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  1. anyone up for a hetalia rp ? i rp the republic of ireland , gaul , ancient britannia , or northern ireland i will let you choose the ships i would want to do : for ireland : prussia x ireland , The netherlands x ireland , or even denmark x ireland for northern ireland : i dont really have anyone i ship with him so you can choose ancient britannia : germania , Scandinavia , or even Kyivan Rus gaul : germania , Kyivan Rus , or rome i do at least 3+lines and sometimes a paragraph but i can play more then one character just message me or comment so i can message you about it
  2. would anyone like to do a mythology rp ? all i ask is that you know about mythology and please at least can do 3+ lines to a paragraph and also have good spelling i will be using celtic mythology with my characters but i don't care who's mythology you use and if you would like their can be romance
  3. well with me i come up with storys with my partner so we both have something in it we like ... so like if we did a romance story i would place in britannia's life before and after becomeing a roman and then i would ask such and such what they wanted to add or take away
  4. so i have been doing rp's a lot lately and i have been wanting to come back to doing hetalia rp's i rp as The republic of ireland , ancient albion/britannia , and gaul some things about me : i do 3+ lines , im a lover for historic rp's , i love flashbacks , and i love when in different historic parts of the rp's my partner can change the characters personality , i also love when my character develops a story line before smut turns off : one liners , when im having to do most characters , and when its only smut ships : i normally ship ireland ( haden ) with prussia but if you dont rp him i also ship her with Netherlands , Romania , Or Denmark . britannia is either Scandinavia or Germania gaul i normally ship her with rome or Germania
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