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  1. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Ok....soooooo, embarrassing fact, I am a complete space case sometimes. I didn't even see that you posted @JackDoggo sorry! So I posted and we can start all over again and hopefully we don't get beaten by Zubat again
  2. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    War, a chill crept its way up Khepri's back. War was talked about in a revered whisper amongst the sisters, her temper as infamous as the good fortune she brought to whom ever she thought should win. Khepri's very own power was thought to have been born from the very same that was possessed by war - that is why she was chosen to be a priestess, she had both the light and dark within her. An insane mix that would likely someday be her demise. Khepri bowed her head and put her fist to her chest in greeting, "Ngabagéakeun salah ngahormatan" (Welcome honored one) She grinned up at war, could she possibly be so lucky as to rain down great destruction on her enemies that will likely be passed on in tales? Khepri's attention was drawn away for a moment when she heard a rustling. The man was searching for something in his satchel. Before anyone could blink Khepri had a throwing dagger in hand. She relaxed with a sigh and stared at him in confusion. "For your safety lalaki, do not make sudden moves - " She said, "I get twitchy around men." He wanted to know about the temple? She would have to think for a moment to see if she could remember. "The temple is made of the only stone you can find in the desert - a combination of desert rose and sandstone." She answered, "The goddess herself - well - it was rumored that she was made of a stone that she put in this very spot. What it is or where it can be found is a mystery. But if you wish to restore my temple, then you may yet gain my respect lalaki." A clacking sound drew her attention to the final two in attendance. The strange looking one Dust and the melting girl - Audrey. "I do not know what you are made of." Khepri decided to address Dust first. "But the sun can crack and ruin most materieals. You may have water if you wish, or I can give you oil to make sure you do not get ruined by the sun." She pointed to a recessed wall with several jars, some broken, some were not. Audrey took one of the water cups with her thanks and pulled out a gleaming saber, she set it on the floor. Khepri smiled, "adina Wilujeng sumping." (Welcome sister) She stood and stretched herself for a moment, "I can see that the Goddess has drawn us here to do what is just and right. I will see that my temple is restored and you are all rewarded after. As most of you are not designed for travel in the sands I shall have to think of how we will engage the enemy."
  3. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    hahahahah! Let me check it out and figure it out.
  4. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Ah bummer! Alright, thanks for letting me know! So we are just waiting for @JackDoggo
  5. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    So I think we are waiting on @JackDoggoand @Grizzly ? Correct me if you guys posted and I am confused.
  6. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Hey all just checking in! Who still needs to post for this turn? I want to make sure we don’t skip anyone on accident
  7. Invasion of Lydon

    Shortly after Ira shook her hand, she retreated to a quiet corner in their barn, wrapped herself in her coat and slept. She had never slept deeper in her life, despite the fear, the noise, the chaos. She didn't even dream, and before she knew it, she was opening her bleary eyes and dragging herself out of the barn, picking straw and hay from her hair. The next two days were spent traveling, they had carts, horses and plenty of corn - all courtesy of Ira's family. It seemed odd to her - the concept of a family, and theirs seemed so warm - and close - and foreign to her. Quin used her time traveling with them to make sure all the wounded soldiers were taken care of. She was tired, her magic nearly used up again, her herb and bandage stock already running low. The apparent leader - James - protested loudly and frequently to her presence. Despite her usefulness in keeping his knee from popping back out of place. He was always quick to point out that she and her "friends" were a nuisance. Quin typically ignored him and continued her work. When she wasn't healing, she was walking along with Ira and his brother. As promised, she was there for him, not for anyone else, he didn't know it, but Quin owed him a debt greater than she could ever repay. He treated her like a living, breathing human being - something that she never experienced before. Ira and his brother were sitting by the fire roasting corn, the smell was incredibly tempting. She sighed and stood from checking her last patient for the night and began to walk towards them when her way was blocked by none other than her favorite person - James. "Get them out of here." He commanded, "You can leave with them too." "I don't know what you are talking about." She blinked up at him, too tired for this bullshit. "You and your friends are not welcome here." He said, "Leave." Quin glared up at him, he acted as if he could command her - not this Doctor, not ever. "They are not my friends," She defended herself, "They are whores, and its what they do. I am a Doctor - Ph.D Need I remind you - if not for me, your little band of men wouldn't be here. And you - you wouldn't be standing at all." James's face turned purple, she watched it creep up his neck and travel to his forehead, it slightly amused her. She imagined he wasn't used to being talked back to - especially by a woman. "You are just the same as them!" He spat at her, "Unmoral trash!" Quin pulled out her pipe and packed it with intentional slowness, she lit it and puffed thoughtfully. "As I recall, you availed yourself of their - services" She smirked, "just last night. So what does that make you?" She thought his head was going to explode, he began sputtering, cursing and gesturing at her. "Look." She cut him off, "I'm going to tell you how this works. I'm not here for you, you cant command me. I'm here to heal and ease pain - you got a problem with that, take it up with your General when you get the chance. Explain to him why you turned away a perfectly good Doctor." James sputtered for a few more moments before storming away from her to yell at some other soldier. She sighed and continued on her way over to Ira and Samuel. She slumped down next to Ira and grabbed a warm ear of corn off the ground in front of them. As she was munching - much to her irritation - James thumped down on a log across from them and began eating. He didn't cast his usual glare in her direction. Ira asked him a question and as they were talking she tuned out his geography lesson. Every citizen of Lydon knew about the range, its what let most of them sleep at night peacefully. Her interest was peaked when he began discussing King's gap and the training facility, he offered to recruit both Ira and Samuel. "Sounds good to me." Ira said, he turned to her and asked, "are you coming all the way along for the ride?” Quin slipped her hand into his and squeezed, she just needed to feel some warmth for a moment. "I'll go where ever you go kid...." She said, "Besides, someone has to look out for you boys."
  8. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    What!? War?! On mine!? Oh my I sense a triangle starting! @Grizzly post away!
  9. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Oh my goodness this is wonderful entertainment after a long day at work.
  10. Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Quin should have been surprised that the cat was talking to her. Talking. But she was exhausted, tired out from her day of calamity, her comedy of errors so to speak. First the plant bit her, then Sir Crow tried to bite her - crushed her wind pipe instead, and then the damn spider. So far, the cat was the only creature to not try and bite her, only swipe harmlessly at her. She reflexively scratched the cat's head as it rubbed against her. She pulled a bowl down from the dresser and poured some fire water into it. "Here you go." Her voice a pained whisper, "You got a name?" She took another swig of her flask and sat down on the bed with a thump, it made an ominous creaking sound. She groaned and put her head in her hands, there was no amount of firewater that would erase this day from her memory, and she still had to check on the feeding den and elixir patients. The sun was well on its way down at this point and she would likely be working until the moon was high, not much different from when she worked in the brothels of her birth city, Genova. In fact, one major difference was her patients weren't just women any more. She had men, women and sometimes a combination of the two, most of them drug addicted, most of them with a death wish. The other half of her patients were so afraid to die, they risked death itself to live - and most did not. "I don't suppose you have any interest in following me to the feeding dens do you?" She raised her eyebrow at the cat, "I still have work to do, but when I'm done, I have an in with the kitchen staff, we can have just about anything we want for dinner."
  11. The Fates that Bind

    Quin grabbed the firewater bottle from behind the bar and pulled the cork out with her teeth. She took several big swigs before she slammed the bottle into Aiden's chest. "As couth as always Aiden." Quin finally got the shaking in her hands under control, she finished preparing her gun with a click, "You still got that shot gun somewhere behind the bar Ed?" Ed emerged with it, pale faced and his hands in a white knuckled grip. Maddie was hiding under the bar, hands over her head. "Grab the other fire poker Maddie." Quin encouraged her, "Won't do you no good hiding down there." She let out a whimper but did as she was told, rushing to grab it, she was holding it upside down like someone that didn't know how to hold a bat, "Yes'm." Her whole body was shaking. Quin turned to Ira, slapped her hand to the small of his armored back and managed to grin. "Like old times - except the enemy is already dead." She joked, she kissed her hand and pressed it to his helmet, "For luck." She barely had time to take stock of her surroundings when the door the the bar exploded, shattered into a billion tiny pieces of wood and sawdust. And there, just outside the door, in their shimmering, howling forms were the slimy ghost bastards. Quin didn't hesitated and with a bang! She shot straight through it and the one behind it, they disintegrated to ash. She looked at her gun, then looked to Julius. "This is good stuff right here!"
  12. House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    I am also going to post in the chateau tonight. I owe a kitty cat some wine.
  13. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Go for it. Like I said it’s really flexible I’m not that picky about who goes when. So long as we all go once per turn.
  14. Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Not quite your turn yet. Have fun on spring break! I’ll tag you in the OOC when it is if you would like.