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  1. [-The Broken Chant Tavern-]

    Zafira stared at Alimar, the dog turned and glared at her for his newly dubbed nick name - Sir Drools a lot. She had no idea what he was saying, or even talking about, but the one thing she did understand was adventure. "Nothing wrong with wanting a little or a lot of adventure." She said brightly, "that is not so strange. I have certainly heard of stranger things in these parts." She smiled down at the dog and winked at him, he was still glaring at her, "Perhaps we shall call you Sir for short." She thought on his admonition of her treatment of her instrument, she pulled it from her back and ran her hand down the neck of it. "Its nearly indestructible." She said, "I've had to use it more than once for self defense - someone - likes to get into bar fights when he drinks. The only thing that has broken on it are the strings." She thought about demonstrating on Frank's bar, she thought better of it and knocked on it lightly instead. It made a dull thudding noise and she nimbly strung across her back once more. Its weight a familiar companion. "It must have taken a lot of courage to travel away from your clan, especially if they resent the outside world." She studied his appearance, so different from her own, "Where are you adventuring to?"
  2. Myths of old: The tales of Pan

    Pan was old, so old in fact that none remembered his name. It could be found buried in the dusty catacombs of archives, left untouched for centuries. He was a God - a long time ago, his power now nearly gone. He once had festivals, celebrations, even feasts dedicated to his name. Bards called on him for inspiration, nearly every toast made in his name. Statues erected long ago now crumbled to dust and blown away by the wind. He was the God of music, joviality, celebration, feast - he grew powerful and fat off the praise of the land. You see, that is how God's work, their power fueled by their followers. Hundreds if not thousands of Gods have risen and vanished over the course of time due to the fickle nature of their followers. Each one replaced by something new, each one slowly withered into nothingness - the "God death" - as they called it. Many believed that Gods could not die, how untrue that was, all they had to do was stop believing. Of course if mortals knew this, they would rise up and strike down the Gods, becoming more powerful themselves. Thus it was a closely guarded secret, one that would never be revealed. Pan could remember a time when there was no magi-tech, air ships, hovering carts. He and his fellow Gods of the time reveled in the simplicity of hard labor by hand, where magic wasn't studied openly, and only whispered about in the corners of unsavory Taverns. Of course the land had the potential for magic, and many were capable of it, few were brave enough to use it. Fear of being struck down kept the mortals from trying anything beyond what was 'allowed.' But alas, his friends were all nearly gone, vanished, to where he didn't know. One by one, they were forgotten and taken by the "God death." And the times were different, magic was common and powerful, magi-tech unveiled the 'mysteriousness' of the world, and airships made travel to foreign lands easy. Erasing the wonder and fear that the unknown used to strike into the hearts of mortals. But Pan was smart, he simply did not want to vanish. So with the little magic he had left in him, he created a 32 stringed, gold tambur. In it he imbibed his power of song and mirth. With it he traveled to taverns far and wide and played, it gathered masses to listen. While they didn't praise him for his Godliness, they did celebrate and enjoy his music, and that gave him enough attention to continue existing. He drank, he sang, he played, he had all the beautiful women he could want. Anywhere there was large celebration or festivals he was drawn to, like a moth to the flame. There was one such group lucky enough for him to frequent, a traveling group of entertainers. They too traveled far and wide, and in their wake they left a trail of joy, celebration and music. He couldn't help but appear wherever they were, the chance of gathering power from the celebration was too tempting to stay away. Sometimes he would disguise himself as one of them, sometimes he was a spectator. Their illusion magic, music and feasting reminded him of days of old, it made his heart weary, and his eyes tired, yet still he continued on, refusing to be taken by the 'God death."
  3. Lost memories

    Zafira paused, a piece of roasted pheasant half way to her mouth as Gore told her story. Very obviously failing at hiding her memorized and fascinated state. How did a half-orc bastard, treated so cruelly, end up so kind hearted? Realizing she was staring, mouth open, she stuffed the pheasant into her mouth and chewed, swallowing it with the rest of her questions. Even her dog was staring at her with bewilderment, she gave him a nudge with her foot and he resumed eating too. She would have to sate her curiosity later as the memories seemed very painful for Gore, she said as much. Zafira didn't like the look of pain on her face, she much preferred her smile. "So tell me, what's your name? And, if you don't mind me asking, how did you receive those injuries?" Gore asked her. Bother and bother, how was she supposed to answer that. Truthfully she supposed, seeing as Gore had been so kind as to help her. The dog looked at her expectantly, almost as if daring her to answer without looking utterly insane. She grinned sheepishly and looked around quickly before answering, the tavern was far too loud for her to be overheard anyway, these people held her in high esteem for some reason, she didn't want to ruin it lest it destroy her chances at clean clothes, food and supplies. "The name is Zafira - at least I think it is." She continued to grin, "I couldn't tell you how I got these injuries....I woke up in the woods without any memories, a splitting headache, a crappy looking instrument and this glutton here." The dog belched in response. She ignored him and leaned in closer to Gore, "what I do know is that I was in some sort of musical contest here a few nights back with this other bloke. He wagered his instrument as the prize, a 32 stringed Tambur - as if that actually exists - I must have been blitzed out of my mind to believe such a story. Anyway - I won, and according to the tavern owner, we left together....didn't even take our earnings." The dog, suddenly tense, relaxed and lay back down on the floor. Zafira glared down at him. "I suspect he knows what happened." She said with a frown, "But he isn't telling." She sighed and shrugged, trying hard not to itch at her healing cut, it was beginning to itch something fierce. "Is this thing supposed to itch?" She asked, the sensation nearly driving her insane.
  4. [-The Broken Chant Tavern-]

    Frank was grumpy, but Zafira liked him, there was no mystery, no secrets, just a bar keep trying to make a living in the city. “If you’re interested in a job,” Frank interrupted the elf, Alimar “--come talk to me when you’re done having your little musicians pow-wow. I think we can work something out, as long as you're ready to roll up your sleeves and work for your keep.” Regardless, she intended to work off her meal, no good deed goes without fair trade in her mind. Whether through music or through cleaning or serving, she didn't care. Perhaps she could convince this stranger to play with her as well for a bit, she had a good knack for filling taverns and bars whenever she played her crappy, but lovely sounding instrument. Zafira turned back to the Alimar who seemed heartbroken over the state of her instrument. She grinned guiltily and scratched the back of her head. He asked after her dog and his name. She couldn't rightly answer either of his questions, how did her instrument get to be in that shape? And the dog still refused to share his name with her, despite all they had been through together. "Wellll-" She continued to grin, she couldn't help it, "I would imagine the strings are broken this time because I hit someone with it....why it is in such horrid shape otherwise, I couldn't tell you, it sort of came this way and I'm quite attached to it. Couldn't imagine being without it - as for the dog - well - I really have no idea what his name is, he won't tell me. I keep guessing, but I just can't seem to figure it out. Just where are you from anyway? I haven't heard an accent like that before."
  5. Lost memories

    She introduced herself as Goruza, 'Gore' for short. Zafira tipped her head slightly to the side, what a curious name. As she pondered it, Gore's light green fingers hovered over the cut on her face. A sharp, burning pain lanced down the side of Zafira's face, she tried hard not to flinch or jerk away. The dog on the floor jerked his head up and studied Gore with a serious expression, sniffing the air before laying down. Nearly as quickly as it began, it started to fade, the memory of the initial pain practically erased. She almost felt a little sleepy, like after eating a big warm meal. "I didn't realize that dogs could drink beer, does he do that often?" Gore's question pulled her out of her stupor. She blinked, feeling rather stupid for a moment. Most dogs didn't drink beer - so why had hers just asked for a small one, so he didn't get into trouble no less? Zafira asked for it without much of a thought. She frowned down at the dog that was now pretending to be engrossed in something on the floor. "Great question - " Zafira looked back at Gore, "I'm guessing this one does....I mean he is the one that asked for it...." A serving girl, her arms stacked with plates mugs and bowls approached the table. She weaved through the crowded tavern and somehow managed not to spill a drop. She piled the plates of food on the table and set a mug in front of Gore. She placed the bowls of food and beer on the floor in front of the dog. The dog leapt up and began to messily eat and drink, scattering foamy beer and mutton across the tavern floor. "Will you quit making such a mess?!" Zafira exclaimed. The dog growled at her and continued to ear and drink messily. Zafira's stomach gave an embarrassingly loud grumble, all she had to eat in the last day and a half was charred rabbit and berries. It appeared as if the tavern owner sent every dish she made out to her....if only she could remember the contest - or even her life before it. She took a deep drink from her own mug of beer before looking back up at Gore. She looked nearly as travel worn and tired as Zafira felt - and probably looked. She pushed some of the plates towards Gore, "Take what you like! It is always nice to share with new found friends. Especially ones who heal me, it already feels better!" She shoveled some of the warm bread with honey drizzled on it into her mouth and chewed it before asking the least of the bursting questions in her mind. "Why are you called Gore?"
  6. The Motley Crew

    Zafira put down her instrument and looked at the haphazardly scattered items Ira was pulling out of his enchanted bag. It was fascinating, not much unlike the one she had, except hers had a tendency to lose things...important things, that is why she never kept her instrument in it. She groaned, why couldn't hers be that cool? Perhaps he would let her keep some things she didn't want to lose in it. "Could one of you do me a favor and cook this? I am lousy with Duck." Ira said holding it out. The dog barked. "No!" Zafira said firmly to him, "I am not going to try again - remember your tail?" He barked more insistently, the dog had taken an uncanny liking to Ira and Aiden. Perhaps it was because he no longer had to be the only one to keep Zafira out of trouble, regardless of his reasons he was persistent. "There is a perfectly good fire that they can slow roast it over." She told him, "No need to go ruining a good duck just to get some practice in." He growled at her and started tugging on her shoe with his teeth. "Fine!" She sighed, stood up and grabbed the duck from Ira. She walked a short distance away from the camp so she wouldn't inadvertently hurt someone. She picked up a sharpened stick and stuck the duck on it. She shot the dog one more glare before thinking of fire. Heat spiraling through her lungs as she sucked in a breath and blew it out, the resulting flames shooting towards the sky. She quickly stuck the duck into the fire and pulled it out. It was only slightly burnt this time, but the leaves on the nearby tree were smoking slightly. She rolled her eyes and debated for a moment, it did look like it could ignite...but could she risk her newest learned trick? That one was even more uncontrollable - the dog barked at her in warning as the tree began to catch fire. She steeled herself, thought about cold air - not ice this time - the stinging burn or cold air filled her lungs. She breathed in closed her eyes and blew it out. There was a crack and a pop, she peeked one eye open to see she had encased the entire tree in crystal like ice...it was quite pretty actually. She marched over to Ira, holding out the smoking duck. "Here." She said, "Its the best I can do - if you don't like it, I suggest you roast it yourself next time." She sat back down and picked up her instrument to play again - hoping it would distract them all from the ice tree towering over them. One of the strings broke with an ugly twang, she set it down with an angry sigh. The dog licked her arm happily, congratulating her on a job well done.
  7. Lost memories

    The tavern owners voice trailed off and her eyes grew twice their size as a rather large woman - half orc to be exact - practically loomed over them. Zafira turned to look up at her brightly. The dog at her feet continued to eat hungrily, not at all bothered by their guest. So Zafira assumed she must be alright. She pointed to Zafira's face. " I happen to be a battle medic, and it would please me greatly if you would allow me to treat your injuries." She said with a smile, her fascinating tusks emerging from the corners of her mouth. Zafira had to resist the urge to look closer. The half-Orc's face was a tapestry of battles won and lost. She spotted a scar that no doubt would match her own when the gash healed. "The good doctor will be back shortly and he will see to it!" The tavern owner was quick to say with a stammer. "She looks more than competent." Zafira smiled at her, "No use bothering the doctor any more than necessary today. Why don't you fetch my new friend here a beer?" The dog barked. "And one for this glutton- in a bowl if you please, he can't drink it out of a mug. Don't put too much in it, he likes to cause trouble when he is drunk." The tavern owner looked flustered but did as she was asked and quickly fled to the kitchens. "If you can get this incessant burning to stop then I would be much appreciative." She said, "It hurts something fierce."
  8. The Motley Crew

    "I’ll go find some water if you stay here and make a fire" And with that Lorelei dashed into the woods. Zafira knew that look, it was the kind of look that people get when they hit their limit. She couldn't blame her for wanting some peace and quiet, what started as a nice meal in a Tavern ended in destruction. She just hoped Lorelei didn't wander too far into the woods and become lost.The dog that was nosing the sticks warily perked up his ears as if he could hear something Zafira couldn't. He barked several times and sniffed the air. "Well that's an odd thing to say." Zafira looked at him funny, "what do you mean by smell magic?" He barked again and whined. "What's that supposed to mean?" She asked him, "Of course I'm going to start a fire. That's what she asked me to do and that's what we are going to do." Zafira stacked up the sticks and sighed, it would be a good start, but she needed more. She would make the two gargoyles fetch more when they got back. Especially since they made such a mess already. "Alright - here goes...." she said with a nervous patter in her heart, "Just a little bit of fire...." She felt the familiar burn in her lungs and blew it out before it could grow too hot. It shot out with vengeance, singeing the end of the dogs tail and setting the sticks blazing. A long scorch mark trailed across the ground. He yelped and angrily leapt up and out of the way. "I warned you!" She put her hands on her hips and peeked down at him, "how bad is it?" He turned so she could see his tail, only the end was smoking. "Ah you are fine you big baby!" She set to setting rocks on top of the burning wood, heating it up. The air smelled like singed fur and grass. Lorelei returned and had a bowl of water, she handed it to Zafira and she set it on the nest of rocks she made to boil it. She added some Herbs she had traded for in the eastern planes and let it steep. It was her favorite mixture of mint and ginger. Aiden and Ira re appeared. Their faces grim. Ira spoke up first as he walked up to the fire, "We have a problem" he said suddenly getting the complete attention of the two women, "the man whose arm I smashed, the man who ran away. He was some sort of noble." "No. Tea first,” Lorelei said, holding her mug out to them. “I refuse to deal with any of this until we’ve all had some tea.” "An excellent idea!" Zafira poured two more mugs and set them out. She poured the remainder into a deep bowl she fished out of her pack and set it on the ground for the dog. He began to lap at it loudly. While they drank she pulled some strings out of her pack, strung the instrument and leaned back against a rock. With a deep sip of her tea, she began to play. The notes cascading around the fire. The dog, used to this routine, finished his tea and lay by her feet. She hoped the music would be enough to lift the memory of the thief and the idiot noble that decided to join him.
  9. Lost memories

    He looked at her skeptically before beginning to walk along with her. "That cut on your face - " He said, "It looks infected." "Stings like it is infected." Zafira agreed, "I'll need to find a doctor." "And somewhere to bathe and new clothes." He wrinkled his nose, "you two stink!" "Yeah -" She had the decency to look a little embarrassed. "Good thing you are paying your dear old grandmother a visit eh?" He asked her. "Oh - um" Zafira tried to think quickly, the dog barked a few times, "She is uh in the next town over - uh -" "Merdoth?" He asked with a grin, he couldn't help it. "Yeah!" She agreed, "That place!" "Look," He leveled her with his gaze, "You aren't bullshitting anyone with that story. Judging by the gash on your head and the egg over that eye of yours, you probably don't have a pearl of memory left in that head right now." She looked at him in surprise. He laughed. "I would know- I am the doctor." He said clarifying, "I'm no stranger to these parts by any means, and I know for a fact that Merdoth was destroyed a while back, there isn't a soul in it..." "Perhaps she is in a different village?" She asked with uncertainty. "Don't worry, I wont blow your cover." He said, "Good thing you have that dog around, looks like he probably saved your neck more than once. A few things about Katukar you should know - the people aren't unfriendly per say, but they are suspicious of outsiders, especially after what happened in Merdoth. Without the proper amount of coin you wont get anything." "I can play for it - " She said with a wink, "That is if I can get some strings." The doctor sighed, "I can get you some strings, and heal those cuts, but don't go expecting anything more from me. You should get what you need and get out as soon as you can. The longer you stay the more suspicious people will become." Several more carts zoomed by, kicking up more dust. The first houses and farms passed them by as they walked into the increasingly busy town. "You are going to want to start at the tavern." He said, "I will leave you there, get my supplies and some strings and come back to heal you. The owner is generous and more used to outsiders and odd folk, like you - and your dog. You will likely be able to play to earn a few coins, some food and some clothes." Zafira smiled at him, it caused the cut on her face to pull and sting. Further conversation was made difficult by the sound of the rather busy town. The bits of debris of confetti, papers and colorful banners made it look as if there was some sort of festival not too long ago. The Tavern loomed ahead of them, tucked between an apothecary and a magi-tech shop. A brightly colored and decorated sign said "The singing moose." When they entered there was a thunderous roar of applause and cheering in greeting. Zafira looked just as in shock as the doctor. A portly woman with greying hair tucked up into a bun swept over to them. "There you are!" She cried excitedly, then took in her appearance with growing horror, "What in the world happened to you?!" Zafira exchanged confused looks with the Doctor, the dog however, looked as if he expected this greeting. "Oh never mind!" She said, mistaking the confused look, "Come in, come in. Tavish! Get our friend here some food and drink! Good doctor, what are you doing standing there? Go and fetch some supplies! This woman is in serious need of healing!" Shocked out of his stupor, the doctor bolted out of the bar. Zafira tried not to scratch her head in confusion. It was clear she had been here before - however whether this was where she was from, or if she was just visiting was unclear. The woman liked to talk though, so perhaps she could get more information. "I don't have any coin to pay for the food - " She said haltingly. "Oh Posh!" The woman slapped a large bag filled to the brim with coin, "You and your friend left before I could pay you! My tavern has never been so packed before! That contest you two held was might fine! I see you brought a new friend with you this time though....where did the other fellow go?" Zafira tried desperately to string together the bits the woman was telling her. So she was here, at this tavern, and not too long ago by the sounds of it. She was in some sort of contest, likely a musical one judging by her instrument. Perhaps the man she was in the contest with was the one that did this to her? But if his motivation was coin - well, all the coins were left behind... She looked down at the dog who was trying his best to look as confused as she - she guessed he knew more about it than she or the tavern owner did. "I am not sure." She said slowly. "You didn't know him?" The Tavern owner seemed shocked, "You two seemed very friendly at the time....but you were both very into your cups..." "Did you catch his name?" Zafira asked. The woman thought for a long, long moment, "You know- I think I did but it keeps slipping my mind....You came into the tavern, sat down to have a drink and he seemed to just sort of appear, I cant quite remember him coming in or if he was already here....you two boasted of your musical skill and he wagered his instrument - a beautiful thing really - as the prize should you win...You were the very clear winner, and you and he left....I assumed he was going to give you the instrument - a 32 stringed Tambur - strangest thing I have ever seen.... But then again, my tavern has never been so packed before....I made a killing....you both left before I could pay you-" "Did he seem angry?" Zafira asked. "No - not at all -" She took the two plates of food from the server and set one down in front of Zafira and one of the floor in front of the dog, "It's on the house! Would you mind playing tonight?" She collected herself, "Of course you and your friend here need a bath and some decent clothes. You can find some clothing in a store down the street called the 'Thimble and Patch.'"
  10. The Motley Crew

    Zafira felt the bump of the seedy looking man and heard the all too familiar chink of coins being lifted. Of course he would go for Lorelei, she looked like she had coins. That was why Zafira dressed as poorly as she did most days. She let him pass a ways and stealthily snaked her hand up to her instrument. "Oh no you don't!" She said softly. She pulled it off her back, spun and raised it like a club. She blinked in surprise to see the man was already engaged in a battle for his life, as was his partner. With Ira and Aiden no less! She hefted her instrument, wound up and attempted to charge into the frey. Something was holding her back, quite literally. The dog has grabbed a hold of her pants and was stubbornly sitting on the ground, preventing her from moving forward. Before she could free herself, before she could shout warning to poor Lorelei to close her eyes, one man was dead and the other retreating with a sickening crunch. She squeezed her eyes shut and looked away for a moment. She hated death, she hated the sight of it, the smell of it...everything about it. But none the less, she was grateful, it was likely her handy instrument wouldn't have done much damage to the blokes head...and there was no way to take on both of them. "Uhhhh-" She lowered her instrument, she had never been rescued before....She wasn't sure what to say. She saw Lorelei's terrified face and decided bravado would be b st served here. No use panicking the girl. She had followed Zafira because she believed she was somewhat competent, no use frightening her further. "I have no idea who those two were." She answered, barely hiding the tremor in her voice, "But I'm glad those tin cans you are wearing are good for something. I'll uh, leave you two to clean up the mess and we will just meet you at the camp....." She approached them and, stepping over the dead man, barely hiding the desire to vomit, picked up the coin pouch. She walked it back to Lorelei, handed it to her and promptly spun her around, marching towards her camp. "No use hanging around with the dead!" She said brightly, "Lets get you some nice tea shall we?"
  11. The Motley Crew

    "Zafira, wait!" The sound of her name floated to her ears on the wind, it was so faint she almost didn't catch it. She and the dog paused, their heads tipped in the same way, listening. She furrowed her brow, she was sure she heard her name being called. She looked over her shoulder and, there, was the girl named Lorelei, her hands about her waist, panting as if she had run. A smile broke out on her face, again the girl proved brave, first touching the disgusting shoe, then running out of the tavern, by herself no less, to catch up to her. She raised her arm in greeting, the dog barked, his tongue lolled out of his mouth. "I agree it will be nice to have company other than each other." Zafira answered him, "Lorelei! Lovely place isn't it?" She put on her brave face and marched back the way she came to meet Lorelei half way, no use making the poor thing run any more than she already had.
  12. The Motley Crew

    Zafira exited the "Tavern Of Legend," her feet carrying her out into the decimated city. It reeked of death, destruction and desolation, a stark contrast to the warmth of the tavern. She looked back at it, it was a shack with a broken sign dangling from it. How could something so bleak be so warm inside? She shook her head and put her hand on the dogs back as they continued to wind their way through the charred streets. Her fingers clutched his mangey fur for comfort. "This place is more incinerated than my cooking." She said with a shaky laugh. The dog gave a huff and a groan. "Damn straight this place unnerves me....why do you think we camped outside of the town." She admitted, "I had hoped this would be a good place for some supplies, but it looks like we are out of luck again - we will just have to go back to hunting until we come across a non destroyed town. Besides I am sure we can put our new friends to work helping with that too." He barked at her. "Yes, that is if they decide to come along." She smiled at him, "Something tells me they will. Don't you worry..." He whined and tipped his head to one side regarding her with one big brown eye. "Why Hell's Gate?" She repeated his question, she shrugged, "Something tells me it is the place to be right now....we will have to find an airship to get there eventually...but we will have to raise way more coin for that."
  13. Lost memories

    When she caught up to him she began to sing a jaunty tune. Her voice casting a hazy web around them as they walked, its booming sound rebounding off the trees. "Away we go, our feet will tread, Not a memory in my head. Where our feet will take us now, Is only know by this hound!" When she said hound, he let out a rather on key howl as if adding to the song. She winked at him, "nice!" "No road in sight, No food or bed, An adventure is upon us, soooooooo Away we go, our paws will walk, Creatures alike come and talk! This dog my friend, He will defend, So I fear not the beasties of the forest!" She ended with a flourish. The dog looked at her at this last verse. "Yeah it didn't fit in so well." She agreed, "I'll need to work on it. So where are we going anyway?" He barked. "Well, I have no idea where that is...." She said with uncertainty, "Is it - safe?" He growled and barked. "Yes it matters if it is safe!" She retorted, "I hardly think wandering about with just the two of us is the smartest of ideas." He rolled his eyes at her and they emerged from the wood onto a winding road. She looked up and saw a what she could only describe as a massive air ship flying through the sky in the direction they were walking. "Whoah!" She exclaimed, "What is that thing?" "Watch out there!" A shocked yell grabbed her attention and the dog yanked her out of the way by her pants. A man on a tall horse skidded to a stop, barely missing her. The horse snorted. "Oh, Hello -" Zafira said shakily, "Sorry about that-" "Damn right you should be." The man growled, "I nearly killed you. "I wasn't apologizing to you!" She counted, "To your horse, poor girl thought for sure I was a gonner." Zafira ran her hand up the mare's nose and she snorted into it. Zafira smiled at him. "Right nice horse you have there..." She said. "Who the hell are you?" He demanded, completely bewildered by her lack of caution. She looked up at him, "Zafira - " She didn't add that she wasn't sure, something told her it wasn't the best of ideas to let a stranger know she lost her memories. "Zafira -" The man said incredulously, "Where are you from 'Zafira?'" The man clearly didn't believe that was her real name, well that was fine by her because at least they agreed on something. The dog barked, distracting him for a moment. A cart, hovering above the ground zoomed past them, kicking up dirt and creating a cloud of dust around them. When the dust settled, he turned his attentin back to her. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked, "You look like shit." She was taken aback by his straight forwardness. "Is that how you are supposed to talk to a lady?" She demanded, waiving her hand grandly, "I was on my way to visit my dear Grrrandma when I was attacked no less by bandits! They took nearly all I had!" She worked up an impressive fake tear, the dog hung his head. The man looked between the two of them, completely unsure of what to make of them. He began to laugh, he didn't believe a word of her story, but the pair looked so bedraggled that he couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy. He hopped down off the horse and tossed the reins over her head. "Alright, you keep your secrets." He said, letting her know he didn't believe her, "Since you are walking this way, I am assuming you are heading to Katukar?" Zafira looked down at the dog from the corner of her eye, he barked in agreement. "Yep, thats exactly where we are heading." She said with a bright smile. He sighed, "I'll walk you there. But let me warn you, if you are some sort of bandit or you try to do me harm I can do some serious damage with fire magic. I wont go down without a fight." Zafira's hands flew up in innocence, "On this dogs grave I swear I really mean no harm!"
  14. [-The Broken Chant Tavern-]

    "Many thanks!" she smiled, then added with a wink, "I would say mangey is a kind description, I wasn't able to trade for some decent clothes in the last village I was in....someone" she directed a glare at the dog, "Started trouble and we had to leave rather quickly...He has since promised to behave himself." The dog barked and wagged his tail. She picked up the deep bowl and the water and set them on the floor. "Don't go making a mess this time - I quite like this place." She told him. The elf next to her seemed the grumpy sort, her eyebrow twitched angrily when he referred to her as a "disgusting thing." She smiled at him, deciding to irk him further. "It is 'disgusting woman'" She said with smirk, "and I quite prefer to be called mangey if you please." She hungrily dug into the boar and as the flavors rolled over her tongue she closed her eyes and smiled. It had been a long time since she had something not charred - freshly caught and covered in drool or left overs after a long night of playing music. "If you are short on staff I may be able to help." She said mouth full of boar. The dog barked at her, she swallowed. "Who are you to talk about manners Sir drools a lot?" She directed at the dog, "I've caught you eating your own shit before, don't pretend you havent." He whined and went back to devouring his portion of boar. "Glutton." She mumbled down at him, she looked back at Frank "If you are short staffed I am more than happy to help. I'm no stranger to hard work...and I promise not to look so mangey. If I can find some strings for my instrument I can play, I have no problem serving as well. I cant promise I will stay for a long time, but as I said, I quite like this place."
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Whether it was from too much experience with seedy characters or pure stupidity, she continued to be unruffled by the now obviously nefarious looking characters. Perhaps it was a good thing she fell into company such as this, they may help keep her from getting into trouble as she was known to do. Ira and Aiden, while still fairly young, seemed to carry eons of sorrow and loss, it was etched on their faces. But they were far more alert to the dangers in the world than Zafira. Lorelei, she carried more secrets than the dog, but she had a wealth of hidden talent. Zafira could tell, it was in the girls terrified eyes, and she was excited to see how it would unfold and just how powerful she would become. And Shane, he seemed to be increasingly handy, she wasn't sure about his skill with a sword, but being handy always came - well in handy - on an adventure, even if they weren't sure where they were adventuring too or why. She found herself wondering why a farm boy would wander away from his village, she doubted it was for the sake of adventure alone, but she would leave it be as they all seemed to have their secrets. "Miss Zafira, I believe if we had the right materials I could fix that instrument o' yours, I tinkered a bit with a instruments whenever bards passed through my home town, and I believe it shouldn't be that hard of a fix." Both the dog and Zafira sat up straighter at the idea of having the instrument properly stringed. The dog barked and wagged his tail, if Zafira had one she would probably wag hers too. Having the instrument working correctly would save her a lot of money, especially since strings were so expensive. The last time it broke it wasn't her fault - not really - it was the blokes face that broke them when she hit him with it. "Truely?" She exclaimed, "You think you can fix it?" The dog barked again and his tongue lolled out of his mouth. "Since when do you care so much about my stuff?" She asked him. He looked at her and she could swear he raised a hairy eyebrow. "Ohhhhh-" she smirked, "you care because it is your meal and beer ticket...." He growled at her in disagreement. Zafira threw up her hands in apology. "I never took you as one to enjoy the fine arts." she said defensively, "But now I know - I must not be that bad of a player if you, my cynical friend, enjoy it." Zafira stood up from her stool with a stretch, the dog stood and stretched too. She threw some coins on the bar and tightened the strap on her instrument. She smiled brightly at them all. "I don't know about you, but my feet cant stay put for more than a hot minute." She said, "I have a camp just on the outskirts of town in the woods. I'll be packing up and heading towards Hell's Gate in Terrenus - its quite the trek but I don't mind the journey. Someone once told me to go see it, the buildings are a marvel - that is if you can survive the wilds. You are all welcome to travel along with me if you wish, just come find me at my camp!" Zafira gave one last stretch, she ensured her dog was ready to go and the two of them exited the tavern. Her eyes were bright with the prospect of finally having human traveling companions with her....she just hoped they decided to come along. (OOC - I am going to start a new thread in Terrenus, "The motley crew." Feel free to venture forth on an adventure!")