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    Dreams of Immortality.

    The moral ambiguity of destiny and the countless infatuations of those who rose and fell throughout time were complications that pervaded Gabriel. With each ebon heel clicking rhythmically along royal grounds beyond he never once took a moment to contemplate those things beyond his understanding. Why? Any other of such longevity and existentialism fitting would, but for one who knew only the world that existed through his own sapphire eyes, there was no need. In this endlessness there were only two things that mattered, power and loyalty, the two pillars for which the dichotomy of the soul's indecisiveness within could forge itself as a being higher than any and all. These were the precepts that he turned to in his very darkest hour where the eyes of his only family rest upon him when all else was lost, willing to save him from the depths of darkness that was the twisted self and world about. This unmistakable truth is what drove him to complete every manner of trial laid before him by Rafael, until the time came to truly test his mettle. Duke Sicamedes Evaristus was the strongest of the Corvinite Imperium, second only to Cornelius in skill, and to Corvinus himself in power. Across the world he was heralded as the strongest swordsman of the current generation and his exploits were held in high regard even in Genesaris. It was this claim that drove Gabriel to exercise the depths of a demented behavior, not in malice, but in respect for who he believed this man to be. By robbing him of everything not only would he eliminate any loose ends that may pursue him in the aftermath, as the entire family was well respected for their generational talent, but this would also bring out the absolute best in him as it would any mortal of familial attachment. All that he found in the end was absolute disappointment. Was his expectations too high? Was his craving simply insatiable? Or was it that his talent, groomed by Rafael himself, far superseded the supposition of all? Left with more questions in silence than answers he finally entered the upper spires of Lana'thel's West Wing where the gallery of breathtaking art would have swallowed anyone whole. As someone who had traveled and seen the world, or atleast many parts of it, this room heralded pieces that ascended the plane of reality. Absolutely of marvel some of them were more beautiful than the world itself, and this was enough to attract his attention for moments in the presence of his only true family remaining. Then he spoke, and with his words he commanded undivided attention. Without saying a word the humming sword that sang in the sheath of its creator was gripped with pride as he approached Rafael, slipping it into his clutches by the blade's end first. “A human's true potential exists in their connection to those they love...I simply meant to draw it out of him, while eliminating any chances of any knowing that I had been there.” Gabriel informed Rafael with the utmost respect, his young tenor sounding like that of a slightly older teenager who's chords matched that of his immaculate facade. “While I cannot say I did not enjoy killing them...my feral instincts howling through me...I did regret that innocents were dragged into the madness of my scheme. Therefore their very souls were collected into Bianca as all are...” he finished, removing his black hat from his nappy though resplendent black hair.
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    Pictures of Us

    me without a cut smh me in afghanistan.
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    “What did'ja say punk?!” a bandit of arrogance yelled from main street, his face contorting with frustration and belligerence. Before him stood the scion of radiance who's incandescence washed over those about in a sea of divinity. Virtruis only stared with eyes of silent intensity as the burly nobody with a few others behind him confronted the immortal swordsman. That's right...they were affiliated with those he had killed in saving Simisara, the Teshiv Leaf bandits, or atleast that's what their ledger suggested. Heralding in a time of renovation where Renovatio was engulfed in shifting laws, energies, and even personas, they captivated in a lawless time to kill, enslave, and pilfer from the innocent. The absolutely most despicable. Some would say they were doing what they had to do to survive, after being unjustly prosecuted by the era of the past, their riches and livelihoods thrown to the wind— but retribution did not discriminate. Neither did the truth. Painted in blotches of assorted crimson the mindless brawn stomped within a few feet of Virtruis who's eyes that glowed like the sunlight of the heavens above. With a single-edged stone axe attached to his back by thick chords of yellow he reached back and removed it, in a single gesture whipping it to his side. The very winds themselves howled and even pushed back recklessly against those spectating from afar, suggesting that this man was no ordinary warrior. “What is your name?” Virtruis' coarse baritone demanded, his hands never moving from their positions in the pockets of his ebony slacks. “HEH!” the nameless bandit leader sneered, leaping a few feet high in a single leap where he'd hang above for but a moment before descending. Within both his hands was the long-handled single-edged axe that he intended to bring down on Virtruis with little resistance. “I AM MASAK-!” With a grand entrance like his, it was anti-climatic among other things to see him go flying the opposite way without so much as a single gesture emphasized by Virtruis. Nothing. All that most would or even could see was the dancing of ivory clumps that danced along top his crown. Blood and gravel awaited Masak- wait what was it again? Everyone, even his henchmen, as perplexed as they were, stared in disbelief. Who was this unnamed warrior from lands afar? What sorcery did he employ? Having never shifted his gaze and apparently not even having moved, he removed his left hand from his pocket to yawn into it. “This is honestly boring...get lost...” Virtruis announced to the silent masses, subconsciously observing their ring-leader stumble to his feet in pure rage. Unadultered belligerence even. “I AM MASAKI THE RHINO, YOU WILL FEEL MY HORN!!!” “Absolutely not...” he immediately retorted, almost in disgust. No matter where in the cosmos he wandered, the linguistics of language were forever changing. Was that a sexual innuendo or was it just convenient? This actually managed to grab his attention once more, where something else tugged on his soul, something just beyond the square, something of far more importance. Smearing the blood of his nose and peeling flesh from his burning face he smacked his hand against the handle of his axe and began his rush. The other five who accompanied him would only stare, until he roared with a battlecry that saw fear strike the hearts of all who watched...that is, other than the one himself. The endless sun that would never be extinguished, shining with a resplendent luster of which all would have to take note. If this is what he wanted, he would surely get it, even if it cost Virtruis more than he would gain.
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    VIRTRIUS the Superluminary.

    The Virtuous Star ascended. tbc.
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    VIRTRIUS the Superluminary.

    ZENOUSHKA-RYUU ancient jujitsu, muay boran, chinese kempo, kosaka and ogame style, karate mutekendoku-style, kuremisago style, pencak silat, and the legendary musou style. blending all of the styles, their disciplines, and intricate techniques into a mixed martial arts style of their own, the incredible combination has become known as the god dragon discipline. This art form spans the verse of the cosmos, with the one true master being The Infinity Star, Adell Illiandes Laemington. TENCHI MUSHIN-RYUU otherwise known as the earth and heaven nothingness style, it exists as the bridge between possibility and metaphysical technique. utilizing anima Virtrius' is capable of creating spectral arms that operate via neurological / spiritual symmetry and can be utilized in the same vein of alacrity as his usual two arms with an albeit larger degree of control. These artificial limbs devour other forms of preternatural energy on contact to increase their strength, speed, size, and number. said to be the ethereal manifestation of the warrior's soul, after devouring enough energy it's said that its true form is frightening. DO, THE WAY is considered the pinnacle of combat mastery; one part philosophy, one part martial art, it is practiced by those very rare few who have completely dedicated their lives to martial arts. it is said that once someone has mastered every fighting style, every technique, a road opens up for them and at last they see the one true way. Do in and of itself takes from everything before it and at the same time is its own entity, creating a methodology where those who use it simply understand and know the exact place to position themselves, the right maneuvers to execute and the right amount of force to exert. The do-ist has learned from his lifetime of martial arts study how to act in the least exhaustive, most effective way at all times. it has been said that do-ists seldom look like they are really doing anything at all. Their movements are almost supernaturally graceful and it never seems as if they are exerting themselves...ever. that is unless they so choose. They are strangely peaceful and always aware of their surroundings. METAPHYSICAL ZODIAC APOTHESIS Virtrius' physical aptitude cannot be measured through objective studies of material reality. Able to transcend and oftentimes shatter the laws of physics and relativity as they apply to him, his potential is predetermined by situational circumstance of which the immortal swordsman can usually control. This only applies in Kalopsia where the blood of Zaratras is closest. In the Praetorium's capital itself, Virtrius can reach unfathomable heights. MASTER VOLTIA MANIPULATOR ??? EYE OF YEFREM ???
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    The sun peaked through the mud brown curtains of the tavern, painting a stroke of gold luminescence upon the immortal swordsman. His eyes were soft, glassy, but his expression worn and tired. How many weeks had it been now? Renovatio was a continent of complexity of which he had seen little to compare to in all of his galactic travels in his life's past— and this troubled him. According to the residue of his memories she was here somewhere...that much his deductive reasoning told him. Where exactly? This was an issue the ivory-haired swordslinger faced, his eyes glued to the lacquered wooden floors peeling from years of abandoned care. Somewhere in the ghettos of one of Oo'xora's lesser populated locales, Virtrius pondered where it was next that he would search for her. The closer he felt himself getting, the further away their reunion seemed to stretch. This was love, intoxicating, enough to drive the sharpest blade dull, the calmest man mad, even the sun below the horizon forevermore... “Heh...are you still here? Or did my other, weaker self fail...” He knew it was impossible. Evaristus had procured the most elite vanguard to protect Remmington before he fled to his demise, a death that would allow Virtrius to be freed from the cycle of reincarnation by a mysterious force that even he did not understand. Or perhaps he did...perhaps it was love, that which all began and ended with. Lucid but fatigued he rose from his bed, never having removed any clothing, for the inn was nothing more than a place to recollect his thoughts overnight to determine his next move. Had he had any luck or made any progress? Absolutely not. This would have frustrated the mortal who's soul was once bonded with his own before, but Virtrius was an immortal. The only thing that could separate them was death... And that only meant a difference in time. Walking almost autonomously towards and out of the oak door he proceeded down the quiet hallway and down the stairs where the sound of laughter and clinging glasses of alcohol could be heard. Everyone appeared jolly and spirited, with them each individually at different times glancing over to watch the gruff swordslinger descend the steps. Approaching the barkeep that was a mere five steps away, he slapped three golden coin within his locked, gloved hands on the counter before proceeding to the door, his hands stuffing themselves simultaneously into his black slacks. “Thank you for the room, Olybazz. Give my regards to your mother.” the spry, yet wise baritone spoke. Without acknowledgement Olybazz stared in fear, very much unlike his mother whom he had saved on the outskirts of Oo'xora days prior. A coincidence? Perhaps. It mattered not however. In a matter of seconds he was out on the beaten path, headed to the outskirts of the outpost where he'd make his way back into the wilderness once more. “Please...help me Zaratras...so that I may return to bring about your citadel in your name...” he whispered beneath his breath solemnly.
  7. dvsn

    BORDER, 𒀯𒀳.

    In a world defined by peace in dichotomy and the worship of the cosmic, the need to instruct the generation of post-life on the ideology of Zaratras' wishes in narrative form became essential. Virtrius and the Solar Society combined their efforts to translate the Apocrypha of Euphemia which would become the noetic scripture of which to found the future society of templars and vanguards of Kalopsia's future. Euphemia, the Angel of Luminaer, with the lost art of the Sight would record the past, the present, and the future of dragons, their impact, and what would become necessary for survival, a tome that spanned thousands of pages before her death at the hands of Anshin, the Eternal Star. It is from this that BORDER would founded, using the information of the Apocrypha of Euphemia to weaponize the enigmatic mineral known as Voltia into powerful Voltica technology known as Triggers, and develop one of the most unique forces in all of Renovatio. Unlike the Zodiac Bravada, or even the popular but unseen PRIDE, they are broken down into roles and not classes. Attacker, Gunner, and Sniper, each with a wide variety of possibilities as to their capabilities and what tasks they can fulfill - each with their own unique set of abilities. tba.
  8. dvsn

    the Heart that Bled dry.

    While hot tears cascaded down the cheeks of a disciple that had lost its master, an enigmatic figure from afar watched on in displeasure. “Pick your bloody head up!!!” a thunderous roar echoed from the precipice beyond. Inflexible muscles like bags chiseled and refined glistened in the rays of the rising sun. Ovid Zeige [x] was a towering mass of mesomorphic splendor that oftentimes came off as a giant rather than a human. Standing seven feet tall and four inches, the only garments he wore was what appeared to be an ivory diaper and a golden cowl that covered his shoulders down to his bare ankles. That very vestment however blew in the winds of the valley, showcasing his peerless musculature. Giving Jackson the moment to view him, he then disappeared, and reappeared just behind him. The only sign of this repositioning was the sound of the air's displacement, a low-pitched fizzle in the space a few feet behind him where his shadow was allowed to tower over the dead and their apprentice. “Did this man raise you to cry like a helpless child as well?” The arrogant sneer on his his bronze, thick-chinned facade may have bothered Jackson, but little did he know what purpose this mysterious man had for appearing, shoulders larger than life.
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    the Lunaris Praetorium.

    OVERVIEW The Lunaris Praetorium is the theocratic government of Kalopsia governing all surrounding lands under it's unified legislation. It is in this world that all races and walks of life, immortal and not, can coexist in a utopia of perpetual equality. From the ashes of nothingness it appeared overnight, the Citadel of Animus towering over the peerless constructions both old and new, almost as created by the hand of Zaratras, the Valor Star himself. It is here that the mysterious lifestone known as Voltia is regulated throughout all of Renovatio, allowing any and all the power to weave their spirits into magical splendor whether to bring destruction to evil or life to those in need. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Kalopsia province is around 20,000,000 (capital: 400k); with an equal unregistered amount of all races from across Renovatio and beyond. In this land, origins do not matter, all that does is your registration in the Lunaris Praetorium in accordance with the Covenant of Anima. key terms; lunaris praetorium, kalopsia, zaratras, voltia, renovatio, citadel of animus, covenant of anima. GEOGRAPHY Unlike the world that once existed in the same space prior, the ever shifting lands of Kalopsia are a wonder to behold. Every season the land mass dramatically shifts under the pressure of anima cascading from the eternal slumber of Zaratras who is the lifeblood of Kalopsia itself. The result is the appearance of many mystical wonders, land masses, and even enigmatic ruins that may have never existed. According to the Apocrypha of Eumeria, this is a phenomenon that warps worlds, places, and things into, and out of, Kalopsia constantly changing. The Lunaris Praetorium itself however is a series of seven pillars known as Titans as they rest on the back of spawns of Zaratras who appear as nothing more than landmasses to those unable to feel the lifeblood beneath. Each of the tremendously large land-masses are connected by light-vector bridges powered by Voltica technology and adorned by golden rings at either side intricately linked endlessly. The seven Titans are Baal, Rahab, Hesiod, Levant, Ashur, Gila, and Tiamat. key terms; anima, apocrypha of eumeria, voltica CLIMATE As complicated as the land masses surrounding the capital too is the ever changing climate. One region may be in a cycle of perpetual winter, while another may follow the usual cycles of Renovatian weather. This is an important factor in how The Lunaris Praetorium governs the region as will be outlined below, in tandem with the ever changing geography. CULTURE In Kalopsia, your worth is governed by your purpose designated by choice and design. While there are minor exceptions to those with gifts in one area or another (some things being tailored only to specific biological, or mental faculties, i.e sports) the Praetorium's registration system is essential in allowing someone who has entered Kalopsia, whether living at the capital of Lunaris, or in one of the many villages and cities outside, to follow their passion and dreams. Therefore the gap between the aristocratic elite and the poor being eliminated as everyone, regardless of what they chose to do or pursue, is compensated more than enough. While there are minor political issues, primary as far as the Praetor and the Ignatius Council goes, the enriched culture of Lunaris' high-technology, high-magicka society seems to leave most who reside within Kalopsia happy. key terms; praetor, ignatius council. PARKS AND RECREATION tba. GOVERNMENT AND NATIONAL SECURITY The Praetor— Eternally and infinite, the ruler is chosen as the vestige of Zaratras to lead the theocratic government and the world beyond. The current Praetor is none other than Virtrius himself. The Celestial Vanguard— The most talented and powerful warriors from across Renovatio aspire to become a part of the Celestial Vanguard that knows few equal. Much about them rests in enigma, and rumor has it that one of them alone holds the power of an overlord capable of reducing cities to ash by their lonesome. Only the most elite qualify to enter their ranks, and even fewer can learn the mystical arts that they hold, directly descending from Zaratras himself. BORDER 𒀯𒀳— The official military of The Lunaris Imperium and Kalopsia. They use particularly powerful Voltica technology known as Triggers and Voltia itself to protect the kingdom from any threats foreign and domestic. 100,000 of them occupy the capital prepared to depart at a moments notice. The Crow— They exist as extensions of PRIDE who have jurisdiction over the surrounding lands and beyond. They borrow many of their teachings and have transformed them into their own. The few that exist are rumored to be on-par with the Headmaster's due to their combination of arts and Voltia in tandem.
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    The amber of the heavens burned incadescent across the delicate roses of the silent plain, trailblazing a world unknown to the eyes of man. Where the aroma of honey and pollen fresh and natural beckoned the peace of the vast wildlife, not a mortal soul could be found. In what appeared to be nowhere in-particular, however, a single ash tree— still and tranquil— made not a sound. Crimson dots marked the opposing branches where compound leaves danced in the zephyrs of the morning sky, but not once could it be heard. Yet this ash tree, several meters tall, towered over the beloved roses beneath that seemed unconcerned with the lack of light they would receive under its impregnable umbrella. “Virtrius...mommy will always love you...but there is someone who needs you more...” Beneath the single ash tree lay a man, naked and barren, absorbing the sunlight of the rising sun as if one of the flowers itself. His back to the moss covered bark, he was mesomorphic, rugged, but with that held an atmosphere that made him handsome in his own right. However, this handsome man had not drawn a single breath, not since the sun painted itself on the distant skyline. “You are the only one who can accomplish the impossible...I would never have put this burden on you had I known the truth...but you are the truth.” Breath. Please. “Mother...?” His inhuman lungs filled with breath and his heart with emerald blood, reaching out to claim it's life in the world of Valucre. Cosmic legends beyond spoke of a merchant who traveled the stars collecting indelible relics in their own selfish pursuits. A human who defied expectations, they challenged their fate with remarkable courage, and eventually earned the grace of a universal wyrm (a Great Serpent) that would grant his soul the power of its ancestors. This Great Serpent, Zaratras, required but a promise in exchange, one that would retire his role as The Ace Merchant to give birth to The Cosmic Superluminary. That very promise would forever come to define him, no matter how hard he tried to escape it, and how hard his heart cried in agony. To be granted the grace of the Great Serpent was unheard of, their astral power granted them the unmatched authority to devour solar systems in moments, and even to break down the foundations of dimensions about them, but to make contact with a mortal— let alone a human? Only the Infinity Dragon himself had procured such a relationship due to his blood, but that is neither here nor there. The very power he sought gave him the keys to his own destiny, a destiny that he would could never change. This is the story of that man, Virtrius Leingod, The Cosmic Superluminary who's legend has faded into obscurity even among the ancients. The ivory overcoat of the lone swordsman hung on the zephyrs as did his hair dance, playing on the handsome charisma of Virtrius. How long had he been here? Staring at the lasting memory of his mother through the very eyes that had only awoken weeks ago? It felt like days had passed where the sun rose and dropped on opposite ends of the expanded horizon. And other than to smile, he never moved. Then it came to him. “I found her mother...the woman that you and I loved so much...and she needs me more than ever. I know you do too...that's why I'll be back I promise...” Unlike his counterpart in the soul that was now deceased, his voice was soft but sharp, a baritone that carried with it a melodious flow as if it had existed since the dawn of time. “When I return I will build Kalopsia into the utopia we dreamed of...the world you always wanted. Where the divine can parley with the mortal, and where everything exists in synonymous equality. Eumeria's Dream...” Like the divine winds, soundless and mystical, he vanished, the mere thought of parting with his mother to fulfill his duty once more feeling him with remorse, but hope all the same.
  11. dvsn

    VIRTRIUS the Superluminary.

    KNOWN NAME ??? Virtrius Leingod LINEAGE “Deimos Draconia” [human with the blood of Zaratras, a cosmic wyrm, known as Stars] CONCEPTION Unknown RESIDENCE Kalopsia, Renovatio AGE Eight-thousand four-hundred and sixty-three years old KNOWN NAME The Praetor of Lunaris ORGANIZATION the Lunaris Praetorium & the Viricar HEIGHT Two hundred and five centimeters WEIGHT Eighty-eight and a quarter kilograms BUILD Mesomorphic COMPLEXION Suntouched CREDULOUS IN VANITY is certainly the harshest reality of who he has always been, both as a mortal, and an immortal. For generations he's succumb to many a quandary due to the nature of his gullible optimism and lack of will to explore further into the deduction of his insightful reasoning. Rather than objectively rationalizing a person or a situation he oftentimes gives the “benefit of the doubt” to those that deserve it, and that includes Zaratras himself who bestowed upon him the blessing of godhood in exchange for the curse of immortality and a task that remains an enigma to all but himself. PRIMAL BELLIGERENT RAGE, in the most unfortunate way, Virtrius has inherited his father Rion's blood, a penchant for war and the spilling of fresh blood. This drove him to amble the battlefields across the cosmos, while usually avoiding the true battlefield itself, to search for indispensable relics while taming his inner demon by the mere smell and presence of carnage. This however would change when he was given the blood of a cosmic wyrm, giving him greater control over his sense of self, but also giving him a further relapse in the event of battle. As such, while he practices day in and out with meditational art forms, once the draw of blood has occurred, even the Praetor cannot differentiate friend from foe. This is why he has always traveled alone..that is until the day he found love. ETERNAL MATYR regardless of the beliefs of those around him, and their beheld importance of his role, he will sacrifice himself for the life of a purposeless child if it means that they get to live in exchange. Even he doesn't know what drives him to be so selfless not only in his ideals but in his approach to the life of those around him, even that of evil.
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    Duke Evaristus Sicamedes.

    fragmented. declared deceased: the Heart that Bled dry.
  13. dvsn

    Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Shouldering the chagrin from a time immemorial The Sword Saint felt the distress of something dangerously unfamiliar in his heart. The generations that the counterpart of his very soul within had experienced...nothing so ghastly had ever shook his very being. Though heaven itself in the eyes of those closest, burning before the radiance of a palpable sun, even the divine was capable of worry. An ominous feeling unlike any other begged his departure to his homeland, something that he refused to beckon at behest of his most sweet love. Yet even the slightest change in his mental faculty was detected by Justis himself who had become an apprentice Soulseeker under his commandant. What was it that stirred within the vestiges of his mortal heart, even shaking the foundation of the other being living within him? While the flocks of celebrators ambled to and fro Evaristus never unlocked his arms around Remmington, allowing her soft face to rest against the ginger cashmere separating his chest from her very flesh. Then he felt it again. Like a sword inflicted wound he winced in pain, unwilling to show anything beyond a minor twitch of his brow in agonizing pain. The dread that filled him thereafter was overwhelming, yet nothing would shake the foundation of the pillar that they had all come to worship. “Commander...” the black knight grimaced in frustration, watching some premonitionary conflict shake his very foundation. If any could feel it, the two that were closest to him at that moment would. “Worry not...” the sun whispered into her ear, refusing to acknowledge Justis' frustration. Never would he understand his undying love of this woman...it wasn't as if anyone in this very lifetime could. Unfortunately for everyone, this is what would make the future that much more painful, at least for those who would be unable to attain the truth. His soft hands rose and ran themselves gingerly through her silky black hair. “You are strong...remember who you are, and your purpose. Even when this vessel is gone, I will always be here. I will never allow any harm to come to you again, do you understand?” These were powerful words from a soul no longer mortal. The black knight that was Justis could hear them just as well, and more than anyone, he knew what exactly they meant. The Sword Saint had reached a level of power that allowed him to feel disturbances across the entire span of a continent, this being perhaps one of the most powerful abilities of those Soulseeker that had yet to attain the status as a Throne. These disturbances required him to be close to those who were affected, and in the same breath he would be able to feel the pain that they had suffered. This was not a malfunction of his biology, this was the death or pain of someone close to him. Was it the king? Impossible. Then... “Commander!!!” Justis roared at the top of his lungs, his anger beneath his helmet palpable. “If the worst has come to past, we must leave at once-” “No.” Evaristus' dark bass shook the very space around them, silencing Justis in an instant. His mesomorphic arms of athletic muscle slowly removed themselves from his loving embrace of the woman in his dreams. “I will go alone. Your eternal duty until you see me yet return is Remmington and The Corvinite Imperium. Do you understand?” There was no doubt in Evaristus' mind that Remmington would find confusion in their words. What exactly was happening?
  14. I want to apologize to the community for finally finding the courage to actually make this announcement. Most who are familiar with me personally know, but to those who I was involved with that don't, I just wanted to be clear and address my sudden drop in activity in a plethora of threads. Unfortunately a lot has happened in my life, namely the loss of life of those close to me, and it led to something of a stretch of depression. That, alongside tremendous amounts of added responsibility on my part, left me almost unwilling to write much at all, and I want to be clear that this has nothing to do with anyone on this site. As a result I won't be participating in much from hereon out, and I hope that this doesn't cause too much inconvenience for anyone. Thank you.