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  1. Ami sighed, but went along with him as he grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the mansion, talking about dinner, and introductions, and lots of people. This was going to be lovely. He knew she hated being around too many people at once, but she had learned more control over the years, and, thanks to her parents, she was well goomed in the art of etiquitte. She was not, however, quite prepared for what was behind the doors he threw open to reveal Grand Dining Hall of the manse. Servers poured into and out of the doors on either side of the massive room, making sure each place setting was exactly right, and setting up name tags for the places everyone would sit. The long, ornate table held a massive quantity of varying foods, from meats to fruits, designed to meet the dietary needs of all the guests, and off on one the other end of the hall there was an area cordoned off and decorated as a ballroom. Kind of small, compared to some near cathedral sized ballrooms she had been in before, but it would do. When Fowler spotted them, and came to speak with Ben, she obviously didnt recognize Ami, who had, once again changed her appearance. Ben hadn't even noted the shift. She was still in her human form, but she no longer looked like a mercenary. In fact it was quite the contrast from her normal, mostly because she hated dresses. The one she wore now was long, and made of silver silk that shimmered in the light with every movement she made. It was a low rise, open backed dress that hugged in all the right places, and a slit ran up the full length skirt to stop just short of the hip, and had traded her boots for heels that matched. Her long hair was no longer in a braid either, it was instead wrapped into a tight bun on the back of her head, revealing just how gracefully elegant she could be, and that she cleaned up rather nicely when she wanted to. Ami smiled when Fowler finished speaking. "I see you don't recognize me if I am not dressed as a scoundrel." She said, jokingly and laughing. "Of course I forgive you. Trust me, I know all about the pressures and stresses of working for our Prince. Perhaps after dinner and dancing, you and I should visit the Library. Orlouge and I can teach you to connect with the historians and access their memories and knowledge. It will come in very handy when Emphidrina reinstates your title." Ami would then hand Fowler a book that seemed to come out of nowhere, as she had no pockets. It was small, leather bound vellum, and very, very old. "Here. This will help you locate the two versions of our Prince that I cannot seem to find. It belongs to Ceta, you find Ceta, Omega isn't far behind." She looked at Ben, then back to Fowler, hoping she was appreciating the fact that Ami had just made her life a million times easier. And slightly hoping that the woman was coming to the realization that Ami was nowhere near as useless as Fowler had thought she was. Now it was becoming clear why it was that Ami had ignored the slander, the threats, and the all out disrespect she had recieved from the others earlier. She was far more than what people thought she was, and on rare occassions, though she never felt the need to do so, she had the opportunity to prove she wasnt just a reckless nitwit. Ami sighed, knowing Ben was going to expect her to stay in her human form. Once he was sufficiently distracted, she would maneuver her way to the side wall of the dining hall and lean against it, watching as Ben and Fowler greated the arriving guests. AVUS and Ptera entered together, dressed in formal evening wear, followed by Emphidrina and his entourage, all wearing tuxedos and ties. Argon would inter in a lovely red dress, spot Ami and promptly turn her nose up and snidely huff as she went the other way. She wasn't worried about anyone in here. Except maybe AVUS, and thats only because she had never fought against IT. AVUS refused to raise a paw to Ami, unless she was out of control, and then he was the only one that could hit her hard enough. The sound of a violin reached her from the back of the hall, where the dance floor was set up, and spotted Aanai, who had slipped in a few moments ago when she had brought in Barron, dressed in a dusky red suit and tie, his hair brushed back and falling everywhere. Aanai Looked at Ami and smiled, then put the Bow to the strings, and began playing a slow, soothing melody that crept into the room and over the guests, giving a very calming air to the great hall. She watched from her spot on the wall, and to all appearances, she was completely aware, but her mind was a million miles away, and a century or so in the past, in another small ballroom that had been much like this one, but the walls were made of white sandstone, tall stained glass windows lining both sides of the hall, the bright sun casting all the colors one could think of in patches all over the room; red here, orange there, purples green and blues, and Ami, wearing a long white dress, her hair loose and flying as she spun in circles with him, laughing, dancing, not a care in the world as she twirled and he laughed. Snapping back to the present, she quickly wiped her eyes. He was long gone, and a traitor. "Come on, Ames." She said, to herself. "Pull it together. Nows not the time." And she straightened, taking a deep breath and burying that little lapse in her emotionless facade. "Game face, Ami." She sighed sharply, then headed back into the crowd of guests that was growing larger as the human soldier and doctors arrived, as well as Cotton and Abraxis and the entourage from the bath house. Oh this was going to be an interesting evening, thats for sure.
  2. She could hear the commotion going on inside the bath house as Cotton introduced herself, then berated her father and was pounced on by Abraxis, much like Ami was, but Ami was very glad Abraxis did NOT take the same intrest in her as she did poor Cotton. That was definitely going to be a handful for Cotton to handle, and Ami wondered if Ben knew that Abraxis went both ways? It was hilarious to listen to Cotton stammer on and on as a curious Abraxis took advantage of her chance in the bath house. Ami, on the other hand, had shifted into the form she now sat in not long after she had met the girl, and stayed in this form. For quite a few reasons. For one, it kept Abraxis, as well as many others, from getting too friendly or close to her. She turned her gaze skywards again, feeling the warm breeze ruffle her long silky crimson mane. Where many DAICHONs preferred to wear their manes in dreaded lochs hung with conch shells and coral, Ami preferred her mane to flow, and it did naturally, much like a wolf's, but much longer, the crimson fur striking against the silver tones of moonlight that danced in her white chest and under-fur, and lit up the near tiger striping of white that ran down her shoulders, ribs and hips. She truly was an excellent specimen of their species. She sat with her two flame tipped tails neatly folded over her forepaws, staring at the moon as it rose over the line of trees on the other side of the wall that surrounded the mansion grounds. After a moment, she was lost in the moon, her gaze fixed on the celestial orb that seemed so close tonight. Watching it rise was one of very few things that gave her a sense of peace, and the serene activity of watching it rise provided her mind with a small amount of time where everything was clear, and she could just..Breathe, for a moment. She heard him clear his throat, and her massive head turned slightly to see Ben standing there. "Your right, my Prince, we haven't watched the moon rise in a very long time." She replied, shifting into her much smaller human form. She appeared to only be in her early twenties, dressed in loose fitting black pants, a form fitting top, and a sleeveless trench coat that hung to her kness. Her long hair was quite the contrast to her fur, as it was a pale silvery blue color, and hung over one shoulder in a long braid. Her eyes remained the same ember color however, the only give away that she was the DAICHON that had just been standing before him. She watched as he spread the blanket, then she did sit with him, rather rigidly, even when he hugged her. How could he expect her to relax when she knew she had been played, for one, and that there was something afoot that she was at the center of, and she had completely missed it. She wasn't trusting anyone at this point, but then, she hadn't trusted anyone in quite a long time, her guard constantly up, ever since and incident she didn't really want to think about at that present time. She sat and listened quietly to Ben's story, explaining how Cotton came to be, and who Myta was. Sounded to her like he'd gotten in way over his head before Ami came into the picture to keep him out of trouble. But then again she'd only known him for a short amount of time, considering the life span of a DAICHON, and the things that happened before the two had met and she had accepted his dare. Seemed like that was a pretty popular way to get Converted. Get wasted and play truth or dare with magical beasts capable of who knows what. Ami spent a week as a frog once thanks to that game. Nobody thought she'd do it. She told the witch to do it. It. Was. Hilarious. When he finished, she nodded, and the two sat there watching the moon rise for a moment of peace, before she would move out of his embrace and turn to face him. She sighed. "My Prince, there are other things that are happening at present that we need to discuss." She said. "D'Thur sent me after Barron. I know you likely dont know the answer to this but I am asking anyway. Why? And why was it I that he wanted to retrienve him?" She continued. "Something's not right here, my Prince. What happened earlier could very well have been avoided, and I wouldn't have trashed the place, if I didn't think they were the enemy." She coninued, explaining what had happened at ASCAB when she retrieved her brother. "If the Princess had not arrived, things could have gotten much worse." She said. "Luckily for all of us I was aware of myself enough not to cause any injuries or casualties. Just damage to the building and Parking lot." It was then that she reached into her pocket and produced the map of ASCAB laboratory she had been holding onto. "Here, I won't be needing this, if they are not the enemy, I have no need to infiltrate unless they refuse to cooperate with your requests, of course." She handed the folded paper to him, but that was alright, she had already memorized the map. Paws make it hard to interact with paper things, and shifting forms takes too much time, so she just commited it to memory. She had quite a few maps memorized. She knew He'd probably misplace the map before long anyway. ******** No one seemed to notice the tall slender woman with pale skin and jet black hair following behind AVUS and Barron as he showed him to his temporary quarters. A beautiful large bedroom with its own bathroom off one side and a balcony window that opened up to the wide courtyard and gardens behind the mansion. Ironically, Ami and Ben were in the yard beneath the balcony, watching the moon rise as they listened to the bustle and banter inside the large structure near the rear of the courtyard that served as the bath house. Aanai slipped past Ptera and AVUS, getting about as much attention as a stray beam of moonlight in the shadows. Once they had left Barron alone, Aanai giggled, alerting him to her presence there as she seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Thus was one gift of her Moon Magic. She wasn't called the Lunar DAICHON for nothing. Eerie white eyes stared out of her young human form's face, very striking against her long black, free flowing hair that trailed down her back in a straight sheet. "Good evening." She said, bowing low at the waist. "You must be Barron." She continued, standing again. "I, am Aanai, a child of the night and the moon. Ami and I once shared her body, for almost three centuries she and I were housed in the same physical form as what has become known as a Duality, as the condition seems to have gained popularity over the centuries. As luck would have it, the Ancestral Pattern were merciful and gave me my own DAICHON body to inhabit during the conversion." Aanai loved to talk, and talk, and talk, and before long she would likely have the poor boys' head spinning, regaling him of tales from her and Ami's past. "Oh, and before I forget, if you hear any disembodied voices, ignore them and tell them to go away, it has no business with you." She was quite serious as she looked him dead in the eye. "D'Thur, if you are unaware, is the former conduit voice for Phlegathon, and he is up to something. Before Ami came to 'rescue' you from ASCAB, D'Thur tricked her into thinking that they are the enemy. Thus the unwarranted destruction of seven or eight levels. Thankfully she wasn't quite seeing red, so there were no casualties, except maybe to the wiring for the lights." She laughed, trying to make light of a rather serious situation. "As to what was said to her, I am not certain, but I'm sure Ami can fill you in more on that when our prince gets done fawning over her. Poor Ami, the brute is in love with her, you know. But she has never returned his affections in the same manner. Thats professional. " She shook her head. "She finds it hard to trust after what happened nearly a century ago. Oh my I've said too much again! So tell me about how you came to be? I didn't know Ami had any siblings, her family are all looong gone by now."
  3. Ami shook her head to clear it of the voice that rang like bells in her ear, and answered the young woman standing before her. "Honestly, I stopped caring about these meat bags when i was told they STOLE my DNA for unauthorized experiments!" She snarled back. "But I am not here to kill anyone, least of all you, princess." She continued, probably puzzling the girl she had never met before. "And if everyone is on the same side, why have I been led to believe that ASCAB is the enemy? If I thought otherwise, i probably would have triapsed in here in my human form instead of crashing through here like a hurricane! So, someone needs to start some explaining, before I DO blow this entire place sky high. And yes, I am well aware that I am not the only user of the Crest, but I do happen to be among those most skilled with it, my princess." She sat in the dimly flickering lights of the hallway, looking at the girl. "I was led to believe that what's going on here is not sanctioned, and how would you feel, my dear, if they STOLE your DNA without PERMISSION or knowledge, then CLONED YOU?!" She snapped. "I am only here for what is mine, that is all. My Blood. No one else's. " It was then that the elevator opened, and Ami stood again, in silence with her gaze intent upon the elevator. She had waited because she could sense him nearing her. Turning, she began leaping up through the holes she had descended through, knowing Barron was right behind her, and just left cotton standing here. Ami was true to her word. There were no injuries, no casualties, and once Barron was present, she did exactly as she had stated, and promptly left. She looked back at the red and white DAICHON trotting behind her to keep up. He was bulky, nearly twice her size in the quadrapedic form, and she thought of Cotton, the young princess. Ami shook her head, returning her gaze to the path ahead. She led him all the way out of town, then skirted the edges until the two made it back to the manse. For someone that's done so much for their species, Ami sure was receiving a lot of hate these days. Was it a mistake that she had returned? They even had her replacement inside, poor replacement he was. "Barron, you should go on in, and find the Invectium, AVUS. He will show you where to get a good grooming done." She said. "I think I will remain out here for the time being, you will find me in the courtyard once your ready. I'm sure you have quite a few questions for me, as do I for you." Once he had gone to find AVUS, and sat and stared up at the moon for a long while in silence, as if she were waiting. -You've returned, my child.- The voice of D'Thur came out of nowhere. "You set me up, asshole." She replied. "Don't sound so surprised, were you expecting me to get captured? No, don't think so." She looked back up to the moon again and the voice was silent. She'd caught onto D'Thur's plan, so now he was getting out of there. And then her thoughts turned back to what Cotton had said at the lab earlier, and wondered what had possessed everyone to lead her to believe that ASCAB was the enemy? Ami showed no mercy her enemies, and even less to the enemies of her species. Ben was about to have quite a bit of explaining to do when he returned from the bath house. For now, she would just wait outside the mansion, and watch the moon rise into the sky.
  4. Now, Ami was amused, and it was plain as the sly look on her wolven features as her tails flipped eagerly back and forth with her amusement. She had managed, single handedly, to simultaneously piss off, and accomplish her initial goal at the same time. She Nodded to Avus, indicating that they would talk later, but kept her attention on Ben and the others. Graymite snapped at her, and she lazily twitched an ear, ignoring him with her head turned to the side, but one eye on him. If he thought she was afraid of HIM, oh boy he had another thing coming. Then, enter Argon. And the room blew up, yet again. But she remained where she was, laid out on a massive rug near the even larger windows. Crossing her paws, she continued to remain silent. She took the insults from Argon, wasn't like she hadn't been called oh so much worse than that before. Again, she showed her disinterest in the displays of idiocy and anger issues running rampant in the room by twitching an ear, yet again and proceeded to follow it up by opening her muzzle wide, revealing fangs larger and longer than a human hand, and yawned disconcertedly. Then the lid on Ben's temper started to rattle as he jumped on Argon and Serenity, and Ami watched him closely, completely ignoring the hiss from graymite. He was of no concern to her, and she would make that very clear to him. Then he went flying as Ben tagged him right in the chest and it was at that point that Ami stood, her gaze never leaving Ben. Should he go off the handle, it wouldn't be pretty. As it was, everyone else in the room was frozen with terror at this point, with Ami the only one daring to move. Which all she did was return to a sitting position now, her tails folded neatly across her paws as Ben calmed and so did many of the other attitudes, as they left. Argon whispered one last taunt at Ami, calling her a cunt, to which she replied, 'At least I get the job done." And before anything else could happen, Avus was drawing her attention as graymite was escorted to the infirmary, and Ben left to take Abraxis to the bath house. "Graymite is of no concern to me, his disrespect means nothing, for to me he is exactly what his name suggests, a gray mite in the shadows." She said. "An immature mite, at that. However, My prince's request was granted. Abraxis is going happily to the bath house with My Prince. Granted, I was trying to get Graymite to accompany them, but seems the poor mutt couldn't keep his mouth shut and his eyes open." She continued, standing and walking past him. "I believe I will go for a walk, Avus, but you should stay here and help these idiots finish cleaning up, make sure Graymite doesn't try anything stupid in the infirmary, would you?" She then asked of Avus, then left the room, taking the long hallway back to the foyer, then used her head to push open the doors and head back outside into the night air. Taking a deep breath, she watched Ben and Abraxis leave for the bath house, and looked up and back at the manse behind her, hearing still the disgruntled voices of those ben scolded. sighing, she walked along the side of the house, just pacing laps around the parameter. Sort of taking a guard duty as well as a stroll. It was then that D'Thur decided to visit her again. -What are you doing out here, my child?- Came the disembodied voice from the shadows. "Getting out of there before one of those idiots actually manages to piss me off." She replied, sitting as the wind ruffled her mane in the moonlight, the silvery white tones in the air making her fur look crimson and silver. "Go away, D'Thur." -Now why would I do that?- He asked, the voice floating all around her now. -I'm sure you noticed my dabbling earlier, interesting specimen, that Abraxis.- "What do you want, D'Thur." She stated, rather than asked. -I happen to have information your going to want.- He retorted, rather snidely. -ASCAB has done it again. This time, to you.- and the voice continued, knowing it had her attention now. -Did you know, they've cloned you! well, not exactly, he's not quite the magnificent allure to our species, like you are. His name is Barron, he was created by Dr. Blotch, and as I understand it, he is your brother.- "They did...WHAT?!" Ami was more than just angry now. She bristled, snarling, her ears all laid back as red lightening raced across her fur. The grass beneath her smoldered, then burned in a ten foot radius around her form. Within the perfectly burned circle, the Circle Of Wandering Traveling Crest lit up on her left shoulder, as well as drew itself in a bright white light on the ground beneath her. On her right shoulder, the Locator Crest lit up. Then she was gone, she just vanished from the mansion grounds, leaving the disembodied voice of D'Thur laughing in the shadows. It was not long before an enraged Ami stood before the top floor of ASCAB laboratories, her tails actually hanging still as she stalked across the parking lot, snarling and bristling. The humans nearby ran screaming there was a demon wolf on the prowl, loose from the belly of ASCAB. Pandemonium would follow, but she was not concerned with being discrete at this point. Less than five yards away from the building, she lifted her head to the moon and let out an ear splitting howl and would echo, and they had judged the range of Ami's howl before, and broke the record at it carrying for a staggering twenty two miles. Meaning, that anything in a close proximity to her, the glass would shatter into dust and fall in sparking piles of silver sand. Every window in ascab blew out, and fell away to reveal the terrified faces of the scientists that had yet to meet on of the more classified experiments. All four ears perked forward as she heard an answering howl, deep beneath the concrete beneath her paws. Before anyone inside could do anything, Ami roared, stiffened her forelegs, and then drove her front paws, with her entire 2,300lb body behind them, into the asphalt and concrete, breaking in the roof of the floor beneath the parking lot and snarled at Dr. Blotch, spotting him as he came running to see what the commotion was, but it was already too late, Ami leaped down the hole she just made and vanished into the flickering lights of the hallway below. And now they had a huge problem on their hands. A pissed off DAICHON was loose in the facility, and unfortunately for them, she did not give a damn about breaking her way though everything in her way. Which she demonstrated by leaving huge holes torn in the walls looking for the answering howl as she descended the levels and moved deeper into the lower levels.
  5. "Tis true, I have saved his furry behind on more than one occassion, some of them quite comical." Ami said, laughing as Abraxis vanished from the beast curled around her, unaware of just how serious Ami took her role as a Guardian and Protector. Since it was only a few feet away, Ami remained where she was, and let the girl go. She was well aware of the connection to the conduit. Strange to call him a conduit, though, a dampener would be more correct, seeing as how he helped keep the girl's attitude in check. Ami merely sighed. It was not strange to her, the connection that Abraxis felt with Graymite, in contrast, she was very familiar with the bonds the two shared. Ami herself was quickly forming a bond with the girl, which was good. In times of need, Abraxis would have more that she felt she could fall back on, and Ami happened to be an excellent rock in tough times. Abraxis wasn't just in love with Graymite, Ami was surprised Ben hadn't figured out that they were Bonded yet. "Remember, Abraxis." Ami said above the chatter to her. "Pride. Stand tall. He's not going to hurt you, and you are stronger than what you appear as." She continued. Then fell silent when Ben asked her who all she trusted. Ami puffed up slightly with her own big headed pride, hearing abraxis speak only momentarily of Ami, she was proud. She's not on the chopping block. she grinned slyly, then was caught completely off guard by Avus winking at her. "My Prince needs the extra practice, when I am away on missions he sends me on that keeps me away for long stretches. But My questing is not of your concern, nor of anyone's in this room except for My Prince." She said, then fell silent again to listen, catching a mental message from Orlouge. Ami nodded. -Indeed, I did catch D'thur inside Abraxis' head, trying to speak to Thrax. I also spoke with D'thur, earlier, not long after my arrival. He is up to something that Phlegathon is unawareof his Voice doing. There are other magicks at work here, Orlouge, besides the magicks we lay claim to. And you know how I hate being left in the dark.- She leveled her gaze at Orlouge, who saw fire spark in the embery depth of her eyes. -And you and I are going to find out what.- Ami shook her head, laughing softly and thinking, don't worry, my prince, I wont be there to talk her out of defense mode! Back to the present though, she turned her attention back to Avus, who was sharing a glare over Ami with Kintaro. "You know, Avus, I have to ask, what has piques your curiosity about myself?" She asked, cocking her head to the side as all four ears sort of comically all fell to the right as her head turned. For the most part, she had been there doing exactly what Orlouge had suggeted she do, absorb everything that was happening around her. If it even twitched, Ami noted it. "And, My Prince, do not scold her for repeating back the explicit instructions that you yourself gave her." She said, turning her attention back to Ben for a moment. "Scolded loyalty turns into mutany, dont forget that My Prince, we have experienced that before. However, I wouldn't mind escorting Young Abraxis and if she is so insistent upon Graymite being there, he can stand guard outside the bath where she can still hear him and talk to him. There, its called compromise."
  6. Ami sighed, laying her four ears back as she shook her head. Ben was going to land himself in some deep, seriously hot water if he wasn't careful. Emphidrina filled her in on Argon's situation, and the need to get Thrax's body from the belly of the house of Magnus. Good thing she knew how to multi-task, and was very good at it. "I see." She said after he finished. "Good thing i have a map, and a plan then, isnt it? I believe our friend Xylex is already at work and getting his hands quite dirty." She continued. "As for Argon, Ben should stop lying to her, the truth will make the lash less painful than thinking. And Ben's past, dont even get me started on that, m'lord. Much less the locations of his other selves. I know where three of the five are." She sighed again. "But, as usual, Ben is being quite stubborn." When Abraxis spoke, then stormed off, Ami stood and nodded to Vertical Pig. "Yes please, Vert, pack it up and have someone bring it down, would you?" She said as she lithely slid out the rather narrow doorway to follow a worried Graymite and Emphidrina. When Graymite caught up with Abraxis, Ami slid between Emphidrina and the wall, then sort of wrapped herselg around the pair, leaning her massive head down over Abraxis other shoulder in a wolven hug, completely ignoring the warnings from the others. Ami could see it on the girl's face; too many voices competeing for attention. She could sense them, and one she was very familiar with. D'Thur! What the hell was that disembodied voice doing inside Abraxis head? There was something going on here that Ami had been unaware of. Phlegathon was up to something, and trying very hard to keep his favorite pet from finding out. That must have been who she was speaking to earlier, before all of this commotion went on. She had wondered then why the shadowy form of a DAICHON that was Phlegathon "Come, young one." Ami whispered softly. "I've a story to tell you." And she nudged them along the hallway back to where Ben and the others were, walking slowly next to abraxis so she could feel the soothing softness of Amis fur. Anyone watching would be amazed. She really was good. And, once in the study, wherever Abraxis chose to sit, Ami curled all the way around her like a big wolf shaped plushie chair and lay her head across the girl's lap. "Firstly, I must say, that it doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is where your going, and how your going to get there." She said, shifting her eyes to look up at her without moving her head. "Anyone who wishes to learn a bit of history should listen in for a moment to my story." She continued, then pushed her nose under the girl's hand, much like a pet would ask for attention, and she secretly dared Cyrix to say something. She'd break that damn hourglass of his again. "This story begins a very long time ago. Did you know that our race was originally created in a laboratory?" She asked the girl. "So your part DAICHON, part owl. I carry what's been named the Phoenix Gene, my counterpart, Aanai, once resided within the same body as I, she was gifted the Raven Gene in conversion. Our race is unique, in that each of us carries a gene specific only to us. Thus, there can be only one Fireball DAICHON at a time." She continued with the history lesson, using herself as a prime example. "Now, normally Conversions have a physical body that they abandon in favor of the Physical manifest of the DAICHON form, in a type of out of body experience like no other. Too bad Fowler's missing this, eh, Ben?" Ami laughed for just a moment before continuing. "Believe it or not, I was also Converted due to a drunken dare, go figure!" That got quite a few laughs from the others. "Anyway, not long after my Conversion, I was chosen by the Ancestral Pattern to become, essentially, what I am. But only a True Blood can be what I am. In order to do that, my physical body had to be destroyed, and my conciousnesses placed in an alternate body. Thus the form you see before you now. And before you ask, no it was not fun, and yes, it hurt, a lot. But over the years that have passed since then, everything had been worth it." She grew silent for a moment to let that sink in, the only sound the clank of her tail-cuffs on the floor. That was the first time Ben had ever heard her say that "So you see, it matters not where you come from, and we all have a past. What matters, dear, is that we stick together, and we take care of our own." She licked Abraxis face. "I've been through the 9 layers of hell, traveled to the 7th Leg Gate to drag Benaires back from his doom, plus much worse, chasing him around the expanses. You can trust what i say, I'm not exactly known for lying." Thus the lesson would end and Ami grew silent, still wrapped around Abraxis frail form, and basically refusing to move. Ben wanted Ami with her, and that's where she would be. She would have to remember to stay back and let Graymite do his job. Last thing she needed was for the conduit to be pissed at her. That would carry over and trigger a negative responce with Abraxis. Done with the story, she lifted her head and looked at the door as Vertical Pig entered with Abraxis plate from the dining hall. Poor guy, everyone thought there was something wrong with the way he talked, but Ami understood him just fine, backwards talk and all. It was really funny when he gets flustered he actually says words backwards instead of out of order. Truthfully it had taken her some time to get used to the way Pig talked, and VIT used to talk like that, but Pig just never showed an interest in learning more than necessary of the common laguage they all used. The Vorporals were just as intruigingly unique as the others, Invectus, Tulpas, Daichons, it had been quite some time since a gathering like this. Feeling nostalgic, she laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "You know I almost killed our entire race, once?" She winked at Ben and Emphidrina. Serenity was practically in Ami's face. "You did??" She asked, curiously. "How?" "Well, Prince Ben over there had vanished once again, and the geostratum was in serious danger of dimentional destruction. Where it was, reality began to collapse." She said. "It had to be moved, there was no other choice. I recieved orders from both Benaires and Emphidrina to move the Geostratum to where it is now. Which is why he's trying to find another way to move it. I pulled the Geostratum, with the help of the Circle of Wandering, and every single user of the crests. Including our dear prince's crest." She continued. Then looked down. "We pulled the geostratum through seven dimentions, and we lost many a powerful DAICHON that day, channeling that much power.." She shook her head. "Anyway, I also pulled Prince Ben back home along with the Geostratum, his crests brought him right to my side as the Geostratum came down out of the sky." It was definitely an impressive story, and one that was meant to take Abraxis' minds off the stress of what was going on around her. It was equally impressive that Ami had already had a massive impact on the girl, almost 4 hours had passed since she'd had a nervous break that caused her to piss herself. Her calm must be rubbing off on the girl, which was a good thing. "Those were the fun days." She said, sighing once more. "Sorry I distracted everyone for so long, but my young charge needed to, recharge." She just made a joke, that she thought was rather humorous, not hilarious, but funny. She then noticed AVUS watching her again. She met his gaze squarely for a moment. She knew how he felt about her, but Ami remained cold and distant. Although she was curious as to how he could feel, she wanted to talk to him and ask, but she held back. There were more important things to tend to presently, besides ones feelings. Such as Abraxis and Thrax and the impending separation of the two. She wondered a moment how Xylex was doing, but under orders to tail Abraxis, she was unable to go check on him. "My Prince, did you get any useful information out of Dr Phelps here?" She asked, getting back on topic. "And Emphidrina's escorts have taken the soldiers to their designated quarters." Ami would hear the two smaller DAICHONS returning from getting the human guests settled in. "You know I will need back into the Forbidden Tome before long, my Prince." She said, looking directly at him now. "I will be sure to exit the radial backlash range before I open the tome again. You failed to tell me you opened the book, thus I was unaware that it was connected to you as well. I will not make the same mistake again."
  7. Ami was not amused, as she glared back at the intruding soldiers that were staring down she and Serenity. They were out manned, and they knew it, even though Ami was in her absurdly short, (4'8") petite-looking human form, there was something sinister lurking around her, besides Serenity. Then she couldn't help but smirk as Dr. Fowler was relieved of her duties, even if only temporary. She hadn't seen that coming, and Fowlers momentary flabberghasted look was so worth seeing. However, Emphidrina was correct. They wre going to need a medical unit, especially with Wolf Haven being so far away, Ami could barely feel Hirro, the DAICHON currently in charge of overseeing the proper distributions of the healing waters of the springs. Perhaps after this adventure, she sould pay home a visit, it had been quite some time since she had seen the Golden Gates. But there had been peace at the Geostratum, there was no need for her to be there. This Phelps guy was talking now, so Ami listened with one ear, and gave part of her attention to Serenity. "Ive been worse, honestly." She replied, smiling at her old friend. They were close. "Princess now, I see, good work." She continued. "All that training paid off. Good thing I know a thing or two." She laughed at herself at that. "As for Abraxis, I suffered a similar condition before, and even after my conversion, we were split by dark magic, but that route is not one I wish to take with Abraxis, she would not survive in her current state." She gave her full attention to Ben when he addressed her. "Of course, my Prince." She replied, bowing slightly at the waist, then smiling at Abraxis, who was tugging on her. She always did have a way with the pups. And then she had a splendid idea. "Abraxis, honey, stand back with Graymite for a moment, I'm going to show you something really cool before we go find you something to eat." Ben and Emphidrina would know immediately what was about to happen as Ami held her hands out by her sides and it seemed as if the lights themselves were drawn to her as she began to glow a bright white, that increased in intensity until it was nearly blinding. This was her transformation into the quadrapedic form of the DAICHON, and before the light faded, it grew larger and then took the shape of the wolven form. For most, the transformation was a slow, nearly agonizing spectacle, but Ami had always had a love for her DAICHON forms, and spent more time in those forms than she did the human, so for her, shifting was quick, and painless. Out of this light, came a sleek, compact DAICHON with a blazing crimson topcoat, streaked with white, from her thick mane down her back to her tails, her undercoat and belly fur shimmering silverishly in the artificial lighting inside. In daylight she looked like a living flame. Two golden streaks of fur ran from her brow, between her four ears, (pierced with several silver cuffs inscribed with a different rune, depicting each of her stations.) and through her mane, down her back and one streak of gold along the top of each tail, ending in a silver cuff on each, inscribed with the Circle of Wandering Master Crests, and golden flames tipping her tails. eyes the color of rust and ember opened to view the now much shorter room, before turning her gaze back to Abraxis. "See, darling?" She lowered her head for the girl to pet her soft fur and run her hands up and down her long muzzle. "There is pride in being what you are, no need to be afraid when you have this -" Here she struck a beautiful pose, head high, just in time for the breeze fortelling the arrival of Cyrix to blow through and ruffle her mane in a rather heroic fashion. Her attention then snapped to the door, where the ginger stood glaring her down. Very few times in the past had Cyrix and Ami successfully worked together, his hatred and admiration of her ran deep, and hand in hand. The more he admired her, the more he hated her. His cousin Avus, on the other hand, Ami wasn't even sure how an Invectum could feel love, much less anything else, thats how the species was designed.But somehow, IT had developed feelings for ami, and now Cyrix was being snide, and about to upset Avus. "He's right, Avus, I can very well speak for myself." She said, her fur starting to stand along her shoulders and the ridge of her spine as she bristled. She did not show her own surprise at Avus' speed and strength. He'd been using his time wisely training. Good for him, but she expected no less from him, always seeking her approval. "And yes, Cyrix, I am better than that, Serenity is no pet, whatever you may think, but at least i have friends close enough that you'd call them a pet. Thats almost a compliment. Somebody's in a bad mood today. Besides, your the one who arrived at the precise time to make my pose rather epic, I thank you for that!" She said, shooting a retort right back at him." Before she could get Avus off Cryix, Ben did it for her. But once Ben let Avus go again, Ami nuzzled him affectionately, then turned back to Abraxis, Graymite and Emphidrina. "Want to go for a ride?" Ami asked Abraxis, laying down so the girl could get on her back and waited until she had a firm hold in her mane before she stood again. "M'lord Emphidrina, Graymite, this way. Lets leave Ben to his planning, he will fill me in later, so not to worry at all little one. She turned her massive head to look at the girl once they were out in the hallway. "You are my charge now, as well as your guardian, Graymite. Ive all the time in the world for you two, and no matter what happens, Abraxis, I will keep you safe, and Graymite too, though I am sure he's quite capable of handling himself." Ami merely followed her nose to the dining hall where the others were waiting, and upon entering Ami was hailed with surprised, gleeful gasps from the others. "VIT, Piggy, Kintaro...It's been some time." She said, looking fondly at him. "Anyway, VIT, This pups hungry, fetch her some chicken and veggies, make it hot, flavor it up and stir fry it." She continued, lowering herself so Abraxis could dismount and sit at the table with Graymite. Ami herself strethced out long the wall behind where the two sat, her head held high, forepaws folded neatly one over the other, and both tails extended, the tips twitching and flipping like a cat's tail would, allowing an ocassional clink from the cuffs on the end on the floor. She looked almost like a pristine, shimmering statue in the brighter lights of the dining hall, the only giveaway was that her tails would not stop flipping about like they had minds of their own. "One more thing, VIT, don't touch Abraxis. She's not overly fond of physical contact, except from Sir Graymite here, and now apparently myself." She said as VIT took to putting a plate together for the girl. "And now, M'lord." She turned her head once again to look at Emphidrina. "I'm guessing you aren't really here to speak with your son. Better get the conversation started before anymore guests arrive. Not sure who all else is supposed to be crashing this party!" Thus was how Ami's role as Guardian worked. Not only was she the Guardian of the Golden Gates, she was Benaires personal bodyguard, (amidst her other duties and roles) though he often sent her off on missions that required her to be gone for extended periods of time. And so, because of that, Ami had free reign to do as she wished and pleased, but also as a result, Emphidrina and his wife would often search her out to speak to her of things, usually about Benaires, or important Brood business. So that the three of them could always locate her, though it seemed Ben had gotten lazy in her absence, Ami was linked to all three members of the royal family through bondage of the Circle of Wandering. It had it's advantages, but there was a time in Emphidrinas younger years that he loved to summon Ami on a whim, making her appear practically out of thin air as the summoning brought her directly to the side of whosoever summoned her. It was about that time that VIT set plates before Emphidina, Abraxis and Graymite. "Here you are, my lovelies." VIT cooed at Abraxis. "Eat up, youll all need your strength."
  8. Ami stood, her hands in the air and slowly turned to allow herself to be escorted in to the others, at gun point, no less. Like Ben, she could sense the virus contained within the bullets, but she wasn't afraid. Ami was Ben's secret weapon against that horrid sickness. She was flocked around by scientists in white coats with the ASCAB LAB printed in big letters acfross the back. Wisely, she kept her mouth shut and listened as they were telling Ben they wanted Abraxis. Ami also had info she'd stolen from the lab not but a week ago. And ben had to go and ruin her fun. Play it cool? Ami sighed softly and shrugged, letting her shoulders drop slightly. She would wait for the situation to escalate itself before she acted. And it seemed like it soon would, as Graymite started getting worked up. In the confusion of the camera flashes and scientists in white lab coats, Ami escaped her captors attention and slipped over to Abraxis, who was no doubt terrified by all this commotion, then a familiar sound came to her ears as the others were trying to clean up the poor pups mess. Bones snapping, and flesh tearing. That was her kind of party. Things calmed quickly however when Serenity entered. Wonderful. One of those guys. Ami was familiar with the species, having trained and worked closely with them after Benaires initial discovery of the species on one of their travels. Serenity happened to be one of her favorites, mainly because of her supremely violent nature. She and Ami had been through many a battle and bloodbath together. Those were the days. And it dinged. Serenity would be the one to ask about Rembrandt. But that would have to wait till later on, she had more important business to attend to, Serenity would be around for a while, she usually was when she decided to show up. She nodded to Serenity and Emphidrina, then watched Xylex chew ben as an astral projection and thought it rather humorous. After it went on for a moment, she had managed to position herself directly before Abraxis and stood between her and everyone else in the room, nothing behind them but a wall. "Don't worry, pup." Ami whispered softly. "I've got you. Chin up, no cowering." She smiled over her shoulder. "Be proud." She then turned her attention back to this doctor that ben wanted to get information out of. She then sent him a telepathic message. *Ben, I am in position.* She sent. *give the word, my prince, and I'll get her out of here. " She then crossed her arms and remained a silent statue, awaiting her cue. Let one of these idiots try to touch Abraxis, however, and they would have more than an angry Graymite to deal with. These poor humans did NOT want to know what Ami was fond of doing to those who threatened her charges. She took her job very seriously, she'd earned the title of ACE, and it was a lot of work to keep up with the title of ACE. It was at that time, that Graymite was shot in the leg, and she returned to reality. Great, now Abraxis bodyguard was down. She slapped her forehead, these guys were going to get everyone killed with their edginess before anything could even get resolved.
  9. It would seem things inside were spicing up again as Ami took a seat outside, underneath one of the wide windows to the study everyone was gathered in so she could hear the conversations going on inside. She was glad she stepped out when she did, as Emphidrina's voice filled the very air itself as it reverberated through the manse. Ben was on egg shells, and it was hilarious, listening to him try to talk to his father, who wasn't doing much listening and a lot of getting to his point. That Ben was sure to still try to avoid. It was kind of impressively funny that Emphidrina could even fit in there. She leaned her head back against the wall. Emphidrina would find her when he was ready to speak to her. She served the former king in much the same way she served Benaires. Recklessly and head first. But few knew she actually knew what she was doing. Emphidrina was one of the few that knew how she worked. Fowler was a riot. She not get along with Fowler? It was that pup that had a problem. And then she thought back to when she got there, and she hadn't bragged about anything, in fact she was trying to hide the fact she had an injury, mostly because it would raise questions from Ben and Avus as to why she hadn't healed yet. So then how did Fowler know? A sly grin spread across her face and she laughed softly. The good doctor wasn't so dull after all. She looked up at the moon, hanging full and low in the sky to the east still and sighed. It was such a pretty night. Too bad there was dirty work to be done soon. Emphidrina will be looking for her soon, wanting to know what Ami's going to do. After her encounter with Xylex earlier, she hadn't had time to think back to the young man she'd bumped into. First, she wondered where that big floating plethora of books went, and then she wondered where he went. She'd heard him excuse himself, and those more in tune with the energies around them would have felt his departure, even though he was right upstairs. Back to where she was, she let it go. Trances were nothing to mess with, but he really shouldn't be doing that alone, travel that way can be very dangerous, even for the experienced. A stray beam of moonlight sprang through the branches and caught her eye as a sleek DAICHON appeared in the silvery light, her two tails tipped with white flames, and silver (instead of gold) cuffs below the flames, hugging the fur for about six inches, and inscribed with Runes and embedded with moonstones. Those, and silver arm bands on her forearms stood out against her black fur, making it sparkle as though she had stars trapped in her fur. The Third Seal Crest of the Circle of Wandering faded from her left shoulder as she fully materialized. She spotted Ami under the window and went straight to her. "Ah, you found me, Aanai." Ami laughed softly. "Quite the party starting, I should have known you'd show up eventually." "Stuff a sock in it, Ami." She shot back. "Here." She handed Ami a bunch of papers, and lifted her gaze to where she was sure she was getting quite a few strange looks. Being in the anthropedic form, she stood at nearly twelve feet tall, not including her four ears, which put her at just over thirteen feet tall. Put her at just the perfect height to be seen fully in the window. She saw Ben, Emphidrina, Avus, a bunch of other people she didn't know, two cute little girls standing with their arms around the one called Graymite...Wait, that was one little girl with one serious issue. "Better run away now while you can, Aanai." Ami said, highly amused. Aanai was not good with large crowds, not since she'd gotten her own body was separated from Ami a century or so ago. "And yes, that's the girl I'm supposed to be helping." "We were split by Dark Magicks, Ami." Aanai said. They were making no attempt to hide the conversation, considering Aanai was staring intently at Abraxis and Thrax, she could see both the girl and the entity. "Then we killed the demon god that split us apart." She looked down her snout at Ami, who was still seated. "We did." Ami said. "What are you thinking?" Ami laughed. "There's always another way. Just because it happened that way for us, doesn't mean those two have to endure that same agony. They dont know it yet, but they'll miss it once they're separate again. But it doesn't have to be painful." "Yeah, that was rather excruciating, the whole, being ripped in half by the soul thing kinda sucked, but we survived." Aanai laughed then realized she totally just said the wrong thing, and bid everyone a good evening before disappearing, completely embarrassed. Ami had a good laugh, then settled back to wait for the reactions inside. Doctor Fowler wasn't wrong, Ami had lost her mind, quite some time ago, and more than once, which she hears is bad for the health. Of everyone. In general. "Dont worry guys." She whispered, shoving the papers into yet another pocket inside her trench coat. She would have to look at those later and see what Aanai had been able to find out. "I've got a plan. But i'm not allowed in, presently." She added snidely, towards doctor fowler.
  10. (Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay in my post, I was away from my computer for a week, but here we go, enjoy!) Oh, this was about to get bad, as the tome was ripped from her grasp by Dr. Fowler, who took it upon herself to interrupt Ami in her studies. As the portal closed after the books and Fowler's scathing idiocity, the others would see the room darken around Ami, sparks of red and white flying from her body as she rose from the floor where she'd landed after being caught off guard. "You, insolent....Whelp." She growled as the portal vanished, practically bristling. "Firstly, yes, I have lost my fucking mind, quite some time ago. Secondly, I was, and still am THE Grand Librarian, not an insolent inductee that hasn't even figured out how to connect to the Library." She said, her voice low as she left the study and purposefully walked slowly back to where the others were, attempting to reign in the shadows as her words echoed through the mansion, as if she were on some intercom. "This may be your house, your property, but you have no idea the price I paid to gain access to the knowledge of the Forbidden Tomes. You have no right at all to take them from my possession." She continued. "As for Phlegathon," She cackled darkly as she ran a hand into the shadows along the wall as she rounded the doorway. They sprang to life as Ami's eyes took on a more purple hue and tendrils of transparent darkness reached up her arm. "My Master would be most pleased to taste your mind I'm sure..." Then just as quickly as they came they receded. She snapped back to reality when Ben began to speak. She bowed low to Ben, ignoring everyone else in the room. "My prince." She said. "I will be around. Should you need me. I heard everyone will be in the courtyard shortly. You shall find me there. " She looked at Dr. Fowler and sighed then turned to Xylex, who was offering her the use of his many tomes. She had seen the rather massive bundle of books that looked like they could fill a library on their own. "Thank you, I may later, if I am still around." She said. "Unfortunately, upholding my name requires quite a bit of work." She snickered. "I wasn't just -given- my titles." And with that, she left the room, grabbing her jacket out of the foyer before heading outside for some fresh night air before she strangled somebody. **Why did you restrain yourself, my child?** The whisper resounded from the shadows in the yard around her. "She's a pup." She replied, sighing as she leaned against one of the trees and looked up into the branches. "Even Conversions have a youth stage. That's not just particular to the natural born ones." **Yes.** Was the response. "Patience." She said, sighing. "Patience, Phlegathon. There is much she does not know, and no idea what is going on. Not to mention the hormones flying around in there. Holy Ancestors did you catch all that?" **Indeed** "Why are you here." She asked the shadows, crossing her arms now as she looked from side to side. **I'm not...** The voice faded away as the others came out and set up the tables and food. She wasn't hungry herself, she had more important things than food to worry about. Leaning against a tree, she went over the mental image in her head of the map in her pocket. She had a plan, but she would have to wait until dawn to tell Ben about it. Poor Abraxis. Ami really hoped she didn't scare the poor girl.
  11. She nodded to each in turn as she was greeted and introduced by and to the others. Ben was dodging the subject, immensely. She would have to catch him alone so he could speak to her freely. He was telling her information she already had aquired. Sighing, she tipped over and landed on the floor as the young Duality pounced on her. It was almost like an instant change, Ami went from serious business to..Almost like a playful pup. Abraxis had decided to make first contact with her and she laughed, a sparkle in her dusky red eyes as she rolled with the girl across the floor, and in one fluid movement, she and Abraxis rolled up from the floor, and were standing. "Hello young one." Ami said to her, bowing slightly. "Seems you are quite the subject of interest. Another Dual. Seems we are becoming more common place. But your condition is quite different. We will have to hang out later. Im being trounced." She laughed and turned in time to catch Xylex's greeting. She had noted the raw power eminating from him before she had ever stepped onto the property of Dr. Fowlers mansion. Ami, however is one of the crazy ones, undaunted by power. She knew the secret to power anyway. It was useless without application. No doubt he was very gifted, but he made no attempt at hiding the scale he could tip at any time. "Ah, a pleasure." she said, not bothering with a handshake, he seemed like he didn't want one anyway. "And dont feel bad, I am not sure why I am here myself, though im sure that will come to light soon enough." She continued. "As for working together, I can be a team player, if you can. I'm not here to level judgement on a name. I have no room to talk, anyway." She laughed there and turned back to Ben, who was saying something about food and rest. "I believe I will excuse myself and retire to the second floor library." She said and walked over to Ben and Abraxis. "My Prince." She bowed low. "Abraxis. Ill be in the second floor library. Careful if you need to come up there. I need to open the Forbidden Tome. My investigation into ASCAB and Dr. Blotch have led me into something that could be far worse than a Dual that doesnt understand how to control herself. No offense." She looked at Abraxis, then back to Ben. "Anyway, excuse me." And she wove her way through the room, having snagged the map of the laboratory complex and quickly folded then stashed it back in her pocket. She stopped by Dr. Fowler for just a second to decline supper, and tell her where she would be. Slipping out of the room, she sighed softly, it was rather stuffy in there. The stairs at the end of the hallway spiraled up to the second floor, positioned before a glass wall that, with it being dark outside, reflected the soft golden lighting of the interior. Finding the library, she sat on a wooden stool, and reached her hands out to the walls. The lights dimmed, and she began to emit a soft golden glow. Slowly, she stood and followed a trail of light to a large, ancient looking book, bound with chains, locks, spells and curses, there had only ever been two that the Forbidden Tome had let view its pages. Ami, and Zostrix. And both had paid a heavy price to see inside its cover. Zostrix was cursed to being a fungal anomaly, his once glorious fur coated in never ending moss. It was like he was made of the forest. Ami herself, what the book took from her was her secret. Pulling out the book that was almost as big as she was, she set it up on a chair and spoke to the book. "Forbidden pages, show to me the daichon rembrandt." She said, pricking her finger and letting the blood drip onto the cover of the book. It began to rattle as though there were something inside it, and it flew open, the pages flipping of their own accord. When they settled, Ami began to read from the tome. She would be at this for the next several hours.
  12. It had been months since Ami had smelled the fresh air of earth, and Dr. Fowlers...Healthy...Idea of cooking. The evening air felt wonderful as she stood outside the mansion, listening to the commotion going on inside and shaking her head, her keen hearing picking up on the conversations. Thrax and Abraxis? Those two names had come up in her travels. She had information concerning those two that Ben would be most pleased to hear. For just a moment more, she watched the sky darken. By now, Ben likely had sensed her arrival, so she just opened the door and walked into the foyer, its vaulted ceiling giving it the effect of being a massive room. In her human form, she took off her long black trench coat and hung it on the coat rack near the doors. Looking across the foyer and down a long hallway, she could hear voices echoing. Something strange just occurred to her. Everything she had learned led back to Ben and this double entity. She winced as she followed the voices. They definitely did not want to know what she had to do to aquire the information she had. Some of it was painful for her, deadly for others, and her line of work was definitely in the high risk category. But thats what she lived for. A slight limp was all there was to tell of her injuries though. She was healing fine. She found them tucked away in a room full of books. She recognized the Holy Tomes on the shelves and tables. At this still, eh? It was begining to look like she had again arrived at just the right time. She shook her head then stepped in. "My Prince." She said, bowing low at the waist. She grunted softly as she returned to her erect posture. That smarted. "I've returned, and I bring you news, among other things." She continued, reaching into one of the pockets on her loose cargos and pulling out a small square of paper. "Where is this Dual?" She asked, referring to Thrax and Abraxis. "My Prince, I have located the body of the one you name Thrax." She began unfolding the square, and it became a sheet of paper so large it touched the floor and wilted at the sides. "It is inside ASCAB LABORATORY, in the lower levels. They're keeping it preserved in some sort of chryogenic sleep, similar to the Conversion Sleep." She continued to explain as she used and empty chair and draped the large paper over it so everyone could see the front of it. "And this, is a map of ASCAB and all its levels and security measures, checkpoints, cameras, lasers are marked. This will allow us access." She said, then motioned towards the top with the surface floor. "Cant just transport in, they've found a way to block us, in, once we are inside. So it will allow a Daichon through it, but not out it." She paused, and looked at Ben. "And something that was recurring in everything was a Doctor Ray Blotch. Who is he?" And then as if it dawned on her that there were actually others in the room, she looked around and then laughed a little. "Pardon me, everyone, where are my manners. Ami Mizuno, at your service."
  13. She stood amidst the carnage of blood and entrails, covered in glass dust and blood splatter. She stared, the image of that thing in his head, stuck in her head, not to mention the catastrophy that just occurred, but there was no ressurection this time, they were most definitely dead, including the commander, who's grotesquely contorted inside out body lay on the ground before her. -Switch.- She continued to stare. -Damnit, switch!- He was next to her suddenly, and she looked at him, barely hearing him speak over the gargled agonized screams of a moment ago. Yet another explosion rocked the streets, and it was enough. She blinked for the first time in what felt like forever and then eyes that were just blue had turned gold, sharp and cold. Her other half was more hardened to situations of extreme measures. The flashed memories of the experiments performed on her were the alter personality. If it hadn't been, she would have snapped all the way a long time ago. "Awesome.." She whispered, then met his gaze squarely, seeing the iris slowly vanishing as he was overtaken by his powers. He needed an outlet, before he exploded himself, the amount of power radiating from him made it hard to breathe, it was almost like being crushed. She'd so been there before, and yeah, this pretty much felt like that. But something else occured to this personality about this guy. Just as she wasnt, he wasn't like the other Splicers, they were something totally different, and now both fronts were advancing down the street amidst the explosions, the crumbling buildings, the screams cut short as those trapped inside the buildings were crushed. Blood ran everywhere, and men and women on both sides were repulsed by the scene of gored destuction and the two that stood between the two forces. She cursed. The Splicers were too far away for her powers to be of any use, she'd be struck before she reached them. It was like a scene from Gangs of New York, the good guys, the bad guys, and the idiots in the wrong place at the wrong time. Only Splicer close enough to touch was this guy, and she knew it would be too much, she wasnt allowed to expand on her powers, master it, because they wanted to study it. And she wasn't keen on touching this fellow again, that phantom thing, was creepy. She wondered momentarily of she could knock him out, then decided against it. "I'm not running." She said, the two opposing sides extremely standoffish, I would rather die than go back to that hell. I know you saw it. Dying would be worth it if i dont have to go back there again. Now do you have a plan, or are we just, you know, rampaging against both sides, cause it sort of looks like they don't care if they kill us." This side of Zero, was most likely insane, but merely a personality, one of two. This one more like an in your face and ill make you eat it type. The other a slightly, less harsh version, and mostly sane. She was the one in charge most of the time, but presently, Z couldnt handle this. "So, what do we do?" The question was more to herselves, but said aloud it sounded like she would be asking him what to do, and at present, she was powerless unless she got her hands on one of the Splicers that was keeping their distance. They knew something was fixing to happen, they just didnt know what. ***** Three beings in white coats watched the proceedings on a large screen, from the safety of their underground bunker system, surveying the damage of their leaked announcement to the world as the screen flipped from continuent to continent, town to town, nodding their large heads as the images played before their massive alien eyes, stopping on the scene of Zero and Leon. The three were captivated, they knew Zero coulnd't have dont this much damage, the dampener they had on her wouldnt allow her to absorb any powers, but she didn't know that, they had placed it on her the last time she had escaped and been recovered. She was too dangerous to just let run around sucking the powers out of people. They resembled a much taller, more slender version of the Greys, their balloon like heads harboring a tiny mouth and vastly large in comparison eyes, perfect for viewing the large screens. Members of the Opsilon race, they had been here for centuries, not them specifically, of course, they do regenerate and reproduce, in a way. They communicated with each other in a series of clicks and whistles, pointing to Zero, then to Leon as they watched the bloodbath, and Zero's personality flip. Nodding, one of the three left, seemingly gliding down the brightly lit, white, empty hallways to another bunker chamber, where vicious snarling and growling could be heard inside. Pressing a button, the chamber lit up to reveal a horrible Splice of a creature. It was a Komodo Dragon that they had captured twenty something years ago and experimented on. A Bionic eye, metal spikes that looked like hair protruding from it's skull could pick up on electromagnetic signals up to three miles away, its teeth and talons capped in Damascus steel for better bite force, and its tail, was gone. In it's place was...A second komodo head?! Equipped the same as its sibling head on the other end of the poor creature this ones bionic eye was opposite, but the Opsilon had taken a lung from a fire breathing splicer and gave it to this poor monstrosity. A shred of Zeros clothing was dropped into the room and the beast was on it, tasting it, smelling it, tearing it to shreds. Once the being was satisfied it had Zero in its minds eye, it pressed yet nother button and th back wall of the room slid open, letting the beast out into the sewers under the city....
  14. The city was in utter chaos, humans fighting those that were being labeled as splicers. And it was happening all over the world. In some places the Splicers were gaining ground, in other places, the humans. Regardless it was still a mess. The humans had already formed militia groups called Sweepers to take out the Splicers, their orders to shoot first and ask questions later. And She had picked a perfect time to escape. Chaos would be her cover. Or rather, apparently she had to fight her way through the Sweepers. And no Splicers in sight, except for herself. -Joy.- Tall, slender and Athletic, she was no pushover, as she spotted a risted pipe sticking off a...step ladder? of sorts, some kind of metal stair attached to the brick. Breaking it off, she turned, pulling her cloves slightly to make sure they were nice and snug, and with a muttered "Wow i have been underground for way too long." She dove into the group of Sweepers that had her cornered. Swinging the pipe she knocked ones gun from his hands and it began to fire when it struck the ground. -Damn, Automatic rifles. Such a pain.- The others scrambled to evade the path of the gunfire and gave her a chance in the confusion to slip away from them too! Better to be smart and save her energy for when she would really need it. It wont be long before They realize she's missing, yet again, and send their 'hounds' to fetch her. She had caught the news broadcast earlier in the day as she had slid past a group of bystanders watching several televisions hung on the wall beyond the glass. -Sheep.- Herded into what the media wanted them to believe, and this time it was apparently that Splicers were dangerous animals deserving of eradication. -Pft. Please. The humans couldn't get rid of them, not all of them, ard more Splicers are born daily.- Sliding into an alley, she flattened herself against the wall and looked down at herself in utter shame of her own stupidity. Still wearing white. What was she thinking? She wasnt, at the time, as she zoned out for a second, and a white room with a large two way mirror, and blue light, needles, lab coats, tall slender beings that moved like fluid. Snapping out of it, she turned and went down the alley, coming upon the scene of utter..Destruction. Corpses lay here, there and yonder, some scorched, some shot, some frozen, ripped apart, and her heart sank a little. It wasn't supposed to be like this, what were the Opsilon thinking? She had been captive by them since she was a small child. She didnt remember her parents, just the Opsilon, and living in a huge laboratory space underneath the city. One of the runoff pipes into the river was much easier to use since they watched her like a hawk. In an attempt to cover the white she borrowed a coat from one of the deceased lying nearby, and something down the road caught her attention, a flash of color, a mob of Sweepers and Splicers alike, and, fascinating! She witnessed the iron spikes protrude and impale both sides of the coin, the blood bath that sprayed was spectacular. Then to her astonishment, it was as if nothing at all had happened, and one lone soul was walking up the street now amidst the confusion, bystanders that had witnessed the spectacle moving aside to let him pass. An explosion to her left rocked her senses like she'd been smacked in the head with a sledge hammer, the force of it knocking her right into the grasp of a group of Sweepers. As quickly as she could she regained her composure, throwing two of them off of her, and realizing that their badges did not mark them with the Sweeper Squad, they had the symbol of the Opsilon on their breast. Crap! She was surrounded, and the closest Splicer was...Oh great, that guy, that just killed and ressurected about fifty people in less than thirty seconds. Ducking under a swing and sliding to avoid the butt of a gun to her head, she maneuvered out of the circle and left them all laying in a dogpile of sorts when they tried to pin her down. Laughing at the spectacle, she pointed, unable to help it. "Project ZERO." She heard, and stiffened. -Oh no.- It was the leader of this pack of 'hounds' sent to retrieve her. That didnt take long, last time it took them a month to find her in the forest of brazil hiding out. The Commander was a large guy, he wore a mask over his face to hide his identity, one of the Opsilon trained pets. She really didnt like this guy. And now she stood surrounded by him, and his group of lackeys. they had put their weapons away, and now had night sticks tht cackled and sizzled like a caddle prod, but oh so much worse. "Remember boys, dont let her touch you." He said, pulling on goves of his own as she pulled her off her slender hands, and revealing scars that ran down her arms from the experiments of the Opsilon, slicing her open, sewing her shut, keeping her sedated as they performed their blasphemous experiments. "Bring it!" She said, and dove into them again, causing quite a calamity as men went flying in several directions. Having totally forgotten about the guy walking up the street, she came flying backwards out of the fray only to slam into him. When she did, she got a flash of that thing inside his head, and immediately pushed off him. Spinning around to look at him down on the ground, she was nearly frozen by the power she had felt inside him, but that was no matter as another explosion rocked the streets and the building above them began to drop its stories down onto them as it was going over. "Run, run RUN!" She said to the guy, carefully grabbing him where she would not touch his skin and off the two would go into the dust screen to find a better place to hide.
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