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  1. Ira’s answer was no surprise to Quin, in fact she could have moved her lips along with his answer silently should she have chosen to. Of course he would want revenge, take back Lydon, what did she expect? Him to declare he wanted Quin and nothing more? That wouldn’t be fair to ask of him - nor would he do that. He didn’t feel that way about her and she wouldn’t force him. Alistair continued to take such unexpected turns this day, Quin’s eyes popped open when he told Ira to run and that he’d give him ten minutes head start to get gone. Several more tight coughs escaped her as she wanted to speak, but instead she had to calm herself down for a moment. In that time Alistair reached into the tub and began to drain out the water, she was momentarily disappointed mistaking his actions as ending the bath rather than adding more warm water - which is what he did. The set of his face told her there was no way he was going to leave her there in the tub alone. His words confirmed it as well. Quin didn’t know what to think at this point, she was torn, she wanted to tell Ira to run - get out of there..... but then again she hoped he would stay. The very selfish part hoped he stayed, her mind knew it would be healthier for them if he ran. Her chest tightened again and she let out a small cough, trying to hold back the others as a pained deep breath of air entered into her lungs. If he ran without her telling him to do so - she would lose all will to live right in that moment. It meant he was abandoning her, something he’d never been able to do since she’d been the one to craftily get him out of situations without him running and leaving her behind. A steady breath in through the nose and then back out had her nearly ready to speak, another saw her heart breaking, a third and she was ready. “Don’t be a fucking hero Ira -“ She finally said, voice barely a whisper, “Run.” She studied him for a moment longer before tipping her head back and closing her eyes, she didn’t want to watch him leave. But she would give him some parting advice. “Use Otto.” She said before she let out a tight cough.
  2. Quin was momentarily oblivious to the chaos on the other side of the water. She was busy trying to shake off and cleanse herself of the scum that was burning her nostrils, very much like a cat that had been dunked in water unexpectantly. She did managed to watch Ira get sent flying by the bear, only momentarily forgetting humans were fragile creatures. She smirked for a second, laughing at him and then realized he was likely hurt from that. The fawn too looked to be barely hanging on, shouting at Aiden to shoot the thing in the lungs while she held it. Fat chance he’d get that arrow off reliably, he’d probably complain about it for ten minutes before he got his ass in gear and then demand to go to a brothel as payment. Quin noticed blood, not just the bears blood, clinging to the fawn. She momentarily had a crisis in her head, on one hand, if she went over there she might smell it and want to eat her. But she did want to eat her - but she didn’t. Ohhh this was difficult. Either way time was running down quickly for the fawn and Quin needed to act as Ira would likely throw himself back into the fight like an idiot if she didn’t. He never knew when to stop, even injured. With a sigh she dove back into the water and swam across, the frigid depths pulling the scum off of her as she went since she was nearly skating across the surface. Claws extended and dripping water she drove them into the bears belly, arms straining to keep him upright and poised for an arrow to pierce him. It didn’t matter if Aiden missed and hit her - she’d heal quickly so long as it wasn’t silver tipped. That would get them in trouble by her keeper for sure. She let out a feral snarl as his good claws came down and slammed into her arm, she heard it snap, but she wouldn’t move - it would heal.... It came down again a little weaker this time. “Just fucking shoot Aiden!” She yelled.
  3. Austere was always surprising to her, the way he merely accepted her as she was. He didn’t poke or prod or question, he simply let her be with her thoughts. Maybe some day he would be privy to her outward bursts of panic. Perhaps someday she would let him know just how unnerving it was to be with someone that wouldn’t beat her - but that would be a long time in coming. Even now she felt her protective shell slipping away from her as she tried to grasp it close and keep herself safe. “I love chocolate," The sudden declaration sent her reeling, he wasn’t mad at her? He wasn’t upset that she’d been damaged? Didn’t he know she was willful and stubborn and just bad?! Her brain quickly filed away the likes he listed for her, she wasn’t sure how, but she would make sure he was given chocolate and sour things for every day he was nice to her. It was the best way she could show her appreciation. Her train of thought was thoroughly interrupted when her eyes widened as she took in the store. It was magical. Everything about that moment was magical. She couldn’t take in everything and the tiny details all at once. Her hands tightened around Austere’s arm before she looked up at him, clear wonder painted on her face as she studied him. He brought her - here? To somewhere so wonderful? She didn’t imagine he would do it to be mean....he just couldn’t be. "I ate an entire bag of chocolates once that I got so sick, I had to stay in bed for a week. And I'll tell you right now," he points a finger at her, "I'd do it again." As it registered he was telling her about his past she soaked it up. Eyes riveted to his and watching him as she listened, first a smirk, then a dimple, then a full smile cracked out. She began to laugh, covering her mouth with one of her hands to hide it, she failed horribly as her shoulders shook. Just the way he pointed his finger, the seriousness on his face in promising he would gladly do it again. She believed him. “I don’t doubt you.” She managed to say, her voice light as she finally lowered her hand, “I don’t doubt you at all!” Feeling rather light hearted made her brave, it usually did - though she rarely felt it. But in this moment, she thought she could fly away like any one of the pixies floating around. “Well -“ She untangled her arm from his and took his hand, “Show me your favorites so I can spoil you on the journey home.” She didn’t realize she’d used the word home - referred to where she was going with him home. Perhaps he noticed, but it certainly didn’t occur to Odelia. Either way it spoke to an unhinging of a carefully crafted defense mechanism she’d put up for herself.
  4. Riha suspected something like this might come down on them, this was exactly what she’d hoped to avoid. She didn’t want Illyana in trouble, it was one thing if she got her own ass in trouble, but her friends? No- she couldn’t have that. Illyana practically shouted back at the guards, something that shocked Riha. She’d never heard or seen the woman raise her voice to anything! A steadying hand on her friends arm would serve as a warning to keep her emotions in check. She wouldn’t let her friend get thrown into a prison cell just because the guards misinterpreted their intentions. So she took a steadying breath and fished something out of her bag that she knew her sister would recognize, then she would point out a very obvious difference between her and her sister. It was a comfort to know her sister was so well protected and looked after, though whether if was for control or she was truly loved was yet to be seen, “All excellent concerns.” She said agreeing with the guard, her head nodding, “It would be just like Oscar to send someone to do such a thing.....However there are some very obvious things that I would point out before you put us in the dungeon.” First she held up a small locket, it had an old patina to it and looked well loved and worn a lot. She was reluctant to hand it to the guard but she would and hoped she could get it back, it would kill her a little if she didn’t. ”Odelia will recognize this - though I don’t expect her to take it very well when it turns up.” She said, “I’ll also have you note that my eyes are not my sisters....” She opened them wide and pointed out them, “Lavender, my sisters are blue. I’m sure you would agree her husband would notice something like that right away.” A smirk grew on her face as well, she hoped her new reputation preceded her as well as what she said next would make her sick to the core - but it had to be said. She just hoped Illyana would forgive her or not be too disgusted. “I don’t know if you noticed.” She flashed a ring Oscar had gifted her not too long ago, “But I thought it was obvious when we approached. I’m Oscars lover, have been for quite some time now..... I highly doubt he would send his lover to - well you know - with his enemy! He is quite possessive you know, even from where he is currently..... anyway, I wont bore you with the details but I thought it would be obvious that I am Odelia’s twin. Now when you ask her - she will say she doesn’t have a twin - she is dead. To which you will hand her this locket, be prepared as she will likely panic and ask you if Rolfe sent this. I can assure you he did not as you can tell I am very clearly not a Rolfe. You may come back to us and do as you wish once you’ve done these things. If she doesn’t act in the way I’ve said - well then you know me to be a liar and you may put us in the prison to await sentencing. If she does - then you will let us enter.” She’d really turned on her charm, all the while she spoke with a level polite tone that was often used by aristocrats and Ladies. Giving commands instead of asking she was sure would garner attention as a servant or hired help wouldn’t be capable of such things just given their nature. Now all she had to do was wait and see what he would do with her unexpected reaction to his threat of throwing them in the dungeons. ( @Aleksei for your enjoyment of peeping in on the twins meeting)
  5. Busy week, please be patient as I make posts. 

  6. Quin wanted to protest at Ira's assumption that Alistair was going to tear her limb from limb, she was a big girl, she had taken care of herself so far....besides Alistair was being a gentleman for once. While she had been in trouble and thoroughly grounded for her act of defiance against the Master, she knew she wasn't in any more danger than normal for her. She had a roof, food, a medical playground - drugs. Her skin shivered and twitched for a moment at the craving and she dug her nails into the palm of her hand. No more dust she told herself firmly. Most normal women would have protested at the very thought of two men debating, what she saw as the meaning of life, while she lay naked in the bath tub. Brothel raised she didn't give a shit who saw her naked or what they saw, in fact she knew many a whore that would have vainly thrown a fit that they hadn't paid attention to her sitting thus. However it wasn't the fact that the two were in there that upset her. It was that they seemed fully prepared to debate their greatest desires while the first bubble bath she'd ever gotten was interrupted. The bubbles and the warmth of the tub hadn't faded yet, but it would soon. She herself was wondering similarly of Alistair though, why had he done her such a kindness when he could have just put her in her room with a servant to clean her up? And why hadn't Ira flown into a jealous rage!? Not that she expected him to, but it would have soothed her at least a little to know he had some sort of possessiveness over her. Yet another reminder of the relationship that wasn't there - yet she deeply craved. A small cough escaped her and she tried to mute it with her hand, the foretelling of a tightening in her chest. She would soon be gasping for breath in a coughing episode and quite frankly she didn't want anyone to witness her any more of her weakness. Waves of exhaustion mixed with the warm water from the tub had her closing her eyes for a moment to gather her thoughts. She didn't really want to be soaking in this bath while those two discussed their 'desires' over her cooling corpse, nor did she want to answer Alistair's question while sitting in a bath tub coughing so hard she vomited. "Gentlemen." She finally wheezed, voice sapped of its strength from the oncoming episode, "Might I suggest we discuss this somewhere other than my bath?" She would have made a crack about it not being lady like - then followed by another about her being a piece of shit. But her energy was gone now and she didn't have the strength to speak further. She didn't bother to open her eyes or look to see their reactions or if they were going to take the hint. She was still aware of what was going on, ears working perfectly fine and senses intact. She was simply too tired to open her eyes and shift her head to see what the two would do next. Given different circumstances she thought they all might have gotten along famously together, but perhaps that was just a lie she was going to tell herself... What was Quin's desire? What would she have answered if she could have? It was quite simple really - to matter to someone.
  7. Quin followed along with them, but kept to her high perch. She nearly rolled her eyes when they all stumbled onto the very obviously large creature destroying the beaver dam. Quin knew that it was there, she could smell it the closer she got, but she just did bother to tell them all. What really pissed the creature off was setting the cave on fire - what creature big or small wouldn’t protest at something like that. Choosing to keep her sarcastic wit to herself, she bit down the remark she wanted to direct at Ira and Aiden. A task made easier when the Fawn attacked the bear. A brave move Quin thought, she found she admired the Fawn a bit more for her spunk and grit. Something she didn’t expect from such a fragile and easily frightened creature. Quin put her on edge but a bear? She just charged at it - how ..... interesting..... The smell of blood in the air set Quin’s pupils to dilating, initially she was going to wait and see how she could be helpful - more of a healer than a killer - ironic being what she was. But that smell - it wasn’t human so it didn’t send her into a frenzy, but it did set that gnawing hunger at the back of her throat. Despite having just gorged herself on that bandit camp, she couldn’t help her nature. She hadn’t even thought about what she would do if one of those three got hurt and started to bleed - could she control herself? Not if she was hungry...... The bear let out a mighty growl and aggravated roar and she continued to perch, despite the fighting and chaos beneath her. She bit her lip, the sharp tip of her elongating fangs puncturing her lip a little. What was a vamp to do? She could let the bear kill the three of them and then eat them.....then she could simply have her master turn Ira! She knew he wanted that in the first place....but then she would have to leave the bear. Quin’s palm smacked the side of her head sharply a few times, no no no she couldn’t let the bear kill them.....but if it happened to - she could eat them then? Maybe she could just drink the bears blood. She’d never drank an animals blood - it didn’t smell too repulsive.... She couldn’t just bite it as it was, his fur was too thick and she knew that would taste terrible! As she internally debated the fight would continue on beneath her. Her crimson pupils now dilated as she struggled with her internal battle. Then - a stroke of brilliance! Aha! She didn’t need to breath, but the bear did! From where it was perched she could easily knock it into the slow moving river and drown it. No need for anyone to shed any blood other than the bear! Faster than fast, she shot out of the tree and barreled into the bear. She would whiz past them like a shooting star, all snarls and teeth and claws. Using her unnatural weight and surprising speed she managed to knock the bear into the river and continued to use her weight to sink him towards the bottom. The splash on the surface of the water would be enormous from them both plummeting in. Thrashing on the surface initially causing more splashes and noise, and then it would stop.....the water would settle.....only the occasional bubble would come up.....and then nothing. What Quin had accounted for was that the bear needed air, what she failed to think of was that drowning creatures fought harder. After the initial shock of being thrust into the water and sunk towards the bottom, the bear began to struggle and fight back. Thrashing and swiping its claws around. It’s irrational movements caused Quin to lose her grip and need to float away or she would be clocked by one of its massive paws. As she disappeared into the muck, floating a little ways away from the bear and down the river, it struggled to surface. Finally breaking the top of the water and heaving itself onto the bank. It heaved and hacked and coughed up large amounts of water, panting and growling. While it was certainly more pissed than it was before, it was for a moment, incapacitated so the others could make a move. Meanwhile, Quin emerged on the other side of the river bank looking much like a swamp thing. Covered in smelly water scum, seaweed, mud and even a few leeches. She wretched at the smell herself, her overly sensitive nose not able to block it out. But now she wasn’t able to smell anything else, not the bears blood, not human blood, nothing other than river shit. Which, she thought, was a decent trade as she didn’t really want to eat at the moment anymore.
  8. Their trip was uneventful though something told Riha she’d be making a similar trip in the future, a much less enjoyable one. Shaking off the strange premonition she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath. Was she ready? Was she ready to speak with a twin she hadn’t seen in ten years, someone who believed her head? Was she ready to see that face, so much like hers. As if she’d looked in a mirror. No. No she wasn’t. But she’d never be. So now was as good a time as any to do so. Strike while the iron is hot. “As ready as I can be.” She said at long last, “Though I think having you here will help me greatly.” She couldn’t help but reach out and take her friends hand, giving it a squeeze. She was nervous, shaking down to her very bones. The raw emotion something rare for her to show. “The last time I heard my sisters voice was when she was wailing and my weak, sick little ass was stuffed into a tiny coffin and shipped off to be ‘burned’” she said weakly, “I don’t know if this will go over so well for her either. Expect some screaming and fast talking so we don’t get our asses arrested or something.”
  9. Quin was attempting to hide her shameful crying, no doubt being judged as she always was by Alistair - despite his hand stroking her hair. An odd thing for him to do towards her when he had plenty of blackmail and things to torture and tease her with later - she just suspected he liked playing with his food, food he couldn't eat that is. Much like keeping a cow as a pet she supposed, useful for other things but not always the most practical. She wanted to apologize, she wanted to demand he forget that she was crying - as if he ever would let her live that one down. She was trying to get herself under control when the last voice she expected to show up was there. Ira..... fucking Ira! She felt Alistair's hand pause and then move away from her head, dread settled into her stomach as he body tensed. She couldn't do anything to stop the Vamp's rage should Alistair decide the jail break was not worth keeping Quin happy by not killing him. It was as if time froze, the whole room was holding its breath- maybe that was just her....and Alistair since he didn't breathe. Occasionally a deep shuddering breath would be sucked painfully in by her lungs - an unfortunate side effect of her sobbing. She let out a groan and palmed her face, hiding it, fucking Ira - Leave it to him to escape, stumble directly back to his jailor, find his old flame in a bath tub with said jailer and ask how she is doing. If Aiden were there he would have likely cuffed him on the back of the head. The next sound she heard after the silence was laughter. Pure and true laughter, she had to blink and look around to see where it was coming from. Surely it couldn't have been from Alistair - she could see Ira - it wasn't him. Her suspicions were confirmed when Alistair's voice, full of mirth asked if he was joking. He turned back with that disarming smile for just the briefest moment. It was so quick she thought she were seeing things. He never smiled that way. But damn it if Ira didn't get him - and laugh while he was at it. "Oh Ira." She couldn't help but giggle a little herself at the hilarity of it, fear of dying forgotten for the briefest moment, "No - no he isn't joking. He just knows he's caught again and might as well see how I'm doing while he's at it."
  10. Quin, ever the impatient young vamp was practically rolling her eyes at them all. Why didn't they just charge down the stream and get the bear now? The large prints obviously lead the way to a cave not too far.....perhaps that was just her that noticed? Oh yes and she supposed humans and the fawn were a bit more fragile than she. Facts she so easily forgot these days. She itched to just go down there and kill it, but judging by the smell and what she could hear Ira and Aiden talking about, that would be a terrible idea, she'd promised to watch over the fawn too. As she rejoined the other two, Quin remained in the shadows, not caring to coming out or do anything of much use. While yes she had gorged herself on those bandits not too long ago - the smell of blood was in the air and she was like a shark in the water. "There are tracks you know." She finally said, revealing her shadowy perch to be in a tree above them, "They lead down the river to a cliff cave."
  11. Riha shared what she could about Odelia, leastways what she remembered. They were separated so long ago that Riha had mere guesses and rumors about the girl she'd become. She did know one thing thought, if she remained in that house with their father and Rolfe.... She would likely be as cautious and mousy as a woman could come. Riha barely escaped that face since her father didn't want a 'freak' in the house and rid himself of her at the first opportunity. She stressed more than once that Odelia did not know Riha was still alive and that it would likely be traumatic for the girl. That part she was the most nervous about, if her sister was happy then she didn't want to mess that up in any way. She couldn't help but smile though at the bugbears comment that Illyana was much more like a man and that was odd for humans. A high compliment to the woman that Riha came to respect more and more each day. At every turn it didn't cease to surprise her that Illyana actively sought her out and considered her a - friend. She likely would never know it, but she'd saved Riha in her own way. An excited smile broke out as they rode to the docks, the prospect of more adventure tugging at her happiness. "I hope so too" She agreed, "Though it would make for some interesting work if they managed to topple that architectural masterpiece. I have some suggestions for the new one, though I am not sure how fond you are of mana fountains." An attempt at joking to be sure, something she didn't really do much around there. But she hoped it would get at least some kind of chuckle.
  12. Hardly what she’d expected, Quin found herself in a bathroom. Swaying a bit as she sat on the commode, having a difficult time keeping herself upright. She’d been commanded to be quiet, and for once in her god damn life she was. Her brain still trying to wrap around what was happening, the sound of water and the smell of lavender alerted her to the fact that he was drawing a bath. She looked over sluggishly and watched with mild interest, not having much energy for more than that. All the while he wouldn’t look at her, not in the eyes least ways. She wanted to yell at him, tell him to look at her damn it. She soon became glad of his refusing to look at her however when he stripped her down. Taking off her clothes and tossing them aside - to say they needed to be burned would be an understatement as to how disgusting they looked and smelled. Were she not as she was, she certainly would have protested Alistair removing her clothes and setting her in the tub. She felt like a small child for a moment, it was shameful really that she’d gotten to this point. Broken and unable to care for herself, once again having to rely on another to get her sorry form through the day. Quin’s eyes would drift closed so she too wouldn’t have to look at him, as he was cleaning her hair of the filth that now lived in it. She expected some sort of teasing or mockery. But no, there was none of that. Just the offer of being clean and some food in her belly - she doubted she could eat without throwing it up, but she would try. She did flinch a little however when he ran the cloth through the water, only to relax when it touched her face and gently washed away the grime that was likely there too. Her clean face would reveal dark circles under her eyes and a bruise along her jawline from how hard it clenched during one of the seizures. Quin’s skin would be pale enough to rival that of Alistair himself. It occurred to her that she should be worried about Ira, asking if he’d done something to hurt him or if he was at least being taken care of too. She simply didn’t have the energy to start that fight at the moment. When she was better she could arrange for him to be freed - hopefully. "Tell me something Doctor, do you want to die?" Her eyes fluttered open and locked onto his when she heard him speak. A small smile tugged up her lips and she struggled to get her vocal chords to work in unison with her lungs. “Want and will are two very different things.” She said, voice raspy and breathy, her chest heaved a bit as she struggled to find air, “I don’t want to die....But it seems that I am going to.” She swallowed and a tear escaped, it ran down her cheek and dripped off her chin into the tub. Quin tried to stop it, but they were already falling at a rapid rate. Had she the strength she would have curled her knees up to her chest and hugged them. This was the last person she wanted to be crying in front of - aside from the Kronos himself. Looking weak around Vamps was a dangerous position to be in and she was in a dangerous spot to be sure. A shuddering sob shook her shoulders and she bit her lip to keep it from getting out. Was it so bad to be afraid to die?
  13. Riha heaved a sigh of relief, the news wasn't as devastating as she thought it might be. Perhaps some day she really could tell Illyana the truth about her and Oscar - someday. "I am glad to hear it." She said, her voice filled with relief, "I wouldn't want to bring any more harm down on you than you need. You truly are Gaia's blessing to this earth. Yes, we should return as soon as we are able and see about getting to my sister! Its about time she know I am not really dead." She would hop down off her horse and begin to help the bugbears pack and gather what they needed. She didn't mind digging into hard work or labor, it made time go faster. Even though it was hotter than the center of the earth itself and she felt like melting into the dirt. She would carry what needed to be carried, keep an eye on small children running under foot, advising on what to bring and what would not be needed. This was her element - helping, aiding, working with those that needed it. It was almost like she was able to resume her work prior to coming into the household. This new freedom made her smile despite the ash and dirt and sweat that clung to her, made her face dirty and her hair look less than lovely. This was the state Oscar found her in after all - this was her natural element. When she helped the bugbears and all was ready to go, she remounted her horse and swept a wayward and sweat laden strand of hair out of her face. She looked over at Illyana with a smile and a wink. "Well - back home we go!" She said brightly, then gave a surprisingly strong command "Move on out!"
  14. On a ship leaving the harbor........ Rolfe was leaning back in his chair, feet on the table in front of him. He sipped on the fine wine he brought for himself to celebrate his success. His eyes stared at the unconscious woman he’d chained to cabin’s bed. The little escape artist wasn’t getting away from him this time, he was going to keep his eyes on her the entire time. If he looked away for a second she would likely use her freak powers to get out again somehow. It was easy to hire the crew - really - enough coin and anyone would eat from his pockets. Old man Carthage was getting ill and weak, he didn’t notice Rolfe cleared the coffers for this expedition. But it was worth it, that whole parcel of land was worth it. Get the bitch, get the land. That was the deal before Odelia was married off to some other bastard. Rolfe couldn’t touch Odelia - at least not yet, so he would settle for her freakish twin until he could get her. Have them both he would. He was sure of it - it was his right. Again Rolfe’s eyes narrowed at the woman on his bed her form slumped in an undignified way, as they trailed over her with lust he grew angry. Another man looked at her - had her in that way! That should have fucking been his! She could very well be carrying and Uldwar bastard or someone else’s progeny. A fist tightened around the cup until he forced himself to relax. He would make Riha pay for that affront to him, exact his revenge on her flesh until he was satisfied he’d been compensated. But first he would wait - no need to have any rumors or doubt that any whelps she gave him weren’t his. He could be a patient man - to an extent. Riha stirred uncomfortably, she felt - terrible - like her head was filled with cotton. Her mouth was dry and she moved her hands to push herself up - only realizing that she couldn’t move one of her arms. It was halted quite abruptly with a clank and bite of metal into her wrist. She pulled harder and as her vision cleared more looked up at her arm - it was chained to - a bed? She looked down, this wasn’t her bed! This room wasn’t hers - where was she? She remembered the wine - and then - blackness - Dreading what she would see, she looked up to see a much much older Rolfe than she remembered. The last time she’d seen him was when he stuffed her into that coffin to ship her to her aunt and uncles, he was a man Nearly full grown then and that was ten years ago. “Hello Riha.” His oily voice doused Riha’s spine in ice, he was enjoying watching the horror cross her face, the delicate flesh paling. “You- “ Her voice came out strangled. “Oh yes.” His voice rose in intensity as he got angrier a “Your Cuckolded fucking fiancé!” She shrank back as he rose from his chair, towering over her in his rage. He threw his cup across the room, it smashed into the wall sending what little wine was left flying. Soon he crossed over to her and pulled her harshly by the hair so she had to look at him and wasn’t able to twist away. The back of his hand came across her face and he let her drop, his anger abating as quickly as it rose. Riha’s cheek split where he’d hit her. He walked away and then paced back like he was going to hit her again, this time with his fists. Riha shrank down and tried to avoid the blow that didn’t come. Instead he looked down and took a deep breath in. He wasn’t feeling like a patient man. “We don’t have a very long ride until we reach land.” He said dangerously, “and I intend to fully make you pay for your whoring ways in the meantime.” As he moved to climb over her she screamed and bit him, pushing him away to only be hit again. She had to do anything - literally anything to get him to stop hitting her. “Stop I’m pregnant!” She screamed curling up, hoping he was stupid enough to believe her, “If you cause me to miscarry I wont be able to have another!” The blows stopped and he let out an angry roar but didn’t hit her, ‘WHOSE?” She merely shook her head in fear and squeezed her eyes shut, refusing to answer him. In truth she was thinking, calculating as quickly as she could. Oscar had been gone too long for it to be his, she was sure Rolfe was watching her long enough to know that. She would have to think - he slapped her cheek again. ”Fucking tell me whose?” He demanded and shook her. “Godric!” She shouted the first name that came to mind, she had to make sure Rolfe wouldn’t go after him, “after Oscar left we took solace in each other! I encouraged him to cheat!” It was a lie, of course it was, but she was hoping Rolfe was still as stupid as she remembered. He dropped her like she was a poisonous snake and stalked away from her, slamming the door shut behind him and leaving her alone. The door locking loudly. At the very least she’d bought herself until the ship docked on the opposite port.
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