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  1. At his comment about his singing, I too couldn’t help but laugh, the bubbling sound escaping with shocking joviality. Only when we were seated, chair pulled out for me, and he was focused on the task at hand, was I able to finally stop the giggles that escaped. Simply the image of Austere as a cat with his tail stuck in a door yowling was too much for me. “I don’t care what your singing sounds like.” I said at last, “I would love if you would join your voice with mine....my mother used to say song was the best way for -“ Souls to connect. There she was again, that foolish lovesick woman that was my mother. Stuck in my head for all eternity, just like Father was. Could I never be free of either of them? Come on girl - pull it together - you aren’t going to be like her. Back straight - eyes down - no more of this foolishness. My resolve faded when I looked up at him, his confession of not knowing what women like or dislike catching me off guard. He had said as much before, but - to me he seemed to have walked out of a dream. I never could have expected to be treated so kindly, let alone asked what I wanted to do. A part of me was still afraid, convinced it was simply an act for the public eye and no more. Once we returned to his home I would likely be pushed aside and used for looking pretty and bearing children. So long as he continued to be amicable I supposed it would be a decent existence.....but now that I had this attention, I was afraid to let it go. To be alone again would be - terrible. “I - um - I don’t rightly know what a true gentileman is like.” I offered, “So I suppose we are equal in that. I am sure anything you would like to do would please me......” I thought for a moment, that was a lie, there were a few things I did not like, but i doubted he would want to do something like force me to watch a public hanging. “I heard a rumor that there is a shop here that has some rather rare flower seeds.” I finally spoke my inner wish, “Your lands are perfect for growing the nearly extinct plant. The flower itself has a lot of medicinal and healaing properties as well. I - If it please you - I would like to procure some so that I can preserve the plant.” My cheeks flamed and I looked down at my hands. Father used to chastise and beat me for gardening, but it was yet another thing he couldn’t keep me from doing. No matter how many times he squashed my rare plants, turned my garden into a practice field, built things over it - I continued to find other places to grow my herbs and flowers. I even managed to rescue a few seeds from home before we left so that I could grow them in a place where they might be safe. The land that Austere lived on was a gardeners paradise. The extensive research and reading I did on the flora, fauna, soil, waters - it left me yearning to see for my self, to feel the earth beneath my fingers and create a garden just all my own. Perhaps, I might be allowed to do so.....I wouldn’t dare hope yet though, no it was far too soon. I looked back up at him, unable to hide the half starved wish that welled up inside. The very idea of a garden that stretched for miles, all tended and grown by my hand, it was a dream I couldn’t shake.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    It is not fatal, it’s just gross and causing a fever. So if it’s cleaned out she should be fine in a few days.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    So we are getting close to closing this chapter and getting it canonized!!! Huzzah! But don’t worry it doesn’t mean the RP is done, it just means we get to open it up a bit more!
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Smelling the brew she lifted shaking hands up and took the cup with the mixture in it. She sipped on it from where she was in Scarletts lap, trying not to spill the precious mix that would help with the fever. “I think - I think I have an infection.” She managed to rasp, “You are going to have to check that wound that you burnt shut.” Feeling a little clearer, her eyes took in the temple as it was, as it once was, as it used to be. The restoration was so supurb, masterful, well constructed that she couldn’t help but admire it, it was nearly exactly as it was before....all except for the statue, and issue she would likely have to address later. The abomination that her brother erected of himself in the center of the temple was long gone, something she was glad of - she didn’t want to look at it, think of him, or of what he did....though - if he hadn’t she never would have met - she squeezed her eyes shut to block out that wave of pain. He was gone and he wasn’t coming back, no one could have survived what happened. “I should have taken that traitors head with me and hung it from the guard post.” She growled, thinking of her brother, “It’s nothing short of what he deserved. Now he is food for the birds if the sand hasn’t buried him already. It would have made a lovely decoration for this place.” Her eyes fell on Ahab with a different respect, “You - you have my respect and my thanks, you may stay and continue to build if you wish.” She meant her statement to be kind, it came out as commanding and harsh, but that was her being kind. “Which one of you is going to check for infection?” She asked, gritting her teeth in pain.
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    Escape From Madness

    As we traveled, I learned, Glanduil taking the time to teach me the names of things, everything from the ground to the blue sky that stretched above us, things I hadn’t seen before, some of them I had. With each passing day we grew more and more relaxed, falling into a predictable rhythm and pattern. I like predictable, I like patterns, it has a nice feel to it since my otherwise fragile lifestyle before. I was glad to be free of the back paths and roads that slowed us down, tore at our clothes and made me feel like we were going round and round and round in circles. I know we weren’t - at least I had hoped we weren’t - even if we were I am sure there was a purpose other than to vex and scratch my skin to pieces. Never having had to hide from anything, I hated the feeling o uncertainty and fear it created. What if Father sent more guards? What if Rolfe himself came to find me - no he wouldn’t do that - he was obessed with my sister. He was far more likely on her heels and following her to her destination that he was mine. Ever since we were children he sought to corner poor Odelia and put a bastard in her so Father had no choice but to marry her to him. It would appear that he failed, and he didn’t like failure, that much I remember. As a group I began to find my place with all the members, each one playing a different role for me, each one key in keeping me company and sharing one thing or another. The one that stayed the most elusive to me though was Xore, always distant, usually silent. One day, he passed on a pearl of wisdom that Persephone called a “prophecy.” ”Do not eat rubies.” What that meant, I had no idea, but I was afraid I was about to find out. “Rubies?” I asked, “Well - alright.....”
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I’ll be posting soon. I’ve been hella busy.
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    The Shell of Great Sins

    “My Dear, you are right. We have an audience ourselves, so it seems. If for, but a split moment I am unable to protect you, this will be the best time to test the effectiveness of your newest edition. Of course, you have my life at your service.” Quin, already forgetting her earlier feeling of unease, looked at Martis with confusion. What had she said, what had he said? Why was he focusing on protecting her, is that some archaic way of trying to flirt? She squinted at him and then raised an eyebrow, “Why do we have an audience? Are we just that good looking? You got some crazy ex girlfriend here that is about to go all rampaging on my ass? Is that it?” The colors that swirled around him were dark and she resisted the urge to bat them away. His grip on her elbow was tight and it felt strange, like his hands were made of satin and his fingers were the finest softness she ever felt. “I mean, you don’t have to put your entire life at my service.” She said, “that’s a bit of a commitment don’t you think? I mean I haven’t even bought you dinner or anything yet.....” She laughed briefly at her own joke, “I mean, hell the man that swore he loved me wouldn’t even pledge his life for me.....Don’t throw your life away for a piece of shit just because the Master told you so.” Suddenly she felt the urge to get fresh air, to escape the every shrinking confines of the room, the darkness, the colors, the sounds, the people....it was all too much. Too overwhelming. “I gotta breathe.” She said suddenly standing, disentangling herself from Martis’s grip. Practically marching her way out of the room, she made her way to the front doors and threw them open. Exiting into the cooler, fresher, color free air. She sat on a nearby bench with her bag clutched close to her chest as she took in deep breaths.
  8. The featherlight and gentile touch caused me to freeze for only the briefest of moments before I relaxed. My first instinct was to pull away, Rolfe was overly fond of touching my hair in ways I did not like. But it was not Rolfe, I wouldn't have to worry about him again, or so I hoped. "I like your hair down," He said softly, causing my mind to seize up like a broken clock. Say something, I begged myself, Anything! Don't just sit there like an idiot! Taking a deep breath I turned to say something, only to find he was in the bath, the maid helping him get clean. I let out an embarrassed groan, perhaps father was right, I was useless and stupid and witless. A hopeless case that would be forever tongue tied any time someone was nice to me. Well.....if words would fail me, I would do as he pleased, and leave my hair down since he liked it that way, I would pause only a moment to braid back the two front strands and bind them with a ribbon so they did not hang in my face. Showing surprising efficiency, Austere exited the bath looking quite handsome in his suit. I caught only a brief glance of the scars that he quickly covered up and inwardly flinched, who could hurt such a kind soul? Upon closer study, he was quite handsome, despite our differences. The suit flattering and accentuating his already towering height over my own small frame. It brought to light a strength that wasn't initially apparent when he wore his robes. Something I hadn't noticed earlier, but it was now striking me like an arrow of realization to a young and inexperienced girls heart. Swallowing and forcing myself to look away, I smiled and took a deep breath to clear the blush that I knew was growing on my cheeks. I reminded myself of my poor mother who must have felt something similar so long ago. Don't go being like her, I scolded myself, She didn't understand the way the real world works....he may be handsome, sure, but he wont ever care for you beyond the fondness he shows now. "Now, my lady, would you do me the honors of sharing an afternoon meal with me?" He pulled me from my inner scolding. I looked up to see his hand extended to me, there was that strange playfulness again, the thing he did that never failed to stump me and leave me wordless. I had rehearsed a million ways I could respond to him while I was in the bath, but every. Single. One. fled my mind. It was infuriating, terrifying, what if I answered wrong? What if my difficulty responding made me look cold? "That would please me greatly." I finally managed to say, placing my hand in his. Ask him something, I harshly demanded of myself, Stop being such and idiot and say something witty, playful, anything! "A - Are you feeling better after your bath?" I asked, then grimaced. "Stupid girl." Father's voice rang through my ears. "I hope I didn't disturb you with my singing...." I quickly said, "I - I didn't know you would be back so soon...."
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Thats alright, I have been busy too, just post when you can!
  10. Quin sat up with a groan and a stretch, the cot beneath her creaking dangerously from her near dead slumber. Her head was pounding a painful rhythm against her skull so she took a sip from the flask that she kept next to her cot in the lab. The plant hissed at her and she glared at it. "Don't judge me." She snapped at it, "There are some burdens too terrible to bear sober. You wouldn't know because you are a plant." The plant ignored her and instead sank back on its stem with a small hiss and grew quiet. She stood up and blinked a few times to clear the fog that the dust always left her vision with for a little while. Having felt like it was mostly out of her system, a series of cursing, yelling, smashing and roaring. Heaving a big sigh, she wolfed down the snack she kept in her drawer and exited the lab to find Otto terrorizing the garden. Plants strewn everywhere, hedges shredded, pavilions crushed....he was a monster of destruction. As she approached him he was dangling a terrorized man that looked like he had been released - or escaped - from the dungeons. With a sickening crunch he snapped him in half with his teeth and held out the remains to Quin when he saw her. She hid her gag and shook her head "no" looking away from him as he finished his snack and sitting in front of her as she had taught him. "Es ist an der Zeit, das Labyrinth zu terrorisieren." She said, "Es ist deine Aufgabe, die bösen Jungs draußen zu halten. In Ordung?" It is time you go out and terrorize the labyrinth......It is your job to keep all the bad guys away from me. Alright? It growled in agreement and pointed to the pocket where Ira's picture was kept, she looked down at it for a moment without taking the picture out. Wondering how the creature knew where it was....she must have been lecturing him again in her drugged out state. "Außer für Ira, das ist richtig. Guter Junge." She said with a nod. Except for Ira, that is right. Good boy." It let out a whine and she signaled for it to stand before leading it to the entrance to the labyrinth. They stood side by side for a moment, looking down the entrance in silence, their eyes following the path until it ended abruptly and turned out of sight. "Sie können mich besuchen, wann immer Sie wollen." Quin looked up at Otto, "Sie werden den Meister und die Mami sehr stolz machen. You can visit me whenever you want.......You are going to make the Master and mommy very proud. She watched it go, stomping off into the labyrinth, roaring and smashing happily as it went. Quin heaved a sigh, tucked her pipe between her teeth and lit it without a flourish. Watching for a few moments longer, hands now in her pockets, she puffed on her pipe. Purple smoke curled up and around her, she instantly felt better with the best hangover cure she knew. She turned to return to her lab to catch up on the work she was now behind in, sure it wouldn't be long before she saw Otto again. She already missed the little rascal.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Khepri felt a surge of energy as something soft brushed against her face, she opened her now glazed over eyes and looked around at the temple. Confusion mostly flooded her as she saw Scarlett and then Ahab, who ran out of the temple. She jerked suddenly, the energy giving her enough power to move a little. "Where is he!?" She demanded, "Where is my Tobias?" She was near frantic, trying to stand up, in a different world completely due to fever. Blinking she was able to vaguely recognize where she was for a moment, again confused, thinking she was somewhere else moments before. "Scarlet?" She asked, looking at the woman, "How did we end up here? Who are you?! Who is he!? Why is there a man in my temple? Where is Tobais?" Again her mind slipped as she drifted back into the false reality that her mind was creating, failing to stand she collapsed again onto the stone floor and the cool stone on her cheek cleared her mind like being doused in cold water. "Inside -" She said through gritted teeth, "Inside - underneath the temple, there should be healing herbs....if any of the sisters we managed to free on our way to the battle are here , they will know what to you...." Her eyes rolled in her head for a moment and when they rolled back they were unfocused, again she began to murmur about the mission, explosions and this Tobias character.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Yes we are waiting on @ODSTDRAGON
  14. Locations: Chateau De Choisel - Quin’s Lab, the gardens and the labyrinth. “Das ist Ira.” Quin slurred “IRA. Wenn du ihn siehst, verletze ihn nicht.” This is Ira...I-R-A, if you see him, don’t hurt him! Quin was holding up the only picture of Ira she possessed, normally hidden away in the depths of one of her drawers where she was unable to look at it, her drunken and drugged out.state allowed her to carry it with her where ever she went. She waived it in front of Otto, who sat on the ground in the gardens. He was crushing a black rose bush under his bulk as he sat there cross legged listening too her intently. She’d taken to calling herself “mommy” when she was in this state, insisting she teach her ‘baby’ his duties. This just so happened to be the day that he was slated to go wander the labyrinth and keep intruders out - all except Ira of course - which in Quin’s current mind set - she was poisitive that he was going to magically appear at any moment. His picture told her so after all. Otto just continued to breath in that raspy watery rattle he had while she lectured him. ‘Wenn es Ira ist, bring ihn zu mir, direkt zu mir.” She continued, swaying a little, “Versuche nicht, ihn zu essen, nicht einmal einen kleinen Zeh! Verstehst du mich?” If you see Ira, bring him directly to me....Don’t try to eat him, not even a little toe, do you understand me? She waited until she saw him nod and nodded too, sitting down on the ground as well as she was quite dizzy and the dust was wearing off. She felt tired, exhausted, like she needed more. But no she must sleep, and she must eat. “Gut. Sie können alle anderen töten. Mama wird ein Nickerchen machen. Du übst ein wenig in den Gärten.” Good, you can kill everyone else. Now Mommy is going to have a nap, You can practice in the gardens while I’m gone. She swaggered to her feet and stumbled into the lab where she had a cot waiting for her to sleep it off. Her head already killing her from her latest drinking bender, she grumbled a little and closed the door behind her, hoping to get some undistrubed sleep. Otto watched her for a moment, then given full permission for destruction, which he so loved, leapt up and with a roar began to parade around the gardens, smashing plants, gazebo’s and terrorizing the servants that were wandering about instead of where they belonged. Quin rigged a few cadavers to hang from the hedges for him to find as an exercise. She made sure they were really secure so it would take him some time to get them before he could eat them. A busy - creature - was a happy one after all. Soon he would be ready to wander the Labryinth, terrorizing the occupants in it and destroying the tombstones and vaults. Happily busy with his job, until then, the gardens would take a beating, as would the rest of the outside areas to the Chateau that he happened to wander into, like the courtyard. @Greenmntman @Etched in Stone @Twitterpated @Eternity @HumanBean03
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    Escape From Madness

    “Heartwood.” I breathed his name to him in the way I spoke to animals, he greeted me much in the way I expected. I ignored the reins and instead walked to his side, running my hands over his smooth side, then combing them through his mane. The familiar coarse strands slipped through my fingers and I spoke to him in soft soothing tones. By the way he held still and didn’t shift or balk at my touch I could tell he was well trained, study of leg and gentile of mind. Carefully I took the reigns and weighed them in my hand, measuring if I truely needed them or not. I decided against getting rid of them for now, no use hopping on a new horse without reins and trusting it not to throw me or run away. As I continued my check I mapped our destrination in my head, hours of studying Auntie’s maps served me well in memorizing the trip. My level lavender gaze fell on Persephone, the way the earth twisted around her I could tell there was something in our fates that had us entwined, what it was - I couldn’t be sure, but I knew I must be ready for it. I hefted myself up onto the horse without a second thought, despite its height above me and my small stature I thought nothing of it. I’d mounted much larger without assistance, it was all about knowing the beast well, and I knew Heartwood would lean into my mounting just enough so I could swing my leg over. I turned my gaze to Persephone, “I am a little intense, anyone would be with the father I have. If you knew whom he was marrying me off to, you would understand it even more. You have snatched me from a death warrant.” I looked to the elf, Glanduil, “I have spent a lot of time studying maps, a strange obesssion I suppose, I have a good outline of where we are going. Should something happen I will do my best to get to the next way point from where we are separated and await you there. If you don’t arrive in a week I will move on to the next one. Let’s get this adventure started shall we?” I smiled at them and looked next to me at Pildor, his sheer size making Heartwood look like a mere pony.