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  1. The Golden Jackal

    Radioactive will be out for the next few weeks it seems, but could possibly return. FYI
  2. New but not so new...

    Best wishes with all IRL good, bad, and otherwise. Hopefully you will be among us again soon!
  3. What are you reading?

    Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett A satire about Armageddon
  4. Boutiques and Secrets Go Well Together

    "WHAT are we doing here!!" the saccharine voice demanded. The high pitched voice could go from being sweet and charming, to grating in no time at all, and the former was far from what echoed in his perfect ears presently. Emerald colored eyes narrowed as they came to focus upon an acid pink mop atop a diminutive figure shrouded in black. "What we are doing here, my dear little nymph, is the same as we are always doing, work. We have come by way of invitation to do some good work in the Underground of Predator's Keep, and as usual I may or may not have my own ulterior motives." The pink mop righted itself as small, porcelain hands brushed aside the mess of hair, revealing vibrant eyes of crimson. "We never just go anywhere for fun, do we..." the nymph chimed in at the tail of his words, knowing well she could do little to dissuade him. "Of course we do my dear, I continue to take you to taverns all across Valucre. Perhaps one day you will just have to learn to appreciate my variety of fun." The larger, taller figure smirked as they continued to make their way through the vast network of tunnels. Litalis could briefly recall a short expedition of them prior, but he had not really had any time to linger and attempt their secrets. This new opportunity seemed to be exactly that, a chance to be local to the area with some potential time to unlock the treasures that he knew lurked within the tunnels, new and ancient alike. As usual, this job would not be without its perils. He was unsure of the party that extended the invitation, further, the whole of Predator's Keep seemed to be peopled with those of great mental strength. The term psion had been tossed around through the years, and he knew of their kind but had never been presented with a large grouping of them. It put him off slightly, but would be little bother in the long run. He too had his own tricks to get by in the world. "Now, my dear, we are looking for two women, sister as it were. They seemed to be abuzz about a business opportunity, as soldiers of fortune, it is our obligation to hear about such an offering." Litalis dug within his coat and withdrew a fresh cigarette. It seemed to light itself as he nestled it betwixt his lips and carried on the conversation. "Besides, there are only so many legitimate organizations left anymore. Everyone seems to be in the sort of flux we used to experience. You would not want to have to go back to actual work for a living, would you?" The man smirked as he looked beside to his companion. She merely glared and growled as she furled her brow at him. He knew her answer; he always knew her answer. The two would continue to meander through the tunnels beneath the keep, and guiding them ever further from the Underground proper. These very tunnels indeed, Litalis nodded to himself, could hide a wealth of secrets, and a great many more. He smiled darkly as they moved closer. The faint sound of voices could be heard just ahead. Not quite around the corner, Litalis had finer hearing than that, but just the same, he halted his companion. "Remember what I told you," he whispered faintly. "They seemed to be just up another hundred yards or so." Hixel looked at him puzzled. She would never understand how he did some things. Regardless, she nodded approvingly and the pair continued onward. As they came upon the group, two shadowy figures emerged from the dim tunnels. One shorter just under five foot, shrouded in black robes and crowned with a main of acidic pink. The other, much taller enveloped in a black leather coat that hung to his knees, veiled by hair of raven. Both figures were deathly pale in complexion and could not have seemed more opposite. "You must be the sisters in question, I presume?" Litalis spoke, his dark timbre echoing in his chest. "Litalis, and Hixel, at your service." Litalis nodded deeply toward the ladies, then a shorter, separate nod for the world worn man, clad in the elaborate armor. "Were we waiting on another, or might we begin to hear a little more about this business opportunity?" Lit smiled dryly.
  5. Another round of overnights, once again disconnected from my routine. On the brightside, reading Good Omens this weekend :smile:

  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Very sad fact. BPM on XM radio is taking calls from listeners and playing relevant jams all weekend. Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and the Chainsmokers called today. Aoki was pretty torn up apparently.
  7. Pictures of Us

    Semi recent
  8. Custom user title raffle

    Only because I've never bothered to over the years, and probably should have by now x.x Granted The Hound has had more comebacks/returns than I.
  9. Why that profile picture?

    In simplest terms, my spirit animal. It struck me as an epiphany one day a few years back, but ultimately I have more in common with the Rooster than I'd care to admit.
  10. Pictures of Us

    The dream of any lefty x.x
  11. The Beast is back

    Welcome back! Val is always here, and quite a few come and go over the years. Fret not, there's always returns and newcomers that are looking to get involved just as you. At most, give it a little time, though surely something will pop up before long. (I think I already saw you post in the Watercooler, excellent idea) And I totally understand the introversion and socially awkwardness. I have social anxiety, and I'm myself a bit introverted. No shame in any of that, we accept all sorts of writers Enjoy! And don't hesitate you share any questions you might have.
  12. The Golden Jackal

    Any word on Grim?
  13. The Cut and Jib: Adventurer's Tavern and Inn

    Litalis continued to mime the contentment of tavern drinking, and jollies among fellow adventurers. Whereas his thoughts lingered on the messages conveyed by the patron, and further discussion by the noble adventurers. His emerald colored eyes drifted about the tavern before coming to rest upon his small companion. She continued to eat and drink in similar gaiety to those around them, likely no wiser to the plans being hatched fireside. He shot a careful glance toward the group, stretching his neck as he moved to motion for a waitress. Matching eyes, he nodded as she acknowledged his request. Lit looked down to Hixel, "could you use a fill up, or are you content in your level of intoxication?" The nymph looked up, into his eyes, glaring. "If it's going, empty, then yes," she barked. The male chuckled as he nodded and ordered another round of drinks for the pair. They would not be going anywhere just yet, but some of the the itenerary was already starting to trouble him. The Peaceful Woods, as delightful as they might be, would be highly problematic. He would gather his notes and be on his way shortly. For now, they would continue to enjoy the leisure time. However, he would still need to make his rendezvous. Beyond that, he needed to think. The Forgotten Wood had been a bother before, hunting in the woods would unpleasant to put it mildly. It was still up to debate what exactly plagued the wood. The common belief by this time was fae-folk who had deserted, but others had once thought a witch-king had cursed the forest to keep travelers and would be heroes from finding his keep. All these legends were coming back from his studies, all he could do was smirk and drink deeply. Another day, another dollar.