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    What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Random smattering of instrumental/orchestral. Somehow, it just works. And then back to dark trance.
  2. I haven't many suggestions just at this moment in time. I do know of a few things that will be starting in the near and not terribly distant future. I may, however, require more vague answers. The themes of these events are pirates, gala events, fairie kingdoms, body guarding, bounty hunting, and a little chaos. 🤔
  3. carrionjackal

    AFV Hummingbird

    Enjoy the coast, Raze!! I promise we won't burn anything down... without documentation and a submitted summary. 😁
  4. Hello and welcome new (read as returning) roleplayer! We are most certainly glad to have you come back to us! Do check out supernal's revised new member guide, as I'm sure there are new areas and features on Valucre since your last visit. That aside, simple welcome back El! For those that may be interested in inviting you to roleplay, what types of roleplays do you enjoy? Is there a particular character or characters you tend to write most often?
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    Small Town Mysteries (interest Check)

    His horse! Ambrose is a boy horse. 🐎
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    It never hurts, but some deem it too 'purple.' Could I be of assistance?
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    "Dango?" a puzzled look graced the face of the pink haired geisha doll that accompanied the two men. Her complexion was already quite pale, so she only really needed some accents in black and rouge to complete the look. Both however were clad in silken robes, Hixel's vibrant in color, leaving Litalis in his usual shades of black. Litalis did not question, however, and took the dango that was offered and promptly sampled one. The green one had a pleasant floral note accompanied by its sweet yet earthy base notes. The necromancer nodded to Iblis. He was not one for sweets, but this satisfied with its delicate flavor and texture. Hixel had already consumed hers with all the grace of a stock animal. "You can put a hog in a dress, and yet... it is still a hog." Litalis said sharply as he eyed his minute companion. Turning his attention back to Iblis, he spoke. "It would be nice to remain here a little longer, but the matter of business at hand. We should be on our way to the tea house." Litalis tucked the skewer between his teeth, motioning with his arm that they might continue. "A foothold of sorts in Genesaris would be mighty helpful. I hear that all the fall out from the Whispernight fiasco has left quite a few previous valuables unclaimed and out in the open." He looked briefly to Iblis before looking ahead once more. His arm caught that of Hixel's, corraling the nymph before she might be indulged by another street vendor. "We shall eat after business, once Master Iblis can be out of the public eye."
  8. carrionjackal

    Small Town Mysteries (interest Check)

    Yay. She is a really nice panda. Why, the nicest even!
  9. carrionjackal

    Small Town Mysteries

    "Oh, well hello there, Torie! Aren't you a pleasant sight?" The elder Dantes was correct on two counts. Torie was always a welcome guest around the Dantes house, with her pleasant demeanor, and her talents for cooking and hard work. She also happened to be their very best customer. Who else in their little town of Gotserd would be a finer connoisseur of fresh meats than a full-sized adult tiger? Though they knew her to truly be a druid, they had come to adore the tiger that often came around for their goods and to visit with their son. "I'm afraid Valkyr hasn't returned just yet this day. I'm not terribly sure what game he was after today. He had mentioned a herd of some sort moving through the mountains, and he wanted to snag a head or two for the shop." Terren said as his soft frown gently turned to a hopeful smile. "We still have some of the fowl he brought in yesterday, or I may happen to have some fish. Some of the local boys had a bit of luck and let me buy some of their extra catch." A shuffle of tools and pans came from the backroom followed by a brief howl. "Terren, come back here. Quit talking to yourself and come give us a hand, love!" "Gladiola, I'm not talking to myself. Torie has come to see if Valkyr's returned yet." "Oh well my dear!" She beckoned as she quickly left the backroom. "You should have said something, I'd have come out sooner." Gladiola smiled as she came to stand beside her husband. "How is that dear, Wendy? I haven't seen her all week. I.." Mrs. Dantes cut herself short. "Mercy, I haven't gotten the shopping done. We can manage with the root vegetables in the larder, but stars I need bread! I'll catch you later, sweetheart!" With that, Gladiola darted from behind the counter and back toward the bakery. She had half a mind for stew once Valkyr returned, but stew needed a side of crusty bread. Mrs. Dantes wouldn't have it any other way. Terren laughed heartily as his wife made a beeline for the bakery by way of the front door. "Well she'll be gone a little while by the time she gets to gabbing. I'm afraid I'm the only one left until my son gets home. You're welcome to keep me company, or I can send Valkyr to find ya' when he gets home." He smiled and moved to ready some more meat to store. It was just about that time that a horse could faintly be heard out back behind their place. It was quite likely that Valkyr and Ambrose had indeed returned from the hunt!
  10. Litalis sprawled out, barely fitting the seat of the old wingback chair that he presently occupied. His eyes were held aloft, bewitched by some imagined thing. Absently, he drew upon the remnants of a cigarette. He had already burned through several, apparent from the ashtray hovering by his side. They were not his usual brand, but he cared not. He had acquired a bit of a taste for the Devil’s Chimney brand in recent weeks. He had been left behind, in a sense. The other members of the organization had all departed on different assignments, while he was left behind to ‘run’ things. It was one of the more bothersome things about holding office. That individual was typically the first to be excluded from field work and travel. It did him little bother this day though. Litalis and others had already been busy looking into other potential candidates for their little organization. It was unlike so many others, because they were not simply terrorists, nor humanitarians. Their desire to ‘help’ society stemmed from something deeper, something different. Too long had mankind in all of its shapes, sizes, and colors been stagnant. Empires rose and empires fell, but all in all, mankind had not progressed in some time. They held onto their imagined fortunes and their false gods. It was the era of ‘isms’ Individuals climbed the ladder so quickly, then chained up all the others to keep them from ever accessing such great heights. Others did much to help their fellow ‘brother,’ but impoverished them all. Even then, the ruling elite was still somehow ‘more equal.’ It hardly came as a surprise when even the elven kingdoms fell under the very same spell. Greed. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, man had forgotten this game was about survival, adaptation, growth. Man preferred to cling to his money, and faith that his god would save him. It was for this very reason that Crossroads had been founded. Their goal was to remind mankind of their mortality, remind them of the impermanence of all things. The only constants in the world were time, and death. It was time to introduce the world to a little chaos. As Litalis stirred from his trance, he remembered his appointment and rose from his chair. He vanished it, and the ashtray too, but not before collecting a fresh cigarette. As it burned and the fresh smoke hit the back of his throat. His sharp ears did perk as he believed someone was just outside the decrepit warehouse. He had hopes it was his guest, Master Nazo Hori. As rumor had it, he had a rather interesting penchant for playing cards, and that he had served in intelligence. Litalis did so appreciate working in the intelligence field. He smiled darkly as he began to make his way downstairs. He was not gifted as some with the ability to teleport, so to the stairs he would go. Litalis was eager to speak with Mr. Hori, and see if he should be so inclined to assist in their little venture. @Animal @danzilla3
  11. carrionjackal

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Perhaps. Think he might post by then? I could hold it hostage.
  12. carrionjackal

    [Antigone Isle] Raid: Into the De-Magicked Zone

    The faint chime and song of holoscreens and their associated crystal alarms was the only sound coming from the observation room. The lights had been dimmed to allow their 'patient' a suitable environment to rest and recover from his ordeal. The medical staff had found nothing wrong with the young man upon his arrival, however he continued to remain unconscious. It was simply deemed as shock, or even some form of exhaustion from the entire ordeal. After his check up had been completed, staff had placed him in one of the special 'holding' rooms they had within the hospital. It was reserved for individuals that were an 'elopement risk.' They doubled nicely for any prisoners or other risky patients. Souji would find himself locked in, and protected by an armed guard at all times. Doctors had determined that the young man was magical in nature, not a simple mortal, but could not determine anything more at that time. They had advised the security detail of this, and they responded accordingly. Commander Britton had been notified, and further on up of this discovery. They were all eagerly awaiting the young man's return to consciousness. They were curious as to his nature, and what information he might provide them, willfully, or not. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Engines roared to life as the velocicopters began their warm up protocols. A backup unit had already been called out, with another on standby. Further down the tarmac in an open hanger, several gunship variants of the same velocicopter began to taxi their way onto the runway. Chatter on the radios was thick and constant, central command demanded air support immediately. Two units had already been taken down, as well as a haul truck of military supplies. Unconfirmed reports indicated that the truck had be hijacked and was last seen heading toward the military installation. They desperately needed more air support and quickly to confirm these and other reports. One, two, three units were up and headed out in their assigned directions. Second, the heavier gunships took to the air and made for the highway that led to the base. While the rebel uprising was a concern, ground forces already seemed to have much of it under control. The matter of recovering the truck, if possible, as well as apprehending. As the sortie neared the highway, they slowed from intercept speed and began to patrol the area. One remained close to the turnoff for the base, while the remaining gunships headed on down the highway. Flood lights mounted to the aircraft bathed the highway in blinding white light, but illuminated the area for those watching overhead. As they made their passes, no vehicles were readily evident, no sign of a rebel presence. After some time, the roar of an engine could be heard off in the distance, but it was still much too quiet for the attack velocicopters. The only thing they might readily notice was a faint heat signature rounding the turn beyond the bridge that would take them toward the military base. A call came in from a patrol unit that confirmed the haul vehicle had indeed been hijacked by several rebels, but was quickly lost from view. It was likely they vanished the vehicle, or it could just be a disguise. Regardless the gunships began to active hunt for a 'hidden' freight hauler. The attack vehicles were loaded with enough equipment to track anything. They would be ready to light up that band of rebels as soon as they were near.
  13. carrionjackal

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    I believe @bfc and I are at 10 posts, unless we need 10 posts each? Could we get a friendly roll, @supernal? Bfc can take as long as necessary. I'm in no rush. Safe travels 🙂
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I believe they very well may. I know I enjoy the smell of libraries, that blend of old books, crisp old paper and a faint musty scent. Then of course there are all the wonderful people! What's a library without people of course? (Delightful, that's what! All the books and privacy)
  15. carrionjackal

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Bitches love libraries, get it right!