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  1. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    That sounds great to me!
  2. DarkHorse

    The Fates that Bind

    Quin fired shot after shot after shot until her ears were ringing and her arm was sore. They just seemed to keep coming, like an endless tidal wave - and then - after all the exhaustion and destruction - they were gone leaving no trace behind. She frantically looked around and when she saw Ira, Aiden and Julius were all still alive she heaved a sigh of relief before sliding down the wall of her clinic behind her. She rested her forearms on her knees and her head on her arms, the pistol dangling from the fingers of her hand. She was exhausted - beyond exhausted - she felt down right ghoulish herself at the moment. What in the hell happened!? She finally looked up at saw that some of the buildings were completely destroyed, the tavern still stood, which was good. Husks of men and women lay in the street as if they just went to sleep and never woke up again. A scene all too familiar to her, except she was used to seeing blood with death - and there was no blood - strange. She hadn't the energy to get up and ask the million burning questions in her mind to Julius, so instead she pulled out her pipe, lit it and puffed on it, closing her eyes to the sight around her. Someone was going to have to go do something about this....and she had a bad feeling she was one of those someones.
  3. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Nah, you cant screw it up. So long as they go out, wage war to avenge the temple and then return, I don't care the details you fill in, so long as they aren't way out of the realm of reality and then I'll tell you. Its a shared story so add, suggest, and build on it, that makes it so much better! This is just as much yours as it is mine.
  4. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I can be more specific if you want me to. I planned on including her taking slaves in those posts and describing it. I’m not a bit stickler on who adds what, I actually like that when folks do that. So long as the main plot line gets followed I love added things. Makes for a better story
  5. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I agree. I was actually going to talk to you about that. I’m going to give you free reign with that one, you can decide when slaves come and go, what they do and how much gets done. My goal is to have them gone and back in 3 posts so about two weeks gone?
  6. DarkHorse

    Invasion of Lydon

    Time has a funny way of passing, time passed both slowly and incredibly fast... or so Quin thought. It had been two weeks since Quin spoke with Ira or Samuel. She looked for them in the mess hall - but they were nowhere to be found. She asked any soldier that came into the medical ward if they knew the brothers, and for two weeks she hadn't any luck. In the short span of time Quin learned quickly that doctors were in short order and they had an over abundance of medics, nurses and useless witch doctors. She adapted quickly and learned how to navigate being around so much formality, structure and war. "Quin!" a medic shouted, he was standing next to a patient, "Another one for you." Quin stretched her back and approached them. A man in a dark green uniform was wincing, waiting to have a rugged gash on his arm stitched closed. It struck her as odd that he was the 4th scout she healed this week. Scout regimens were supposed to have their own medics training along side them. Quin threaded her needle and after cleansing the wound began to stitch. "I thought scouts were supposed to have their own medics?" She asked him. "Bloody useless git that one is." The scout answered through gritted teeth, "Ran out of bandages, thread, just about everything and can't figure out how to improvise....if he can't get it together we are all fucked." "I'll say." She sighed, "You know of anyone named Ira or Samuel by any chance? They are brothers - close friends of mine...." The scout let out a laugh despite the pain from being stitched up. "I know them!" He roared, "Ira is a beast with an axe! Samuel is more the thoughtful type..." Quin gave a non-commital grunt as she finished closing up his wound. "All finished." She said, "Now, I want you to take me up to your scout camp so I can evaluate this medic you have....as a medical officer I can't allow this to continue. First I am going to need some supplies." She walked out of the medical ward with the scout in tow and went to the supply hut. She entered with a nod to the two men standing guard and collected what she needed. "You can't just walk into the supply hut and take whatever you want!" The scout exclaimed. "You would be surprised what a Doctor can get away with here." She answered with a wink. She packed a bag full of food provisions, medical supplies, a small tent, some more appropriate clothing and blankets. She shoved her bag at the scout. "Alright then." She put her hands on her curvy hips, "lead the way then." He led her out of the hut and they began the long winding trek up to the Scouts camp. By the time they reached it she took her bag back from the Scout and looked around at the sparse living conditions. "Who is your Lieutenant?" She asked. "That would be Lieutenant Stewart." He pointed to a grumpy looking man standing and shouting at several soldiers. "Many thanks." She said giving him a nod before approaching the Lieutenant, "Lieutenant Stewart." He turned to regard her, "Who the fuck are you?" "Third Medical Officer Dr. Nash." She extended her hand, shaking his. "What the hell is a Doctor doing here?" "I keep seeing your scouts in my clinic," She raised an eyebrow, "Now you either don't have a medic or yours needs to be replaced. I am here to evaluate him and replace him." "Fucking useless our medic is...Why not send another medic?" He asked. "I have an agreement with Captain Allen to be here." She said, "Now where is that useless medic of yours?" Lieutenant Steward pointed in the direction of the center of the camp, "Likely hiding in his tent." Quin marched off in the direction he pointed and came across quite the scene. The medic was struggling with one of the Scouts, a gash across his torso causing him to lose quite a lot of blood. The medic was trying - and failing to wrap it up with a dirty shirt. He caught sight of Quin and stood to salute her, causing the shirt to slip and the scout to curse at him. Quin strode forward with an impatient sigh, pulled a dagger from her boot, doused it in her special cleaning agent and thrust it into the fire. It shot up with green sparks into the air. Quin pulled out a clean cloth, poured more of the solution on it and cleaned the wound. "I am not going to stitch this, nor am I going to waste magic on such a small wound." She said, she picked up a stick and held it out, "Bite." He obeyed, she turned and pulled her dagger out of the fire, spinning it in her hand once to cool it slightly before she pressed it to the wound and sealed it. She dropped the dagger into the dirt to cool and pulled out a small strip of bandage and secured it to his skin before removing the stick from his mouth. She rounded on the medic, "Haven't you ever cauterized a wound? How the hell did you end up in a place like this, you are going to cost lives!"
  7. DarkHorse

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Quin smiled at Martis and gave him a nod from her head. "Let the Master know I will be there." She said, "I'll be sure to call you if I need you.....oh - yes - and before you go...." She nudged the giant spider carcass towards him with her foot, fighting off the feeling of disgust, it left a slimy trail. "Could you uh - see that makes it to my lab?" She asked, "I have a plant that might want to eat it after I harvest the venom. Thanks." She closed the door with a click and turned to her bed. She knelt down and dug under the bed until she pulled out a large, black, ornate wooden box. Golden dragons chased each other across the lid. "If the master demands I dress formally," She grumbled to herself, "Then he will get exactly what he wants." She placed it on the bed and ran her hands lovingly across the lid. She hadn't opened this box since she fled from Lydon - so many years ago. It was the only remaining piece of her old life, the only thing she managed to bring with her. Originally, she intended to wear its contents when she finally reunited with him. Her hands began to shake and she forced down the memories, the bitterness at never being able to see him again resurfacing and overwhelming her. She was too ruined, too corrupted to be with him now. Quin closed her eyes and with a deep breath and a long dram from her flask finally collected herself. She unlatched the golden latches holding the box closed and opened it to reveal a silken black kimono - delicate pink, white and red cherry blossoms fanned across the fabric and a blood red obi was used to bind it all together. Two smaller boxes were stacked on top of the other in a corner of the box. One contained various hair combs and ornaments. The other had traditional Genova paints for eyes, lips and cheeks. The kimono was originally a gift from a lover she had before the war. He was an artist she allowed to sketch her and he gifted her the beautiful garment. With practiced hands she bound up her hair and artfully placed her combs and ornaments. She put on paints she hadn't worn in so long she had nearly forgotten what it was like to wear them. The familiar smell reminding her of the stale air in the whore house she used to live in. Carefully she donned her kimono and tied her obi expertly for hands that had nearly forgotten how to tie it. Finally she pulled a matching fan from the box and tucked it into the obi. Sliding her feet into delicate silk shoes, she turned to the cat and spread her arms wide. "Well?" She asked, "You think it is formal enough for Sir demands a lot?"
  8. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Khepri smiled, "Good, then lets not waste any more time. I will get Sei prepared and we can leave." She strode into the temple to find Ahab awake, he was scribbling down details about something or another, likely the temple. He looked - disheartened? Stressed? Khepri didn't know the ways of men so well so she could be sure. "You." She approached him, "Builder. You did not kill me in my sleep - why I am not sure - so I shall trust you with fixing my temple. I am assuming you require help fixing this, yes? I will send slaves and volunteers to help you. They can do the heavy lifting and hard work, you just need to tell them what to do. Scarlett and I are leaving to take revenge on my enemies, we shall be back as soon as we are able. Should you need anything, send word using Gaia." She held out her arm and chirriped. A large winged bird swooped into the temple and landed on her arm, its long talons encircling her entire forearm. The strain the bird placed on her arm caused her muscles to bulge from the weight. Gaia screeched and with a lift of Khepri's arm was dismissed to fly off. She continued out of the temple and found Sei, her Oliphant, rolling in the dusty remains of the garden. She let out a shrill whistle and stopped rolling and approached her, greeting her with a nudge of his trunk. Khepri began to unload the armor and spikes she packed and methodically began to saddle and arm Sei. She swung up and down the beast as if it were nothing more than a small creature. Finally, she unfurled the spikes that ran down the tusks of the beast, held on by notches carved into them. She let out a joyful yip and Sei moved forward, out of the garden and to the front of the temple. "Are you ready to destroy?" She called down to Scarlett as she passed her, "Lead the way to this camp!"
  9. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Yes she is
  10. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    It’s ok! I figured you would come back eventually. We are ready for your epicness!
  11. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    I sense a triangle!!!!! Ménage? @ODSTDRAGON you are up!
  12. DarkHorse

    Invasion of Lydon

    Quin was astonished at the sheer number of soldiers that appeared out of seemingly nowhere. They were heavily armed and well prepared, they were blanketing the area surrounding the massively built fort. An architectural masterpiece of 500 years of hard work and battles won and lost. She couldn't help but stare in awe as she walked through the massive armored gate, only to see weapons and catapults and trebuchets and so much more. She looked around and inwardly swore, now that they were in the thick of the fort, she lost sight of Ira and Sam in the crowd. Suddenly she was fearful she would never find them again - she promised to help them. Captain Allan's shout grabbed her attention, he was standing on a stump so he could be visible. “Those of you who are not in the military, the line on the left is for those who do not want to fight back the invaders. You will be escorted into the mainland and will be able to seek refuge there. The line on the right is for those who want to help our glorious army defeat the unwashed hoard that will be upon us soon. You will have the chance to serve in honor in any of the military branches: the infantry, the scouts, the cavalry, the artillery, engineers or medics.” People began to sort themselves and Quin stood rooted where she was, scanning for Ira and Samuel in the crowd. Suddenly, she was enveloped by big arms, causing her to stiffen - until she heard him speak. “Your childhood sucked, but you’re free now. I hope you can make the most of it. Samuel and I are going to join the scouts. Thanks for helping us get this far.” Ira's voice rolled through her and hit her harder than if he had slapped her. Before she could relax into his embrace, he was gone. She looked around quickly and saw them standing on the side with the military. She quickly crossed to them and stood next to them with a sheepish smile. "Look," she said, "I promised I would look out for you if you look out for me." She looked up and winked at him, "Besides, you can't just hug a girl like that and run off. You will go giving her the wrong idea!" Before she could joke more, orders were being barked at them to line up and volunteer for a branch of service. Captain Allan was inspecting each and every one of the men, finding them lacking and letting them know just how much they were lacking. When he got to her he stopped short and stared at her. "Decided to enlist as a medic have you?" He puffed himself up. "I've told you before. I'm not here for you -" She replied, "I am just here because that is where my friends choose to be." "Medical station is in the long house behind the barracks." He said, "Quarters are above the clinic. Go." Quin opened her mouth to protest. "You have been flippant enough. You are in my world now. Go!" Captain Allan snapped. Quin gave Ira's hand a quick squeeze and scurried off towards the clinic. She passed the soldiers training in the barracks, the sounds of swords clashing and the smell of sweat causing a nervous beating in her heart. As she rounded the corner she stopped to look back to assure herself Ira and Samuel were still there. They were - she could see them. Reassured she took the last few steps into the clinic and was greeted with a surprised look from the predominately male staff. "We have no need for a nurse." One Doctor dismissed her, "Go back with the civilians and get out of here while you can." "Pardon my rudeness." Quin snapped back at her, "But I am not a nurse." He stopped mid stride and turned to look at her fully "Where did you go to school?" "Genova medical institute." She answered. "Genova Medical Institute?!" He repeated in disbelief, "Where is your credentials?" "Burning with the rest of the city." Quin answered dryly, "I didn't think to grab them when I was enslaved." "Then how do I know you went there?" He asked. Quin pulled out her pipe and packed it, she lit it and took a puff, "Hell if I know....you are just gonna have to trust me I guess...." He looked at her pipe, "Where did you get that?" "This?" She held up the smooth, delicate black and gold long stemmed pipe, "It was a graduation gift from the Institute. Insignia is on the bottom if you want to see." "Proof enough for me." He said, pulling out an identical looking pipe, he extended his hand, "The name is Spero. I am the lead surgeon here...We aren't used to having a woman in our midst so you will have to find an unshared room upstairs. You have magical healing?" "I'm Quin. I can numb pain." She said, "Other than that, my healing relies on my herbs and skill." "You any good?" He lead her up a narrow set of stairs into a dim hallway. Quin shrugged, "I haven't much experience with the wounded. But I was good at dealing with diseases." "That's all fine." He said, opening a door, "This one looks like it will do...welcome aboard. We expect you to pull your weight while you are here. You know where you are destined after this?" Quin looked around the closet of a room. It had a bed, a small place to put her clothes and not much else. "I'm not sure yet." She said, "It depends on where my friends are going." "You weren't assigned anywhere?" He asked in shock. "Captain Allen and I came to an agreement." She said, "Do you expect me to jump right in or can I have a nap? I am tapped out and I think I may drop soon." "Thats fine." Spero answered, "Dinner is in the mess at 1700. Your duties here start tomorrow." "Sounds good." Quin answered sleepily. She was asleep before Spero could close the door, the last thought on her mind was to wonder how Ira and Samuel were doing and if she would see them in the mess hall.
  13. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Khepri began to unroll her bedroll and some blankets to sleep on. She was overtired and she needed sleep, she would do no good tired. She turned and looked at Scarlett. "Scouting them out will be helpful." She said, then she grinned, "I care not how many casualties you take, strike a little terror into them if it amuses you. It would certainly amuse me." She then turned her attention to the man and thought for a moment, she sighed, "Perhaps the goddess's statue will not be restored - Once I get my retribution I will seek out more knowledge on it....I am sure it is written somewhere....For now though - I need sleep, I have traveled a long way and I am tired." She shot him a glare, "Try nothing while I sleep. My bayangan will be watching." She motioned to the dark corner of the room where a shifting, hard to distinguish form was watching. Its energy being pulled from the darkness around it. With that she lay down, rolled herself into her blankets and fell asleep as soon as her head touched the roll. ______________________________________________________ Khepri awoke as the sun was bleeding a red dawn across the sky. She stood and stretched with satisfaction at sleeping so deeply. Even though the temple was destroyed - it was still her home, and she always slept well when she was home. She noticed Audry - the Sword Sister - was gone. Dust too was mysteriously absent. They must have left some time in the night. Khepri hoped she had taken enough food and water to sustain her. Ahab was still sleeping, proving himself true in his intent to fix the temple and do no harm to her. She walked to the sooty pillars that marked the entryway into the once lush garden, the bubbling oasis making sweet music. The plants were trampled, bits of ask and stone littered the garden beds. Above the crumbled stone wall she saw the sun, the glorious sun, its heat already rising in waves from the sand, distorting the view of the desert. "Soon you will be restored." She said to the rising sun, "Soon your walls will be whole again and your Oasis a safe harbor for any who need it. There will be blood today - and it will not be mine. I will hang his head from the temple gate as a warning to any that wish to destroy this sanctuary again." A hot breeze snaked past her, a common phenomenon as the warmer air met the freezing night air. She smiled and eagerly awaited to hear from Scarlett and what she found.
  14. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Pm is probably better
  15. DarkHorse

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC