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  1. Riha's eyes soaked the three in, head tipped slightly as if she was listening even though they'd all finished speaking. She was listening - for deceit. When she wasn't greeted by any she managed a small smile. Her dimples were exaggerated by the lack of plumpness to her face. "The populations are nearly extinct, we are gathering who is left." She first addressed Rufus, "I was arranging passage for them out of here if not for my sisters seeds and advice. A lot of the elders have died from the harsh terrain, but I am sure there are some that would remember your name. Grugga likely would." She shrugged, "The younger ones are angry and want to fight. But as a whole I am sure they will be happy to have someone else to help restore the lands. More hands make for quicker work, especially if they are skilled and respected." Her eyes shifted to the jester and she flinched at little at her reference to the bugbears as "cute" and "fluffy." She once saw Grugga rip the arm off of a creature twice his own size and flail it around like a floppy trophy - 'cute and fluffy' were not words she would use to describe them. "I wouldn't let them hear you speak like that." She cautioned, "They are harsh and quick to violence. If they like you enough maybe you can play with the children - they like to cuddle.....sometimes." Riha knew it wasn't her place, but the tenacious girl couldn't help but chime in on the other's question of not wishing to encroach. "If you are friends as Rufus says." She put her hands on her hips, "Then you should be able to pass from here without issue. I'll make sure Grugga and the others know and won't attack, as I said, the Elders that weren't killed by the eruption died from starvation and illness, there aren't many left. But those that are can keep the young ones in check and even put them to work helping if you like....." It wasn't her place to provide aid, but she knew they would if it was as Rufus said. "I have plenty of sees and seedlings of these lovely plants that do well in the ashy soil." She said, "Provide a nice little nut you can eat too. We have enough now that I can uproot some and bring them. There is a shipment from my estates due in a week or so as well. It has food, water and some other provisions. I am certain there is enough to spare for your efforts as well....." Her voice trailed off and her mind wandered for a moment, she'd been caught rambling. Making plans and acting when she was simply a helper, a useful little worker. "That is if you want any of all that and what not......" She muttered, embarrassed. She'd been scolded more than once at her sisters home for taking charge and meddling in things she had no business in. She just couldn't help it, she was under someones thumb one too many times and didn't want to be a pawn ever again! Besides, Oscar told her to work for no man.....save him when he was threatening her. "Well -" She swung her arms by her sides for a moment, looking every bit the young derelict girl she was, "I uh - can bring Grugga over if you wish. Or he and I can simply travel back to the tribe with the news?"
  2. @Csl oh yes the three amigos has just been created. I say HI JINKS!
  3. I did try and think of a way to drag yours in too. By creative brain could not stretch that far.
  4. *Takes a bow* Thank you! That took forever to piece together in a coherent manner
  5. Riha Carthage Riha barely took time to register the name given to her, she would likely ask for it again as her mind tended to be flighty. With so much going on inside her brain she rarely held on to things much longer than a few seconds....unless she was on a mission that is. “Well - off we go then!” She said to her companion ( @SweetCyanide ) Pulling a dagger from its hidden location, she cut the lower seam of her dress, creating a rather large slit so she could move easier. Holstering the secret weapon took a mere few moments before she took off at a run, high heels still firmly attached to her feet. Her hope was she could surprise the miserable little creature and nab it - but no luck was to be had there. The fairy anticipated her movements and buzzed back off towards the inside of the mansion. Heels clicking as she went, Riha changed direction and rushed back into the building, nearly knocking her twin from her perch where she was stealing a moment with her husband. As the fairy flew past, people around burst into tears, much like an over exaggerated play. Those unaffected looked on in complete confusion and horror as to what the sudden change was in the folks around them. Of course they would, perfectly happy people just don’t start sobbing uncontrollably! The fairy entered into the ballroom and Riha blasted past a woman standing just on the inside of it ( @Akako Akari ), barely missing plowing her over as she went. The fairy whizzed into the room and shot off towards where the sounds of lovely music drifted. It wasn’t easy keeping track of the drafted little creature, but it left a trail of sorrow and misery in its path. The way to the piano was nearly cleared as people got lost in their misery. Upon spotting Riha, the fairy shot off once again, going over the piano thinking it would slow down its pursuers progress. But not this woman; heels and all she used her hand to leap over the piano, hip skidding across the gleaming and polished surface as she went. In the process her mask came unattached and landed with a plunk onto the keys where the woman played, resulting in a rather unharmonious sound. ( @havasu ) Next the creature whizzed off through the dancing throngs of people, sprinkling tears as it went. So Riha charged after it, not losing as step as she went. Ducking under a couple and running between them and under their arms ( @Wade & @Aleksei ) then weaving through several other dancers her hand nearly closed over the creature when it seized opportunity and buzzed through a gaggle of women surrounding two men dancing next to the other. Several of the girls burst into tears, which made it easier for Riha to navigate around them, however, when a group of girls is vying for the attention of a singular male.....well no more effective barrier could there be. The misery fairy paused to stick it’s tongue out at Riha thinking it had her good and stopped.....a normal human would have certainly taken the long way round. But Riha never took the longer route when a shorter path could be carved. Taking a few steps back she changed through the gaggle of girls, they parted like water in the wake of her determined fury. Many of them protested - loudly. Then, seeing the fairy just on the other side of the two men, she did the unthinkable. Speed, plus agility was on her side as Riha placed her hands on the inner most shoulder of the two men ( @Dauner Light & @MichaelTheLightBringer ), used her strength and theirs to lift herself up - and jump through the gap they created. The only evidence she’d been there was the heels laying helter skelter on the floor and the now enraged hive of women behind her. The momentum flung Riha through the air and she leaned with hand outstretched to catch the fairy, but missed and tumbled towards the ground. Her fall quickly turned into a summersault and she was up and running once again. The fairy running out of real estate quickly. It dove over the bar and so did Riha. Glasses, ale, food - people went flying as she skidded over the smooth top of the bar on her belly and landed with a resounding crash on the other side. ( @danzilla3, @Meraxa, @Csl ) A triumphant hand shot up over the top of the bar, Riha appearing quickly behind it. Of course Riha was sobbing, being in such close proximity to the fairy, but her sense of victory was so strong it nearly overpowered the creatures abilities. To the untrained eye, she would look completely insane, hand waving something around that no one but her could see. The only evidence something was there; Bite marks appearing on her hand and causing it to bleed. To a magically trained eye - they would likely be able to see the miserable creature clutched in her fist. She transferred the creature to her other hand, pinching its wings between her fingers so it couldn’t bite her. “A jar with a lid if you please.” She requested of the bar tender as if it were an every day occurrence. As she waited for it to appear, which was surprisingly quick given the nature of her sudden appearance, she looked around realizing the mess surrounding her. “Ah -“ Her tearful smile faded for a moment, “I caught a misery fairy....” She offered by way of explanation, finally stuffing it into a jar and putting the lid on it.
  6. *Cracks knuckles* alright, its posting time. Y’all better get ready for this one.
  7. Riha was quick to signal behind her at Grugga, the rapid approach of what could only appear as a masked - chocolate fiend? Resulted in a telltale snarl from the woods behind her. She herself took several quick steps back, the answer she had for the familiar face....the one she still couldn’t quite place....died on her lips as she shook her head rapidly. To make matters even worse, the third member of their party was now on guard, while outwardly he wasn’t making any moves or actions to speak so - his aura screamed it. “Ah n...no thank you!” She quickly squeaked, her lavender eyes looked into the intensity of the others before looking away, “much appreciated though.” What strange company this man kept, right down to the last one. It seemed to be a collection of people as battered and bruised as the land around them. It seemed fitting, like he belonged there. Like this was his home as much as the bugbears. Her attention drew away from the masked one offering her chocolate of all things, and back to the familiar face......ah - yes! She’d seen him at the masquerade, Milo’s coronation. In fact, he appeared to be one of the unintentional victims of her fairy hunt....the one at the bar! What was his name? Rolfio? Regis? Rufus? Rufus! That was it! Riha’s cheeks turned quickly red, of all the people in the universe, she wouldn’t have expected nor necessarily wanted to run into this particular person at this very moment in time. Dirty as she was, once again proving herself to be the scarlet wildling she appeared to be. Last she’d seen Rufus.....well she’d upturned an entire bar’s contents on him and the rest of the people sitting at it. She caught the fairy though....shouldn’t that count for something? A ash blackened hand came up at scratched at one of her braids and looked away for a moment. Eyes unintentionally meeting that of a young woman with them. This was no place for small ones! It wasn’t easy living in these parts, not at all. Concern flashed for a moment but she bit her tongue, now was not the time for her to suddenly access a maternal instinct. Especially when she was running away from her sister’s incessant smothering of her in her own new found maternal status. “I could ask the same of you.” She joked, “But I will give you the uncomplicated answer and then you can tell me yours. I was helping the local bugbears a while ago and got - delayed in my mission. I’ve finally got the resources to come back and I have been helping them restore the lands. We’ve been planting sustainable crops that can withstand the ashy soil, figuring out how to filter and clean the waterways, locating the dead, rebuilding villages......” Running away from home....again. “The bugbear population was afraid you were here to make the mountain angry again.” She explained, “I volunteered to see what was going on first before they acted. I kindly ask for no sudden moves towards me or your weapons. My companion in the tree line is a little jumpy and the tribe is highly protective over its members. So long as I can reassure Grugga you wont make the mountain angry they will leave you alone.”
  8. Soooo..... I promised posts, and then I realized sewing and knitting my daughters Halloween costume From scratch was going to take more time than I thought. Posts will come after Halloween! 

  9. My goal is to tag and disrupt as many attendees as I possibly can.
  10. I’m going to use my character to cause a bit of a ruckus this weekend. So hopefully that will shake some things loose.
  11. Riha Carthrage The bugbears were up in arms about newcomers. Ready to attack them and send them back to where they came from so they couldn't anger the mountain like that last person. Riha convinced them otherwise and got them to allow her to investigate before they attacked. Violence is what encouraged the mountain to be angry in the first place. So perhaps they should look and ask questions before striking. She'd been in the barren lands for some time, help from her twin and some Spriggens she consulted with gave her the opportunity to resume work she was taken away from ages ago. Initially she'd been working with the bugbears to find a solution to saving their homes so they didn't have to leave. A subsequent kidnapping and being found by her sister kept her away longer than she intended. But it was useful and she obtained knowledge of plants that could grow in the volcanic soils. So here she was trying to cultivate them and clean the water sources. In reality she was running away from many things. These barren lands and the bugbears knew nothing of the torment she went through, seeing her sister bloom into such a healthy happy family, being treated like complete shit for her status as Oscar Uldwar's ex lover - one his family didn't even bother to take with them when they ran. It was shameful, embarrassing even. She would never have the things her twin had - not with her label. So Riha would forge her own destiny....with bugbears.....at least for now. The tribe leader insisted Riha take someone with her to keep her safe in her investigation. She was stuck with Grugga, big even by bugbear standards. But he was older, wiser and more gnarled than any of the hot headed young bucks out for blood. He and her had an understanding, a rather peaceful relationship. Especially after she helped him uncover his mate's body buried in the ash. She merely followed the wailing of her spirit - not too hard considering the land was littered with them. Since then, Grugga and her had an amicable friendship - and she'd earned the title 'Spirit talker.' They couldn't pronounce her name anyway with their guttural language, so she allowed it. The party came into view after what was days of walking to get to where their paths met. An oddly familiar feeling came from the party as if she'd met one of them before..... well she would find out soon enough. Riha spoke to Grugga and asked him to wait for her away from the party, no need to have them alarmed either. She showed him several hand signals for him to watch for, one for trouble, one for come help, one for its alright, and one for I'll meet you later. That way he wouldn't come barreling in when misinterpreting their actions. Which - bugbears were quick to do. The closer she got, the easier it was to see what a half starved ragamuffin she was. Clothes irreversibly blackened from working in the volcanic soil, skin nearly died the same as well. Her hair was a dull mess of black braids, the only color in them was the blue feathers she'd found and stuck there. Large indigo colored eyes peeked out from a face that looked rather gaunt, it was the only non stained part of her that alerted others to the fact she was not as dark as the ash surrounding them. More distinctly however, would be the angry red scar that ran down from her eye to her chin. The woman that once wore red at a masquerade and was paraded around on the arm of a noble was a complete and total mess. The woman held up her hands as a sign of peace, she meant no harm.... the bugbears certainly would have. But for now that was hopefully averted. The words of their conversation drifted in the air towards her, they were trying to get somewhere and that somewhere seemed to be a taxing journey. The closer she grew the more familiar one of the faces became....she just couldn't quite peg from where..... "Hello there!" She called as she approached, "You all doing alright? Not many people venture this way - for obvious reasons." She gestured to the blackness around them. "You all alright?" She asked, "Need any water? Food?" She didn't have too much, but she could share.
  12. Quin looked around at hearing Alistair in her mind, her pace already slowed but clearly not slow enough. When she realized he wasn't anywhere near her she gave pause.... did it work both ways? Could she communicate back? an eyebrow raised and her face scrunched up for a moment as she thought back at him, something very much along the lines of a very disappointed 'alright.' Not that she didn't get satisfaction out of being faster than him, but because she was being chastised to slow down instead of barreling into the tent city and devouring it. Hungry eyes finally found where Alistair was, walking towards the tent city - calm and poised as he please. Walking was a challenge. When she could go so fast, she had no clue how her legs worked properly.....walking was suddenly difficult. So for a long few moments she paced until she thought she had it right. Then, one foot in front of the other, she simply walked right into the city - disappearing between two tents like a stray alley cat. Strange how familiar this action seemed to be. It was reminiscent of her days as a Whore's doctor....sneaking in and out of houses, sticking to alleys where she couldn't offend anyone with her presence - even though those very upper class swine were the ones calling on her to diagnose their Genova sickness. Then it occurred to her - everyone trusted a doctor! She didn't need seduction when she had the power of medical science! Success was guaranteed if she fell into her Dr. Nash mode, seductive Nash.....Quin suppressed a shiver - that was a failure waiting to happen. Rounding a corner she paused, a man - just coming out of a tent was visible - Quin's hungered state drove her to strike before her brain could register. The man disappeared around the corner quicker than he emerged from the tent - his body flung some feet behind Quin, his arm still dangling from her hand. Blood was splattered everywhere, the force so great with which she tugged him that he never even had the chance to make a sound. "Shit." She quietly cussed, tossing it aside. He didn't smell good dead. So she would have to find another mark, quickly she moved on, leaving behind the mess. Now she was hungry and frustrated. She'd planned on just marching in, pretending to be a doctor and eating them all one by one! But her damned stomach didn't catch the memo. So aggravating. A sound caught her attention - it was a woman, she was seemingly alone - washing some dishes. Oh yes, this would be perfect! Her back was to Quin, she just had to sneak up behind.....damn she could be quiet.....and open her mouth....grab the woman's head and.....scrak. Quin grabbed too hard and crushed her skull, now she was really irritated! She hadn't even grabbed her that hard! Now she didn't smell tasty either! She let go, disgusted and the body crumpled to the ground. Maybe she should try to seduce someone....... no there was no time for that! She was hungry! A noise sent her scurrying away from the sight, thankful the city was so chaotic it wasn't likely to be noticed immediately. She wasn't careful about where she was going though and she barreled into a man carrying some heavy baskets. Baskets and man went flying - Quin managed a convincing flop and a groan. "Oh ma'am so sorry!" He was quick to help her. It was the perfect opportunity - but - there were so many people around this time! How to get him alone.....she couldn't just bite him here - it would start a riot. "A-are you a doctor?!" He seemed excited. "I am." She answered silkily, "I am indeed a doctor...." He said something she pretended not to hear - it was too noisy she signaled - she didn't know what he was saying.....and he did the incredible. Lead her to a quieter space where he could speak. There is something to be said about giving in to instinct. For some it is easier than other, for Quin it was as natural as breathing. Used to living on sheer instinct for survival as a human, it made it much easier for her beast mind to take over. Pupils dilating until her eyes were nothing but red, the man going blank in the face, tilting his head just a little and - ahhhh such sweet and tasty bliss! She drank and drank and drank until there suddenly wasn't any more. Dragging him where he wouldn't be found any time soon, she continued to prowl. Having some success she managed to sate her thirst, but it was mostly failure - bloody messy failure. A crushed skull here, a torn limb there, a small tousle with an under equip guard. She ended up nicked, he ended up eviscerated before she could drink him, by this point some alarm had been raised within the city and Quin stuck to skulking in the shadows and attempting to strike from there.
  13. DarkHorse

    The Decision.

    Lillai watched as one of the men from earlier walked around the wagon and made himself comfortable. Steady eyes watched him as he removed his helmet and gauntlets. At the very least he knew how to be respectful. A gentleman never wore his hat around a Lady, and this.... gentleman.... looked a little worse for the ware. He helped himself to her baba’s moonshine and made himself comfortable, good, she didn’t have to play the gracious hostess. She wasn’t gracious nor was she going to play mommy in getting them everything. The man was studying her rather keenly the same appreciative look in his eye as all men got when they found her particularly pretty. Not that she minded being admired at all - so long as he didn’t go getting any funny notions about it. His apologies were met with a nod of her head as if she was owed an apology from him.....which she was! The compliment however was more than she expected from someone like him. A pretty smile formed on her face, a real one, not a stage smile. He found her weakness, she loved praise - hated anything that sounded like harsh criticism. That’s two around my finger. If she could get both Mud and this gentleman wrapped around her finger the third would be much easier to control....or so she hoped. If they all decided to get stubborn for some reason, well she would just have to find her own way again. Too bad for them. “Thank you.” Gratitude laced her words, “And yes, you did interrupt my performance. But if you like my voice I’m happy to sing any time you like.” Lillai took a sip of her drink and set it down with a small “ahh.” She pointed to Aiden’s mug and issued a warning. She meant it out of kindness instead of questioning his ability to drink. The man was so drunk when she entered into the bar he was sleeping on the table. While her Baba and mother always said a man that can hold his liquor is a strong man..... well - there was a limit to that. Even for a gipsy. “My Baba made that stuff.” She cautioned, “It can peel the makeup off a whore. So be careful with how much you drink.” She paused again, taking in the weariness of the man sitting with her, he looked weathered. Like he’d lived one too many lives before coming to this moment. Men like him always spiked a curiosity in her - simply because she loved stories. Stories turned into ideas, which turned into poems, songs, plays. “I don’t know if you caught it earlier. But my name is Lillai. What’s yours?” Direct and to the point she didn’t like to mince words. Nothing flowery or flowy to the way she spoke. It was straight, simple and a little uncouth as they would all soon find out.
  14. Yeah, been trying to puzzle that one out since I offered her help. I’m not entirely sure. I think associate is a good start and roll from there, later make her part of the family if that is what the literary fates intend for Riha. She’s pretty cynical and closed off right now (and hell bent on revenge) so I can’t see her being a part of a fam to start.
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