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  1. “This one is a bit of a fixer-upper," he explained, "Net says that.....” Net? Did Quin hear him correctly? Was he talking to a net? What net? How did he become in possession of it speaking net? And how did it know about all the housing options? The doctor stared at Shikai for a long moment, barely taking in what he was saying about the house. She was so confused as to why he was speaking with inanimate objects that she became genuinely concerned. Had he radiated his head one too many times with those internal picture machines he kept talking about? Maybe she needed to check him just to make sure....did one glow when they had too much? She simply kept staring stupidly at the side of his face as they approached the rather rundown manner. It certainly looked like the home some depraved serial killer....and it was extremely reminiscent of.... The screeching of the gate not budging, followed by Shikai giving it a good shove, resulted in an even worse sound as rusted and corroded iron loudly protested use and snapped as a result. She stared at the now destroyed gate with a look of extreme amusement, a grin blossoming on her face as she stepped over the threshold he then created for her. All the while laughter echoed so loudly off the old structure that several crows took flight. Her eyes followed them rather closely for a moment....it all seemed just so homey. But so very much like her vampiric birth home, she sincerely hoped the inside would be extremely different. “Yes, that gate and fence wont do at all.” Amusement laced her voice, “I’ll add it too the list - I think something that can be charge with that...shit what did you call it? That stuff that makes the lightbulbs glow....ektricity?” No that didn’t sound right...well she was sure he’d correct her. Ever since being introduced to the devilish invention she thought hell was coming down on her head in the form of a lightbulb. The simple flip of a switch and what she thought was impending doom didn’t kill her, it just provided - light. “Well - onward and inward we go!” She waited for Shikai to right the gate before extending her hand again. The path to the house needed work, overgrown with thick and wiry brambles, thorny bushes that once produced raspberries dead and mangled. All cosmetic so far, but the closer they grew to the house, the narrower her eyes squinted. Taking in every detail, every rotted plank and board, each cracked window and missing single. The chateau, externally, was in much the same shape. She hated it. Hated the facade of dilapidated decay and death. She may be dead, but she wanted it to look nice - extremely nice. Never even having dreamt she could even own a home, she had high - high standards. “The outside would need some work too -“ She pointed out the obvious, “A lot of work.” They drew closer to the main entrance door, a once splendid thing that also fell to times ravages. The knocker was rusted and hanging half off the door, the handles looking in no better shape. Above her, the covered area before the door bore spiderwebs and chipping and peeling paint. It would be a labor of love to rebuild or remodel this home. She went to touch the knocker and it fell off completely. A lot of love. “Should I handle this door too?” She turned to tease Shikai, “Or do you think this one will stay intact?”
  2. The resounding Shut up! Silenced Riha quicker than a slap to the face would, not because it was shocking, not because she was offended, but because it seemed to just eat up all the air for a moment, so there was none left to cuss with. Phoebe’s quick retreat behind the bed and sudden outpouring of will drew Riha’s attention to the fireball now hurtling towards them at an alarming speed. The hot air ate up Riha’s curses, and when she saw Phoebe sliding across the floor to the point where she had to put her feet against the wall to push, she managed to find the strength to stand up and put her hands right on the center of the woman’s back and push too. Weakened as she was, Riha could only help for so long before she slumped to her knees and simply shouted for Phoebe to just hold on a little longer. Whatever pleas she was making seemed to work and the fireball faded into someone, flames retreating and the heat lessening. “VERY WELL. WE SHALL FIGHT TO THE DEATH IN THE REALM OF SPIRITS!“ ”W-“ ait The protest was swallowed up as both she and Phoebe were sucked back into the spirit realm. How incredibly unpleasant it was to be involuntarily ripped from one place to another, the veil simply shredded and she tried to put up a counter measure to prevent it. She felt like her insides were her outsides for a long moment, flopped extremely ungracefully on the cold, cracked and dirty stone. Fucker hadn’t even let her grab her shirt! And now she was in.....there were the sounds of jeering.... she let out a groan and pushed herself up to sitting. Hundreds oh angered spirits circled the ruins in which she sat. All of the riled up and jeering, their malice directed at Phoebe like the buzzing of a thousand angered wasps. She looked around for her companion - unsure of how realm travel suited her inebriated friend. Riha was used to the feeling of voluntarily stepping through, she at least knew what to expect. Pheobe? Riha didn’t know if she ever had or not. “READY YOURSELF FOR BATTLE!“ They were really going for it, actually going to duke it out. One of them inebriated and extremely drunk, the other - mostly dead. Riha’s pale lavender eyes scanned around quickly, darting and following threads, trails and residual energies that might give her any sort of clue, any sort of help. But she was tired, and just as drunk as Phoebe, there was only so much sobering a scare could do - and with an impending fight....it wasn’t sober enough. “Gaia damn it.” Again she cursed, her crass nature shining through, “Phoebe? You alright?”
  3. Mid launch through the air, vampiric claws extended at the screeching nuisances, Quin was snagged and forcefully tossed in the other direction. A shrill half snarl of surprise escaped through her baby fangs as her about face sent her hurtling towards a different group of the shea’s. The force in which left her little time to prepare for impact with the speed she whistled through the air. Vampiric bones, stronger than the strongest of metals, lent Quin a weight she never could have managed in her human days. The slight waif that she was still came in at a whopping 250 lbs when she wasn’t using her vampiric energy to alter counter act it. So she hurtled through the air like a flailing, angry, vampiric cannon ball. The impact she made on the half dozen or so banshee’s she hit sent a few several feet away from her, the effect looking very much like a strike in bowling. Those unfortunate enough to be beneath those pissed off claws shredded to ribbons as her snarling exceeded their own volume of wailing. Rage soon gave way to mindless joy! The sheer enjoyment of destroying, shredding, dominating something. She was the strongest of them all, she was a force of nature to be reckoned with, it was she that was top predator here...... And before they could learn not to forget their lesson, they retreated, vanished, faded away into the mist with their shameful wails dying down and leaving nothing but the sounds of the humans very own heartbeats and breathing. That stupid panting they did when overly exerted, chests heaving to get enough air into their lungs. The vampire turned, slowly, black muck and banshee remains dripping from her claws as a murderous smile split her face. Lovely, yes, perhaps that’s what her sire might have thought of her. If she hadn’t decimated him. His image whisked itself from her mind as quickly as it appeared. The one red eye glowed in the gloom, countered only by the coldness behind her silver one. All that fighting left her exhausted, so exhausted, and she was already so tired from her fight earlier. The back of her throat began to gnaw at her annoyingly, the feast from the refugee camp should have sufficed. But the vampire used too much rage, too much energy on the banshee’s. Stupidly quick on her feet, Quin nearly vanished from sight with the speed at which she charged. There was no thought in her fucked up little head, nothing but the hunger. That uncontrollable hunger that blinded her senses and drove her to destroy. Quick as she vanished, she reappeared, directly in front of the male - he seemed weaker than the other. That one tossed her, and as soon as she was sated - oh she would take revenge like no other! And then she’d eat that one too! Little did she know, in her quick haste to snatch at her meal, a rather lethal looking syringe fell from her pocket. Getting itself lost in the muck and mud and carnage, the black liquid contained in the vial, topped with a rather thick and long needle, blended in with the forest floor like camouflage. It’s label “the good night kiss” smudged from the moisture in the air around it. The vampires pupils were as large as her eyes, making they black, bottomless - empty. Arms, stronger than they should be for one that looked so twiggy, yanked the males head to the side hard enough to snap his neck, wile the other held him in place. All the while she smiled that lovely, lovely murderous upturn of the lips. With the accuracy of a king cobra, she sank her teeth into the exposed flesh, chomping down with all the force she had in her bite. She drank, and drank and drank.
  4. Riha squinted at both the men holding out food to her. One a bowl of what appeared to be rice, the other - some sort of extract. But her squint furrowed further as she simply stared at the mouths that were moving and produce no sound. There was just - nothing - had she lost her hearing? A quick pinky to her ear to clear out any debris might fix the problem - yet it didn’t. The sounds just simply weren’t there. She made a few test sounds, a simple hum - she could feel it reverberate wtihin her chest and head - and then be swallowed up by the forest. Yet as her own sounds and the other’s voices were eaten up - the music never stopped. Her head tried to turn in the direction of the sound, yet it filled, surrounded and permeated everything. As she turned, the corner of her eye caught sight of it first - the magic surrounding them. It wove and flowed around the trees, through the leaves, thrummed and danced along with the steady thud thud thud of the primal drums in the distance. The bowl of rice and eventually extract went unnoticed as the woman gained a rather far off look to her face. Pale lavender eyes looked beyond them, around them, through them to see the tangled web the magic wove. Where did it lead? Which thread did she follow? Could one take them to their destination? Or was it simply a trap waiting for the right moment to close in around them. Riha wanted to alert the others, but the kind one and the brute already looked at her like she was mad more than once on this trip. How did she mime that there was magic - everywhere without it looking like some sort of insane interpretive dance? So entranced was she in the surroundings around them, that she missed nearly everything else around her. Instead a finger reached out and plucked at a shimmery string of magic that happened by her. It’s silken and strange texture leaving a lingering feeling on her skin, she rubbed her fingers together to try and figure it out, but it made no impact or added anything new to her knowledge. The shimmer against darkness caught her attention, Aiden’s raised axe barely missed a particularly thick thread of magic. She didn’t know if weapons could cut it, but she didn’t want to find out. She couldn’t withstand the screaming again....no ....she didn’t want that back. “Put that down!” She attempted to shout, only to have the sound eaten up. Instead she marched over, jumped up and grabbed his axe arm to lower it once again. Hopefully missing the thread in the process of attempting to lower it. Meanwhile she flung every curse she knew, in more than one language, at him. Mouth moving furiously and reveling in the fact that he couldn’t hear the insults she flung at him. Once Riha was sure he lowered his axe, she mimed the signal to move on. A strange flailing of her arms combined with pointing towards the dead mistress ahead of them and pointing at the ground to signal to keep his axe down, all the while stamping her foot.
  5. Parties were certainly fun, as was karaoke, the liveliness that surrounded her was quiet entertaining. For once she was not the entertainment, and those around her served that purpose for her. So nice to be around friends that could entertain themselves - if not a little loudly at times. “If you would enjoy a ride on a faithful steed to the next town, I assure you, Branches has enough room for the both of us on his back." He bent down so he could whisper to Kimiko and gave her a wink as he did it. She could not see his wink, but she could feel the spry spirit beneath the winkles. An opportunity to travel with such a weathered old man? Kiko learned long ago, the best sort of adventures start off in the most unexpected ways! Besides, his memory didn’t seem all the greatest and he probably needed her more than she needed him. Though the party was quite at its peak, she wasn’t going to ignore opportunity. Often wandering wherever the wind happened to take her at the time, she felt its gust at her back, urging her on. “You know -“ She smiled brightly, “I think I will! Branches seems like he would make for a very good ride. Especially if you are leading the way!” She stood, once again taking Venepot’s arm and gave a quick bow to the table and other party goers. “I must apologize for my hasty departure since we’ve just arrived.” She said smoothly, “But I think I am ready to adventure on, and this kind fellow has offered to guide me along the way! Emilio - a thousand thank you’s for this afternoon. It has been wonderful. I hope to cross paths again soon! Everyone else as well, so wonderful to meet you all. Perhaps we shall all see each other again!” The blind geisha gave a small wave and, together with the aged old wizard, walked from the noodle shop. As she left she was graced to hear the rather magically helped and wonderful voice of Emilio - closing out her time spent at his party.
  6. You look like shit. Close your eyes, lay back, try to look like I fuck as good as I lie. ..and please don't throw that knife." If Riha’s eyes had color to them, Phoebe could have seen them roll - almost to the back of her head. Instead the little black pin pricks that were beginning to appear made a slight loop de loop. The pale woman’s face adopted a dead pan and Pheobe didn’t need to read her expression or aura to anticipate the: ”No shit.” That followed her expression. None the less, Riha made an impressive show of flopping backwards on the bed, legs sprawled out and hand over her head. She closed her eyes and took several large, deep breaths in an attempt to look well fucked, as well as stave off the creeping darkness that marred her lovely psyche. It took just about everything she had left not to fly off the bed in a fit of rage at the comments that wafted through the doors. Instead she imagined herself marching up to that door and head butting the first asshole she could get her hands on. Though it did little to soothe her wounded pride, she let Phoebe do the talking, thankful for someone that was in less of a brawling mood than she. Randy hoard subdued, Pheobe returned with food - and oh did it smell so delicious. Roasted chicken, amongst other things lurked beneath the hooded dishes. Their scent acting like a siren call and helping Riha drunkenly sit up. “Are you.. hungry? Do you need more water?" The suggestion hovering out in the air, Riha immidialaty began to indulge herself in the foods spread before them. A little sustenance might help her regather her bearings enough to push out the blight on her own. “Your other worldly groupies hitched a fucking ride.” She grumbled, “Stupid assholes are eating up my energy like little gnats.” She went to take another bite of food when.... YOU HAVE EATEN YOUR LAST MEAL! Dearest reader, I wish to tell you our heroin was unfazed! That she valiantly caught those fireballs with her hands and extinguished the fire with bravado and a well placed speech before hand. That she raised her little throwing dagger, and with one well aimed throw.... caught the villain by the throat and ended his fiery interruption to her meal! She, Riha was victorious! Instead..... The ear piercing scream that escaped the ex royal could have re-shattered the glass that rained down on them. She jumped so violently from the unexpected surprised that she tumbled over backwards from where she perched on a bed post to eat. “What the fucking fuck is this shit?!” She yelled, finally re-emerging from the other side of the bed “Fucking delusions interrupting a nice dinner with whatever this is and....and...” Still the being continued to rant and rave about dishonorable death from the shadows and being merciful for allowing Pheobe the chance the fight honorably. Was this real? It couldn’t be real.... Must be a combination of exhaustion, the blight taking her mind over, and being super, SUPER drunk....right? Yet the flames continued to spread around the room, and they were HOT HOT HOT. Delusions didn’t give third degree burns! “You said there wasn’t ANYONE that would come after you!” Her tone was drunken and accusing, “Who the fuck is this guy?!” She’d completely turned her attention to Pheobe, missing the fireball hurtling towards them, as if she expected an explanation right that very second and there was no impending and immediate fiery death raining down upon her.
  7. People began to filter into the area, adding to the general noise of the room. It wasn’t loud or obnoxious, but simply - louder. A fraction of the volume it would reach by the pinnacle of the evening. Yet still, she continued on tuning her strings, and the Maitre’d had not returned yet. Thus far, proving her theory right, he would get distracted and forget his explicit orders. Which was fine by her. The last finely tuned note gently hummed, Kimiko’s fingers hovering over the last string to tune. Her pink eyelids closed and corners of her lips uplifted as she listened to the very last sweet note zing through the air. It was her favorite part of tuning, hearing all the notes as they should be. Things such as her flute didn’t need tuning, but of all her instruments, this shamisen was her favorite. A gift from her mentor when he suggested she learn to play. Carefully she set down her instrument, and then stood in one fluid movement. Something not easily done given the heavy obi on her back and the way her kimono wrapped about her. Her toes moved forward in those same small steps, finding the edges of her performance area. She walked them over and over again until each little raised mark was memorized. Then she counted the paces between each marker to see just how far she could move while she danced, each step counted until she found it. Next, from the front of her obi, she removed two fans. Each identical and ornate in nature. The colors were a start contrast to the soft pinks, yellows, greens and oranges she wore. Gold and black danced in her hands as they moved to and fro in practiced movements, making it difficult to decide if there was a pattern on them or if the movement created the pattern. In stillness, they were just as they appeared to be, hand fans. Her next movements became more complex as she moved, testing just how far she could go before her outstretched arm reached the boundary of her performance area. At times she over extended, exceeding the limit set, others she was just shy. As she practiced, the distance became more and more exact, until the gold tip of her fan lined up exactly over the line on the floor. Kiko did this over, and over, and over again until she was happy she’d achieved near perfection. Those beautiful fans disappeared as quickly as they appeared, vanishing into the folds of her clothing without a line or wrinkle to say they existed. At this point, she felt fairly certain of herself and more than a little thirsty from her work. She raised two fingers slightly to indicate she needed attention, and she received it in abundance. The Maitre’d scuttling out from his distractions, he reeked of embarrassment for getting waylaid. “I hate to pull you from your work.” She said quietly so as not to let others in on his little oops, “If you could, some water would be much appreciated. And a second glass placed just next to the pillow where I will play too...” The Maitre’d snapped and quickly sent a nearby server to do as was asked. “I am so sorry.” He overly annunciated his words, “Is there anything you need....” Kiko waived her hand dismissively, “You are so busy! I can hardly fault you for that! Water and a quick stroll around the room will serve me well. I don’t want to keep you too long.” She decided it would be good for her to know just where those markers were after all. It could give her an idea of just how large the room was. The water appeared shortly after they started to walk the perimeter of the room. Each bump marked on the floor indicating a row between sitting areas, which became a bit tricky since they weren’t all lined up perfectly and people sat just about anywhere and with anyone. Once heat signatures and energy filled the room, it would make that problem just a little easier. “I think I can manage the rest for now.” She patted the Maitre’d on the arm, “I will be sure to speak to the owners about how diligent of a guide you were tonight.” She meant it in compliment, no threat at his supposed forgetting about her in the least. He did exactly as she hoped he would and served her well. The mark of a truly wonderful and skilled server. He gave her a quick bow before remembering she was blind and instead patted her white painted hand and touched it to his forehead. “If you need anything - “ He left the words hanging in the air. “I will be sure to ask the staff.” She interrupted firmly, used to this sort of thing, “I couldn’t possibly pull you away from such an important job. Thank you for your help.” Dismissed, the Maitre’d’s disappointment followed him out of the room like a rain cloud over his head as he exited to resume his position. The entertainer turned her attentions once again to giving the room another once over. Walking over the bumps and lines, memorizing the different feel in the floor for different areas. The room wasn’t full yet and dinner peak hadn’t hit. So she used the ample time to study the room around her and continue her preparations for the night.
  8. The blind geisha resigned herself to sit back quietly and allow the ebb and flow of people around her to run its course. Emilio’s joining in on the fun by declaring them all family brought a small laugh from her. Good natured jokes, ice broken and thawed, now yet another could join in with their forging of friendships and adding to their ever growing family. She didn’t doubt the charming old man couldn’t have the whole shop included in on his party by the end of the night. Something she mightily looked forward to see if he could pull it off. “My singing voice ain't that good, so I think I'll pass. Besides, I don't know any songs." “It doesn’t matter if you are good or not.” Came the gentile reply, then a wink, “It’s whether or not it is fun for you....Besides, you could just invent the words if you don’t know them, makes for better songs in my opinion.....” Her voice trailed off as her warm beer arrived, with a thick layer of foam on top! Just the way she liked it! “Ah!” She clapped her little hands together excitedly, “Thank you!” As conversation does, it moved on, the flow of it shifting away from Karaoke and onto other things - such as dog tags that the newcomer was wearing. Oh how her blindness robbed her of the ability to find little details such as that to ask about! Well adjusted as she was, she did miss being able to detect small things such as that. But a sip of warm beer served as enough of an offset to that minor disappointment. Kimiko sorely wanted to ask about the White Tiger school, and about Tiandi Wushu - however other members of their party, already having relocated to the shop, made themselves known...loudly. “Your friend's here, Kimiko. He says to ask: 'raamen tabemasu ka?', which is 'eat ramen' in Japanese!” The loud voice over the already loud shop grated. Kiko gave a small tilt to her head in acknowledgement of the statement and kept her hands wrapped around her mug of beer. “Ni’m sorrime, ni pole-’t lar- tye, could tye eques i a titta louder?” She replied quietly to Cassie before taking a sip of beer. The temperature continued to be perfect, it hadn’t cooled down to the temperature of the room just yet, and since it wasn’t cold - it couldn’t get warm and ruin the taste of a beer best served cold! “I hardly think an order for singing is necessary.” She said in regards to another question she heard floated out amongst the din, “I heard Igni here needs at least two beers before she said she will sing.” Yes, she held on to little pieces like that in her mind, the devil is in the details after all. Choosing to draw her attention away from the more raucous of the crowd, she turned her ice blue and unseeing eyes back to their target. Ready to sate her curiosity. “Tell me about this White Tiger School -“ she gently insisted, “I am most curious to know what it is!” @supernal @Venus Sprite @Reflectsor @Houndy Poochykins @Purple Eagle
  9. A naughty smirk turned up the corners of Quinn’s lips as she was found out. So he figured out she was behind the dreams? And here she thought she was being oh so clever about it! Well - all good things with time, she’d get better at it the more she practiced, and someday be able to intrude and manipulate thoughts and dreams without giving much evidence of her tampering. For now she’d simply bait him day and night as much as she pleased and reap the benefits for it. “Yes - you do owe me.” She teased. Quinn stretched herself out so he could have greater access to tracing the lines and curves that graced her form. The mischievous grin she wore showed off the tips of her pointed teeth, red eye beginning to glow, giving away the hunger within. She held off for as long as she could, but found herself simply too tempted to hold back any longer. Deciding he’d had enough time to explore, she rolled onto her side and with a strong shove against his shoulders pushed him to his back. Quickly, the vampire clambered atop him, hair hanging down along one side of her cheek, obscuring her red eye. The silver one peeked out at him, half hungered, half desirous. She paused for only a moment, waiting for permission, and once granted, began her hypnotic dance. The silver eye that looked down into Shikai’s promised so many things, pleasure, pain, all bundled into one. With her gaze came a small suggestion he wouldn’t be triggered, that she was safe, this wasn’t then. Quinn was always careful not to trigger the memories - she was terrified she might accidentally. Especially having him pinned as she did. Thighs pressing his into the mattress, arms on either side of his head. She lowered her head to grant him the sweetest of kisses to the place she intended to nip, giving only a slight numbing dose so he could feel the sharp bite of her teeth. A quick breath in and she bit, blood flooding her mouth with its familiar and delicious essence. Firmly latched, Quinn began to live out the most recent dream she left him with as he slept. On the outskirts of town. The sun traveled its torturous path across the sky and finally made its descent. Allowing Quinn to emerge from her hiding, dressed quite impeccably for the doctor. She wasn’t quite sure what this house looking business was all about. Showing up blood splattered and looking like a well ridden horse was not an option when the unknown was involved. She stood next to Shikai, hand in hand, staring down the first home he wanted to show her. She gripped him like they were facing off against the world, the white knuckled grip of determination. “Let’s have a look then shall we?” The brightness in her voice giving life to the spark of excitement within her.
  10. As silence hung, Mariela could feel it slipping its way round the neck of the conversation, and strangling it. The conversation was quick to move on, however it seemed Michelle wasn’t quite done with it. Staying completely silent, Mariela simply let the events unfold as they were, she knew when to stay quiet and when to speak up. Though she was considered obnoxiously opinionated, Mariela knew when to shut up and look pretty. Michelle’s explanation of Argus was quite succinct, and as she rose to stand politely dismissing them all, Mariela stood as well to follow. They paused for the briefest of moments before the Philanthropist called out something they’d all seen earlier. The person in the Oni mask fleeing over the wall. Afterwards she promptly dismissed herself and turned to leave the room. “A pleasure sharing tea with you.” Mariela added, as she gave a polite bow and made to follow Michelle out of the room.
  11. Her toes actually left the ground for the briefest of moments, and for a second, Riha thought she was going to go crashing forward with the axe. Instead her feet found the ground again and until she was absolutely, positively sure he wasn’t going to split any more plants with that killing machine, she didn’t intend to let him go. The gruffness of his “fine”, was enough for her to release her grip, though she continued to stare him down. One stubborn mind clashing with the other for a long moment, until he walked away grumbling. Riha considered that a win for herself, even if he did think her a “fucking tree hugger.” She didn’t care, there would be no more screaming...well, no more new screaming. The lamentations of those already injured continued to ring through her head, the soothing song and drum beats stronger and louder to soothe and mollify. Riha rolled up one sleeve, preparing to march right over to that Aiden and tell him just where he could stuff his grumpy mood, when her trajectory was interrupted by the shinobi. Pen light flashing in one eye, then the other, causing her to squint and blink. It being so dark in the jungle, the light was practically blinding and left her now a little frazzled. She was initially exhausted by opening the portal, now she suffered from screaming plants and a pen light. The woman couldn’t figure out which was worse, considering her stomach turned horribly following the most recent harrowing development. "Let me take a look at you. Can you tell me what happened?" The concern for her wellbeing was odd, but not unwelcome. “Asshole over there was committing mass plant murder.” She managed to say around the growing nausea, “They just wouldn’t stop screaming!” Realizing she probably sounded very much like a lunatic tree hugger, as she was so lovingly accused of, she snapped her mouth shut and wiped away a little of the cold sweat that crept across her brow and threatened to tumble down her nose. She’d have to try explaining again. ”This forest isn’t as quiet as it seems.” She ventured a little more calmly, “I think the .....” She held up one finger and quickly ducked to the side, throwing up the meager contents of lunch. Possessions typically left her feeling rather sick afterwards, nausea evidence enough to her that the forests energy did indeed exist and it wasn’t some figment of her imagination. To convince others she wasn’t insane, well that was a very tricky subject. "We should pick up the pace. The faster we finish our task, the faster we can leave this place." The well timed direction to get moving again was the perfect interruption to what Riha was sure sounded like the raving of a crazy woman. “Agreed.” She staggered to her feet, “just tread carefully, this forest is alive, I don’t want to know what will happen if we make it any angrier than we already have.” While she carried herself with the airs of aristocratic nobility, she made it abundantly clear she was tough as nails beneath that veneer. The woman could even make puking look feminine if she really tried or wanted to - which she didn’t. And after holding up her finger once more to turn and finish ridding what didn’t come up the first time, she straightened herself up. Eyes glaring directly at Aiden and his offending axe as he gulped down water. “Put that thing away and don’t take it out again unless you are being munched on!” She practically hissed. From a bag she had strapped to her back, she pulled out a small cloth and wiped at her mouth before returning it back to the bag. “You wouldn’t happen to have a ginger root with you would you?” She asked Shikai as she began to move forward once more, joining the dead mistress.
  12. The din and discord of the noddle shop was interrupted by a strangers offer to allow them all to sit with him. Thankfully for Kiko, Igni and Emilio were not far behind her, and Igni was quick to answer. It was rather difficult for Kimiko to tell which life signature was speaking to her in a room full of them, her ears serving as a directional beacon, but not a honing device. When introduced, Kimiko merely raised a hand in greeting before letting it fall gracefully to her side. Head tipped curiously as the two exchanged what she considered necessary ice breakers. “Not that it's any of my business, but what brings you all here? Ain't just every day you see a guy come walkin' in a place like this with more than one girl." The one identified as Trey mused. The mischief that seeped from his words finally gave Kimiko what she sought, a direction to look. She could see the fluctuations and changes in the people about her, now that she could match the words to intent - she knew where to go. Having chatted poor Venepot’s ear off on their way to the noodle shop and making him walk twice the speed he probably could walk, she was quite glad she still had a firm grip on his arm. “Don’t forget Venepot!” She said brightly, patting the old man’s arm. Without hesitation she flitted across the room, all the while dodging servers, customers and the occasional chair. Hand still tucked in the old man’s arm, she so effortlessly made it look like he was the one helping her around! The dulcet and rather off key notes of a karaoke singer warbled through the air as the blind Geisha reached her end goal. Finally, she was able to release Venepot from her iron clad clutch on his arm and slide effortlessly into the bench that made up the ‘L’ for the corner which the table was perched. “Now, now.” She said as she perched upon the bench, “Can’t friends merely enjoy the thrill of Karaoke?” She paused in her playful scolding to quickly snag the nearest server and quietly request a warm beer. Not hot, not cold, warm. If the server thought it odd, they didn’t say as much, and hovered around for a moment longer as to gather anyone else that might be joining’s order. “I hope you’ve practiced your singing” She teased, “Because I fully look forward to hearing each and every one of you.”
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