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  1. Adrift in the world, a sea of colors no one else saw and eyes that couldn’t see what others did. That was how she meandered her way to where she was. Whether she’d simply been there all along, or just arrived could remain a mystery to any and all but her. Unless of course someone asked. The blind geisha seemed to just simply be there. Having followed her own sense of direction and drawn in my the magnetic auras that swirled around this space. Clever blue eyes that could see and did not see stared ahead as she soaked in the simple joys of being around - others. Of course she wasn’t dressed for such an occasion, in her travel pants and shirt. Katana crisscrossed over her back with her Shamisen. She didn’t even have any adornments in her hair save one small pin with a jeweled rose on the end. The small bag hanging from her waist containing the rest of what she needed was almost negligent in comparison to the oddity of a blind entertainer carrying a sword. It seemed to her, that Kimiko discovered a rather rare gem. A favorite hobby of hers, party crashing. Never with the intention to take away from it, but always with the promise of opportunity to add to the festivities already there! Kiko held her hand to her mouth to hide the small smile that crept in. Yes, it was indeed pungent, but not dreadful. At the very least not to her. ”That smell is reminiscent of a rather fancy, very old cheese.” Her soft and lyrical voice drifted in the direction of the speaker, “While most consider its smell an abomination, the taste is almost as unique.” Her eyes continued to stay facing directly in front of her. Their blue gazing endlessly into the the world with a ten mile stare. ”I wouldn’t mind seeing if these fine folks care for some added entertainment to this pleasant shindig.” She said mildly, not the least but concerned about crashing, “or at the very least some extra added company. I am always looking for new stories to tell.” She held out an arm in a rather delicate, blind way, in fact she was nearly facing the wrong direction. She smiled at nothing in particular. It reached her eyes and warmed her oval face in the most welcoming way. ”If you would be so kind as to guide me to a nearby bench or chair or some such. I can see about tuning my instrument. And you can continue investigating that rather horrendous smell. Perhaps we can even make some interesting new acquaintances.” @Pygmalion
  2. It's times like this that made Riha consider taking up smoking. Sitting at a bar, bourbon in hand, she just needed the complimentary smoking cigarette and she'd make the perfect image of a worn down regular. The last job she took was a shit show - a complete and total shit show. It was nothing like she expected, not that she expected much. Naturally, she both regretted and didn't regret her choice to accept the job. "Just open a portal" they said, "it would be easy" they said! Easy wasn't a word she'd use to describe it. Naturally, as soon as the job was finished, she just asked to be dumped on the nearest chunk of land that wasn't jungle. Thus, hazy room with its dull chatter and soft music playing in the background. She intentionally chose a corner stool along the bar. Not that the place was packed, but nothing said "fuck off" more than sitting alone at the bar with a bitchy look. Afer being around people for so long, at least by her standards, she wanted some peace and quiet. Two fingers came up to rub at her temple and Riha let out a long and low sigh. Alone again, What a wonderful curse. The ice in her glass shifted with a soft sound, the woman swirled it while looking into it's depths. As if it held answers in in amber depths. Riha often wondered why Oscar drank this kind of swill following a rough day - she imagined she was beginning to understand why. Don't drink that shit, its bad for you. She could almost hear him scolding her from afar and a smirk turned up the corner of her lips. Her index finger traced the rim of the glass, if only he knew what became of her - he might just be a little proud..... The woman's thoughts drifted once again to a more pressing matter. What did she do with herself now? @Noko
  3. Alrighty @Dabi I think it might just be you and I on this one.
  4. It was time. She felt it, the shift in pressure around her, the prickles in her fingertips, a cold chill up her spine. It was the feeling when the veil between realms thinned and became easiest to breach. Riha stood and stretched, her hands on her lower back causing it to arch until it popped in a satisfactory way. Then she twisted, first this way, then that. She wasn't stalling, it was just a habit of hers for when she prepared to vanish into another realm, it helped her from being so stiff when she reunited with her body. Riha walked over to where she felt the thinnest possible area in the veil between the two realms and just sensed it out for a moment. The shimmery air flickering with images beyond it - at least to her she could see it. Problem was, there were rules she had to follow, laws of dimensional travel as it were. Up until recently, she could only pass through in spectral form. An astral projection of herself stepping through the void into another world. As fortune, or misfortune had it, Riha's brief time with the Siren's taught her she could indeed pass into another dimension with her own physical form, if someone opened the rift from the other side as an invitation. She never escorted anyone other than herself over the threshold, nor had she ever used her astral projection as a means of opening a rift from the other side. Yet - here she was, doing just that. Riha certainly wasn't going to tell them all this was her first rodeo with something like this. Her boss knew - that's all that mattered. "Alright." She turned and addressed the motley crew surrounding her, "I'm going to open a rift for you all to step through...…It might feel a bit - odd - but you all should be able to walk through just fine." She hesitated, was she really going to just leave her body behind with this crew? She sincerely hoped they didn't do anything weird. Riha dragged a chair over next to where she intended to open the rift, the feet of it scraping along the floor as she went. The woman sat down and looked up at them all once more, eyes beginning to go from lavender to a luminescent vivid blue. "Its very important that whomever goes last needs to bring my body through the rift." She said, gaze no longer taking in the room around her, "Don't bring me in first, it will close the portal." She hated this part, goddess she hoped she didn't fall out of the chair and hit her head on the floor...… She didn't even heave a final breath before her body went limp like a rag doll. She tried to prop it so it wouldn't flop in an ungainly way, but there was just no helping it. Torso and arms dangling off the side of the chair, legs completely limp, glassy eyes just staring at the floor. The weight of her torso dragged her body out of the chair and it hit the floor with a dull thud. Damn it that's going to cause issues with my neck. She flinched. Knowing the longer she stayed thus, the harder it was to come back, she turned and walked through the now very apparent veil that separated her from her destination. Like walking through a mirror, she now looked back through the path she charted and saw the ship and its occupants quite clearly. A spectral hand lifted up and very much like unzipping a zipper, she grabbed at the weakest thread and pulled it down to the ground. Effectively opening up the door and inviting them all in. From inside the ship, the very air split and folded back in on itself. Starting from the top and working its way down until shimmering before them all, was a clear gap where the ship no longer existed and the jungle began. @Noko
  5. Ok. So looks like we are going to go with..... (drum roll) starting on the transport and walking through the portal! do you want me to kick it off with that or do you want to do a first post to set it up a bit? also @Greenmntman needs to get his lazy butt on over into this chat
  6. @Noko great question. I have no idea! I can write it from the transport and everyone can take a step through the portal. Detail out the how and what a little more. It’s just stepping through a door she creates between planes not super exciting. Or I can write it as a retrospective post on how it went and we can all just cut to the mission. I think it depends on how to the point we want to start this as. Can I puzzle on this for a hot min?
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  8. Not gonna lie, super excited for this idea. Glad you are on the same brainwave path!
  9. For any who are interested in an experiment in writing: Experienced writers please! Number for people needed: 2 (excluding myself) I’ve had this idea about breaking the third and fourth wall within an RP. Allow me to explain: This would mean the characters are acknowledging that they themselves are in a RP, as well as addressing the “audience” directly. I’m not sure how this will look, but I want to try and cross those barriers as a piece of the plot essentially (not just the characters turning and “addressing the audience”.) I am thinking a rather phantom of the opera type vibe. Where breaking the fourth wall would be a conversation between mentor and writer within the RP. In which the character themself interact and are influenced by the “mentor.” This is purely for intellectual challenge and won’t be part of any cannon. I just want to see if we can make it work! If it sounds confusing - that’s because this is still only half baked. But if you are experienced and interested in a writing challenge. Let me know!
  10. Riha Carthrage Race: Human Marital Status: Single Engaged to Rolfe Thurston "Lover" of Oscar UldwarGender: FemaleAge: 19 22Job Class: Courtesan Environmental restoration Physical Voice: Loud, boisterous, Commanding Eyes: LavenderComplexion: TanHeight: 5' 2" Weight: 112lbsBuild: Petit, curvyHair: Black, long wavyDefining Features: Pock mark scars on her back from having the plague. A long jagged scar that runs from her left eye to the left corner of her chin. MentalNature: Outgoing, wild, head strong, independent, cynical, distrustful, blunt, manipulativeHopes: Get out of the shadow of her previous reputation as Oscar's lover Become so strong no one can hurt her again Fears: Losing her sister Mice, Men she doesn't know Likes: Spicy food Adventures Collecting sea shells Dislikes: Violent men illness heartlessness Being used GearWeapons Small Dagger Rapier (She is not adept at using it) Magic The ability to communicate with animals and nature. Connection to the "other world" - Riha is able to see and step into the realm of the dead for brief periods of time, She can read and detect auras (and their intent) She is able to see creatures otherwise not detected by the naked eye Premonitions - Occasionally Riha will get visions of what is to come or is currently happening Is able to "borrow" and transfer energy from one item to another Abilities Talented painter Uses ability to communicate with nature to help others herself Herbalist: Riha has an extensive knowledge of plants and how to use them for healing (or other) purposes Family Mother: Lady Ophelia Carthrage 30 (Deceased) Once a kind, warm and caring woman, Lady Opheilia dedicated her life to the tutoring of her children and serving her household. Unable to control her husband, she was often looked upon with pity as he slept with other women, had many bastards and beat her. Despite all this it was said she loved her husband deeply and stood by him even when he was at his worst. She died due to contracting an illness from a traveler that visited the city when Odelia was 12. The fever wiped out half the population as well as killed Odelia's youngest sister Piper who was 5. Written out of the family history was the "death" of Riha Carthrage, Odelia's twin sister. Her father feared her "odd" abilities and took her illness as opportunity to rid himself of her. Father: Lord Vector Carthrage 47 A greedy and ruthless man that is questing to gain power and rise in the ranks of nobility. Lecherous and scheming, he has more bastards and unintended children that exist within his keep and village than he can count. Despite his late wife's love towards him, he did not return it and frequently reminded her so. His temper grew worse following the death of his wife and his youngest daughter and he turned his rage on his oldest and most willful daughter, Odelia. He erased all family history of Odelia's twin Riha, and sent her away to live with her Aunt Genviev. He aimed to raise his children to be just as ruthless as himself and succeeded with his sons in making them cruel and money hungry. Step Mother: Lady Laurielle Carthrage 27 Married to Lord Vector at a young age, she was forced into motherhood before she was ready when she inherited the children of the late Lady Ophelia. Bitter over being snatched away from her original intended, Lord Vector offered her father more gold and more cattle for her and won her. She was unaware of Riha's existence until Lord Vector sent for her following the marriage of his daughter Odelia to the Mythal house. Due to her young age, she was not respected by Lord Vector's sons and it was rumored she was raped by his oldest Hugo and became pregnant. She lost the baby in an unfortunate "accident" when she fell down the stairs and was injured. She has been unable to have children since then. Brothers: Hugo Carthrage (Married to Penelope Ruthford) Riha's oldest brother, he no longer lives in their keep and took his father in laws lands once he learned he was ill and his mind was going. He married his wife Penelope with the intention of taking her lands and her father's wealth. Greggory Carthrage The second oldest of the three remaining children, he is a drinker and a gambler. He believes Riha - his closest sibling - died from the plague and was devastated by it. Carter Carthrage (Deceased) Carter, Lord Vector's favorite son, became a knight and left to seek his fortune through war. He was killed shortly after returning home and his loss was greatly mourned. Much more like his mother than his father. He was initially engaged to be married to Lady Penelope Ruthford and after his death his brother Hugo insisted they wed to keep the contract "in the family." Since then Lord Vector has suspected his son Hugo of causing Carter's death.  Odelia Mythal (22) Married to Austere Mythal Twin sister to Riha, they were separated when Riha became ill with the plague. The girls - incredibly close since birth - were traumatized by their separation. Odelia was told Riha died and forbidden to ever mention her name or speak of her again. The Back Story Childhood Riha was born one of a pair, an identical twin in every way except for her peculiar eyes. On the day of her birth, Riha - the first to be born, was immediately placed into an arranged marriage with Rolfe, the young farm hand that ran and managed Lord Vector's properties as a sign of good faith. The two were raised in an increasingly volatile and abuse household despite their Mother's best attempts at keeping them safe. The only Daughters to Vector Carthrage, he saw Riha as a perpetual disappointment, merely due to the coloration of her eyes. As she and her sister grew, it became obvious the girls differences. As Riha came into her powers, she began talking to "ghosts" and learning things about her family and father she "shouldn't know." His hatred for his daughter grew as pressure from his farm hand came down on him to "switch" the contract to the other "unbroken" daughter. When Riha turned 12, a traveling merchant visited their ranch and manor. He brought with him all sorts of foreign goods, wares and mysteries - one of which was disease. Half the household fell ill before the disease was caught and the spread stopped. Both Riha and her mother were the first to become ill and subsequently walled into Riha and Odelia's room to "quarantine" them from the household. Vector, seeing an opportunity to rid himself of two problems denied them basic needs such as regular food, medical treatment and water. In an attempt to save her daughter, Ophelia did what she could for Riha, however died due to her illness and lack of treatment. When the boarded up door was taken down, Vector found his wife, but not his daughter, dead. Refusing to keep the child, he ordered Rolfe to board her up in a coffin, declared her dead and shipped her off to her Aunt's house to live out her days outside of his care. He forbade the family from talking about her or even mentioning her name again and removed her from the family history. Adolescence Riha spent her teenage years living with her Aunt on her mothers side. A lavender eyed beauty that shared similar powers to Riha. She raised Riha as her own and taught her how to use and control her magical talents as well as horse training and husbandry. Riha was kept in the dark about her twin Odelia, she wasn't allowed to contact her and she wasn't allowed to know about how she fared. By the time she was 15, Riha's Aunt finally explained why the girls were not allowed contact, something that caused a bitter resentment towards her father. As she grew, she became skilled in training and breeding horses that were often sent to her father's farm upon his insistence. Riha's Aunt stated they always complied with his requests so that he didn't change his mind and come get her. At the age of 18, Riha's twin, Odelia - then in a new marriage contract with Rolfe, was given away to the powerful Mythal family instead of being allowed to marry Rolfe. Knowing the other twin lived, Rolfe demanded fair payment of what he was promised and Vector Carthrage sent for Riha to return home. Her trip back was interrupted by a young female vampire that set her free and temporarily took Riha under her wing. At that time her father and Rolfe put out a bounty for her as a runaway and offered a generous sum of money for her return. Young Adult Riha trained with the vampire that freed her at a small underground academy. It was there she learned how to use a sword, was given a business education and taught to control and use her powers more directly. As a first fledgling mission from the academy, she was deployed to a toxic waste problem within Ursa Madeum. In her quest to find a plant that would clear the waters, she stumbled upon Lord Oscar Uldwar, who knew of her runaway status. Rather than return her to her family, he forced her to write a letter stating she'd become his lover and thus sealed her fate. He brought her back to his main estates where he spent time tutoring and mentoring her, all while she was expected to keep up the guise of being his lover. Often they spent late nights sitting up together drinking bourbon and discussing the latest political schemes and his sorrow at being separated from his wife. She became well acquainted with Oscar's daughter, and worked with her for the Church of Gaia helping lost souls with her talents. Riha was largely hated for her status as Oscar's lover, despite the fact that he never touched her in a romantic capacity, something she later saw as failure on her part. Despite her taboo status, she took control of some of his estates in his absence and she became very close to some of his daughter and household staff and they took care of her when Oscar became overly absorbed in his attempts at gaining power. After his imprisonment, Rolfe Thurston saw opportunity to take what he was owed and kidnapped Rhia from her own home. Unfortunately it was at that time that Oscar's family was being removed from Ursa Maedum to their place of exile and they abandoned Riha to her fate instead of attempting to retrieve her. Fortunately a prior encounter with Austere Mythal in an attempt to find her sister, one which ended with Riha being turned away, worked in Riha's favor. News of Riha's abduction reached the Mythal household, feeling personally responsible for the girls fate, Austere set out to retrieve her and reunite her with her twin. Riha's imprisonment and abuse was tempered only by the lie that she was pregnant with Oscar's bastard, a rumor that came with greater consequences to her later in her time at the castle. Her retrieval by Austere Mythal resulted in a bloody conflict that ended the life of her father, but ensured Rolfe's escape. Riha bears a very large scar on her face due to her interference in the fight. Austere's rescue and kind treatment of Riha left her feeling indebted to him, and later developing and harboring secret feelings of love towards her twin's husband. Happy to be reunited with her twin, but deeply pained at witnessing the very apparent love between Odelia and Austere, Riha ran away once again. She spent a year working with bugbears to restore the island destroyed by Oscar's own doing. Her work completed, Riha had no choice but the leave and upon her arrival discovered the Mythal's left without her. She is currently a drifter, using the funds and resources from the property she forced her father to give her before he died.
  11. For a brief moment it seemed as if time stopped. Quin expected no less and couldn't hope for better, what she expected to be cruelty and violence never came to fruition. So used to being hit, threatened, yelled at for the better part of two decades of her life, she came to prepare for it every time. Each act of defiance was typically met with an equal and opposite reaction. It's what made her so beholden to Ira - he never raised a finger or his voice to her - not once. She never expected this level of kindness from Martis, though his ever steady presence and calm demeanor should have taught her otherwise by now. Perhaps she'd forgotten it in his absence. Some terror is too ingrained for the mind to forget, a fact too true for the undead Doctor. She flinched when Martis's finger tipped her chin up so they were eye to eye. His words were light not an ounce of anger towards her, nothing like the storm she expected to blow in once he figured out what happened. The warmth of his finger scalded, as did the depth of regret, pity even sorry she saw reflected in his eyes. She wasn't aware, but all while he treated her with rare gentleness, she was weeping. A river that flowed down her cheeks and silently dripped from her chin. She'd been so alone, and so frightened for so long that a small ounce of warmth was like a burning sun. Bits and pieces of memory floated in on confused channels - images of time's she'd taken bad dust and he was there. Time's she'd taken too much - he was there. When she first arrived.....he was there. While she always questioned his motives, as she did everyone in the Chateau, just this once she didn't. Just this once, it seemed, really seemed, like what became of her mattered to someone. As if she mattered. Even at a crouch he was still hovering over her, chin still tipped up despite the removal of his finger. Her eyes were blue once....a bit like the ones she looked at. The now crimson stained eyes looked back with confusion - one last thing? Quin nearly darted backwards as his hand grabbed at her collar - he wasn't the first to try and strangle her with it. Many a man lifted her from the back of the collar and dangled her until she was blue in the face and convulsing. She almost forgot she didn't need air thus making it useless to choke her with it. Instead of lifting, he pulled, Quin's neck tensed reflexively, and the collar snapped. The sound louder than thunder in her ears. The old and heavy chunk of metal pulled away from her, leaving her neck bared to the cold air. A gasp escaped from her just as cool air rushed around the scarred neck. While the collar was gone, the evidence remained, horrible scars where the edges chafed and cut at the skin until it was scarred, along the left side of her neck were branded her enslavement numbers. She had little time to react, as she lifted her hand to touch her neck, Martis took it in his own and hauled her to her feet. The weight of the collar gone, she stumbled forward a little until she could get her feet beneath her. So used to the weight of that collar - she struggled without it. A splash behind them informed her he dumped the remains of the now useless object into the river, where it wouldn't torment her any longer. She was leaving behind her very human torment. So shocked was she, that Quin hardly noticed their steps leading them back to the Chateau. Her mind had no presence of will to try and see what Martis exactly planned for her Sire. Instead she was flooded with a gratitude she never thought possible. She stopped quite abruptly and in an uncharacteristic move, hugged him. The motion seemed so strange to her, since she hadn't hugged someone in a long time and certainly not as a vampire. There were no words that encompassed the depth of what she felt, having the collar that graced her neck for 15 years, removed. So she focused on flooding her gratitude through the hands that clutched at his shirt and hoped they would be felt the way she intended them. I will never forget this. Thank you. Rather awkwardly she let go, having portrayed what she needed. She took his hand in hers this time and resumed their slow walk back. "Just promise me something." She said quietly, "Let him explain why first." She knew he had to do what he had to do, she knew Alistair would do what he needed to. There was no way around the rules and justice of what had become of her. She just hoped she could withstand whatever came. @Etched In Stone
  12. Riha found herself in a predicament once again. Running away from one thing straight to another. How she managed to end up as such, she didn't know. How they found out about her and her abilities - yet another mystery. She wasn't on this ship because of her fighting skill, or even talent. It was because she was a freak of nature that could see all manner of things the regular eye could not. No one sought her out because of her knowledge of bugbears or ability to grow rare plants that could heal - no - it was because she could step into the realm of the dead, see them, speak to them. She could sense energies and auras, detect magic the naked eye couldn't see. Worse yet, she was prone to premonitions - horrible things that caused her to seize for hours with the end result of some poor soul knowing too much and she too little. In the wrong hands that proved to be extremely dangerous. Their briefing of the situation was fairly - predictable. A review of the mission, potential issues or dangers.....she zoned them out. It was much like when Oscar lectured her about how to behave before they attended some such event or he wanted to do something for him. She missed those days only a little now, the thought of him locked away hurt - but there was never anything there and there never was going to be. Once on the ship they had very specific instructions NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING! But.....how could she not?! Riha had never seen such technology in all her life, never even knew it was possible! She lived with bugbears on a destroyed island for a full year before finding her way back to civilization. Eyes wide and round, the pulled up eyebrows exaggerating the long jagged scar on her face, looked around the room in disbelief. Was this some kind of flying magical party yacht thing?! Weren't they supposed to be working or something like that? Why they heck would they....the thought occurred to her that the last civil conversation she had was spoken in grunts and pointing. This room had music, and a bar and people, real people. Not giant fur covered creatures that would tear your arms off if you pissed them off enough. Riha preferred the bugbears. She meandered the perimeter of the room, wandering the full length of it, hand trailing along the wall. The wall was not off limits, it's a wall! So the anything rule couldn't apply there. Though she did cast about for something that might be more - useful to her. Just one touch, that's all she needed to glean everything she wanted to know about her mysterious employer. He promised enough money to buy the land she needed to set up her ranch in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. She could breed thoroughbred horses and train them until her heart was content and near the bursting. At first she didn't believe how much she would get paid - but looking around....she could certainly give a degree of belief into it. Not that she trusted this employer overmuch. She trusted no one, believed nothing. If she were a smarter woman, she never would have had her face fucked up as it was, never would have been entrapped by Oscar......never fallen in love with her twin's husband - that last bit stung. They were happy and Riha would stay as far away as possible. Her meanderings brought her into the armory, curious items these - nothing she could do anything with. Nothing she cared to touch either. She didn't necessarily trust this technological heap she boarded, last thing she wanted to do was accidentally blow it up by touching the wrong object. That thought drew her feet quickly from the room and back to where that god awful music was playing. It drummed a hole in her head with its beat. Her eyes fell on the bar, was the bar off limits? Why would it be there then - with a bar tender? Riha deemed glasses were not included on the anything list and got herself some straight bourbon. A habit she picked up from her time with Oscar, there was many a late night the two shared a stiff drink in silence - or he gave her some moral lecture.....not that he was an authority on the matter. Drink in hand she began to explore more of the interior of the room, the last party she was at she made a terrible scene. Trashed half the room - all to catch some damn fairy that was making people insufferably sad. She caught it - but there was a rather hefty cost of embarrassment as she wrestled with something that appeared invisible to most. A lot of people thought she was cracked after her kidnapping, why wouldn't they, she suffered horribly....maybe she was a little cracked? Nah. She flopped down on a nearby chair, chairs couldn't possibly be off limits. It was a chair! The explicit instructions that no one touch anything set off a bit of a defiant streak in her. Sure, it was his ship, he could do what he wanted with it - but there was definitely a list of things that could be touched and she was going to figure it out until she found the right one to give her the info she needed. Not only that - she didn't really like being told what to do by a man. So, she set out to demonstrate that anything is not an all inclusive list. She smirked to herself, if this mission didn't kill her, her employer probably would for touching his shit.
  13. I’ll tag him now! I hope to have a post soon ish! @Greenmntman
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