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    Table top and digital gaming, movies, cartoons (not anime), some anime, books, history, medicine and pharmacology, whiskies, beer, cooking, the outdoors, miscellaneous art
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  1. Indeed, you are! Or are you? Maybe you're just near, not here?
  2. Welcome, welcome! I second what supernal has shared. We are far from paradise, but we are a pretty decent community. There's a wealth of different folks here, and a good number of them are looking for the very same thing as you in their roleplaying. Burned out on the drama of forum rp but still love the writing and creating. They are here, i can assure you. Hopefully you can settle in here and get back to it! Please don't hesitate to share any questions you might have, we do try out best to help around here.
  3. Doing my best. Knock on wood, we're actually a pretty safe facility. Granted I wouldn't have school kids come out. But it's not a bad place given all the hazards.
  4. I've not left the plant is the problem? But yes' m working overnights all week/end. Short a few hands in the lab. Helping out for the time being.
  5. I haven't been, but I'm sure it's still a valid account
  6. Yes, yes I am. Fortunately or not. I have a modicum of time while trapped at work.
  7. As I said, it's a lifestyle lol. We're just short-handed right now so it's rougher than normal. It'll pass. Pretty good job, decent people otherwise.
  8. Mixed feelings there. But only as I rather be home, with friends and family I'm behind on seeing for the past two years lol. It is nice to have a forum to come to when I'm married to shift work, when all others are asleep.
  9. If I actually had a choice? No clue. Back to working overnights at the plant though. So I'm back to finding outlets.
  10. Another Friday night/weekend aaaand I'm at my favorite place. Oh, that production life.
  11. Second-hand Souls by Christopher Moore
  12. Salutations and welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here, and don't feel afraid to ask questions. The forum is definitely not overwhelming, no matter how it might seem. :)
  13. Eyes of a Disney princess
  14. Jack!   Hi!

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      Slowly, slowly. It's too nice a job to rush! Can't be hasty with torture. *grins*

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      Ball Gag

      Well then... 

      quietly closes door

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