginning to burst with unchecked activity. Telvarnu was the perfect place for many a different individual. The hero could make a name for themself, as could a bright young politico. Even the dashing rogue had the chance to climb the ladder and become a known rebel, king of the underworld. However, there were whispers that the latter already had a name. Even in the high up offices of government there had been a whisper of a name. A criminal unlike any other, one who ran the underground in much the same way Carmine Havlock ran the city of Telvarnu, and the greater Draco South herself. While any normal political enterprise would seek to eliminate such a problem, the powers that be had a much different opinion of the matter. Closed door meetings were held, of only a select few members. The transcripts of what transpired were never archived or shared. Some weeks came and went before months gradually passed. Still the same name hung in whispers through the alleys. Crime while rampant, seemed to be straightening up. It was less chaotic, less disorderly. It seemed the criminal element had organized their efforts, and kept below watchful eyes. A letter, of sorts would eventually be dispatched in private. The simple black envelope held a note for this rather dazzling up and comer. His assistance was to be requested in a most advantageous gambit. At who's behest? That part was rather vague, only that a representative would be awaiting at a designated location and time. It was relatively neutral seeming ground, however the lounge was already on the way down. All in all, they were pretty sure the big fish would bite, with a ready supply of guns up for grabs, they just needed to tell him when and where. Enter two low lifes, a tall, shadowy thing and a miniature that bounced along side of him, cloaked in robes of the same shadow. The pair slipped down the streets and found the appointed den of sin. "Ol' Bess' " the sign read overhead. At one point, the den had been a sort of speak easy, a haven for those resisting the old empire. Now it was becoming a common area for shady characters and less that straight shooters. The duo seemed right among their element, though they were unsure who they were to meet precisely. They had a name, and a time. As they moved in, they would be motioned to one side and then ushered away into a private room. The room shadowy, illuminated by a center lamp, hanging low over a green felt table. Several ash trays dotted the table top, and a side bar of drink awaited. The tall shadowy fellow nodded to his companion as he moved to grab a bottle and two glasses. They sat in turn and began to drink. The smaller figure threw back her hood, exposing a wild mop of acid pink hair. Each looked upon each other before scanning the room. It should be at least another half hour before their appointment. Plenty of time to unwind. "I do hope our friend decides to partake in this little heist," the husky voiced male spoke. "It would be greatly appreciated by the boss, and I am certain it would do the man of such celebrity a great service as well."
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  6. Beyond ready to disappear for a bit. I miss having that freedom.

  7. Welcome back, yo! Always good to see a long-timer coming back :)
  8. Better ways to have responded in different moments. Kind if mystery science theater RP
  9. Alive. Meanwhile a friend of mine is giving me horrible ideas on how to better roleplay in a situation. *facepalm* it's quite humorous
  10. 10 votes behind #5 folks
  11. Secondhand Souls - Christopher Moore I enjoyed the humor and tone of the first, so my brother forced me to immediately read the second. :)
  12. :V

    That it is, never leave home without a drink handy. I plan to catch up when I get home. My wine has been neglected lately >.>
  13. Envious of that day. Family pool time, ice cream, AND nerd bubble time? Damn...