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  1. Godhood or Sheol is a team tournament consisting of teams of four members each. Each round, one member of each team sits out, acting as that team's designated striker while his or her three teammates pair up and do battle with three opponents from an opposing team. A striker comes in for a duration of one post and either attacks a teammate's opponent or defends a teammate who might be in trouble. You can start setting up your four man teams now and have the team captain send me a private message with character names and who they are played by. I am shooting for there being at least sixteen teams.
  2. Would anyone here be interested in a Valucre version of Gaia's infamous Heaven or Hell tournament? I know exactly how to run it, it's just a matter of getting enough interested parties to join. The Gaia version has been a bit of a flop this year.
  3. Okay, how many people besides the two of us do you have interested so far?
  4. Hi, Ziranz! Why don't you bring that itchy trigger finger to the Universal Colosseum and engage me in a much awaited T1 mild powers battle?
  5. Kid, as he called himself, let go the bone swords he held after running them through the belly of his opponent, whose name he did not yet know. He tucked and rolled to his adversary's left, evading a ball of electricity thrown at him by his opponent. Then, he got up, using his left hand to parry a blow thrown at his jaw. Summoning his fire accessories, the ruby red iron Gauntlets of Vulcagni, he slashed at his opponent's left cheek using the crystal claws on his right hand. Aurora shielding: 100%
  6. As Clash's right fist swung by his opponent's face, missing it by a couple feet, Clash transitioned into a right spin kick, extending his leg out in an attempt to come over Anton's right arm and hit him in the corner of his right eye with the heel of his foot just as his torso got slashed.
  7. Steel rang on steel as Anton's blade abrased Clash's long sleeve mail shirt, skirting across his armor from his flaring right latissimus dorsi to the right side of his pectoralis majoralis, opening a small gouge under his right armpit which leaked some blood and stained his shirt red. Dropping his sword, Clash put his right hand out and made a fist. Then, he went into a furious spin to his right, going over Anton's sword in an attempt to smash him in the right eye with the right side of his iron gauntlet.
  8. A blonde man five feet eight and a quarter inches long in a coat of mail walked into what he presumed to be an empty house. He wore black leather leggings, a leather crotch guard, brown work shoes, metal gauntlets and iron bangles on his wrists. A sword three feet long adorned his back. As he entered the house, he listened quietly, wondering if anyone happened to be home. Deciding to go exploring, he went upstairs to the master bedroom and spotted a man in armor armed with a sword. "Hello. I am Clash Fah, son of Guts." Using his right hand, Clash drew his sword. "You," he began, "you will battle me." He charged his self appointed opponent, waiting for him to draw his sword. Then, using one hand, he slashed at his opponent's weapon from right to left.
  9. I am up for a melee battle, good sir! Name your ticket.
  10. Another one of the coliseum gates slid open and the next challenger, Clash Fah, walked out onto the dirt floor of the arena in size ten and a half brown work shoes, leather pants and a leather belt, pacing like a lion as he prepared to face the blood stained Jinsoku Hayabusa. "Jolly good show there, mate, whoever you are," said Clash, who held a four feet long archangel blade in his gauze wrapped right hand. "It happened so fast I missed some of it, but I promise not to disappoint." He rolled his neck on his healthy, powerful shoulders, all five feet eight and a quarter inches and sixty-six kilograms of him. Then, he started to limber up with some very quick one leg squats. "I, Clash Fah, will be your next opponent. Heh." Using his right hand, Clash lifted his iron weapon high. His left hand joined his right closer to the bottom of the sword hilt. He tucked his chin, guarded it with the knuckles of his right hand and protected his bowels by holding his muscular left forearm cross body. After that, he charged the shorter, heavier Hayabusa with his own sword held over his right shoulder, aligning the pommel of his archangel blade with Jinsoku's left orbital socket. --- Left eye bash with sword pommel (1)
  11. As Rin put her hands up, so did Kid. In a minute's passing, Kid witnessed fire crystal arrows fire at him out of his adversary's fingers. Aligning his fingertips with those of Rin's, Kid fired a salvo of bone bullets at the fire crystal arrows, attempting to knock them off course. Did those come out of her fingers? he wondered. Two five feet long double edged blades made of sharpened bone came out of Kid's palms, disconnecting from the rest of his body's self replenishing bone content for him to hold. Then, a bone spike came out of his tailbone, drilling through the ground toward Rin. It popped up beneath her feet, attempting to ensnare her calves, starting with the left one. Holding his bone swords at quadriceps level, Kid dashed at Rin, attempting to impale her through the waist with his weapons.
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