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  1. I am hoping to get 3-4 people onboard with this. The way I see the caravan is that it is a collection of different people that banded together as a "family." Anyone that wanders with them for longer than 6 months would be considered part of the family. While some are blood related such as the founding family, other members have been gathered through their travels, people from other caravans or marriages. I am working on getting a general bio for the caravan up, its a little tricky since I dont have the full cast yet. They mostly wander and get what they need via trade with others or through skills they have. Such as music, entertainment, swindling, or any trade skill they have (like taming and selling horses, building things or tinkering). This particular band's founder is Lillai, and since she is on her own, anyone she collects at this point that sticks around is considered family and a part of the group.
  2. Not all those that wander are lost...... A gypsy soul is born to wander.....and cause mischief. I am building and creating a Gypsy caravan to wander across the continent, cause mischief and revel in Gypsy drama. If you are interested let me know! More content on the caravan itself coming soon....
  3. The vast Choisel estates stretched out as far as they eye could pierce the gloom, labyrinth disappearing into the fog. It was a spectacular view, unparalleled in its morbid splendor, from the grave stones to the courtyard that stretched below. Even the moon was in rare form, proudly shining in the perpetual twilight sky. It traded its typical bloodied hue for the bright white of a full moon. Cold and unfeeling beams cascaded down in such a way that it seemed day itself was upon them - except it wasn't. It was there, perched upon the highest tower she could climb, Doctor Quinnlan Nash lay on the inclined roof, one foot planted to keep herself from sliding down the domed tilt and both hands behind her head. Here, under the light of that glorious moon she could almost pretend she liked herself.....almost. The newly dead Doctor certainly liked how her alabaster skin stood out in stark contrast to the black she wore. She liked the red tint her once silver eyes took on, even those baby fangs she supported held some esteem to her. She liked being dead, the near invincibility of it. That's why she was on the tallest tower she could climb - to prove just how dead she was. Human Quin couldn't have climbed this high - should she fall from even a fraction of this height - well, good night forever human Doctor. But undead Quin could climb it. The good Doctor first climbed the tower to simply laugh at how stupid mortality was. The failed attempt ended in a broken, but not dead, Quin. Pained fascination at feeling her body mend itself fueled an obsession to learn all she could about Vampire physiology, something that given a century or so could reach maturity. Several more attempts and missteps finally paid off in allowing Quin that which she wanted, a perch, and proof she was nearly invincible. Something she'd been warned she was not - but Quin was a deadly mix of being in the infancy of her undeadness and the hubris of someone that just shed the mortal coil. Beneath her Otto growled and whined, his way of protesting her choices. Namely because he could not climb the tower too, but also because he hated when she fell. Since her turning, Quin had a considerable amount more control over Otto - surprising to her, not to anyone else to be sure. Otto was borne of experimentation and vampiric blood, it made natural sense for him to respect and respond to that which helped create him. "Ich werde gleich unten sein." She grumbled at the impatient creature. Any other creature would have sighed in this moment, Quin didn't - she didn't need to breathe at all, in fact the habit was annoying. Yet here she was, fighting down the urge to do so as her thoughts wandered. More like worried and send cold tendrils of anxiety spiraling down her spine. The Master was gone and no one knew when he was coming back - Would the Master come back? What is The Master going to do to Alistair when he finds out what he did? That fizzure of anxiousness grew, all manner of awful things played through her head. None of them ending well for either of them. More concerning yet, she didn't really care too much what happened to her - but was far more concerned about her Sire. If something bad happened to him ...... Quin shook herself, she really hoped he wasn't eavesdropping in on her thoughts at this moment. She was still testing the limits of the hive mind they shared and didn't rightly know if he just knew all the time or only when he chose to tune in. The roof afforded some illusion of being alone for Quin - whether it did or not remained to be seen, but at least she felt alone. The last thing she wanted her Sire to know was she worried about him. Especially since his reasons for turning her were quite unclear, other than the obvious selfish reason of not wanting her to die on his watch while the Master was away. Far greater would the punishment be for him turning her though - at least in the way Quin saw it. Her initial reasons for climbing the tower dissolved as worry tortured her yet again. She'd hoped in her undead life she could give up the habit of obsessively worrying over someone else, perhaps it would take a few more decades for her to learn. A growl escaped her as a lip curled over a little fang, the sound causing Otto to roar more insistently at her to come down. "Okay, okay, ich komme!" She said as she lifted a foot and allowed herself to slide down the tiled roof to the edge. As air met her, a hand reached out with incredible speed and grabbed the gargoyle pedestal jutting out from a window just below the roof. She caught herself mid fall and dangled for a moment, laughing as she swung and steadied herself. Using holds she'd found on her way up she began the climb down. Otto's massive footfalls pacing beneath her to catch her should she slip again. @Greenmntman @Twitterpated @Etched In Stone @HumanBean03 @Eternity
  4. Quin ignored the shouting and instead snuggled closer to Ira. She didn't want to get up, she wasn't going to get up - the war could wait. Unfortunately Ira had other ideas and did get up, this was despite her intentionally entangling her arms and legs around his so he had to struggle greatly to get free. Battle to keep him nearby lost, she took his warm spot on their sleeping mat and fell back asleep. Sleep finding her again was quickly interrupted by Ira barging into the tent, stomping loudly and talking all too loud. Something about bad guys and wagons and leaving in ten minutes - yep.....she would just roll over and ..... "Fuck Sam!" She yelled out almost involuntarily as he stepped on her in his haste to get ready. She hauled herself up and in a surprisingly short amount of time, Quin was out at the medical tent getting field bags ready to go and other medical staff prepared. She and two others would go out into the field to dress wounds and evacuate those that needed to go to the med tent. The other two medical personnel would be waiting for incoming wounded to care for. An officer in shiny armor was under foot for most of her preparations, shouting at this person and that, scrambling wits of soldiers and medical personnel alike. It was irksome at the very least and he was slowing her staff's progress in getting established and ready. The name plate caught her attention and she smirked - oh she could get him out of the way quickly enough. "Graham." She approached him with a nod. He glared down at her and looked like he was about to rebuke her for refusing to use his proper title. "How's that rash?" She asked, feigning mild curiosity, voice loud enough for just about anyone to hear. "I don't know what you are talking about...." He grumbled. "Yeah - the one you had - you know - what did you call it?" She thought for a moment, "Oh yeah! Your sensitive bits!" Graham paled for a moment and signaled for her to hush just as the call to move out came. "You stay out of my fucking business" She growled as they started to march out, "and I'll make sure your's stays private." The answer was a mere choking and sputtering sound as she quickly rushed up to both Ira and his brother. She handed them extra bandages, fire water and her very own cauterizing fluid. "Three of us go into this together." She said, "Three of us come out."
  5. Quin continued to study the wounded and sick for a moment longer. Strange, she could almost feel the disease that ran through their blood, each one seemingly different and yet so very much the same. Human biology at work as their pathetic immune systems attempted to fend off the sickness that was sure to devastate half the refugee population if left unchecked. The cure was simple for such an illness, but in a camp such as this one the medicine just didn't exist. Her finger trailed down the cheek of a feverish woman just to prove to herself she was better than these pathetic creatures. If she hadn't been so tortured in her human life she might have felt pity - she didn't - cold bitterness and hatred radiated within her core. No human ever gave her anything so significant as she had now.... not even Ira..... a sharp pain in her temple made her flinch as she shook off the creeping anger and sadness that came from thinking about Ira. Not now, not here. The sheer rage at the life she had wouldn't bode well for anyone if it was unleashed. An all too familiar voice floated to her newly sensitive ears. Quin's eyes focused on him, the light reflecting red in them. Her untrained abilities just weren't practiced or honed enough to hide their true nature. Her head tipped slightly to the side and a finger tapped her lips in thought, were there any witnesses? The image of the one witness she shredded crossed her mind and a murderous smirk curved up the corner of her lips. Eyes tracked her sire around the tent curiously as he dripped some of his own blood into a boy's mouth. "There was one witness....." She answered, "But he is - in a lot of different pieces......most certainly not alive." The thought occurred to her that she should have hid him - well parts of him - hopefully that didn't cause too big of an issue..... She didn't want to disappoint Alistair, not when he'd done so much. Quin turned her mind to the task given to her, drink up and get her fill. A curl of her lips let show how distasteful she thought drinking from someone whom was sick - they reeked - hadn't her sire done that very thing not once but twice on her behalf? Something she would have to apologize profusely for - later - after business was done. Crimson eyes studied the dimly lit tent until she found some injured humans - kept away from the sick ones in a futile attempt to keep them from catching the illness. Not a shred of her conscience thought to seek out the ones likely to die, she simply looked for opportunity. They were much easier to hunt when they didn't and couldn't move, there was less room for mistakes - or dismemberment. The first human she devoured was passed out - an easy and quick feed as she bit down - perhaps a little too hard and drained it. Quin had the fervor of a toddler with a juice box - her rapture only increased by the gasp of terror that reached her ears. She opened those red and damned looking eyes of hers and locked gazes with another man who hadn't been injured enough to be asleep. She finished drinking, not taking her eyes off of his, enjoying the terror it caused. The words demon drifted through the air to her. In the span it took him to breathe she was towering over him, hand over his mouth and lips next to his ear. "I prefer Doctor." She whispered before striking, quick as a viper. This human struggled a little, flailing and pathetic screams escaping between Quin's fingers. So she plugged his nose... no air meant no sound, she would be done with him before the suffocation killed him. A pity really, she found she liked the sound of his agony. But discretion was needed right now, and while screams of pain from a medical tent were not foreign, his were not the screams of an injured man. His were the screams of a desperate and dying man and that certainly had the potential to draw a crowd. Finally some semblance of fullness crept over her, though she doubted feeling "full" was something she could experience again. She was tempted for a moment to over indulge, her very addictive nature seeking to be high. Alistair's warning chimed in her head and eager to show just how good she could be - she stopped herself. Instead choosing to finish suffocating the man she couldn't drain to death. Her sheer enjoyment at his demise both something that terrified and thrilled her at the same time. For so long she struggled and agonized over those she strove to save with her medicine..... and then to be able to take it away so quickly..... Alistair did say not to leave any witnesses alive. How was it that she was able to reside with those vampires as a human and not be killed? There was likely more than one moment when Alistair, the Master....even Tatia perhaps, imagined her demise. Especially with a woman known to push the limits of patience like Quinn. Quinn, quicker than intended, made her way to Alistair. Image she'd earlier created was dropped in her blood lust and joy at sating herself. More like a bloody specter than a vampire, the gore drenched Quin looked almost demure. Face no longer gaunt and haunted looking, red eyes peeking out from a blood splattered face. "I'm uh - I think I'm good." She still wasn't sure what it meant to be full and what it meant to have too much, she just knew she didn't feel crazed anymore, "Is there anything I can do to help cover our tracks or is it best if I just scram?"
  6. Riha wasn't too surprised to find Grugga and Rufus knew each other - that didn't mean she wasn't caught off guard. The old brute actually seemed to relax, something she didn't imagine was possible. Grugga even gave an amused grunt like it was some grand joke that he'd "grown." Though the offer of Riha following the band of newcomers did make his ears twitch a little with - some sort of something. She didn't follow them, not immediately at the very least. Her bedraggled form merely stood there watching lamely as they all grew smaller and smaller. Two front teeth bit down and chewed on her bottom lip in an uncharacteristic show of uncertainty. She was waiting for - something. But what? The blackmail of course. The threats and pressure and perfectly executed manipulation to make her go. She wasn't hesitating for Grugga or the bugbears sake, Riha really did expect the offer to be accompanied by some form of power play or force. The lack thereof left her completely flummoxed and confused. Now she had a different dilemma - did she go or not? Grugga was about as patient as he could ever be, arms crossed and a huff of air escaping him. His expectant gaze simply waiting for her to make a decision, his mind was focused on something completely different from her own. When she still made no move he gave her a shove in the direction of the now gone travelers. "I'm not going to abandon the tribe." She finally said. "Your not. Go." He grunted She wasn't offended by his bluntness, it simply was how he was. "I'm not done my work." She countered. "I come get you if we need help." He haggled. It was obvious he thought it time she go and let the tribe rebuild on their own. The tribe may be ready for her to go, she wasn't done hiding from reality. To be with people - ones that seemed centuries more complex than the bugbears to her -she just didn't want to do it. Couldn't do it. Survival left no room for thought, no room for the memories to return. A gentile nudge on the wind accompanied by a mischievous laugh encouraged Riha's feet to move. You are needed elsewhere. Drifted to her ears on the wind. Leaving Grugga behind her, Riha didn't need to see the group to follow them. The footprints in the ashy soil left her with enough of a trail to follow along at her own begrudging pace. She didn't have much by way of things, so she didn't worry about leaving anything behind. Everything she needed was in the bag she carried. Camp was well established by the time she finally arrived, trudging in like some sort of abandoned cat trying not to be noticed. Little good it did her as the beauty of the stone and wood structure caught her attention. Riha gawked at it, surprised it survived such a terrible tragedy. A sense of overwhelming joy and homecoming surrounded her for the briefest of moments before it dissipated, drifting up towards the buildings in joyous flight. It danced and twirled on the wind. "Well - here we are I suppose." She said more to herself than anything, though she knew her 'tag along' could hear her as well, "I hope you are happy." He was. And so Riha began the second part of her adventures - rebuilding something wonderful.
  7. Skulking, that’s what Quin was doing. Crouched betwixt the tents, gore drenched and peeking out for a new victim. She was frustrated, after all the hunting she did she should be full! But no - she spilled more than she drank. Internally she was reeling at how weak humans were - worthless cattle. Their very struggle for life was meaningless - her very struggle was.....meaningless..... Just as a strange keening built in her throat, Alistair’s voice was in her head. More like an intrusive thought really, but it was a welcome one. Could he have heard her just then? She certainly hoped not. If he found her teetering on the brink of madness and insanity he’d likely put her down like a rabid dog. So she buried it, buried it deep in her brain that creeping blackness that threatened to swallow her vision and rob her of coherent thought. Where the broken damned reside? She snickered to herself, he had such a - flowery way of putting things. They aren’t damned - yet. Looking down for a moment, she realized she couldn’t just march through the camp to where he was. Gore splattered as she was there was no way she wouldn’t be spotted for what she was. So - she would just have to give what Alistair suggested earlier a try - mask her appearance that is. Squishing her face up with concentration for a moment she imagined the image she wanted to project to the world....and then....she took a step from behind the tent. Only way to know if it works is to just go for it! It didn’t take more than a collection of moments for her to reach the place Alistair directed her to. The gait of a doctor easy for her to fall into once again, spine straight chin up. The opening to the tent brushed aside to reveal a young doctor, hair twisted up into a neat knot at the top of her head. Upon her nose sat a smart looking pair of glasses and behind them - keen and sharp silver eyes. Her pristine white doctors coat covered the neatly pressed black pants and t-shirt - reminiscent of her days in the military. All of which covered what could only be assumed a full and curved woman’s figure. Deft and nimble fingers pushed up her glasses as her steady gaze took I the medical tent. A smile curved up the lush red lips that sat just below her slightly upturned nose. Oh yes, she could sense her sire close by, indeed she’d found the right place. It reeked of sick person and cleaning solution - to her a welcoming smell.....and another reminder of just how pitiful humanity was. She picked her way across the room carefully, studying this person and that. Well? I know you didn’t call me here to practice my healing arts. She assumed he could hear her, What would you like me to do - sire?
  8. A light, one that was long dead, lit for just the splinter of a moment behind those clever lavender eyes. The prospect of company other than bugbears and ash was promising. A place to go, a place to be for at least a little while. A place to be shackled she reminded herself. An inward shake was all she needed to be reminded that this was an offer - nothing more. It wasn’t like Oscar, he wasn’t blackmailing her into being his mistress. Brain wandering for just the splinter of a second was enough for her to forget that Rufus asked to meet Grugga. Only after a moment of contemplation and deep thought did she remember. “Oh!” She sounded like she was waking from some sort of daydream, “Grugga! Just a moment if you please.....” Turning and taking a deep breath in, she put her fingers to her mouth and let fly an impressive whistle. The sound tore through the air at an ear splitting pitch and volume. And after a pause, the old gnarled bugbear appeared in the tree line and walked forward with curious intent. Hash guttural words grated between the two like ogres throwing boulders at each other and missing. If one wasn't familiar with the language, it would look like an argument was brewing between bugbear and tiny human. But - that was far from the truth. The mere presence of Grugga coming to the sound of her whistle spoke of an immense amount of trust and respect. Riha was quickly explaining what she could, Grugga was asking questions she couldn’t answer. By the time his lumbering form reached them, the volume of their conversation lessened only a little before the bugbear’s beady eyes turned to Rufus. A little recognition lighting behind them, he grunted in greeting, stance relaxing only a little. Riha gave no introductions nor spoke either, instead mirroring the posture of Grugga only a little out of habit. She knew that words were not the only greetings given, and a grunt was about as polite as a bugbear could get.....in fact - it sounded downright courtly to Riha’s ears.
  9. Riha's eyes soaked the three in, head tipped slightly as if she was listening even though they'd all finished speaking. She was listening - for deceit. When she wasn't greeted by any she managed a small smile. Her dimples were exaggerated by the lack of plumpness to her face. "The populations are nearly extinct, we are gathering who is left." She first addressed Rufus, "I was arranging passage for them out of here if not for my sisters seeds and advice. A lot of the elders have died from the harsh terrain, but I am sure there are some that would remember your name. Grugga likely would." She shrugged, "The younger ones are angry and want to fight. But as a whole I am sure they will be happy to have someone else to help restore the lands. More hands make for quicker work, especially if they are skilled and respected." Her eyes shifted to the jester and she flinched at little at her reference to the bugbears as "cute" and "fluffy." She once saw Grugga rip the arm off of a creature twice his own size and flail it around like a floppy trophy - 'cute and fluffy' were not words she would use to describe them. "I wouldn't let them hear you speak like that." She cautioned, "They are harsh and quick to violence. If they like you enough maybe you can play with the children - they like to cuddle.....sometimes." Riha knew it wasn't her place, but the tenacious girl couldn't help but chime in on the other's question of not wishing to encroach. "If you are friends as Rufus says." She put her hands on her hips, "Then you should be able to pass from here without issue. I'll make sure Grugga and the others know and won't attack, as I said, the Elders that weren't killed by the eruption died from starvation and illness, there aren't many left. But those that are can keep the young ones in check and even put them to work helping if you like....." It wasn't her place to provide aid, but she knew they would if it was as Rufus said. "I have plenty of sees and seedlings of these lovely plants that do well in the ashy soil." She said, "Provide a nice little nut you can eat too. We have enough now that I can uproot some and bring them. There is a shipment from my estates due in a week or so as well. It has food, water and some other provisions. I am certain there is enough to spare for your efforts as well....." Her voice trailed off and her mind wandered for a moment, she'd been caught rambling. Making plans and acting when she was simply a helper, a useful little worker. "That is if you want any of all that and what not......" She muttered, embarrassed. She'd been scolded more than once at her sisters home for taking charge and meddling in things she had no business in. She just couldn't help it, she was under someones thumb one too many times and didn't want to be a pawn ever again! Besides, Oscar told her to work for no man.....save him when he was threatening her. "Well -" She swung her arms by her sides for a moment, looking every bit the young derelict girl she was, "I uh - can bring Grugga over if you wish. Or he and I can simply travel back to the tribe with the news?"
  10. @Csl oh yes the three amigos has just been created. I say HI JINKS!
  11. I did try and think of a way to drag yours in too. By creative brain could not stretch that far.
  12. *Takes a bow* Thank you! That took forever to piece together in a coherent manner
  13. Riha Carthage Riha barely took time to register the name given to her, she would likely ask for it again as her mind tended to be flighty. With so much going on inside her brain she rarely held on to things much longer than a few seconds....unless she was on a mission that is. “Well - off we go then!” She said to her companion ( @SweetCyanide ) Pulling a dagger from its hidden location, she cut the lower seam of her dress, creating a rather large slit so she could move easier. Holstering the secret weapon took a mere few moments before she took off at a run, high heels still firmly attached to her feet. Her hope was she could surprise the miserable little creature and nab it - but no luck was to be had there. The fairy anticipated her movements and buzzed back off towards the inside of the mansion. Heels clicking as she went, Riha changed direction and rushed back into the building, nearly knocking her twin from her perch where she was stealing a moment with her husband. As the fairy flew past, people around burst into tears, much like an over exaggerated play. Those unaffected looked on in complete confusion and horror as to what the sudden change was in the folks around them. Of course they would, perfectly happy people just don’t start sobbing uncontrollably! The fairy entered into the ballroom and Riha blasted past a woman standing just on the inside of it ( @Akako Akari ), barely missing plowing her over as she went. The fairy whizzed into the room and shot off towards where the sounds of lovely music drifted. It wasn’t easy keeping track of the drafted little creature, but it left a trail of sorrow and misery in its path. The way to the piano was nearly cleared as people got lost in their misery. Upon spotting Riha, the fairy shot off once again, going over the piano thinking it would slow down its pursuers progress. But not this woman; heels and all she used her hand to leap over the piano, hip skidding across the gleaming and polished surface as she went. In the process her mask came unattached and landed with a plunk onto the keys where the woman played, resulting in a rather unharmonious sound. ( @havasu ) Next the creature whizzed off through the dancing throngs of people, sprinkling tears as it went. So Riha charged after it, not losing as step as she went. Ducking under a couple and running between them and under their arms ( @Wade & @Aleksei ) then weaving through several other dancers her hand nearly closed over the creature when it seized opportunity and buzzed through a gaggle of women surrounding two men dancing next to the other. Several of the girls burst into tears, which made it easier for Riha to navigate around them, however, when a group of girls is vying for the attention of a singular male.....well no more effective barrier could there be. The misery fairy paused to stick it’s tongue out at Riha thinking it had her good and stopped.....a normal human would have certainly taken the long way round. But Riha never took the longer route when a shorter path could be carved. Taking a few steps back she changed through the gaggle of girls, they parted like water in the wake of her determined fury. Many of them protested - loudly. Then, seeing the fairy just on the other side of the two men, she did the unthinkable. Speed, plus agility was on her side as Riha placed her hands on the inner most shoulder of the two men ( @Dauner Light & @MichaelTheLightBringer ), used her strength and theirs to lift herself up - and jump through the gap they created. The only evidence she’d been there was the heels laying helter skelter on the floor and the now enraged hive of women behind her. The momentum flung Riha through the air and she leaned with hand outstretched to catch the fairy, but missed and tumbled towards the ground. Her fall quickly turned into a summersault and she was up and running once again. The fairy running out of real estate quickly. It dove over the bar and so did Riha. Glasses, ale, food - people went flying as she skidded over the smooth top of the bar on her belly and landed with a resounding crash on the other side. ( @danzilla3, @Meraxa, @Csl ) A triumphant hand shot up over the top of the bar, Riha appearing quickly behind it. Of course Riha was sobbing, being in such close proximity to the fairy, but her sense of victory was so strong it nearly overpowered the creatures abilities. To the untrained eye, she would look completely insane, hand waving something around that no one but her could see. The only evidence something was there; Bite marks appearing on her hand and causing it to bleed. To a magically trained eye - they would likely be able to see the miserable creature clutched in her fist. She transferred the creature to her other hand, pinching its wings between her fingers so it couldn’t bite her. “A jar with a lid if you please.” She requested of the bar tender as if it were an every day occurrence. As she waited for it to appear, which was surprisingly quick given the nature of her sudden appearance, she looked around realizing the mess surrounding her. “Ah -“ Her tearful smile faded for a moment, “I caught a misery fairy....” She offered by way of explanation, finally stuffing it into a jar and putting the lid on it.
  14. *Cracks knuckles* alright, its posting time. Y’all better get ready for this one.
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