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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    😂 I wrote a post that fixed it
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    She already got healed tho -
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Khepri got to her feet with a pained groan, still a bit weak from her injury. She placed her hand on Tobias’s wrist. “Its ok - its already been done.” She could sense the tension in the room, “Look - look.” She took his hand and ran it over the still healing scar, it was tender, but she would show him she was alright. She wasn’t at all unnerved by how he was or the way he looked, it simply was - him. “Scarlet, she saved me -“ She said softly, gently, such a strange change from her normal rough demeanor, “And Philip the cat helped of course.” She turned to smile in a disarming way to Scarlett and then looked between the two of them. She still couldn’t believe her Ruban was standing there - not dead. It was surreal, and tense, Scarlett wouldn’t hesitate to kill him in the blink of an eye if he offended her - which he was very likely to do in some way. How strange to be standing between these two powerful forces - still half dead and in more than a little pain now that it was throbbing dully from the healing it still needed to do. She dropped to one knee between them both and put her hands on the floor for a moment, trying to catch her breath. She reached out to the comfort of Scarlett for help up, and when she stood she would try to keep an amicable and not tense nature between them. ‘Scarlett - this is - my fated one - Tobias.” She said with a warmth like the sun, “Tobias - this is the Goddess of War.”
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Don’t worry the story will continue, its just going to continue in a different thread for the temple.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    It is @ODSTDRAGON‘s turn, I think we are each going to make one more post (ODST will do 2 since this round isn’t finished) and I’ll write a summary, submit it and get the thread for the temple running as cannon. We can continue the RP there where it will be open to visitors.
  6. Otto heard the scuffle, the roar of battle and the clash of swords. With a curious roar he stormed towards the noise, barreling through hedges, bushes, cracking stones beneath his massive feet. He crashed through the remains of the tombs and sent shards of stones everywhere, only to catch sight of all the dead undead and some knights high tailing it away from the scene and around a corner. Pausing to grab the one dead merc that was there, he ripped an arm off and held on to it, intending to give it to his "momma" as a present, before chasing after the two retreating knights. His long legs and large size helped him catch up to the two in no time, the shattering of stones beneath his feet and cracking of branches giving away his pursuit. Should the knights turn to face him, he would immediately stop in his tracks, skidding to a halt in front of them to study them closely. His wet rattling breath loudly as he crouched, head tipped to the side. He would knock the helmet off of the one closest to him and study him again before scooping him up with a massive roar. His feet propelled them through bushes, past some undead stalkers and even crushed one wolf as he ran faster and faster. Screeching and roaring the entire way as loudly as he could. Until he burst through one last set of hedges, the garden he destroyed earlier already repairing itself and falling victim to his clumsy feet again. He came to a stop in front of a small building built into a wall. It looked to have been a garden shed at one point, the wooden door hung crookedly off of it and the walls were poorly repaired where they'd been damaged. Above the door was a sign that read "clinic." Otto dropped the knight in front of the door and let out a deafening roar, spit flying from his mouth and landing on his new found 'friend.' Dr. Nash was busy, as usual, cleaning up the mess from another experiment she'd conducted while she was high. The remains of the cadaver nearly unrecognizable as she'd tried to "re-create" Otto, or at least make another one, but they always ended in failure. The jars on the walls began to vibrate and rattle quite violently and clank together, increasing as Otto neared. His roars and near screams catching her attention, wondering what trouble he'd gotten into. With a thud and one last roar that caused her to cover her ears, she took off her lab coat and yelled. "Ich komme, halte deine Pferde!" I'm coming, hold your horses. Stepping out the door she froze, rubbed her eyes and blinked. She rubbed at them again, looking at who surely was not Ira. No - it couldn't be - it most certainly wasn't. But he looked so much like him. Was she finally going insane? Otto whined again and dropped the slimy arm from his mouth in front of her with a sickening squelch. She held back the urge to vomit before looking up at him and giving him a shaky smile. "Guter Junge." She purred to him before looking back at Ira. The arm was real, Otto was real, so.....was Ira real? "What the fuck are you doing here?!" She finally burst out.
  7. He looked frantically for some sort of easy way to attack the six corpses that walked slowly in a line toward them. Aidan was to his left, Dustin was to his right, and there was no way around it, the odds were two to one. He whispered to the other two, "On my mark, Dustin attack the one on the far right with everything you have. Aidan, you and I are going to attack the second and third from the right, see if we can drive them back and create space. Got it?" He heard them both agree, and as the undead started to cross a part of the maze that was slightly narrower. "NOW" he shouted, and the three of them charged forward. The corpses were ready for them, when he got within reach of the corpse, he had to stop immediately in his tracks, as a short sword was swung within inches of his face. By doing so, the creature had extended himself too far out of position. He wasn't going to make the same mistake however, and stepped forward quickly. He felt the backstroke of the sword glance against his shield, and removed the corpses' head from it's body. Both tumbled to the ground motionless, which inspired a bit of hope. "Beheading seems to work well". He heard the sound of sword cutting threw bone beside him, and Dustin agreed. "Great, could you fucking help now?" was heard from his right, he turned and saw Aidan was fighting off two of them, and two more were approaching rapidly. He joined Dustin, rushing toward the undead and rejoining the battle. The undead tried a stabbing motion, and he had to parry and dodge several wild strokes from the creature. This one was wearing a nearly full set of armor, and was going to be much tougher to kill. He tried to attack the corpses weak side. The undead held his sword in his right hand, so the attack was to the left, slashing and cutting straight ahead. After cutting deeply into the monsters side, it became clear that wounds which would have crippled a normal man, had no effect on such creature. The undead attacked again, slashing wildly toward his strong hand. As he parried, he used his shield as a pivot, spinning on it, and bringing his axe around until it buried itself in the creatures head. As he watched his enemy fall, he saw a giant winged creature swoop down from the sky. He turned in time to see Dustin behead a second corpse with a third walking toward him. He took off running towards Dustin but saw the bird rake the sell swords exposed arm. He realized it was a crow, "That's the largest bird I've ever seen" he thought to himself". A second shadow came down from the sky, and this time came away with flesh from Dustin’s shield arm. He saw the first crow fly around for another pass, toward Dustin. He got between the giant bird and his friend, and saw the bird swoop down for a second strike, this one straight at him. He gripped his axe and shield, and as it swooped nearly straight down at him, he buried the axe in the crows body. He turned around and found Dustin on his knees, the second crow ripping out his throat and corpse trying to dislodge his sword from his former friends armor. He rushed toward the bird which could not take off fast enough, and struck it down. The final corpses sword was still stuck inside Dustin, and was quickly beheaded. He turned to Aidan who had just finished off the last of the undead, and shook his head. They paused for a second and listened to the tomb as it continued to sound like footsteps coming towards them in the distance. “Let’s get the fuck out of here” Aidan said, and the two of them rushed further down the maze. (THis is a repost for Grn since he put it in the wrong thread)
  8. DarkHorse

    The Shell of Great Sins

    “Excuse me miss,” his hands were extended in an honest gesture of truce as he slowly approached, “can I please ask you a couple questions?” Quinns unfocused gaze looked at the man that approached her, even he had some little colors buzzing around his head like annoying gnats. She swayed a little on the bench and squinted at him questioningly. She took a cleansing breath and puffed it out, taking out her pipe once again and taking her time to pack it, light it and take a few puffs. It was only then when the powerful herb she packed in there began to clear her head and she looked again. The fuzzy colors were gone, good. "It depends on what you want to know Sir." She said to him, reaching out to Martis with her thoughts, wondering if the dhampir would hear her. She looked questioningly at the man and then smiled patting the seat next to her. "If its about drugs, I don't have any." She answered, itching at a dry patch on her arm, "If its about dealer's I don't know any of those either. If you are looking for some fun I'm not one of those types and you should piss off and look elsewhere." She covered the basics, her days of working in the brothels as a doctor kicking in - it was a speech she gave all the John's looking for some fun. That being said she wrapped her lips around her pipe and puffed again a few times. An uneasy chill crept up her spine and she shivered for a moment, casting a glance over her shoulder, wondering what in the world had gotten into her. It was likely the drugs, she'd overdone it again. She would have to ask for help when she got back to the chateau, she didn't want to admit it, but it was becoming a very deadly problem. She pushed each high further than the last, not caring what the outcome would be in the end. "If it isn't about any of the above." She said bluntly, "I'm pretty high and wont be of much use, but I can try." She looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to sit down and speak. Her high was turning sour fast and she wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep it off.
  9. DarkHorse

    In Gaia We Trust

    It was a typical day, that is if one could call being the fake lover of an important Lord typical. She'd been given the task to help Lord Uldwar's daughter in her quest to spread the word of Gaia. She wasn't much for religion, but she was very attune to people and a decent healer at that. It would be nice to finally have something to do, to feel useful again. She dressed as simply as she could, and while it was not plain clothing, it was workable and good for a day of hard work. She tied her raven locks up into a tight bun so as they wouldn't get in the way and left her room. Her heels clicked on the stones of the floor as she walked to where she kept her small leather satchel of herbs and other items she used for healing. Some of which were considered questionable by others - but she knew they did the trick when used appropriately. As she left she nervously smoothed back her hair, since her short arrival she'd felt - awkward - like the intruder. She wasn't quite sure how Lady Illyana would receive her help, fairly certain she was younger than the Lady and popularly believed to be her fathers lover, well it made for some strain at times. Despite her misgivings, her feet still carried her towards the newly constructed temple. Its towers rising above the other buildings, shiny and new, adding a new world look to an old world place. Riha hadn't even waited for guards to escort her, she figured they would either trail her on orders or there would be plenty at the temple. She doubted she would be of much importance to anyone since the Lord was so feared. The reputation itself would keep her safe as she traversed the streets, though she wasn't too certain he'd come after her if someone took her - he'd probably just tell them to have at it and be done with her. She approached the temple and nodded to the guards, bypassing them all and slipping into the temple. She spotted the white clothing of the Lady and approached her, calling to her softly. "Lady Illyana?" She said softly as she approached, "I'm here to help - I brought my own herbs and healing items if that is alright...."
  10. @Grubbistch what would you like me to to with Riha for the time being?
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    @HumanBean03 my plan is to have Otto snag Ira and drop him in Quinn’s lab. He is currently in the labyrinth. His last east post showed up in the wrong thread (he was a bit Sleep deprived). The labyrinth that is her mind is happening on a different timeline than what the chateau is at right now. I would say it’s a few weeks ahead.
  12. (I’m going to switch to 3rd person, the 1st person narrative is giving me a block) She found herself blushing as he addressed her. So self assured, so poised and calm, certain of his place and hers with him. At the offer of his hand her heart leapt, he - was reaching out to her. As if he actually wanted to touch her. She hesitated, hand hovering over his, mesmerized by his promises of stars and flowers. It would be nice, to have someone give her a gift - she hadn’t gotten one in such a long, long time. Finally, at his insistence, she placed her hand in his and felt the warmth spread from her fingertips to her wrist. The contact giving her more comfort than he would ever know. She studied their hands for a moment, curling her fingers into his palm gently, taking into account the size difference. Finally she looked up at him, thoroughly flustered. There was food and wine and she was holding his hand! Something she would only dare to dream about. “Well -“ She finally spoke, “Austere, my lover. Husband to be.” Her mouth caressed the words in a sultry way she would never be aware of, like a sirens call to a ship filled with sailors. “You day you are not well practiced in the ways of women and what they like.” She gave him a rare genuine smile, “But I find myself quite - dazzled.” She paused a moment to think, her silly childish brain swirling with possibilities of the life her mother told fairy tales of. She shook them away angrily. “While I would love to watch you weave me a dress from moonlight if you could - I am really not as difficult as you think......I just want to feel - cherished.” She spoke the word with such longing that it made the very room want to cry. In truth, Odelia hadn’t felt love since her mother and twin died and that was so very long ago.
  13. Upon being granted freedom and the carriage stopping, she practically threw herself out of it and onto the ground. Her horse at one greeting her and nuzzling her. She touched her nose lightly and then turned to the Lord, gracing him with a very rare, genuine smile. Bright as the sun it was, even touching and lighting up her lavender eyes. “Don’t worry M’Lord.” The horse lowered itself with just a simple touch from her, “I will stay right here next to the carriage.” She knew how to recognize a kindness when she saw one. He was giving her an escape from her fear, which she would forever be grateful for. To sit more comfortably astride she had to lift up her skirts above the knee, expertly tying the material out of the way so it wouldn’t get tangled. The horse stood without even a command from her and she sat it with the poise and grace of a woman who has rode horses all her life. The sandy colored horse had neither saddle nor reins, she didn’t need them and the horse was happier without them. Her face turned upward for a moment as she took a deep breath in of the fresh air, the open skies a relief to her. Eyes still dancing she looked back to the carriage. “Whenever you are ready M’Lord.” She sat poised.
  14. She sat across from him in the carriage, she hated carriages, hadn’t been in one since her last experience in which she nearly died. Taking several deep breaths she focused on calming her heart rate first. Ensuring her horse followed dutifully behind them by looking out the window, Riha focused her attention to the man across from her. He took up a lot of the space in the carriage and it made her even more nervous. There was a lot of time between here and their destination for him to pry and ask her questions. At first she ignored his question, still anxious about hte carriage. There was a reason she preferred horseback. “You know I nearly roasted to death in one of these damn things.” She said finally, “The man that calls himself my father sent one that was all boarded up and locked me in it so I couldn’t escape him.....it was a very hot and humid day....” She paused to smirk, “I got out and away from that old bastard though.” Realizing she was speaking more candidly around her company she caught herself, straightening her spine and looking at him apologetically. “I digress.” She said demurely, “I was here looking for the lichen that can clean water. Our lands are in terrible condition and if something isn’t done soon there will be nothing to live on.” She left out the part where she could feel the earth itself in its misery and it drove her near to insane. “I have a soft spot for the earth and plants and life.” She said, “I merely wanted to help a little. So - I traveled all the way to Tazarek to find it.” She took another cleansing deep breath and reminded herself she wasn’t trapped in the carriage. So why did she feel like she was trapped? The familiar constriction around her throat, speaking to the panic that rose was hard to breath around. Fingers gripping the seat next to her so tightly that the cloth was bunching beneath them. Lids closed over her lavender eyes as she tried to focus on anything else other than the large man that could snap her like a twig and the carriage that felt like it was closing in on her. “How long with this take?” She asked, not opening her eyes or releasing her grip. Had they only just begun? It felt like a century already in the confined space. Showing this kind of weakness in front of the Lord would likely end up being used against her some day. But there were some fears, some things that were ingrained so deep that they don’t leave the soul. This terror was one of them. From being plague ridden and locked in a small dark room with her dying mother begging her father to at least save Riha, to the coffin they stuffed her little body in to ship her to her Auntie’s to keep the pretense of her being dead up. Confined spaces almost always sent her into a spiraling panic.