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  3. Osvif The road flew by, the only sound the thump of hooves hitting the dirt. Osvif was fuming, not only had rumors of Jack Morpheus O'Neal popped up, but fact confirmed he was in the capital - the traitor not having the decency to die when he was supposed to. The little leech even had the gall to after his entertainer. As far as Osvif's memory served, Jack didn't even like that kind of music or entertainment, not even when it was popular. Far worse was he wormed the ring of Mall from her, something that was never supposed to happen. Osvif assumed this all intentional on that half demon bastards part, he would have to make sure he finished this once and for all. Jack would be no more once Osvif got his hands on him. Kiko and the trail of cursed people would alert Jack to exactly who wanted him dead - he wasn't dumb. Soon enough Jack Morpeus O'Neal would be knocking on his door, and Osvif could have his revenge - but not before he alerted his companions should he fail. Kiko sat slumped in front of Osvif, unceremoniously tossed in her unconscious state onto the horse. When she woke he intended to move her so she wasn't so uncomfortable, but as it stood he needed to buy as much time as possible between taking Kiko and returning home. The tiny woman put up a struggle greater than he expected from such a small docile woman. The chair shocked him, were she any taller or aimed higher, she could have at the very lease dazed him from the force of her swing. What shocked him further was the screaming, kicking and scratching she put up when he grabbed her. Nail marks scored his arm and face in multiple places like he'd gotten in a fight with a cat. Damnable woman didn't know when he was doing something for her own good. Spending time with that traitor would have ended up in far worse than simply being knocked out! Osvif hadn't intended to knock her out - not really.....but he hit her head off the door frame as she tried to wiggle out of his grasp. Initially he thought her limpness due to giving up finally, only after he tossed her on the horse did he realize hitting her head off the door knocked her out. For now it served a purpose and he was in no rush to wake her up. Maybe if he hadn't just demanded she go with him and grabbed her she wouldn't have fought? It was irrelevant now, she was a means to an end, after that end - he wasn't quite sure what he would do with her. Maybe she was working with Jack? If that was the case he'd simply kill her and be done with it. If she wasn't? Well, Osivf would cross that bridge after he killed Jack. It wouldn't be a very honorable thing The port city of Emsbourg came into view shortly after the sun crested the hills. Its early morning glow bathing the earth in a gentile light. The smaller city was the gateway for goods shipped in to make their way to the capital. Convenienly far enough away for the stink of the port not to bother the city, close enough that goods were a day's ride away. Kimiko was snoring, a relieving sign she wasn't permanently damaged from hitting her head. Osvif quite liked her music, she knew more of the old tavern shanties and tunes than any bard he'd come across yet. She typically refused to play them, but he managed to convince her and was shocked to hear songs that hadn't graced his ears in hundreds of years. It was then he decided to become a patron, her music reminded him of better times. It would be a shame if he permanently damaged her, then he couldn't hear his favorite songs. He already felt bad enough for snagging he the way he did, wasn't really an honorable thing to do.....but it was for her own good damn it! As the city came into view, he veered to the left of it towards the sheer cliffs that overlooked the angry and churning sea. The road rising in a hatchback for travelers brave enough to traverse it to get to the top. Of course he wouldn't go to his own home, and he wasn't going to meet Jack unawares. The steep road and cliff face ensured he would see Jack long before the traitorous bastard saw him. The caves would provide decent cover from the elements - not that they would need it for long. He trained a lot on these cliffs, the terrain familiar to him - yet another advantage in his favor. The tiny woman stirred, hand moving to the back of her head in a groan. Kimiko Kimiko's head was splitting! That was all she could focus on until she felt the rock of a horse beneath her, the feel of someone behind her holding her up. The air smelled of salt, horse and .... Osivf?! It took a moment for the memories to come back to her, the struggle to get free. She stiffened and a vice like grip tightened around her a little too tight. "Don't struggle." Came he gruff voice, "We are on a steep road traversing a cliff, you will cause the horse to panic and we will both take a very long fall down." She bit down her urge to stab him with a hairpin out of annoyance, however never knew him to be anything less than truthful so she didn't fight him. "You hit me." She accused. "It was a door frame and it was your own damn fault." He was quick to correct her, he would never hit a woman. "Where are we?" She changed tact. "The cliffs of Emsbourg." He answered simply. She sighed, he wasn't going to volunteer anything more than what she asked. "Why take me to the cliffs instead of to your home?" She tried again. This time an answer didn't reach her ears, but the horse did stop moving. Kimiko hated riding horses, it was a terrifying flight that left her feeling sick. The sudden and unexpected removal of Osivf behind her caused her to tumble sideways off the horse and he caught her before she hit the ground. Once she got her feet beneath her she merely stood still, listening to the crash of the waves, sensing the earth around her and its terrain, Osivf putting his horse away. Kimiko was more frightened than anything, what business did her patron have showing up and just carting her off like that! "Did you at least get my stuff?" She put her hands on her hips. An irritated grumble was her answer, followed by a thud somewhere nearby. She thought she heard the words obstinate and stubborn amidst his grumblings. He approached her, she sensed him this time, and helped her sit on a stump nearby before crouching in front of him. "How you answer this question will determine what happens to you next." He said seriously, "Tell me the truth Kiko - how do you know Jack Morpheus O'Neil?" Kimiko blinked, he used her pet name, odd for him to do. Even more so - how did he know about Jack? "I met him the other night." She explained simply, "He showed up at the Silver Dragon." There was a long expectant pause, like he was waiting for something to happen. When nothing did he gave a sigh and stood up before walking away. "Is that what this is about?" She asked, feeling a little angry that his was over some jealousy. "That thing is a dangerous traitor and you best keep away." Came the answer. Kimiko fell silent and sat, wringing her hands nervously. Her gut told her that her patron might get mad if she gave away that ring - but she never imagined she would get herself into this sort of trouble. Her guitar was pushed into her hands and she gratefully accepted it, thankful that at the very least he'd grabbed that. No words were needed for her to guess what her patron was asking of her, while she was still in a bitter mood over the way he'd abducted her, now wasn't the time to pick up that torch. Not when they were on a cliff - rocks didn't carry energy, so she couldn't tell where there was land and where there was not. A fight would not do her any good, not at the moment. If she played his favorite songs, convinced him she'd never talk to Jack Morpheus O'Neil again, and at least somewhat appease him - he would just let her go on her way. So the notes to a melody as old as Osivf drifted through the air.....little did she know it wasn't to appease the beast, but attract one.
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  5. Kimiko actually jumped a bit when Jack greeted her, she wasn't really paying attention. She was lost in thought, not bothering to give too much of her attention to any one thing. She was tired, hot and a little grumpy from it - but what won out more was curiosity - and that kept her from snapping in a rather un Kimiko like way. Jack seemed amicable today though and he didn't care to bait him, not with the promise of a good story hanging in the air. "It is indeed hot out." She agreed with him, "I have been quite eager to hear your tale!" Outside and away from the public eye she was much less cordial and formal. With no potential patrons around for the time being, she was able to relax a little. The sound of his voice alerted her enough to where he was located so she could slip her little arm right around his closest one. "If you don't mind." She said as an after thought, "I need some help getting around." Her smile was as innocent as it was sweet, for she truly did need help. The stones in the city were uneven and held no energy to them so she could not see where she was going. On a stage she could carve notches, leave traces of energy to detect, on the road the earth held its own energies. Enough that she could somewhat trace and find her way around. "Shade would be very nice." She agreed, "I hate having to carry this stupid thing around." She was of course referring to her umbrella, a necessary evil to keep her from roasting in the sun. "I also know of some wonderful vendors that have some nice cold treats at them." She lit up at the idea of a nice treat, "Just down this road in front of a lovely park - or so I have been told." She walked with him until they reached it, comfortable silence blanketing around them. Kimiko didn't need to fill silence with words to feel comfortable, besides, concentrating on walking was simply enough of a task. Kimiko ordered two of her favorite treat - chilled sweet fruits on a stick. It was a weakness of hers and something she could never say no to. "Enjoy." She held one out to him with a smile, "Frozen fruit, its Lame - I know. Call it a weakness of mine." As she munched on her treat he began to speak, what started as quiet curiousness grew into fascinated rapture as she listened to him. She mouthed the words three millennia....several times as if she was testing to make sure she heard correctly. The soothing aura's from the plants and the shade over them were trivial, almost ignored by her as he spoke. Not once did she interrupt, face telling without words her rapt attention to his tale. She was more expressive than most with her facial expressions, mostly since her face did what her eyes could not - emote. Though it was difficult to keep her eyes from wandering to look at his aura as he spoke, it was a rare moment that she had a hard time keeping them straight and blank looking. His story ended too soon for her liking, he had a way with telling it. He would make a great story teller if he had a mind too - but Jack already made known to her what he thought of entertainers. Story teller simply wasn't in his destiny. The sound of the fountain and chirping birds drew her from her intense focus as Jack shared his final thoughts with her. Even his aura seemed much less threatening and intimidating today, a welcome change. The very idea that there were six more stories that could follow intrigued her as well, how wonderful if she could get them all out of him. Kimiko was a sucker for good stories, and it was rare to find someone to share tales with that wasn't trying to impress her with some stupid story of bravery. While it did irk her he didn't think her good, she recognized it for what it was. An opportunity to be just a regular human for once. She was quiet for long moments following his question, brain swirling around thoughts. For some it may have been too long, for her, she was merely accustomed to thinking before she spoke. He told her things she already knew and things she didn't. But ow to answer without giving that all away? "Well - Jack Morpheus O'Neal" Her voice no longer intonated his name as if she didn't believe him, "You've made a believer out of me." Without preamble she slipped the ring off her finger and held it out, "I cannot keep something that rightfully belongs to someone else. Though I do hope to hear the other six before I depart, ring hanging in the balance or not. It is refreshing to talk with someone that isn't trying to get only one thing." She smirked, because he had been trying to - before he discovered she had his ring. "I have to say though. I am surprised a half demon would even bother with such a menial task as walking me around a pretty garden and attempting to prove you are yourself." What she wanted to say was Are you really that old!? She wanted to ask more questions, lots more. Including about his mother, what was it like to grow up with a mother? But questions weren't becoming of an entertainer and very often led to trouble. "Your mother must have been wonderful for you to hold her in your heart for so long." She said instead. If he were to comment or answer her she listened with the same rapt attention she gave him before as he told the story. Genuine interest painted her face rather than the mask she wore when she worked. As she opened her mouth the clap of shoes across the stones near her alerted her to a quickly approaching person. From the looks of her aura it was the maid that usually attended her at the silver dragon. Curious she should run all the way to the gardens to find Kimiko. It was likely Thom sent her to fetch Kimiko, he'd grown nervous with how long she was out and sent the maid to find her. A frustrated sigh escaped Kimiko as she addressed the girl politely. "Miss Sakura!" The girl panted, hands going to her knees, "The master of the Inn sent me to find you." She confirmed Kimiko's suspicions. "I suppose I am running late for the dinner music?" Kimiko asked politely. The girl shook her head, "Not yet, but I fear you might be if you delay much longer...." "Has it really been that long?" Kimiko laughed, "I didn't notice." She slipped her hand from its secure position around Jack's arm and allowed the maid to take its place. She turned her attention to Jack. "This afternoon was quite wonderful." She said simply, "I will be in the city until the end of the week - I do hope you decide to share more of those stories with me." The maid began tugging her impatiently towards the exit. "You know where to find me." She called over her shoulder as she went. By the way the maid was tugging on her arm Kimiko worried that her story companion was truly a terrifying creature for the woman to want to be far away from him. It was difficult not to trip as the woman guided her back to the inn at a quick pace, the chaotic aura surrounding her was a bit alarming. "Was he really that frightening?" Kimiko asked. The maid didn't answer as the familiar paving stones to the inn met her feet. Their pace slowed as they entered, Kimiko took a moment to close her umbrella before stepping over the threshold. Her head snapped up when silence met her ears. The inn should have been bustling, teeming with people and folks waiting eagerly to hear her music. "Thom?" She said warily, the maid continuing to tug her into the room. "Miss Sakura." A deep rumbling and familiar voice met her ears. "Sir?" Kimiko's voice rang out with shock. What was her patron doing there? Had he bought out the inn after her performance? It wasn't unheard of, but usually that was pre-planned, never a surprise..... "Where is Thom?" She asked, "Did you buy out the inn for the night?" Silence met her, he never answered her questions that he thought stupid. "We are leaving." He said in his gruff blunt tones. Kimiko's brow furrowed, she thought she heard him incorrectly, "I am not done with the dances....." "Now." His tone didn't brook argument. Kimiko was an intelligent woman, she knew when to argue and when not to, but in this case she didn't listen to her own good sense. "No!" The statement slipped out. The resulting growl was warning enough she overstepped. This particular patron was as temperamental as he was generous. There was a scraping of a chair and she watched as his hulking aura darted at her with alarming speed. The maid screamed and Kimiko managed to grab the nearest chair to put between them. Little good it did though as she was not much by comparison in size, so when she swung it at him, it merely broke on his arm and infuriated him further. He scooped her up by the back of her Kimono, "We leave now." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The city was abuzz; newspapers, flyers, gossip. It was on everyone's tongue and in their ears. Thom, the owner of the Silver Dragon, along with several other patrons and staff were found turned to stone. The only evidence of a scuffle? A broken chair and the words "TRAITOR" etched into the door of the inn. More alarming yet, Kimiko Sakura didn't show up for her dances, and no one could find her anywhere. She was .....gone.
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  7. "How unpleasant." Someone commented to her left. Kimiko cringed a little, they could've at least waited for the half demon to leave before saying something. Sure, he was abrasive, but she wasn't so shallow as to believe her style of entertainment was to everyone's tastes. After all, if she was in possession of something that meant a lot to him, he would likely seem angry at her for not just giving it to him. Half demons and any creature that could live longer than a century tended not to hold humans in very high regard. She'd met enough people in her life to know that, Kimiko simply hoped she would meet very few. Still - he'd agreed to go for a walk. Something she was looking forward to despite his unpleasant fronting. Sharing made for good tales, and he seemed to have an over abundance of them. She was a bit surprised he didn't care to find out who her patron was, wouldn't that be the best person to figure out where it came from? Internally she shrugged and spared a smile for her friend that now joined her at the table, his concern and the offer of another - more stiff drink - welcome. "I am fine." She said simply, "Not everyone appreciates the classic arts. He simply was one of them." "You shouldn't go for a walk with him tomorrow." Thom said sternly, "He is trouble." "Only if you make it with him." She said simply, "It will be fine.....Do you know what he meant by the magazine?" She didn't question how he knew what they talked about, nothing was ever private and she just assumed her friend heard every word. Thom shrugged his shoulders, "No clue, probably some made up thing......talking about ancient myths and such the way he was, he is one of those fanatics that ends up killing his idol." Kimiko laughed this time, she'd dealt with one or two of those - she was still breathing. "No Thom." She wiped at her eyes, "No no, he isn't. Unpleasant - absolutely - serial Geisha killer? No. " Her friend was not amused at her lack of concern and said so. But Thom knew better than to go against what Kimiko said, because underneath her demure mask, she was stubborn as hell. To soothe him, Kimiko reached across the table and patted his hand. "It's fine Thom." "One day Kiko you will get into trouble bigger than you can handle." He said with a sigh, "Do you need me to help you to your room?" Kimiko finished her drink with a quick tip of her head. "I think I am fine for tonight." She said gently, walking to her room. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Painted faces, costumes, the scent of melting wax and flowers. All encompassed by the hottest day of the week so far, if it were even possible! The heavy costumes and hair ornaments caused girls to feint left and right back stage. Young girls running around with fans trying to keep them from wilting. Something that was merely impossible in the heat, their task as futile as trying to perform in such a terrible state. This was the second and final performance of the day. Something they were all grateful for, it was the second to last day of performances. Tomorrow would be the last of them and Kimiko would be free to roam to a much cooler location. Kimiko sat as poised as she could, the heat threatening to topple her too. Even the most seasoned of performers struggled from time to time and were just as prone to feint. Around her everyone fluttered about, fixing makeup, repining something to her hair, fussing over some wrinkle or another in the fabric. Thankfully she held one of the coveted solo dances, she didn't need to rush about with costume or hair ornament changes. It was a perk of being so prestigious, once upon a time she was not - and navigating the changes was near impossible for her. The last hand to try and smooth out a crease she stopped gently. "I need that there, it helps me know where my props are." She said finally. With that she was left mostly alone until it was time for her performance. "Miss Sakura - " The call went up. With a little help getting around the unexpected person dashing past, Kimiko let the stage attendant lead her to where she needed to be. Just under a pagoda with flowers dangling as a curtain to hide the person behind it. The outdoor stage was surrounded on three sides by theater style seats, they were always filled for the dances. The floor made of a solid white stone, and decorative trees, plants and flowers were in over abundance surrounding the scene. On the rare event it rained, the performances were moved to an indoor theater located in the area behind the outdoor stage. Even further back was the area the performers readied themselves, making good stage hands a necessity. There was a constant stream of performers trooping in and out of the area. A breeze ruffled the flowers in front of her and Kimiko smiled, finding her internal confidence, she knew this stage, this performance, and she would be the object of discussion for a VERY long time. As the first notes floated to her ears, so did she. On light feet that took her from behind the curtain to the center of the stage. Notches carved into the white stone for her to use to note location. Behind her the blossoming trees painted a landscape like no other, and towering over them the theater with its grand look. The moves she used were her's, something she'd memorized and used for years, but it was also what set her apart and what took her from famous to infamous. Kimiko did the unthinkable - meld the traditional with modern day. The air was not cool as it met her when her outer Kimono layer floated away, it was sticky and made shedding the heavy garment difficult. The large Obi turning into a ribbon she managed to snap like a lasso as she pulled it off. But as she did, she revealed a much lighter and shorter layer that allowed her to dance the burlesque she'd melded with traditional fan dances. Hands twirling fans and tossing and catching them in ways that defied a blind woman. Her feet and legs used the entire stage, not just one square. She didn't move, she flowed across the stage. Sweat beading on arms and legs as one dance lead to another and yet another. Yes - even on a hot day Kimiko Sakura sweat. As her dance came to a close she paused long enough to smile and blow a kiss to all three sides of the stage. A tradition at this point for her, something that helped her fill the time while she waited for the young helpers to come and collect her to help her off the stage and back into the dressing rooms. Once off stage, as always, they begged her to teach them. To which she politely answered she wasn't in the business of taking on pupils. Her part done for the performances, Kimiko was quick to exit the theater and head for the baths. Something that was much needed considering she'd just finished two performances and did not smell like lotus blossoms. She didn't think her walking friend would much appreciate that, especially since he'd taken offence to mostly everything that came out of her mouth.... Only for a second did she vaguely wonder if curiosity drew his feet to those performances, but doubted it very much. He said it wasn't to his taste, and she couldn't much blame him - not everyone enjoyed the spring dances and traditional music. Bathed, smelling MUCH better, and dressed in yet another short kimono she stood outside the Silver Dragon. Over her shoulder perched a small umbrella to keep the sun off her face, were she not in the dances she wouldn't much care about the sun. But as it stood, the makeup and sunburns did not play well together. So shield her head she would. Kimiko bounced on her toes a bit and spun the umbrella in her fingertips, wondering if Jack Morpheus O'Neal would actually show up or not......
  8. Riha didn't move any closer to the woman, though she moved closer to her. She always treated something novel with caution - caution kept her alive. The woman introduced herself as Sedna, the word had a beautiful feel to it. Riha closed her eyes a moment to simply sense the power behind the name - what she felt made her eyes open again in confusion. Again she noticed that which she'd never encountered before. An aura, a connection to a different world, but not the one Riha was used to dealing in. Sedna offered to help, something that was rather unexpected. Yes, Riha spoke as if she assumed the woman's intentions were to help, but she didn't expect her to once Sedna revealed her connection with nature. A burning desire to finally connect with someone that might understand her filled her. It was quickly shaken off, the last woman to nurture her and respect her for her gift, abandoned her. While Oscar's daughter treated the supposed lover to her father with respect, it was apparent that the friendship was merely skin deep. A wound that hurt more than the strange and messed up feelings she had of missing Oscar Uldwar at times. Riha hoped that perhaps if they worked together long enough, she might be able to ask more about Sedna's connection to the water. If she ever felt lonely too, or if there were others out there that could see and do the things that Riha could. Perhaps there were, only they could do different things. Maybe Riha's abilities were but one type of ability that was out there. All questions that needed to wait, Riha wasn't about to poke and prod at someone she'd just met. Focusing instead on the task at hand provided a nice distraction, she could mentally list what needed to be done, prioritize, see what needed to be done first. "Well....." She scratched at the back of her head, sand coming off her hands in to her hair, "I think the first thing to do would be stop the toxins from entering the bay." As she spoke her mind whirled into action as it always did, task at hand, project in sight - she spoke with confidence. "The local restored fauna are working hard inland to filter the waters so they run clean, but they aren't fully grown yet and wont be for a while." She tapped her lip with a finger, thinking, "I've heard there is a type of under water plant that can filter through and actually lice ashy and acidic particles. If I can find some and plant them at the mouths of the tributaries around the Island, then the waters entering the bays will be cleaner. Which would allow nature to heal without too much interference to the actual reefs or anything....." If anyone knew about this elusive plant, Sedna just might. @vielle
  9. So he was peeved at her for the plant, inwardly she gave a smug "I knew it" internally. She'd forgotten to do a lot of things as of late, never mind that she accidentally watered Austere's plant with water from the baths two days prior to forgetting to water the poor thing....but she wasn't about to volunteer that information, Odelia doubted he would laugh nearly so much as she when she realized what she was doing. He continued to shower her in affection, causing her initial worries about drawing attention to that one little word, to fade. Of course he wouldn't take something like that back, Austere was almost always cautious with his words with her and he picked them very carefully. Someday she hoped that not to be the case, but they both knew why that was so very necessary. Odelia's sensitivities were quick to shatter and hard to put back together. His comment at being a terrible romantic made her smirk, yes - he was. But so was she, and she found his difficulties in being romantic as he called it adorable. "I wouldn't say you are terrible." She slipped in, "Oblivious perhaps......" She could feel him relaxing more as he continued, her eager little self soaking up the rare verbal affection that came from him. Her smile grew in proportion to each word he said to her. He'd cared about her for far longer than she even dared to assume, but to have the word love used - she never expected to have garnered that. Odelia just always assumed it lay with the woman that came before her and there wouldn't be any left for her. She was about to tell him that he couldn't say it enough since she hadnt heard it in a decade of life, but instead her mouth hung open with his next words - they were - WHAT!? Odelia blinked, and then blinked again - and again. Mouth slightly open, she just stared at Austere like he was speaking a foreign language. They were leaving? As in - leaving. As in - moving away from the land that tortured her and her twin for so long. Shock spun into something she never thought she would feel - anger. It started as a little bud, and then grew and grew and grew until soon her cheeks were red and her eyes narrowed. It wasn't that they were leaving, once the anger vanished she could probably become excited about the idea, it was that he was keeping secrets - again! He'd attempted to hide the discovery and then rescue mission to find her twin, a few sly clues and a point in the direction of the docks by several house members gave that away. She was mad then too, the only other time she'd ever shown she was capable of the emotion. For some time she suspected something was going on, meetings behind closed doors, hushed voices, more cargo than normal down by the docks. "You -you - you -" She tried to stutter out the words, "Austere Mythal how dare you keep secrets from me!" She shocked herself with the strength and ferocity with which her statement came out. An entire slew of unintelligible words followed her statement, mostly spoken through heaving sobs of anger and fueled by hormonal rage. Words such as "I am your wife!" and "What else -" could be discerned in the midst of her tantrum. It seemed that in that moment, Odelia found her voice and she was using it. @Aleksei
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  11. The ever present aura that radiated off her new companion was promptly and largely - ignored. She knew it was there, she felt it wanting to devour, consume, charm all at the same time. She heard his comment about the "magazine" something she wouldn't ask about just yet, a little digging on her own may turn up an answer. But then again, how could a strange one such as she not end up somewhere in some form of print. Kiko just hoped it wasn't something embarrassing out there about her. His comment about retiring made her giggle a little, she'd simply meant it as a means of going to bed - not actually retiring. She didn't bother acknowledging his sudden lack of humor and inflection - after all she'd spoiled his intended means of fending off boredom. Something that she chose not to let irk her, and instead reveled in the fact he was miffed himself about that fact. The first genuine words that left his mouth were a simple thank you for the beverage. At the very least he had some manners beneath all that exterior, could she actually see - his glare's may have upset her. But she couldn't, so they didn't. The glares were, however, upsetting other patrons in the Silver Dragon which were making silent fuss over the intrusion and rudeness of this non regular. "Jack Morpheus O'Neal -" Her voice lifted with repeating the name, as if she didn't believe him, "Only a part time bounty hunter this time, the last time you'd introduced yourself you were a......" She paused to tap her chin, "Oh darn what was it? Oh, yes, a beast slayer! I must say I feel bad for the real Jack Morpheus O'Neal if he is around - so many people have stolen his name in days of late....." She intended to go on about a strange tale that just began spreading around town with that very name, thus resulting in the over use of it....but he seemed not in the mood for it as he continued on with his intended mission. He confirmed that she'd spoiled his fun, even going so far as to say he'd come to find her to ease boredom. Object she was not, and she was quick to confirm that his fantasies would have to stay in his pants. He did this himself instead, continuing to talk and giving nary a moment to interject. He was hell bent on discussing that ring she wore, and would not give up until she gave him answers. So, as he spoke she merely sipped on her beverage, the drink burning like hell as it slid down her throat - something she didn't mind. It got her through rather unsavory discussions and situations, it kept her present and helped ease the passage of time. Once she got to three of those drinks, it was time for a very fast removal of herself from the situation. She was still on the first for now, but his tale was rather intriguing and if it stayed so she would need the third drink to remind her to go to bed. Kimiko got the sense this Jack fellow thought she stole this ring, something she would never do. Her patron she couldn't vouch for, he may have, but how was she to know? "I see you just aren't one for idle prattle are you? Right to the point - its a bit refreshing really to speak with someone who's not sitting here because of that..... little voice between his legs. I won't indulge your first fantasy," She finally said once he'd stopped talking, "But I can perhaps shed a little bit of light on this ring you seem so intent on knowing where I got it from." She paused to take a sip from her drink, her hand not leaving it from her previous indulgence. If she did, she wouldn't be able to find it again without some form of explanation. "How about this -" She proposed, "I'll answer your question tonight, but in exchange, you must take me for a walk tomorrow after my performances and explain to me all about your trial and error to earn said object. If I'm satisfied you are telling me the truth and not in fact trying to steal it from me, then you can have it back. Though my patron will likely be very angry with me and stop supporting my work if I do." Her voice remained light and sweet, like she was playing a mischievous game. Her patron would in fact be horribly displeased to find the ring gone, but she could not in good faith keep something that was actually stolen from its rightful owner. "Firstly, I must tell you that this ring was not stolen." She fell into a bit of a sing song voice, one she used when telling tales, "It came into my possession little fewer than two summers ago, by the very same man that gave me this broach....." She drew attention to the broach as well, there was no used in lying. She knew a demon, half or not would know if the words she spoke were true or false. "I have been visiting the port city of Abrias for quite some time now. This ring came from a particular patron that lives there, an olive branch so to speak to start our partnership - " A sip of her drink and a small sigh later she smiled rather simply, "See? No trickery, no theft or stealing - it was a gift." Exhaustion pulled down on her shoulders, she was tired and while her face may not show it - she slumped just ever so slightly into her chair. Not enough for the layperson to notice, but a perceptive one might. So she exaggerated it - just a little bit, while making an effort to hide it all at the same time. "So, Jack Morpheus O'Neal -" She said in a rather quiet voice, "Have I satisfied at least one of your fantasies for the night?"
  12. The woman before her transformed from shy to something else entirely. The pull of the oceans water growing stronger around her as Riha struggled to comprehend in her brain what strange connection with the water the other woman had..... Her internal question was answered soon enough when a tendril of water curled up and fondly around the woman in the water's body. Not since she'd caught that fairy at Milorian's coronation party had she come in contact with something remotely connected with the Fey. It seemed like a long lost mystery, something that made her feel quite insane. While her connection to spirits was strong, in her time on the island her connection with other things not quite human strengthened as well - and until now, she'd thought it some traumatized remanent from her time with her kidnappers. A surprised cry burst out from her lips and she fell on her butt in the sand, tools dropping as she went. Thunk. She was sitting in the sand once again staring open mouthed like an idiot. All the aura's and things she'd sensed suddenly clicking into place. Riha was bold, but having never been in this particular situation she was left flabbergasted. It took her several long moments to reign in her fractured brain, splitting into a million and one questions at once. All this combined with a confused state that said RUN and STAY all at the same time. She could handle the violent bugbears - but she couldn't handle a woman that had control over water!? At long last she stood, not bothering to even brush sand and ash off of herself. No need even bothering to collect herself, they both knew she was flustered and any attempt to save face would look petty and stupid. "Yes - " She tipped her chin up, "I've been trying to heal the lands around here and help them grow again.....the inland has a stable plant start and so I am moving onto the shores and waters. I've noticed that a lot of what once was here isn't anymore because of the eruption.....I can't restore it to what it was - but I can help make it cleaner and bring back some of the fish and plants....." She paused a moment - was it polite to ask what the woman was? Probably not - after all she didn't like being called names or labeled when people learned what she could do...... "I am Riha -" She settled on names first, "I suppose if we are going to work on a project together I should know who you are too." Inwardly she cringed, poise was just not her strong suit. @vielle
  13. @Aleksei Soft spoken words followed by a peppering of kisses worked quicker than the most soothing balm. Terror eased quickly into a smile and then proceeded to giggles when his antics broke through the thin terrified wall. Once again, Austere set out to prove he wasn't going to strike or hurt her. Through what she was sure could be painstaking efforts on her husbands part, he tore down her outer defensive shell piece by piece. Instead of leaving her vulnerable and exposed, he built up a new protective wall of comfort and belonging. How quickly she could shift from terror to ease around him stood as the true hallmark of his work. While there was lots more work to be done for her, he was ever patient and quick to soothe when he accidentally tripping a land mine. Since she usually had so few words when she tripped over painful feelings, Odelia simply let him lead her back to their original seat and allowed him to help her sit. Austere knelt in front of her so they were eye to eye, it was a habit he developed over their time together. Not merely due to the drastic difference in height, but it simply put them on the same level. He wasn't talking down or at her, he was talking with her, a novel experience she was quickly growing to covet. From the way he gently handled her, the touch to her cheek, to her not yet swollen belly - it demonstrated the simple reverence with which their relationship held. Touch, after all, was one of the most hated and sought after things Odelia chased. She hated it because she'd been deprived of it and hurt, she craved it because Austere's touch was never used as punishment. Odelia listened intently as he spilled his concerns, worries, fears - he spoke of his departed wife.....something that she felt grief towards too - she seemed such a wonderful woman from the stories Odelia gathered, she encouraged him to talk about her often. The loss pained Austere so very much - so it pained Odelia too. Never a point of contention for her, Odelia embraced all elements of Austere's life. All of those pieces were what made him - him. Those ever keen listening ears came to an abrupt stop when three simple words reach them. It was if she'd lost her hearing, gone deaf, her head suddenly smashed in with a heavy pan. The rest of what he said was lost on her as a dazed look crossed her face, eyes glazing over as if concussed. Yet those words kept echoing over and over and over. I love you, I love you, I love you. In an uncharacteristically bold move she shushed him, putting her finger to his lips and making a "shhhh" sound. Those three words, I love you, she hadn't heard them since her mother died when she was a child. "Shhhh." She gentled her tone and removed her finger, moving her hand to cover his. What should she do first? Ease his fears? She couldn't, not really, the worse did happen to him. To say anything otherwise would be a lie. She could draw attention to those words? If she did he might realize it and take them back! For now she would engrain them on her soul and revel in the warm glow that centered in an untouched hollow center of her chest. Odelia took a deep steadying breath and let the glow in her chest touch her eyes with a fire that was thought long gone. "Lets take it one moment at a time then shall we?" She said softly, "I have no doubt Husband of mine, that whatever the world throws at us, we can handle - so long as you keep your hand in mine." Another deep breath sighed out of her and her shoulders sagged a bit. "I was really worried you were mad at me....." she gave a rare confession, "Did - did you really mean it? The part where....you said -" It was hard for her to form the words, she didn't want to ask - what if he didn't?
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  15. Tent poles, canvas, rope. Those were the first items to be unfurled. The neatly packed tent rolled open smoothly and it wouldn't take much effort to get it up and functional. She didn't need anything too fancy, just something to pass the time until her ship returned and inevitably took her back to her twin. A spoken "oh!" caused Riha to spin around, tent pole in one hand, mallet in the other. She blinked, then blinked again.....and still continued to blink. There was another woman on the beach, a half naked one at that! Something caused a fissure of unease to creep up Riha's spine. Her eyes narrowed a little suspiciously as she sensed the Ocean's pull surrounding this woman. Riha's gifts were never wrong and there was something a little fishy with this woman, she just couldn't place what it was. As she spoke Riha's eyes continued to narrow slightly in confusion, this caused her brow to furrow and scar to become a little more jagged. It was the look Oscar Uldwar gave many a man he knew was lying, a habit Riha picked up from her time with him. Riha spent months on this island. So much time that she knew all the inhabitants and creatures that frequented the place, this person - she'd never seen. Granted, the time she spent at the beach was namely getting goods from the temporary harbor....but if there was a person on the beaches, the bugbears would have either killed her or aggressively chased her off. So where had this one come from? A quick glance around confirmed there was no boat that could have brought her here, the one standing manor too far away for someone to traverse to the ocean for a swim......yet there she stood, covering herself with her arms looking a bit embarrassed to be spotted thus. As Riha's brain continued to work, it never occurred to her that she was staring quite blatantly at the half naked woman. Who swam with just their pants on?! The request for her to turn around made Riha's eyebrows rise, a surprised look. There was no way she was turning her back to a questionable stranger on a beach that seemingly just appeared there. She crossed her arms across her chest, tent pole and mallet falling to the sand as she did so. "I haven't met anything other than bugbears here in the last few months." She didn't bother to mince words, "Forgive me if I seem a bit paranoid. Are you here to help with the restoration efforts or something? @vielle
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