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  1. Clash Fah versus New Challenger

    "Ah!" Scowling, Clash groaned in pain as fresh blood ran from a break in his skin. As Lykos stepped to Clash's right, Clash stepped back on his right foot, angling the left side of his body, and, consequently, his left shoulder, at the dire wolf. A bone pommel came out of his right hand, and from it, a three foot long bone blade angled down-ward a-long the length of his right leg. Pronating his right hand, he used his new tool to block the strike aimed at his kidney. Then, after squaring his stance, he threw a left cross at Lykos's chin.
  2. Clash Fah versus New Challenger

    Sliding off Clash's bone-encased left arm, the dire wolf's scimitar grazed the left side of Clash's clavicle, biting through skin and in-to bone. Then, it bit in-to the upper left side of Clash's pectoralis majoralis, opening a fresh wound in a gout of hot blood. Lykos moved to Clash's right side, using his left hand to bring an ivory fang in-to play. Clash turned to-ward Lykos, closing with the dire wolf in an attempt to enter close-quarters combat range. Brave and unerring, he stared the beast in the eyes, even in the face of its great, sharp fangs. "My, what big teeth you have!" Clash exclaimed. As Lykos used his left hand in an attempt to stab him with the ivory fang, Clash leaned back, using his right hand to parry the blade to the out-side before Lykos released it. Clash's riposte came in the form of a right upper-cut to Lykos's chin. Using his right foot, Clash kicked the ivory fang a-side, watching the dire wolf closely as it landed on the right side of Clash. Lava crept back in-to the womb of mother earth, and the crevasse from which it came closed up with a shudder. Clash ran straight at Lykos, readying his big right arm for a blow at the dire wolf's upper left incisor.
  3. The Fight's Just Begun [Clocktower]

    On his way in-to outer space, Clash spread his feathery-white wings, slowing his ascent. Once he breached the planet's orbit, he flapped his wings, performing a U-turn. He headed in-to the planet's orbit, circling Bull's position. Then, he descended slowly, landing in front of, and ten feet a-way from, his larger, taller foe. His wings dematerialized in a burst of glowing white pinions, several of which fired off at Bull, aimed to pepper his anterior. Then, Clash formed an elongated, six foot long bone pole out of his right humerus, gripping the sharp weapon using his right hand. He ran at Bull, swinging the dense weapon at his foe's left triceps where the glyphs on his skin seemed not to be.
  4. rp ?

    I would love to join you!
  5. The Fight's Just Begun [Clocktower]

    A five-feet-eight-and-a-quarter-inch-tall vagrant wandering through the area felt the tremors caused by Bull's actions from a mile a-way. He turned in the direction from which he felt the tremors emanating the strongest and broke in-to a twenty-eight-mile-per-hour sprint in that direction. It took him but a few minutes to reach the Bull. He stooped over to catch his breath, putting his hands on his knees, and started to walk it out. He came to this battle wearing a teal muscle shirt, baggy blue trousers, athletic tape and brown work boots. Leading with his right foot, he used his right hand to make a fist. Then, he attempted to shuffle to-ward Bull and punch him in the nose.
  6. James Eredas versus New Challenger

    Clash stopped punching. He took off his purple gauntlets, tossing them at James's feet. The gloves came off. The battle raged on! Clash took a vicious right elbow to the bridge of the nose which cut his flesh and resulted in some blood spray. He took a second elbow to the neck. Then, he got put in a collar-tie choke. What does not kill one can only make one stronger. Using his right hand, Clash pried the fingers of James's left hand off the back of his neck, but not before he got jerked for-ward. Taking advantage of his own for-ward momentum, Clash Fah attempted to head-butt James Eredas despite the arm pressing against his neck. "Take that, you fiend!"