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  1. The Shell of Great Sins

    Quin stood off to the side with her hands in her pockets, puffing on her pipe, waiting for the group to decide what to do. She wasn't one for shopping, but a dram of whiskey would be well received as would taking a look at that herb garden. She had never seen a nome but she was keen to speak with them about their drugs and how they made them. She didn't like drugs, in fact she hated them, especially since her own other sold her for less than an ounce of "star dust." But psychedelics often had properties in them that could be extracted and used to numb pain. She listened to Damien outline his plan to take the city and felt a fissure of cold snake up her spine. She came to test her good night kiss, not to get bit. She wanted to be well out of the way when the fangs began to fly, the question was - where to go to stay safe when they did? She heaved a sigh, smoke spilling out of her nose, the familiar taste of her herbs nearly reaching the end of the burning potential, she tapped it out and waited expectantly.
  2. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    << Halls / Courtyard / Med Clinic >> Quin's door creaked open once more and she crept her way through the halls, bag full of laundry over her shoulder and the damned sun dress swishing. Her legs felt cold, exposed, which was the last thing she wanted to feel in her vulnerable state. She stopped by the big kitchens to drop off her laundry, a staff member took her bag with a gentle smile and a bow. "Not to worry - we will take care of this today." She could see the amusement in their eyes at her attire, "You look like you have been through enough." She opened her mouth to protest, she always did her own laundry, and as she did so she gossiped and talked with the staff - it was how she kept on the up and up, it reminded her of home. In the whore house that is. The staff gently pushed her out of the kitchens and on her way out the pushed another mug of spiked orange juice and a scone into her hands. Defeated she stuffed the scone in her mouth, it was a delicious treat. She had difficulty swallowing it however around the swelling, a painful reminder of the dangerous job she accepted. She chased it down with some orange juice and made her way to the courtyard to return to her clinic, there was far too much to do today and not nearly enough time. As she walked she saw Ariana, she was calling sparrows to herself. It was a rather pretty sight watching them dance to her whistles. Feeling rather wary of Vampires at the moment, and being unable to speak. She settled to stuff the rest of the scone in her mouth and wave with her free hand as she shuffled by, she didn't want to see rude or anything. When she finally reached her clinic she entered and closed the door with a snap. There were two patients waiting for her already, she motioned for them to wait just a moment and stepped behind the screen. The staff had the room mostly cleaned up, they were leveraging the Orc cadaver into the tube using chains on pulleys suspended from a ceiling beam she installed for just such an occasion. Quin pulled on her lab coat tiredly, oh how she wanted to hide for a while. She gulped down the rest of her juice, straightened her shoulders and rolled them. She mentally made a check list of all the things she needed to do: Treat the patients, check the volunteers in the feeding den, check on the elixir patients, sketch the plant - weed the herb garden, take inventory of what was lost.... The more she thought the more depressed she felt, she settled on focusing on step one, treat the patients in her waiting room.
  3. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    << Medical Clinic / Quin's room >> “I know he had made promises, I will do my best to make sure you’re protected..” Tatia said, making her way across the mess towards her, she knelt down and gently touched Quin's cheek “I will hold up the honor in the promises made by Leinhart.” Quin's eyes soaked up hers and despite all that had just happened, she couldn't help but feel like she finally had an ally in this deadly place. She nodded her head and managed to squeak out a rough "thanks," her windpipe slowly swelling up from being choked prevented her from saying much other than a gravely thank you. The pipe probably didn't help, especially the mix she had in it right now. She would need to find her herbs for swelling and pain and pack her pipe with them. Tatia stood with a sigh and looked over the destroyed lab, “I will send someone to help you..” She said before leaving Quin alone. The door closed with a snap and Quin heaved a big sigh, smoke coming out through her nose. Finally alone - well, her and the still hissing plant. She grabbed the eyeball off the floor near her foot and tossed it to the plant. It caught it in its mouth and curled in on itself, making a quiet clicking noise. She knew it would be a matter of minutes before the staff came in to help, and more likely than not, word would spread and she would have more help than she needed - yet another benefit of befriending the staff. She stayed on the floor for a moment longer, running her hands through the hair that came loose from the braid. She gave her cheeks a sharp slap. "Suck it up girl -" She gave herself her usual pep talk, "It's not like you didn't know the risks when you came here." I never thought it would happen though - he promised - She stood, her pants making an odd sucking sound as she stood - a result of sitting in preservative for longer than necessary - and rifled through her drawer for the correct herbs she needed. She opened the nearby window, tapped out her delicate pipe and re-packed it. Lighting it once more she felt almost instant relief when she breathed in. She didn't know if her voice would return any time soon, but she hoped it did. She heard the door open before she saw the ten helpers that trooped in, one of them had a mug of orange juice. She accepted it happily and took a sip, immediately recognizing the alcohol that spiked it. She gave them a wink, smile and approving nod. " - " Nothing came out, she cleared her throat and tried again, "Don't worry about the specimens, just clean them up - I will just have to get more. I want this cadaver -" She sipped her grown up juice and cleared her throat once again. Disappointment and frustration flooding through her due to needing to start all over again in her collections. "The Orc needs to go into the tube -" She rasped out, "I will be back, I need to get out of these clothes." "Leave it to us M'Lady." She rolled her eyes, the refused to call her Quin - which was her name - Quin. Quin didn't bother putting her bunny slippers on as one of them was still soggy, so she left them in the lab to dry for the time being and walked barefoot towards the great hall. Pipe in one hand, orange juice in the other. To further accentuate her state of upset, she didn't even check the great hall before striding across it, leaving a barefooted trail of preserving fluid on the floor. Instead she would take a gulp of her juice, then go back to puffing on her pipe. She would have to check the bruising and swelling when she got to her room. The familiar door creaked open as she entered and slammed it shut. Her juice now finished and pipe nearly so. She shimmied out of her sodden pants and tossed them in the growing pile of laundry she needed to do. She walked to her mirror and tilted her head back slightly - perfect blue and black finger marks marred her skin above the collar. Her throat looked puffy and she felt it, exploring the extent of the damage. She sighed, once that swelling was done it would likely take days for her voice to return. Great. She rifled through her dresser looking for another set of pants, instead of pants - she found a white sun dress. She let out a whimper, Can this day be finished yet? Having no other options, she put on the dress and strapped her pistol around her thigh. As much as she would like to hide in her room, she had work to do.
  4. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    Quin stood, chest heaving, on the other side of the examination table. She fought hard to drive her fear back, regain the calm demeanor she worked so hard to build through years of war, struggle and strife....yet - "You've remained human long enough, it is time you joined us officially under Choisel House." His declaration chilled her to the bone. Her voice had fled, the protest she had was gone. She flinched and turned her face away a whimper whispered through the air, a few terrified tears streaked down her cheeks. The table flew past her with a crash, sending the table, its contents and the cadaver flying into the wall. It shattered various jars and vials along the wall and their contents and fluids spilled all over the floor, soaking into the cadaver. The plant had awoken and was now hissing at Leinhart for disturbing its nap and nearly crushing it with the table. When she looked back she saw he was covering his ears, his image flickering like something from a horror story. Her eyes were then drawn to an approaching figure behind him. Tatia. “Lienhart, lets not continue to be rude to the Doctor. Afterall, you hired her and made promises of safety..” Her voice like a clear ringing beacon of hope, “And, you’re not holding up to your promise..” She moved between them and put her hand to Lord Crow's chest, he seemed to be critically melting down, the ringing from Quin's collar instigated it more, he was beyond reason. His hand shot out and he had Tatia by the throat, hissing at her. Quin didn't hesitate this time, she took a shuddering deep breath, pulled her pistol from its holster and cocked it with a loud click. His height was an advantage to her as she could shoot right over Tatia's head, sure they would all be deaf for a few days from the sound in such a small space....but it would create some distance for them at least. Her vision was slightly blurred from the embarrassing tears that wouldn't stop. She squeezed the trigger slightly, feeling it resist her - then she noticed a change, a shift. Leinhart let go of Tatia and his eyes changed back to their normal color. Quin lowered her pistol slowly, not trusting his reaction. He looked up at her, a flicker of something other than cold behind those eyes. She tried to straighten her spine and not look up at him like some sort of kicked puppy, but it was damn hard with the tears that wouldn't stop. She never cried, and now it was like a flood gate, in front of vampires no less. "I don't feel so well, excuse me." He said before fleeing her clinic, the door slamming behind him. Quin's knees gave out, she slid down the cabinet and nearly puddled on the floor. Preservative and other fluids from the jars seeping into her jeans, an eyeball rolled past her foot. She limply dropped her pistol onto her lap before reaching up and feeling around for the drawer handle above her with her hand. She slid it open, fished around blindly before finding her pipe and a green silk bag. She stuffed the gold and black pipe, lit it and took a few puffs. Lavender colored smoke rose above her as she shook out the match. The familiar calm from this specific combination of herbs. She looked around the destruction of her lab before her eyes fell on her ally, she was too exhausted to feel embarrassed at her current state in front of the Countess. "Your timing was most opportune Countess." She said taking the pipe out of her mouth momentarily, "A simple thank you would not quite cover the gratitude I am feeling right about now." She put the pipe back in her mouth and puffed, looking around again at her lab. She heaved a big sigh, causing lavender smoke to pour out her nose. "This is why I can't have nice things." She muttered again for the second time that day.
  5. The Shell of Great Sins

    Quin had done her best in all her stretching to ignore the epic backfiring of her plan, toe curlingly so. Despite her best efforts to outwardly hide her.... disposition, she was sure she was failing.....horribly. Cheeks flushed, chest heaving, she pulled out her pipe and began to stuff it. She felt a tingle up her back and she looked back at the offending party, standing there pretending to be a gentleman. She couldn't even manage a glare from the glazed over look that she was sure still painted her features. She lit her pipe and shook out the match, taking a few puffs before heaving a sigh. It was her own damn fault for fucking with a vamp that liked to fuck with her brain as a hobby - quite literally as it would seem. A steady stream of purple smoke was now hovering above her pipe and she tightened her backpack straps, finagling the heavy load so it didn't weigh her down as much. Finally feeling much calmer from the squirming of her insides, she resisted the temptation to rub her ass where it still stung for some reason. She marched her way over to Alastair and stood next to him, not looking at him. "I knew you were fucking with my mind." Her voice sounded huskier than she intended, she cleared her throat, "Do it again and I may find myself compelled to give you a good' night kiss.' or at the very least, shoot you, seeing as I know it won't kill you." She puffed on her pipe a few more times before adjusting her backpack once again to shift the weight and turned to catch Lord Crow looking at her oddly. Good Gods she hoped he wasn't party to the mind kinkery that just happened...it would certainly explain the look. Could all Vamp's fuck with her mind or was it just the one? She hoped it was just the one, or she would have to start singing loud annoying tunes in her head until they all decided to stop reading her thoughts. Master Vandom was already walking ahead of them, so she took it as her opportunity to escape and hopefully get her cheeks to resume their normal color. "By your leave Master Choisel." She said with a trace of sarcasm before using her long legs to carry her away. She didn't look back and instead puffed on her pipe thoughtfully as she walked, looking around her at the curious surroundings.
  6. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    << Medical Clinic >> "This is why I can't have nice things." Quin sighed, changing out out of her bunny slippers and fitting her feet into her lab flats. She tossed the offending, blood stained slipped into a bucket of cold water and attempted to wring out the blood. She hung it off a peg on the wall to dry and turned her attention to the cadaver that was now on the examining table. What a lovely gift to find after such a calamitous start to her morning. And it was an Orc too! She never had the chance to map or study Orc anatomy....only problem was it was missing some important parts....like all of its insides. Instead, a carved out, hollowed chest sat gaping open, ribs cracked. She didn't question what happened to it or how, just that she had a useless cadaver.....then again.... "Was ist mit dir passiert, mein Freund? If the Elixir can heal the living....and that is made of Vamp blood...." She mused, "I wonder what it would do to something that is already dead? Ich denke nicht, dass es dich zurück ins Leben bringen wird, das ist sicher." She grabbed her beat up medical notebook and set it down on the table next to the cadaver. A cold breeze snaked its way up her spine, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up and the pages of her notebook to ruffle. The increasingly all too familiar physical reaction she had whenever one of the blood suckers was near. She suspected it was due to the sanguine trail she left behind her. She was about to turn around and tell them to go dig a hole and take a dirt nap, when a voice she wasn't expecting floated into her ears, deepening the chill in her spine. "You've sustained an injury Lady Quinn. You have to take more care when proceeding through the Chateau, it isn't quite fit for humans." Quin turned around quickly, loose hair from her braid lodging in her mouth, she pulled it out and attempted to tuck it behind her ear. There stood Lord Crow himself, come to check in on her progress likely. It was only natural, he hadn't seen her lab since she arrived. "Ah....yeah." She flashed a smile, "I'm alright, its no big deal - It's lucky you decided to stop in this morning, I was going to come .... find you....and...." Her voice trailed off as his eyes began to change, a crimson glow filling them upon perusal of her person. She took a step back and looked up, up, up. His solid form towering over her. She didn't even have time to briefly wonder how he found clothes long enough before she caught him ogling her chest. Oh hell no! She wasn't able to react soon enough however, and he began to advance on her. Her eyes now frozen on his crimson ones. She took one step back for every two he took forward until her hips hit the table containing the cadaver behind her. Causing it to make a loud clunking sound. His hand came forward and clenched around her throat just above the silver collar. Her chest was heaving, heart pounding in her ears, pulse quickened body feeling weightless, numb and frozen. "Allow me if you must ..... Ma'lady." She leaned in and tipped her head back slightly, eyes half lidded, his sweet smell filling her nose, his cold breath tickling her throat where he was poised....Oh fuck yes.... She took a deep breath in, closed her eyes and....the words almost slipped from her lips....and then...the fog began to clear. Her eyes widened at the realization that she was about to become Vamp breakfast. Why don't I want this? Her hand snaked around on the table behind her, pistol at her side forgotten at the moment. Every second she breathed him in was a moment she had to fight the fog that clouded her brain. Doctors are friends not food! She blinked again and her hand found her notebook. Ahhhhh but he is being soooo rough.... She grasped it in her hand and smacked him sharply on the back of the head with it. The second it made contact she felt the fog lift like a rapidly rising curtain. "That is doctor if you please. And no I will not allow you." She took the pause in his stance as opportunity to slip from his grasp and put the cadaver between them. She did her best to keep her breathing even, chest still heaving and head reeling. "None of this M'Lady crap, I am not elloquent, nor elegant enough to be a lady." She said, she tapped her silver collar and it made a dull sound. "Besides, you don't want to chip one of those pearly whites do you?"
  7. Chateau De Choisel [Haunted Glen]

    Dr. Nash and the Carnivorous plant Part I < < Courtyard / Medical Clinic > > Dr. Quinlan Nash woke up with a stretch and a yawn, it had been quite a few weeks since she was invited to come practice at the Chateau. She was approached by a Leinhart Choisel, he offered her a medical clinic, a lab and a lot of money to come work in his castle. At first the gloom of the place intimidated her...that and the fact that the Chateau was filled to the brim with Vampires. Blood sucking nightmares she thought fantasy up until now. Leinhart promised her safety despite her very human nature, however she still didn't trust that some other vamp wouldn't try and eat her. But as the days wore on and she got used to the Chateau and its inhabitants, she became more and more comfortable with it. She got out of bed with a groan and splashed some cool water on her face to wake up before digging through her dresser for a pair of clean jeans and a t shirt. She pulled out a pair of particularly worn blue jeans and shimmied into them, jumping and tugging up on them to get them over her hips. A consequence of being a curvy woman attempting to wear jeans. Next she pulled on a red t-shirt and tugged it down, looking down to ensure her undergarments weren't showing, she nodded, satisfied. She moved over to the polished mirror and picked up her brush, taking the time to smooth out the waist long tresses and all its knots and bumps. It never mattered how much she brushed it, some hair or another was always sticking up or out of place. She thought about cutting it, once, and didn't. As she braided her hair, she ignored the silver slave collar that encircled her neck, used it its presence for far too long. Keen silver eyes, ringed with blue so dark it could be black raked over her appearance once more to ensure nothing was seriously out of place. She put her feet into a pair of pink fuzzy bunny slippers she used to walk around the chateau - her work shoes stayed in the lab due to the muck, and gore and blood that they traipsed through. She was sure someone wouldn't appreciate her tracking that through the residence. Finally, she strapped her brown leather holster around her waist and put her pistol in its rightful place. There was no way in hell she wasn't walking around a place full of blood suckers without some sort of protection, she would have to put her brain to devise some other, less noisy, way of protecting herself. The door to her room creaked open and she flinched at the screeching sound, there would be no mystery that she was up and about now. Her feet tread down the familiar corridor and down a set of stairs. She paused before entering the great hall, sticking her head in only a little to survey and take stock of who was there. She was trying to keep herself out of some sort of trouble this morning, particularly from one Alastair, who liked to fuck with her mind any chance he got. When she didn't see him, she stealthily slipped into the small kitchen area. The cook handed her some cheese, a loaf of bread and a jug of juice with a wink. He was the first person she befriended, always befriend the one that makes the food, ensures a woman is properly fed. Her curves weren't going to make themselves! Breakfast in hand, she slipped through the doors to the courtyard, a sigh of relief escaping her lips at making it through the Great hall, mind unscathed. Walking quickly across the cobblestones and through the weaving paths, winding around some delightfully dark and deadly plants, she neared her Clinic. Built out of an old garden house, it was the perfect place to set up a clinic and lab. Suddenly, a sharp pain radiated from her ankle and up. "Son of a bitch!" She dropped her breakfast, the juice spilling into the dirt, "Fucking! Fuck! What was that?" She looked down at her ankle to find a chunk of her jeans missing as well as the back of her ankle. It was bleeding profusely, and she looked around for the culprit. There it was, sitting innocently, with the patch of jeans hanging from its jaw was a flower. It's leaves looked withered, like it was nearly a dead plant. Its colors dim and dreary, wilted. The shooting pain up Quin's leg reminded her her own skin was more important than studying the curious plant, so she limped the rest of the way to her clinic. Leaving a shiny trail no doubt. She quickly cleaned, packed and bandaged the wound, to find it wasn't nearly as bad as she first thought. She only had the serrated marks of the plants teeth in her ankle. Ankle secured, she stuffed a kidney from her most recent cadaver into her pocket and rummaged around in the storage shed next to her clinic and found a very large pot, some heavy gloves and a shovel. Studying a carnivorous plant such as that was hard to pass up on. Especially if she could extract essences from its leaves or some such thing to make a new medicine. Gear in hand she marched back to the plant, it spit out her chunk of jean and was hissing loudly at her. How she had never come across this plant was beyond her, but she was glad she found it. She took the kidney out of her pocket and tossed it to the plant, which promptly scooped it up in its jawed, tooth filled mouth and ate it. It closed up its mouth, sat back on its stem and made a quiet humming noise. Seeing that as her opportunity, Quin quickly put on the gloves, and used the shovel to dig it up. She put it in the pot with some dirt and limped her way back to the clinic with it in hand. She found a nice spot for it in the lab portion of her clinic. "There." She removed her gloves, "You aren't so bad, just a blood thirsty critter...not surprising given where we are....I feed you, you help me." She looked down to realize she was still in her slippers, one of them now half stained red. "Ahhh man...." She sighed, "I liked these...."
  8. The Shell of Great Sins

    "Well if you think you're in such peril Doctor Quin, allow me to Sire you before we disembark. We'll remove half your threat concerns immediately, in which I can assure you that no hunter will come to harm us so long as I am around." Quin couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at him and that irritating wink, "Ha you wish -" 'Besides, I'm sure you taste divine, absolutely delicious.' Wait - say what? She looked at him with a confused blank stare for a moment, no one else in the carriage seemed to react to his words - she couldn't be sure if he actually said it or not...that all too familiar feeling of confusion and uncertainty crept into her mind - the one that often did when he was fucking with her brain.....at least she thought he was....Lord Crow promised her that she wouldn't get 'sired' while she worked for Him. Alastair wouldn't dare, would he? She would like to see him try, it would give her an excuse to test her "good night kiss" tranq. Lord Crow's promise wouldn't keep him from fucking with her brain though. Perhaps she would set up a little test to see....something even he and his irritating smirk couldn't resist commenting on. She grinned at him, flashing a dimple, and thought of something racy - with whips and chains and leather - something she had seen only a few girls do back when she was a Doctor in the pleasure district....Try to ignore that you mind reading bastard! She didn't get the joy of watching his reaction however, Lord Crow was speaking about the Elixir to Damien. Her ears perked and she tried not to show too much outward interest. She wasn't sure what his full purpose was in creating the Elixir, and she was curious, ever since she helped him get the samples to create it. Her curiosity was interrupted however when the carriage stopped and they arrived at their destination. She followed Damien out of it quickly, glad to be free of a space packed with blood suckers. She stayed as far away from the nightmare steed's as she could, their countenance making her feel uncomfortable, and she stretched. She glanced back at Tatia and her brow furrowed, she worried about her, being resurrected didn't seem like rainbows and butterflies. She was sure the girl was fine, but she was so....quiet....unnervingly so. She continued to stretch and look around as she walked a few paces one way and then the other, working the stiffness from her legs. Her back gave a satisfying crackle and she let out a sigh before letting her shoulders slump. She ignored Damian's offer for a tour of the city - she suspected he was being sarcastic. She liked that about him, he seemed to speak more her language, none of that proper crap. Besides, she didn't think this was the sort of place for tourism.
  9. The Motley Crew

    Zafira and My Lord sat on command, the tone in Lorelei's voice brooking no argument. My Lord's tail was wagging in a puddle of blood, smearing it across the floor and painting his tail red. They looked with curiosity on as Ira and Lorelei worked to save Aiden. My Lord barked and looked up at Zafira, she nodded to him, reached over the bar - the bar tender abandoned it in the fight - grabbed a bottle of whiskey and took a swig. My Lord barked at her more insistently. "Alright - alright, I'm working on it." She dug through her bag for a bowl, "I will get you some damn whiskey - " She dropped the bowl on the floor and poured the amber liquid into the bowl, My Lord lapped it up loudly. Zafira put the bottle to her lips and tipped it up, taking a few long chugs. "This just isn't our day, first that Air ship explodes, then this fight....with the blokes that tried to blow it up....I would say someone is out to get us." She said. My Lord growled at her and rolled his eyes. "Well no need to be rude about it." She looked down at him, "I know I'm pointing out the obvious. This begs the question...should we still head to Hell's Gate? I heard some rumors while I was trying my best to sleep it off in the clinic that it was practically destroyed in this civil war that is going on....I mean its a waste land at this point....or - do we find this Sir Sidney and find out why the fuck he is trying to blow us up?" My Lord snorted in agreement and burped. Her attention was drawn back to the mess on the floor with Aiden, Ira and Lorelei. "Is he going to be alright?" She asked, "That looks nasty..."
  10. The Motley Crew

    My Lord, as soon as Ira's axe came swinging down on the other man's arm, streaked out of the bar with his tail between his legs. He darted past Lorelei, who was entering the bar, and rushed to find Zafira. He wasn't going to stick around to get his tail chopped off, he caught enough of the conversation to know when to scoot out. He ran through the clinic barking for Zafira until he found her and paced in front of her. "Ira did what!?" She exclaimed, "Well, leaping lizards we can't just leave them to fight on their own!" She leapt up off the bench, fatigue fully ignored, and grabbed her bag. Racing out after My Lord and across the street to the bar. She burst through the doors and skidded across the rough wooden floor, Lorelei was trying to heal the man who lost his arm. One of the men in the stand off looked from Lorelei, to Zafira, to the dog, to Ira and Aiden. The cogs in his brain whirling into action. "Two men, Two women.....and a really large dog." He said slowly, counting. "Good job," Zafira praised him, "You can count!" "Get them!" He yelled. "What the fuck?" Zafira barely had time to yell as a brawl began to break out. She pulled her instrument from her back and swung, bringing it down on the man that was grabbing for Lorelei. My Lord grabbed Lorelei by the back of her pants and dragged her back away from the melee. Zafira lined up again and swung, knocking out the man with her second swing. "I don't suppose -" She shouted to Ira and Aiden then paused to take another swing with her instrument, "You could explain Why the hell we are in a massive bar fight?" Her small frame scrambled up the back of one of the men and she clobbered him on the head while he tried to grab her off his back. My Lord barking and trying to bite the man's leg. "Well now I realize this was a bad idea!" She yelled at My Lord, "Just bite his legs off or something!" The man finally got a hold of her arm and pulled, down she tumbled towards the floor, My Lord barely missing her landing on him. She landed on her back with a thud and struggled to catch her breath, she poised her instrument and swung - this time hitting him squarely between the legs - down he went as she scrambled back to her feet. My Lord sinking his teeth into her pants and pulling, hard to remove her from the chaos. The man on the floor clutching his groin yelled "You bitch!" before hunching over once again.
  11. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    Zafira woke up with a snort, her head slipped to the side and she nearly fell over. Sir was still snoring, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at the sky, what time was it? Oh gosh Alimar! She stood, brushing bits of leaf, stick and dirt off her pants and sleepily made her way to the tent - his stuff was - gone? "Hey!" she startled Sir awake, "What happened to Alimar?" "How am I supposed to know?" He asked, rolling over and stretching. "You were supposed to be watching him!" She exclaimed. "Not my job." He yawned and shook the dirt out of his fur. His ears pinned back suddenly and he let out a low growl, "Get behind me." "What?" She looked at him bewildered, then the bushes rustled and she ducked behind him, his heckles raised, "What is that?" "Nothing good I bet." He answered, "If I say run, do it!" She poised herself to run, heart racing..... A rabbit came darting out from behind the bushes, weaving around the leaves across the dirt and through the wood. "You jerk! Lets go find Alimar so I can make him visible again." She tried to step around Sir. His heckles were still raised and he growled, something larger was crashing through the woods towards them now.
  12. The Fates that Bind

    Quin caught up with them for what seemed like hours, watching them both down an impressive amount of beer for the time frame. That had certainly changed from when she gave him his first fire whiskey - that and the mercenary work - and he seemed much bigger than when she last saw him. She worked hard to refrain from showing her outward excitement too much, from his reaction she guessed he never found the letter she tucked away in his bag when they parted ways, it was probably for the best. She stopped at her second whiskey, not caring to have a monster hang over later. Aiden was staring at the gentleman that returned to the bar, the one that buried the criminals. His staring drew Ira's attention and they were both openly gawking at him. "What the heck do you think that guy is up to?" Aiden slurred. "What ever the heck he wants to - leave him the fuck alone." Quin said sternly. Her words went unheard and Ira staggered up, taking a moment to find his balance. "I don't know, but lets have some fun and find out." He clearly was in an instigating mood. Quin heaved a heavy sigh and rolled her shoulders, preparing to knock some drunken heads together in an attempt to get them to behave. She rolled up her sleeves and cracked her knuckles. Before she could turn to address them, a rumbling sound caught her attention, she looked at the bar and watched the beer in Ira's mug begin to slosh around as the rumbling grew louder and the whole bar began to vibrate. The very ground beneath them was shaking, the various liquor bottles along the wall clanking as they hit each other. "Haven't had one this strong..." Ed said nervously. The shaking suddenly stopped, they heaved a sigh of relief. The shaking wasn't from earth quakes, no, it was from the caverns and whatever was down there. The silence stretched on for a long moment, then the wailing started. It began quietly, so quietly that it was almost unnoticeable. Then it grew louder, and louder and louder. It was a wailing shrieking sound that pierced the heart and struck terror through it. Quin pulled her pistol out from its home on her side and rushed out the door to see what the clamor was. It was a hoard of angry spirits - or that is what it looked like - except they were....armed? With weapons? She lined up her pistol to take a shot, but before she could, an icy hand plunged through her chest and pulled. It was a fraction of a second, then splitting pain as she felt like she was being sucked forward and pushed backwards at the same time. She remained standing, but her body fell backwards and hit the dusty ground with a heavy thump, unmoving. The world became a swirl of haze and hues of grey and black and red....Her brain a mess of fog and confusion. She turned and looked down, she could see herself, sprawled out on the ground. Chest moving up and down, still clearly breathing...but she wasn't in her body. She was practically hovering over it - panic setting in.
  13. The Shell of Great Sins

    Quin watched the city grow through the window, the other passengers with her seemed absently curious about the city. She had been a resident at the Manor for a few weeks, she didn't trust any of them as far as she could throw them - which wasn't far. She was a human in a vampire world, lured in by the promise of a lot of money and a medical research lab that would rival the greatest in the world - once she obtained all the equipment she needed. All it would take is one pissed off vamp to remove her head, or her heart, - or all her blood - things she kind of needed to stay, you know, alive. Quin towered over many women she knew due to her height, her distance from the ground didn't diminish from the hourglass figure that graced her form and filled most of her clothes close to bursting. She wore her usual torn jeans, t-shirt and a cropped brown jacket. Next to her sat her giant tan medical backpack that usually always accompanied her. She had golden hued skin, the color you would find in someone that spent time outside for most of their life. She had jet black hair that was currently twisted up into a messy bun at the back of her head, held together by two lock picks that stuck out like chop sticks. Her eyes an unnerving and unusual shade of silver, ringed with a blue so dark it could be black, an unfortunate trait she inherited from her mother. They held the look of a woman who had seen too much of the world, death and its miseries, a tiredness to them that would never quite go away no matter how much she slept. Around her neck a heavy silver slave collar that bore the scars of her attempts to remove it, etched on it a serial number, and if one were to look at the skin on the back of her neck, just beneath the collar, the same numbers were branded into her skin. The reason she agreed to go along with them to Tia was out of sheer morbid curiosity, she couldn't help herself. The idea of civil war between hunters and vampires should have scared her. But after surviving the destruction and invasion of her country, enslavement - the evidence still apparent in the silver collar that encircled her neck - and various other hardships. That and the pistol loaded with silver bullets doused in holy water she was packing. She found it rather hard to be frightened or even moved by much, she wasn't cold per say, but damn close to it. She had a secondary reason to go as well - test a tranquilizer she developed. It was designed specifically for vampires. She made it simply in case any of those in the manor decided she was far better as prey rather than resident Doctor. She told the Vampires that it was in case she needed to operate in emergency circumstances, which was only half true. Lord Crow was saying something - that was what she called him in her head at least - she had been scolded one to many times to say it out loud anymore. She was sure the Vamp's knew that is what she called him in her head, they had an uncanny ability to seem to know what she was thinking. She tuned him out, she often did, she couldn't help it. He just spoke so - formally - an aristocrat to the bone - the complete opposite of herself. She found it hard not to roll her eyes at him, even when he was just saying something so simple as "good day." She wore the polite face she always did when he was speaking, it didn't make sense to piss off her employer. "Yes, but the problem is, we're vampires. The other vampires in Tia would likely not dare attack us, but the humans, those vampire hunters and resistance groups would see us and see prize winning trophies. They're definitely stupid enough to attack us. Me, I can look like a human pretty easy. I always liked stealth and disguise. But it won't do any good, if any of them see me with any of you, they'll think I'm a poor teenage prisoner, and attack anyway." Damien's voice drew her attention, she nearly snorted. "Speak for yourself." She said, "I'm a human - that is helping vampires. Tell me that both hunters and vampires wouldn't kill for the chance to either suck me dry or take my head off my shoulders." Her bag clinked next to her, filled with a dozen or so syringes with thick needles and the "good night kiss" as she came to call it. She sighed and asked herself for at least the hundredth time, "What the fuck was I thinking taking this job?"
  14. Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

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  15. Invasion of Lydon

    Ira assured Quin he had plenty of tools at the farm that would take off her chain and collar. She heaved an exhausted sigh of relief and began the treck through the woods towards the farm, she hoped that it wouldn't take too long. She wasn't sure how much energy she had after healing all those soldiers, she was dead on her feet, a sentiment she was positive that the other soldiers shared. As they neared the farm, she heaved a sigh of relief, this was counter to Ira's parents. They seemed at first in disbelief, then shock, then disbelief again. They were even more appalled when the whores that followed the group appeared and began to do what they do best - work. Their painted faces and scanty clothes advertising their wares. Quin palmed her forehead with a groan, they couldn't just try and live normal lives? After several tense moments of arguing, gesturing and incredulous stares, Ira's parents finally conceded. His mother began to make a large pot of corn chowder with the held of Ira's two other brothers. The warm chowder was a welcome meal after the long day - possibly the best meal she had ever had to be honest. It was rare for them to have much else other than rice and cabbage in the brothel. Any other treats they would have to take their meager earnings and buy themselves. When she finished eating, Ira, and his father whom he introduced as Edgar, took her to the barn to attempt to free her of the collar. Quin noticed the disgusted look he continued to give her and she decided it would probably be best to correct him in thinking she was a whore too. "I appreciate your kindness." She said, "If there is anything you need in return I am more than happy to repay the favor." The look he gave her was horrified, realizing how what she said must have sounded, she quickly corrected herself. "I mean to say that I am not a whore - I am a doctor - of whores...." She finished lamely. Edgar repeated it slowly and continued to stare at her. "I - I don't work the street -" She said, she pointed to the symbol on her coat, "I am a doctor - Doctor Nash. Unfortunately I was indebted to a whore house, so I had to be treat whores rather than the general population." Edgar continued to repeat it, as if confused, she had to explain again. "I am not a whore." She finally said bluntly, "I am a Doctor - medical professional - I went to medical school and all -" “Oh, I see, so you were not an actual prostitute, you were just a doctor who took care of them” He finally got it! "Yes." She smiled and nodded. “Yup,” Ira replied at the same time, “thankfully she was there too, because she was the one who patched up Samuel and half of the people sleeping in our barn. Now hand me that hammer.” He and his father began to work on breaking off the chains, Quin was too tired to protest at the tugging, pulling and yanking they were doing on the chains and collar. Finally, after Ira got one chain off, his father's much more experienced hands began to take care of the chains much easier. He and Ira were arguing about Ira going to war. Quin stayed silent, knowing it wasn't her place to say anything. Quite frankly she agreed with his father, he should stay with his family and flee. She would hate to see such innocence destroyed by war. They had moved on to trying to remove the collar, it became increasingly hard as they tried to man handle and yank it apart, burn it off, and break it apart using an axe and hammer. This last one made her nervous enough to squirm, one wrong move and her head would be severed before the collar was. “This thing is not coming off today. Your stuck with it for a while”. Ira finally said to her. She collapsed onto the ground, wiping the nervous sweat from her forehead, just glad her head was still in one piece. "Thanks for trying." She said weakly, "You got the chain off and that is something....Look, I don't know what it is about you - maybe because you treat me like a person and not an object or trash - but I like you, you are alright, and I don't say that about a lot of people. Dr. Nash is at your service whenever you need her, as for Quin - well I think we could get along just fine. You look out for me, and I'll look out for you. We both get out of this alive. Deal?" She held out her hand to shake his.