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  1. Is that Er . . . tai?

  2. Hello, there! Who were you on Gaia?

  3. Fight Academy

    Hello, and welcome to Fight Academy, a school for the gifted or those with near-genius to genius intellect. My name is Clash Fa. For those of you who have not yet made their way through Combat 101, I will be your instructor. The academy is split up in-to two teams, Team A and Team B, who will do battle with one an-other. Select your team and choose your weapon! Team A: Clash Fa Team B: Sleeping Knight
  4. Fast Days at Fight-More College

    Hello. I am doing an interest check for an alternative role-play idea where-in 'gifted' students (or those with near- or above-genius intellect level) at Fight-More Academy are protected by an IEP, which prevents them from expulsion from the academy for fighting. My character plays a combat instructor. I am thinking of breaking the academy up in-to Team A and Team B, randomly selecting students for each side, organizing them based on combat prowess and having them fight each other. I will also be running tournaments from time to time. Would any-body here be interested?
  5. Noticing Kaori holding her own against two men at the same time, and having taken no damage from either of the duo yet, Clash received a boost in morale. After spanking Dan and eliciting no retaliation from the man, Clash pulled his long-sword over his right shoulder, attempting to bring one of the blade's thin edges near the point down on Dan's right deltoid. Before he did that, though, he lashed out with his left hand, throwing a series of lightning-quick left jabs at the back of the man's Medulla Oblongata. Then, firstly, he attempted to bring his left knee up between Dan's buttocks, trying to hit his groin. Secondly, he went for a wrestling move known as the standing knee in the butt, attempting to drive Dan face-first in-to the ground and put all of his one hundred fifty-nine pounds on top of the man and ride him in-to the dirt.
  6. Challenge to not-desolate

    Clash rolled right out of the way of Tharraleos' purple shield construct, letting it pass by him and dissipate in-to nothingness. Not having enough time to draw his sword, he chose an-other option through which to defend him-self against the Griffin's fangs, claws and talons. Getting to his feet a couple feet a-way from Tharraleos' original trajectory, the Bone King of Lafar's Grotto adopted a wrestler's stance, holding a be-low parallel squat on his elevator cable-like thighs. His finger-nails morphed in-to sharp bone claws. Feeling ready for just a-bout any-thing this amphibious beasty could throw at him, Clash, who put him-self several feet off-line from the Griffin's trajectory, a-gain used his right hand to reach for his sword. *** Sword Draw (one preparation)
  7. Challenge to not-desolate

    "As you wish," said Clash. The spirit energy summoned in-to the tip of Clash's left index finger coalesced in front of it in the shape of an orb. Then, it burst out-ward in seven small pieces, flying at the Griffin's body from head to toe like tiny, elongated blue pebbles. Clash got thrown back-ward from the kick of the spirit shot-gun, skidding several feet a-way from the Griffin in the dirt. He looked a-round. Then, pulling his sword over his right shoulder, he rushed his adversary, single-handedly swinging his weapon in a cross-slash from the left side of the monster's trapezius to its right hip. After that, he went for a head-butt to right flank shot using his left hand. *** Spirit Shot-Gun (one-prep attack)
  8. Challenge to not-desolate

    Feeling a bit uncomfortable in the presence of one nearly a foot taller than he, Clash redistributed his weight from one foot to the other. Then, he squared his stance. Using his right hand, he seized the handle of a long, white, broad sword contained in a capsule chained to his back and drew the blade. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Tharraleos," said the white swords-man. "My name is Clash." Holding his sword level with the arena floor, he started to summon a small a-mount of spirit energy in-to the tip of his left index finger, which he aimed at the griffin like a gun. "Would you like to set any basic ground rules before we be-gin?" asked the super-soldier. *** Preparations: one (spirit shot-gun)
  9. blood and honor.

    When the fiery ballista popped up in front of Clash, blocking his assault on Varell, he took a flaming bolt to the chest, which sent him flying back-ward. He skidded a-cross the earth. Body-protective qi prevented his organs from damaging from blunt-force trauma, and his elemental affinity to fire stopped him from burning up. He rocked for-ward, getting up. Then, letting go of his old swords, he summoned his Xetaken, a long-sword with a curly tip, from the Forge. Looking detached, the young apprentice stared for-ward. Pooling chi from his tantien in-to his left hand, he threw a bright, exploding ki ball on-to the battle-field to-ward no one in particular to be used as a momentary distraction while he charged up a blast (*1). *** *1: Ki blast.
  10. Watching Kaori get attacked by two men at once but hold her own against them, Clash merely stood at the defense, gazing on impassively. Holding his thin long-sword in his right hand with the slightly-curved tip angled to-ward his opponents, he started to back-pedal, giving him-self some space. As he watched a battle ensuing, he readied him-self for combat. Believing it to be a bit unfair to have armor on both of his arms, he detached his right arm-plate, leaving it on the ground be-side him and revealing the many scars striping his flesh from hand to trapezius. Next, he ripped out of his shirt, exposing the stab wounds, cuts and burns all over his body. "Gaia!" he yelled. "Prepare your-self!"
  11. "Kaori!" yelled Kiratsu. With elementally-enhanced speed, he dashed at Dan from behind, using his right hand to hold his broad-sword by the hilt. He hefted the massive weapon up-ward then pulled it back. Coming up on Dan, Kiratsu swung one of the flat sides of his blade at the man's buttocks from right to left, attempting to give him a hard spanking for swinging a lethal weapon at a woman. Using his left hand to make a fist, he took advantage of his increased speed, swinging at Dan's left temple with his gauntlet three times fast and hard. Next, using his right sneaker, he threw an up-kick at Dan's center of gravity, aiming at his groin. Kiratsu's body melded with the air.
  12. blood and honor.

    As soon as Kiratsu saw the White Sage, he thundered a-cross the plain at him at a speed exceeding twenty-seven miles-per-hour. In thick gout of blood, he forced four stud-like bone polyps out of his bare, rotund right shoulder. Tapping in-to the Soul Gem shard's power with a gentle caress from his latent manna pool, he activated the purple relic, unlocked his double-bladed great-sword and pulled the weapon a-part. One triangular long-blade became two saw-like weapons. Using both blades, Kiratsu put Vadell on point. With collision imminent, Vadell would have to either dodge, parry, retaliate or be impaled.
  13. Kiratsu took the stage wearing baggy blue trousers, black-and-blue sneakers, black metal arm mail open at the shoulders and gauntlets with blue digits. He bore a double-bladed long-sword in his right hand. This man weighed one hundred sixty-five pounds and stood five feet eight and a quarter inches tall. Noticing Matthew and Dan, Kiratsu moved his left hand a-cross his body protectively and used it to grip his long-sword by the bottom of the hilt. Then, he lifted the blade over his right shoulder, angling one of the weapon's edges to-ward his opponents. "Etsah," Kiratsu heard one of his adversaries say. Then, that opponent's feet started to blur. Pulling on his latent manna reserves, Kiratsu muttered some-thing under his breath in a language only he could under-stand, preparing to cast a spell on him-self*. *Amorphous: speed increase; duration: two turns; begins next turn.
  14. Wonderland Resort: T1cs Elemental Team Tournament

    I never would have guessed!
  15. blood and honor.

    A young, brown-eyed, brown-haired man twenty-nine years of age walked to-ward a group of boys standing a-round shooting the breeze. He wore an extra-extra-large white tee-shirt, baggy blue trousers, white sneakers with black stripes and black arm-and-hand mail with purple fingers. He carried a double-bladed clay-more with a shard of the Soul Gem set in it near the hilt. With the shard of the Soul Gem, gained by him four-teen years a-go in the War of the Soul Gem, embedded in and enchanting his sword, this man, called Kiratsu Fua, could both create and destroy nearly all forms of energy on a small scale. Wow, thought he as he approached the other blessed and mysterious fellows, if this a-mounts to any-thing, it is really going to be some-thing! Using his right hand, he rested one of the flat sides of his weapon on his right shoulder. "How are you boys doing?" he asked.