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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Yes it is
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    Escape From Madness

    Lord Vector He glared down the captain of his guard. Rolfe, stood there studying the tip of his dagger, seemingly unconcerned. "You almost cost me that alliance!" Vector hissed, "What the hell were you thinking? Thank the gods that it was Mercy you threw down the stairs instead of Odelia! Do you know what you could have done!?" Rolfe stopped studying his dagger and looked at his Lord, he slammed the dagger down on the desk. "You promised her to me!" He snapped at Vector, "Then you marry her off to that - that Elf." "Odelia was never meant for you." Lord Vectors rage grew, "That marriage has secured me the Mythal name!" "She was supposed to belong to me!" He argued back, "When I agreed to be the Captain of your guard you promised me a daughter in marriage." "A Daughter." Vector roared, "I did not promise Odelia specifically." Rolfe would not have pushed if he didn't know he already had the upper hand. He was determined to secure his position and his claim over the wealth and lands that the Carthrage's had. Rolfe demanded, "You promised a daughter! I expect one!" "You are speaking to your Lord." Vector's voice went down an octave as the volume rose, "Something you would do well to remember!" "What now?" Rolfe pressed, he knew his Lord would do nothing about his insolence, "Who takes your legacy? Hugo's sons? His wife is barren! Odelia is not here to whelp and bring in the next heir. The one heir you did have was in that bitch - and you had me throw her down the stairs to be rid of it because it was your oldest sons instead of yours! So that leaves Greggory -" Vector stood and threw a glass paperweight across the room, it barely missed Lady Laruielle's head and smashed on the wall. She screamed and crouched trying to avoid being hit with it. Vector acted as if he hadn't known she was there the whole time, as if he hadn't thrown it at her in his rage and missed. "What the fuck are you doing here!?" He roared at her, "OUT!" She ran from the room quickly and slammed the door behind her. Vector splayed his hands on the desk, unmoved by his Lord's anger. The Lord had raised him as a son ever since he found him wallowing in the filth, once Carter died he had an even easier time of worming his way into the Lords better graces. "You know what you have to do." He leveled his Lord with a steady gaze, "It has to stay in the family some way, some how." Vector didn't answer, he stood and turned his back to Rolfe. "Let me go after her." Rolfe said, "I will take care of that bastard Elf and -" "You will do no such thing!" Vector spun around quickly, "My name cannot bear the Mythal's as well until the marriage is final. You will leave Odelia alone. If you cannot I will personally see to your death....I will have to send for - her." Rolfe opened his mouth to protest, Vector cut him off with a glare. "You wanted a daughter, you are getting one." He said grimly, "You beget an army of boys on that freak and you can throw her in the pond with rocks around her ankles for all I care." Riha Carthrage Auntie and I were brushing down the horses, her eyes, so much like mine, glinted with mischief. She was my mother's sister, her twin in every sense of the word, she looked just like her - except for her eyes that were lavender. My Papa says that its a gift to be cherished, not hidden away, Father thought otherwise. We weren't nobility so to speak, Papa just has a lot of coin from when he worked. He moved here with his daughters when they were very young and their coin went a long way to build a happy, safe home. Father fucked that all up though, he married my mother and treated her like crap, treated the whole family like crap. He was no more nobility than my Papa was, he was just fool enough to declare himself so. The horse I was brushing down nudged me with his head and pushed me away slightly. I laughed and pushed down on his nose. "No more hay for you." I said, scolding him, "You will rot your gut with it. You had your share." He snorted at me and stamped his feet, I patted his neck gently and continued to brush him down. "Your father wrote us." She said mildly. "How is that flea bitten scum bag?" I asked. She hesitated a moment and I understood immediately, images and words flashing into my mind from hers. I dropped the brush and backed away. "Oh no-" I said, "No no no! I will not go there! I will not!" "Your sister has been married off." Auntie said softly, "He has you engaged to the Captain of his guard...." "Rolfe!?" I choked out, "Rolfe? He is even worse than father! No! I wont go!" The horse spooked and kicked the stall with his back leg. I didn't care, I wasn't going back - I wasn't, not to that place. Where I was locked in that room with mother, where she screamed and begged and cried and dug at the door until her fingers were bloodied. She suffered so I could live, she went without food, or water or sleep so I could have it all - and when she died and they opened the doors and found that I was not dead. Father sent me away, far away from him, disappointed I didn't have the grace to do him a favor and die too. "It is your duty -" Auntie began. "I own that man nothing!" I spat out, "He lost that right when he wrote me out of the family history! I don't even bear his last name anymore!" "I packed your trunks this morning while you were out riding Gaia." She said sadly, "I am expecting them to arrive within a few days." "You know what they are like there!" I tried to plea to her sense of compassion, "Don't send me back, just refuse!" "You know as well as I that it is your father's coin and loyalty to this family that keeps us all here." She said, "Would you have your Papa lose all that he has worked for? Have me, or your cousins lose their home?" I stared at her open mouthed, I had never known her to be a selfish woman, she would have told me to run if Father didn't have some sort of hold over her or my Papa. She smirked and continued to brush her horse, "Of course, he didn't say anything about you arriving there." I couldn't help but smile back, "What have you done?" "Just be prepared when the time comes." She said, "Be ready to run." The day's passed painfully slowly as I waited for Father's men to arrive. I knew the only reason he was bringing me out of my exile is because he had no other choice. I knew little about the goings on at that place of horrors after I left. I doubt it improved any in my absence, but I was determined not to go, I wasn't going to be stuck as some brood mare for a lecherous man. They were probably planning to kill me anyway the moment I gave them a boy, well I knew ways to prevent a babe - so let them try - and let them fail. I knew they were approaching even before Auntie came to get me. She looked worried and wrung her hands in her dress, she closed the door to my room with a snap. Her face was unusually serious. "When you are free of them, do not write, do not try to come back here, do not get caught." She said, "Do you understand?" I nodded my head and moments later the doors burst open to my room. Auntie spun around in a rage and was quickly shoved aside as they grabbed me roughly. I screamed and kicked and started to fight as they dragged me from my room, down the stairs and out to the carriage they had waiting. I fought like an angered wet cat, managing to claw one guard before they tossed me into the carriage and slammed the door, locking it from the outside. The windows were boarded up so I was cast into darkness and unable to escape. A little bit of light filtered through a seam between the window and the board, but it was not wide enough for me to pull it off. The carriage jerked suddenly and I was tossed backwards into the seats. I could hear my Auntie crying as we drove away, and I cried too, I was happy where I was, why did that have to end? @Abigail666
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    Riha Carthrage

    Posted Sunday at 09:25 P Riha Carthrage Race: Human Marital Status: In an arranged engagement to Rolfe Thurston Gender: Female Age: 19 Job Class: Political pawn/rogue [Physical] Voice: Loud, boisterous, Commanding Eyes: Lavender Complexion: Tan Height: 5' 2" Weight: 112lbs Build: Petit, curvy Hair: Black, long wavy Defining Features: Pock mark scars on her back from having the plague [Mental] Nature: Outgoing, wild, head strong, independent Hopes: Stay out of her father's reach, reunite with her sister Fears: Her father, losing her sister, mice Likes: Spicy food, adventures, collecting sea shells Dislikes: Her father, illness, heartlessness [Gear] Small dagger [Weapons] Small Dagger [Magic] The ability to communicate with animals and nature. Connection to the "other world" Premonitions (Unstable, unpredictable and not always 100% accurate) [Abilities] Talented painter Uses ability to communicate with nature to help others Herbalist, believes in using herbs, special waters and other such methods for healing. [Family] Mother: Lady Ophelia Carthrage 30 (Deceased) Once a kind, warm and caring woman, Lady Opheilia dedicated her life to the tutoring of her children and serving her household. Unable to control her husband, she was often looked upon with pity as he slept with other women, had many bastards and beat her. Despite all this it was said she loved her husband deeply and stood by him even when he was at his worst. She died due to contracting an illness from a traveler that visited the city when Odelia was 12. The fever wiped out half the population as well as killed Odelia's youngest sister Piper who was 5. Written out of the family history was the "death" of Riha Carthrage, Odelia's twin sister. Her father feared her "odd" abilities and took her illness as opportunity to rid himself of her. Father: Lord Vector Carthrage 47 A greedy and ruthless man that is questing to gain power and rise in the ranks of nobility. Lecherous and scheming, he has more bastards and unintended children that exist within his keep and village than he can count. Despite his late wife's love towards him, he did not return it and frequently reminded her so. His temper grew worse following the death of his wife and his youngest daughter and he turned his rage on his oldest and most willful daughter, Odelia. He erased all family history of Odelia's twin Riha, and sent her away to live with her Aunt Genviev. He aimed to raise his children to be just as ruthless as himself and succeeded with his sons in making them cruel and money hungry. Step Mother: Lady Laurielle Carthrage 27 Married to Lord Vector at a young age, she was forced into motherhood before she was ready when she inherited the children of the late Lady Ophelia. Bitter over being snatched away from her original intended, Lord Vector offered her father more gold and more cattle for her and won her. She was unaware of Riha's existence until Lord Vector sent for her following the marriage of his daughter Odelia to the Mythal house. Due to her young age, she was not respected by Lord Vector's sons and it was rumored she was raped by his oldest Hugo and became pregnant. She lost the baby in an unfortunate "accident" when she fell down the stairs and was injured. She has been unable to have children since then. Brothers: Hugo Carthrage (Married to Penelope Ruthford) Riha's oldest brother, he no longer lives in their keep and took his father in laws lands once he learned he was ill and his mind was going. He married his wife Penelope with the intention of taking her lands and her father's wealth. Greggory Carthrage The second oldest of the three remaining children, he is a drinker and a gambler. He believes Riha - his closest sibling - died from the plague and was devastated by it. Carter Carthrage (Deceased) Carter, Lord Vector's favorite son, became a knight and left to seek his fortune through war. He was killed shortly after and his loss was greatly mourned. Much more like his mother than his father. He was initially engaged to be married to Lady Penelope Ruthford and after his death his brother Hugo insisted they wed to keep the contract "in the family." Since then Lord Vector has suspected his son Hugo of causing Carter's death.  Odelia Mythal (19) Married to Austere Mythal Twin sister to Riha, they were separated when Riha became ill with the plague. The girls - incredibly close since birth - were traumatized by their seperation. Odelia was told Riha died and forbidden to ever mention her name or speak of her again.
  4. "Get in the carriage, imp." He said, tipping my chin up with his fingers and looking down at me playfully. The touch and his tone completely flooded me, overloaded me with things I'd locked away for so very very long. The dam cracked again a little and I struggled to keep it in tact as I did as I was told, unsure how to answer his playful tone. I'm not sure if I even knew how, this wasn't courtly flirting, that was easy to respond to. This playfulness though - I hadn't seen it since my beloved sister and mother died oh so long ago. He sat next to me, further surprising me. I nearly leapt to the other side of the small space when he offered me his hair to braid. I bit down on my urge to run, crawl out of my skin, this torture was far worse than I imagined. I kept wondering when he would strike me - was he waiting for me to let my defenses down? I studied the locks for a moment before giving into the temptation, they looked so smooth that I could not help but gently run my fingers through them. I unwound the sloppy braid began and with my experienced hands began to braid it gently, neatly and quickly. It was a marvel at how the strands slipped through my fingers easily like silk threads. I felt envious of them, my own hair was too thick to feel smooth like that, often it felt more like grabbing a handful of thick yarn that no matter how much I brushed it to gleaming still could not fall the way his did. It wasn't until I was nearly done when he addressed me again. "Considering what your father is, I suppose your knowledge of your new House is already extensive." He said. I nodded, "I do. Though it is hardly thanks to him. Lady Laurielle made sure I memorized every Noble family. She said it would be helpful some day..." My gaze softened and I tied off the braid, letting go reluctantly, it was easier to speak when I had something to do with my hands. "I know the tragedies that befell your family -" I lowered my voice, "Given how much the Mythal's have sacrificed, I think we all grieved with you - those of us that have a heart that is." He spoke of his son and I couldn't help the smile that grew on my face, it wouldn't offend me if he didn't take to me, if neither of them felt anything for me. I knew I could never be her - his last wife - the mother of his son. "I will never replace his mother." I looked at him, "But I promise to look after him, treat him as if he were my own - if he allows it - I have raised many of my father's bastards in the years with the help of Agatha....we had a shelter of sorts that we ran in the village to help them...keep them from freezing or starving you know?" I paused before continuing, trying to decide how much to share, the more I shared, the easier it would be for him to use it against me. So I decided to keep it to myself for a while, perhaps someday I would share the story. Mother's cries for help still echoed through my head from time to time, I imagine it was her ghost haunting my father. My thoughts were pulled away when he shared that his family would likely overwhelm me. I swallowed a knot of dread, that was not something I was used to. What would it be like? Would they be critical? Looking over every tiny detail and finding me lacking because of my very human nature? He took my hand gently, it caused my to jump in surprise. Such an unexpected and warm gesture, his eyes so genuine and trying to put me at ease. "Do you have questions or concerns? I'll do my best to answer everything and ease your weariness." "You aren't going to beat me are you?" I blurted out, lured in by the kindness in his eyes. I blushed and looked away, immediately regretting my words, but I could not take them back now. They would hang in that small space like an executioners axe over my neck. I just couldn't bare the torture any longer, the kindness, the attempts at reassurance, it put me in a dangerous world that I didn't want to enter. If I let down that wall - and he hurt me - well I couldn't take that thought. "I am sorry." I mumbled quickly, "I - I should not have said that."
  5. "You take liberties.....I would suggest you kindly step away from my wife." Austere's voice didn't even hide the threat behind them. I nearly let out a sigh of relief at the satisfying way Rolfe withered under the menacing glare. Austere tucked my arm into his and he gently shifted us away from Rolfe, the kindness in the gesture nearly caught me off guard before I remembered I was his property now. Of course he would make obvious his ownership, he said as much with his actions as he quite firmly took me from the scene. What frightened me was the narrowing of his eyes and the frown that now marred his face. My heart began to race in panic, muscles tensing in the way they always did before Father beat me. Did I displease him somehow? Did he regret his choice suddenly seeing how truly rotten my family was? Even worse, perhaps he suspected Rolfe and I were a thing? My mind reeled, I was lost until we exited through the front doors and he let go of me, the change in expression casting me into a complete panic. He was smiling, smiling, it wasn't menacing.....it was kind? I couldn't imagine that is what he meant with that smile, it must be the calm before the storm that he would unleash. I barely managed to hide the flinch away from him as I prepared for him to strike me. My heart pounding a painful rhythm in my chest and playing the same song I'd heard so many times before. I glanced down at my feet, if I appeared small and weak, perhaps he wouldn't hit me as hard as he intended.... "I'm not going to force you to stay in this house any longer so that I can wash up." His kind words struck me harder than his fist ever could have. The damn I so carefully constructed around my emotions, around my hurt, cracked. Threatening to unleash a flood of tears that likely wouldn't stop until the tears of grief equaled in years the number of them I was abused. I just stared at him, his long elegant fingers began to braid his hair, red stained in places. "If you are ready, we will be on our way; we have a room in an inn not far from here, and I'd like to have you in more comfortable surroundings." I continued to stare at him as if I was touched in the head. All of the painstaking training that Lauri put me through temporarily flying out of my head. The cogs of my brain screeched into action while my better sense begged me to do something other than look like the complete idiot that I was. I nodded my head stiffly and continued to watch those mesmerizing hands braiding his hair. "Yes." I finally found my voice, "I would like that so very much." My trunks were already loaded in the time we were inside and the carriage door stood open and waiting. I took a few steps towards it, my body feeling lighter with each step away from my prison, my tormentors - I wouldn't ever have to see them again - unless they decided to visit on some sick whim. I stopped just shy of the carriage and looked back at Austere, swallowing the butterflies that rose to my throat and choked out words, I forced them out. "I - I can braid that if you like." I offered in a voice so quiet I worried if it would reach his ears.
  6. I watched as M’lord Swept in and drew Agatha and Mercy to him, whispering prayers and giving such comfort that Agatha’s wails ceased and instead she mourned silently. I was filled with wonder as he knelt down in all the mess, getting covered himself in the process and not caring. I watched, my own heart easing with the wailing calming down and ceasing. Such tenderness and care hadn’t been seen in my home since my mother died. For a moment I was filled with curiosity to know what it felt like to be held like that by another - it had been so long that I’d forgotten..... He leveled me with his steady gaze “Odelia, what happened? ...Tell me what you want me to do.” I took a deep breath and stood up, steadying myself and thinking as a Lady of the house would, not the scared, grieving Odelia. I would do what I always have done, I would tell the truth. I would show compassion for my staff, I would handle the situation with as much grace as such things could be handled, but I would not shut down - no. Father can’t beat me anymore for speaking up. “I sent her to help her mother to pack to come with us.” I surprised myself with how level my voice was, “I went upstairs to fetch something from an old room of mine and I heard a crash and a thump, I came to investigate and passed a guard by the name of Rolfe, he said nothing but gave me - the look he always does -“ I suppressed a shiver before continuing on, “I heard some screaming and ran to find that Mercy was at the bottom of the stairs, Agatha cradling her. These stairs are not steep enough to cause someone to die like that from simply tripping.” I knew Rolfe approached the scene by the measured sound of his boots hitting the wood floor, I’d memorized them so I could avoid him. My spine stiffened and straightened further when Father’s tell tale footsteps came from the same direction. I heard him utter an oath under his breath, one that told me he, for once, had nothing to do with this. Was Father the only one that poor Mercy had to endure? “Oh dear -“ Rolfe’s oily voice drifted down the stairs, causing me to feel sick, “What happened here?” ”I should think you would know since you had to have been on the stairs when she fell.” I said evenly, measured, my voice was quiet but the power of my rage was behind it, biting, like a frigid tempest meant to root him to the spot. He walked past me and his hand brushed my thigh through my skirts, I stared ahead, ignoring him as she went to examine her. I took a deep shaking breath, “Unfortunately, I did not see who did this. It is clear she was thrown and simply did not trip and fall, however I did not see the perpetrator and I cannot make an accusation.” I glared a hole through the back of Rolfe’s tratiorous head for a moment, wishing just wishing I had caught him so that I could finally bring justice....but it wasn’t always so, I didn’t see him, and therefore I could not condemn him. I took another deep breath and walked down the stairs to crouch in front of Mercy, Agatha and Austere. Smoothing back her red hair from her face I looked lovingly down at Mercy, ignoring Rolfe looking down his nose at me with his annoying smirk. How I wished I could have punched him, threw him down the stairs. I bottled it all up inside and swallowed that bitter pill, it wouldn’t change things, not one bit. “Let’s get her cleaned up.” I said, “We will get her cleaned up and arrange to have her properly buried.” “I’ll see to that M’Lady.” My brother, for once sober walked down the hallway, he looked devastated, “It is clear that it is not safe here anymore.” I looked up at him, why was he suddenly so interested in the house affairs, “Why?” ”I find it strange that Mercy was thrown down the stairs the very same day you were supposed to leave.” He said, “The very same stairs that I saw you walk up just moments earlier. Perhaps Mercy was the perpetrators intended victim - perhaps it was you - there are some in this keep that do not agree with your marriage to the Lord.” His eyes darted quickly to Rolfe standing next to me before returning to me. The gravity of what he said threatening to send me spilling to the floor in a black wave of nausea, this was not how I imagined this day to go. ”If I may?” Gregg inched forward and bent low to scoop Mercy up out of Agatha’s arms, “I would make the suggestion that you leave as quickly as possible Odelia - there is a viper in this den of snakes.” He whispered something to Agatha that I couldn’t hear and she looked up at him with a nod before standing too. They walked silently down the hallway and away from the bloody mess left at the bottom of the stairs. Leaving me looking directly at Austere, we were at eye level and I didn’t think I needed words to communicate my agreement with my brother. The world seemed to disappear for a moment as I studied his honey eyes, I found strength in them, a security I was terrified of. ”Rolfe” Father’s voice snapped me from the moment, “Get someone to clean this shit up!” Father disappeared down the hall at the top of the stairs, his angry steps carrying him away. I just stayed crouched despite Rolfe’s hand on my elbow trying to tug me up, I wasn’t going to move for him, I didn’t want his touch, I shook him off and redirected my gaze back to my intended. "Can I have a bath drawn for you?" I asked, compassion in my voice, noting he had Mercy's blood on him, "I don't know if I can get the blood out of your robes, but at least you can wash it off."
  7. Lady Odelia ”Go fetch your mother and help her pack,” I told Mercy as she followed me into the house, “Do it quickly before my father has a chance to sabotage this.” She split away as she was told and I made haste to the one room that was closed and locked away from me since I was a little girl. It was my sisters room - my twin - the door long since boarded shut and access forever denied to me. We grew up in that room, played in that room, hid from my father together - up until the illness took her too. Father said it was because the sickness could linger in there, I knew that was a lie. He did it to hurt me, She, my mother and baby sister weren’t even cold in their graves before he had the room boarded up and Lady Laurielle in our home. It hurt my fingers, but I dug them into the wood and tore away the planks boarding it shut, their old age made them weak and easier to ply off. I didn’t pay attention to the slivers or scratches and blood it caused under my fingernails, I had to go in, there was something I wanted - no - needed- to have. The last plank fell away and I pushed open the door, the room was exactly the same as we left it, right down to the unmade beds and the bowl of water and cloths used to comfort my sister as she lay dying. Our toys were scattered around like we just finished playing with them, covered in a fine layer of dust from years of being locked away. I walked over to her bed - our bed - and I lightly touched the pillow, Riah was all but erased from the family history. Her death convenient to my father because she was - different - so he acted as if she never existed. Quickly I walked to our shared dresser and there, sitting on top of it, just where I left it was the necklace that I was looking for. It was a locket, its match resting with my sister in the graveyard behind the house. The blue gem glinted at me, reminding me of when we gave them to each other one year for our birthday. We hadn’t known that is what the other was planning, so we laughed and laughed and laughed when we exchanged them. There was a loud crash and then a thudding sound that caused me to jump. I quickly put the necklace on and raced out the door to where I heard the sounds, there was shuffling and movement. Rolfe passed me with a grin and leered down at me to look down my dress, I ignored him as I brushed past and to the stairs. A wail rose up and turned to a scream that echoed right through my very soul, dread sinking down into my stomach. I ran, racing to the top of the stairs and looked down before my knees gave out and I sank down holding onto the wall, a scream building in my own throat. Agatha was screaming and crying, tugging on Mercy, begging her to get up, to say something, to breathe. She wouldn’t do any of those things though, never again. Bile rose in my throat as I took in the mangled form at the bottom of the stairs, her legs at an odd angle, head tipped in an unnatural way, red hair and blood mixing on the floor. Another maid came to investigate the sound and stopped short, a prayer was whispered before she too began screaming and wailing. Mercy was well loved, liked, she was kind, and loving - and very much pregnant. I gathered my courage under my legs and flew down the very stairs that killed her, the very stairs that voided the little babe my older brother put into poor Lauri. Agatha was heaving her up into her arms, getting covered in blood and causing Mercy’s head to flop more to the side at an odd angle, making it worse. She rocked her daughter while wailing loudly over her limp body. It was clear that she was thrown down the stairs, a simple tumble would not have killed her. My eyes narrowed, Rolfe - he must have thrown her - and it was all my fault. Had I not sent Mercy off on her own, this wouldn’t have happened, she would be alive and so would my bastard half sibling. I started to shake and I had to slump down on the stairs, tears streaming down cheeks as I leaned against the wall, unable to take my eyes off the scene. At the moment I didn’t care if I looked like the proper lady, Mercy was dead, someone I regarded as a big sister, dead. “What have I done?” I asked shakily, “This is my fault - all my fault -“ Lord Vector Perhaps he hadn’t the courage, or he truely didn’t see himself as the problem to contradict the Lord. If his daughter wasn’t so willful he wouldn’t have to beat her. Austere’s eye’s were an intimidating storm, threatening to break the dam of calm, cool collectedness. Vector knew when to speak and what to say to avoid furthur tensions, he got what he was after and that was that. “My patience is thin when it comes to abusive men." He said, voice portraying his anger. Vector dropped all pretense of being the benevolent father, “She is willful.” He supplied, “She behaves better with a firm hand, if she weren’t so willful then I wouldn’t have to bring her to heel. You would do well to heed that advice. If your name is all you will give, then that is what I will take, and happily so. For I will be rid of a burden and you will gain a very loyal Wife, that I can promise you. I will stay away as you say, I won’t contact her, as for her demands - they are silly really. She wants her childhood nursemaid, a childish demand she makes just to anger me - I have no use for her or her daughter. They can go and with all haste” His voice was laced with its typical venom, speaking frankly now that the masks were dropped, “We share a common goal and that is rebuild what was lost. You have my assurances that should the call to arms ever be raised, my spies, my men and my service will be at your call. Beyond that, I don’t care what you do with my daughter.” He walked to the door and opened it, “If you are happy with the contract, I see no reason to continue the formailities, nor to keep you longer than necessary as this is a business deal not a social call.” He bowed and opened his mouth to speak - however it was interrupted by a heartwrenching scream followed by others and sudden rush of activity down by the kitchen.
  8. There was a strange flutter in my chest when he insisted on tradition first. I didn’t know what he meant until he opened the small black box, revealing the most beautiful and delicate ring. I watched as he took my hand in his warm one and slipped the ring on. A genuine smile touched my eyes when he brought my hand to his forehead and rested it there for several long moments before kissing the ring and she let her hand float gently back down to clasp the other when he let go of it. I could tell Father was confused with the tradition and impatient to be rid of me, I was enjoying his torment a little, of course this was all formality, but it seemed far less the prison that was my home. “It is lovely.” I said holding it up to look at it in a rare moment of enjoyment, I’d never owned something so lovely - but I couldn’t say that - it would likely cause father to fly into a rage that Agatha would pay for later. He then removed the cloak he was wearing and explained that it was made specially for me. The weight of the fabric nearly drown me, but it was warm, and soft and comforting. It too was beautiful, more beautiful than anything I had ever owned. He told me of the care and thought and effort put into the making of it, it was a creation of many hands, not just one. It was a gift from the people, to welcome me. It was a strange feeling and I tried not to let it show on my face, it was difficult to believe or understand him, everyone has an alterior motive, everyone, even the mighty house Mythal....I knew well that the face men put on in public is very different than the one behind closed doors. I couldn’t imagine my father intentionally marrying me off to someone that might actually be kind to me. But then again, Father’s expression remained neutral, only the thunderous look in his eyes told me that he was angry. My attention was drawn back to the Lord when he chuckled over the women arguing about the pattern that was a very obvious choice to all the men as if it were some big joke in their household. The sound was warm, genuine, and for a moment I felt like a wilted flower feeling water for the first time in a long time. I bowed my head in genuine thanks, “I cannot thank you enough. I will carry your family crest with as much honor as it deserves.” He dismissed me to say goodbye to my household and again I bowed my head in thanks, a plot to free Agatha forming in my head. I could tell by my father’s posture that either Lauri or Agatha would feel his rage and my guess was Agatha because I took her daughter, his favorite toy away from him. ”My Lord.” I said softly, sweetly, “I have no right to ask this of you, not since you have already done so much for me. But if I may, I would very much like to bring my two attending maids with me, they are so very helpful and they will remind me of home....” I barely hid the flinch behind my curtsy as I turned and walked quickly back into the manor, skirting a wide path around my father. I could see his fist clench and swore I would make sure I wouldn’t be alone between this moment and when I left the doors of my prison. Even then I doubted I would feel safe as he would likely find other ways to torture me from afar. Lord Vector He watched her walk away with a glare directed in her direction. The bitch tried to navigate around him and refusing to let her take her closest and most caring partner with her. She’d already taken away his favorite whore - and she was trying to be the snake that she was and take away yet another of his staff. Not that he had any use for the old woman, it was far more likely he would turn Agatha out once Odelia left. He plastered a smile on his face and turned back to Lord Austere Mythal, the powerful elf before him a gateway to more wealth and status. He could almost overlook his daughter’s willfulness, almost. “Right this way -“ He said smoothly before leading the way into his home. Lauri followed two steps behind them and broke off to enter the kitchens as Vector entered into his study. The contract sitting out on his freshly polished desk, waiting for final review and approval. “Please, have a seat.” He said cordially. Lauri entered with a maid behind her, she had a tray of warm Mead and some freshly baked biscuits on it. She set it down and walked out of the room briskly. Vector stared at his daft wife expectantly, she stared back in that stupidly blank face she always wore. ”Is there something you need Dear?” He asked, his voice barely laced in venom. She blinked, “Naught but to see you are properly served.” ”Perhaps you should go say your goodbyes to your beautiful step daughter then.” He suggested. She nodded and left quickly. He turned back to the contract and pointed to it. ”It is all there, my spies, armies, cattle, farming resources.” He said, “You will find that my beloved daughter comes with a large amount of some of the best bovine you will find on the island.” His words were no boast, it was true, they were being fattened and raised for just such the occasion. Not once did he ask after assurances that his daughter would be well taken care of, not once did he question when they would be wed, he simply reviewed the contract. ”I would like your assurances that should something happen to her, like an unfortunate death-“ He paused, “These things do happen, my own dear first wife was taken by illness... that our contract stands and does not void with her death.”
  9. I stood and waited, I could hear the carriage approach before it arrived. Smoothing down the skirt of my dress that Agatha painstakingly made sure was wrinkle free and in a nice blue color that she knew would compliment my eyes. My hands shook a little as I clutched them in front of me, Mercy’s steady hand lightly touched my back and I looked back at her, locking eyes. “It’s going to be alright.” She whispered, “Its going to be fine.” I am not sure if she was reassuring herself or me more, but we were in this together. I saved her from my father and now she owed me a debt that I would never capitalize on, I did it for her, and I did it for Agatha. At the increasingly loud sound of the carriage, as if on cue, my father appeared next to me at the doorway. He was dressed in his best and he had a cold smile on his face. Lauri was with him too and she stood still and silent as a statue. I could tell he was angry at me for taking away his favorite toy, but he wouldn’t have the chance to beat me, he wouldn’t have the chance to shoot cruel words at me, it would make him look bad and he wouldn’t risk that. Instead his hand came down on my shoulder and squeezed, I flinched away from his touch and he increased his grip daring me to run. “I’m not going to run if that is what you are afraid of.” I bit out. ”You better not if you know what is good for you.” He growled at me, “And you will act the proper Lady too.” I tried to wrench out of his grip, “I know what to do.” He tightened his grip until it was painful and my shoulder buckled towards him. I let out a little cry like a wounded puppy and he released the pressure just slightly enough so the pain was tolerable and I wouldn’t be whining. I bit back the tears of pain that built in my eyes and swallowed them down. He would never see me cry, I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. My brother stumbled out of the front doors and narrowed his eyes at the scene. ”You finally marry her off?” He slurred a little bit. I could feel my father’s anger build and grow, his grip tightened once more to the point of painful and unbearable, I buckled and begged him to stop. Only Lauri’s firm hand released his grip that I am sure he was unaware of, he never thought twice of hurting me. ”I told you to stay out of sight,” Father hissed, “You are an embarrassment!” ”I want to make sure you didn’t just give her away to any old man.” Gregg said with confidence. ”Since when have you cared?” Father and I snap at the same time. For the briefest moment I could see a glimpse of the old him, the sweet boy that used to play with me in the fields and help me pick apples. “Since always.” He snapped back, “you better not have just sold her to any old family.” ”Get back inside before I have you whipped boy.” My father snapped. Lauri cleared her throat in a clear indication that their exchange would not be private for long as the carriage was much closer and now in view. They all fell into their standby, the false smiles, the show that we all put on around others to make us “look” good. Even I was guilty of the charade, my face slipping into that schooled smile that I usually wore, not even aware of it. My hands were steady, folded in front of me, my expression soft, the smile I wore gentile. Anyone looking on would think I was demure, the perfect Lady. That spoke little to the chaos inside her mind. The terror that chased itself round and round and round until the carriage stopped in front of us. There was a pause, something that took longer than I thought was necessary, did they get one good look at me and decide to run? I knew I was not the most attractive girl, my father repeatedly told me that, but I didn’t think I was that hideous. The carriage moved a little as the door opened and out he stepped. Her eyes widened slightly an elf? She resisted the urge to look over at her father in askance. He was tall, very tall in comparison to her, she studied the eyes his smile did not touch, they held a small trace of warmth and the coldness she expected to see in them. She noticed the elaborate decoration of his robes in the colors that she knew to be of the Mythal house before he ever introduced himself. How could those greys, blacks and reds be from any other house. She had been forced to study all the major and minor houses and nobility in all of the three islands so she would be well educated about them. She knew her father’s smile was genuine, almost a little smug at how well he just did for himself. The Mythal house had done much to liberate them all, once powerful and powerful again. “Lord Austere Mythal, at your service” He introduced himself. She couldn’t help but notice he was studying them as intently as she was studying him. She stepped forward, out of her fathers grasp and curtsied. ”Lady Odelia Carthrage.” She answered in the voice she saved for when she didn’t want to anger anyone, “A pleasure to finally meet you.” ”A fortuitous meeting.” Father’s voice held a deceptive warmth, “Would you care to come in, review the contracts before you leave? After all this is my only daughter I want to make sure she is in good hands.” Gregg barely hid the snort that built up before he covered it with a polite cough. We all knew that if anyone looked close enough at the neckline of my dress along my shoulder that finger like bruise marks were already blooming from his earlier rage. Yet my family ignored it, pretended it wasn’t there, as if he wouldn’t see it either. I waited, breath held, half hoping he would stay, give me a few moments to say good bye to Agatha, tell her I will be alright. The other half hoped he would want to leave right away taking me away from this prison.
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