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  1. She had a lot to do before dawn, checking in first with Lott and the Defense Team. They were doing well, not much to have reported in her absence. She was, however, mortified at the condition of the temporary barracks. "What the hell is this?" She asked, the disgust in her voice plain as her crimson fur. "This is what happens when you leave the Broken Brood in charge of their own filth." Aanai said, entering. "Good to see you again, Ames. I see they can't run you off for good at all can they?" "Of course not. Wouldn't be who I am if I was that flaky. " She said. "You three!" She snapped at three random Brokens as they lumbered by. They slinked up to her. "Y-yes M-Miss Ami.." One of them spoke in badly broken english. She'd reach out with her tails and pull him close to her face, her fangs barely bared in a slight snarl. "I will only say this once." She said. "Clean!" She roared in his face, driving the point home, the other two cowering back. "This is unacceptable! Tell the others, keep this place clean, or you can go back to your filthy cages at ASCAB and the Military base!" She snapped. She looked at the other two. "Stop cowering, get to cleaning this mess up." She turned and walked back out of the temporary garrison and shook her head. "Aanai...That was..Disgusting." "Your the one who left without giving them any orders. And they wont listen to Ben." Aanai held her hands up, shrugging. "Not my fault, and you know it." She said. "Now, did you find it." "Of course I found it." She replied, flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder before handing over a small piece of paper with some quick scribbling on it, stashing it in the fur of Ami's mane, using one of the clips holding her feathers in to secure the note so it didn't fall off. "It's not like it's a big secret or anything, Ames." She continued. "It's mostly unguarded, but be careful." "When am I ever?" Ami asked in return, laughing. Aanai looked at her sternly. "We shared a body for nearly four hundred years, Ames. Don't give me that." She snipped at her. "Time and place, Aanai." Was the reply. "Time and place." "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." She waved a hand at Ami, who huffed back at her. "Lowest level. Can't miss it." Ami nodded and was off again, going back into the manse, she nodded to a few of the others before sneaking off and descending into the lower levels of the mansion. She had forgotten how many levels Ben had said there were underground, but it seemed to take forever to get down all those steps. And it was dark, which was probably why it felt like forever. Reaching her destination, she activated her crests so their glow would cast some light around her, and as she looked up, her ears lay back at the massiveness of the stone doorway, it was indeed impressive; the carved stones reaching high up into a cavernous ceiling, lined with statues and embossments of the Monoliths. Shaking her head, she began to sniff around, making sure nothing was amiss before Ben and Cotton came down here. She would be with them, of course, as their guardian she wasn't staying behind, but she could make sure it was safe ahead of departure. Finding nothing, she sat and stared at the gates before her again. After a while, she left, returning to the upper levels to find somewhere to sleep for a few hours before they set out.
  2. Ami would lower her massive head in a nod to Kota, and then twitched an ear at Ben. "Yes, Inceptia and the Broken Broods work for me now." She said. "And as for your grades...." She looked at the paper cotton held out to her. "Thats a simple fix, it's not fun, he's not interested in it." She said. "Your welcome for the bow, darling. And he blows it off because we have much more important things than earth school to worry about." She turned her attention back to Kota, and grinned her wolfish grin. "That's because to many, I am the boogey man." She said, then laughed. "We've faced all manner of creatures, large and small, powerful, and omnipotent. And be nice,everyone." She said, standing as Abraxis started to get flustered. Ami saw this and inwardly grinned. The poor girl was no longer pissing herself every five minutes. Once she was gone, a few of the others taking off after the poor girl, she looked back to Ben. "She's only so confused, my Prince, because she doesn't understand what's going on." She noticed Ursula sitting rather poutily on the couch. She held her head high and slanted her gaze down at the small woman. "Ursula." She said, rather stiffly. "Your looking awfully pouty for someone that's supposed to be a Blueprint DAICHON." She looked herself over. "The way your acting, I'd make a better blueprint for our species than you do." She looked at Ben. "We are a proud race, and her acting like a scorned child isn't doing anyone any favors, my prince. We need to be on point when we go into the Catacombs. Some of us may not return from this venture, we all need to be on top of our game here, not pouting sots." She shook her head and then stood to leave herself. "I've got some checking to do around the grounds, My prince." She said. "Call for me when you are ready to head into the Catacombs. And think about this, Abraxis and graymite should stay here when we do go. I know I'm a loose cannon, but she's an even more unstable one." Yep, Ami was back alright. And she bid her company good day and headed out to check out things around the manse, getting a lot of joyful hello's and excited greetings from the others, elated she had returned.
  3. Her massive head ducked down as a paw came up and across Cotton's shoulders, hugging the poor girl tightly for a moment before lifting her head again and tilting it slightly to look down at the girl crying into her mane. She chuckled, a deep chortling sound in her chest as she shifted her weight slightly. "Come now, Cotton, you didn't really think I'd stay gone, did you?" She asked. "And I have returned with reinforcements to protect the Manse whilst we venture into the catacombs. Here, I brought you something, young one." She said, and one of her tails snaked up, then ran across her fur in a swift motion, coming to a stop by Cotton's face. Draped across her tail was a new ribbon for Cotton's hair. Ami knew how she liked to sport ribbons. It was a pretty fuchsia color, to offset the pink and purple of her hair. "Now, what have I told you, hmm?" She asked her, using her other tail to lift the girl's face out of her now tear soaked white undercoat on her chest. "Chin up, no tears." She straightened then herself. "We are proud, we are strong, and now is no time for tears, Dear One." She turned her gaze around the room. Abraxis and Graymite were present as well. She nodded to the two of them, then laughed a little. "Did I hear you say you were going to 'fix' the prince? Good luck with that. Many have tried, many have failed." She said. "I'm only kidding, my prince." She continued. "However they are right, and what are these grades for? Aren't you a tad bit old for school, my prince?" She asked, her eyes narrowing suspiciously at him. "Or is that just an excuse to get out of the manse?" She laughed again. It felt good to be back home again. She'd been gone for weeks now, in the realm of the Tulpas, gathering a regiment of two hundred and thirty-six Tulpas. In order to do such a thing, as she most definitely was not Serenity, she had to defeat each one in combat before they would join her. She had been fine with that, it had been a while since she'd had a workout like that. They had just kept coming, one after the other after the other, until they got the idea that this crimson beast was not going down. Then, once everything had been ready, and all the troops gathered, Ami had called forth an entrance into the Continuum Slipstream and returned home with the small army. She'd like to see ASCAB attack now. A stench filled her nostrils then, and she shook her head, teeth bared in a disgusted snarl as she growled softly, her head turning as Inceptia, former commander of the Broken Brood that Ami now presided over, came in with her limping gait. "Back home, Welcome." The thing said. "Good This Broken Brood was. Gone long." She continued in her very broken speech. "Report, later yes?" "Indeed, Inceptia." She said. "Return to Lott, inform him I have returned, then I want you to see to it that the top of the wall is guarded." She said. "This brood good! this brood protect!" Inceptia lumbered off to do as she was bid, elated that Ami had given her a job to do. "Now, where was I...?" She trailed off for a moment, then snapped back to reality. "Oh yeah, Hello everyone."
  4. The lights flashed by in streaks of vivid colors; oranges, pinks, crimsons, purple white and blue, as Ami moved swiftly through the Continuum, thick muscles rippling beneath her silken crimson topcoat, a regiment of Tulpas hot on her heels as she pulled them along with her through the slipstream. When she had been ordered to leave, she had done so, but in doing so, she had begun to gain control over the crest that adorned the pad of her front right paw. A Time Eater crest. Thus being able to tow an entire regiment of Tulpas through the Continuum Slipstream. She'd been in Serenity's stomping grounds for quite some time. She'd always gotten along with the violent brutes, and they followed Ami almost as they followed Serenity. Ah, Ami couldn't wait to see her psychologically challenged Tulpa again. She'd been hearing the signal scream in her head for days now, the beacon crest on her shoulder blinking pink and purple as the signal came through via the piggyback system, an older version of what the younger Broodlings were using, it Alerted Ami to when Ben was in trouble. She roared, and the Tulpas behind her lifted their vicious gnarled voices to roar with her, the sound amplifying the ferocity of the troupe as Ami made a sharp right into the wall of colors, a split opening to allow for her and the Tulpa to pass through, as Ami's signature howl echoed after the roar, everyone on the grounds hearing it as the rift opened in the courtyard, and Ami shot out of it in all her Blazing glory, the sun striking the crimson and white of her fur and making it look like living flame as she sped across the wide yard, doubled back and skid to a halt next to the portal she'd ripped open, and stood with her head held high, poised and alert as the regiment of Tulpas filed out of the fissure, and she would lift her right paw, and swipe it swiftly across the portal, closing it. Turning to one of the larger Tulpa, and ignoring the others,, she spoke to him in their guttural language, including a few exchanged fang snaps in the air, a violent dive by the male, and Ami bit his tail, to which he yelped, and she snarled. He hung his head and backed off. They didn't speak very well, and their native language was very violent. She'd basically just told them to chill out, and keep their eyes and ears open, and report to Serenity, or herself, she had business to attend to. Reality warped before her as her dusky red eyes glowed brightly, and she Planes Walked, stepping from physical, to astral, through spiritual and demonic, and three or four dimensions between that, and she was in the room with Ben, Kota, Cotton and Ursula, the light in the room suddenly amplifying as it caught in her fur and reflected off in a blaze of light as she held her head high and looked directly at Benaires, the pink and purple flashing crest visible to everyone present. She'd returned. "Your lucky it's my job to disobey you." She said, huffing slightly as she snorted air out through her nose, her ears laying back as her eyes narrowed some. "I've returned with a regiment of Tulpa, they are prepare to defend the manse and it's inhabitants from the contaminants, and ASCAB, should they decide to attack again." She continued, seating herself, and folding her twin tails neatly over her paws as she glanced around at the other three. Kota was new, Ami hadn't seen her yet, but there was something....That smell..She dismissed it for now, looking to Cotton. "Young one." She said. "Still keeping the beast locked within, I see." She continued. "Your studies pick up again on the morrow. After your supper tonight, I expect to find you in the grande library, studying the holy tomes, young lady." Ami smirked inwardly, expecting the brash young Broodling to be erratic.
  5. Dark memories indeed. Ami knew all too well what it was like to be used as a weapon, and sighed, turning her blue eyes to him. "I know that feeling all too well, it's not something I would wish upon another being." She said, then fell silent as they walked, listening to him speak as she stared up at the moon. The sounds of the night returned as she thought about those early days. Sometimes it had been a battle to keep him in check as he found himself. Only to lose himself again when she had vanished. "It is rather ironic." She said when he was finished. "I wound up worlds away, lost between the dimensions for a long time. Learned quite a bit, bouncing from realm to realm, discovered new things, made plenty of enemies, and after some time, i am now simply here." She said. "The years haven't been kind, you know." She sighed, looking up at the moon again. "Have you lost your mind again, Solaris?" She asked, laughing softly at the thought. She'd lost hers years upon years ago. "It's been peaceful here." She continued after a moment. "But the outside world still calls. I am restless, but i can't bring myself to journey back into the outer worlds again." She looked down. "All I find there is disappointment." She thought for a moment about her brethren, how they might be doing without her in their efforts. But then dashed the thought, sighing again. "So you came merely to regale me with tales of your plights? We've all done some great wrongs in our time. But those days are past, Sol." She said, serious now. "All that's left is to move forward, or be forgotten." She shrugged rather nonchalantly, almost as if she were okay with the idea of letting the world just pass her by.
  6. She took a step back at his sudden flare, her arms going up before her defensively, almost taken aback by his questions, and the abruptness of them. The wolves tightened their ring around her, snarling at him again. But just as quickly, it was gone and he was calm again. She eyed him for a moment before relaxing as he answered her. She was still leery, however, this place was well hidden and hard to get to for a reason. But he struck a memory into focus in her minds eye. She was the first person he'd met, the night he'd come tumbling out of the shadows into the moonlight, tousled and lost. She had helped him find purpose, and escape the grasp and plans of his father. She smirked slightly. "Of course I remember, how could I forget?" She asked, laughing softly. "We were both so young and naive. That was a very long time ago." She continued, passing her hand over the flute and it shrank, before she took the pieces apart and put them back into their case. "You were so lost." She said after a moment, unfolding her trench coat, then putting it on. "A lot's happened in your absence, Solaris." She turned to look at him. "It's been a few hundred years, you know." She remembered all the days that followed him coming out of the darkness, that the two of them had spent in the forest as she had healed his mind and brought him back into the light. She shook her head. "Belgorion is gone. As is Suroth." She shuddered, the mere utterance of that foul vampire's name leaving a vile taste in her mouth. "But those are stories for another time. Ease up guys." She told the wolves, who immediately relaxed and backed away. "Go on, I'll be fine. Take the pups back to the den. We'll be along." She told them, and then waved them all off before turning her attention back to Solaris. "Why are you here?" She asked, bluntly to the point like always. "Let me rephrase that, why are you looking for me?" She turned and looked over her shoulder. "Walk with me, you'll like the scenery at night here."
  7. Hello, Benny. Been a bit. i'm off to bed right now, but I'll be around tomorrow. Also, yes I forgive you, always do, don't I? Unlike Ami, i can't really hold a grudge. "No, she really cant." Shut up, you, I'm talking. Anyway, we'll talk tomorrow. G'night Benny. "Night fuzzball." Would you stop that?! "No." Whatever.
  8. No sooner than he had spoken, she whirled, dropping to a knee as she did so, throwing her hands out to the sides as she spun, the lights vanishing, the ice crystals melting back into the air where they had been drawn from. The pups gathered underneath Ami, whimpering softly, and the adults hemmed in close around her, snarling. There was an intruder in their valley! Eyes narrowing, she stood again, and squinted against the darkness. "Wait a minute..." She muttered, then called out, "Who goes?" The wolves relaxed a little, they wouldn't do anything unless their visitor had bad ideas. The sounds of the forest returned, and she felt a familiar twinge in the back of her mind, something from very long ago, something she hadn't trifled with in a century or two. At first she didn't recognize him, as she stepped forward to get a better look, she searched for the name, her memory not so great as it once was. She'd met him here, in a place very much like this one, almost identical in fact, probably why he felt so comfortable there. "Sol..aris?" She asked, cautious. She'd departed the outer lands with many an enemy still, and her own forsaken brethren, cast into exile by the ones she'd fought for so long to protect. "What are you doing here?" She looked around suspiciously. "Did anyone follow you? Something stupid is going on in the outside world again isn't it." That last was more of a statement than a question, as Ami had very little faith in humanity anymore.
  9. Night had settled in, the moon rising above the peaks to the east as she sat on a boulder, watching the moon rise with a pack of wolves that lived there in the forest, two of the pups in her lap, one trying desperately to stay atop her head, sliding this way and that until she lifted a hand up to help him stay steady, laughing a little bit. For a few moment's longer, they watched the moon rise, and then the adults all stood, as did Ami, setting the pups down and gently sliding them down the curve of the boulder, their little tails plopping, one, two, three! Onto the grass. They ran to the Omega in charge of looking after them, and Ami would hop down from the boulder herself, and began walking with the Alpha's on either side of her. "I know, it's almost time." She said, as the male nuzzled her hand, and the female yipped at her. "Don't you curse me, Atla." She said, laughing as if she could understand them. Truth be told, she could. Ami had always had a way with Animals, and during her travels and wanderings, had learned how to communicate with them. It was a rare talent, even in this wide world of gifts. The shadows began to appear as the moon rose in her full glory over the forested valley, Ami and the wolves running through the trees now, zig-zagging back and forth through the trunks, the shadows and the brush, until they came to a river, it's clear waters sparkling in the silver moonlight, the sound of the rushing water just as peaceful as the night sounds that mingled with it, the critters in the brush, the wolf pups playing in the wide grassy field near the river, fireflies everywhere. These were her favorite of nights. "Is everybody ready?" She asked, calling out over the field. She then would lift a hand and in the thick humidity of the summer night air, the moisture began to pool together in random spots here and there, and then there, and then over there, and more and more, and then they all began to freeze as they came together, hundred's of ice shards hanging in the air to reflect the light. It was like a scene out of a fairy tale as the field lit up with the golden glow of the fireflies, mingling with the silver light shining down from the moon overhead, and reflecting off the river. Approaching the water, and took off her long, sleeveless black trench coat, and carefully folded it up so that the contents of the multitude of pockets would not fall out of said multitude of pockets, revealing a close fitting sleeveless top, and baggy pants that contained several more pockets up and down the legs, as well as some heavy duty looking boots. Sitting down, she took off the boots, and giggled as she ran her now bare feet through the long soft grass, and emptied her pants pockets into her boots for safe keeping, leaving out a small box that she picked up when she stood again, her long bluish colored hair hanging over her shoulder in a braid as she opened the box, and inside were several intricately carved pieces. Placing the box on a boulder that was about hip height, she selected a few pieces from the box, and assembled a flute, that, once she attached on the mouthpiece, and she ran a hand from one end of the tiny instrument to the other, it grew in size and length, until it resembled the actual instrument, but this one was carved of ivory, and engraved and runed with a magic that could bring calm to even the fiercest of souls if played right. And it was something she had been working on for years, ever since she had been gifted it by a grateful witch she'd saved from death by fire. It had a song book with it, once, but she had long since lost that, and over the years had learned so much more about it than that witch could have ever imagined. She stared at it for a moment, then at the field, aglow and alive with the spirit of the night and she thought back to days long past, when she would light up fields just like this, and everyone would gather, and let the merriment commence! But alas, as she raised the flute, those days were long gone. Pursing her lips, she let the steady stream of air flow through the ligature, and down into the hole for the mouth piece, the first note taking off softly, then began to rise and fall, echoing out slowly as the tune grew in pitch, but slowed in momentum, seeping into the shadows until it permeated through the forest, and echoed off the peaks that surrounded the Valley. She loved it here. No people to deal with, no snobby bosses and ungrateful whelps. Just finally found where she wanted to be. She'd wandered many a land and dimension, battled through impossible odds to get here, wherever here was, she no longer cared. And it had been peaceful. She missed the old days though, when she was reckless and young. And playing always reminded her of that, at least until the wolves pitched in and started howling. "Aw, come on guys!" She said, putting her hands on her hips. "Every time!" She laughed as she got wolf piled and stumbled backwards. "Hey, hey! Watch....!" SPLASH. And now she was soaking wet, as well as the three that had pounced on her. "Gee..thanks guys...You could've just said I needed a bath." She shook her head and climbed out of the water with the others, wringing her braid out as they shook their soaked fur all over her. Soaking her, again. "And now I smell like wet wolf! Ew, you reek Saa! What corpse were you rolling in?! UGH!"
  10. oi vey.... Benny, First of all, you asked for that, and second of all, YOU HAVE A FRIKIN YOUTOUBE CHANNEL WITH THE DCN LOGO AND DESIGNS ALL THE HELL OVER IT, YOUR FACE BOOK, YOUR GROUP PAGE, YOU YELL DCN FOR LIFE VERBALLY AT PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE TOURETTES! People that done even know how to say DAICHON know what the hell a DAICHON is, Your being a baby and now your just embarrassing yourself. get mad, go ahead. Your being dumb, get over not knowing how the hell it is, that's part of the internet!
  11. "What's a DAICHON?" Sky asked, somewhat curious, somewhat not caring. A version of herself was with the version of Nautilus in another realm, and she smirked, realizing how her brother was able to do that. Oh they were going to be in for some fun over there! And turned her galaxy gaze to SVA, raising her hands. "You know just about as much as I do. Until mere hours ago, i was asleep for a few eons.." She chuckled darkly for a moment. "Much of what is around us is new to me, however I am a quick learner, and things are coming back to me, slowly." She looked at Nautilus. "She's right, brother, you should feast before we go forth and seek out these...DAICHONs." She said, waving a rather uninterested hand at the pair. "We should go find this Ungoliant." At which point Dark Shaharazad would begin jumping up and down, fluttering her patchy wings with excitement as she offered to lead her master to the giant spider. "Let's, let's!" She exclaimed. "Shaharazad know's the way into the Under, to the Spider Queen!" "Aww, look, Ari!" Sky said, pointing. "It's almost adorable how eager she is to serve you!" Shaharazad immediately calmed down and snarled her gnarled face grotesquely at Sky, who simply turned and ignored the twisted beast. "We should get moving though, if we're going to go find this monstrous spider." She continued after a moment, fidgeting with the dark gem that held Ungoliant's magic. She had, by only thinking about it, sent part of herself gallavanting off with a part of Nautilus to another realm, where he would find this Ami he spoke of. And she just figured out what part of her had gone with him. The side that held her shadow at bay. Nautilus would know, she thought, as she looked over at he and SVA. She had better watch it. She was not very keen on fighting her brother, that ususally never ended well for anyone, involved or bystanding. Last time the two of them had had an argument, an angry Skylyna had destryed his favorite nebula in all of the expanse. A massive star nursery shaped like Argosaxx. The irony. Shortly thereafter, was when Argosaxx came for her brother, and she was locked away for eons. Did she resent him for it? Never. It had been her doing that he escaped with Argosaxx, otherwise he would have served the same fate as she, and they'd both still slumber. She lifted her galaxy eyes to SVA again. "You'll have to forgive my asking, but what's a vampire?" She asked. "I've never seen one. Other than you, of course, not to sound rude, I know that sounds extremely rude.." She trailed off glaring at Shaharazad, who was laughing uncontrollably at sky's fuddlement.
  12. Ami snickered as Ben fell flat on his face out of thin air next to her, and looked down at him, her ears forward as she laughed, watching him bounce back up again. Then she noticed the old woman, and heard the melody before she saw the portal begin to open. The wind gusted and howled as though it were trying to rip the city apart, whipping Ami's fur to and fro as she stood, snarling up at the portal that soon revealed itself to be the mouth of Argosaxx. That beast did not play. Any display of cowardice, and they would be lunch. She held her ground as Nautilus and his henchmen emerged and descended to them, then past them, only to destroy the front of fowler's mansion and make themselves right at home. There were many confused and panic-stricken looks as Nautilus seated himself, and called for Ami to come to him. Many chuckled, and a few outright laughed at the thought of Ami just coming to him on a whim, being summoned as a trained pet, however Ben would suddenly find himself alone in the courtyard again as Ami vanished, using her newly aquired skill of Planes Walking to step between and come out behind Nautilus's throne in the main hall. A dismayed silence spread as Ami's large wolven head emerged from behind Nautilus, a snarl on her muzzle, revealing pearl white fangs as large as ones hand as she came around the throne fully, her ears back and her hackles up as she stared at the room. Once everyone had silenced, she would lower her hackles and turn her giant head to Nautilus. "M'lord." She said, bowing, folding one foreleg as she stretched the other out and lowered her head. "Greetings. It has been quite some time." She continued. She would sit as the two waited for Ben to join them and wrap her tails neatly around her feet. "What is your bidding?" ** While everyone was focused in Nautilus and his entourage's entrance, the contaminants had snuck in, and Aanai caught them being sneaky, while she was being sneaky herself. Once she was sure she was alone she looked around one more time. "Borron?" She whispered into the air. "Where are you? I need your help." She looked back around the corner again. Gone. She needed to get ahead of them to Containment before they released D'Thur. She had overheard most of their plan, and Aanai was none too keen on getting infected by a Contaminant. But, she was an excellent spy, using her moon magic and dark fur to blend in with the shadows in the dimly lit hallways. She would round a corner and almost run right into the small group. Diving back down the way she had come, she got as low to the ground as she could and tucked herself as deep into the shadow as she could go and waited. No one came to look. She still waited for a few more moments before she ventured forth and dared to look down the hallway again, checking even the ceiling before emerging fully and continuing, using her nose to track them through the manse as they looked for D'Thur's containment cell. *** Humans, animals, birds and the like all ran screaming in terror as Argosaxx formed in the atmosphere over the city. Skylyna would shake her head as she looked up, the only person standing still in the chaos of cowards running the other way. "Oh, brother, quite the showoff aren't you?" She asked, giggling as she lifted up into the air and took off to meet her brother and the others. When she arrived, Nautilus was already inside the manse, enjoying his goblet, and before him sat a magnificent specimen of a creature. Sky was impressed, as she zoomed in and then around Ami, looking at her closely. Studying her. "What the..?" Ami said, her head turning to follow this woman as she flew around her. "Who's this?" "And you can speak?!" Sky squealed. "Oh brother is this Ami? She is indeed marvelous! I am Skylyna, its a pleasure to meet you!" She said in that overly bubbly tone that gets annoying very quickly. Sky would then back off and rise up to perch herself seated with her legs crossed on the top of her brother's throne, looking out across the room at all the different creatures. How interesting.
  13. (EEEEEEE!!!! Welcome, SVA! Love the picture, too lol 🙂 also sorry its not as long as I would like it to be, it's been a rough couple days with sick kids lol.) Nautilus would be able to hear a low harmonious rumble through the Abyss as his summons were answered in another world by the beast he called to return to him, her howl reverberating through the expanse on a frequency that Nautilus and Argosaxx could feel. "What are DAICHONs?" Sky asked as she regained her composure and rose to her feet again and nodded at his explanation, seeing much sense in it. He ordered Argosaxx away, and then the two of them stepped between time as she took his hand, once the rift had opened, and she marveled at the strange beauty of the continuum. "I am to assume that these beasts ability to distort reality is not supposed to be common?" She asked as they viewed the scene, and then they departed the contiuum, the tear closing as Nautilus removed his weapon from it. And she would not once more at his mention of the two of them having work to do. Dark Shaharazad would bound out of the remains of the leviathan, carrying something that she xcitedly gave to her master. "Look what Shaharazad has found!" It was a dark little crystal. What it could be for, Shaharazad had no idea, but it tasted like delicious darkness, and so she would gift it to her master instead of devouring it herself. Then Skylyna and Shaharazad both would leap back in surprise at the arrival of this..Being that they watched slither and curl herself around Nautilus, and Sky's eyes would widen slightly as she viewed this creature wrapped around her brother. Dark Shaharazad would remain where she was behind Sky, looking at her like she was nuts as she ran up to her brother and swung around to the side to speak with this coiled creature. "Greetings!" She said, in one of those excited tones that you could tell was going to get very annoying, very fast. "I'm Skylyna, who are you, and what are you? You are magnificent!" She said, admiring the Crimson Queen. "Wow.." She slid up to her brother on the other side, and jabbed him in the ribs. "Romantic intrest, brother? She's very pretty. " She said, giggling as she picked on him. This was exciting! "And also, madam, I did that.." Sky said, pointing a thumb back over her shoulder. "He said I had to."
  14. Ami knew what Lott was up to, he reported directly to her and the others, they would be tended to as soon as Fowler would be able to get to them. Her attention was drawn for a moment from the nearly one hundred soldiers before her to the rear of the manse, where soldiers had come flooding in. Lott looked like he was having fun. Well She would have to deal with these pests quickly then and go find the others. She was sure Ben and the others could handle themselves without her. Back to the present problem at hand, Inceptia was busy licking her wounds, but Aanai came stalking up beside Ami, the jet black DAICHON with fur that shimmered like the stars were caught in it, and a fireball that blazed like the sun "Good work." Ami said as the two lowered their heads. "I smell Black Lake. Careful not to be struck." "I've got this." Aanai turned her moon white eyes to Ami and snickered before the two of them roared and leaped into action once again, weaving in and out of the path with each other as they charged the soldiers and their weapons. Either through bravery, or stupidity, the men held their ground, until Ami and Aanai parted directly before their front line, Ami creating a sonic boom that Aanai used to launch herself off of and create a secondary boom that collided with the other one to create a sonic burst that sent all the soldiers, their guns, and their equipment flying back into the walls and out the gates. They would meet up and come to a stop at the base of the steps leading inside, only to turn and find out that the soliders had also made it inside, and some of the retreating ones came running out through the front doors to find Ami and Aanai waiting for them. Impulsively, they fired their rounds, and Ami swirled, faster than lightening and covered Aanai, using her own body as a shield to keep her from getting hit by the Black Lake. Ami snarled, and they dropped their weapons as Ami shook her thick fur and the clink of metal could be heard as the bullets fell out of her fur and landed on the concrete beneath her. Their hands went up and they began pleading with Ami not to kill them. "Pathetic." Ami snarled. "Stay here Aanai." She said, all four of her ears forward as she turned her gaze out towards the yard once again. They twitched this way, and that, she felt it, she was being pulled, and it was the one bond Ami was not allowed to resist. When the Abyss calls to her, she must answer it. She stepped away from the manse, sniffing the air ever so gently, whispering to herself as she went and picked her place carefully, before lifting her head and letting loose a long, mournful sounding howl that deepened instead of incresing in pitch, until it reverberated through the ground, until the very air itself seemed blurry from the depth of the harmonious sound as Ami answered the call of the Darkness. Then she would sit, instead of heading inside to check on things in there, and await for the portal she knew was about to open, and she knew who was going to step through. *********** Skylyna did not come out of the abyss at the end of their travels in quite the same spot her brother had. Nautilus definitely had more control over where he wound up than she did, yet. Sighing, Sky was exasperated, weary and she wasn't sure what this gnawing feeling in her stomach was. Looking around, she stood on a wide street with strange metal contraptions sitting here and there in the dark, tall metal posts with lights she'd never seen the like of before at the tops. Curious, she lifted gently off the ground, and floated upwards to inspect this little light. It was sort of yellowish, it did not look very...Healthy..And when she touched it, it burned her! Painfully so! "Ouch!" She huffed and put her finger in her mouth, looking angrily at the street light. "That wasn't very nice!" She continued and snapped her fingers, every bulb along the street brightening until they blew, sending showers of sparks flying down in bright cones of falling embers. "Oh, how pretty!" She would exclaim, laughing as she circled around in the falling sparks before they burned out. Flying up higher, she crossed her arms and legs as she focused, her eyes earching the lit up city beneath her as she continued to rise still. She didn't understand much of what she was taking in. Three eons was quite a long time, and she was not at all sure what a 'human' was. She got closer to the ground to watch what she assumed to be humans wandering the streets below, as the busy night life of the city was going into full swing. Landing in a busy street, she looked around for a moment, then started walking, she knew which way she needed to go to find her brother now, and she was curious. He would forgive her her curiosities, she was sure. These humans were indeed a strange bunch, and dressed oddly, some more bazaar than others, some rather nice looking, she she passed a woman wearing a three piece womens formal suit, slate grey, short skirt, white blouse. That looked very stunning. Smiling gleefully, she snapped her fingers, and her clothes shimmered and shifted into the same suit the woman had worn, showing off her long legs, paired with heels, and her hair up in a tight bun. She admired her reflection in the dark window of a closed shop. "How fun!" She said, and took off into the crowded street, passing by and looking at everyone, her outfit changing every few seconds as she wove through the people, until she settled on an outfit. "Hmm..." She said, admiring her reflection in another dark window. She wore womens dress slacks, dark blue in color, a white blouse and blue suit jacket. "Perfect." She continued, then lifted off again, jetting into the sky over the buildings and heading to the mansion her brother would be arriving at soon enough.
  15. Sky would step to the side as carefully edge closer to see the beast within as Argosaxx spoke of a contract, and called the creature a leviathan. Then she quickly looked at her brother as he told her of how these things worked. "Wait, you want me to fight this thing?" She asked, pointing into the tunnel as the leviathan stood, it's gaze locked onto Nautilus. Until Skylyna began to glow, her form lighting up like a blazing star in the pale grey of dawn, the light she eminated casting sharp shadows on the debris that fell around them; long tendrils of light forming around her, encompassing her, circling her form like the spurs and outbursts of a Sun. The leviathan would scream, a sound that was comparable to to thousands of screeching nails on chalk boards and loud enough to rival her brother's weapon, Ravenous. Sky had no such weapon, but that was alright, she was itching for a brawl as a wicked grin spread across her features and she shot into the hole, the leviathan charging her as well and the two would clash, the force of which would resonate out from the two like a shockwave. If Nautilus thought she could do this, then she would not doubt herself. Once upon a time her brother had been everything to her, there was no reason for her not to trust him. And he was right, she had been asleep for eons, she needed to reconnect and this was the perfect way to do that, crash course style. Sky would latch onto the leviathan's forelegs, sliding underneath it and taking the legs with her as she came up and flipped the beast over in the air before striking it with an open palm, a wave of light resonating from the contact of the strike and the beast went flying through the entrance once more, widening it as it flew back into the air, Sky jetting after it like a shooting star. While it was in the air she latched onto it again, and, even though she could feel it draining her, she merely began to laugh as the two fell and rolled, the leviathan landing first, her fist right up against it's exoskeleton, using the force from the dive to push everything into her strike, the beast's hard shell cracking, then splintering as she yelled and the beast squealed, thrashing it's legs and tail, and it managed to roll. When it did she lost her pin on the beast and crashed into the ground. It was on top of her in an instant, not missing it's chance as it lowered it's massive head and began sucking the light out of her, devouring it as fast as it could while it tried to impale her with it's spear like legs. She rolled from side to side to avoid it's legs and she had to think fast, she was getting weaker, she could feel the light dimming. She panicked, her heart in her throat, her chest freezing up, and then she stopped rolling, and grabbed the leg that was coming down before her face, the tip of it stopping barely touching her nose as a wicked grin spread across her face, and her eyes narrowed, and the galaxies in her eyes turned into solar eclipses, the center of her eyes blacker than a starless night with a golden ring of fire around the edges and she let it all go, the blaze of light that came bursting forth from her form rivaled a supernova in full bloom of it's outburst, and it consumed the leviathan as it flowed outwards and flung it back, as well as leveled the ground they stood upon, stripping the earth away to bare the bedrock. The leviathan was up and charging her again, it's enormous ringed mouth wide open as it came down on her again. Unflinching, she held up her right hand, and snickered darkly as she waited, the light gathering around her hand, and just as the beast's maw was about to encompass the top half of her form, she fired. The beam of light that blew through the creature flew for miles out into the atmosphere before it dwindled out. The leviathan, however, had exploded upon contact with the powerful beam that had torn it apart from the inside out, shredding the abomination and sending little pieces of it flying everywhere. Sky chuckled darkly, looking over to Nautilus and then she collapsed, returning to normal as she landed to sit on her knees, holding her head. "Aaaahhhh......" She groaned. "Why does my head hurt?"
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