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  1. DarkHorse

    A Desert Oasis - The Temple of the Sun Goddess

    Khepri was poised between the two, touch still light on Tobias and body tense. She was as possessive and protective as a lioness, torn between two loyalties. While their banter was relaxed, she was not, she likely wouldn't be until her Tobias was well again. "We need to rebuild." Khepri said, "If you long for battle you can help the women out at the guard posts, there is plenty of fighting out there. We do not actively seek fights and war, we merely defend the temple....though we are in need of Priestesses, and often bloodshed is needed to free them and bring them here to sanctuary. You can join that team if you wish." Carefully climbing over Tobias she stood and stretched for a moment, extending her hand to let Phillip sniff it and give his ears a scratch. "A much more personal mission of mine is to help Tobias." She said, "He is not well and I need to find a way to repair him...." Her worried eyes turned back and looked at him. He was in bad shape and she didn't know if he could even be repaired - the very thought filled her with dread. Not again, she didn't want to go through that again.
  2. For once she wished she had her late sisters ability to glean the feelings of others. She knew he was hiding things or her sake, and Delaney's answers were - overwhelming. She confirmed what Odeia feared most, she would be out of her element - but Delaney called it a home. So it couldn't be all too bad, could it? He called her imp again, the word seemed to be becoming her nickname. Almost like he was giving her a pet name, a familiar word used to express fondness. He couldn't be fond of her could he? No no - it was far more likely soothe and comfort her rather than an expression of fondness. She was a bit like a skittish horse, easy to spook and likely to bolt. Perhaps she herself would attempt at something light hearted as a gift in return. "Oh I learned quite a bit about you." She attempted playfulness, "I never knew you felt so strongly about insects...." She even let herself smirk for a moment before clearing her throat, "She called it home - I'm finding I have a hard time with that word....I suppose I shall have to survive it in order to understand what she meant.....If your family doesn't hate me, drive me out or try to kill me that's success - right? Honest truth I am more worried about your son - I had a stepmother and I hated her....even if she was just as much a victim as me." She stood and stretched, eager to explore somewhere other than the confines of her old home and test these experimental wings her betrothed had given her. "Is everything alright?" She asked him, "Do we need to skip our exploration today?" In her own way, she was letting him know his smile didn't fool her. She grew up around liars and people that withheld things, smoke and mirrors. It shouldn't comfort her, but it did - it was familiar - being kept in the dark. It seemed different coming from Austere though, like he was doing it to shield her, not use it against her later. That part, terrified her, because she didn't want to trust it.
  3. DarkHorse

    In Gaia We Trust

    At mention of cursed objects she sighed and shook her head, "I don't know about cursed objects, but -" She thought, if she knew the intent behind it, the person that put it on the comb, whom it was really intended for, she might just be able to eradicate it. But that would mean she had to step through the veil to find out....something she hated doing, and it got more and more dangerous every time she did it. She tapped her lip and walked over towards the child, the aura of darkness radiating from within was stifling and nearly choked her. She peered at the girl getting closer, hoping she could figure it out without having to step through to the other side. From first glance it appeared that the child's soul was gone - replaced with whatever this dark miasma was. "The child's soul has been driven out by whatever possesses her. That is why you cannot remove the miasma, there is nothing in there to help you push it out and occupy the space" Riha said at length, "She is likely one of two places. If she is somewhere nearby we might be able to save her.....If she was sucked into that cursed comb than unless we can retrieve it we cannot save her." Lavender eyes turned to Illayna and she studied her for a long moment, could she trust her body with this woman? She would have to, it seemed that proving herself to her people was paramount to Illanya. Pulling up a stool and sitting on it she tried to settle herself, without a back she would likely fall off and hit her head unless she was balanced just so. "I am going to try and find her soul." Riha said, "Please make sure my body doesn't hit its head. If the child moves a little try again to remove the blackness within." She didn't want to mention the time frame she had to get this done in, it wasn't like Illanya could do anything to bring her back if she got stuck. Taking a deep breath she stood - and left behind her body. The body's eyes would turn white and she slumped like a rag doll on the stool, arms and legs leaden, heavy and without muscle tone holding them rigid, head dangling forward in an awkward position between her knees. Her ears wouldn't hear the commotion over food, nor the fighting that ensued, she was simply - gone. As she stepped forward the world was a blur of colors and greys. The life light of the living a dull glimmer taunting those that were much clearer in this realm. The temple seemed like a beacon for them. Before her, above what once was the child, reared the ugly curse, a swirl of black miasma and malicious intent - clearly not directed at the child - but one of the parents? Children didn't stray far from their parents light or their own form, so it didn't take long to locate the small and fading lifeforce that belonged where the miasma now occupied. With a little coaxing Riha drew her out and desperately tried to find a way to connect her back - but how could she with such a dark force in the way? Time passes very differently on the other side of the veil, Riha could feel her own connection to herself fading rather quickly. With a tug the little girl pointed to a den glimmering spot around her mother's neck. A locket - so if they could not remove the curse - they could trap it into another object! The girl would have to wear it for the duration of her life or until the comb was found and the true origins revealed. But it would have to do in a pinch. "You will be home soon." she said, "I will see you when you wake up." With a soft pat to the girls head she reached a hand forward towards where she knew her body was and slammed back into it with an uncomfortable grunt and a gasp as air filled her lungs. Eyes returning to their original color she pointed a pale and shaking finger to the mother's locket. "Trap the curse in there, her spirit will return." She said weakly, her voice a bit hoarse.
  4. DarkHorse

    A Desert Oasis - The Temple of the Sun Goddess

    In the Square The priestess listened, her golden eyes studying his much the way a keen hawks would of a potential threat. When she saw none her gaze would change to one of curiosity instead of appraisal. He was intelligent - for a man - but he was not like those men that came before. No - he did not intend to harm and destroy, only to learn. His poor grasp on their language did nothing but flatter, the fact that he would try was a beautiful effort in itself. She would answer his question about the monster, but only because she did not think he would do harm with the information. ”That monster was the High Priestesses own brother.” She answered his first query, “He thought her better suited to bear desert Kings than to lead the life she does here. So - he had her taken by his tribe. A common thing really, for that is just the way of things. Women are not treated as they should be and we strive hard to stop the harems and abducting that is our culture....but it is too ingrained for some. But I digress - After our High Priestess was taken, the temple was overrun and he destroyed it, entered the temple and had his own crude statue placed there.....” She paused to point to her scars and the most recent healing one, “Those he did not burn alive he took for his harem. I spent a long time there....Until the High Priestess returned from her exile. I have heard she and the horseman of war herself attacked and destroyed her brother. I did not see - I was there for the fighting, but I did not get to witness my High Priestess at work. Either way, this temple has been retaken and that monster hangs where all can see his shame. Do destroy the house of the goddess.....any house of any god.....it is the worse offense.” She then chose to address his second query. “All are welcome to learn about the goddess as they wish.” She said softly, “You are not allowed in the temple itself, men are not allowed - save one. The architect who rebuilt it and that is so he may continue his work in service of the Goddess. There is a large library you may have access to though, some of the books have been burned and destroyed.” Her eyes grew sad for a moment, “For centuries we collected the stories and knowledge of travelers, visitors and the like. A lot of it was lost and will take time to restore. I would ask that if you do explore our library that you take a day or two and provide what you can of your knowledge and background. The other priestesses do like to read about them even if they are not allowed to see them.” Khepri “I will get you a new host and then you can speak with the architect yourself to see what can be done.” She said to Tobias, her fingers trailing along his mask, what was left of it. She laughed at his comment to try and take it off, remembering the first time he dared her to. She tugged and tugged and tugged but the thing never budged, she doubted she could remove it now, even if it was broken. Her fingers wrapped around the sides of it gently and she made to tug when Scarlett’s voice caused her to pause. She let her hands gently slide down, fingers trailing it lightly before her head could be seen peeking up from where it was. Sitting up, carefully so as not to disturb anything that could be further damaged she placed a protective hand over Tobias. “This is Tobias.” She said, “He is my fated one.” Frowning she thought on how to explain such a thing, he’d just accepted that’s what he was, never asking too many questions of it, translating it into his own language and giving it meaning on his own. It made it even harder when even her own culture thought that finding their “fated one” was more myth and hopeful dreams that anything else. It would be the equivalent of a soul mate, the other half, a man she would trust and allow to protect her. It was a beautiful thing they had, her and Tobias, something she cherished and guarded fiercely. Deciding there was really no other way to describe it, she let the title hang in the air as if it answered everything and more that Scarlett asked.
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Yes, sorry. I work 12hr days. I think I owe replies but I’ll need to carve out some time for it.
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    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    Oh my gosh I love that you actually did this! Also I’m loving the treasure puns. Also i think this is a great way to recognize great writers such as @Aleksei. 💕
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Whoop! I owe you other posts @ODSTDRAGON I’ll get to them, I’ve been hella busy
  8. DarkHorse

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    "Quinn In Otto Land" The creature smashed back into the gardens with a force that was terrifying, the beast half crazed and terrified itself. The calm tones from Quin had him at ease until one of the staff in the garden screamed. Then it let out a scream, then the staff screamed again before he smashed her with his foot. The motion threw Quin from him and she landed in a hedge quite hard, the breath knocked out of her. "sh-sh-it." She gasped trying to catch her breath, "I'm too fucking sober for this shit!" Not even bothering to disentangle herself from the hedge she pulled out a little vial with a pinkish white dust and stuck her finger in it. She pulled it out and sucked on it, knowing by the taste it was a mistake. "Fuck!" It was the wrong vial. The last time she'd taken a hit from that vial she'd had a terrible trip. The world turned upside down and she was being chased around by little green gremlins that wanted to wear her skin. The vial was in her pocket so she could use it in experimentation in the lab, seeing if it would help with that elixir that the master had, something she was a perpetual failure at working with. The world wavered as she staggered from the hedge, the beast hovering over her cautiously, his rage gone now that the screaming stopped. It seemed he hated screaming, she reached out her hand and took his finger and began to walk through the garden, no purpose really - just - walking. There it was, a simple thing at first, to the normal eye that is. But Quin's eyes, oh they were the best at seeing what wasn't there. A mushroom - not an ordinary mushroom - a special mushroom. One that spoke if you asked it questions just so and gave untold wisdom. She and Otto crouched, Otto asking what she thought to be a very thoughtful question. "Where can we find 'the one'" "Simple." The mushroom answered, "It is with the plant." She and Otto looked at each other and back at the Mushroom, which was shrinking back to its normal size, apparently done with talking to them for the day. So she and the creature continued on again in their quest to find the plant. The only plant that knew things of course was in Quin's lab, but they had to cross an entire sea to get to it. The sea was made of gentile waves, greens and blues and crystalline colors flowed past. Flowers of the brightest colors blossomed under their feet and grew so tall that they breached the surface to wave in the wind above the waters. All manner of plants grew and surrounded them. Vibrant yellows, reds, purples, fuchsia, colors Quin couldn't even name. So she gave them names and gave the plants names. But these were no the plant she was looking for, the gray stone path leading her to the lab continued to wind up from the ocean, as they surfaced she met a curious creature. She was a bird, but she was not a bird, her beautiful hair turning into plumage of the most curious dull colors. Standing out in contrast to the colors around her. "Do you know where the plant is?" She asked her leaning in to sniff at a feather, "The Mushroom told me we needed to find the plant. It can tell us where 'the one' is." The not a bird took off, pointing towards Quin's lab, which now seemed so much closer that it was before. The building towering above them with vines and trees all around it. Its door looked friendly and its windows so clean that they looked to be made of air. Commanding the creature to wait outside she entered the shrinking door, shrinking herself before she finally made it inside. There it was, on a pedestal of pearl. The plant, its beauty hard to look at, its wisdom far surpassing the Mushroom. It didn't even need to speak to speak. "His name is Otto." It said before it curled in on itself and fell asleep. Quin turned to leave the sanctuary of peace when - it suddenly turned into a prison. Worse than a prison - it was the lab. It was a trap! The Mushroom tricked her, it was working for the eye all along and the Plant was trapped there as well! If only she had thought that would happen. It was just as she remembered it, the sterile white walls, the cold table with the restraints, the needles strewn about from the forced addiction to keep them all docile. Then the footsteps could be heard, it was him, he was back. "Lets see if your magic is kept in your eyes." He said, his voice echoing down the hall. Quin screamed in terror, trying to find anywhere to hide that she could, realizing that there was nowhere she could go. She would be sedated and strapped down again! They would carve out her eye! He entered the room and she was too weak to stop him, crouched in the corner trying to get him away from her she kept screaming and crying. Begging, bargaining, anything to get him away from her. But he just kept coming until he crouched in front of her, his one blue eye blazing with revenge. "Let me see that eye." He said scooping the tool into her socket. The resounding screaming, smashing noises and overall chaos that erupted from the lab sent the maid that followed Quin for her odd behavior running to find Martis. Something was indeed not right with the Doctor and the way she was carrying on it sounded like she was being murdered by something in there. Yelling and hollering through the house that the Doctor had finally gone mad or she was being murdered.
  9. So many creatures were in her lab, so many threats. Even Cariella, whom she thought was her friend, was threatening Ira. Quin quickly realized something important: today was not the day to start being sober. She'd promised herself today was that day, that she was going to burn the rest of the drugs and dump her alcohol down the drain and start to address her issues. However her issue was standing in her lab, in fact, they all were. It was just too damn much to handle at the moment and she couldn't think clearly through the withdrawals that were causing her to start to shake quite violently, a quaking of the hands that she couldn't hide. Reaching into one of her pockets she set the syringe back into it and traded it with a flask, she gulped it down as she held up one finger telling them all to shut up and give her a minute. The only sound the gulping as she downed the entire thing of firewater. Continuing to hold up her finger she dropped the flask and pulled out a little vial with some pinkish white dust in it, checking carefully to ensure it did not have a little black X on it, she unstoppered it, put a little on her finger and then sucked on her finger for a moment. She put the stopper back on and placed it back in her pocket. She took several deep breaths waiting for the calming familiar rush to kick in and her brain cleared and she began to feel a little better, the pain, the emotions, it was all numbed out now. That's just the way she liked it, devoid of anything at all, no feeling, none. "I'll pay off his debts." She told the Master smoothly, "He will work for me until it is paid off, at which point he can decide if he wants to leave me or not. Until then he will behave himself and I will keep a close watch on him." She meant it exactly as she said it, not caring if it hurt, she'd suffered for him. Endured years of experimentation, carved out a mans eye while he was alive, breathing and fully cognizant for him, had his baby and gave her up - and shouldered it all. When she had him in her grasp again, wanted him to help her find a weapon that would remove the damn collar in that cursed city - he abandoned her in the only time she'd asked him for anything.....and damn it if she still loved him with everything she had. "Ah - and Master?" She reached into her other pocket and pulled out a small glass vial with a red liquid, "I've been trying to catch you for days now. I think this is close to what you were looking for with that elixir you were asking for?" She shook it a little, "Only 2 out of the 5 subjects died when I gave it to them....curiously enough - the other three turned into vampires? I thought you said this was to cure disease - either way - I am getting closer to what you wanted - I'll just have to research that vampire side effect more.....otherwise, it is ready." She did what she usually did with the Master when she wanted something, distraction. She was positive he knew what she was doing, but she also knew that her very humanness and the promise he made her seemed to get her out of a lot of trouble. Why else would he have overlooked Otto's complete and utter destruction of the gardens and sometimes the kitchens on a daily basis, the area was in a constant state of self repair. She walked over and handed him the vial and three others just like it that she'd kept in her pockets. Her hand reached up and itched at a spot under the top of her collar, the one place that always seemed to itch or hurt from it despite the near decade she'd worn it. "Consider that part of the payment for the damage." She took a respectful step back.
  10. DarkHorse

    In Gaia We Trust

    Riha noticed the state of chaos that seemed to happen in the tent next to her, she barely looked over as she began filtering through the simpler cases, a poultice here, a mend there. Some illnesses took longer to treat, others didn’t have an illness just needed some company for a moment and someone to ask if they were alright. Many simply refused to be touched by the Lord’s “whore” and pouted when she had to hand a tincture or a poultice to a guard or a helper to hand over the medicine needed. As she worked a most annoying specter of a ghost hovered ever in the corner of her tent. Waiting for her to expectantly acknowledge it, to ask it what it needed, what was wrong. It was practically tapping its foot when she finally looked at it with a sigh. Not only was she a whore in all but deed, but she was crazy too because she would appear to be talking to herself for a moment. “What?” She sighed. It pointed towards a note left on a chair in the corner of the tent, it was addressed to her, pocketing it and intending to show it to Oscar later, she assumed that it was merely a threat again. She’d gotten a few in her time there. That wasn’t enough though as it became apparent that it was more angry and began to jab its finger at her then outside of the tent. With a sigh she picked up her back, “Alright, lets go, but I’m not following you out of this place. I dont follow ghosties I dont know.” Walking past the line of people, looking like she was talking to herself and abandoning them all she followed him to the back of the line where a little girl wrapped in rags was being held by an elderly woman. Her face nearly broke down and cried when Riha approached her. “I knew you could see him.” She said with a smile, “Please, she is very very ill....I dont know what to do....” Riha peeked inside the rags to find the child already deceased and she put the hood down gently, “Tis not healing she needs. I will fetch a priest.” She signaled to one walking by and as she left the old woman slipped something else into her hand and she looked down at the cloth with an all too familiar insignia on it. Crushing it in her hand she hurried back to her tent to continue healing those that needed it. Feeling alert, feeling on guard, feeling - unsafe. But work she would until the work was done. She would just have to trust that the guards would do their job.
  11. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Haha yeah no turns now. It’s ok, just post as you can or as it makes sense
  12. Hearing Ira speak brought her out of her strange place, the eye stopped speaking, the world stopped spinning and she stood up. Her old stubborn self setting in at the sound of his annoyed tone of her fighting ghosts. Something else she would have to explain to him later, the list was growing ever longer. "You are going to stay - with me?" She blinked in confusion, expecting him to take off on her again, "Well - I suppose we had best intro-" She was cut off by the one voice she least wanted to hear, the one that usually fucked with her mind for fun, and while she did owe him her life.....he still caused a knot of dread to fill her stomach whenever he was around for fear of him messing with her or trying to turn her. She wasn't sure what was worse, him or the master showing up first. "I never thought I'd see the day you brought us party favors, Doctor." Quinn put a very firm hand on Ira's sword hand and held it down so he wouldn't lash out like he usually did. Strike before think, that seemed to be his mantra and a whole lot of good it ever did them. "He is not a party favor." Quinn said firmly, "He was and is my friend." Her free hand wrapped around something in her lab coat, just in case she needed it. This would be the perfect opportunity to test what she dubbed the "goodnight kiss" made from the very same poison that Alastair drank from her not too long ago. The needle was a thick long contraption that shed managed to make and tested it on hard surfaces such as metal to make sure it could punch through with enough force. She didn't let go of Ira's sword arm, her grip continuing to be a warning that he'd best shut up. "This is Ira." She said to no direction in particular, "It isn't polite to hide or play mind tricks when greeting guests, Alastair....." She pulled the syringe from her pocket and let it sit in her hand, ready to go if need be. "I'm sure this idiot and his - friends - caused some damage in the Labyrinth, from what it sounds like they were sent here by someone who knew it wasn't abandoned....." She heavily implied that they paid someone to send them prey, "Whatever they did - I'll cover it. I'll work it off." Never having been in debt with them and knowing she would quickly work her way out of it with the revealing of the goodnight kiss, she was willing to take the risk. "Now why don't you just come on out and we can wait for Master to arrive." She said, "If you are here then I am sure he is on his way too....."
  13. DarkHorse

    A Desert Oasis - The Temple of the Sun Goddess

    Khepri Entering into the bedroom where Tobias lay she lay down next to him and tapped on his mask with her finger accusingly. "How bad is it?" She asked, "We have an architect here - perhaps he can help. Do you need a host, I am sure one of the slaves we took will do...." Curling herself around him she did her best not to touch anything that she thought might be damaged, she knew him well enough to know he was hiding it from her. She truly had thought he was dead, if he hadn't died - he looked close to it. She could have sworn the explosion killed him, a story for a different day - she needed him well again, no matter the cost. She wasn't going to lose him, no again, not ever. "I just can't believe you are here." She said with a gentleness that was so strange for her, "Lets get you well again alright?" In the square The people would seem scarce, the priestesses even more so. Some were working on repairing stones on the ground, others nursing the fruit trees that once bloomed in abundance. All the priestesses would be heavily laden with weaponry, their tall and lithe gaits smooth and sure. Despite their deadly looks, they tended the gardens, some were leading massive animals through the streets as well. They all seemed to have a job and a steady purpose. To the left of the square there would be a group of small children and teens, all bearing the golden skin, eyes and flaming red hair. An older woman with grey streaking her red was lecturing them on the use of their spears and how to hold them. Some were fighting each other for practice, and even further from them were priestesses training with each other, their deadly dance quite beautiful. The colorful carts and vendors would be the work of other merchants traveling there for rest and trade. The temple boasted and offered a variety of rarities that couldn't be found anywhere else. Mainly the desert sun fruit that was in high demand and little supply due to the rebuilding. Still the commerce was good as most of the vendors and merchants donated part of their earnings and food as payment for taking care of them in the heat. One older priestess, bearing scars across her exposed stomach and chest took notice of the traveler with his staff. Half of her head was shaved while the other was long and braided, there was a large healing wound on the shaved side. All consequences of surviving the raid and being taken captive. While the younger women didn't recognize it for what it was, she did. Sighing she went and sat next to him. "You are either clever or lucky to have managed to sneak that thing in." She said, her posture straight, "But still, you did not enter into the temple when you could have easily fooled the younger priestess. So I will overlook your - walking staff. Could have ended up like him -" She pointed to the human skull that was mounted in the center of the square. "That - is the bastard that dare destroy the temple of the Goddess and those that uphold her wishes....." She said, "The High Priestess herself killed him and hung his skull here to remind any and all not to defile her works." Sliding her golden eyed gaze over to the traveler she tipped her head a little and smiled warmly. A strange thing for a woman who spoke of hanging skulls as warnings. "What brings you here pilgrim?" She asked, "A thirst for knowledge, thirst for water, curiosity, a need to learn?"
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

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