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  1. Riha Carthrage The bugbears were up in arms about newcomers. Ready to attack them and send them back to where they came from so they couldn't anger the mountain like that last person. Riha convinced them otherwise and got them to allow her to investigate before they attacked. Violence is what encouraged the mountain to be angry in the first place. So perhaps they should look and ask questions before striking. She'd been in the barren lands for some time, help from her twin and some Spriggens she consulted with gave her the opportunity to resume work she was taken away from ages ago. Initially she'd been working with the bugbears to find a solution to saving their homes so they didn't have to leave. A subsequent kidnapping and being found by her sister kept her away longer than she intended. But it was useful and she obtained knowledge of plants that could grow in the volcanic soils. So here she was trying to cultivate them and clean the water sources. In reality she was running away from many things. These barren lands and the bugbears knew nothing of the torment she went through, seeing her sister bloom into such a healthy happy family, being treated like complete shit for her status as Oscar Uldwar's ex lover - one his family didn't even bother to take with them when they ran. It was shameful, embarrassing even. She would never have the things her twin had - not with her label. So Riha would forge her own destiny....with bugbears.....at least for now. The tribe leader insisted Riha take someone with her to keep her safe in her investigation. She was stuck with Grugga, big even by bugbear standards. But he was older, wiser and more gnarled than any of the hot headed young bucks out for blood. He and her had an understanding, a rather peaceful relationship. Especially after she helped him uncover his mate's body buried in the ash. She merely followed the wailing of her spirit - not too hard considering the land was littered with them. Since then, Grugga and her had an amicable friendship - and she'd earned the title 'Spirit talker.' They couldn't pronounce her name anyway with their guttural language, so she allowed it. The party came into view after what was days of walking to get to where their paths met. An oddly familiar feeling came from the party as if she'd met one of them before..... well she would find out soon enough. Riha spoke to Grugga and asked him to wait for her away from the party, no need to have them alarmed either. She showed him several hand signals for him to watch for, one for trouble, one for come help, one for its alright, and one for I'll meet you later. That way he wouldn't come barreling in when misinterpreting their actions. Which - bugbears were quick to do. The closer she got, the easier it was to see what a half starved ragamuffin she was. Clothes irreversibly blackened from working in the volcanic soil, skin nearly died the same as well. Her hair was a dull mess of black braids, the only color in them was the blue feathers she'd found and stuck there. Large indigo colored eyes peeked out from a face that looked rather gaunt, it was the only non stained part of her that alerted others to the fact she was not as dark as the ash surrounding them. More distinctly however, would be the angry red scar that ran down from her eye to her chin. The woman that once wore red at a masquerade and was paraded around on the arm of a noble was a complete and total mess. The woman held up her hands as a sign of peace, she meant no harm.... the bugbears certainly would have. But for now that was hopefully averted. The words of their conversation drifted in the air towards her, they were trying to get somewhere and that somewhere seemed to be a taxing journey. The closer she grew the more familiar one of the faces became....she just couldn't quite peg from where..... "Hello there!" She called as she approached, "You all doing alright? Not many people venture this way - for obvious reasons." She gestured to the blackness around them. "You all alright?" She asked, "Need any water? Food?" She didn't have too much, but she could share.
  2. Quin looked around at hearing Alistair in her mind, her pace already slowed but clearly not slow enough. When she realized he wasn't anywhere near her she gave pause.... did it work both ways? Could she communicate back? an eyebrow raised and her face scrunched up for a moment as she thought back at him, something very much along the lines of a very disappointed 'alright.' Not that she didn't get satisfaction out of being faster than him, but because she was being chastised to slow down instead of barreling into the tent city and devouring it. Hungry eyes finally found where Alistair was, walking towards the tent city - calm and poised as he please. Walking was a challenge. When she could go so fast, she had no clue how her legs worked properly.....walking was suddenly difficult. So for a long few moments she paced until she thought she had it right. Then, one foot in front of the other, she simply walked right into the city - disappearing between two tents like a stray alley cat. Strange how familiar this action seemed to be. It was reminiscent of her days as a Whore's doctor....sneaking in and out of houses, sticking to alleys where she couldn't offend anyone with her presence - even though those very upper class swine were the ones calling on her to diagnose their Genova sickness. Then it occurred to her - everyone trusted a doctor! She didn't need seduction when she had the power of medical science! Success was guaranteed if she fell into her Dr. Nash mode, seductive Nash.....Quin suppressed a shiver - that was a failure waiting to happen. Rounding a corner she paused, a man - just coming out of a tent was visible - Quin's hungered state drove her to strike before her brain could register. The man disappeared around the corner quicker than he emerged from the tent - his body flung some feet behind Quin, his arm still dangling from her hand. Blood was splattered everywhere, the force so great with which she tugged him that he never even had the chance to make a sound. "Shit." She quietly cussed, tossing it aside. He didn't smell good dead. So she would have to find another mark, quickly she moved on, leaving behind the mess. Now she was hungry and frustrated. She'd planned on just marching in, pretending to be a doctor and eating them all one by one! But her damned stomach didn't catch the memo. So aggravating. A sound caught her attention - it was a woman, she was seemingly alone - washing some dishes. Oh yes, this would be perfect! Her back was to Quin, she just had to sneak up behind.....damn she could be quiet.....and open her mouth....grab the woman's head and.....scrak. Quin grabbed too hard and crushed her skull, now she was really irritated! She hadn't even grabbed her that hard! Now she didn't smell tasty either! She let go, disgusted and the body crumpled to the ground. Maybe she should try to seduce someone....... no there was no time for that! She was hungry! A noise sent her scurrying away from the sight, thankful the city was so chaotic it wasn't likely to be noticed immediately. She wasn't careful about where she was going though and she barreled into a man carrying some heavy baskets. Baskets and man went flying - Quin managed a convincing flop and a groan. "Oh ma'am so sorry!" He was quick to help her. It was the perfect opportunity - but - there were so many people around this time! How to get him alone.....she couldn't just bite him here - it would start a riot. "A-are you a doctor?!" He seemed excited. "I am." She answered silkily, "I am indeed a doctor...." He said something she pretended not to hear - it was too noisy she signaled - she didn't know what he was saying.....and he did the incredible. Lead her to a quieter space where he could speak. There is something to be said about giving in to instinct. For some it is easier than other, for Quin it was as natural as breathing. Used to living on sheer instinct for survival as a human, it made it much easier for her beast mind to take over. Pupils dilating until her eyes were nothing but red, the man going blank in the face, tilting his head just a little and - ahhhh such sweet and tasty bliss! She drank and drank and drank until there suddenly wasn't any more. Dragging him where he wouldn't be found any time soon, she continued to prowl. Having some success she managed to sate her thirst, but it was mostly failure - bloody messy failure. A crushed skull here, a torn limb there, a small tousle with an under equip guard. She ended up nicked, he ended up eviscerated before she could drink him, by this point some alarm had been raised within the city and Quin stuck to skulking in the shadows and attempting to strike from there.
  3. DarkHorse

    The Decision.

    Lillai watched as one of the men from earlier walked around the wagon and made himself comfortable. Steady eyes watched him as he removed his helmet and gauntlets. At the very least he knew how to be respectful. A gentleman never wore his hat around a Lady, and this.... gentleman.... looked a little worse for the ware. He helped himself to her baba’s moonshine and made himself comfortable, good, she didn’t have to play the gracious hostess. She wasn’t gracious nor was she going to play mommy in getting them everything. The man was studying her rather keenly the same appreciative look in his eye as all men got when they found her particularly pretty. Not that she minded being admired at all - so long as he didn’t go getting any funny notions about it. His apologies were met with a nod of her head as if she was owed an apology from him.....which she was! The compliment however was more than she expected from someone like him. A pretty smile formed on her face, a real one, not a stage smile. He found her weakness, she loved praise - hated anything that sounded like harsh criticism. That’s two around my finger. If she could get both Mud and this gentleman wrapped around her finger the third would be much easier to control....or so she hoped. If they all decided to get stubborn for some reason, well she would just have to find her own way again. Too bad for them. “Thank you.” Gratitude laced her words, “And yes, you did interrupt my performance. But if you like my voice I’m happy to sing any time you like.” Lillai took a sip of her drink and set it down with a small “ahh.” She pointed to Aiden’s mug and issued a warning. She meant it out of kindness instead of questioning his ability to drink. The man was so drunk when she entered into the bar he was sleeping on the table. While her Baba and mother always said a man that can hold his liquor is a strong man..... well - there was a limit to that. Even for a gipsy. “My Baba made that stuff.” She cautioned, “It can peel the makeup off a whore. So be careful with how much you drink.” She paused again, taking in the weariness of the man sitting with her, he looked weathered. Like he’d lived one too many lives before coming to this moment. Men like him always spiked a curiosity in her - simply because she loved stories. Stories turned into ideas, which turned into poems, songs, plays. “I don’t know if you caught it earlier. But my name is Lillai. What’s yours?” Direct and to the point she didn’t like to mince words. Nothing flowery or flowy to the way she spoke. It was straight, simple and a little uncouth as they would all soon find out.
  4. Yeah, been trying to puzzle that one out since I offered her help. I’m not entirely sure. I think associate is a good start and roll from there, later make her part of the family if that is what the literary fates intend for Riha. She’s pretty cynical and closed off right now (and hell bent on revenge) so I can’t see her being a part of a fam to start.
  5. Riha Carthrage is going to be “inheriting” quite the extensive farm lands and thoroughbred horse farm in short order. She might be willing to assist in some way. Though I am unsure of how she would fit in with what you have planned. Her sister is also married to the Kings brother - not sure if that helps at all.
  6. That crafty Alistair tripped her to gain an unfair start! The thought didn't even register until she was nearly flat on her ass from the surprise at being shoved over with that foot behind her heel. Catching herself at the last minute Quin darted forward, relishing in the speed in which she gained as she used those powerful legs of hers. Old man needed the head start just for it to be fair. It wouldn't take her long to catch up - and then surpass him in the maze. Otto even decided to join in the fun, crashing and howling as he wove a path of destruction far behind them. It was amazing really, she could run and never need to catch her breath. In fact she could taunt her competition as she passed him - and in fact did. "Try and keep up old man." She shot over her shoulder as she left him in her dust. Quin used the briefest moment of her time to wonder if she would stay this fast or if eventually she too would become slower. In the mean time, it was an advantage to be able to out run him - that way he couldn't get his hands on her if she misbehaved. Not that she was planning to ..... immediately..... Quin was likely to weave a path of destruction in discovering herself. A venture she never bothered with as a human, why even try when reduced to a nameless number after being an exulted war hero. The tent city loomed ahead and grew larger with every step she took. Colors upon colors of mismatched tents stood in a haphazard pattern, circling outwards from a big open ring in the center of them all. A haze of fog hovered just above the ground, obscuring the tents and people in a eerie glow. The sounds of laughing, shouting, talking echoed around the glen. Pots and pans clanked, horses whinnied, children screamed and yelled. But above it all was the most wonderful smells - blood. Lots of it - so much of it Quin's jaw hurt from the lowering of fangs in her mouth. Initially she planned to saunter in pretending to be a doctor, secure herself a tent and let the carnage begin. All simple, easy, quick....but now she wasn't so sure. Hunger ate at her with desperation, she felt starved and all she could think about was easing it - making it better. Quin dug her heels into the ground and skidded to a halt as she neared the tent city. Close enough to observe, but far enough away to not be noticed. Trepidation twisted her mind and her stomach threatened to revolt out of hunger. There was no way she wasn't going to get caught - how could she when she could barely control herself? Squaring her shoulders the Doctor steeled herself the way she always did when faced with a near impossible task. Quin my dear girl, you are going to keep a tight leash on yourself. For one -you are hungry and if they all run away you wont fix that, for two - beating Alistair would be just so damn satisfying.
  7. I wondered why there was no activity for three days! Then I realized I hadn’t been logged in to get notifications...... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. So used to her commands being obeyed, Riha didn't think twice about the boy's quick agreement. Nor did she question how he knew her name, she wasn't exactly a well kept secret. In fact, she was flaunted at strategic moments during her servitude to the Uldwar's. The only concern she harbored in the back of her mind was that some day, someone could decide Uldwar hadn't payed his dues enough and come looking for her. "Perfect." She smiled widely, "I prefer Riha to Lady Carthrage though. If I wasn't so averse to men right now I'd do the smart thing, snag one and change my last name as soon as possible." She laughed a moment at her own joke, she hated being a Carthrage. The family name a stain on society, a name that never should have been used in high society - ever. Riha took a moment and put her mask back on to cover her sudden and strange joke. She noticed a change in her new found helper, his mask seemed different, it was shorter - and wasn't he holding it up with a stick before? "Didn't you just have something different on your face?" She pointed to his face, "Must be seeing things." His words belaying danger had her quick to sooth, no - he didn't need to go so far as to shield her - unless he could shield emotions. In which case she would be more than happy to adopt him on the spot and keep him forever, especially if it meant she would never have to feel again. "Its just a pesky fairy." She waved a hand, "The worst it can do is drive someone insane.... which can easily be fixed by removing it from the area. We will have to corner it and I'll try and snag it before it can take off on us again.....Unless you can see the damned thing too, in which case, be my guest and grab it for me if it comes at you." Again she hazarded a look at the strange aura surrounding her companion, she wasn't at all sure the fairy could affect him. The hues seemed as if they were leaking from his broken eye - and something else was worming its way in. If that was the case...... he would make the perfect bait. Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment as a name floated to her ears. Pluto. She most certainly would ask him for his name though, more often than not calling someone by their name without them telling her freaked people out. That and ..... it was an intensely well guarded secret she kept, should someone use it for the wrong purposes....had Uldwar known and used it - this party wouldn't look as it did now. Riha had a way of simply knowing things. Illyana said it was a gift from Gaia - her father called her a freak. "Before we start this mad endeavor - I want to know two things." She held up two fingers, "One - do you care if we end up making a bit of a ruckus to get that damned fairy." She dropped one finger, "Two - By what name should I call you?" @SweetCyanide
  9. DarkHorse

    The Decision.

    Lillai escorted herself back to her wagon, not waiting to see if her entourage would follow. Eventually they would arrive at her wagon, and by then she would be out of her performing clothing, sipping on some much needed booze. This afternoon was filled with so much fun, not to mention she made a complete killing off of that fiasco inside the tavern. Heck - she would follow that beast around just to incite him a few more times if it meant she would get paid more. Lest she tempt fate one too many times thought, he would likely snap her pretty little neck at some point. That and his two friends would be a hindrance as well. One of them at least seemed like he had some common sense, the other - was drunk - so she had no clue. Destination reached, she opened the door to her wagon and entered. Barnam gave her an accusatory meow as she entered, as if to say 'where the fuck have you been and where is my dinner?' Ignoring him for the time being, she deposited her earnings in a little box she kept under the bed. Then she took a moment to select something much more comfortable to wear before changing out of her flashy and rather revealing performance dress and into her soft pants and tunic. Not the most flattering of outfits, but she wasn't in the business of looking pretty just so people could be happy - when she was on her own time that is. "We have guests coming, so behave." She told Barnam, finally feeding him. He let out a happy 'puurt!' before devouring the provisions she'd secured for him. Spoiled boy. Lillai then set herself the task of finding four mugs, not too difficult considering her entire home fit inside a covered wagon. They didn't match and a few of them were chipped, but she wasn't entertaining royalty or anything like that. It was a ragtag group of thugs looking for what she hoped was information only. If it turned out they thought her to provide anything more.....well she would quickly show them why they were wrong. Arranging four little chairs she kept tucked under her driving bench outside the back of the wagon, she sat down with a sigh. Mug now full of Baba's good moonshine, she took a sip and let out a satisfied "ahhhhhhh" if worse came to worse she could entice the men into a drinking contest with the stuff. No doubt about it - they would lose and she could make a clean get away.
  10. Odelia was fuming. Angrily she tossed item after item into a trunk, her assigned servant scrambling to set it to rights as she added to the heap. The uncharacteristic flash of defiance and anger seething from every pore. It was the first time she’d ever been truly angry at her husband. Word came to her that she was to pack and prepare for a trip to see her father - her father! First she’d been asked about those initials, on the wake of the appearance of a woman claiming to be her twin - and now Austere was saying they were paying him a visit? Her fists clenched and she stood straighter, eyes narrowed and she let out an angry growl. She was going to demand answers alright - and he’d better provide adequate results, lest it result in the first real argument the couple ever had. The maid, sensing danger in every second spent with the Lady, suggested she change into something more fitted to their travels. Begrudgingly Odelia obeyed and once she’d put on a pair of riding pants and a nice shirt, she braided her hair and tossed it over her shoulder. The maid clicked the lid shut on the trunk and it was carried away, followed by Odelia. The diminutive and usually gentile girl had the glint of murder in her eyes - something that sent nearly anyone around her scurrying in the opposite direction. Odelia needed her anger, it was far better than the fear that threatened to tear her apart. Is he bringing me back? Am I not to his liking? Why would he return me to that prison?! It really was too good to be true. If he was going to return her as damaged goods - discarded like he didn’t want her..... well he had another think coming to him. The longer she marched the more her anger turned to tears and soon she was a crying, angry mess as she approached the docks. She already threw up - again - this morning, what else could possibly go wrong? Her eyes watched the trunk being carried up onto the ship and she looked around to find the object of her ire. There he stood, wearing armor, sun glinting off of it like he was some sort of hero, hair messy as it usually was. This made her cry even harder for a moment, how could she be so mad at him? Sailors and servants alike gave her a wide berth as she took a deep breath, wiped away evidence of her brief loss of control and marched over to him. Anger could make a woman bold and it did indeed make Odelia bold. Her fingernail plunked against his chest plate as she poked it accusingly and stared up at him, a gleam in her eyes that said don’t you dare lie to me. “Austere Mythal - you tell me what is going on right now.” Despite her terror, anger and sadness, her voice didn’t shake or crack. It was commanding, strong and loud. The broken promise glided across the sea The sails billowed, ropes snapped, wood of the deck creaked. It was the sound of victory, a job well done, success. Rolfe was a happy man; soon the ranch would be his, he would have his promised wife - and then use her to lure Odelia away from safety. His blade would taste the blood of an elf soon enough when he did away with her husband. Then it was a matter of disposing of Riha, marrying Odelia and finally the object of his desires would be his. Nothing and nobody was going to stop him. They couldn’t. With the Uldwar’s gone there would be no one else to come after her. And even then, he was certain he’d left behind no evidence of where she’d gone. It would look like she ran away. He praised himself for his cleverness, cunning, stealth. Riha would be so lucky to have him as her husband - though he cared nothing for the girl. She looked like her twin in nearly every way, for now she would have to do. But the fiery bitch would need to be put in her place time and time again, something he never would have to do with Odelia. Rolfe worked hard to groom her from a tender age - as soon as Lord Carthrage’s first wife died, and along with her the protection over her daughters. This time none of them would escape him, Riha would be his and Lord Carthrage would meet an untimely end as soon as the deed was done. A satisfied puff of air escaped his chest, yes sir, he was a happy man. Riha took the reprieve from Rolfe to give into her grief. First she lost Oscar - a man whom she adored - but not for the reasons everyone thought. Then the family she’d carved a place in abandoned her, leaving at the first opportunity they had. They didn’t even bother to try and get her back first. She knew her place as Oscars lover was tenuous, that once he was gone her position of power would crumble rather quickly. Initially it hadn’t though, she continued to run his house, paid his reparations until there was not even something left to sit on in the dining hall. Cared for his family, and she thought they cared for her - at the very least Illyana did. She wondered if the old man even knew of her disappearance - not likely given where he was. And if he had found out, he probably would assume she ran away and be angry with her. She hurt, her arms hurt from the angle at witch she was stretched. Her face throbbed where he’d hit her. But worst of all, she lost hope and that hurt the most. Numb fingers scrabbled in her messy hair to find the pin that was holding up the last of her curls. The chains bit into her wrists, but she decided if she could pick the lock then maybe she would have the opportunity to escape and jump over the side of the ship, even take the black hearted Rolfe with her as the plummeted to inevitable drowning.
  11. @Aleksei The moment Austere’s arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close she rested her cheek on his arm. Odelia took the rare moment to enjoy the rather romantic spot they sequestered to. When they first arrived in the Free Marches together, there was so much less responsibility. Sure they rarely had but a stolen moment or two together, but it was more than what they had now. There simply was not enough hours in the day to dedicate both to her husband and keeping their home running. To be able to steal him away, for him to grace her with choosing her over schmoozing at the party..... it made her nearly glow. She looked up at him as he asked her if she was doing better. The cool breeze, sitting down, being near him - yes she was doing better. Not the best she’d ever felt, but better. What she really wanted was to go to their room and sleep, throw up first, then sleep. Nausea was ever her companion lately, and while her husband was too busy to notice - others were not. “I am feeling - better.” She answered a bit cryptically, “The cooler air is helping. Having such a handsome escort helps too.” Despite her nausea she attempted to flirt. It wasn’t all too foreign to them, but still she had trouble initiating things at times. He took her hand and she watched him play with her fingers, kissing them occasionally and smoothing them. It seemed to be a habit of his, Austere likely never noticed, but Odelia certainly did. She noticed everything about him, right down to when he was too tired. His favorite tea that usually appeared in his workspace when he was up too late, the occasional treat left where he would find it - all her doing. While running the house Odelia secretly assured her Husband’s job was no harder than need be. If he didn’t need to be troubled by it - it didn’t reach his ears. He continued to express concern for her, asking if she needed help with her duties. For a moment her eyes strayed down to where his fingers rested just above where a little bump would soon form. Yes, she certainly needed help - but not for the reasons he thought. Would he be mad? Would her doubt his parentage? So many fears and so little time to overcome them. Tonight was not that night though, it provided another excuse for her to avoid it. “I am not overwhelmed.” She was quick to assure him, “I ran my father’s household quite well - and that was while dodging his blows......” Perhaps she could hint at it? Maybe he would figure it out on his own? Not likely given he was quite oblivious to most things. She even explained away the few times Killian caught her getting sick in a flower pot. An awkward encounter to be sure when she made him hold her hair back while she vomited and then demanded a lavender scone all in the same breath. “Though I agree that it would be good to give Marina a job. She seems so lost all the time. She and Riha would connect well over their losses I should think.” Odelia decided to be brave, “I will certainly need the help in the coming months. I fear we will have even less time for all our responsibilities, old and new.” Her heart beat a terrible rhythm, nerves threatening to upend her stomach right there. She managed to swallow them down and he changed the subject for her - suggesting they escape together for a little while. Gaia knew they needed it desperately, they’d never gotten a honeymoon following their nuptials. There was simply too much going on in their lives for them to make time for it. Bright eyes looked up at him with glee and she nodded her agreement. Her hand tightened in his as she looked down once more at her stomach - how had he not noticed the weight she put on at such an alarming rate? She would need new clothing by the end of the month at this rate. “I -“ She swallowed, “I would really like to escape, just you and I. There will be plenty of times Easton can come along, but there wont be many other opportunities when it will be just you and me.....besides, he loves Milo. To take away Milo’s most trusted helper at such a time of need would be a crime.” She patted Austere’s knee with a twinkle in her eye. “Don’t you worry about that little boy abandoning us. He will have reason to spend plenty of time with us soon enough.” A soft sigh escaped her lips and she leaned into him once more, exhaustion pulling at her slippered feet. Odelia wasn’t one to let opportunity pass though and she was going to soak up this moment with her husband. She hadn’t used the ‘L’ word with him yet, but it dripped from every action and word she said. “I’ve missed you.” She ran a hand up his arm, “Maybe I am selfish - but is it so bad to want you to myself all the time?” Soon I will have to share you......
  12. Riha was positively sprinting to keep up with the damned sprite, her heels clicking loudly as she ran. Teasing and cursing her out as it went, causing misery to those it flew over. Riha upturned the tray of a servant as she ushered past them, the resounding shout and shattering of glass lost to her as she continued on. Riha knew she was causing a spectacle, but the consequences of leaving that brat to its own devices would be twice as bad as an overturned tray. It was common for her to lose track of the world around her when dealing with a task or a mission, a shortcoming of hers that she didn’t mind to correct. Her twin was likely to be throwing a fit by now if she hadn’t already by Riha’s behaviors, but once she caught that fairy her actions would explain themselves. The end always justifies the means, Old man Uldwar always used to growl that at her. But to what end did his means bring him? Not a good one, that was for certain. Not paying attention to where she was going, Riha plowed straight into someone else. The solid mass colliding with her already battered self and she stopped quite abruptly. A small oof escaped her as she attempted to prevent herself from toppling over. She regained her bearings enough to hear the politest of apologies and looked up to see a face quite unlike one she’d seen before. Not only had she run into someone, but it was a complete and total stranger minding his own business. “Ah - no - it was me.....” She bowed quickly, her mask toppled off and she had to scoop it up. Riha was quick to put it back on lest he notice the offending gash on her face. It didn’t embarrass her, she just didn’t want to answer questions about it. “I’m sorry.....I lost track of where I was going.” Her eyes scanned the gardens to find the fairy torturing more guests. She would have brushed past him without another word, however something caught her attention about this particular guest. His aura was ..... well ..... she didn’t know what she was seeing. Lavender eyes squinted and she tipped her head, even bothering to take off her mask to look closer. She’d read all kinds of auras, humans, vampires, bugbears, if it walked the earth she’d read it - yet this one was a first. Sure, it was rude to stare, she’d been beaten plenty of times for it as a kid. But she just couldn’t help herself. “I.....um.... I was chasing after a misery fairy.” She offered by way of explanation, she pointed to the sobbing guest in a flower bush “It’s just over there, I was hoping to stop it from causing any more damage.....” His aura was too distracting to think around it and she had to force herself to look somewhere else. Now she was really torn - her night of to do’s just kept growing. Catch the fairy, meet with the dryads, figure out what the heck she was seeing in front of her with this gentleman. Odelia was right, this was turning into quite the party. “If you don’t mind my asking -“ She was stepping over what would consider being rude, “But - Ah, well never mind on that one. Mind helping me catch that miserable fairy?” Perhaps she would use the time to figure out the conundrum that was in front of her and take care of a problem all at once. @SweetCyanide
  13. Though she was dressed, Quin had to take a moment to collect herself. Her mind replaying the all too brief moment that just transpired. Phantom fluttering where her heart used to be seemed so strange to her. Affection starved and used to being alone, Quin had to grapple with having been touched in such an intimate way. No doubt Alistair was trying to teach her some form of lesson about seduction. It had nothing to do with feeling anything towards her. "My dear you haven't the slightest idea." The words floated though her head as she closed her eyes for a moment. The scene playing out again in her head briefly...... No.....No. Quin played and lost at that game before. Badly. She stopped herself from thinking about it again and slapped at her cheeks. Get a grip girl. We aren’t doing this again. With a stern shake she promised herself she wouldn’t dwell any longer on the moment. Instead she tucked it away for when she would do doubt end up alone again. Only to be pulled out when she needed something nice to think on. Pressing an ear to her door, Quin listened to make sure there was no one around. Satisfied she heard no one, she slipped out of her room and to the locked door. A smirk graced her face as she pulled out her lock picks and expertly had the door open in a matter of seconds. The heightened sense of touch made it so much easier. No doubt she could infuse some magic into it and not even need the pick - a venture for another day. She slipped down the narrow, dark stairs and out the door at the bottom. It let out just shy of the courtyard. A forgotten door covered with ivy and other growth.....something Quin had a hand in. She liked her ‘secret’ exit and kept its exit hidden. Peeking around there was no one in sight. So strange for a place that she normally had at least one vamp up her ass for some reason or another. Alistair’s back was to her, presenting a tempting and not so hard on the eyes target. The lithe vamp again trying to stir up something that Quin best thought left for dead inside herself. Perhaps it was because he was her Master? Inwardly she shook herself again and gave a stern chastisement. His turned back did prove a most perfect stalking target......what better opportunity to get some practice in? It took a moment of deliberation before she remembered their success relied on stealth. She let out an inward groan, the opportunity would have to slide. Didn’t mean it wasn’t painful to let it though. Quin walked quickly to him and was sure not to leap on him like she really wanted to. “Shall we go?” She asked brightly.
  14. DarkHorse

    The Decision.

    Lillai was not a patient woman, but she waited all the same for the man to catch his breath. At his observation at her being a Gipsy she merely nodded her head. His apology did a little to ease her underlying ire at whom she was now referring to as ‘the beast’ in her head. A smirk tugged up the corner of her lip, at least the beasts partner had some brains in his head. Unexpected considering his appearance. He even recognized it was she that manipulated the bar into the fight. She studied his face intensely, eyes narrowing a bit when he offered her the promise of profits in exchange of working together. Was he propositioning her? No it certainly didn’t sound like it. He even promised her she could continue to instigate the beast a bit more. It depended on what kind of work they wanted her to do...... “It depends on what working together means.” She said pointedly, “If it is indeed not what I think, then that would be fine.” Lillai wasn’t about to start cussing and accusing the man of thinking she could whore or seduce their way into places. His eyes didn’t say that’s what he was thinking. If she had - well there was going to be a scene equal to that of a theatrical performance. Finally, she shook his hand - a surprisingly firm and confident hand shake giver her diminutive size. Her eyes shifted color a bit and glowed for the briefest of seconds. ”Very well Mud.” How did she know his name? It wasn’t relevant to her, he must have told her while she spaced out. That always seemed to be happening to her..... “My wagon is in the south district market square.” She took her hand back, “You all may join me there and tell me just what it is you want.”
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