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  1. Ahhhh! I saw you on the recent visitors list. And here I was sure you probably weren't around much. 😄 ♥️ That makes me v happy. Whatchu got going on these days CJ?! 

  2. @Walk Among The Abyss Hixel spies the floating head of one of the wait staff approaching just a she sees a patron making his way inside, an adventurous type. Perhaps she was not the only one working the bar? It was so blasted long, she was certainly unsure, her letter had only been so clear. Either way, to her first customer, and then the next if so. The patron still had a few hundred feet of lounge to clear before they would reach the bar. The nymph moved closer to the bar and hopped up across the bar top and came to a rest upon her crossed arms. She eyed the petite lad, grinning gently with eyes betraying her innocence slightly. "What might I help you with, deary? Special order? A bit too soon for drink on the job..." she chuckled sweetly as she awaited his answer. In the meantime, their first patron had made his way across to the counter and made himself comfortable, ordering a coffee. Low and behold, she was not the only person present aside the myriad of kitchen staff and other support staff rushing around to be sure preparations were all perfectly in place. She saw the mousy, perky woman and could clearly make out her remarks. A few moments passed and she returned her focus to the member of the wait staff. "Well---" she was abruptly cut off with the ruckus from the door. No loud crashing, merely that voice... @DreamSeeker @Biggie_Smalls The bartender froze as the walking wreck sloshed their way to the bar. A different sort of adventurer to be assured, more worldly, but also kicked aside by that same world. She was well familiar with the type. Hixel would not be able to speak for the other barkeep, but she would not be put off. A hand brushed the side of her hip, feeling a familiar concealed object she made her way further down the bar. She motioned for the waitstaff to follow. As the man got himself settled and continued to carry on, she held her tongue and watched. The more savory patron with their coffee seemed to be taking charge of the soaked soak, fair enough. She was there to facilitate and provide the establishment some... insurance, one might call it that. She smiled and nodded to the gentlemen across the bar as she moved to pour the ale with haste; she went a step further and poured a bit of aquavit into a glass and set both up near the coffee. "Just let us know if you'll be needing any further assistance for your... " Hixel tried not to grit her teeth, "companion." She retreated to beside the other barkeep; she was curious if she was intended to focus more on coffees? What was that called again? Barista? "My name's Hixel," she whispered quietly, still smiling towards the gentlemen, "should that one get a little raucous, let me know. I'll certainly lend a hand... only our second customer, and already a character!" She chuckled quietly, still intent upon the pair of men. Her eyes shot back to the waitstaff boy, head still hovering just above the bar. "Oh, right. You! What did you need, deary?"
  3. I believe crossovers need the approval from both parties, and that’s Copyright still? One of those classes I should have paid better attention...
  4. She strolled along the walk, past the nebulae and the frozen comet that sailed off into the distance. It was to be her first proper day on the job, and yet it was all so alien. There had been a great deal of correspondence through parchments, yet walking along a path through the very space time that held the universe together was not what she had expected, and she had seen some things. Many things. With a little sigh, she kept clicking her boot heals along the walk but grew in eagerness as she saw the destination exactly as described in the letters. That’s when the rain started and instinctively she reached to pull up her hood. With a cool demeanor she sauntered up to the doors but well after noticing the kindly old coot out front, barking for customers to make their way inside. She rolled her shoulder up to her cheek and tossed a wink his way. “I imagine I’ll be seeing you quite a bit.” The man had seemed gentle enough, but as she well knew, looks were often deceiving. The old man was very easily no mere old man at all, but no matter for now. “Oh, and don’t catch your Death out here, mister. He’s not a friend to many, but known to all. I’ll fix ya up a coffee once I get settled.” With that, she slipped inside the doors of stained glass. Crimson eyes scanned the room as soon as she stepped in and heavy boots clacked upon the marble flooring. “I see. It literally is THE BAR at the end of the universe.” Hixel stood awestruck for a few moments longer before passing her eyes over the signage and making her way to the bar. She had been given explicit instructions pertaining to this day, and a rather influential party had stressed her sticking to said plan. The nymph made her way around the back side of the bar and shed her bag and black cloak, revealing a purple and white striped shirt beneath black overalls. The black denim had been trimmed with little silver skull rivets and a larger, sable skull was embroidered on the front pocket. She tucked her things beneath a far corner of the bar and then withdrew a shimmery black bandana from her pack and secured her lengths of acid pink hair from getting in the way of her work. She looked about, despite all of the very thorough instructions, there was no one there, save for herself and the little, old man outside. A smirk crept over her dark-tinted lips. Surely there must have been a mistake, or perhaps, she was early? Was there even really a way to keep track of time in this place? It was a bar at the edge of the universe. With a huff she made for the center of the bar before raising her hands to her face and barking for all to hear, ‘Bars open! Bring me your tired, your hungry, your battle weary souls for a rest! Pull up a seat and order a drink, stranger.’
  5. Really digging the name! I’ll hop on this when I get a minute
  6. “Thorn, just Thorn. I may be in the area for a short while, until I figure out a few leads.” He smiled again before taking his leave to browse. “I’ll let you know, certainly. I’ll at least be taking a few basics in the least.” At that, he heard the knocking coming from the entry and resumed his browsing. He withdrew a small bit of paper from his sleeve and a bit of graphite before he began to scribble a few notes. Sage, silver thorn, chamomile, just to cover his daily needs. He had a few other charms and tinctures he might like to have on hand for travel. It might be quite the trip in the end. Though, until he was sure he was leaving the area there was no need to get carried away. There would be more time to prepare. It was simply nice to be among so many reagents and spiritual energy. It had a very welcoming feel for him. He’d patiently browse as the owner greeted the newest patron. Periodically glancing at the more flamboyant gentleman. Unsure if he would attempt to continue his familial comparisons.
  7. Thorn calmly turned around at the sound of the approach of another customer just clearing the doorway as he heard a thud from behind the counter followed by a round of cursing. But it was not the injury to which he reacted first, it was the grandiose spectacle of a man before him. ”Am I you, sir? I should think not. You are dressed far more to suit the city than I, but I agree. Behind the bloody specs and telltale marking of the pugilist, the resemblance is uncanny.” The man stroked his beard absently, mildly amused at the bizarre and colorful comparisons. “You’ll have to send your aunt my way, should she want a fuller beard or none at all. If she’s quite happy, then I would say good day!” Thorn ended with a chuckle before turning back to the counter. He turned back around as the young woman greeted each patron in turn. Thorn made his way back to his pack and the counter. A gentle smile brushed his face as he replied, his voice steady and calm without the jovial tongue of moments before. “Yes, my dear. I seem to find myself in the city, apart from my own stores and rather in search of someone. By chance is one Leandros Kostikos a patron of yours? Though I highly doubt it, he prefers much seedier and shadier establishments, unlike this cozy and rather well kept establishment.” His eyes of blue scanned the room, lingering on a few name labels before his focused returned to the matters at hand. “But I might have a few things I’d like to procure, if you’d give me a moment. A bit of a hermit, if you’ll forgive my rustic attire. I do not go for the flashy looks of the city, but the simple outdoorsman.” Thorn smirked playfully behind his beard and moved aside to browse some of the apothecary labels and make mental notes.
  8. He made his way down the wide lanes of Union Capital, only half aware of the bustling city surrounding him. His focus remain fixated firmly upon the task at hand with little thought spared for anything else. That singular focus had stirred him into action, to leave his home behind and brave the greater world around him. Our brave traveler was no timid thing, to be sure, but certainly more of a hermit than a city-goer. The sprawling avenues and buildings of the capital city replaced the forests and mountain ranges of which he was more accustomed. “Oh, stars. Mother Earth and heavens above, why did I come on this fools’ errand?” the traveler muttered to himself. A gruff voice punctuated the statement before trailing off into indistinguishable sounds, far more akin to a growl than real words. He knew the answer though. The muffled sounds from a hidden pocket were a constant reminder, there was still work to be done. With that he looked about him as he pressed onward. Cities could be so overwhelming, and he was not entirely sure where to begin. There was always a matter of lodging and food, then replenishing traveling supplies, reagents. It was an ordeal, and he could not in good conscious pack all his belongings. The sheer weight would have kept him anchored at the start of his journey. It was in the midst of his meandering thought process that he spied something somewhat familiar. A wooden sign across the way, adorned in elegant script ‘Elysian.’ From the looks of the shop, it was at least some common ground. An apothecary shop would likely have extra reagents he may require, in addition to some information about the city. He made his way for the shop, pack of gear and all. His tanned hands reached for the door and opened the portal to the fragrant establishment within. A bell rang out, as the grizzled fellow made his way inside. He recognized several familiar aromas from within, fresh local herbs as well as some common wards and cure all’s being burned for the benefit of a patient, or perhaps to the benefit of all shop patrons. Eyes of blue looked about for a shopkeeper as he moved toward the counter and shifted his large pack from his back. The man was of reasonable height build, perhaps 6’ even. Loose, shaggy hair of chestnut fell down about his ears and just above his eyes, and a full beard covered his face. Though it was fairly well kept at a length just beyond his chin, not like the long beards of the dwarves at all. His clothes were simple cloth and leather, crowned with a bear pelt draped over his shoulders. “Hullooo,” the voice called out gently.
  9. Thanks for the follow 🤘

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      Celina de la feytte

      You're welcome! 🤗😎 

  10. When did they let you have sticks!?!
  11. I had a slightly different image of death than a thousand horrific paper cuts, but that is definitely a unique way to go. 🤔
  12. And the availability of cardboard
  13. You don’t, but that’s what makes it fun! I’m flexible on theme, I’m just curious about how that thread would turn out with everyone 🤣 @Walk Among The Abyss Any thoughts?
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