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  1. DESIGNATION Ovid Zeige CONCEPTION Fabrolias [pre-unigenitus] - Xaengri-La SENESCNENCE Born outside the flow of time, no true age can be attributed SOBRIQUET Varuna of Rigveda LINEAGE Asura [pre-unigenitus] - Eternal VOCATION Dragon of ∞ GENDER Male HEIGHT Seven feet four inches [7'4"] WEIGHT Immeasurable HAIR Gunmetal EYE COLOR Aquamarine DISPOSITION — Intransigent • matters of the highborn's extreme dispositonary perception remain unhinged and impossible to change. — Supercilious • characterized by an unnatural view of self-importance oftentimes annotated as narcissism. — Anamolous • irregular, abberant, often misunderstood due to the divergence of his actions and thought processes. — Chivalrous • heralded of a culture where women are the cornerstone of existence he treads likely in the presence of the opposite gender.
  2. the grave of mononoke

    Who indeed. When Kaede was young his existential-self was ineffable in most regards, his awareness in the constancy of self was so twisted the insurmountable tragedies he ad come to face that his mind was as broken as the world around him. The firm establishment of his categorial self didn't occur until the congurent overlap of his self-image and ideal-self became a reality, something that only death was able to force. While he always remained at the forefront of others awareness and was the leader of the new world that pushed the annihilation of the weak and the ascension of the strong, even The Hanyusha's emperor was confused as to who he really was. In the world that they lived in though, that much was expected. Grimacing in pain, he lefted his right hand to grasp the sterling silver glass tea cup from the immacurately garnished saucer and brought it to his lips. He paused. While Karetao's mind may have been focused on her own self-identity in a world of confusion riddled by her existence, Kaede's mind was split in several dozen directions with trains of thought that roared into the abyss as complicated as his sickness and existence in Alterion. "Everytime I've called for you, you've come without so much as a word..." he mused, the pain remaining stagnant in his chest, yet his thought seemed to take him away from whatever it was that was happening to him. Before long he finally downed the entire teacup and placed it lightly back on the saucer, releasing his hand from his chest the first chance that he got. Her hand grasping his wrist and preventing him from carving his heart out was comforting. The pains he had felt since he entered Alterion had only grown, and their understanding of it hadn't yielded fruit, but this was only the beginning of the complications of their situation. "I've been meaning to ask, not that you're obligated to answer..." Kaede began, rising to his feet no sooner than the pain subsided, almost instantly at that, "We don't know anything about you. Not about your origins, where you come from, nothing at all. I have a habit in placing insurmountable trust in those that I know nothing about." It wasn't any sleight to Karetao, but Kaede often took leaps of faith in individuals he knew the least about: it was usually easier that way— the more he knew, the more suspicious and disappointed in people he grew...ordinarily. But things had changed. Who was he dealing with this time around? Someone he had placed enough trust in to entrust his health to in Rin's absence? "So who are you?"
  3. The Kitakokou.

    • handle — Kuzuryūshin [sengan + daimyōjin] wip. • sobriquet — “Nine-headed Dragon God” • architect — Unknown • foundation — Unknown • whereabouts — Kitashiobara • length —2 ½ feet • breakdown — One of the sacred relics of Kitashiobara, the Kuzuryūshin is perhaps the most mysterious of the five divine relics. Featuring inspirations from the outside world it has existed in the catacombs of the village's treasury for centuries without anyone strong enough to physically wield it. Due to the cost of chakra needed to utilize any of it's potential the shinobi of the past ruled it obselete and deaned only for the monstrosity's of the past, clearly designed to be swung around by a monster rather than a human being. The settings of it's orientation and abilities can be changed with a click of the thumb and while the costs of it's abilities may require it to charge or be used with caution, Kaede has found it to be useful in many situations where he's to do battle up close and efficiently.
  4. where the angels prey.

    There was something about being in the company of those who had gone to hell and back for you. It was relaxing, amid a world filled with tension and darkness they had managed to survive and restart their lives as the highest of royalty. No one could have foreseen it. When Kaede died and Rin was left with his corpse buried underneath rubble, that she worked tirelessly to dig up, the world was certain that Kaede had ceased to be. It was a dismal, lubrigous time, where things seemed to move ever slower, and those who had pledged their everlasting devotion to the rogue shinobi faction were more conflicted than ever: yet this was only the beginning of the histrionic events that would proceed it. The world itself would crumble, Kumogakure, Kirigakure, Konohagakure, one by one they fell apart in the midst of a conflict that consumed everything in its crosshairs without relent. There was no one spared, children, innocents, everyone who lived without power were just as likely to die as the factions of war that consumed the landscape like never before. There was no war or predecessors before that superceded the dark struggle that followed. When it was all over, they all had the blood of innocents and entire villages on their hands, something they were content to live with. But why? Power. It meant more than anything in the world, even life itself. It was power that brought Hanyusha to the forefront of the shinobi world, power that they worshipped as their mantra of growth, alleviating the pain of the past regardless of the transgressions they'd committ, and power for which Kaede had died and been reborn. Nothing could change without the power of the body, the heart, and the soul, and it was that principle that he preached even as villages were leveled in rue of those who battled for dominance. While there were many who had their own battles of corporeal or incorporeal form happening within or outside of them, it ultimately boiled down to two distinct leaders: Kazuma and Kaede. There were others, but it was those two who inevitably brought their world's demise. Yet as Rin, the very first shinobi Kaede had ever asked to join him on his ambitious journey, had stated, if Kazuma were to appear they'd know. They'd feel it. There was something about passing through the metaphysical nexus to another world that connected them all intricately. Even if all of their senses were dulled or completely blocked, they would be able to feel each other in conjunction to the other, which was a unique ability limited only to those of Hanyusha and anyone else who was unfortunate (or in their case, lucky) enough to pass through the dimensional door within the same time frame as someone else. This much The Kitakokou was able to ascertain with preempitive research. What the Kuten Syndicate was unaware of was their penchant for knowledge and intelligence. It was his ability to read, learn, adapt, and apply that had put them in the position they were in today, and with those who were as loyal as the two by his side, he knew their power had been necessary. “Matashi...son of the great Koga Gekkamaru, perhaps one of the most unfortunately skilled shinobi in the village. It was unfortunate that his father had to die. Stuck in the will of tradition it was impossible to spare his life...especially someone who'd put a blade to my neck...” Kaede murmured, his face calm and peaceful in his deliberation. Matashi was recalcitrant. It reminded him much of a few from his distant past, rebellious, clinging strong to the beliefs of his family and of his heart: he was unable to distinguish what was necessary for the better good of the village in retrospect— which albeit was a problem that they would have to deal with more decisively. The problem, however, was the blood that coursed through his veins. Being a distant relative of the Enera bloodline, the Gekkamaru were perhaps the most skilled, and even the most revered, hence why someone as young as Matashi (the youngest, followed by Inichi) was qualified to even sit in as a Gunji Sangiin. After finally quelling much of the doubt that filled their hearts of his supposed tyranny, was it safe to kill the predecessor one of the most revered shinobi in the village? As he understood it there were those able to take his place, but... “We have to proceed with caution. One false move and we have a new rebellion on our hands...burning down the world we've worked hard to rebuild would be a travesty. I understand your sentiments, to undermine my authority, especially in the presence of those who do not have that liberty...it's a transgression I cannot overlook." Kaede began, glancing down to some of the paperwork that rest on his table. It was at that moment that he started to regret not having a cigarette in his mouth, but perhaps it was for the best. For two years Rin had worked tirelessly to force the habit out of him, even with his appearance slightly changed by the metaphysical anomaly and the wonders of their most advanced medical techniques. “I want to hear Rin's opinion first before I decide against it. The biggest problem is that if this is to take place, it needs to happen immediately. You're due to awaken the gift of the divine soon to awaken to your true heritage, and even more, if something like that is executed after then it would be entirely too easy for any sensory shinobi to detect that chakra and link it right back to you. Beyond that, a death around the time of the festival would prove problematic. What are your thoughts Rin?” Her thoughts held more weight than any. If she wasconvinced it was possible, then Kaede would have no problem making it happen, especially if it benefited the village.
  5. where the angels prey.

    “We're good...” No sooner than the Oja-ni expanded his chakra vessels and focused his clarivoyance to the immediate area did Kaede remove a cigarette from the cashmere breast pocket of his coat and slipped it between his lips, unlit. Though the Kamikaze Shrine was regarded as one of the last sacred temples remaining from the oldest era of Kitashiobara, the Kitakokou held little regard for the sanctity of places that didn't innately resonate with him. The Gunji Sangiin, though immensely power and revered across Izral, were fools, and their influence extended beyond renovation and legislation. Their families, the clans beneath them, their word meant more to the people than any emperor that had come before them not named Mononoke, and their continous doubts of a man who had with minimal help conquered perhaps the strongest village in Izral, was quite frankly, idiotic at best. In the land of Izral, and the world from which Hanyusha originated, power was supreme. Whoever had the most power, and moved in a manner of calculated intelligence, always won, always ruled. That would never change. Why challenge an authority that couldn't be defied? One thing that the two Oja-shuso's understood was that defying Kaede was no more suicidal than defying God. A man who's wrath was as infinite as the abyss and who held no empathy in his heart for weakness— it was those ideals that drove Hanyusha to follow him to the ends of the earth, no, the universe. They had been given their choices from the beginning, at any point in time they could have escaped and never been heard from again: but they held something in them that Kaede could have never put in their hearts— ambition. The power was there, the knowledge was there, but Kaede's objective from the beginning was to cultivate those who had been ever loyal to him. There was a time where they slept in the sands and barely had food to fill their stomachs. Now they could eat whatever they want, do whatever they want, at whatever pace they wished, at behest to no one. Even the Kuten Syndicate's influence was limited, as long as Kaede himself followed very simple guidelines put on the table from the moment he awoke from his coma, they would be left to rule as the highest of the elite forever. "You're right...failure is and never has been an option...our refsual to fail and fall to the whim of destiny is why we're allowed to sit in some of the most esteemed seats in a world that we once had no place in..." Kaede began, beckoning Akuma for a light, to which he obliged with the lighter that was already sitting on his own mahogany desk, perhaps missplaced by Kaede at some point in their preparation of conference. Then again, they were all willing to do whatever they needed to do for each other whenever asked. It was a family that transcended blood, even time and space. "Of course, there are still a few things that remain an issue...namely the reason we're here. I still haven't found Kazuma...we can't say for sure that he even made it here, according to the Kuten Syndicate there's a chance that he may have ended up in a different world, one far different from this one...that being said, we have to remain on our guard. There's a reason our world was almost entirely destroyed in our battles with him..." Kaede leaned forward and relaxed his elbows on the sacred table, taking a long drag of the cigarette. “Though we've postponed the promotional exams I'd still like to have a commemorative festival for the people and for the woman who advocated peace here. We may be seen as belligerent savages who get our way by any means necessary, but the people have to feel that everything we do is in our interest. Our national treasury is filled to the brim with currencies of all kind, I need to be sure that they understand our position here...but more importantly...” Kaede paused, focusing his senses briefly to do a temporary check of their environment of his own volition. He trusted Akuma but one could never be to safe that in the midst of what he'd already said, one of the many talented shinobi, with nefarious intentions, hadn't appeared to eavesdrop. "Akuma is preparing to embark in the Trial of Densetsu, I trust that you've already burned any scrolls that you brought with you from the other world, or promptly sealed them as I gave you the option to do, Rin? If anyone finds out that Akuma is a direct descendant of the Ōtsutsuki clan, essentially the primogenitors of our own world in comparison to the Kuten clan, it'll be more than war on our hands..."
  6. the grave of mononoke

    The Kitakokou had never seen a more tranquil necropolis than the one that surrounded him. As the spirits whispered to the dead man reborn royalty the laconic emperor held his poise respectfully, ambling across the gilded footholds that filled the cemetary hidden in the depths of the fifth pillar's recesses. Only the highest of royalty had been allowed to enter in the days past, a tradition Kaede intended to keep, atleast to those whom he deemed worthy. After-all, there was a time where even his homeland had a legacy preserved across time and space as battle waged across the world and everything they knew sunk into oblivion. It smelled like decadent chocolate in a land of death, something he couldn't help but appreciate. Everything he'd ever known was unrefined, bitter, rustic, even royalty weren't given the greatest treatment in the afterlife. Sacred tombs littered with memento's sure, but nothing like the way royalty was treated in the Land of the Holy Wind. It was something the old shinobi couldn't help but admire. Yet were they all deserving? For months he was left to study the chaotic history of the five main villages, their ancestors, the bitter conflicts that only the Kuten Syndicate held the power to suppress, and the inquitous behavior of many that had lived, sworn to serve. In the end though they were treated with the same dignity in life as they were in the afterlife. Royalty and sacred bloodlines were revered in the few lands that were held together despite the chaos consuming Izral, which in-itself mimicked hardships worse than the chaos of the lands beyond. The more he studied and taught to those who were destined to be by his side through all the adversity they had faced, the more he came to realize that the path he'd walk would be unlike any other. A man consumed by darkness— undeserving of life, or even a chance— was given an opportunity to grasp the light with the power he had molded from the darkness that had devoured him. He knew what the consequences would be. While those of the village's elite viewed him in a light of terror and absolution, only those close to him understood that he had actually grown softer since he touched the light of heaven that brought them to the world they now saw. Kaede's amble picked up stride when he noticed the hymn of butterflies dancing above. The entire temple was dimly lit, almost impossible to navigate, yet with his impercentible senses and his understanding of the layout it wasn't hard to reach what was known as the Heart of Mononoke. As the Shiji of Kuten professed Mononoke was the daughter of the second emperor Masashi Hokusai, a warmonger known more for his bloodshed and insatiable lust for underaged women. He'd have seven children to women of fourteen and younger before he finally had a girl, the curse that would strike fear into the very heart of the village's monarchy and court alike. The very day of her birth was the last day Masashi would draw breath. This gave birth to a revolution that spread across the lands of the shinobi, and while the throne was quickly filled with a family bloodline that wasn't captivated by malediction, Mononoke would become the symbol of hope with the purity of heart that none after her could ever possess. She would later become the first female Kitakokou following the Dance of the Fireflies that saw almost the entire village reduced to ash and most royal bloodlines killed, though not by any hand of her own— no it was those that worshiped and revered her selfless heart that would force her into the seat of power. It was her, the Queen of the Divine Wind who would blaze the path for those that followed to create a village that existed outside of the turmoil of Izral and it's trenchant madness. "Unfortunately, times have changed..." Kaede mumbled, taking a long drag of one of the few cigarette's he had left. Unfortunately this world, or atleast he part of the world he had existed in, were unfamiliar with cigarette's (or the negatives that they brought), and that was one of the very first things Kaede had worked to implement in production. "...the world of tomorrow. Peace...Can there be peace in Hell? Or am I exaggerating? This place is nothing like there but..." Then he stopped, just short of the golden box resting on the marble pedestal that radiated with an immaculate glow that one could only see if they were close enough to admire it's divine radiance. How could something so beautiful remain polished, decadent, and unmoved in the generations that proceeded it? The Kitakokou would like to think the spirits were responsible but... A sudden pain twisted itself through his chest, like a spear lunging through his very heart. Dropping to his right knee his left hand slapped his chest in anger and gripped the fabric of his cashmere threads, his fingernails desperately sinking through the material to reach his very heart. Since he had passed from the other world to this one he had been plagued with medical anomalies that even the most wise couldn't explain, and since it had been attributed as recoil from the passing of one world to the next. "...not here...show respect to the...d-dead damnit..." he muttered under his breath, his pants growing louder, drawing profuse sweat that ran down his forehead and along his flustered cheeks. "...K-kare...KARETAO!" he bellowed, believing his will would send his message across space and time if need be. The only thing that could help him now was specialized pain medicine from his own medical professional Rin, but as she was seeing to political matters of village, the only person who was qualified to hand the medicine off was...
  7. where the angels prey.

    For a time there was nothing but silence that filled the fragrant, sweet air of the elongated washitsu. At the very back and center of the sacred place was a dark-haired man who's reverence demanded absolute respect, and in vertical rows at his two o'clock and eleven o'clock were twelve different individuals who remained silent enough to hear the divine zephys scratch the ground outside of the temple where they sat. To his immediate left and right sat two enigmatic individuals who were regarded with the same esteem as the Kitakokou himself— regarded as the Oja-ichi and the Oja-ni their impressions on the court had been as critically acclaimed as the Kitakokou himself yet there were none with the power or the lack of respect for the Kuten Syndicate to bring about a revolution. It was one thing to rebel, but it was another to commit suicide: and they had all seen first hand just what the new rulers of the village (though regarded more as a kingdom) were capable of. “We will postpone the exams.” The looks on the shinobi's faces as Kaede announced his decision was nothing short of absolute relief. The overwhelming troubles that accompanied the new shift in political structuring all the way down to the way their shinobi would be raised for future generations meant long nights and early mornings for months at a time, all reserved for the Gunji Sangiin. The elite shinobi council also in-charge of legislation and matters of democracy came second only to the Oja-shuso's and the Kitakokou himself and their power was said to rival that of the strongest shinobi in Izral with a total of twelve seats. "I understand the sacrifices you all have made to restabilize this village, and I know that you all realize the implications of my possession of this sacred seat. However, now more than ever, we must be a symbol of strength throughout the lands. As we speak Izral continues to descend further into chaos and the rogues who abandon their villages have begun to accumulate their power. If we show weakness this kingdom will be brought to it's knees. This is information directly from the Kuten Syndicate." Kaede confessed, his stonewalled complexion never shifting, but his senses remaining receptive to everyone who attended the conference. "The threats we will likely be facing in our future will be unlike any we have faced before. For this we must be strong, vigilant, and unified above all else." "Excuse me for speaking out of turn," Matashi Gekkamaru spoke, his youthful voice from the fourth seat casting a shadow over both his inferiors and superiors, "It's hard for us to imagine what's coming if we don't have any specifics. How can we coordinate and—" “Irrelevant,” Kaede interrupted him, his voice bellowing with only a fraction of it's power though not to intimidate— it was merely to clarify. “If you do everything that I and the Oja-shuso's have asked everything will fall into it's rightful place. Did I not appear and tell you this land would be mine? Did I not take it, and make it better?" There was silence once again and all Matashi could do was lower his combative gaze, though he could never hide his heart that beat like a wild drum in protest. Kaede never moved or showed any reaction to anything around him even once, but he noticed it, and he noticed the body language of those who disagreed and those who agreed. "If there's anyone who can defeat me, they're welcome to everything I know. Otherwise, the exams will be postponed into a later predetermined date, that of which the Oja-ni will announce." Kaede delinated with decisiveness, finally, removing his right hand from his chin, and his elbow from the african blackwood table that had been passed down from one ruler to the next. "Now leave us. I have things to discuss with the Oja-shuso's, that which only their ears are delegated to hear." All at once the Gunji Sangiin waited for the four second count to rise, bow, give their praise to the divine wind, and they were gone. The left row filed out first as they were the higher ranked seat of chairs and the right followed, the door shutting swiftly after. Kaede sighed vehemently. "I've run two villages in a complicated world of war and malice, but this...this is perhaps our greatest challenge yet."
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  9. The Kitakokou.

    Do you believe in God? Once upon a time there was a boy born of the sands buried so deep that he was blinded not only by his heritage but innerborn hatred of the world. So he dreamed, he chased, and the toiled endlessly to chase the ghosts of the world long forgotten. Not of his ancestors, not even of those that the world would call their indisputable rulers: of God himself. The only peers who ever shared his vision and perhaps his plight were the brothers of the same ruin that was a village robbed of it's reign known only to those of the past. From there they journeyed across the entire world, becoming known as the cornerstone of what brotherhood truly meant. Through all adversity and struggle the young boy sought eternally to prove himself not just as an equal to his older brethren, but as something that couldn't possibly exist. To defy all odds and to become not just the ruler of the world, but the absolute strongest that had ever lived, was his only goal. Yet as time passed and the years continued, the young boy turned into a young man, and the brotherhood that had supressed his anger of the world diminished in the face of greater power and perhaps greater evil. So began his journey into darkness. Nothing else mattered but power. Absolution. No family could stop him, no "brethren", there wasn't a soul who could quench his insatiable belligerence. Willing to sacrifice his own life he killed, pillaged, and took from others, behind the guise of a charismatic loveable man who eventually revealed the truth of his madness. Of the many powers and emotions that circulated through him the most important thing to Kaede was the source of his true power: darkness. One day he was finally called to make the ultimate sacrifice, to kill the man he had once held nothing but love and admiration for. The only way he could reach the height of his power was by taking the life of his best friend. To no avail. Even with all of the power granted by powers beyond even their own understanding, he was washed away beneath the rubble of his own fortress by the power of the man who had fought by his side to the day the young boy was cut down and lost to the world in times unknown. It was then that he gained true power, a demonic resonance that only the depths of Hell could have possibly afforded him. Just when he'd lost sanity and all sense of hope there was something in the darkness that gripped him— no it swallowed him whole. What was born from the ashes of his immeasurable hatred and lust for any power that could alleviate his heart and soul was a power that no one could begin to understand. A power that couldn't manifest itself immediately beyond his revival, but one that would take root and slowly work its way into the fold of reality. Before long, Kaede had appeared again in the world, as had the other brothers he had stood alongside. A reunion if there ever was one, a war of insurmountable odds occurred and scorched the lands with absolute fury, annihilating villages and landmasses alike, all heralded by the man who had broken the brotherhood apart to begin with: Kazuma. The three he had once called brothers, Kagiroi, Karasu, and Kazura had changed as much as the young man who had been reborn as The Crimson Phoenix. Yet they were nothing alike. And that very war would never find an end. Before long, Kaede, seeking the head of the very strongest man to possibly have ever lived, a young boy who grew to be a man, and then something else altogether, followed the bastard to the very ends of the earth until there was absolutely nothing left. Hanyusha, a dangerous organization born solely to create an order under a single sect of rulers became stronger than it's second-in command, Rin could have ever imagined, and with herself and Oni at the forefront they clashed with the strongest man on earth until all it knew was war. The chase would finally bring them to the Kingdom of the Sky, a domain thought to be abandoned, where the final battle between everything Hanyusha could offer, and Kazuma would take place. Then his eyes snapped open...a world bigger, brighter, larger than anything he had ever imagined, once that was much more complicated than anything he would have thought of. Where had everyone gone? Why was he here? Where is exactly was Kazuma? Many questions with fewer answers, the Kuten Syndicate consoled the young herald as to one of the many prophecies foretold by Kuten, the God that Kaede could very well argue he had seen in his dreams since he was born. He was meant to come to this place, this moment, this world where he could rule and fulfill a legacy mostly forgotten. Did he buy it entirely? No one was sure, but understanding that there was much to learn, he became a scholar of the Kuten Syndicate. Giving birth to the Kitakokou of Kitashobara, a king of kings molded from the darkness, who finally saw the light. This is where his story in Izral begins, the beginning of a long tale of sacrifices, growth, understanding, and fate.
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