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  1. Definitely the truth. I should know ? In any case, welcome back! We are certainly glad you returned. Feel free to write or lurk. There's an extra chair if you just want to read and lurk. Ooh, and coffee. ? Enjoy!
  2. Welcome welcome! There's always something brewing in these parts, a little old, a little new, and whatever can be imagined! Enjoy!
  3. I presently lack the activity, but definitely giving this a follow. I love the direction, and will read those lore articles when I get a free moment. It all sends the mind-a-whirl with eldritch beasties and miskatonic ramblings...
  4. By the sounds of it, as Praetorian mentioned, you should fit right in here! Character development is my favorite too, when I get the time to write ? Enjoy your time here!
  5. Sour beer and writing! Those are lovely things! (Dogs are pretty cool too... I have a cat who behaves like a dog.) Lately I've been digging on some kettle sours that have been popping up locally. Aside from that flanders reds are one of my faves. Reading wise... I just finished Good Omens from Gaiman and Pratchett, moved on to a 40k omnibus with more on the back burner. Welcome welcome! Don't be a stranger!
  6. Expansion of typography would be a nice addition, a few tasteful selections. 'Courage'... as mentioned above would be better suited towards posters advertising beach condos or perhaps a yard sale. That said, certain IC events might be right up that alley lol. It's nicely uniform for a grotesque typeface, minimal counter-space, just very kitschy. It would be uncomfortable for reading much more than a headline or two. It's not so far gone as Mesquite. ?
  7. Lurking, considering something low-key to work on in the coming months. Musing about ideas while puffing at my pipe. :think:

  8. Percy quickly spied out the windows to the west, and then to the east. He thought he noticed a blur of mane and tail but was quickly distracted by a commotion moving up through the cars from the rear. He reached for the scabbard of his messenger's gun and slung it over his shoulder. With the lever gun in hand, he made his way for the echoing voice coming up the walkway. "Looks a bit like something may be up on the east side of the train, but that's just as likely to be a ruse iffin' we are coming against a set of high caliber operators. Iffin' they ain't, could be a real shit show." Percy cocked the lever gun with two snappy motions. "Every'un might keep an eye and ear out iffin' someone already boarded, if not, I'd be planning on it. About the only way'n someones' might get in this iron beast." He paused a moment for Anthony while he fumbled with a fresh rolling paper and tobacco. It might be his last, if only for a while. Then again, it could very well be his last. One could happily call it cliche', but it was always better to go out smokin' than hopin'. Problem was, unlike his usual contracts, he was not in the solace of the outdoors. They were instead riding within thousands of pounds of iron and steel, propelled by steam and hellfire. His trained ear could only do so much good with all the added noise of the machinery. Nevertheless, he made his way toward the middle of the train. Passing the first junction along the way, he popped his head to the west side, and then the east. Each time his eye leveled behind the iron sights of his repeater. Acrobatic as just looking alongside the train was, he did manage to at least confirm someone had boarded the train. He quickly ducked his head in and barked for Anthony. "We got comp'ny!"
  9. Working on some housework today, but I will try and sit down for a post break tonight ?
  10. The cadence of steel rolled along as the train click-clacked along the rails. They sped toward their destination with little delay. Plumes of smoke articulated their movement along their route, creeping ever closer to Oatpeak. Percy continued to flip cards over before him, eyeing the suits as he decided on his next move. "So far, so good..." he muttered as he shot a sideways glance at the countryside they roared past. The click-clack was almost soothing by this time. Percy found a peace in it, and the lack of disturbances told him they were moving along on schedule. He reached down to gather up all the cards and shuffle them once more when something did disturb that peace. A crack of thunder broke up the repetition, then another and another. Percy narrowed his eyes as he gave the passing scenery a thorough look. There were no storm clouds anywhere. When the next crack of 'thunder' hit, he better recognized the sound. Shots continued to rip past the train cars, every now and then some skipped off the cars themselves. Someone wanted raise a stir on the train, and given they were still moving at full speed, Percy assumed they meant to board the train. He quickly slid his cards aside before downing his drink. Percy then got to his knees and threw open his bag. He dug out his belt of guns, fastening the rig about his waist. Before standing, he hauled up a lever gun and a messenger's gun from the satchel as well. He checked both long guns before looking out the window for the source of the shots.
  11. I am indeed here, @Die Shize. Apparently my attempts to keep tabs on the posting were not sufficient enough! Rolled from nights to days amid a hectic work week, I will have something up tonight friends! Apologies. I'll have to make sure I'm getting the notifications x.x
  12. carrionjackal

    TOL mentor

    Frequent but short posts. Someone who possibly lurks but isn't so very tied up with other IC endeavors ?
  13. There is someone 'other' among us? The non-comformity must be addressed following all protocols established from time immemorial...
  14. Percy smiled back at the conductor as they made their way along the rails. There was some small degree of comfort to be had traveling without the typical gentry of a passenger train. Then again, knowing it was purely a freight train headed west would clearly entice others. As the conductor shifted his attention to the other hired Pinkerton, Percy's mind settled on the itinerary for their trip. There were few obvious at present but that would not mean the affair would be without event. Someone clearly felt the need to hire professionals to accompany the freight. The rookie detective looked down at the long case by his feet. His formal detective experience may be somewhat lacking, but as a hired gun and tracker, he was more than competent. He just hoped it would not come down to that. Percy reached for his glass and took a long drink before digging into his vest pocket to reveal a pouch of tobacco and rolling papers. He rolled his cigarette in silence looking about before setting eyes upon the other agent. "You want to do this in shifts? Or do we just sit tight for the time being?" Percy reached for a pack of cards that sat beside a bottle of brown liquor.
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