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    I like you mister you have a kind face.

    I remember you from that one rootin’ tootin’ western rp we did yonder like in one of those Sergio Leone films on Alternative summa years back.

    If’n you’re ever up for another gander, well pardner c’mon and rustle with me again and we can cook up some big game, brew a pot of coffee and kick the dust, cowboah, ‘cause there’s a board called Alternative and a town called Oatpeak! 


  2. Nice to see you back in these parts! Life goes on, but Val is always here when needed 🙂

    1. Broken Mask

      Broken Mask

      True that my friend.Hope things have been good for you. Hope to get myself back into the swing of things again.

  3. carrionjackal

    Sovereign's Fury

    Valkyr Dantes in the signature, ma'am. Big game hunter/ranger and Genesaris native. He studies exotic and terrible beasties. *tips hat*
  4. carrionjackal

    Lost in a New World

    Valkyr looked somewhat quizzically at the young woman as she seemed to be changing shades of red as they stood. She still seemed to be flustered over the run in, but it was really no bother at all. However she was very concerned and it seemed to be growing. A moment or two longer and he too realized the source of her concern as she reached for his arm. The sounds of heavy armor making haste over cobblestones. His eyes began to roll as he let out a heavy sigh. There were reasons he always liked to say he was not the best suited to the rest of the human world. Not that he wasn't one too, he just preferred the wild. Morgan moved to pull Valkyr along with her, but froze instead. Literally. The young girl began explaining what was happening. Valkyr could only look about them. The crowd was dispersing as the ice spread. They had parted enough for the guards to be seen plain as day. Wonderful. "Now what do we do? This escalated rather quickly for just a minor brush." Valkyr thought with haste, what to do? He reached in his saddle bag quickly, removing a little camping pick. The hunter crouched down and quickly chipped away at the ice. One boot, then two before working to free his accomplice. "Now quickly, make haste and not more frost!"
  5. carrionjackal

    Whose Line? Bi-weekly RP Challenge!

    Excerpt: A devious little grin slowly crept across darkened lips. The fiendish little nymph's grin almost seemed to shine from beneath the shadowed confines of her sable cowl. Teeth bared like those of a predator, or even a carrion jackal, waiting on its supper of scavenged scraps. The miniscule hunter crept forward toward the tower's edge. Not more than a second more had passed and the nymph had jumped from the tower wall. 
  6. carrionjackal

    Here's Johnny! Or; Guns and Drugs and Booze Oh My! (Taen)

    I may make a visit. I need to get caught up first x.x
  7. carrionjackal

    Tadashimasu | "Rectify"

    A devious little grin slowly crept across darkened lips. The fiendish little nymph's grin almost seemed to shine from beneath the shadowed confines of her sable cowl. Teeth bared like those of a predator, or even a carrion jackal, waiting on its supper of scavenged scraps. The miniscule hunter crept forward toward the tower's edge. Not more than a second more had passed and the nymph had jumped from the tower wall. Briefly she was in free fall, the sable fabric of her cloak flapping as she went. With a sudden pop, she floated down to the ground using the billowing fabric of her cloak as a parachute. As her feet touched the ground, the fabric fell back into place and she dashed out of sight, darting for the council meeting where she was overdue. Two men remained atop the tower, one, the tanned speaker, the other deathly pale. The nymph was on her own to initiate the next phase in the plan. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the applause continued following the great words of the textile magnate. Fujitana took his seat and one pair of eyes followed his each and every move. The next speaker was preparing to take the podium, Hixel ignored any of the politics about to be discussed. Politics was never an affair of hers. The outcomes mattered, but she was not like the other two. She was an operative, she was hands on in her affairs. The agent of change was her own actions, rather than words exchanged in a smokey room. She never had the patience for all that talking. You didn't need to take time to explain your point of view to the dead. She had weighted her options carefully prior to the event, narrowing down her plan, removing the what-ifs. Her regular acts of subtlety would not be sufficient. There had been a thought to poison his water, often speakers and council members were furnished with refreshments. However, she could not take that gamble. It would not due to wager the entire outcome of the meeting on a glass of water. Nor would it necessarily result in the desired outcome, she had to rely on other sure means. The opposition speaker had already begun his appeal, another one of those old family types. They had been a pillar of the community for a great many years, a clan dating back beyond a century. Sure, the appeal sounded reasonable, but politics was a waste. Hixel leveled a reed pipe towards the crowd. The nymph had remained in the shadows, lurking behind silken taspestries and further concealing herself with her own shadowcraft. One would have to be surpremely gifted to notice her among all the commotion of the committee meeting. As her eyes lined up the shot to the back of Fujitana's neck, she took a deep breath, pulling the reed to her lips. With a sharp exhale the needle like dart shot forward with all the the speed and precision of a well trained bullet. The dart hit its mark, noted by a sudden yelp. Fujitana slapped as his neck as if something insect had just stung him, but the reality of the situation was quickly apparent. His hand hit the needle, all eyes around Fujitana also identified the dart. Although unnecessary, the dart had been fletched in colored feathers matching the clan of the opposition speaker. By this point, the shooter hand long since disappeared from the scene, vanished into the very ether leaving no trace. The tapestries had not even shifted as she made her escape. Much to the opposite effect, the council floor was turning into bedlam, roaring voices and men rushing to their feet. Fujitana had gotten to his own feet and taken no more than five steps and he was immobilized on the ground. His body convulsed violently, and a thick bubbly foam dribbled from his lips as he shook. All manner of men gathered around him from both sides, fingers pointed, curses exchanged, and the meeting in some ways brought to a violent conclusion. What more could be said? A prominent family native to the area had been struck down the very moment they spoke in support of the Emperor.
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    Valucre music thread

  9. Thorn could not help but continue to have a warm smile plastered to his lips. He was somewhat surprised to meet Valentine, then again he was not sure what he had been expecting in the first place. It had always been her grandfather at The Floracle prior, and now to be face to face with such a fine, young thing. Clearing his throat softly, Thorn interjected. "Would it be safe to assume that I am already speaking to the Valentine Marie that was foretold ln the flyer?" He seemed somewhat confident of the answer, but as he only knew the former shop owner as an acquaintance he was unsure of who and how many relatives the old man had. "The price sounds reasonable, though I'd be amenable to modest negotiation. The room itself sounds perfect. I hope you wouldn't mind me taking a look at it? I have an old friend and business partner who is looking to move to Casper. He is hoping to set up his old detectice business anew, and such an office would be ideal." Thorn still smiled as he stood by the 'florist,' it was already turning out to be a pleasant day despite the momentary upset. He was curious to see around the building and perhaps linger to discuss the new ownership knowledge of plants, though it quickly came to be a talking point before he could even hint at it. "You are quite right, madam. I am a druid, your friendly neighborhood druid. I would be happy to share some of my knowledge and skill. The Floracle has always been a resource in my own eyes. A place to come and share knowledge of the local flora and fauna, a place for inquiring minds. It would be a privilege to help you."
  10. carrionjackal

    General chat thread

    Blarg. What a month. X.x... but I think, maybe, hopefully. I can return to my norm. I need to grt back into posting shape! 😣 Along with putting up laundry and making some time for art and gaming. 😍
  11. carrionjackal

    Small Town Mysteries

    Valkyr continued to lie on the ground a few moments longer. Torie had engaged the elf in conversation, and gradually in turn Jenny too. With a slight sigh, he sat up and began brushing himself off. Some dust and grass clung to his clothes, along with a light coat of white and orange fur. He smiled gently as he looked toward the gathering women. As Torie came back in his direction, he picked himself up off the ground. He waved loosely as he realized that Jenny was accompanying Torie on the way back into the mill. "Well, I suppose I will be on my way and leave you two to prepare a meal and see to our new friends." He looked about to see Marian still lingering and lurking apart from the group, and El still collecting herself. Before unhitching the cart from Ambrose, he loosened the rope holding the deer to the cart so that Torie might take the meat inside. "I'll leave you ladies to it. I'm sure it won't take very long to round up our elf friend's animals. No doubt as she has shared, some may already be back with the shepherds." He waved as he took a step up into the saddle and rode toward the center of town. No doubt it would take him a little while, perhaps it would give him time to get things straight in his head. The guests were indeed welcome, but he could not help the strange pang in his stomach that it was merely the beginning of something much more, as the shepherd had shared. As he rode toward town, he cast a look over his shoulder, looking back to the mill and the ladies gathered there. The group slowly filed into the comfort of the mill. What was really going on? The hunter shook his head and made his way down the road to round up the dogs and donkey in question.
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    Be my comrade

    Comrade? *adjusts ushanka* I hope not Comrade Question. I did not lose place in beet line to answer question. Only party officials ask question. I almost want to suggest a team effort against Arti, like any good soviet movement. Power of the ( *cough* ) people.
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    General chat thread

    I do something like that when I have my overnights. I'm not one gifted with the ability to nap very much.
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    General chat thread

    No worries! Chat goes on. No harm done. Just need to find caffeine
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    General chat thread

    Much forgiveness. I have yet to have my magic potion that engages social banter. >.> 😴