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  1. Ami would reamin seated and silent through the whole outburst, merely revealing a fanged snarl when Ursula began to call her Ben's pet. Unfortunately, those who called Ami a pet, wound up with Ben's fist in their face, and that is exactly what ensued as Ben took over the situation again. She still remained silent, seated with her tails folded neatly across her paws. She would sifly a chuckle as Cotton got herself grounded, and shook her massive head, shrugging, indicating to the young DAICHON that she didn't control Ben, it was not her place to tell the Prince what to do, though she was pretty good at making suggestions he'd follow. Then her ear was grabbed and she was being pulled along by Ben, who was still barking orders and twlling them to get everything straightened out.Once they were in his quarters, she shifted into a smaller version of her four legged form, becoming more size friendly to the room. That was neat, she hadn't been able to do that before! She sighed. "My prince, I am awar of my attachments to my past, and things I must let go of." She said, looking at him. "As for Phlegathon, he might have a paw in our lives, but I think Ursula is about to fix that." She laughed a little then and was a little taken aback by Ben's next confession. Once he had gone angrily past her, she sighed, and stared at the image of herself in the tall mirror across the room from where she sat. After a moment she followed him to try and talk to him, console him, and stopped, hearing him talk about her inside fowler's office. unfortunately the door was open, and for a moment, everyone saw a very forlorn looking Ami, her head low, her ears back, her tails listless and still. Her head lowered and she turned with her gaze downcast, then she was just gone, a little box falling to the floor and popping open, to reveal the Platinum ear cuff's Ben had presented her as a betrothal gift. With her new abilities and speed, she just vanished. So much for trying to apologize. **** The world flew by in a blurred mass of color as Ami ran, and ran, and ran. Full speed, she had burst out through the front doors of the manse, and cleared the near fifty foot wall surrounding the grounds in one bound! Landing on the other side, she never faltered as her eyes locked on ahead of her, and she took off, weaving her way through town like a ghost of a shadow passing, not even disturbing the vehicles. Outside town, she felt it all well up in her chest and let out a roar that echoed for miles, even back to the manse. It sounded vicious, enraged, broken and anguished. Wasn't she the way Ben had wanted her to be, when he had first converted her? She had had no idea that he had been putting on a ruse, that she was really such a burden on him. Oh yeah, she heard it all. Tears streaked the fur on her face as she continued to just run, faster and faster, until the colors turned into lights, and she tore through the fabric of reality once more, just as she had when she had returned from Phlegathon, and then once again she was within the realm. She never stopped. She glowed as she entered into the domain of shadows, leaving a reddish streak of light behind her as she continued onward. The tears were gone now, and her gaze had returned to cold steel. She knew exactly what she was about to do; Ben wanted her to think for herself more and be less by the book? He was going to be in for a huge surprise. She halted before a tall tower that lifted it's summit high into the darkness above, shrouded in tendils of Dark terror that activated upon her arrival below and prepared to strike. "PHLEGATHON!" She roared into the silence. Which was met with Phlegathon's insane laughter. "You dare return home, to challenge ME?" the voice came from within the tower. "Begone, I command it!" And the tendrils of Dark Terror would spring into motion, aiming their deadly spiked ends right for her. Snarling, she shifted her weight and then began to glow a bright white, begining with the crest on her back lighting up, then spreading across her body, igniting each crest as the light touched it, until she was completely aglow with the Circle of Wandering, a Master Crest apparing on her left eye, as her summoning crest formed in the right. The ground beneath her feet rumbled, shook then cracked when she launched herself forward into the array of Dark Terror spikes, using them to clumb up to the tower. She got knocked back a few times, pierced a few times, and she had to taste the awful stuff as she ripped tendril after tendril apart. When it became apparent that this wasn't working to get to the tower she leaped back and when she landed, bright light flooded outwards from her form, backing off the shadow, causing the Dark Terror to basically wilt. Taking her opportunity, she shot into the tower through the ground floor, and faught her way up each tier, until she reached the top, where Phlegathon was waiting. Here, in his realm, he was not a disembodied voice, but rather he had a physical form here. By the time she reached the top, Ami was beyond having lost total control of her new powers, and the only thing in her mind was her objective, and whether he wanted to give it to her or not, Phlegathon was handing over what she came for. "Now now, Ames, calm down.." Phlegathon said, backing slowly away until his back was against the wall. "That's an order, underling!" He shot at her, to which she merely snorted. "You will withdraw." She said. "And you will relenquish your hold over my Prince, as well as myself...AGH!" She fell to the ground as he lifted a long red string attached to a blazing fire of a crystal and pinched it, laughing. Snarling, Ami returned to her paws, and leaped at him. He thrust the string towards the floor and Ami slammed into it yet again. He held her life thread in his hands. He could literally make her do what he wanted, but she was fighting it, getting back up onto her paws again, she saw the string, passing from his hand into the shadows behind her. She could SEE it, where her thread led to, seated deep in the heart of the Geostratum, Ami had always been bound to it, ever since day one. She looked back at Phlegathon. It was pointless to keep trying to attack him. That gave her an idea. "Forgive me, My Prince, for what I am about to do..." She sent out the message telepathically, then, instead of going for Phlegathon, she shot to her right and took her own life thread in her fangs, then chomped down hard on it. "No!" Phlegathon started, but was already too late, as Ami basically exploded with a light so blinding that it lit up the entire dimention of Phlegathon, the top of the tower encased in a ball of light that grew and grew, until it encompassed the entire tower and bellowed out across the realm, casting the shadow ever further into the darkness, and driving Phlegathon back into the Void where he belonged. Back at the mansion, everyone that was Connected to Ami, would suddenly feel her snuff out. Her life force, just gone. Aanai would panick, running to find Ben. "Ben, Ben?! you stupid drunken ASS, get UP!" She said, slapping the glass of whatever he was drinking out of his hands. "Di you feel that?!" She cried, tears streaking Aanai's face as she started pacing back and forth. "What happened? Where is she?! Ben, WHERE IS MY OTHER FUCKING HALF?!" She demanded of him. Just then, there was a ruckus in the main foyer and Aanai ran to see what it was, praying to the Pattern that it was Ami. And it was! She had stepped through, by Planes Walking, and was back in the Foyer now, everyone parting as she entered, her head low, limping, disheviled and dirty, she looked like she had just faught an entire war by herself as she came in. But something was seriously wrong this time. Her gaze was blank. Like there was nobody home, and her crests were still active. She lumbered past everyone, carrying something in her mouth that she held with the utmost care as she staggered down the hallway back to Fowler's office. She had been gone for only an hour in this realm, but in Phlegathon it had been almost a full twenty four. Aanai and several of the others would have followed Ami to see where she was going, leaving a trail of blood as she went. She couldn't refresh, not yet. Entering, she looked the worst she'd ever looked and when everyone began to scramble for supplies, she snarled and her crests glowed a bit brighter, warning everyone that they should stop, it was definitely not safe to be near Ami right then as she walked up to Ben, and opened her muzzle to drop into his lap her red crystal, with the broken thread, and a jet black crystal that swirled with purple, that vanished as soon as it touched Ben, and he would feel as though a slight weight was lifted off him. He would get to keep the perks of being connected to Phlegathon, without having to worry about the old bastard pulling a cheap trick. Ami's stone, on the other hand, was flickering in Ben's lap, it's shine dulling with each second more that passed. The only thing keeping her there was the Ancestral Pattern, dipping their power in to dabble in Ami's affairs. She was glad they did, it gave them a chance to fix what she'd just done. But that wouldn't necessary as three transparent shadowy figures appeared above Ami; The Fates. They controled the life threads of ALL. They could weave them, and cut them. They were amazed Ami had the jaw strength to cut her own thread, much less the balls. The three held their hands over Ami, and she glowed brighter, the crystal's flickering light getting stronger, as magically the red thread began to respin itself! "We will only respin your thread once, Amiritia Annilith Mizuno.( This is the first time anyone has ever, and I mean EVER heard Ami's true name.) "Your foolish bravery has cost you much. The thread we can repair, the rest, will be up to you." The three shaded forms said in unison. Then they were gone, like a whisp of smoke they simply dissipated and were gone. Aanai ran to Ami's side. "Ames, talk to us, what did you do?!" She asked, staring at Ami's blank face. Ami blinked, and began lifting her head, the glow of the crests fading as she returned to herself and got a grip on her mind again, her wounds starting to heal quickly now. She looked around the room, and then her gaze landed on Ben, who still held the crystal her thread was attached to. Then it, too, vanished. "What did I do?" She repeated the question as if it were a foreign concept. "Set us free of Phlegathon." She said. "And pushed him into the void..." She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. "It's all jumbled up, what happened." She said, growling at herself. "Ben.." Her eyes widened, as did Aanai's and just about everyone else's jaws dropped open. She just called him Ben! She never did that! "I...um..."Realizing she was floundering, she stopped herself and straightened. "All you need to know is that Phlegathon no longer can control us. But we still get to keep the perks." She said. "He wont be bothering us again any time soon, I hope." She continued. "It's not easy, even for Phlegathon, to get out of where I sent him. Remind me to thank Nautilus next time we see him, for teaching me how to portal into the Abyss. Your thread is now under your control, my prince, and mine under my control. We can get back to focusing on the Abraxis and ASCAB situations now without much more interruption." She sighed, exhausted again, but she would never tell it. Turning, she looked back over her shoulder at Ben. "I hope you like your gift..I seem to have lost the one you gave me.." She said sadly, and then left Ben and the others in fowler's office as she went back to where Ben's quarters are, and curled up on a large mat under the balcony window she had destroyed not all that long ago. Heaving one more great sigh, she closed her eyes to mere slits and entered into a very uneasy rest, riddled with dark dreams and nightmares.
  2. She nearly went cross eyed looking at his hand on the tip of her snout as he hushed her, and she was sure it probably looked quite comical, as most DAICHONs couldn't see their noses. Her gaze would travel back to him though, as he reprimanded her for pushing herself so hard, her ears laying back when he berated her for the possibility of nearly dying. To which she would sigh. She viewed near death experiences as part of the job description now, she'd nearly died so many times, but her refusal to stay down was legendary. She came down off the table when he asked her to, and sat still and straight so he could groom her. When he was finished she got up on all fours again and passed her length before a tall, wide mirror in the exam room. She could hardly recognize herself. In addition to the blazing reds and crimsons of her fur there were now golden highlights that made her fur glow like living flame every which way she turned, and little silver streaks in the white of her under fur. She no longer had her white tiger striping, instead she was a solid coat of the reds and golds that shimmered and sparked even in the dim lighting of the exam room. She was taller, longer, and more compact, like her speed crest had not deactivated, her dense muscles rippling magnificently beneath her shimmering coat. She would nod in agreement with Ben after a moment more of listening. "Indeed, I was sacrificing brute strength for speed, but the sonic booms i can create on a whim carried a pretty good punch. However, that will prove to come in quite handy." She said, turning to look her other side over, and then she sat, and that was when she saw it. Between her shoulders set a group of crests etched into her fur in white, like an oddball marking they were patterned into her fur. It was her Guardian crest. But there was something slightly different about it...Where it was three crests stamped over one larger one, now...the Royal Crest was stamped on top of that to total five crests that together made One. When she saw that, Ben and the entire room faded out of view and was replaced by a wide gently rolling field surrounded by trees, and in the distance she could see the Geostratum's Ivory and gold gates glittering in the sun. She almost cried. Home. As she had once remembered it. The Geostratum at the height of it's glory in the beauty of nature, where the DAICHON's belonged. She heard laughter, and a group of pups zoomed past her, unable to see her, and their trainer following behind them in a liesurely stroll. It was Ami herself! But there was something very very different about her. She was getting old, for one thing, her crimson fur a mere faded out shadow of the glory it once held. But she still walked with her head high and her prideful gait. With her, instead of running with the other pups, was a young broodling with jet black fur, ember colored eyes, crimson streaks and highlights in his mane and down his back that reminded her quite vividly of her own coat color. He was asking her all sorts of questions and the older version of herself was laughing, and answering his rapid fire questioning with rapid fire answers of her own. Then, suddenly, Ami found herself staring at, well, Ami. The older version of her sensed an anomaly in the air near her and the pups, and ever on guard, she had found herself, even invisible and not really there. "I know your there." She said to the younger version. "I have the same gift as you, but I have learned to look whenever I please. In time you too will reach here." And the older version would look down at the young broodling beside her looking at her in confusion. "Ryuu, call your others. Just like we practiced." The young broodling stepped up in front of the older Ami, and took a stance she knew all too well. It was roll call time! Ami's chest suddenly filled with pride as the youngster's howl lifted into the winds and carried. The five that had bounded away previously, suddenly came running back and it was then that Ami noticed all six of the broodlings had black fur. That was not a common coloring amidst the Brood, and she watched in awe as the youngster braced himself, spacing his paws apart and fanning his tails out to counter balance, and one by one, the other five leaped INTO him! He could split himself, HIMSELF! "Well done, honey! Your father is going to be so proud when he returns and see's what you've been working on!" The older ami playfully nudged the broodling, who grew in size as his other forms rejoined him, and as the fifth became one, he was suddenly taller than Ami. He was massive. "Thank you, Mother!" And at that particular point, she was taken back to the present, around the time Ben was telling her that he was apologizing for the way he acted with Ursula. She contemplated telling him of her vision, but then decided to keep it to herself for now. She joined him in checking in with the guards and making the rounds. She had been asleep for more than half a day, she needed to catch up on what she had missed, although it seemed as if it had been relatively quiet while she had rested. She shook her head slightly as her ears began to ring and she looked at ben. "Yes, I hear it, my prince." She said, looking down a long hallway towards Ursula's rooms. "Of course." She continued, and followed him quickly, barely trotting to keep up. When they arrived, Cotton was in turmoil over something Ami had already told her, that she was now being told by the oldest DAICHON cotton had ever met. To just let go and have no fear. "Indeed, Darling. Your turn. I believe i heard you spew something about vengeance for your teacher? Well, here is your chance." She said. "And Ursula is right. You should not fear the beast within. It is part of you, it is the real you, this humanistic form you insist on triapsing around in, is the fakest thing I have ever seen someone try to pull off..." She was interrupted by D'Thur's voice booming down the hallway, summoning her to show herself, and so she would. Her newly evolved magnificence emerged through the doorway and for only a second, D'Thur faltered, then came at her full force, only to get his tails stomped into the floor by Cotton, whom he severely underestimated. Ami would swell with pride at Cotton's admission of her admiration of Ami, and smile her fanged grin as Cotton was suddenly between she and D'Thur again. Not that Ami needed it, persay, but she let Cotton have this, and she was very much enjoying watching D'Thur get a thrashing. "My prince." Ami said, when he got over excited and uppity with Phlegathon. "Do not forget, my prince, Phlegathon has a paw on my lifes thread just as much as you do. He was complimenting you, sarcastically, I might add, but my master is a dick." She shrugged and laughed as she felt a twinge inside her skull. The equivalent of Phlegathon thumping her on the head. "As for you, Master Phlegathon, go watch the Dark Terror multiply and let me play a while." And Ami was indeed proud of her student, as she beamed and glowed, showering her with praise. "Well done, Darling! Fantastic work. And I'm glad to see you've gained more confidence in your abilities, that's a wonderful step forward, even if it was against D'Thur." She said, and then she caught a whiff of it. The vials that Mortar had dropped that contained a stronger version of whatever it was they had shot her with before. "I know that scent..." She said, and followed it to the broken vials. "Nobody touch it. Someone call Stephanie, have her get bio contamination over here." She lifted her head. "Or I could just eat it." She twitched an ear, dead serious. "If this is what they got me with earlier, I wasn't going to die. It's just been a long time since my body has come in contact with the Black Lake Virus. Remember, I'm the only one immune to it? it would have filtered out within a matter of hours." D'Thur gargled something from the stretcher he was being carried away on and Ami looked at him. "Yes, D'Thur, i have secrets that even YOU don't know. Attacking me with any version of the BL Virus is completely useless unless your only trying to buy time." The poor brutalized bastard would groan at his own stupidity as he was carried away to containment. Ami would go with Ben, after inviting Cotton and Ursula to join them in their investigation. They would return to the bathroom where the first attack had been, and Ami showed them the portal that was supposed to have been investigated days ago. "What I want to know, is why this is STILL here?" Ami asked, turning her massive head to Ben. "I suppose I will just have to close it. You should send someone down to question Mortar, my prince. Seems like she can answer questions quite a bit easier than D'Thur can right now, and likely quite a bit more willing to share information with her hide on the line. Stand back whilst I fix this problem." She would snarl, her fur begining to glow as her bright golden antennae came away from her mane, and sprang forward to attention. The room went dark around her, as she brightened and it extended up her antennae, that was reaching for the burned spot in the ceiling where the portal had opened. Upon contacting the curface, it melted away to reveal the still open portal there. It had never closed, just whoever hid it was horrible at hiding portals. "And my best guess is that this was D'Thur's portal." She said as the golden light wove a net not unlike a spider's web in the gaping maw of the portal and then it was gone in a flash of light, seeing nothing there now but what should be behind the wall; pipes and wires. "Which means that he let the first contaminant in. The question isn't about him, its about who the hell is he working with. He had to get the BL Virus from somewhere, after all." She continued, the glow fading and her antennae returning to their disguise as twin streaks of gold fur through the reds and golds. She sighed, and there in front of Ursula and Cotton, she nuzzled Ben again and sat back. "I owe you an apology, my prince. And not a word, you two!" She shot at Ursula and Cotton. "For now this stays in this bathroom. Ironic. Proceeding!" She said and took a deep, shaky breath before regaling the three of them with the story of her mate, Belgorion. Of how he gained her trust, then her affection, then shattered it all when he betrayed her to her greatest enemy of the time, a foul creature that wanted her for his collection of oddly powerful things he could always come up with new ways to restrain without killing. She told them of the broken misery, and of how Phlegathon pulled her from that, and took her into his dominion, where he placed her in stasis for three hundred years in the realm of himself, but only fifty had passed back in the earthian realm he had pulled her from. She told them of the nightmares and the hellish days of being pierced by Dark Terror, until Phlegathon broke her again, but this time it was to a purpose, not just to see how much she could take before she did break. She told them of Phlegathon piecing back together the shattered puzzle of her mind as she slept all that time. Then she told them of how she had been called forth from the Dimentional being by Ben's voice, screaming in her head that he wished Ami were there, and that was all it took for her to burst free of Phlegathon. When she finished telling a few of the horrors of her past, she grew silent for a moment then looked at Ben. "I know I should be more open, my prince, but that is much easier said than done." She heaved a great sigh again. Not many knew how hard it really was for Ami to be surrounded by all these unfamiliar persons and beings, and Ben was just lucky she hadn't gone off on someone yet. He knew she and large crowds did not mix well at all, but she had been on her best behaviour towards the guests. Except the uninvited ones that she and a few of the others had stomped. "And now you all know why it is that I have such a hard time trusting anyone. Just like respect, trust has to be earned, and though many place their trust and faith in me, there are very few i place my trust in." She looked at Ursula. "Do I trust you? Hell no. I feel a strange connection to you that you have yet to explain. It also links you and I to Cotton, and don't tell me you dont know what I'm talking about, Ancient one, I can SEE the threads!"
  3. Dark Shaharazad followed her master through the portal, to be greeted by the surprished screech from Skylyna. Shaharazad would slightly flutter her ragged bat-like wings slightly and extend her forearms, crouching low and moving across the ground in a manner not unlike a gorilla, the light from the fire casting dark shadows on the symbols still freshly burned into her dark skin. "Wh..What did you do to her...?" Sky trailed off, seeing the bent and grotesque figure stalk around the parameter of the camp. Then quickly held up a hand. "Nope, do not answer that, brother, I don't want to know what you did to the poor thing." She said, tearing her gaze away from what used to be an elf. "Also, I have what it is that you seek from that monster, Ungoliant." She said, holding up a silver chain with a teardrop gemstone on it that swirled black, green and purple as it swung in the fire light. "Not much use it's going to be to the beast if your just going to devour it." Dark Shaharazad stopped near her new master and bowed her head low towards the ground. "My Master, if it is Ungoliant you desire, allow me to lead you to her den, my master!" She said with near brainwashed enthusiasm, hopping up and down like some evil winged monkey from a bad dream. "Aww, look, it's so eager to please you, brother!" Sky said, giggling darkly. There was definitely something quite WRONG about the Light Bringer. Like where were these 'black hole' humor moments coming from? She had always been so light, and playful. "Where didst your other beast go? What did you call it, Argosaxx?" She asked, not seeing it anywhere. "And I know you must be tiring of my questions, brother, but I have slept for quite some time, and I have many. Why did you come to find me?" She leveled her gaze on him, and waited for her answers, having a feeling he would dodge the question and run off gung ho! with Shaharazad to find this monolithic spider.
  4. Skylyna would roll her eyes in responce to his own condescending tone, and cross her arms, noticing that she was dressed in torn shreds of cloth. What was this? She looked herself over. This would not do at all. Waving a hand down at herself, the shreds of what had been Serune's outfit vanished, being replaced by tight brown leggings and a wide sleeved white tunic, belted with a thin silver chain about her waist, at the end of which hung a moon and a sun. When she finished, she looked over to her brother, torturing the elf. Shaharazad couldn't shake his grip, and when he cushed her leg, she screamed, then bit it back, but not for him yelling st her to be silent. She glared defiantly at him, knowing she was likely looking her end in the eye, but would not falter, and remained unflinching as he licked her face and spoke to his sister again. "I was following orders." She ground out through the blinding pain. "Whether you kill me here, or they kill me when I return home for failing in my mission, it matters not. I was ordred to bring the snake, and to take Serune Vi back to the Under, so that my gueen's power can be restored. " She coughed blood. "I was unaware the snake was meant to kill.." She felt woozy and everything went blurry. Then she went numb. "As for finding the spider queen, i'm sure your beast..can track..my scent..." She faded out again, having lost too much blood now, her head listing forward as she fought to stay conscious. "You have your answers, brother." Skylyna said, turning and waving a hand in the air. "Eat her, or put her out of her misery. She's dying on you already as it is. I'm going back to that...uhm.." She looked at a total loss for words. "Where the fire is!" She snapped at no one in particular and stormed off into the trees to head back to camp, and leave Nautilus to his own devices with the elf. She didn't want to watch him devour someone. And glancing back, she was sad, he wasn't the same Arifutonautilus that she remembered. Returning to the fire, she would sit and watch the flames dance as she waited on him to return.
  5. She would stir, groaning slightly as she immediately got back onto her feet, snarling as she lifted her heavy body, breathing hard, she made it to her four paws, her tails fanning out to balance herself as she straightened up on the table, and lifted her head up, seeing the smiles and lights return to the eyes of those staring at her. This is exactly what Borron had meant, and it would dawn on Cotton as she watched her teacher rise, that Ami, in one way or another, embodied a Living Hope, a Flame that would never Die. And THAT, was what made Ami famous. Not her reckless actions and behaviours. She took her prideful, powerful stance, her new fur sparkling in the dim light and waited for the room to clear, bowing her head low to Emphidrina as he complimented her on his way out. Once it was just the two of them in there, Ami collapsed on the table again, breathing hard. Ben was the only one that would see her like this and she be okay with it. He climbed up onto the table with her and she curled around him as he lay with his back across her massive ribcage, and she tucked her many tails in around him. And ear twitched as her dusky red eyes closed again. She couldn't find her voice just yet, so she merely lay her head down, and slept for the next solidly for the next eight hours. Ben was right there, she could feel him laying on her side, so there was no need for to be so on guard. When she woke, she stretched without thinking about it and knicked Ben clear off the table and dumped him back into the floor again. She looked down at him, and went to help him back up. "What did you do to me, my prince?" She asked, looking herself over. She was magnificent. And she could feel the power that had lay untapped behind her crests. She was one with it now, as if she and the crests had melded together. That was twice, in as many days, that Ami had undergone a transformation. "D'Thur had his heart set on taking me out of the equation." She continued, looking at Ben. "He had someone else with him that shot me with that blasted dart when they had an opening. whoever it was is likely long gone by now, how long was I asleep for?"
  6. She fell into her brother's embrace as the poison quickly spread, and he ordred his beast of the Abyss to aid and protect her. Confused and dazed, and more than a little disoriented, she held still as it formed an armoured type of cocoon around her as it cradled her in it's darkness, as it began to draw the poison out. It wasnt the most comfortable thing, but once encased, and being weak, she wasn't about to attempt anything, but she could see Nautilus standing there, then he took off into the shadows. **************** Shaharazad ran. Not the usual nature of the ruthless drow, but she was outmatched, and knew it. Suddenly he was above her, roaring as he brought down a weapon the likes of which she had never seen before. Acting quickly, she used her momentum to throw herself to the side, avoiding her assailant. Without missing a beat, she regained her footing and continued, not inteding to engage. Her attention was then drawn to the shadows, where several spinning things came flying at her from all directions. Her dark silver eyes narrowed. Laughing, she twisted, dove, zigged and zagged, spun, twirled, leaped and flipped her way through the shadows now, but the explosion of the ball of energy caught her by surprise, sending her and several of the drill heads flying. She came up hard against a thick old Oak tree, one of the drill heads spinning itself into the wood next to her head. Eyes wide, she turned to head to look at the drill bit embedded in the tree, then ducked and swung around behind the tree as more flew into it. She continued to run. Leaping, dodging, spinning in a graceful dance for her very life. She came out of the trees into a stray beam of moonlight, and drew her weapon, a sword that glittered silver in the moonlight as her voice rang out powerfully over the roar of Nautilus' weapon. "Moon Shadow, it's time to DANCE!" She called over the galeing winds that swept up through the forest, and in the moonlight her armour would change from dingy gold, to glittering like the stars as it became silver. Her gaze landed on Nautilus, defiance blazing in her glare as she charged him again, weaving like one of the shadows herself as she came back through the field of drill heads, her sword now glowing a bright blue as she roared and brought it down. ************ Skylyna looked up at the Agosaxx once it had released her and saw it in a more comfortable state, in the shape of what almost seemed like a dragon in ways, and in some ways it looked like a giant ball of smoking shadow. She heard it's voice in her head, telling her that she would be fine, then heard the explosion over in the direction nautilus had gone. Despite her brother's orders for Argosaxx, she took off into the shadow after her brother, any creatures in her way would back away and bow their heads. Even a mighty Grizzly backed down from Skylyna. She continued, until she came to where he and a drow were fighting. The woman was in the air, bringing a glittering weapon down on her brother, and he likely reaching back with his, ready to meet his foe. "Moon shadow..." She whispered, and held up a hand, the glittering shines of Shaharazads armour and sword beginning to filter off of the elf, and the little glittering lights floated to Skylyna, forming a ball in her hand, very much like the ball of shadow Nautilus had used, then sprang out to form little stars that sparkled and spun around her hand. Turning her galaxy eyes to the drow, she lifted her hand higher, as Shaharazad was turning to see what the hell had just happened, and was strucky by her own magic, the stars flying past her so fast and bright it was like she was speeding through the night sky overhead. Dazzled, she never even felt it when three or four of them struck her, knocking her back and quite effectively down, and as the lights faded away, so did Shaharazad's conciousness. It would be several hours before she were to wake again. Skylyna huffed slightly, the light in her eyes cold as a distant dwarf star as she walked up to her brother and the fallen Drow. Then that look in her eyes was gone, replaced with a calm that seemed to eminate outward from her form. "I sleep for Eons, and this is the greeting I get, dear brother?" She asked, her voice indeed sounding like songs strummed from a thousand harps in unison. She shone in the shadow as he seemed to blend in with it, the pair a completely otherworldly sight, as if the gods had blessed this land. "Where in all of Creation are we, anyway?"
  7. She nuzzled Borron in greeting, the sight of the pair quite breath taking, though unusual to see a female so scarred and yet still beautiful, and the male looking so pristine. They were so big together that as they walked, they quite often had to stop and one get behind the other to let people pass. They were quite a sight to see, shimmering and glittering in the hallway lights as they went to check on the guard situations. "I have a question, you say you work in groups of three, so where are your companions?" She asked, glancing around as they exited the building and began checking in with the guards. They arrived just after Serenity put down two of the captured broken brood that had awakened. -..."Ami"...- Her four ears twitched and she jerked her head to the side, knowing she had just heard her name, but seeing no one, she turned her attention back to Serenity and Fowler, who were getting the broken broods gourneyed up and strapped down to be retured to containment. -..."Aaammiii"...- There it was again, and looking at the others, she was obviouosly the only one that was hearing it, so she slowly backed away from everyone and followed the direction the voice came from, very tenatively taking each step as she scented the wind, feeling for trouble, her massive head weaving up and down, back and forth, as her four ears twitched back and forth, searching every sound within the vicinity for anything amiss. -..."Ami"...- She jerked her head up right and turned her gaze in time to see D'Thur, and he was a lot bigger this time, his DAICHON form's for seeming to shimmer and shift like the shadows swaying from the trees. His fangs were in her shoulder before she could react, the brunt of his weight bearing down on her, sending them both rolling into the base of a rather broad tree, Ami coming up hard against the tree, D'Thur's fangs still buried in her shoulder, and roared as she felt ribs break under the force. Shifting effortlessly into her upright form, she thrust her hands into his jawls, and forced the beast's fangs open, making him let go of her, then threw him aside and let his momentum take care of the rest as he flew past the tree where he'd had her pinned and she was around it after him instantly, grabbing onto his two tails, (not all DAICHON's suffer from the temporary coma from the grasping of one's tails.) and jerking back hard on them. She felt the bases of his tails pop, and he yelped, whirling on her fangs first, only to meet her fangs, once again in her four legged wolven form. The two were like a ball of black and crimson and white as they were locked onto each other, biting and clawing, kicking and shredding. After a moment, the two separated, and landed facing each other in the wide bak courtyard of the manse. Ami snorted, barely even out of breath, and old D'Thur was sounding like a holy bagpipe, wheezing as he wasn't used to this type of action. He grinned, his fangs coming together to shine whitely out of his dark maw as he chuckled darkly, and purple lightening began to arc off his body and into the ground; where it truck a circle of black ringed with purple would appear, and from them, would come long tendrils of Dark Terror, weaving and wriggling as they reached up towards the sky, until they reached varying heights of up to nine feet and varying thicknesses.D'Thur's ears would lay back, his hackles raised and snarling at Ami, who was intently and silently staring back at him in utter defiance. He hated that look on her face. "Stop looking at me like that!!!!" He roared, ane charged, the tendrils of his Dark Terror shooting out towards her as he did, so there was basically ten against one. She lowered her head and the front of her body slightly, then angled her nose up just a little bit, her dusky red eyes landing on him again as the crests on her four paws lit up. Anyone that knew her well, would be diving for cover. She rolled her shoulders, and crouched down low, the four crests calling forth a fifth one one the ground, and as it shone, her body visibly compacted and became more dense, as her muscles grew stiff and tight. And just when D'Thur was upon her, she launched off the crest 'pad' with such force that a miniature sonic boom resonated, and contacted D'Thur and his tendrils, the initial sock stopping their forward momentum and leaving them suspended in the air for what seemed like an eternity to Ami as she moved around D'Thur, pulling a stp and go maneuver that send boom after sonic boom at him from all directions. The tendrils of Dark Terror dissipated in the high frequency vibrations of the sonic booms, and they tossed D'Thur back and forth like a rag doll in a hurricane. By this point they were sure to have drawn the attention of several in and around the manse, and Ami would have to figure out how to end this quickly. She sped across the yard, turning so sharply that she had to go diagonal and run along the wall of the back fence to turn, and shot back towards D'Thur, who was just landing his back paws on the ground. He turned, and brought his massive paw down in a powerful strike that hit ami right in the side of the head, and sent her flying, nose first into the ground at mach1. Ouch. He was on her again before she could recover, and they were another rolling ball of fur and fangs tearing into each other as they snarled and snapped across the grounds. Using her tails, Ami wrapped them around D'Thur's neck and threw him off, and as she landed on her paws, she used a tail again, and tapped he Beacon Crest on her shoulder, activating it as it began to flash red. Ben's Beacon crest would light up underneath Ursulua, Ephidrina's would begin to blink, the crest Ami gave to Fowler began to blink, along with Serenity, Kintaro, AVUS and Vertical Pig. Ami never activated her crest unless she thought she was in some serious trouble. And, presently, she was in throuble. D'Thur would enter into Ben's dreams and speak to him directly, changing his dream into a total nightmare. "Your precious Ace would lay her life down before letting anyone get at the royal family, so take her out of the equation, and most of you are sitting ducks!" He laughed maniacally. "Say good bye!" and he faded out of Ben's dream realm. D'Thur stood up into his upright form, snarling and drooling as he looked down at Ami, who also stood up into her upright form, breathing hard now, and feeling dizzy. This was what she gets for fighting while exhausted, and that hit to the head, she was sure that wasn't helping. His large black form leaped up into the air and held a hand out in front of him as he floated there, about ten feet off the ground, and the black and peuple lightening crackled around him again, leaping one after the other into and out of his outstretched hand, forming a ball, through which the lightening would enter, and then shoot towards Ami in rapid fire succession, striking the ground all around her as she held her own hands up and performed a series of complex hand signals. Bending her left leg, she shifted her right foot back, and prepared to fire on him as well, when out of nowhere a dart came whistling through the air and struck Ami in her mid section. D'Thur stopped his attack and landed, laughing darkly. "Got'cha." He said, as Ami looke down and pulled the little black vial with black feathers on the end of it out of her rubcage, and looked at it, before reverting back into her four legged form and dropping like she was paralyzed. "It's a Neurotoxin." He laughed again as he began to fade. "Good luck figuring out which one." And D'Thur was gone again. As was Aanai, who raced through the manse to Ben's bedroom door and pracktically took it off the hinges as she slammed it open. "BEEEENN!" She shouted, sounding supremely panicked. "WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!" By the time Aanai made it back, Serenity was carrying the listless Ami in to lay her on an examination table in Fowler's office. She was pretty badly beat up, and the neurotoxin in her system was preventing her wounds from healing. "Here." Aanai said, handing fowler the dart. "She had it in her mouth when we picked her up. Pretty sure this is what administered the toxin."
  8. She took a step back from him as he came towards her, speaking to Argosaxx aloud as he did so, and when he commanded her hand, she couldn't control it, she just reached out and took his hand in hers. Immediately, everything around them melted away into a cloud of smoke and shadowy flames, taking them thousands of miles, and eons backwards into memory, as within the cloud the story unfolded and took shape, showing the great battle between the forces of light and dark, and then saw Nautilus' parents. supreme and onipotent, and the birth of both the light and the dark, and how each were treated as they thought each should be; the light was to be nurtured, it was life, it was kindness, and the darkness was shunned, turned away and given his own prison within the Abyss. Then the light took it upon herself to free her brother of his dark prison, and in their punishment, he was carried away by the Abyss, while her essence was sealed into a tiny silver seed, which was cast out into the vastness of the all the universe. She felt it. As she stood there, hand in hand with him, the stars whirling around them before vanishing in shimmering puff as the smoke dissipated and he let go of her hand. It thudded through her entirety, pulsating within her very soul. Then it began. She staggered, reaching for him as he walked away, her vision blurring as she whispered a name he had not heard in eons. "Arri.." His sister's endearing nickname for him. The runes that spread across her arms and down her back began to smoke, then the black ink cracked and broke, falling away in chunks to reveal blinding white runes beneath the black, and they would rearrange themselves into a long dead language that the only one anywhere nearby would understand was Nautilus. It was the spell their parents had used to bind Skylyna into the seed that had spent millenia traversing the universe, only to land here in this realm and find Serune's mother before Serune was born, and implanted itself in the embyro that was to be Serune. The light continued to grow, eminating outwards from her form as it began to change, her body elongating slightly, into a more elegantly slender form, perfectly toned and proportioned in all the right ways, and her facial features contorted and twisted as her cheekbones moved up higher, and her chin rounded out slightly, her eyes changing from the stormy blue, to very unique. Looking in her eyes was like looking into the heart of the universe, and within her soul burned the fires of a thousand suns. The shockwave of the completed change would send the trees bending with gale force winds as the light blew out away from her, and she fell to the ground, weak once again. Sitting up, she looked around in a daze, her eyes wide. What was going on, where was she? She looked up at Nautilus. "Brother...?" Div'vna wove silently through the undergrowth, his forked tongue guiding him directly to the campsite, where he was just in time to witness Serune's transformation into Sylyna. The viper waited, slithering back and forth around the campsite, waiting for it's chance to strike, and when the girl fell to the ground again, it saw it's chance and swift as a shadow, he came through the grass in the dark as the blinding light above him faded and found the girl's ankle, where he promptly sank his fangs, and his special tainted venom directly into her bloodstream. The beast would rear back suddenly, letting out a horrendous shriek, for a snake. Her blood burned! It burned him from the inside out! it writhed, hissing and twisting and couling in a frenzy until it spontaneously cumbusted, bursting into flames and continuing to thrash with it's shrieking death wait for a moment, before it stilled, a charred black mess in the grass. It paid for it's crime, but it's bit was not without affect, as purple began to spread slowly up her leg from the wound. She looked at her ankle, and the now charred carcass of the snake, and wrapped her arms around herself once more. "That can't be good." She murmured, watching as the taint spread across her skin. In the distance, Shaharazad stood stunned, not believing what she had just seen. Snapping out of it, she quickly left, heading back the way she had come. She had to report this to the Priestess. Serune was completely not what they had thought at all, and her companion was something of another world. Things could get worse than they already were, considering whoever that was that Serune really was, had Ungoliant's magic in her possession, which left the spider queen at a severe disadvantage. And up against beings that were just as old as the spider queen herself was, if not older.
  9. "Because my magic doesn't work like that..." She said, trailing off as he looked over the edge of the cliff, then at her. "Ready for what..AAHH!" She yelped out in surprise as he grabbed her hand and they leaped from the cliff edge. Grabbing his wrist in return, she held her other hand out to steady their desccent slightly, her loose hair whipping around just as his cloak was. She would tuck slightly and shield her face with her free arm as they descended through the flock of ravenous winged creatures, who spread out then circled back around to dive after them as Nautilus began to laugh again. And he..let..go... For only a second, they were face to face as they continued to pick up speed, and he commanded his beast to her. And come to her it did, creeping up her arms, and over her back, chest, torso, the beast's glittering eye opening in the center of her chest, then it continued, covering her hips, legs and down to her feet, encasing her in what she would assume to be nearly indestructable armour, that howled in glee with it's master. She watched as Nautilus broought forth his new weapon, a massive machine the likes of which didn't exist here, and she reached out, gripping into the cliffside as she reangled herself, and watched where she was going, Argosaxx tearing into the large boulders and landslide that was coming down atop of Serune, and she let herself move with the beast, insead of stupidly trying to fight it, it wasnt going to harm her, yet, at any rate, and she added her powerful jump to Argosaxx arsenal encased as her armour and they quickly gained on nautilus, just as he finished the birds and called for his beast. They shot into the air over Nautilus, and Argosaxx opened it's arms wide to recieve the chains, and everything seemed to go into slow motion as it left her, splitting apart from her body and delving back into it's master, who was waiting to catch her when they landed and he set her on her feet. She was, astounded, to say the least, looking back at the complete mess he had made of the mountain behind them. Her eye twitched. What had she just gotten herself into...? Sighing, she followed Nautilus into the forest, and she flickered in and out of the shadows and starlight around him, trying to get her bearings. Considering she knew practically nothing about this region, she slowed and finally just walked along behind him in silence. Dawn would come and go, and then the sun would pass noon, and sunset would arrive again before they stopped again. The day had been extremely uneventful, and they had covered quite a bit of ground, but Serune needed to rest. So she picked a small, well hidden glen to make camp in for the night, ad before long had a small fire going that she sat next to and stared at in silence, her knees drawn up, one arm wrapped around her legs, and her chin resting on her knees as she poked at the fire and watched it dance. "What has you so convinced that I am your sister?" She asked, finally breaking the silence of the day and leaning her head to the side to look at him. "I mean, of all the people there are out there, and your convinced that I'm the one, that or your just toying with me?" **************** Shaharazad emerged from the tunnel breathing hard and turned to kick a goblin back down into the filthy hole it had crawled out of. Whe the hell she had decided to go that way, she will never know, but she disliked the goblins, on the ground that they always tried to kill her! Moving quickly down the mountain, she saw the devistaion on the next peak over, and went in that direction. It didn't take her long to find the dead town, which had all but melted away, leaving carcass bones and skeleton frames of the houses. She walked around, wondering what had happened here, then spotted the remains of the Necro-beasts. Taking a deep breath, she followed the path of decay through the town, which was now only half a town, as she came out an alley way and nearly stumbled down the decimated mountain side. "Serune did all this?" She asked, of no one in particular, since they were all dead anyway. "This is going to be harder than I thought. At least she will be easy to track." She told herself, then hopped from boulder to boulder down the deisheveld cliff until she reached the bottom, and found not one, but two sets of prints there in the dirt. Serune wasn't alone. She looked back up the crumbled cliff, before heading into the forests after her prey. It took a lot less time to catch up than she thought it would, tracking Serune's companion was much easier than tracking that sneaky viper. She spotted the little glint of light in the distance, and stopped to set her own camp and watch from a distance for now. Sitting in the shadows, she needed no fire, as she reached up to her neck and the necklace around her throat returned to the form of the snake and slithered ito her hands. "Alright, Div'vna. Your turn." She said, turning the snake and letting it loose in the dense foliage, then settled in to wait, praying that the snake would do it's task quickly.
  10. Ami would dismiss ursula's comment, and bowed low again. "I am no one, M'lady." She said, then Ben interrupted her, grabbing her face, and asking ursula how she couldn't remember ami's face. Ami pulled back from ben, and shook her massive head. "It's alright, my Prince. Do not be angry with her, just because she cannot remember." She said, nuzzling him again to try and comfor him this time. "And yes, madam, my fur is weakened from battles, but that is only a testament that I actually do my job." She snorted. Her ears would perk up then when Ben mentioned Nautilus and Aargosaxx, and her tails began to wag uncontrollably. "Where?!" She asked, looking arund excitedly. But to no avail. She remebered the one time she had faught Aargosaxx, in defence of Ben. She'd flwon off the handle and nearly decimated the landscape, and Aargosaxx wound up SAVING Ben, from AMI! Not one of her greatest moments, admittedly, but it happened. She calmed down almost immediately When Ben said he and Ursula ere going to take a nap, and Ami was in charge, again, and everyone was to report to her and leave the two of them alone. Ami sighed. She would have to rest some time herself, having been going nearly non stop since her arrival here at the manse. Not that anyone but Aanai noticed; Ami was exhausting herself making sure everyone was safe inside the mansion grounds, but all everyone saw was the hot headed trouble maker she wanted them to see. Ben and Ursula would head off for that nap, and Ami would watch them go with almost sad eyes. She then left with Daniel and Argon, who had decided to let her hatred of Ami go, for now, realizing the seriousness of their situation, and the fact that Ami was in charge now. She listened intently to Daniel, who walked by her head so she could look at him, and he at her, as they walked. She laughed at his decription of the man with the hourglass, and shook her furry head again. The three of them stopped before the library doors where they would be gathering to meet with Mobius, and she would look at Daniel. "Very well. I have a few orders then. I see a lot of dallying DAICHON's, double the guards at the outer gates and every entrance, i want two on each station, no one goes anywhere without a buddy, especially the humans." She said. "And yes, you and Argon should prepare the Library for the meeting, and Mobius arrival. Make sure there is plently of comfortable seating, Mobius likes soft things." She turned then and headed down the hall again. "I will join you shortly, I must check on a few things before I retire to the library for the meeting." And would leave Argon and Daniel there at the doors. She would go check in with Lott, and the other members of the Defence Team again, checked the grounds to make sure the guards were doubling, especially at the construction site where Cotton had thrown someone through the outer courtyard wall. A pair of DAICHONs in their wolven forms were staling the shadows beneath the walls, every entrance to the manse was manned, DAICHON's circling the close paramater to keep close to the windows. She nodded approvingly of the guard detail. From there, she would head back inside, and check the guard detail within the manse, the construction teams were finished in here, and enjoying a break with some tea and scones Luminous had just freshly made. Moving along, she found herself outside the Ben's chambers again, staring at the door she knew he and Ursula were on the other side of. She sat with her head down for a moment, contemplating knocking to check on them, but then decided she had better not, in case there was something going on in there she didn't want to see. She got up and sulked silently down the hallway for a few paces, then when she heard voices, she picked her head up squared off and suddenly it was as if nothing at all was wrong. She rounded the corner to find Borron talking to one of the humans. Ben had told her to find him. She wondered for just a second if he had seen her outside Ben's chambers, but then shook that thought as she approached her brother. "Borron!" She said. "Lovely evening, isn't it? Our Prince told me to find you, what have you to report?"
  11. And just like that, the fleeting moment of calm she had felt was gone as he devoured the bird, and his form changed so that he looked more like a being of this world, instead of another. She pointed at him. "That's a pretty neat trick." She murmured in respecful awe, then looked down at herself, wishing she could just materialize new clothes out of nowhere, then stood and looked at him squarely, fully back in control of herself now, her blue eyes stormy, cold and sharp. "I have no idea who this 'Skylyna' you speak of is, but I can remember back to nearly my birth four hundred yeas ago, I can assure you I am not...Whatever you are." She said, waving her hand at him, indicating his entirety. "As for these..." She looked over her arms, then back at him again. "They are a spell." She continued. "I stole Ungoliant's power." She said, dead serious. "On the day I was to be sacrificed to the beast. I spent three hundred years being tortured in a dungeon before the priestesses decided I was fit enough to be served to their queen." She shuddered as a chill ran down her spine, remembering the giant arachnid picking her bound body up and liding her into it's maw. She turned her back to him, and pulled her long silver hair over her shoulder to show him her back. The runes ran straight down along her spine, but stretching across her pale skin was an ugly purple scar that reached from her right shoulder all the way to her left ribcage. "I had to let the foul thing eat me in order for it to work." She said, turning back to him. "The runes seal Ungoliant's power inside me, but as we have just seen, using that power can be quite...detrimental." She laughed at herself, shaking her head. "As if letting yourself get eaten by a giant spider isn't detrimental." She said, still laughing, quite hard now. She'd lost her ever loving mind. What the hell was she thinking? And now she was here, standing in a decaying cesspool of death, with a madman that thought she was his sister. Oh what a day. After a moment she regained her composure, wiping her eyes as she had laughed so hard. "Oh, now what.." She asked herself, suddenly feeling quite lost on her journey. Now what, indeed. She'd stolen the spider queen's power, and was being hunted by ALL of the Under. She couldn't go to the High elves for help, she'd already tried that, and was shunned due to her hybrid nature. The humans hated the elves, sorcerers and witches hunted the elves for various reasons. It was just a bad time to be an elf, and a bad time to be her. "I was tortured every day." She said, watching the decay as it continued to spread. "In a dark cell, miles underground, where no one could find me. Why? I don't know. Perhaps your right, maybe I am your sister and that's why they locked me away, or that I'm a Drow High Elf hybrid. An abomination of both worlds. " She looked at him again. "The spell that trapped Ungoliant's powers, I don't know where it came from. I learned it from faded whispers in the Deep Dark. What I'm supposed to do with it, I haven't the slightest idea. Ive only been running for one hundred years. Rumors spread of the Under falling apart without Ungoliant's magic to hold it together, that the mountains are growing weak without her spelled webs." Picking up her sword, she cleaned it on her tatterd pants then sheathed it, before wrapping her arms around herself. It was cold now, in the dead of night with the whole town dead and dark, and she wearing the equivalent of rags after that whole ordeal. "Come on." She said, walking past him now. "Should probably get out of here before more trouble shows up, and I freeze to death." ****In the Under City of Dah'kazhea**** "SHAHARAZAD!!!" It echoed throughout the temple hallways, and a yougn drow woman would twist around from what she had been doing and take off at a sprint down the hall, her ebony skin glistening in the golden torch light. The Seekers must have seen something. Cutting a corner rather sharply, she skid to a halt outside a set of large double doors inlaid with gold enscriptions, and caught her breath before entering the room. The other priestesses were all gathered around a large pool of glittering black water. Shaharazad walked along the wall, her golden armour clinkling softly in the light. "My Priestess." She said, bowing low. "You summoned me?" "Yes!" Said the much older Drow woman. "There, the seekers have seen in the pool, that little thief Serune Vi has surfaced again in Daer'naath, I want you to take Div'vna with you. He will come in quite handy." She continued, turning to a small cage on her right, and opening it to draw forth a black serpent. "Ssshh, sshh, Div'vna. We have a task for you. Go with Shaharazad. When you get close, separate. Find your target, my Div'vna, and bite." She said to the black snake as she held her arm out and Shaharazad extended her own arm to take the snake. "Yes, my Priestess." Shaharazad said, bowing low again. The snake wrapped itself around her neck and was suddenly a piece of jewelry, a dark chain with an onyx stone streaked with red on it, laying on her chest. "Go quickly in the dark's embrace, my child. Do not fail our queen, again, or you will be her next meal upon your return." The priestess said coldly, and turned away, dismissing the young Drow. She left the chamber and went to prepare to leave, feeling the weight of the stone around her neck. She would travel light, such as weapons only, so it did not take her long to prepare, and then she lef the city, heading into the dark tunnels to seek the thief that had stolen her queens power.
  12. She was only out for a few moments, and when she opened her eyes, she saw the prettiest blue and purple little mushroom she'd ever laid eyes on, then realized that the monk was speaking to her, as he fell to the gorund again in his own filth, spewing blood and feces from both ends. Her attention was drawn, as she stood, to the center of town, where everything was lit up in the fog and then it cleared to reveal the portal, with SOMETHING coming through it. She looked around, still dazed and feeling like she would fall again if she moved, and seeing the decay that was spreading like she was watching hundreds of years pass by in mere seconds. Turning her gaze back to the portal, the most beautiful creation of Hell she had ever seen was slowly descending from the portal, now fully released. He spread wings of ebony and onyx out across the the sky, their shadow covering the entire town with their span. Then the being closed the portal, the force of it sending a backlash and black lightening resonating out from the closure point, knocking her back again, and before she knew it, she was faced with this..She didn't know what he was, but he definitely wasn't of this realm. She simply stared and remained silent as Nautilus spoke to the monk, the great beast's head swaying back and forth from his midsection as she assumed it searched for a meal, and it stopped, locking onto the monk as he offered himself up as a secrifice to the nightmare that stood before her. She watched the man willing go alive into the jaws of the beast and cringed slightly at the sickening chewing sounds it was making, but could not tear her gaze away from the spectacle. And that was definitely different, as he stepped aside of himself, and suddenly there were two versions of him; the one with the beasts head sticking out of his torso, and then a version that looked as normal as she. Then he was behind her, so close she could feel his breath as he spoke softly, his voice sounding like the whispers of hundreds, ever changing in tone, it was almost melodius. Then she could hear the echo of screams, of thousands. They flooded into her mind as he spoke to her, and the darkness that had been released within in her writhed in the glee of the torment it was feeling. He asked her if she felt love, then opened his mouth and roared at her. It was more deafening than thunder on the high mountains, but she did not shy away from him, she'd seen much more frightening things than that. He circled her like a serpent waiting to strike, watching her every move, feeling her every reaction. And there, deep iside, hidden behind the veil of darkness, was a warmth familiar to him, but just as quickly as he felt that warmth, it was gone again under the blanket of blackness that concealed it. She merely grit her teeth when he graciously healed her shoulder and backed away. "Love?" She would ask, her gaze still mostly blank, but she was regaining control, slowly. The runes across her arms and down her back remained visible, and she looked down at herself, realizing she was a complete wreck at the same time. Her clothes were torn to near shredsm she was blood splattered and covered in dirt. "What is that?" She continued, her near absent gaze landing on him again. In all her 400 years, she had never known what that was, or what that word meant. She had spent her life from the time she was a small child, until about one hundred years ago, in a prison cell deep in the underbelly of the castle in the Under city of Dah'kazhea, tortured, beated, abused, and barely fed as she was being prepared to be an 'ultimate' sacrifice to their God, Ungoliant. His healing of her wounds was the kindest gesture she had ever been shown, and her eyes darkened for a moment. "All that fills the Abyss is shadow, and all who enter, become the shadow." She answered him again, as he sat and crossed his legs one over the other after rejoining with his other self. "And I know not who you are." But she felt something odd when she said that she didnt know him. It didn't sound right coming from her lips, almost as if she did know him, but she had never laid eyes on such a magnificent being such as he before. Odd. Very odd. "Watch out!" She sprang into instant action as the two Necro-beasts caught up with her again, and she reacted without even a twinge of a second thought, drawing the sword that had been concealed until her cload disintegrated, and rammed the blade into the chest of the first beast, who was bearing down on Nautilus. Leaning to the side, she slid the once again dead beast from her blade and it fell to the ground, the magic holding the different animal parts together dissipating and it fell apart. In another quick motion, she rolled the head right off the other one's shoulders, and it too fell, discombobulating at it did. "Great..." She murmured. "Now they know I'm here...huh?" It was as if she had completely forgotten that Nautilus was there as she spied a young bird that had dropped with the vultures and crows, but had not yet begun to decay like everything else, it's bright blue and white feathers a sharp contrast to the color of decay. Kneeling, she set down the sword and used both hands to cup the young carcass in her palms, raising it from the ground before the decay could reach it and take it, too. The runes across her arms and down her back took on an entirely different glow, a light, sky blue that eminated in a soft glow from the runes, starting with her back lighting up this time, and moving down her arms to her hand where the bird lay motionless. And in an almost reverse scene of just a short while ago, where she took the lives of everyone in this town to bring Nautilus into this world, as she gave life back to the bird. She closed her hands over it for a moment, as the glow intensified, and then faded back into the runes. When she opened her hands, it took a second, but the bird got up! It fluttered it's little wings and shot into the air to zoom around her as she smiled and laughed, so innocently, her eyes full of wonder as she watched it flutter around her. It landed on her shoulder, to give her a light, sweet peck on the cheek before it few away again. Then it dawned on her that she had just done that in front of a complete stranger. She turned her dark blue eyes back to the being sitting on a pile of bodies, just watching her as she took, then gave the grace of life. "I...uhm...Ahem.." She cleared her throat and looked down, sure she was in for it now.
  13. She ran, as fast as she could, weaving through the trees like a guided arrow as she fled before the two beasts that chased her through the forests of the mountains of Daern'aath. Even in the failing light of sunset, the things looked like grotesque failed mutations between wolves and bears, their stringy, mange ridden fur was matted and patchy, lesions and pustules of rotted flesh oozed a clear slimey liquid that she was sure it wasn't healthy to touch, and mad beady eyes that rolled around in their heads. They were called Necro-Beasts, and many high shaman and priestess of the Drow commanded these perversions of nature, using dark magic to reanimate the corpses of dead animals and fuse them together to make near unstoppable machines of death and plague. She had been eluding this pair of Necro-Beasts for days now and they had finally caught up to her when she wasn't expecting them to find her. They had surprised her, and though one lost an eye, it tasted her blood as it had sank it's fangs into her right shoulder and attempted to rip it off. That was two days ago, and she had not been able to outrun the pair since. It was like they had a lock on her now that one had tasted her. And it wanted more. She had to find an open area, somewhere, to fight these things. In the trees, she knew they would overwhelm her. Climbing ever higher, she left the tree line, and raced up the steepening cliff until she lost all speed and was nearly diagonal to the ground, the beasts slipping and sliding back repeatedly as they lost their momentum. For a split second, before gravity took over, Serune could see nothing but sky then turned, and began her descent, running back down the cliff, straight towards the two, and gained speed, kicking up a trail of dust as she zoomed down the mountainside, and right before she reached the beasts, she threw out her left hand and grabbed the edge of her long black cloak, using it like a wing to guide her, the rush of air filling the cloth as she pulled the right side of it in close to her body, and she turned with ease, shooting off to the right and back into the forest as she continued with the momentum she'd gained from the descent. She could hear their angry roars growing ever more faint. She was toying with them, but that was only because she knew if she killed them, their masters would know where she was, so they had to continue to not die by her hand, again. It was well after dark before she finally stopped again, breathless, exhausted and feeling rather dizzy. Leaving the trees again, she found herself in a wide field, the sky overhead dark and starless, and a thick fog was rolling in. Uneasy, she pulled her hood up to conceal her long, silvery hair, and pointed ears. Some people loved elves. Some people hated them, it just depended on whether or not you were A High Elf, or the Drow. The Drow were vicious, ruthless and showed no mercy to their captives, which were usually sacrificed to their God, the spider queen, they believed to be mother to all things malicious and greedy, birther of all things that slinked and slithered, Ungoliant; a cavernous spider with thousands of eyes, fangs as long as the Ancient Elms roots, and power so dark that even the darkness was afraid of it's own mother. The High Elves, however, called 'Surface Dwellers' were quite the opposite. They were kind, and much more inclined to heal, but were not afraid to fight if that was what it took. The Fog swished around her in an odd way, drawing her attention back to reality. It moved around her, like an ethereal being in the mists, it's shape only to be seen as a slithered movement in the fog. Then it trailed on ahead of her, then circled back like it wanted her to follow it. The injury in her right shoulder began to burn horribly and she gritted her teeth. She couldn't do her magic out in the open like this. The thing traced off through the fog again, and without a second thought this time, she followed it. It wasn't long before she found herself in a town, when a building materialized right in front of her in the fog and she ran directly into it. Straining to see, even her eyes had trouble with the fog, she stepped aside to avoid a worn down old cart, being pulled by an even more worn down old horse. It creaked and clopped ever so slowly past. She'd never been here before, but it did not look like a very friendly place, as there were no chidren anywhere, most of the buildings were boarded up or piles of rubble, and the stench was horrendous. Death, disease, sewage, filth, the unholy, all mixed together. People lay or sat in the street and up against buildings, coughing, vomiting, consumption was running rampant amidst the more frail inhabitants of the town. Luckily, she didn't get sick, but still, she was getting some rather undesireable looks, and she might just have to kill someone, as she noted she was now being followed by four large men wearing face coverings. Of a sudden, it was like a geas had grabbed hold of her and she felt compelled to turn down a side street and go ever further into this cesspool she had stumbled upon, until she came to a stop next to a figure slumped on the ground, his dingy, tattered brown cloak covered in dirt, spiders, cocroaches, fleas, every undeesireable crepy crawler you could think of, even had a giant centipede attacking and eating the other insects as moths of all sizes fluttered before the old man's face. In his hands he held a scroll that she recognized the markings on, and her eyes widened "Oh no, no no no what are you doing you have to st..." But she fell silent as her eyes suddenly went blank upon hearing his incantation as he began reading from the scroll. "Shelob Ungol evisera houl. Shahasti lym'nri sauud." He repeated the phrase over and over in a rhythmic sequence, rocking back and forth as he held a satchel with Pur virgin bones in it over the black candle he had lit, the smoke climbing slowly up the bag as he moved onto the next phase of the enchantment, reaching from the scroll he had in his hand, and suddenly her cloak just evaporated, as well as the sleeves and shoulders of her shirt, letting the cloth fall away to reveal her under shirt, and her long silvery hair came loose from it's braid, only to begin floating around her like she was submerged. Symbols began to appear in a line from the back of both hands, trailing up her arms, and across her shoulders, to meet a large symbol on the back of her neck, then travel down her spine to her tailbone. They were the spell that sealed in the power the old man was tring to use. She tried to fight it, but was too weak from fleeing and fighting for days in a row. She lifted off the ground as the wind picked up, and the old man continued to chant, rocking back and forth ever faster. Cycloning around her, the wind picked her hair up and tossed it around her slender form, the silver dark against the pale near porcelain complexion of her skin. Dark blue eyes turned into glowing red embers as the symbols tattoed across her skin lit up one at a time, all turning the same bright red. It hurt so badly, it felt like her body was being ripped into with each rune that ignited across her skin. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream, but she couldn't move, couldn't blink, the only thing she could do was breathe, and even that was barely. Her hands lifted with her palms to the sky, and the runes burned even more crimson as little golden lights left the bodies of those who lay or sat in the streets nearby, the life energies coming directly to her, stealing the life force of dozens to created the influx catalyst the monk needed. Moving her hands to in front of her, she aimed her palms at the ground, and released all that life energy she had just absorbed and fired it into the ground a short distance away, where thr ground would then proceed to crack open a wide maw, and produce forth in a jet of steam a relic of Lost Time, a gate made of stone. She would gasp suddenly, as it felt as though a hand had reached into her chest and began to ciphon off the Darkness contained within her. Then the gate glowed brightly and creaked open, about an inch. And then she was falling, for what felt like forever, as the light faded from the runes, and she hit the ground, drained and unconcious. The old monk cackling maniacally as he looked around at all the dead bodies. Perfect, everything was now ready.
  14. Her four ears would perk forward again as cotton pulled she and Ben to the side, and began speaking of a secret power to the Dark Terror. She looked back at Ben as he began to explain, listening intently with three of her ears, the fourth was turned towards the room. Ami looked from him, to Cotton and back again. He had completely NOT answered her or cotton's questions but Cotton went with it anyway, but that's alright, Ami knew how to decipher Ben's over informative tendancy. To put it simply, Ami and Cotton were two of those that would help this Original DAICHON unlock her powers. They left as a group, only to be greeted bu a ruckus down the hallway, and Cotton ducked behind Ami. When she did, Ami dropped into her Quadrapedic form, and stood before cotton long ways so that her body blocked every bit of Cotton. She lowered her massive head, snarling at the noise as Ben ordered her to stay where she was with the others, Graymite surprisingly offering to stay with Ami to help keep things safe back here as Ben and Abraxis went to meet their foe. Ami turned her head slightly to the girl cowering behind her and then looked at Graymite. "Get everyone back into the Ballroom." She said, her gaze never leaving the hallway ahead of them. "You too, Cotton." She backed up, using her body to push Cotton back through the ballroom doors. "Graymite, on the inside of the door, where you can see the back. I will remain here." She continued, using her large wolven body to block the doorway. She caught a whiff of the foul odor over the fresh blood and shook her head to clear her nostrils of the scent of the Broken Brood. (kind of like the DAICHON version of Orcs, twisted and corrupted.) Turns out there had been no need for such measures, but Ami acted accordingly with the situation, and placing everyone in safety. Serenity shot past the ball room, ruffling ami's fur with the pull of the wind from her passing, and then there were a lot of garbled yelps and yips as the Tulpas princess lay into the poor bastards. Looking back down the way she had just come, Ami saw Gothra, and someone else Ami didn't know, but as they approached, Ami would return to a standing position, and merely move silently aside, watching the girl pass by her with Gothra. Ami felt a very strange connection to this girl, and once Ben and Abraxis were back in the Ball room, she would move silently around to a wall and watch, her gaze intent on the girl as she listened, being sure to stay close, but not too close, to Ben. Upon hearing her say that she was the very DAICHON they had just been discussing, Ami's full attention would be on the girl. And then shook her head with dismay at Ben's obvious cluelessness. She followed ben, who followed Vonoxia over to the bar, where things would escalate rather quickly as Zostrix grabbed hold of Ben's tails and he yelped out in pain. Ami' still on high alert, reacted without first thinking, and was on him within half a second, leaping over Ben and Vonoxia to land on her forepaws, whirl and whip her tails around with enough force they whistled as they cut through the air and collided with Zostrix's ribcage, knocking him back quite a few feet. Ami wasn't trying to hurt him, and he didn't retaliate, merely returned to the bowed submissive posture. Looking around the room, Ami saw just about everyone was bowing, save for herself, Ben and a couple of others that didn't know what wa going on. Ami knew, she was quick, much quicker than Ben, but the only DAICHON she bowed to, was her prince, and she had broken a crest of the circle proving it. And then everyone was freaking out. Out of nowhere, Ami demanded silence with a sharp, loud bark. "Everyone calm down, especially you, fowler, dry your eyes, and quit being such a baby. Your a DAICHON, ACT LIKE IT, because whether I am present or not, he still has these problems. I deal with it just as much as you do, darling. Now think. I know what to do, but you must find that knowledge within yourself. It will strengthen your connection to the Library." She continued, and nodded when fowler came up with the RESET. "And relax, we have at least forty five minutes before he sleeps for the next four hundred years." Ami supervised as Fowler found Ben's antennae, cicling the table as she did so. "Your doing great." Ami cheered her on. "And you've got it!" She said, as the visible jolt traveled through Ben's body. "I'm here, my Prince." She said, pushing her nose under his hand. "Why is it you've become a teenager again, my Prince?" She asked as Vonoxia leaped on him, knocking him back to the floor. Ami would catch the two with her tails and gently set them on the floor before turning to look at them, promptly thumping Ben with one of her tails as Vonoxia chided him on asking a lady her age. "Now it's my turn, use your manners, my Prince. And I can't believe that you have to have this explained. She is the DAICHON you were just telling Cotton and I about, that was SUPPOSED to be somewhere underneath this mansion? Yeah, she's not down there." She said, and stepped up to Vonoxia, lowering her massive head for the girl to pet her. "Greetings, Ancient One." Ami said, then lifted her head and took a step back. "Allow for me to introduce myself. I am Ami Mizuno, Guardian of the Gates of the Geostratum of Antiquity, Guardian of Prince Benaires and the royal family. Regent of the DAICHON kingdom, STILL" Here she would shoot Fowler a look. "Grand Librarian, formerly grand historian, Commander in chief of the defence team, Special forces, second in command of our armies, Chief stratagist oh screw it the list goes on and on, i'm not going to waste your time with the complete formal introduction. Long story short, I'm Ami, also known as ACE." She concluded, laughing softly at herself. "Why is it that I feel so strongly bonded to you?"
  15. Ami looked down her snout at Abraxis as she promptly whisked over to ami, and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath of Ami's scent. She tilted her head to the side, hearing the girl tell Ben that Ami smelled of Anti-matter. But how could that be possible? Ami wasn't even sure how to use Anti matter. She would nod as Ben gave her orders to have Sephora take the two contaminants. Third time? And then it dawned on Ami that it was her Dark Terror that was causing the two of them to stare at her so. Then, everyone present would see the funniest thing they would have ever seen Ami do. Much like a scolded teenager, Ami's shoulders drooped and she tilted her head upwards, her ears drooping rather dramatically letting out an exhasperated "Uuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh." That sounded almost like she was dying. Turning to Stevenson, she shot right back at him. "YOU might hate it, but then again YOU have never needed it, being all cozy and tucked away in your office observing!" She said, then walked over to the doctor to lower her head and present for his viewing the Guardian Crest, and allow for him to pet her. Ben loved this human more than anything else, so Ami HAD to be nice to him. "However, doctor, they have proven quite useful in quite a number situations you've not gotten reports on. And if you leaked the information about my Tracer Project, why was it that Daniel here blamed it on D'Thur?" She asked, remembering that every time trouble had sprang up that day, daniel had been nowhere to be seen, only to pop up again afterwards when everything was clear. Except when D'Thur had appeared. Something very fishy was going on with this Daniel person, and Ami wasn't going to just let it lie. She stepped back to let Ben and Myta greet Stevenson. He might have saved their furry hides all those years ago, but in another timeline Ami had been dumped into by Zostrix, this very same doctor, in another time, released Ben and Myta, but had kept Ami on lockdown, performing all sorts of grotesque experiments on her to find out how and why she was immune to the black lake virus, and whether or not he could use Ami's blood to make a cure for it. (Alternate Timeline chapter from the Brood Chronicles.) So, it was very understandable that Ami detested anyone carrying the name of Doctor Stevenson. Her ears perked up some as the doctor actually gave her credit for capturing the pair. Maybe this version of the doctor wasn't so bad after all. Ami huffed. Didn't know a female DAICHON could be a doctor. He obviously had never been to Wolf Haven. Most of the attendants in Wolf Haven were females, and all of them healers. She sighed, however, and nodded. "Very well, my prince." She stated, and returned to Dr. Stevenson. Her fur, though lush, silky and soft, also acted as a shield against many things. And she was unaware that her fur had become brittle. Her ears perked forward again. Perhaps this would be benificial. Opening her maw wide, she actually wagged her tails as he commended her on her pearly white fangs, and general health over all. She woud nod at his suggestion of more training time, as she was already thinking that herself, and knelt lower so the doc could get up on her broad shoulders and examine her ears. Ami merely snorted at the comments and questions raised by the others, not really caring what Argon and her lackeys had to say about her. They were just jealous, But they didn't know her entire story either. Let them talk, she thought. "Thank you doctor, and it would seem that way, Zostrix." She shook her head. " I have my reasons, but since no one cares to ask, let them think whatever they wish. It's not stopping me from doing my job." She glanced over her shoulder. "Besides, what they dont realize, is that if all eyes are on me, that means they are all safe." She murmured to Zos as he passed her on the way to Bronze, something Zostrix already knew... And the entire room would suddenly be backed up to the walls as ami did exactly as Ben expected her to. As soon as he yelped, just a tiny faint little sound, and it was almost as if she rose up out of the prince's shadow behind him, her eyes aglow like red embers, talons extended, and ready to tear into whoever Ben pointed at. Those nearby merely just backing away. They really didnt want to test that hero theory. "Just say who, My Pri...oh, those are so pretty!" She said, the eminating viciousness suddenly gone, and for a moment everyone, literally everyone, saw what it would be like if Ami were to ever act like a female, instead of a warrior, and it was phenominal. Her entire demeanor changed from that of a hulking demon ready to rend flesh,, to a girl that just got flowers. It was almost like a layer of shadow lifted from her entire form, as she glowed like a soft fire, growing brighter as she smiled at the blue roses. "Thank you, Borron, how did you know blue roses were my favorite? My prince, did you tell him?" It was then that Cotton poked Ami and passed her an ambrosia. Ami looked at Ben, then back to Cotton, and sighed, her shoulders dropping slightly as she relaxed, and then became rather interested in what cotton was saying about Plane Walking. "That IS very interesting, you'll have to show me how to do that." Ami said. "Just because I am to be teaching you, does not mean that you cannot teach me, too." She said. "It's all a learning experience. There are just some that have experienced more than you have, or even that I have." She continued. "And its becoming rather apparent that this old DAICHON is going to have to learn some new tricks. Oh, you might know the asnwer to this. Do you kow what Anti matter smells like? Abraxis said earlier that I smelled like it, and your father said I have summoned Anti matter three times since my arrival. Two plus two equals four, the only thing ive summoned whilst here is my Dark Terror. Which makes me wonder if it's comprised of Anti Matter and the Darkness Magic." Ami saw that the poor girl was trying, so she would give her a chance. She smiled her fanged grin at her. "You should head over to Stevenson and get your check up done. He did mine first, and yes, I behaved and let a human touch me." She shivered. "He had some good insight for me, however, so this version of him might not be so bad." She said, forgetting that Cotton wasn't present for the fight with D'Thur, and Ami revealing she is a time jumper, totally on accident, thanks to an inside joke/lesson that Zostrix and Mobius were trying to teach her. But Ami knew it went way deeper than that. Ami would nudge Cotton with her elbow. "hey." She whispered. "I know your frightened of your dormant side, there's a side of me that not even the Abyssal Council wants to speak of, so I know very well how you feel, and you need to know this Cotton. You are NOT alone in this fight. You can do this, but you must believe in yourself, just as I believe in you, just as your father and mother have so much faith in you, you must trust yourself also, and you can trust me. You do not have to be afraid your powers when I am near. Unlike that poor bastard Vicious, earlier, it doesn't matter how hard you hit me, and you can verify this with your father, I WILL get back up." She said, that with such conviction in her voice that it was hard not to believe, especially given Ami's very set in stone type of past. She lifted the ambrosia and kicked it back in one slurp before stealing Cotton's bow. "And this, whats this? are you ten?" She asked, laughing slightly as she attempted to play with Cotton. "Come now, Darling, your much to pretty to be dolled up looking like a little girl." She said, tossing the bow up, and letting it land on her own head, right perfectly between her ears, and og the comical scene that it created; the massive twelve foot tall Fireball DAICHON, with a BOW BETWEEN HER EARS! The hilariousness of it would draw Aanai out of where she had been hiding in the rafters of the room, observing the scene below, and when Ami planted that bow, she couldn't help laughing so hard she fell off the beam she was sitting on! "Oh my YAI! Aanai yelped, falling off the beam, and laughing all the short distance to the floor, where her fit of giggles would only be interupted by the "OOF" of Aanai landing. "Ben, BEN!" She She stammered, pointing and laughing at Ami, who was trying to make Cotton laugh by wearing her bow. Ami grinned. She had been away from this for too long. She missed her Brood family, when she was off fighting wars in other dimentions, or creating peaceful, powerful, allies for their kingdom. Ami had a lot of friends in very high places. Not to mention for nearly fifty years in another timeline, Ami lay in a dormant stasis within Phlegathon until Ben had inadvertently summoned her. She remembered being called forth from the darkness by him calling her name, then the explosion that had followed when she burst through the very dimentional fabric that held Phleathon together as IT'S own dimentional being. Or rather, a being that was an entire dimention, and came to his summons of 'I wish Ami was here!" And boom, there she was. She stopped and thought for a moment. How had she done THAT? She used the Voidal Spaces and wormhole pockets to traverse between timelines, worlds, and dimentions. Never before had she torn the fabric of a reality. Something wasn't right here. She's not supposed to have abilities like that, is she? And here Ami was just telling Cotton she was going to be learning some new tricks, what if she already had, but didn't realize it yet? Like Anti Matter Dark Terror? There was something wrong with that thought too, but what else could Abraxis and Ben be referring to, if not the Dark Terror? Shaking her head, she grinned, and took the girl's bow with one of her tails and placed it back in her hand before attaching it back to Cotton's hair. "Now, about why I smell like Anti Matter?"
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