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  1. The Bone King

    T1 Moderately Powered fight anybody?

    (( Can I play? )) Zarko came to this one wearing a brown metal helmet with ram's horns on the sides of it, a golden visor with dual eyelets, a black coat open at the chest and torso, a white cape made of angel feathers, a silver chain necklace with a gem shard in a pendant attached to it, a giant gourd with water sloshing around in it, a back sheath with a long sword in it and large enchanted gloves encrusted with rubies. Inside the universal coliseum, he drew his sword with his right hand, eagerly anticipating the arrival of his adversary. The corners of his mouth curled up in a thin lipped smile. He could only guess at who his opponent would be, probably someone entirely unfamiliar to him. By tapping into the Soul Gem shard's power with his mind, he could create and destroy multiple forms of energy, but, not all, for that would require the collection of the other shards scattered across the omniverse. He started to charge up spirit energy into a focal point on the tip of his left index finger while he waited.
  2. The Bone King


    Hey, wait! May I get in on the action?
  3. The Bone King

    What are you playing?

    I am playing Final Fantasy VII.
  4. The Bone King

    What are you playing?

    Final Fantasy VII
  5. The Bone King

    [-The Broken Chant Tavern-]

    A brown-haired man flew over a tavern on peach-colored, membranous wings. He circled the place for a bit before folding his wings in-to his back on a low sweep and walked in-to the Broken Chant with-out a care in the world. He did have a large, iron sword in his right hand, the only weapon on his person besides his natural weapons, which consisted of his entire stocky body, really. "Hello, every-body," he said like a clown with a stuffed-up nose. "Who wants to join me for a battle?" He paced back and forth for a while, wondering if any-one would take him up on his challenge as he hacked and slashed at the air with his blade for sword practice. Putting a-way his weapon in-to a sheath slung a-cross his left hip, he started shadow-boxing, throwing punches at empty space. "Come one, come all. I am here to entertain you." Having made his decree, he walked haphazardly in-to the private sphere, waiting for some-one to join him in there.
  6. The Bone King

    Under the hot desert sun

    I will join.
  7. The Bone King

    Clash Fa

    Name: Clash Fa Race: White, Xeno-Evolutionary, Terrestrially Ascendant Saiyan Class: Ki warrior, psion Rank: Journey-man Age: Twenty-nine Height: 5'8.25" Weight: 159.0 lbs. Weapon: Spell-sword (long-blade) Abilities: Clash has red gauntlets enchanted by the fire god Vulcagnis which allow him to harness the power of a fire demon known as Ifrit. Inventory: Manna omers, breast-plate, pauldrons, greaves Weakness: Water Element-based spells: Bite (fire-type), Heat Claw (fire-type), Burn (fire-type), Flame Cannon (fire-type), Hex Blast (fire-type), Flame Slash (fire-type), Flame Claw (fire-type), Breath Weapon (fire-type), Fire-ball Manna: 100.0%
  8. The Bone King

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    A planes-walker appeared at the Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts. He wore knee-high, crimson, gothic, metal 'bat' boots with lots of studs and buckles on them, black leggings, anti-shock gauze, elbow guards, a couple belts, a white tunic, a breast-plate, pauldrons, ruby gauntlets, a sparkly blue scarf made of angel feathers and an orange visor. An alabaster and gold sword in a capsule sheath adorned his back. Out of the butt of his pants, a furry, white tail protruded. The Xeno-Evolutionary, Terrestrially Ascendant White Saiyan walked up to Jinsoku. "Hey, you," he said. "How a-bout the two of us get down to business and spar?" The vat-grown mutant started to power up. The bisected gems set in the slots in his fire gauntlets began to glow with a crimson aura.* *Burst (fire-style): one preparation
  9. The Bone King

    Clash Fa versus New Challengers

    Crossing the bridge between one megaverse and an-other proved to be an easy task for the twenty-nine-year-old planes-walker. His form faded into solidity in the Valucrean megaverse, materializing bottom-to-top in an in-finite, breezy mead-ow. First, his shoes came in-to view, crimson, metal, knee-high boots, with lots of studs, and buckles on them. Next, his pants, black leggings, lots of belts, an extra-extra-large white tunic, and an alabaster and gold breast-plate and pauldrons. He wore ruby gauntlets over his hands and an orange visor. A gold and white great-sword in a capsular sheath adorned his back. "They will know the White Saiyan cometh." The Xeno-Evolutionary, Terrestrially Ascended Saiyan started to power up. His sphere of influence spread through-out the mead-ow. The temperature of the air a-round him started to rise. "Ah! Come at me! I will slay all of you!"
  10. The Bone King

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    A lone journey-man ninja with no hair on his eye-brows stood by, watching the action. By feeding mana in-to his feet, he could hang up-side down from a tree branch, like being glued to it. Blood rushed to his head. His hair hanged in dark curls. His big brown eyes got wider. He wore a pink-lipped smile on his snow-white visage. Red elbow pads protected some of his upper joints from cutting damage. Anti-shock gauze adorned his hands and feet. Breaking the magical seal connecting the soles of his feet to a sturdy tree branch, Clash toppled head-first in-to the grass. He picked him-self up, grabbed his long-sword and walked to-ward the populace gathered at the Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts. He started to wave a-round his sword, the steel edges of which glinted sharply in the light of the moon. "Hey," he said, addressing no-body in particular, "who is in charge here? How do I join the school?"
  11. The Bone King

    James Eredas versus New Challenger

    "You must be the hunter I have heard a-bout," said a dark-eyed man with curly, brown hair who emerged from the shadows. White cat ears adorned his head, and a furry, white, prehensile tail protruded from the end of his tail-bone. He held a long-sword in his right hand. The snark ran at James, making a fist with his sword hand. He aimed a right, cross-face punch at James' teeth. His sword made his hand heavier. Clash possessed so much pent-up aggression that he needed a strong foe who he could slug it out with and use as a punching bag of sorts. As he threw a punch at Sir Eredas, Clash opened his mouth, revealing sharp, cat-like fangs. A blast of qi headed for James' scalp exploded out of the cat-man's mouth like a burning yellow lamp. Using his incisors, Clash went for James' nose.
  12. The Bone King

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Having climbed up a mountain in a trek to the long-awaited Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts, Clash approached Trey, who stood a good head and a half taller than he and weighed nearly double as much. Clash wore red pads over his elbows, which protected them from abrasions and cuts, and shock-protective gauze over his feet and hands. He held a long-sword in his right hand, the point of which he aimed at Trey. Then, he started walking to-ward him. His white cat ears twitched, and his thin, furry tail swished from side to side on the approach. Using his left hand, Clash reached in-to a pouch tethered to one of his many cross-belts, pulling out an omer of manna, which he ingested promptly. Magic raced through his arteries, feeding his muscles, cushioning his internal organs so that they could weather heavy blasts and blows. Chains of electrical current leapt between his closed hands, arcing and dancing a-round his physicality. "You," he said to Trey. "You will fight me!"
  13. The Bone King

    Wonderland Resort

    As Dan slid under him, slashing at his leg, Clash received a cut on the in-side of his right quadriceps. Clash turned to face his attacker, striking a pose with his right leg leading and his sword, held in his right hand, aimed at his adversary. As Clash stood there, a thin, white tail popped out of the back of his pants, a-long with a pair of white ears which poked out of his head when he used his left hand to throw his hat off. The five feet eight-and-a-quarter inches long, one hundred fifty-nine pounds snark walked to-ward Dan. When he reached his adversary, Clash slashed up-ward from a low-held sword position, attempting to clash blades with his foe and perhaps even knock Dan's sword out of his grasp.